Size Queen Phone Sex with Marie

I’ve been thinking about size queen phone sex. Believe it or not, I am often asked if I am a size queen. I must look like a big cock lover? LOL! Not sure, but just the same people do ask me and I am always honest. Yes, I most definitely am a size queen. There isn’t much I love more than a big dick. I crave it and seek it out and find it so delicious and satisfying. I know everyone is all about big black cock but don’t overlook big white dick either. Size matters. Do I love BBC? So fucking much. But some white guys are nicely equipped as well and I don’t discriminate in my size queen pursuits. Big cock is just so gorgeous and gets my pussy so wet and I crave it all the time. So much so that I am not even interested in average dick anymore. If you aren’t packing a minimum nine inches of rock hard dick for me, you aren’t getting at this pussy.

Size Queen Phone Sex

Was it always that way? No, I used to have the mindset of not wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings or make them feel inadequate, probably how I was raised to be polite and accepting, But let me tell you, I got over that fast once I had my first big cock experience. It was actually a big black cock and I still think of it and get off to it to this day – happy to tell you about it when you call. It really changed my outlook on little dicks and it’s a no for me. I can’t even pretend to say it’s okay or act like it’s appealing. It’s not and it isn’t. Size queen phone sex is a natural for me because I live it for real. I am a size queen, I make no apology for that. I can’t even stop myself from being mean or humiliating to little penis owners but that’s a post for a different day. It’s big beautiful dick for me if you want good attention and a sexy response. Normally not a submissive kind of gal but let me tell you what, I will worship a big cock on my knees begging any day.

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Anything Goes Phone Sex with Vivian

I love anything goes phone sex because of all the different ways we can play. Just think of your dirtiest, twisted, nasty and deep dark desire. Tell me so I can take it and run with it. Take you into even deeper territory. Use your fucked up thoughts and make them mine to play with as I wish. Anything goes phone sex is ANYTHING and EVERYTHING your dirty mind and cock can cum up with. I want to take your desires to a whole new level of passion beyond all your expectations and into my world of fun. I love taking that naughty fantasy and making it become real. What pops into that dirty mind and cock of yours when I say anything goes baby? Do you think Taboo, forbidden, training or just plain a little of everything. I’m here to cater to every twisted whim you want, baby. Can’t wait to play with all your any things till we both just explode with pleasure. So many dirty thoughts pop into my perverted mind when I hear you ask me if anything goes with me!! My naughty pussy is wet right now writing this. Tell me all your dirty secrets and hidden desires. Let me linger and play with them till you blow a big nut load for me.

Anything Goes Phone Sex

Anything goes phone sex turns me on so much. I hope all you boys that want to get that forbidden desire out and have some fun with it call me and play. Love the thought of you letting it all hang out and play out your twisted thoughts with me. My perverted ways of dealing with those desires will drive you out of your world and into mine. For some awesome no limits kind of fun, call me at 1-888-474-6769. Ask for Vivian.

MILF Phone Sex with Sierra

My son had a gaming night with one of his best friends. They both just graduated from high school and turned 18. Little did I know that his friend got turned on for MILF phone sex. He had a bit of a shy and reserved disposition. You can tell a lot when you look into someone’s eyes. There was something about how he looked at me when we were alone. It made me want to know what was behind his shyness. So he left his laptop over a few nights ago and I decided to return it to him. When I showed up I decided to wear something provocative that would tempt him to step outside his comfort zone. When he opened the door I stood there smiling flirtatiously dressed in my spaghetti string low cut top and super short skirt. When it comes to tempting, flaunting my sexy body, and turning up the MILF phone sex heat I do it oh so good. He was lost for words as I smiled saying, “You left this at my house the other night would you like it back?” His jaw dropped a bit. He wasn’t sure what to do but then decided to let me in. I said, “Are your parents here?” He said, “No they are gone for the evening.” I smiled saying “So it’s just the two of us then?” He bashfully smiled and said, “Yes that’s right.”

MILF Phone Sex

We conversed back and forth for a bit. My steps grew closer to his body as I said “You know there is something just so damn sexy about shy guys.” I was ready to give him a graduation gift he would never forget. I spoke as I told him about my fantasies about him. All the while brushing my big breasts into his chest. I looked him in his eyes and said, “You know you are one of my favorites when it comes to who my son hangs out with. You also have a very stiff rise in your shorts there. I have this theory if I touch you then you can touch me anywhere you want.” I have to admit when I was in his presence I was a bit of a MILF phone sex seductress. I stroked his shaft telling him how I often fantasized about gaming night and him walking in my bedroom only to pull the covers back to find me dressed in my see through skimpy red lingerie and bra. I went into such intense details that he said “Sierra, can I please slide my fingers on the inside of your pussy?” I smiled and said, “I told you that I have this rule, if I touch you, you can touch me anywhere you want.” His breathing became very heavy. It started to turn lusty as he fingered the insides of my dripping wet pussy.

He made me remember why I get so creamy for younger guys. I pumped his cock so fucking good that he couldn’t resist any longer. How long do you think it took before he was between my sexy long legs sliding his hard cock in my tight wet pussy? If you get a rise in your short for MILF phone sex and want something even more taboo that I can’t mention here then maybe I’ll tell you how this story ends. Maybe we can make up our own ending.

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Lactation Phone Sex with Sybil

I just had a blog up about my love for impregnation fantasies so it seems to me quite appropriate — sexually appropriate — that I put up a blog about my love for lactation phone sex. After all, one thing quite literally flows from another. When a lady gets pregnant, her breasts get filled with that sweet and nutritious mother’s milk. It does taste sweet, doesn’t it? It is full of nourishment, isn’t it. You who have been lucky enough to have indulged in the privilege of sucking from the nipple of a breast that was engorged with milk must know quite well what I am talking about. And those of you who have not had the privilege of sucking from the nipple of a breast that was engorged with milk can well imagine how sweet and rich the milk of lactation must taste. It is so erotic to just imagine your mouth on the nipple of a lactating female, such a turn-on to fantasize sucking on that nipple and drinking her wonderful milk.

Lactation Phone Sex

Female breasts are so beautiful, so very beautiful. The roundness of the breasts, the roundness of the areola, the way the nipples stand at attention when the lady is sexually aroused — all of these things are so excitingly sensual. All of these things are a super turn on. A fetish for lactation is natural and quite normal since there are few things more natural and normal than lactation itself. The milk from a female breast speaks of nourishment and nurturing and creation and love. A lactation phone sex call is one that can make your day with its sensual arousal and excitement. Call Sybil and let’s talk about your desire for breast milk! Call Sybil and let’s have a hot lactation phone sex session at 1 888 474 6769.

Humiliation Phone Sex with Marie

I’ve always been one to “tell it like it is” and that works out great in my humiliation phone sex adventures. If you are looking for someone to give you the straight facts, you are lucky you have found me now. I will not sugarcoat your shortcomings or try to make you feel better about them. You’ll get no soothing or excuses from me. You may have had other partners that have tried to make you feel ok about your weaknesses and how pathetic you are. I don’t believe in that. If there is something to call out, I will call it out, no hesitation. If you are not good with that or are a whiny little bitch, we are probably not a good match. It doesn’t bother me if I make you cry or leave you feeling like the loser you are. That’s called reality and you need a dose sometimes.

Humiliation Phone Sex

Of course the most obvious topic in humiliation phone sex is small penis humiliation. Personally, I think there is a distinction between “small” and the truly pitiful, tiny clits some of you have. Under five inches I don’t even consider a dick. You unfortunate fools with your micro penises are the worst. Let me tell you, if I have to find my way through your pubes to pinch your puny two inches, there’s going to be some wicked words said. Some evil laughing. Real cock shaming because no, no way. Pinch your little pecker somewhere else, I just want to mock and shame you. What a joke. There are other things to humiliate you about as well. Sometimes your dick is “adequate” but you’re unworthy in other ways. I am happy to list them all for you when we chat. If you have any shred of dignity left, you won’t when we’re finished.

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Cougar Phone Sex with Remy

Cougar phone sex is amazing when you have it with me! I’m Remy and you can tell by just looking at me that I am a dirty slut that can’t get enough cock — EVER. Honestly, I hate getting older, but at least I keep getting hotter and I still score big throbbing cock whenever I want it. And I am not too picky about age. It doesn’t matter if it’s a 20-something cock or an older cock, I need it all the same.There is nothing more exciting to me than making a new fucky buddy cum hard. So many guys are neglected by their wives or girlfriends, but I won’t do you like that. Nope, when you have phone sex with a mature woman my age you get someone who’s still sexy and has enough experience to really get you off. Trust me, experience is a good thing.

Cougar Phone Sex

I love getting off to, so I hope you don’t mind if I play along when we talk. I have a huge selection of dildos to use on myself when we talk. I know exactly where you need to be touched and how, and I hope you don’t mind a little ass play. You’re so sensitive there and I think you need to experience it, don’t worry I’ll only go as far as you want to. I think that when I start talking about my tongue sliding in your hole and you just start to trace the outside, well you’ll be up for some exploring, and I’m just the woman to help you. If you are interested in having horny housewife phone sex, I’m at home ready and waiting to show you the perks of having a cougar phone sex slut at your beck and call. Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Remy, I am always ready for you.

Face Sitting Phone Sex with Vivian

Oh that feeling I get when I have face sitting phone sex. Knowing how it feels to have all your breath and tongue all over my ass and pussy. Wanting you to go deeper and deeper into my ass that all my sweet juices come flowing out for you to absorb like my pad. I have complete control of you while my ass snuggles tightly around your face. As you struggle to breathe into my pussy and ass I feel empowered. Just think of giving me all the power to swallow your face into my holes. I want you to resist until you are completely broken into my face seat. Nothing makes my juices squirt like your face. to have face sitting phone sex with me you must give me all control of how much you breathe and swallow.

Face Sitting Phone Sex

Allow my sweet nectar to fill every hole and crevice on your face. Don’t forget to resist a little at least… Oh yeah, that’s the sweetest part knowing you give into me. Feel me drape my whole ass and pussy around your entire face. Slide your tongue in and out as you make more juice to consume. I might even grind into you deeper as you struggle to breathe inside of my holes. Grinding and grinding more into you makes me feel almighty into controlling you. Breathe fast and deep inside my pussy until I explode and squirt right down your throat. I will love every second of face sitting phone sex with you. Making you shower in my juices from me sitting and grinding on your face. I can’t wait to feel your face under me as I sit comfy beyond belief. Call me up and have some great face sitting phone sex with me at 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Vivian now.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Sierra

My spouse is quick to run around town telling his buddies how much of a slutty wife I am. What he fails to say to them is his juicy secret about how he’s a cuckold phone sex cum licking slut. That’s right, I mean there’s a reason why I cheat on him. He’s inadequate and has a worthless wimpy prick. So yes I invite his best friend, co-worker, and even his boss into our bedroom or any other room of the house to fuck my married pussy like my husband can’t. He knows if he wants to get close to my beautiful pink hole then he needs to do something humiliating other than standing in the doorway while I take a big fat dick in my horny holes watching with his tiny prick out trying to jerk it.

Cuckold Phone Sex

I need a willing cuck who wants to not only service my freshly cum filled pussy, but also be more. You may ask yourself, how much more? Well, that depends on the size of your dick and how close you want to get to licking and tasting it. I mean look at my sinful body. Just look at these big tits. They are so fucking supple. They love attention. These nipples love a tongue to lick and suck on. Not to mention my sexy long legs. I just love to take them and wrap around a male’s neck and pull his head in as he services my creamy pussy. And my kinky tight ass? It loves attention from someone who knows how to lick and service it so well that I lead myself into an orgasmic frenzy. I’ve had men beg me to have sloppy seconds. But they’ve had to do things like pamper and get me ready for my stud, pick out my sexy slutty cuckold phone sex provocative lingerie, get on their knees to get trained with me strap on, and learn how to suck dick the right way, suck on a real man’s dick, drink down cum like a thirsty slut, and maybe even take it in the ass like a bitch boi. So that sums it up to be a downright fluffer!

My spouse has had to do all those things before I allow him to even think about getting sloppy seconds. His willy is only six inches! Believe me, it’s not that humiliating for him to say “Sierra! Look at you work that sexy sinful body for that big dicked stud. I caught you cheating again!” I’d laugh and say “Yes look at me be a total slut on my knees taking this big fat nine-inch dick in my mouth. Do you like the way I suck it? Does it turn you on when I’m on my back with my sexy long legs being stretched wide open taking a real man’s dick in my tight pussy and ass? MMMMMM it feels so fucking good too!” His face turns red as a beet but he can’t deny no matter how degrading it is that he gets turned on for cuckold phone sex.

He’s confessed that he’s stroked his useless dick at work thinking about me fucking the fed ex-delivery man, the yardman, the cable man, and whoever else I feel like seducing. I’ll give a sexy laugh and say “I know how much you love being my stroker boy. Don’t deny it. You know how much you get turned on for your wife being a total and complete whore.”

Are you a cuckold phone sex stroker like my spouse? Do you have a wife who cheats and wants to share all the secrets of what she does with me today? Maybe you want a slutty woman like me to spread my sexy long legs open too so you can share all of your stories as you are licking my freshly creamed in delicious pussy. Cum be my favorite cuckie today….

You may just find me with the big dicked hot stud pumping and stretching my holes wide open.

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Impregnation Phone Sex with Sybil

You want to change a woman’s life, don’t you? You want to show that very special and masculine power that is in your balls and your penis? You want to fulfill your biological destiny as a man? You want to leave something behind after you are gone, don’t you? Of course you do! And nothing changes a woman’s life more powerfully and more irretrievably than getting her pregnant! Nothing shows off that special power that is in your balls and in your penis than getting a woman pregnant. So there are good reasons that you want to call up this pre-menopausal 37-year-old phone flirt for a hot session of impregnation phone sex! Yes, you know you want to think about fucking me without a condom, knowing that I am not using any contraception, and changing my life forever by getting me pregnant.

Impregnation Phone Sex

You want to think about putting a part of yourself inside me to create another part of yourself that will stretch my body out of shape, make my belly get big and round, make my breasts get bigger and get filled with milk, and bring a whole new life that you wanted and that we made together into this world. Doesn’t the idea of putting your dick in a woman and spewing that sperm into her get you hot and horny? Don’t you love the idea of those little swimming sperm of your making their way to a woman’s waiting and vulnerable egg to create a fresh new life? Call Sybil and talk with me about you making me a mother once again. Call Sybil and talk about you making my belly stretch real big with the unmistakable sign that anyone can see that I am pregnant. Call Sybil for a session of super hot impregnation phone sex at 1 888 474 6769.

Phone Sex Fantasies with Marie

There are so many phone sex fantasies that people have. Some of them are fairly similar and easy to categorize. Some of them are not as common and don’t easily fit under a category. Personally, I enjoy them all but it is nice to be surprised from time to time. Do you have something strange or unusual that runs through your imagination? You may have never told any one about it or at least not had any one share your excitement if you did. It’s not always easy to understand someone else’s kinks and desires. It’s definitely not always easy to share your secret cravings. It is easier to share with the anonymity that we have here. You can literally tell me anything and I will always do my best to accommodate your needs. We can indulge your fantasy by roleplaying or storytelling, just talking it out or any combination of these things.

Phone Sex Fantasies

The beauty of phone sex is that you can try many different things. You don’t have to settle on specific phone sex fantasies because it’s like a virtual candy store and you can sample from all the goodies being offered. It’s very common for a particular kink to evolve over time and that’s always hot. Sometimes you may discover a kink you didn’t know you had when it comes up during phone sex or watching porn. You can always feel free to explore all of your sexual fantasies with me, no matter how perverse, as I am open to everything. Whether it is something specific and quite detailed that you like to repeat over and over or it’s a vague idea that you want some help developing, let’s do it. Like I said, nothing is off limits and we can do it all. Call me now and tell me what excites you.

Dial 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Marie now!

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