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He saw me sunbathing at the beach and was looking for a sexy cheating wife phone sex woman to spend some time with. He was tall, handsome, athleticly built, and ready to lead me into the water. But first, we talked and got to know each other better. He told me that he was a massage therapist looking to touch a woman in all the right places. My mind started thinking about all the spots on my sinful body that he could rub, touch, and make me quiver with his big strong hands.

Cheating Wife Phone Sex

He led me into the water and asked where I wanted to be rubbed. I wanted all of my erogenous zones to be stimulated. My big 34 D breasts wanted to be fondled and touched. My curvaceous ass, legs, and thighs wanted to feel his skilled fingers move across them. My cheating housewife phone sex pussy wanted to feel the tips of his fingers tease and make me lose control as we were in the ocean together. He swept me off of my pretty feet as he started to slowly lower me down on his stiff mushroom head. It was so hard to not lose my composure and forget where we were.

He talked about coming into my bedroom and massaging my seductive experienced body from my soft kissable lips all the way down to the tips of my toes. With every thrust and trying to keep our balance my married pussy slid up and down his hard shaft I thought about him climbing between my long sexy legs if we were in my bed. I thought about a massage therapist satisfying my wicked body in ways that my husband never could. I also thought about doing every single thing to make this man who was pleasuring me into an orgasm that would make him walk into my bedroom when my husband was away from home.

His dick was so far inside of my pussy walls and my addicting insides were squeezing his cock so tightly that it wasn’t long until he erupted. As amazing as he made me feel, I’m so turned on knowing that I made him feel the way he wanted to feel. I am still so turned on and can’t wait to pleasure him for cheating wife phone sex again.

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One thing I know for sure is how much you love big tits phone sex. You guys are always very appreciative of my gorgeous boobs. I get so many compliments and adoring comments from you all the time. Look at these babies! Perfectly full and round, voluptuous and my nipples are perfection. If you love a lady with big breasts and you are a titty lover, please take a moment to enjoy these lovelies. Now, I know maybe just seeing how tight my blouses are or seeing the outline of my bra will get you started and make you hard. You might fantasize about the size of my tits and try to guess my bra size. Maybe you think about how hot it would be for me to take off my shirt and undo my bra, letting these big beauties free so you can really check them out. I just know that you love them and I am happy to share them with you.

Big Tits Phone Sex

Once you get past the initial joy of understanding what a busty gal I am, you likely move on to some dirtier thoughts. Thoughts about what it would be like to place your palms under these jiggly jugs and lift and cup them, squeeze and massage them. I’m sure you’d be so eager to press your face into my cleavage as you begin to lick and suck on them. Really getting a mouthful and using your lips and tongue on them and getting your dick throbbing and aching. Once you’ve enjoyed and indulged yourself with squeezing and suckling, you probably think about me pressing them together and asking you to please titty fuck me. Oh, how I love it! Your cock so hard and dripping pre-cum as you push it between my glorious tits. Feels so good sliding your cock up and down between them while I squeeze them so firmly around you and lick you as you push towards my face. Yes, we should definitely have some big tits phone sex. Cum and get ’em!

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Stocking fetish phone sex turns guys on because it reminds them of their horny teen years and their sexy mothers. If a woman wears pantyhose or stockings, you know she is mature. The younger girls do not know the joys of hosiery. Nor do they understand the power that hosiery gives them over men and boys alike. My best friend, Linda, and I went out the other night to celebrate her divorce. She’s been trying to get rid of her dead weight husband for years, and finally she had her day in court. The judge ordered him to vacate her house immediately and we decided to celebrate. Linda has more money than she knows what to do with. She could have given her ex the house and bought a new one, but she did not want to give him the satisfaction.

Stocking Fetish Phone Sex

Like me, she married a loser white boy. But unlike her, my loser white boy knows his place. I wanted to give my friend a night to remember. So, I took her to this urban bar I love so she could experience some black cock phone sex. A younger, hung black boy would ring in the new phase of her life perfectly. I saw two younger black studs eyeballing us up and down. They seemed fixated on our legs. Our stockings got their attention before the rest of us did.  I bought them drinks all night, and we danced and laughed and forgot about loser white dick for a night. We could have taken the boys back to my place, but Linda wanted to fuck in her old marriage bed to symbolize her entrance into my world. Linda can be a black cock cougar loving whore now. I watched those two black studs double penetrate my best friend. They gave her a hot squirting pussy. Her first one too. A woman never forgets the first time her pussy squirts. I got my turn with the black studs too. Both Linda and I wore our sexy stockings and garter belts while they fucked us. Those black boys loved the feel of our silky stockings on our legs. And we loved the feel of their black cocks in and out of our white mature pussies.

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Adult Baby Phone Sex with Sybil

You are a grown-up and you vote and drink alcohol and hold down a job and enjoy the full range of adult privileges and responsibilities. But in your heart, you live with that baby that is still inside of you and that will be inside of you even if you live to be well over one hundred years of age. You yearn for a pretty and loving and even strict mommy who will bring out that itty bitty baby that is inside your very much all grown up body. You want and even need to call Sybil for a loving and erotic session of adult baby phone sex. You want to tell me how much it turns you on to feel helpless and have me take good care of my much loved adult baby.

Adult Baby Phone Sex

I have a strong maternal streak and can make a very loving mother figure to the callers who talk with me for adult baby phone sex. I want to hear about how much you want to suck milk from my loving breasts or how you want me to prepare formula and give you milk in a baby bottle. I want to hear you tell me how you love the comfort of being in adult diapers. I want you to tell me how turned on you get when you fantasize about sucking milk out of my nipples or having me put a baby bottle in your hands for you to drink the warm milk. I want you to tell me that you get horny in your adult diapers. I want to hear you moan as you get excited thinking about what a good and loving mommy I make for you. I want you to call me, call Sybil, and for us to have a beautifully satisfying session of adult baby phone sex. I want to be your loving maternal influence.

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Strap On Phone Sex with Vivian

When I think about strap on phone sex it takes me to my own experience with it. My best friend a few years back had gotten treated like crap by this guy that she was so head over heels for him. He and I have never met but I see him all the time in the club. My vixen mind started working on how to get him back for her. I quickly started to flirt knowing he would be planning on making me another notch in his belt that night. Sipped my drinks while he drank up like crazy. I really started having a great time with him actually. I was still planning to pay back though. Strap on phone sex will always turn me on after this night.

Strap On Phone Sex

He was too drunk to drive so I offered him a ride to my place. He jump right on the opportunity to get fucked by me. When we got to my apartment he was like a drunk puppet. I got him to let me tie him up and spread eagle bareback. Slowly rubbing him, hearing him moan in pleasure. I slipped off to the bathroom and when I walked into the room wearing my perfect size strap on he started to struggle a little and demanded I untie him. lol. I asked him if he remembered my friend. He knew right away what was about to happen. He came to fuck me and now I’m going to fuck him. I climbed up on him and started rubbing my fake cock all around his virgin ass. As I began to penetrate him he cried out and begged me to stop. I told him he wanted me to fuck him so he’s gong to take it all. After not long of me pounding his ass, he began to get hard and drip from his cock. I loved that! finally he came so hard that he made me promise not to tell a soul. lol. If you want some awesome strap on phone sex from me call 1-888-474-6769. Ask for Vivian.

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I love being a phone sex operator. I look forward to being able to turn my phone on every afternoon. I love being the dirty nasty girl of your wet dreams. I love connecting with my callers and enjoying their company. Do you need someone to listen to you and enjoy your company? Do you need someone who enjoys kinky roleplays and dirty phone sex like you do? Don’t you need a dirty older woman like me at the end of the day for some GFE phone sex?

GFE Phone Sex

You need an online girlfriend that understands your quirks. The GFE that you can’t wait to call and tell her your newest fantasy. Is it the new woman at work that you want to take to the file room and have sex with? Maybe the new neighbor that you see every morning running down the block. You want to take her in the park and give it to her. Send her back home with a creampie for her husband? Mmmm tell me my phone sex lover all your dirty secrets. Tell me your wants and desires and I will tell you mine. Do you want to hear about my cuckolding lifestyle? Do you want to hear about the men on the block I lust over? The last time I had sex behind my husband’s back? I would be happy to share my sexy life with you. That’s what a good girlfriend does right?

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I do derive a certain demented pleasure from small penis humiliation phone sex calls. Just take a look at that smile on my face. I always grin ear to ear when I get to destroy a baby dicked pathetic excuse for a man. Seriously, I go all in. It is almost therapeutic for me. I take out all my frustrations and focus them on the phallicly challenged. I want to break them down and make him understand his place in the world. Micro-penis “men” are at the bottom of the food chain, and I am an apex predator. Sitting right at the top. I will eat you up and spit you out just for a laugh.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

I love to get together with some of my sexy girlfriends so they can see just how worthless you are. I will make you show it to each of them so they can go full-on mean-spirited urologist role-play on you. It’s amusing how the small ones can be adorable. I would never touch one or fuck one, but I sure can laugh at it until my belly hurts. But after the initial laughter, I am afraid I am going to have to really come at you so that you can understand exactly how pitiful you are. You aren’t a real man and I will never treat you as such. No, you are a pathetic excuse for a man and I need to understand that. And if I have to be mean to get you to see that then so be it. My meanness often comes as such a surprise to those who must bear my wrath. I look so sweet and my voice is so soft and reassuring, but I say the worst things to you. I know it is confusing, but that is the way it must be with a small penis humiliation phone sex call.

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Big Black Cock Phone Sex with Marie

It seems like everyone is into big black cock these days. I’m sure it’s always been this way but likely just seems more popular now because there are so many ways to enjoy it nowadays. You can watch videos of girls worshipping BBC and other types of kinky videos because some guys also adore it and you can watch that too. There are endless stories to read and thousands of pictures to look at. It’s a real obsession shared by so many. Of course there is big black cock phone sex too with limitless possibilities. Roleplays involving cuck hubbies and cheating wives. Gangbangs. Puny, inferior white male submission to superior black men with giant dicks that can do whatever they want. All I know is everyone seems to want to talk about their BBC lust which is fantastic because I also share that lust. All big dick is good, but there’s just something extra special with the dark chocolate.

Big Black Cock Phone Sex

What does it for you? Do you have a craving for big black cock? Do you dream of one day having the opportunity to get on your knees in front of a strong, athletic black man as he undoes his pants and that giant dick flops out onto your face? Do you want to lick and suck it and show how much you love it while you gag and choke but do whatever it takes to make him blow his load? Would you like to be shocked by finding your hot wife has brought home a bull from the gym and is getting a true work out in your marital bed? Do you want to be coerced into participating? Eventually offering your tightest hole for use or being given no choice but to take what you secretly want anyway? If you answered yes to any of these naughty questions, then big black cock phone sex is for you!

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BBC Phone Sex with Christina

I was out with a new group of friends, doing the best I could to begin a new life. Fresh start is what they call it. As I was getting food and trying to find my way, balance with what to say and not. I was approached by one of the cute ones. I usually don’t deal with people (men) I find to be way more attractive than myself. Because I enjoy being on Top and Worshiped the Alphas types aren’t always my cup of tea. As he touched my hands he didn’t really speak. Later I found out he didn’t speak English. But honestly his communication with me never had any interference. He walked me over to fix me a drink. Then we sat with each other for a bit. From the moment he placed his hands innocently on my shoulder I knew I was going to bone this man. I was new to town, didn’t know anyone and he was the hottest option given to me yet. I knew some cock and it looked like if we could communicate it, I was going to get exactly what I needed, wanted and deserved – which was a fun BBC phone sex encounter.

BBC Phone Sex

It wasn’t even going to be my second BBC at this point I was open to whatever happens. You know how everything happens for a reason, one thing leads to another one. Right now all I could see was cock! As the music began to play he led me to the floor where I laid in his hands and as we danced, we cuddled. He picked me up so that my legs were locked around him. As he swayed back and forward like a mating dance I felt his dark chocolate member pressing against me while I was floating in mid air. We were in our own little world, exempt from some drunk comments and high fives from whom I could only guess was his friends. He walked me out to the balcony and the breeze only intensified. He sat down on a bench, me on his lap. As I moved my ass against his, I could feel his nature become harder by the bounce. He pulled my dress down under my tits, and started to suck on them. Nibbling and squeezing them between his teeth. If itt didn’t feel good it would have stung. As he sucked, I worshiped my tits. All I could do was lay back my head and moan knowing I was about to feel every inch of that big black cock deep inside of me. Like he was on key with my thoughts, his hands found my pussy and he was shocked at how gooey it really was already. He smelled and tasted my juice moaning as if it was a fine wine. He stood me up and got my panties off before standing and taking out a massive big black cock. I leaned in for a taste. Lips sealed around that cock. I sucked until I received a drip of precum. He took his seat and picked my back up. I didn’t need further invitation. I rose up and slid down all of the way on that big black cock.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Marie

Cuckold phone sex can be enjoyed so many ways. Of course we can roleplay the cuckold fantasies and desires you have. It can be very exciting to be so submissive to your powerful, demanding wife and find yourself in situations beyond your control. Situations in which you realize your wife has needs beyond what you can fulfill. Did you really think she would be content with your small package forever? She’s a sexy hot babe and has needs you literally cannot fulfill and she won’t be deprived. Maybe you find yourself a surprise cuck and realize she’s been fucking other guys. Maybe she lays out straight to you one evening and disregards your concerns telling you everything will be fine and not to worry about her relationships more well endowed men.

Cuckold Phone Sex

If you are good and go with the flow, you will probably get to watch what happens when she takes that big black guy from the gym into your bedroom and hear what she sounds like when she’s actually enjoying sex. You have to have known your little pinky dick is a joke. She deserves a real man to satisfy her and give her sexual pleasure. There may come a time when she decides you should be participating more than you have been. Sitting there rubbing your pitiful penis might be fun for you but now it’s time to take a more active role. Your beautiful cuckold phone sex wife wants you to suck cock and show some appreciation to the man that’s been providing you creampie all along. Don’t act like you are so shocked after it’s been clear how turned on you also are by his glorious big cock. Get on your knees where you belong and get your first taste. It’s a new life for you, expect to serve and please from now on.

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