GFE Phone Sex with Beth

Recently I was flattered when one of my long-time callers said he felt like our calls have become GFE phone sex. No, that’s not what he started calling for. In fact, why he calls is so taboo that I can’t tell you – that will have to remain a mystery. Over the years he’s come to trust me. He loves that he can talk to me about anything that’s on his mind, and with all the time we’ve put into getting to know each other, he’s been able to really explore all of his fantasies and to see how they evolve.

GFE Phone Sex

Imagine having someone you can build intimacy with, but when you need to you can have the freedom to detach. Even better, GFE phone sex allows you to work through things you might be too afraid to discuss with your partner. So many people have things in their minds that they need to purge, and sometimes the best way to do that is to purge it from your body. After you hang up, you can simply go back to your day to day life and pretend it never happened. Then, when you need to purge that taboo energy from your system again, Beth will be here for you.

Seriously, I’m here a lot. You can find me almost any time you want, and if I’m not here, I’ll be here soon. GFE phone sex depends on a certain level of reliability in that way. You want someone who can be there when you really need her, and anyone who knows me can tell you that I’m that girl. A kinky conversationalist with the ability to really hear you, and an open mind to welcome whatever you have to say.

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Frankie

If you need some cheating wife phone sex, I am the perfect little homewrecker to meet your needs! I highly doubt your wife has tits of gold like I do! And I am MORE than willing to anoint your marriage bed with my spread legs, spread ass cheeks, and delectable pussy juice! Hell, I’ll rub my cooch up and down your bed posts if you want me to! Then during your boring missionary fuck with the ol’ lady, you can lick your bed post, close your eyes, and pretend she’s me! (Or TRY, haha) I had a feller call me yesterday because his wife wanted to shower just because he came on her leg!!! LAAAAME! So he squeezed in a call while she hopped in the shower! I told him, if I was there, I would have busted up in her shower and licked his jizz right off her leg before she wasted it! There are only 4 places cum belongs! In my ASS, my MOUTH, my PUSSY, or on my TITS. NOT liquid gold running down some damn shower drain!

Cheating Wife Phone Sex

Am I a CUM WHORE!? Fuck yeah I am! Proud of it too! It won’t take you long during our cheating wife phone sex to realize I’m goddamn certified and my skills are no joke. Little wifey can’t even begin to compete! BUT, if she breaks out of her stuffy ass shell, she’s free to join in! HaHa! But it ain’t overnight that I learned all I know, so don’t expect no miracles from my lessons with her! So if you want a professional, a slutty older woman who KNOWS how to treat that dick of yours and make you feel like a bonafide man that just staked prime real estate in the 1889 Land Rush, then just call me and whisper “Oklahoma!” and I’ll fire the gun and let the games begin! We’re gonna have a hell of a time!

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Creampie Phone Sex with Remy

So I kind of did a really naughty, sneaky thing to my husband last night. I basically tricked him into becoming a creampie phone sex addict. I’ve been so horny lately and he never has time for me anymore. So I got tired of begging him to fuck me and went out and had revenge sex with a complete stranger. I just picked up this random guy from the bar, fucked him in his truck, and went home with a cunt full of his hot jizz. And wouldn’t you know it, my husband was home waiting for me and actually wanted to fuck. I said I’d ride him all night if he ate my pussy first. You should have seen him chow down on my cunt and lap up every drop. He just kept saying how good my pussy tasted and how much he missed it. All the while he was sucking down some dude’s load and had no idea he was being converted into a creampie phone sex addict. He couldn’t remember my juices tasting so sweet and said he was going to do this more often.

Creampie Phone Sex

Well okay…but that means I have to go out and fuck more guys on the side if he wants my cunt to be so creamy and taste like this all the time. I finally confessed that he was not just tasting me, but cum from the guy I fucked at the bar. I thought he was going to be pissed, but instead, he started licking and sucking even more! In fact, he said he is okay with it as long as I let him lick it all up every time. I had no idea he was going to be so excited and accepting of it. But hey, if it means that I can fuck whoever I want so I don’t feel so deprived…I’ll come home with loads of spunk in my cunt every night. And my hubby can savor every drop and be the happy creampie phone sex addict that he wants to be. Works for this horny housewife slut!

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Zoey

I am a proud cheating wife ! Listen if my husband is more focused on work and hanging with the guys than me… oh well his loss. Your gain 🙂 I have even had cheating phone sex while hes in the living room falling asleep watching Mash. He knows that I cheat on him and in a way I think he likes it. I know when me and my husband go out people look at us and think lucky him. But the truth is everyone else is lucky. I have even let a feew of his “buddies” fuck me. The one friend of his always loves when I come and see him in the pit’s of the dirt track a few towns over. He spoils me with beers, warm nachos and then after the race Hmmmm. while everyone watchs the finals races he fucks me in the back of the pits. I love his cock thrusting in me while I hear the screams of the fan’s and the smell of the race cars burning up the track. I even gave him a sloppy blow job in the front seat of his car once. Thank god those steering wheels coming off.

Cheating Wife Phone Sex

Listen, I am such a cheating slutty wife. I convinced my husband to buy us a nice boat this year so we can travel up and down the river. Of course I love seeing the sights of our state and sunbathing topless on the top deck. But traveling by water to find sex is something you don’t hear of until now of course. And its worked. I met a younger man at the place where we were stopped the other day. He was in his early 20’s blonde and tattooed everywhere. I made sure to be out there topless where he could see my perky tits and all I had to do was smile at his bearded self. He came aboard to collect money for us tying up there for the night. But instead I offered him to tie me up instead. He sure did tie me up to my bed and fuck me like a non stop train to NYC. I love those young men who can keep fucking me for a hour before they cum. Gave a new meaning to tying up at the boat launch.

Now I know what you’re thinking, is she having cheating phone sex from the boat too? Yes indeed I am. I love using my toys while I feel the waves of the water rock the boat. Sometimes with my uneventful husband driving the boat along. I wonder if he ever hears my moans up on the deck? I do know he heard me once having some kinky anal sex in our downstairs bathroom at home. I have a sexy toy with a suction I can put on the tub wall and back on to it. The man on the other end of the phone loved hearing me back my ass on to it and moaning as it entered me. I wonder if he stood outside the door getting turned by hearing me. Maybe he even jerked off over it before he went and got a cup of coffee. That would be amusing to watch. Maybe I should set up cameras indoors for moments like this and see what he does.

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Fantasy Phone Sex with Gwen

I don’t have A LOT of sexual experience as the average mid 30 year old woman my age, but I’ve had my fair share of being a dirty, filthy, nasty ass fuckin where for the last couple years, since my divorce. And do I have the most curious fantasies that I want to put on my bucket list. Oh fuck yes and fantasy phone, sex sounds even better. Tell me your deepest, darkest, nastiest fantasies. I’m dying to know!!! I want to learn all of your fetishes, niches, kinks, needs, desires, and sexual needs. If you have a niche I’ve never heard of, seeing, or experience before. Please teach me, tell me, guide me by no means EVER feel like I’m judging. I’m super fucking curious!! I want to learn all I can And who else could be the best teacher?!!

Fantasy Phone Sex

I take extreme pride in EVERYTHING I help do for each and every one of you. I don’t honestly look at this as a job, I don’t even really see it like that. It’s an escape, a passion to help me In my own sexual journey In finding my own fantasies.. So, if I come off shy or reserved, understand I’m finding myself along the way. I’m learning each day more and more, and I want you to be there by my side, helping me find my fantasies with you. I love hearing everyone’s stories and adventures in their own sex life and fantasies. They Excite me and make me some what jealous. Call me for the ultimate fantasy phone fuck. Let’s see what all we can come up with in your call.
So when you call me for some fantasy phone sex, please tell me what you need and what you want, I’m not a mind reader.(that you know of yet) LOL!!

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Big Tit Phone Sex with Willow

You know you can’t help but look at these big bouncy tits! That’s why you should have Big Tit Phone Sex With Willow! Everywhere I go, people stare at these big juicy tits, and I fucking love it! Sometimes, I even go braless and let my jugs bounce and giggle for everyone to see. I can’t help but get wet when men I catch men staring at me as I bounce through the grocery store. Sometimes, I get comments, but most of the time, they don’t have to say a word because the tent in their pants says it all. I love knowing their cock is throbbing for me with their wife right next to them and in public.

Big Tit Phone Sex

These big tits aren’t just for looks, I like to put them to good use! Have you ever had a tittie fuck blow job? It’s where I get on my knees, squeeze your hard cock between my big supple tits and use them to jerk your dick while I suck the head every time it comes up close to my mouth. We can finish with you busting a big ol’ nut in my mouth, face, and, of course, on my tits. I love the way warm jizz feels when I rub it in on my big natural tits. However, that is just one of the many delightful things that may peek your interest during big tit phone sex with Willow.

Maybe you would get off on adding pain to the pleasure and using nipple clamps on my plump nipples. Oh and I’m a fan of rope bras that are tied so tight that my tits start to turn shades of red and purple. So, If you like big tits, you will truly enjoy your big tit phone sex experience with Willow.

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Phoebe

I usually like to go to the lake on the weekends with my friends and drink some beers, smoke some weed and have a good time. Cheating wife phone sex is one of my favorite types of calls, so I need lots of stories to relay, which means I need to go out and have some fun! Last weekend one of my girlfriends brought some molly for everybody and it ended up being a huge fucking orgy on our buddies pontoon boat! About 30 min after eating the Molly everyone started making out and rubbing on each other. We cranked the music up really loud and it was so fucking fun, all of us girls started a strip tease show and were untying our bikini tops and swinging them over our heads and throwing them at the guys, then we started making out and groping each others’ tits and spanking each others round perky bootys.

Phone Sex

Next thing you know we get water dumped on us and that was the cue to grab a partner any partner and drop to your knees and take a cock deep in your mouth. While I was deep throating this dude named ryan I looked around to see all my girlfriends giving head to the guys and before you know it we are in one big fuck pile rocking on the boat. I knew that this was going to make for some epic cheating wife phone sex! Dicks and twats and puckerd pink holes were everywhere. There wasn’t a inch of that boat that wasn’t thick with naked people. It was so hot. I noticed at one point people on the lake on the other boats had their binocolars out and were peeping on our Sunday afternoon Fuck fest on the lake. I could have gone all night getting my pussy drilled in rotation of different dudes cuz that molly was so bomb and made me want to do some crazy naked orgy fucking. I was getting face fucked on a roatation of cocks along with the other ladies. Everything felt so amazing trippin on the molly. I can’t wait to do it again!

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Fantasy Phone Sex with Jackie

It’s back to school season, and you know what means right, fantasy phone sex calls to the principal office and parent-teacher conferences. My kids they’re not bad and very athletic but they’re popular and very good-looking. What I’m trying to say is they talk and lot, but their mouths and attitudes are something serious. One special evening I got a call to come see the principal, and I made sure I told him I couldn’t come in until after 6 maybe about 6:30. He said he is normally gone but hell be sure to wait. I go and find the best sex lace thong and bra combo, body suit, and jean jacket, and begin to stroll in. I had a seat and we were there to discuss my kid’s grades and maybe get in some advanced classes. But the only grades he could concentrate on were my 36DDDs. So I began.

Fantasy Phone Sex

I took my jacket off and I pull the onesie all the way down and leaned back on the chair and started playing with my fat wet pussy as I was playing with my pussy, I pulled my big chocolate breast out and started sucking and as I looked at him standing up I noticed his big black cock bulging through. So as he walked toward I felt my pussy getting more wet and I began to put two fingers in and out of my pussy. As he moved toward me more I pulled his big black cock and started sucking his cock. After I heard his moaning he grabbed me pulled me up and started passionately kissing me as he moved everything off his desk and laid me down. He began to lick my fat pussy and it felt so good. He then gets up and starts fucking me with his big black cock. Before I realized he came in this pussy.

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Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex with Frankie

Not gonna lie—it’s been so damn hot lately I mostly prance around straight up neked, or at best, in a light summer dress with nothing underneath. BUT when I’m feelin fancy…or slutty lol and goin somewhere nice, I can dress to the nines! I whip out my matching lingerie, red lipstick, most expensive perfume, and most importantly–my long sleek pantyhose and tall ass heels! If you’re into pantyhose fetish phone sex, feel free to email me at and I’ll even let ya pick which pantyhose I wear during our call! I’ve got all colors, even red, & some special ones too. Yes, fishnets included! My FAVORITES are my vintage fashioned ones with the seam running down the back of my legs! Nothing says STYLISH like the 40s & 50s! But just cuz my style that night may be retro, don’t go thinkin it means my moves in the bedroom are! Speaking of which, you better do some stretching before takin ME out on a date!

Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex

But after dinner, running our mouths, and all that jazz, then comes the best part! Having YOU peel those pantyhose off me like a second skin—-mmmMMMmmm—gives me goosebumps just playing it all out in my mind! Buuut, let’s not get ahead of ourselves buddy! You gotta de-Cinderella me & take off my heels first! And I think I’ve failed to mention this, but I have PERFECT feet! Granted, my tits are too but I guess the good ol’ doc deserves some of that gratitude! Ha! But my feeeet—au naturale baby! Soft skin, flawless arches and toes, plus always polished to please! (Here’s a hint…when it ain’t casual, my polish ain’t either. I try to match it to my lingerie…gives you a clue on what color panties my pussy might be creaming as I stroke your cock under the dinner table–BEFORE the real fun begins!)

So if you’re ready to worship my long legs, give me a ring for some pantyhose fetish phone sex! If you’re REALLY cool, you’ll even use a rotary phone to call me! Haha!

GILF Phone Sex with Zoey

Hi there I’m Zoey. I’m over 50 and a lonely wife and GILF. Don’t know what GILF phone sex is? Yes,yes you do! I’m married to a very vanilla one position kind of man. But that’s truly not me. I’m a bisexual and love messing around while my husband is not home and sometimes when he is. I love having phone sex with different men and love that my husband dont know most of the time. I love being fucked and phone fucked while hes away from our house. I am a proud GILF and love every minute of it. But I love when I meet new people and they are shocked that I am a grandma. I am what many in my friend circle call a trophy wife. I look damn good for being this damn old. I enjoy entertaining, cooking, crafting, out door things like hiking and fucking in public. I enjoy having phone sex in my master bedroom which is close to the sidewalk in front of our home. I hope some voyeur will hear me and look in my windows. I know they will love what they see.

GILF Phone Sex

I do love roleplay phone sex very much. Off the beaten path and wild roleplays at that. Me being a stern corrections officer and you the inmate who longs for sex with me. What would do exactly to earn my affection while behind bars? Or what about you being the dean of students and my kid keeps getting in trouble. I will do anything to prevent them from getting kicked out. Even if that means being a sex slave for you and your wife for the next semester. I’m down for anything from mild to taboo when it comes to roleplays. What do you have on your mind for one? I am a real woman with real need’s and I know you can help me cum. For some reason I can’t cum alone 🙁 I am unimbated with a soft voice that loves being dirty minded. To put it bluntly this GILF loves to fuck and phone fuck too. I would love to cum for you and better yet hear you cum for me. The noises some guys make when they’re stroking their cocks make me go crazy. I’m a playful down to earth GILF. But a warning: those who do call me often get addicted.

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