Cuckold Stories with Marie

Do you enjoy cuckold stories? Does it excite you to share your stories and/or hear my stories? As a real cuckolding wife, I can tell you I have a lot of stories and I don’t mind at all if you want to sit back and listen. I also love to hear about your experiences or desires so that is always an option as well. If you need someone to talk to or ask questions or have a discussion with, we can certainly do that. It doesn’t always have to be a fancy role play or set up. Sometimes you just need to talk it over or want to relax and stroke. Completely fine whatever your preference is. There are so many different ways one can cuckold or be cuckolded so there are plenty of things to talk about for sure. I think you will find that while I can be strict and controlling when necessary, I am also very easy to talk to as well.

Cuckold Stories

Like I said, I am a real cuckolding wife and have so many cuckold stories to share. We could talk about how I became interested in the cuckold lifestyle and some first time experiences. I’m happy to discuss with you things that worked for me and things that didn’t. Let’s talk about how things progressed for me and my cuckold husband. How we started out and where we are now. Or we can get into the same topics from your perspective and discuss your situation. Maybe you need some encouragement or guidance or something along those lines. It could be that something happened and you need to talk about it and understand what it all means. Would you like help in getting your wife interested in the lifestyle? Give me a call and let’s get into it. This is not something new to me, I have been cuckolding for a long time and am happy to share and offer guidance.

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Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex with Sybil

I know a lot of you guys who love small cock humiliation phone sex have been self-conscious most of your lives about the size of what you happen to have south of the border. Boy, did you lose in the genetic lottery when it comes to the size of your genitalia! Some women might be all right with having sex with a small cock man feeling it is the “motion in the ocean” that really matters but that does not change the fact that most men with small cocks absolutely hate having small cocks and feel deeply inferior to men with large cocks. They look at those super well hung porn actors and turn pea green with envy. They wish to God they had something that looked impressive between their legs. But they do not. They are stuck with what nature gave them and nature did not give them much (at least as far as the cock goes).

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex

Yet, with all that agony of inferiority, with all that pain of self-consciousness, a lot of you enjoy reveling in your misery by getting masochistic pleasure out of thinking about how small and inferior you are because of your small cocks. And that is why you call a professional telephone flirt for a hot session of small cock humiliation phone sex. I have a lot of fun with all you nubbin endowed type men as I put you in your place and hold you up to ridicule. I really get off on you getting off as I call you names and tell you how many women laugh at you behind your back and will even laugh at you right to your face because what is between your legs is tiny. So call up Sybil, all you dwarf dicks and puny pricks and we will have great fun making fun of you in small cock humiliation phone sex!

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Big Black Cock Phone Sex with Phoebe

Listen up you mother fuckers. I enjoy big black cock phone sex. Here’s the thing… I don’t rim your asshole, loser. You rim mine. My hubby loves to eat my ass. Here’s the kicker …he prefers to eat it when it is full of black cock jizz. So, be honest and tell me, can you relate as a hungry black cock faggot? lol I call my husband a black cock faggot and a cream pie slut whore. He LOVES Being a clean up bitch he knows that it is the highest honor white boys with tiny dicks like him can receive!! My hopelessly devoted husband loves to clean up my messy fuck holes. He’s always known why I married him. I do love him, but a huge part of his marital duties includes cleaning the cum from my ass and cunt that superior black men I fuck leave behind. And even though he understood he would be my cuckold husband, not a typical husband, he did not know just how busy he would be with is tongue bath giving duties!

Big Black Cock Phone Sex

Listen up boys! I can tell just how much he loves eating all that BBC cream right out of my asshole! Perhaps, you thinking to yourself “omg I want to be a cream pie eating husband and did not realize how much until right now!” Some women love to play dirty tricks on their husbands. But for me, my trickery days are over. You see these days I’m 100% honest about just how busy I am getting black dick and it makes everything so much easier. My cuck husband loves being my clean up bitch no matter how often and how much cum there is for him to eat. In fact, I fed him for hours last night. He drank fresh black cock spunk from my pussy and my asshole. Last night, I banged two over 9 inch black guys. And you guessed it ! I did it in front of my husband. I can’t tell you just how much he loves to watch his wife in action. But this time my big black bulls hurled some small dick humiliation his way… it Just aroused my cuckold more!

My husband knows he cannot please me with is baby dick. However, he does know his cancellation prize is that his tongue can clean me up after my bulls make a cream deposit into my holes. My hubbys tongue worshiped and licked clean my bootyhole for hours. He was tongue punching my ass and pulling out chunks of black cock seed. So let me ask you… do you think that you would be as good as my cuckold hubby clean up boy? Do you want to explore this kink more with me? Well WTF are you waiting for? Don’t be a loser, swipe your phone screen to phone keypad and call me.

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Humiliation Phone Sex with Marie

I’ve always been one to “tell it like it is” and that works out great in my humiliation phone sex adventures. If you are looking for someone to give you the straight facts, you are lucky you have found me now. I will not sugarcoat your shortcomings or try to make you feel better about them. You’ll get no soothing or excuses from me. You may have had other partners that have tried to make you feel ok about your weaknesses and how pathetic you are. I don’t believe in that. If there is something to call out, I will call it out, no hesitation. If you are not good with that or are a whiny little bitch, we are probably not a good match. It doesn’t bother me if I make you cry or leave you feeling like the loser you are. That’s called reality and you need a dose sometimes.

Humiliation Phone Sex

Of course the most obvious topic in humiliation phone sex is small penis humiliation. Personally, I think there is a distinction between “small” and the truly pitiful, tiny clits some of you have. Under five inches I don’t even consider a dick. You unfortunate fools with your micro penises are the worst. Let me tell you, if I have to find my way through your pubes to pinch your puny two inches, there’s going to be some wicked words said. Some evil laughing. Real cock shaming because no, no way. Pinch your little pecker somewhere else, I just want to mock and shame you. What a joke. There are other things to humiliate you about as well. Sometimes your dick is “adequate” but you’re unworthy in other ways. I am happy to list them all for you when we chat. If you have any shred of dignity left, you won’t when we’re finished.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Sierra

My spouse is quick to run around town telling his buddies how much of a slutty wife I am. What he fails to say to them is his juicy secret about how he’s a cuckold phone sex cum licking slut. That’s right, I mean there’s a reason why I cheat on him. He’s inadequate and has a worthless wimpy prick. So yes I invite his best friend, co-worker, and even his boss into our bedroom or any other room of the house to fuck my married pussy like my husband can’t. He knows if he wants to get close to my beautiful pink hole then he needs to do something humiliating other than standing in the doorway while I take a big fat dick in my horny holes watching with his tiny prick out trying to jerk it.

Cuckold Phone Sex

I need a willing cuck who wants to not only service my freshly cum filled pussy, but also be more. You may ask yourself, how much more? Well, that depends on the size of your dick and how close you want to get to licking and tasting it. I mean look at my sinful body. Just look at these big tits. They are so fucking supple. They love attention. These nipples love a tongue to lick and suck on. Not to mention my sexy long legs. I just love to take them and wrap around a male’s neck and pull his head in as he services my creamy pussy. And my kinky tight ass? It loves attention from someone who knows how to lick and service it so well that I lead myself into an orgasmic frenzy. I’ve had men beg me to have sloppy seconds. But they’ve had to do things like pamper and get me ready for my stud, pick out my sexy slutty cuckold phone sex provocative lingerie, get on their knees to get trained with me strap on, and learn how to suck dick the right way, suck on a real man’s dick, drink down cum like a thirsty slut, and maybe even take it in the ass like a bitch boi. So that sums it up to be a downright fluffer!

My spouse has had to do all those things before I allow him to even think about getting sloppy seconds. His willy is only six inches! Believe me, it’s not that humiliating for him to say “Sierra! Look at you work that sexy sinful body for that big dicked stud. I caught you cheating again!” I’d laugh and say “Yes look at me be a total slut on my knees taking this big fat nine-inch dick in my mouth. Do you like the way I suck it? Does it turn you on when I’m on my back with my sexy long legs being stretched wide open taking a real man’s dick in my tight pussy and ass? MMMMMM it feels so fucking good too!” His face turns red as a beet but he can’t deny no matter how degrading it is that he gets turned on for cuckold phone sex.

He’s confessed that he’s stroked his useless dick at work thinking about me fucking the fed ex-delivery man, the yardman, the cable man, and whoever else I feel like seducing. I’ll give a sexy laugh and say “I know how much you love being my stroker boy. Don’t deny it. You know how much you get turned on for your wife being a total and complete whore.”

Are you a cuckold phone sex stroker like my spouse? Do you have a wife who cheats and wants to share all the secrets of what she does with me today? Maybe you want a slutty woman like me to spread my sexy long legs open too so you can share all of your stories as you are licking my freshly creamed in delicious pussy. Cum be my favorite cuckie today….

You may just find me with the big dicked hot stud pumping and stretching my holes wide open.

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Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex with Phoebe

Small cock humiliation phone sex ain’t enough for your ass! I don’t even know why I bother calling you a man, with that tiny cock of yours. You’re nothing but a horny, desperate loser who can’t even satisfy a real woman. And now here you are, kneeling before me, begging for some attention and I love nothing more than putting pathetic wimps like you in their place. I am Phoebe, the queen of all bitches. And you, my dear, are just another plaything for me to use and abuse as I please. I can see the fear in your eyes, and it makes my cruel heart skip a beat. I love nothing more than seeing weak men cower at my feet.

Phone Sex

But let’s talk about that little thing between your legs, if you can even call it that. I mean, really? Is that the best you can do? I’ve seen bigger tampons. It’s almost comical how pathetic it is. I can’t even imagine the disappointment on a woman’s face when she sees that tiny excuse for a penis. But lucky for you, I am not interested in your pleasure. I only care about my own. I bet you’ve never felt true humiliation until you’ve been in the presence of a mean girl like me. You’re probably used to paying for small cock humiliation phone sex thinking that might satisfy your twisted desires. But that is nothing compared to the real deal with me. I will make you feel like the tiniest, most worthless speck of dirt on this planet. And you know what? You’ll love every second of it.

So, my dear loser, are you ready to submit to me completely? Are you ready to embrace your destiny as my slave? Because there’s no turning back now. You’re mine, and you will do whatever I say. Now get down on your knees and beg for my mercy. Who knows, maybe if you’re lucky, I’ll let you touch my strap-on. But that’s a big maybe. Good luck, you’re going to need it. Dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Phoebe.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Remy

I do derive a certain demented pleasure from small penis humiliation phone sex calls. Just take a look at that smile on my face. I always grin ear to ear when I get to destroy a baby dicked pathetic excuse for a man. Seriously, I go all in. It is almost therapeutic for me. I take out all my frustrations and focus them on the phallicly challenged. I want to break them down and make him understand his place in the world. Micro-penis “men” are at the bottom of the food chain, and I am an apex predator. Sitting right at the top. I will eat you up and spit you out just for a laugh.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

I love to get together with some of my sexy girlfriends so they can see just how worthless you are. I will make you show it to each of them so they can go full-on mean-spirited urologist role-play on you. It’s amusing how the small ones can be adorable. I would never touch one or fuck one, but I sure can laugh at it until my belly hurts. But after the initial laughter, I am afraid I am going to have to really come at you so that you can understand exactly how pitiful you are. You aren’t a real man and I will never treat you as such. No, you are a pathetic excuse for a man and I need to understand that. And if I have to be mean to get you to see that then so be it. My meanness often comes as such a surprise to those who must bear my wrath. I look so sweet and my voice is so soft and reassuring, but I say the worst things to you. I know it is confusing, but that is the way it must be with a small penis humiliation phone sex call.

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Big Black Cock Phone Sex with Marie

It seems like everyone is into big black cock these days. I’m sure it’s always been this way but likely just seems more popular now because there are so many ways to enjoy it nowadays. You can watch videos of girls worshipping BBC and other types of kinky videos because some guys also adore it and you can watch that too. There are endless stories to read and thousands of pictures to look at. It’s a real obsession shared by so many. Of course there is big black cock phone sex too with limitless possibilities. Roleplays involving cuck hubbies and cheating wives. Gangbangs. Puny, inferior white male submission to superior black men with giant dicks that can do whatever they want. All I know is everyone seems to want to talk about their BBC lust which is fantastic because I also share that lust. All big dick is good, but there’s just something extra special with the dark chocolate.

Big Black Cock Phone Sex

What does it for you? Do you have a craving for big black cock? Do you dream of one day having the opportunity to get on your knees in front of a strong, athletic black man as he undoes his pants and that giant dick flops out onto your face? Do you want to lick and suck it and show how much you love it while you gag and choke but do whatever it takes to make him blow his load? Would you like to be shocked by finding your hot wife has brought home a bull from the gym and is getting a true work out in your marital bed? Do you want to be coerced into participating? Eventually offering your tightest hole for use or being given no choice but to take what you secretly want anyway? If you answered yes to any of these naughty questions, then big black cock phone sex is for you!

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Marie

Cuckold phone sex can be enjoyed so many ways. Of course we can roleplay the cuckold fantasies and desires you have. It can be very exciting to be so submissive to your powerful, demanding wife and find yourself in situations beyond your control. Situations in which you realize your wife has needs beyond what you can fulfill. Did you really think she would be content with your small package forever? She’s a sexy hot babe and has needs you literally cannot fulfill and she won’t be deprived. Maybe you find yourself a surprise cuck and realize she’s been fucking other guys. Maybe she lays out straight to you one evening and disregards your concerns telling you everything will be fine and not to worry about her relationships more well endowed men.

Cuckold Phone Sex

If you are good and go with the flow, you will probably get to watch what happens when she takes that big black guy from the gym into your bedroom and hear what she sounds like when she’s actually enjoying sex. You have to have known your little pinky dick is a joke. She deserves a real man to satisfy her and give her sexual pleasure. There may come a time when she decides you should be participating more than you have been. Sitting there rubbing your pitiful penis might be fun for you but now it’s time to take a more active role. Your beautiful cuckold phone sex wife wants you to suck cock and show some appreciation to the man that’s been providing you creampie all along. Don’t act like you are so shocked after it’s been clear how turned on you also are by his glorious big cock. Get on your knees where you belong and get your first taste. It’s a new life for you, expect to serve and please from now on.

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Impregnation Phone Sex with Suzanne

I never had children of my own, but I do get really turned on by impregnation phone sex calls. I never got to experience that really big surge of hormones that makes women so horny when they get knocked up. Not that I really need to be any more horny. I can’t get enough fucking as it is… as long as it’s BBC, of course. But I kind of do wish I’d gotten to experience that. But that’s what’s great about fantasies. We can dream up any world we want to and have a really great time without having the actual experience. And I have to admit that it would have been hot if I got knocked up by my lover. No, not my husband. My lover Steve with the big black cock. But yeah, my husband could totally have been in the room when the baby was made, though.

Phone Sex

I also do love thinking about the humiliation my husband would have felt if I had gotten pregnant. I mean, it would have been pretty obvious that the baby wasn’t his since he’s white as snow as am I. Everyone would have known that he wasn’t man enough to knock me up. They’d know that I fuck black men instead of my husband with the puny white dick. I mean, I think those people who are close to us have figured it out already, but strangers don’t know and this would have been the perfect way for everyone to know my husband is a loser with a tiny dick. Wanna talk about it more? Do you have a big black cock or a tiny white one? Get on the phone and call me for impregnation phone sex now. Dial 1 888 474 6769 and make sure you ask the dispatcher to talk to Suzanne.

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