Submissive Phone Sex with Phoebe

I wanted to make some extra money, and a great opportunity fell. My boss has always had a thing for me, so when he asked me if I would sell him some of my intimate photos, I was shocked that he was so upfront. Especially nowadays, how everything can unravel, especially with someone’s career. Of course, I knew he was loaded, and I had no doubt that this would be amazing for me and it would be something that would help me get to the next financial level that I wanted to be. I couldn’t turn it down, so I got my hottest little outfits and took pictures. As he got more and more photos, he ended up demanding that I masturbate for him, and to be honest, as someone who loves to be in charge, I do like hearing someone tell me to play with myself. I’m always usually the dominant one, and to switch to submissive phone sex with my boss. Well to be perfectly honest, it made my slut sopping wet! My panties were so creamy I had to change them. Submissive phone sex would be a new thing for me. But, now that I have this pair of gooey slippery things in my hand.

Submissive Phone Sex

I’m thinking my boss just might like to dig deep in his wallet and buy these from me to wrap around his cock and stroke his cock with. They are red satin thongs, I have a feeling he’s going to loose his mind, over having these in his horny hands! I’m sure he will get hours of jerking pleasure with these sexy as hell panties. I’m positive he will not be able to resist shoving the crotch against his nose and taking deep sniffs inhaling my lady scent. He’s such a dirty pervert I’ll be he even licks the crotch clean with his tongue aching to taste my slit for real. But I haven’t even decided if that’s an option or what kind of donation that would be. Not cheap I’ll promise you that! I’m sure I can get whatever price I want at that point.. I just have to play my cards right, but enjoying myself of course at the same time!! ”Wink wink”

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Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Sabrina

You know what is all kinds of fun for this oh, so, lonely housewife? Some guided masturbation phone sex is just what the doctor ordered. Let’s have some classic phone sex where we ask each other what we are wearing and take it from there. Then, when we have all of our clothes off, we can get to the good part. You tell me how you want me to touch myself, and I’ll tell you how I want you to touch that big, hard, thick, meaty dick. I’ll guide you on how fast and slow I want you to go, and when.

Guided Masturbation Phone Sex

I hope you already have something in mind when you call me and ask for guided masturbation phone sex. But if you don’t, we can always play things by ear as well. I love touching my round, soft, perky breasts. My skin is so soft and my nipples are usually so hard and perfect. Then eventually we will work down to my pretty, pink pussy, that looks and smells like a flower. I know you want your face in my pussy and smell the smell of a perfect wet pink rose. After my hands are done exploring my body, I’ll tell you where I want to put my hands then.

I want to put my soft, delicate hands on your hard body and find my way down to your hard package. I love when it’s already heard, but I don’t mind helping you get there either. I don’t want to give away too many of my secrets, but if you think you can handle this, then give me a call at 1-888-474-6769 and make sure to ask for me, Sabrina for the best guided masturbation phone sex ever. I’ll be ready and waiting to help you get off today!

Sissy Phone Sex with Gypsy

You start out thinking you’re a man, but eventually you come to the realization that you failed at manhood. Maybe it’s got something to do with that clit you were given instead of a nice, big cock. Maybe it’s got something to do with the way you played with the panties you stole throughout your life. You didn’t just touch and smell them when you got off, did you? Nope. Something deep inside of you told you that you would not be happy until you put those panties on, and now there’s no turning back. If that sounds like you, then sweetie, you need to call Mistress Gypsy for sissy phone sex so you can tell me all about it.

Sissy Phone Sex

I want to know what kind of sissy you are. Are you sweet, slutty, or glamorous? How about all three? I’m sure you’ve got your style, but if you haven’t found it yet, that’s one of the things a Mistress like me can help with. You need sissy phone sex if you’re just getting started, but you also need it if you’ve been a sissy for a long time and have stories to tell. I want to hear what you do when you become your alter ego in hose and heels, as well as what you only fantasize about doing. I want to hear how it felt when you looked in the mirror the first time and saw yourself in drag.

Come on, honey. Give me a call and tell me all about your girly self. I want to know her name and her skills in the bedroom. I want to know if she has had a throat full of a real man’s cock too, or if she’s just rubbing her little clit thinking about it still. Call 1 888 47 HORNY and ask for Gypsy for sissy phone sex, and make sure you’re wearing something pretty!

Phone Sex Slut Phoebe

I get such intense gratification from doing phone sex calls. I’m such a horny phone sex slut I can’t help but talk about fucking if I’m not actually getting fucked. So talking on the phone really gets me off when I need it to. I love hearing about what a dude wants to do to my hot body. When he describes how desperately he wants to stretch out my pussy lips with his 9 inch throbbing cock and then dump his cum deep inside my walls filling my cunt up with his jizz. I get tingles all over! It’s all I can do to keep from shoving my fingers deep into my gash and rubbing my clit til I climax and my toes curl and legs shake from the orgasm.

Phone Sex Slut

When a caller wants to go into detail about how he wants to taste my juices and slurp them up with his tongue while in inhales my deep scent as he eats my box out. I can almost feel the warmth of his mouth on my I love sucking cock so fucking much , I’m obsessed with jiz to the point I crave it daily. I want to wrap my pouty plump lips around any random dick I can find. Being a phone sex slut, I just love the feeling of a stiff one sawing in and out of my hot mouth, while drool runs down my chin and spit spills out the sides of my face. I love to savor the taste of ejaculation, I swirl the pungent baby batter in my mouth and twirl my tongue thru the thickness of a guts sex soup.

It always makes my panties moist and I usually need to change them afterwards they are so soaked. I’m just a horny phone sex slut who loves to fuck and talk about banging dudes every chance I get. Dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Phoebe.


Strap On Phone Sex with Remy

Are you a good and obedient guy who follows instructions? Do you know what happens to the bad ones who don’t listen? Mistress gets out her big fake dick and teaches you a lesson on strap on phone sex. You just need a reminder about who is the boss and who will always be the boss of you and your pathetic cock! Oh, and if you talk back to me…I have no problem shutting you up by shoving that rubber cock in your mouth! I will plunge it deep into your throat and teach you what your mouth is supposed to be used for. Because it is not used to talk back to me, only to serve me in any way I see fit. Believe me, I have dealt with copious amounts of arrogant cocky young fellows who thought they were the ‘shit’.

Strap On Phone Sex

Most of them left much more humble than when they came in, with a complete and total attitude adjustment. They Usually apologize for their demeanor and thank me for reminding them about their manners. And you know what? They always come back for more. Boys like that like to act like their so tough and so hard. But really you’re just big babies who like to be used and abused by a stern mommy like me. I’ve had many boys leave me with a very sore bottom after I’ve given them a hard strap on phone sex fucking. And I have no problem punishing naughty bois by spanking them either. I have lots of ways to make you comply with my rules and demands. You may need a little extra time being disciplined by me. And that’s fine. I have plenty of experience dealing with rambunctious sluts. One way or another I will get through to you…and you will never forget it. But that’s the point!

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BBC Sissy Phone Sex with Sierra

There are so many submissives out there who love thick long chocolate cocks. To name a few are: panty boys, sissies, cuckolds, and tiny dick losers. For the moment I’d like to speak about a BBC sissy phone sex slut who loves to dress up and show off to the gardener. I spoke with him the other day on the phone and he told me that he was ready to get on his knees. He uses a very taboo name that’s forbidden when he thinks about serving that mandingo dick. One of his favorite things he likes to wear is his Minnie Mouse outfits.

BBC Sissy Phone Sex

I would like to imagine that it’s a short flaring red skirt with white polka dots on it. Maybe the top would be something black and tight-fitting that shows a bit of cleavage. It would not be complete unless there was the perfect pair of black and red mini mouse ears with white polka dots. If I was dressing that slut he would have on a pair of red or yellow pumps, some satin panties that had a pocket for her clitty to go in, and some fake tits from Amazon.

I remember some of the first few times I talked to him on the phone. He use to dress in pantyhose slip-on shoes and a bathrobe. He would stand by the window looking as his chocolate groundsman would mow his lawn. I would say “stand right in front of the window you BBC sissy phone sex slut and let that mandingo see you!” Sometimes he would stand in the garage and I believe there were a few times he may have exposed himself! He’s come such a long way since that day. I got the pleasure of seeing two of the mandingos that he meets up with. He said “Sierra! They just make my tiny clitty so hard! I just love being a good faggot for them.”

I have to confess that I love big dicks. It’s so secret that I’m a size queen and I know exactly why sissies, panty boys, subs with small penises, bitchboys, and cuckolds love BBC’s. Not only is it dirty and taboo, but it’s also a huge fucking turn-on to get dominated by a BBC. If you can relate then you know why your dick gets hard just thinking about getting on your knees for a thick meaty nightstick. That throbbing hard cock sliding in your mouth as you lick and suck it. Maybe you’re just a horny cock slut. Or maybe you can’t stop there and you want to be bent over ready to take it up your slutty ass.

I know some that like laying on their back like a girl and taking a BBC sissy phone sex dick in their tight hole. I bet just thinking about feeling your holes being stretched open may tempt you to pull up your favorite porn. Stop right there though. I want you to have your hard dick out in your hand and call me. Regardless if you’re a panty boy, sissy, cuckold, small penis humiliation stroker or a bitch boy. Come and share what gets you off with me today.

I get so fucking turned on and have to admit that not only do I start to masturbate, fondle my big 34 D tits, and finger my slippery wet pussy when I think about a BBC but would also love to share some of my personal experiences with you of how hard I cum just thinking about it.

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Sabrina

So we all know that I’m married and I’m a housewife. But I’m such a lonely housewife so I’m ready for some cheating wife phone sex. Do you want to get involved in this? I won’t tell if you won’t. Shhhhh. We have to be super quiet while we are on the phone. I wouldn’t want my husband to hear me. Especially since I know you’ll make me moan. But that’s also the exciting part. The fear of getting caught makes my pussy wet and oh so horny. I think I’ll go into another room so that I can touch myself. Once I hit the right spot, my whole body will vibrate. Baby make me vibrate! A clit orgasm is the best orgasm I’ve ever had.

Cheating Wife Phone Sex

Then there can be another side of cheating wife phone sex. We can go out and have a good time. Tell me where you would take me and what you want to do to me. I know you want to ravage me. Ravage my juicy pink little pussy. Maybe if you’re a good boy I’ll let you ravage my asshole too. I know you want my asshole, but that’s a story for another time. I’ll be your submissive; I’ll let you do what you want. Does the fear of getting caught by my husband make you hot as well? Well, what are your thoughts on maybe letting him join us? He doesn’t have to join, but maybe be a voyeur? I would LOVE for him to watch.

If you are into hearing my cheating wife escapades, I would love to share them with you. Have you ever been with a cheating wife? I know it makes you hot. I want to hear your thought and stories. Your most exciting stories and fantasies about it. If this sounds like you, give me a call at 1-888-474-6769 and make sure you ask for Sabrina. Make sure you follow me on Twitter @SabrinaB587 to see all of the juicy stories I share there!

Big Black Cock Phone Sex with Phoebe

I think every hardcore fuck loving female craves big black cock phone sex. And if they say they don’t, then they’re lying or just haven’t had one yet. Hot ebony studs really know how to handle slutty holes like mine. The way they work their fat fuck hogs to stretch out my pussy and gape my asshole is unmatched by any other race. There’s just something inside of black men that makes them passionately dominant lovers and something on the outside of them that makes them deep drilling fuckers! Nothing against white guys, I love the way they work it. Latin and Asian men, too. I’ve gotten busy with enough boys to know that every bone comes with its own flavor! I like them all, if you’re hot, you’re hot and I want to bang. I really look forward to getting freaky with a fine piece of sweet chocolate, though. Men or women, every black person I’ve ever fucked had a fire in them that you just don’t find in anyone else. It’s not something I can ever do without!

Big Black Cock Phone Sex

It’s not really about size, but I get off on mahogany man meat much easier than I do on the same size fuck stick belonging to a boner of a different race. Big black cock phone sex is most satisfying . Black men just really know how to work it, I don’t know if it’s in their hips or just bred into them or what. And have you ever had black girl phone sex or gotten head from a dark skinned slut? I suck really good dick but my husband has fucked some black girls that can really put me to shame and I’ve had waaaaaay more practice than they have.

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Humiliation Phone Sex with Charlie

Guys, this is a continuation of a story I’ve been sharing. If you want to start from the beginning you can scroll down to read them… Like I said earlier, I loved humiliation phone sex with my ex-husband. This last blog is about the beginning of the End!! In more ways than one! It brought my “stubby hubby” to his boiling point. I hoped he’d get off on a wild night of cuckold humiliation, but unfortunately (or fortunately depending how you look at it!) he didn’t. If you’re looking for the perfect partner for a humiliation call, look no further gentlemen! ha ha ha It doesn’t get better than this.

Humiliation Phone Sex

After I told my “pigs in a blanket dick” ex husband that I had been cheating on him and that he had been eating his boss’s cum out of my pussy and didn’t know it, we heard a car pull into our driveway. I knew exactly who it was, but my stubby hubby did not. Surprise !! This is how the conversation went after that.

Did you hear the doorbell Dear?? I’ll get it. Oh my goodness, come on in Terrell. Honey…your boss is here! In walks a 6’3, Masculine as fuck, beautiful black man. He looked more like a gladiator god than a mortal man and the thought of seeing his gladiator cock soaked my pussy. There it was in all its glory…the bulge in his pants always rendered me speechless. Hubby, are you ok? The sight of his boss’s cock put him and his tiny tinkler into shock! He’s as white as a ghost! Look at how pathetic he looks with his mouth wide open. Close your mouth little dick and show your boss some hospitality and stop staring at his huge cock! ha ha ha I can’t blame you, I did the same thing the first time I saw it! Fuck, It’s the heaviest, girthiest most likely to make me squirt cock I’ve ever seen! Now dicklet, I know for a fact that you’ve seen him and “it” walking around the office, so dont act like you haven’t . Your assistant told me that everyone in your office jokes that his bulging cock arrives at meetings 5 minutes before he does. lol.. Ha ha ha . Why aren’t you laughing little hubby? huh? Oh, I see you’ve probably got your mind on something else? Let me guess, you’re wondering if you’re going to have to watch him fuck me with that sword ? Well, luckily you’re right. Think it’s about time for you to see how a real man fucks your wife’s pussy? I’ll end the suspense, little clit man while he gets on your bed. He isn’t even hard yet and he’s already bigger than you! OK, let’s get this show on the road! You know what happens now, right? Every good cuck bitch husband like you has to fluff the the cock of the man his wife is about to fuck. You heard me. Now, crawl over here and wrap your lips around your boss’s cock and suck it until he’s throbbing hard enough to please my pussy. That’s it, choke it all the way down. I want his balls touching your chin. Gag on it like the good cocksucker that you are.

That went on all night…and my dicklet never fucked me again. No great loss! lol Cuckold humiliation phone sex is one of my favorite calls to get. If it’s one of yours then call me. Let’s create our own story!!! 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Charlie.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Phoebe

I got to be an unfaithful wife during some Cuckold phone sex today. It was super hot to wrap my lips around some guy’s meat while my husband watched with sad eyes and a raging hard-on. There’s a huge difference between slurping on a shaft in private and wrecking some dude’s cum tank for the cucking of a lesser man during a grand betrayal. I shivered in delight, fingering my pussy but not letting him touch me, I made him watch while I pleased another man by bobbing my head up and down his thick length and fondled his balls with my free hand. He was throbbing for me, full of life, so I changed tactics to some Femdom phone sex and pushed him down. I had a ride in mind and I wasn’t going to disappoint myself, so while he reached up to cup my tits – and my husband whined a little – I got up really high and prodded his cock into my slutty lips.

Cuckold Phone Sex

He was mine to play with, my torture tool for my foolish husband and I was going to use him to stretch my insides deep and slosh my juices around. I began a wide circle grind with my hips while arching my back, holding his cum swollen balls, and bucking down one working slap at a time. Fucking with my husband like this was fantastic, it brought so much heat to my luscious insides and I ground my chest into my new toy’s hands. Moaning just right to set my husband off was so easy, and his cum somehow managed to reach all the way to me and splatter my back. “That turned on?” I teased. “How shameful, cumming to your wife fucking another man.” I never hold back when it comes to Phone humiliation, I know just the right buttons to push to make a man hard as a rock and I know better than anyone that getting out those dark fantasies is therapeutic.

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Horny Desperate Housewives