Smoking Fetish Phone Sex with Vivian

Something about wrapping my lips around that long cigarette and taking a nice big hit of smoke. That is so fucking sexy and hot for me. I love smoking fetish phone sex because I know how hard your cock gets with every puff I take. I might be sitting with my legs crossed watching you as you stroke to every drag. Watch me as I put it between my fingers and then up to my succulent mouth. Seducing you more and more as you watch. I might even open my legs so you can see how wet it makes me to suck on this cigarette. Then pucker up my pretty lips to blow clouds of smoke on you while you stroke that rock hard cock. I’m going to want to play with my pussy as I smoke for you too. Another great thing about smoking fetish phone sex is that you could be fucking another girl and your eyes will still not be able to be pulled away from my lips around that cigarette. You’re only getting harder fucking her because of watching me seduce this cigarette for you. Making eye contact and smoking will make you mine and all mine.

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

The more I smoke for you , the more I will play with my pussy. Smoking fetish phone sex really turns me on so I will need to touch my pussy while I put a sweet smoking show on for you. Wrap my pretty lips around the butt as I slowly suck the smoke in. then puckering up and blowing is so fucking hot. I could play like this all night long and with so many different scenarios. I can even imagine sitting on your thighs with my thighs mutually masturbating while I smoke for you. I could go on and on but instead call me at 1-888-474-6769. Ask for Vivian.

Cuckold Stories with Marie

Do you enjoy cuckold stories? Does it excite you to share your stories and/or hear my stories? As a real cuckolding wife, I can tell you I have a lot of stories and I don’t mind at all if you want to sit back and listen. I also love to hear about your experiences or desires so that is always an option as well. If you need someone to talk to or ask questions or have a discussion with, we can certainly do that. It doesn’t always have to be a fancy role play or set up. Sometimes you just need to talk it over or want to relax and stroke. Completely fine whatever your preference is. There are so many different ways one can cuckold or be cuckolded so there are plenty of things to talk about for sure. I think you will find that while I can be strict and controlling when necessary, I am also very easy to talk to as well.

Cuckold Stories

Like I said, I am a real cuckolding wife and have so many cuckold stories to share. We could talk about how I became interested in the cuckold lifestyle and some first time experiences. I’m happy to discuss with you things that worked for me and things that didn’t. Let’s talk about how things progressed for me and my cuckold husband. How we started out and where we are now. Or we can get into the same topics from your perspective and discuss your situation. Maybe you need some encouragement or guidance or something along those lines. It could be that something happened and you need to talk about it and understand what it all means. Would you like help in getting your wife interested in the lifestyle? Give me a call and let’s get into it. This is not something new to me, I have been cuckolding for a long time and am happy to share and offer guidance.

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Big Tits Phone Sex with Sybil

If there is one thing men like, at least American men, really like, it is breasts and big tits phone sex! And most men like breasts that are big. Hell, why shouldn’t they get turned on by breasts? Boobs are beautiful. They are round and spongy and soft and it feels absolutely wonderful to hold them and cup them and fondle them. It feels just as exciting to kiss and suck on the nipples. Magazines like Playboy and Penthouse and Hustler and just about any other men’s magazine you care to mention are dedicated to showcasing the beauty of the female breasts and how sexually exciting they are. I know I like my breasts and I have loved them since I started “developing” and saw that I was going to be fairly well-endowed and have a couple of things similar to grapefruits to fill bras or to swing outside of them.

Big Tits Phone Sex

Guys have always liked my bit breasts and complimented me on them, telling me the get super turned on just looking at them. Heck, so have the gals! I love my own big breasts and I know men love big breasts so I cannot help but relish big tits phone sex. It is wonderful to talk with a breast man about how much he adores my big honkers and all the things he wants to do with them. I love to hear how much my tits trigger his lust and get him hot and bothered and get his dick hard and make his balls knot up and how he imagines squeezing and fondling and kissing my breasts and reaches a hell of an orgasm to just shoot his load all over the place. I want to have a big tits phone sex caller and go to it about how horny big tits make that caller.

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Domination Phone Sex with Vivian

Domination phone sex allows me to take complete control over every aspect of your life.When you call me for domination phone sex, know that you’re giving every part of your body to me to do with whatever I please with. I love the fact that I can take over for you and lead you to the things I want you to do. You might hesitate at first , but soon I will have you wrapped around my little finger getting you to do things you never thought you would. I can take you to my level of nastiness that you will never want to go back. You will become addicted to my commands that I crave for you to do. I have a sweet young body that knows exactly what I’m doing to take control of you. Are you ready to give all the power over to me for all my wants and desires? I love domination phone sex in sensual ways. Before you even know you will be wrapped around every little thought and desire I want for you. After all, I know how bad you want to please my sweet, young, tight and sexy body and soul.

Domination Phone Sex

Call me for awesome domination phone sex. Give me the power to control every little move you make. I want you to give into me without even realizing . Think of all the fucked up, nasty and naughty things i will have you do for me. Making my pussy wet each time you obey me. Giving into a higher power will take you to a whole new level of sexual desires. My desire for you that you must obey with all you have to give me. Being dominated by me will take you into my fucked up fun world where I will have you doing anything and everything. For awesome domination phone sex call me at 1-888-474-6769. Ask for Vivian.

Fantasy Phone Sex with Zoey

Do you sit home after a long day at work thinking and overthinking sexy fantasies in your mind? No way do I. I love having fantasy phone sex it is one of my favorite’s!!! I can use theses kinky fantasies to my advantage. Let me tell you about a few of them. Come on over and try my apple turnovers that you have smelled in the air. You’re hot, sweaty and shirtless from doing yard work. You come on over to let me know about the tree that you pruned from my yard and there I am. In the kitchen doorway in nothing but a lacy top and panties. You can’t help staring at that firm ass. A mature woman like me should not have an ass like this. I offer you a turnover and a cup of my ice tea as a thank you for your help. You tell me it all can wait as you stand behind me pressing your hips into my firm ass. You rub and worship my mature ass. I know you’re getting rock hard in those cargo pants. Want something more at my kitchen table than an apple turnover? Want to spank this ass? Want to bend me over and fuck my ass? You want to fuck the kind sweet GILF of the street? Yeah you do, don’t you?

Fantasy Phone Sex

You over heard your wife and her friends talking about the new neighbor that has fantasy phone sex for fun after work. That a blonde sex kitten there talking about is me. You try and snoop around and find out how to call me for some sexy play time. But as you call me you notice that from your living room window you can see me in my bedroom naked getting ready to have some kinky phone sex with the woman next door. I don’t notice who you are or that you are watching me. You demand the hot older woman next door to fuck herself. Watching me cover a sex toy with a flavor lubed before I do as you say and suck that toy. Its driving you nuts having phone sex with the mature yet sexy woman next door. To the point that you almost cum all over the window pane.

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Interracial Phone Sex with Marie

Obviously as a cuckolding wife it means I’m into interracial phone sex. I suppose you could have one without the other. Actually, I did enjoy big black cock before I got married. So yes, it doesn’t always have to go together. There’s just something so sexy about black men and their dark skin and their giant dicks that makes me crave them. I know they enjoy the superiority they feel fucking a white woman and it does add some extra spice to the whole thing for sure. I particularly like when they are somewhat dominant and are primarily interested in only fucking. They don’t care about dinner and drinks, they just want to get their dick wet in my perfect white pussy. No one spreads their legs faster than a white whore with a hard BBC in front of her. Oh wow, I get so wet just thinking about it!

Interracial Phone Sex

Yes, I do love to get fucked and used for sex only. In my experience it’s usually only black men that have the balls to do that. White boys tend to feel some sort of obligation to include some other hanging out or dating type things that I just don’t always want or need. Black guys, on the other hand, are perfectly willing to just give you the big dick and go on their way until next time. That is one of the great things about interracial phone sex. It is what it is. And what it is, is me getting my needs for big cock fulfilled by gorgeous black dick. Sometimes they want to call me some dirty names or have me beg for their BBC although it’s a different word. You know. I will always beg for a well hung, sexy, throbbing hard black man to pound my sweet pussy. I will suck them too, but just love getting fucked hard. And don’t forget the creampie, please!

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Black Cock White Wife Fantasies with Vivian

After my husband cheated, the search was on for a nice big black boy. Couldn’t wait for my white pussy to get stretched and split open by a nice thick bbc. Black cock white wife fantasies make me so excited to think about how a big, hung thick black cock can satisfy me in ways I never knew possible. I want more than one. Maybe even three big black cocks all around me stroking and getting ready to use and abuse my holes. Sometimes I want my white x husband to watch me get pleasure from a huge black cock he could never measure up to. lol. I even enjoy just telling him about my black cock fantasies. Watching his beautiful, big black cock fuck me and get you hard like a cuckold. I love for you to see my face as I come over and over with all three big black cocks. One stretching my pussy so far out that I can feel my clit rubbing on it. Another one pushing that big black cock down my throat and making me good at taking the whole thing in. And one barely fit in my tight ass.

Black Cock White Wife Fantasies

Then to be filled up with all that sweet cum. The amount of cum that comes from those big black balls is amazing. Fill up my throat, ass and pussy. Watch cum drip down my legs knowing I allowed every last drop inside of me. My black cock white wife fantasies have been in my head forever. Now I can live them out with you hearing me take a big black cock into my white pussy having black cock white wife fantasy phone sex. Listen to me get off and squirt all over that big black cock. For some awesome black cock white wife fantasies call me at 1-888-474-6769. Ask for Vivian.

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex with Sybil

I know a lot of you guys who love small cock humiliation phone sex have been self-conscious most of your lives about the size of what you happen to have south of the border. Boy, did you lose in the genetic lottery when it comes to the size of your genitalia! Some women might be all right with having sex with a small cock man feeling it is the “motion in the ocean” that really matters but that does not change the fact that most men with small cocks absolutely hate having small cocks and feel deeply inferior to men with large cocks. They look at those super well hung porn actors and turn pea green with envy. They wish to God they had something that looked impressive between their legs. But they do not. They are stuck with what nature gave them and nature did not give them much (at least as far as the cock goes).

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex

Yet, with all that agony of inferiority, with all that pain of self-consciousness, a lot of you enjoy reveling in your misery by getting masochistic pleasure out of thinking about how small and inferior you are because of your small cocks. And that is why you call a professional telephone flirt for a hot session of small cock humiliation phone sex. I have a lot of fun with all you nubbin endowed type men as I put you in your place and hold you up to ridicule. I really get off on you getting off as I call you names and tell you how many women laugh at you behind your back and will even laugh at you right to your face because what is between your legs is tiny. So call up Sybil, all you dwarf dicks and puny pricks and we will have great fun making fun of you in small cock humiliation phone sex!

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Phone Sex Slut Marie

It seems I’ve been a phone sex slut for as long as I can remember. I remember being such a perve girl when I was college-aged calling random numbers from the house phone until I’d reach a male voice that would give me the time of day. I’d say something dirty and have him hooked. I’d ask him if his dick was hard or I’d tell him my pussy was wet. Immediately he’d be very interested in talking to me. I’d encourage him to stroke while relaying what I was doing on my end. It didn’t always work out, but I certainly found enough men that had the right circumstances to play with me. Sometimes I called them again and I like to think they were glad I did. They seemed happy to hear my voice again. I always blocked my number, of course, so I was even able to sometimes get up the courage to call someone I knew. I’d use a whispery voice and talk dirty to them until they either responded or hung up. When I’d see them again in person I always had a dirty little secret to myself knowing what they’d done with me. I used to masturbate to that a lot.

Phone Sex Slut

So it was a natural fit for me to become a phone sex slut for real. No one in my real life knows how I used to be such a dirty girl teasing men on the phone and making them cum. But I know. I know I have loved this for a long time. I love finding out what makes you aroused and what kinky fantasies live in your head. Nothing hotter than being your partner in enjoying your most secret desires. Every now and then one of you will say something that takes me back and reminds me of what I used to do. I like it when that happens. Sometimes I even imagine our paths have crossed again only I’m much better at it now. I know it probably hasn’t happened but wouldn’t it be hot if it did. Like I said I am much better at it now as a grown woman with real experiences to draw upon for our pleasure. What would you have done back then if you’d received one of my calls? Would you have liked it or been too shocked to speak?

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Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex with Sierra

He was laying back in his bed thinking about what it would be like to eat his own cum. He told me he had tried it before but was never able to do it. Erotic hypnosis phone sex and my seductive persuasion were the perfect combination that would make him be so turned on he would be craving to eat his own cream. He was so aroused when I said “Listen to my sexy voice and take your hand and start stroking slowly for me. Follow me into a world of kinky cum filled desires. Imagine being so aroused and so hard that your cock starts to drip.” I could hear the lust in his voice as I began my countdown. Saying “When I get to one you are going to be under my complete and total control. When you hear the trigger words fall from my lips your cock will throb so much that you’ll be begging me to take a taste.”

Erotic Hypnosis Phone Sex

The more he stroked the harder his cock was. Every time I mentioned the word “cum” he began to moan saying “Sierra it’s starting to drip out of cock head. What should I do with it?” In my sexy alluring voice, I said “Put it on your lips, taste it, lick it, swallow that sweet pre cum down. The more you taste the more you’ll want this erotic hypnosis phone sex Mistress to take you further and deeper into an intense mind state. You’ll crave that warm sticky delicious cum.”

There is a special secret when it comes to letting your mind go and wanting to be a kinky cum thirsty sub. If you’ve ever eaten your own cream you know what that secret is. It’s nothing that I would share here. But it’s something that could have you so curious that you’ll find yourself craving to take a taste of that bittersweetness. I told him, “Pump that shaft for me. Get ready to eat up every last drop of warm creamy cum for this erotic hypnosis phone sex mistress. Hearing me say the words in my seductive sexy voice had him so deep in a trance that he was ready to get his legs up, point his hard cock at his mouth, and shoot every last drop in. That’s exactly what he did too. Follow me into a world where your mind will be set free. Imagine a lustful dream that you will never want to come out of. For the best erotic hypnosis phone sex session, you should allow yourself 30 minutes of time with this mistress. Take my hand and follow me to all of your secret desires. You may find yourself losing time in a deep state for minutes, hours, or even days at a time.

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