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Cuckold phone sex can be enjoyed so many ways. Of course we can roleplay the cuckold fantasies and desires you have. It can be very exciting to be so submissive to your powerful, demanding wife and find yourself in situations beyond your control. Situations in which you realize your wife has needs beyond what you can fulfill. Did you really think she would be content with your small package forever? She’s a sexy hot babe and has needs you literally cannot fulfill and she won’t be deprived. Maybe you find yourself a surprise cuck and realize she’s been fucking other guys. Maybe she lays out straight to you one evening and disregards your concerns telling you everything will be fine and not to worry about her relationships more well endowed men.

Cuckold Phone Sex

If you are good and go with the flow, you will probably get to watch what happens when she takes that big black guy from the gym into your bedroom and hear what she sounds like when she’s actually enjoying sex. You have to have known your little pinky dick is a joke. She deserves a real man to satisfy her and give her sexual pleasure. There may come a time when she decides you should be participating more than you have been. Sitting there rubbing your pitiful penis might be fun for you but now it’s time to take a more active role. Your beautiful cuckold phone sex wife wants you to suck cock and show some appreciation to the man that’s been providing you creampie all along. Don’t act like you are so shocked after it’s been clear how turned on you also are by his glorious big cock. Get on your knees where you belong and get your first taste. It’s a new life for you, expect to serve and please from now on.

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Impregnation Phone Sex with Suzanne

I never had children of my own, but I do get really turned on by impregnation phone sex calls. I never got to experience that really big surge of hormones that makes women so horny when they get knocked up. Not that I really need to be any more horny. I can’t get enough fucking as it is… as long as it’s BBC, of course. But I kind of do wish I’d gotten to experience that. But that’s what’s great about fantasies. We can dream up any world we want to and have a really great time without having the actual experience. And I have to admit that it would have been hot if I got knocked up by my lover. No, not my husband. My lover Steve with the big black cock. But yeah, my husband could totally have been in the room when the baby was made, though.

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I also do love thinking about the humiliation my husband would have felt if I had gotten pregnant. I mean, it would have been pretty obvious that the baby wasn’t his since he’s white as snow as am I. Everyone would have known that he wasn’t man enough to knock me up. They’d know that I fuck black men instead of my husband with the puny white dick. I mean, I think those people who are close to us have figured it out already, but strangers don’t know and this would have been the perfect way for everyone to know my husband is a loser with a tiny dick. Wanna talk about it more? Do you have a big black cock or a tiny white one? Get on the phone and call me for impregnation phone sex now. Dial 1 888 474 6769 and make sure you ask the dispatcher to talk to Suzanne.

BBC Phone Sex with Patty

Hey, BBC phone sex lovers! I know you are smart enough to know that pretty much all married white women love big black cocks just as much as they love us. You know that the pathetic white cock in your pants isn’t going to do anything at all for a size queen such as myself. That’s why I initially started fucking black guys. I could not find any other cock that would satisfy me with its size. Not to mention, I just really love the way black guys get rough with me. I love being pushed down onto the bed or bent over it and fucked like a dirty whore. Big black cocks really do turn me into a whore and I am not ashamed of that fact at all. I think it’s good to know what gets you off because being sexually satisfied makes life so much better.

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Do you want me to tell you about the first time I had a big black cock in this perfect tight white pussy? Or maybe you want to tell me that you wish you could have one down your throat or in that tight virgin asshole. Either one of those things is completely fine with me and I love both things pretty much equally. Are you ready for a really hot BBC phone sex call with a woman who loves black cock more than life itself? I’m here, ready and waiting to tell you about all of the nasty things I’ve done with BBC’s. I can even guide you with how to go about finding a big black cock of your very own to play with. Get on the phone and give me a call for the hottest BBC phone fuck ever. Dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Patty right now!

Size Queen Phone Sex with Suzanne

I guess you could say that I am a bit of a size queen phone sex slut. I haven’t had a cock under 8 inches inside me for at least ten years. And I can confidently say that I will never have another one smaller than that inside me. I mean, honestly, what would be the point of that? Once you’ve been getting nailed by big black cocks for years, you’re not going to be able to feel anything small…not even a little bit. And I know your type. You are under 8 inches and you are going to call me up and tell me that I’m wrong and that you would be able to please me. You can say it all you want but that doesn’t mean it’s ever gonna be true. You wouldn’t know what do to with a woman like me, anyway. I’m too much for you.

size queen phone sex

You know who I’m not too much for? Black men. They love fucking white women like me because we can handle them. We can take those big black cocks and we can do it easily. Do you secretly fantasize about watching a white woman get her pussy plowed by a BBC? What do you like about it? Is it because you know you aren’t good enough to please anyone so you are resigned to the fact that you’re going to have to watch women be pleased by real men? I can’t wait to hear your reasoning for loving cuckold fantasies. It’s going to be a lot of fun for me to tell you how much of a loser you are with that tiny dick. I’m ready for your call. Dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Suzanne, your size queen phone sex slut. Let’s do this – I’ll be waiting for you and your little dick.

Slutty Wife Phone Sex with Patty

You would not believe how many men call me up for slutty wife phone sex fantasies. They are all wishing that their wives were out there spreading their legs for other men and being pleasured beyond their wildest dreams. Some men just love seeing their wives pleased and that’s all they need.  It is pretty simple, really. Maybe they have small dicks that just don’t give their wife what she needs. Or maybe they don’t have the stamina that it takes to make sure a woman gets total satisfaction with their fucking. And they love their wives so much that they want her to cum over and over again, so they find real men who can give her every single thing she needs. Some men even go down on their wives after they get filled with cum. Is that not one of the most delicious things you have ever heard?

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Sometimes it goes even further than that, though. Sometimes the guys come over and fuck the women in their own beds. In front of their husbands. Knowing their wives are getting fucked just isn’t enough and they need to be able to see it with their own eyes. They need to see her cum harder than they have ever or will ever be able to make her cum. Does that kind of describe how you are feeling right now? Why don’t you give me a call now and tell me all about those feelings. I bet I can help you dig into them more and we will just have the best time ever. Just make sure you ask for Patty when you dial 1 888 474 6769 for slutty wife phone sex. I will be here ready and waiting to make all of your dreams of turning your wife into a slut come true.


Cuckold Phone Sex with Suzanne

I think it’s safe to say that we all know cuckold phone sex is one of my favorite things in the world. I never knew I’d end up talking about it basically all day every day over the phone, but I’m glad I get to! If you don’t know me, I’m Suzanne and I have been living a cuckold lifestyle for a while now. I’m married and my husband has an incredibly small dick and it’s so unfortunate for so many reasons. But it’s not like I ever go without. When I married him, it was with the understanding that I would be keeping my boyfriend and I’d be playing with his big black cock whenever I damn well please. And I would just like to say that his cock is not unfortunate in any way. It’s one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen, and I love riding it.

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You know what? So does my husband. He didn’t start out that way, but over time, I wore him down. He told me at first that he would never suck cock and he would certainly never be getting fucked at all. Well, he loves it so much now that he doesn’t even beg to fuck me anymore. He doesn’t even beg me to suck his cock. But he does beg to get down on his knees so he can suck my boyfriend’s cock. He also begs to get fucked by it. So just know that even if you say you aren’t ever going to do that, well, you’re wrong. You’re going to end up doing it for sure and you’ll love every single minute of it. Get on the phone with me for cuckold phone sex and I will tell you every single thing about it. Dial 1 888 474 6769 – ask for Suzanne.

Black Cock White Wife Fantasies with Zoey

I never saw a BBC until I was 40 and that was only in photos. I lived a very sheltered life up until then. Even being a married swinger I still never saw a black cock in person until a few years ago. And I was smitten once I saw a real BBC in the flesh. So black cock and white wife fantasies are right on the mark with me. I love roleplaying this too. Do you want to watch me have some kinky interracial sex so you can live out your black cock white wife fantasies? Or maybe you want to hide in the closet while I get gang banged by some of your black buddies from work. It drives you wild dont it to see me spread eagle giggling while I wait for that huge cock to enter me. I love to reach down and feel how big that head is while it enters my pink little love spot. What is your dirtiest thought about me , you and the BBC? Don’t worry I dont kiss and tell.

Black Cock White Wife Fantasies

I do have some black cock white wife fantasies that re role plays I’m sure you would love to have one of those with me. I could be the uptight white housewife on a plantation that has a dirty desefrve to fuck the slave help her husband just bought. It truly happened in history so why not have a real non fiction sexy roleplay. Who says history cant be kinky? Or how about the married white CO guard that fucks all the new BBC she see’s when they enter prison for the first time. There serving time why not serve me and get so extra freedom behind bars. Make it even better and make others watch and let them jerk off our kinky sex sessions while I fuck all my favorite prisoners.

I could be the married white landlady and some of my tenants have fallen behind in rent. The landlord is a cuck and loves when his wife fucks others in front of them at there rentals. Since the husband cant please his lonely wife he lets BBC tenats that owe money fuck his wife at there place as long as he can watch them have some kinky and some time fetish sex. He even likes to listen in with permission to white wife black cock sex with said tenants. I wonder if some will just not pay there rent so they can fuck me on all fours? It’s a possibility right?

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Suzanne

I’m married to a man with a very unfortunately sized penis. But don’t worry – I don’t suffer. I fuck big black cock on the side and let me tell you, that makes for some really great small penis humiliation phone sex calls. I love telling all of you losers with itty bitty dicks how inferior you are and always will be when it comes to pleasuring a woman in the usual ways. A woman who has fucked anyone with even an average sized dick won’t even be able to feel you inside her. If she closes her eyes, she won’t even know you’re fucking her. I think that’s kind of hilarious and I always love hearing men’s stories of the first time a woman told him he had a small dick. See, most of you idiots are unaware of this fact. But women like me love informing you of it.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

My husband’s dick is just a little below what the internet says is average, but that’s not good enough for a size queen like me. It had been enough for all the women before me, so when I told him that even average wasn’t going to do it for me, he was extremely surprised. So, he was a little reluctant to live the cuckold lifestyle at first, but he didn’t want to lose me so he went with it begrudgingly. But it didn’t take long before his little dick started getting hard when I would tell him about me fucking big black cocks. And then he wanted to watch. That turned into him sucking cock and being fucked, too – by more than just my strap on cock. Do you want to hear more about how my husband went from thinking he was an alpha male to living a cuckold lifestyle?

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Carla

I am a lifestyle Cuckoldress and that makes me supremely qualified to talk about cuckold phone sex. I have been cuckolding my husband for the past 20 plus years and we couldn’t be happier. What does that mean though? He’s simply my cuckold, I have lovers, he does not. I fuck other men and he knows all about it and that’s more than okay with him. He understood long ago that his little penis could never pleasure a woman like me and that to keep me, I’d be fucking other men. That’s just the way it is.

What’s your idea of Cuckold Phone Sex?

What makes us difference than your idea of a cuckold relationship is that my hubby has nothing to do with my lovers or my sex life in any form. It doesn’t involve humiliation or him cleaning me up or sucking my lovers cock. He doesn’t wear panties and he doesn’t watch me with my lovers. Years back he liked to hear about my sexcapades while he jerked his dick, but that hasn’t happened in a long time. I love my husband but he’ll never make me cum or fuck me or anything sexual at all. That’s why I have bull lovers who know how to fuck and submissive sluts to service me and my lovers.

When you want to see your wife or girlfriend fucking another man, that makes you a cuck, whether you interact with them or not. If you want to be a dirty little cocksucker and cream pie eater that doesn’t make you a cuckold, that makes you a submissive slut. Unless of course you’re doing this with your wife and then you’re a cuckold and a slut! Nothing wrong with that!

When you call me for cuckold phone sex – please tell me what you need, I’m not a mind reader. Should I tell stories about your wife fucking other men or should we involve you too?

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Willow

A man- who has a cock that functions and makes me cum as much as he does. Look, I like a good cuckold phone sex bitch who does as he’s told, fluffs on cue, cleans up creampies eagerly, and all that type of shit. I don’t want any backtalk such as ” I don’t suck cock”. Guess what, limp dick? When you have cuckold fun with Willow, you do! I will have you sucking every cock that fucks me and then cleaning the cum out of my cunt for breakfast when I come home from a night out with a real man. A man- who has a cock that functions and makes me cum as much as he does.

Cuckold Phone Sex

That cute little puckered ass hole is also up for grabs during cuckold phone sex with Willow. Oh, and you should know that it’s not only your mouth that gets filled. That cute little puckered ass hole is also up for grabs during our kinky fun, too. Don’t have a hissy fit about it hunny we will just pretend I coerced you to take cock up the ass. Voila! You’re not a queer! Willow made you do it! See, problem solved. You’re so lucky to have me!  Ejaculation is a privilege, not a “need.”  Oh, that’s another thing: I don’t care about your ejaculation. Although I’m aware that some of you consider one of your “needs.” No. Ejaculation is a privilege, not a “need.” for someone whose dick is so tiny he still pisses on his nuts. For fucks you should pull down his panties and sit to piss. Just smile and say, ” Yes, of course, Willow. ”

Speaking of panties, it would be a good idea; to have some close by or on when you subject yourself to cuckold phone sex with Willow. Dirty, clean, and, preferably, both. I think fruity-ass, cuckold losers should be displayed as such in my company. Don’t you agree? Just smile and say, ” Yes, of course, Willow.” Now, the only thing left to do is call and have the cuckold phone sex with Willow that you know you’re craving right about now.Just dial 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Willow!

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