FemDom Phone Sex with MILF Carla

Sometimes you just need a busty femdom phone sex mommy to teach you how to behave, and I’m just the woman for the job. I’ve been teaching younger men discipline for a long time and I’m quite good at shaping them into obedient men. It seems like that’s something you are interested in, or you wouldn’t be here. This is exactly what you are desperately in need of. Of course you know that deep down you need me to teach you how to be a good boy. You might just need some stern words, a lecture, and some corner time to make you behave yourself. I can surely put you in your place with a proper tongue lashing. You’ll hang up the phone and it’s quite possible that you will be in tears.

femdom phone sex

But if that’s not enough for you and you need more, I’m more than willing to provide you with physical discipline. Sometimes just a spanking works and I have various ways to make that happen. I can give you an open-handed OTK spanking as you lie bare-assed over my knee. I have to say that doing that is one of my favorite things in the world. To be able to feel your flesh against my hand and the way it stings is so satisfying. I know that if my hand stings, your ass is going to be stinging even more. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll have to take other more painful measures. Thick rulers, paddles, or even riding crops – all of that is possible and then some. I also an quite the expert on old fashioned canings too.

When it comes to FemDom phone sex, I am just the woman you need to put you in your place.

For FemDom phone sex with phone sex mommy Carla, call 1-888-474-6769

Spanking Phone Sex with Carla

spanking phone sex

Hey guys! Tomorrow is my birthday and what better way to celebrate than to offer up my birthday spankings on a spanking phone sex call? Oh don’t worry, I will be giving out real life spankings (to people I already know, sorry!) to celebrate as well. But if you know me, it’s never, ever enough! I can’t wait to have you over my knee with your bottom up high while I use my hand and my favorite leather paddle on your ass. If you are a naughty boy or a good boy who loves a good over the knee spanking, call me and let’s celebrate with a good old fashioned birthday spanking on your bare bottom!

I had an interesting discussion in our chat room not long ago about being a good boy or a naughty boy and punishment spankings vs fun spankings. I think if you’re a naughty boy you get a punishment spanking. And it’s not supposed to fun or sexual, but painful and punishing. Although some of you are pain sluts and get off on the pain, so where’s the punishment in that? I think rewarding “bad behavior” with something you find pleasurable only encourages the naughtiness. I like when you are a “good boy” and I get to spank you for fun and pleasure. Whether it’s a light spanking to make those cheeks pink or a severe whipping or caning, I love to drive your pleasure higher and higher. Tell me what kind of spanking you need and I will make it happen.

I hope you will find your favorite paddle or belt, or just use your hand to spank that bottom of yours. I can bend you over the arm of the couch or a chair and I even have soft leather cuffs if you need to be tied down. Or an OTK spanking with your cock tucked nicely between my thighs. The harder I spank you the more you try and fuck that cock between my thighs. If you make a mess I am going to make you lick it up once I have decided that your ass has taken enough celebrating!

Call Carla at 1-888-474-6769 for spanking phone sex and help me celebrate my birthday!

AIM/yahoo – MILFCarla4u

spanking phone sex with carla

spanking phone sex

I told you that the next time you misbehaved that I was going to have to punish you. Over and over again I have warned you about your chronic masturbation and how you think about all the girls at school. But time after time you do not listen and I am not going to put up with it any longer. You are a naughty boy and that is why you need to call me for spanking phone sex. Before we start the spanking I will stand you in front of me and lecture you about why I have to spank you and how you haven’t left me any other options. You know this isn’t going to be just any spanking either. This will be a punishment spanking, and it’s supposed to hurt. Sometimes the best way to correct your behavior is with a good old fashioned bare bottom spanking. OTK or bent over a chair, I will position you in the manner I best see fit for your spanking.

I will have you go retrieve my favorite wooden hairbrush or paddle. Your eyes are lowered in submission, I can see your face turning red from the humiliation of being punished like a naughty boy; knowing that I am going to have to take your pants and your underwear down and stand in front of me, hands still at your side, before the spanking begins. I think I will start with you over my knee, I love OTK, as I use my hand to warm up that ass and watch your skin start to turn pink. For a moment you think this might not be so bad, until you feel the first smack of the hairbrush on that bare ass. I love to watch your butt cheeks bounce as that wooden hairbrush hits repeatedly.

This will be a spanking you won’t soon forget. I will blister and bruise that behind so that you think of me every time you sit down this week. I am a very experienced real life spanker of naughty boy and girls.

When you need a spanking, call Carla for spanking phone sex at 1-888-474-6769

AIM/yahoo – MILFCarla4u

spanking phone sex with carla

spanking phone sex

I have to admit that for me, not much is hotter and sexier than having a naughty boy or girl bent over, ass up high, ready for a spanking. You know you have been a naughty boy and you know that I told you that next time you misbehaved you would get a spanking that you won’t forget. A good hard spanking right on that naughty bottom. I know that you are calling me for spanking phone sex because you know the best way to discipline you is with a very sore bottom.

I am quite experienced when it comes to spankings; this is not just something I play on the phone, this is what I do in my real life. I believe in Domestic Discipline with the roles reversed. The men in my life get spanked when they deserve it, and trust me when I tell you that a punishment spanking is supposed to hurt. It’s not the same kind of pleasure spanking we play when we just want to have fun. When I lecture you and tell you to get the paddle, belt or cane, you know I am serious and you know you need this spanking to learn your lessons.

I might put you over my knee for an OTK spanking or I might bend you over the arm of the couch or an ottoman for a more severe spanking. I prefer to use a hairbrush or a small paddle to start, and if I don’t think that is enough I will get out the heavy wooden paddle or a tawse. I love to use my prison strap and I am quite the expert with both rattan and lexan canes. It’s so hot to see your bottom all striped, red, bruised and even welted. I know how to make it hurt so bad that it’s not good and I promise not to injure or harm.

When it comes to spanking and spanking phone sex, I am the experienced woman that you desire. It’s not over until I say it’s over and your tears and pleas for mercy only spur me on.

Call me, naughty boy, at 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Carla.

AIM/yahoo – MILFCarla4u

spanking phone sex with carla

spanking phone sex

You come home from school and see me sitting at the kitchen table with an envelope you recognize from your teacher. It seems you have been acting up in class and your grades are going downhill. You look down and avoid my eyes as I lecture you once again on how to behave. I told you the next time this happens you are going to get it and get it good. That is why you are calling me for a spanking phone sex call today, isn’t it?

I send you up to your room to think about what you have done and what is going to happen. You know that when I come upstairs you are going to get a severe spanking right on your bare bottom. The only way to teach you a lesson is with a little humiliation and a good hard paddling on that naked ass. You know that I won’t show any mercy either, you recall previous spankings for this very same reason. That is right, I am going to blister your behind and you can cry all you want it. I will decide when the spanking is over. I start with my hand and then a paddle. I might use my wooden hairbrush, a wooden spoon or even a cane. I can stripe your ass and back with a belt. This will be a spanking phone sex session you won’t soon forget.

I want your bottom sore that you feel it every time you sit down for the next few days. I take care to spank that special sweet spot, right where your ass meets your thighs. There is no escaping the lingering pain and the lesson I work hard to teach you. When you misbehave there are consequences and an over the knee, OTK, spanking is my favorite way to discipline naughty boys. I am all about corporal punishment, birching, caning and more.

For a spanking phone sex with Mommy Carla, call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for me.

AIM/yahoo – MILFCarla4u

Spanking Phone Sex with Carla

phone sex

I see that look in your eyes, the way you keep your head down and won’t meet my eyes. You have been a naughty boy, haven’t you? Maybe you were sneaking in my panty drawer or even the dirty clothes hamper. Or you can’t keep your hands off your need dick and are a habitual masturbater. I know it has to be something and you know that I know too. You are embarrassed because you know what happens to naughty boys. That’s right, honey, you get a bare bottom spanking right over my knee. For spanking phone sex, I am the woman who knows just what you need!

I bring the chair to the middle of the room and tell you to go get my wooden hairbrush (or spoon, belt, paddle etc) and then order you back in front of me. It is not only about the spanking, it’s the ritual of spanking session that you relish. I force you to tell me all the naughty things you have done and when I feel that you are shamed enough, I make you ask for your spanking. That is right, young man, you’re going to tell me that you need this spanking to correct your bad boy behavior.

Take down your pants, a spanking isn’t a spanking unless it’s done on a bare bottom. Fold your things neatly and then lean over my lap. I push you forward so you need to use your hands to balance on the floor. This will keep you from reaching back to cover your bottom and it forces that bare ass up in the air for me. I’ll start out slow with my hand to warm up that butt, but don’t get too comfortable, that wooden hairbrush is going to hurt! No use crying or begging for mercy, it’s a punishment spanking and it is supposed to hurt. And this spanking won’t stop until I say so.

Do you need a spanking naughty boy? From sensual spankings to corporal punishment, OTK, caning, birchings and more –   Just call Carla at 1-888-474-6769 and tell me what a bad boy you have been!

AIM/yahoo MILFCarla4U

Dominant MILF Phone Sex

MILF phone sex

I have to admit that some of my favorite calls involve some sort of Domination. Not only is this something I am very experienced with on the phone, but in my real life as well. When you call me for Dominant MILF phone sex, I will have the knowledge and maturity to help you live out your fantasies.

Maybe you’re like scotty, my panty and big bra wearing, cock sucking, cum eating sissy faggot. He loves to wear satiny Vanity Fair panties and big bras just like me. He stuffs the bra with water balloons that give the feel and weight of having real tits. scotty is such a good slutty and sissy faggot for me, I just can’t help when my panties get wet too!

Another scenario that really gets my juices flowing is when either I or both of us dominate your wife or girlfriend. Imagine how hot it would be for her to walk in on me riding your hard cock. I tell her to sit her pathetic ass down and watch a real woman take care of her husband’s cock. I might have to tie her up, slap her tits, spank her ass and then get out my biggest 14″ dildo and teach that slutty bitch cunt a lesson. If your fantasies of a Dominant MILF run toward being a cuckold, I might bring over a few of my BBC studs to really show your wife a good time.  And don’t think you are just going to watch, I am going to turn you into a fluffer and a clean up boy.

If you are a naughty boy, what you really need is a Dominant MILF like myself who understands that the best way to learn your lessons is with a good hard over the knee spanking. I’ll use my favorite hairbrush, my slipper, a belt or even a cane to punish your naughty bottom. I love ritual OTK spanking sessions and along with your spanking you get a lecture and sent to the corner.

Whatever your Dominant MILF phone sex fantasy is, I am just the woman to make it happen. Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Carla.

Message me on AIM/yahoo – milfcara4u


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