Cuckold Phone Sex with Suzanne

I think it’s safe to say that we all know cuckold phone sex is one of my favorite things in the world. I never knew I’d end up talking about it basically all day every day over the phone, but I’m glad I get to! If you don’t know me, I’m Suzanne and I have been living a cuckold lifestyle for a while now. I’m married and my husband has an incredibly small dick and it’s so unfortunate for so many reasons. But it’s not like I ever go without. When I married him, it was with the understanding that I would be keeping my boyfriend and I’d be playing with his big black cock whenever I damn well please. And I would just like to say that his cock is not unfortunate in any way. It’s one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen, and I love riding it.

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You know what? So does my husband. He didn’t start out that way, but over time, I wore him down. He told me at first that he would never suck cock and he would certainly never be getting fucked at all. Well, he loves it so much now that he doesn’t even beg to fuck me anymore. He doesn’t even beg me to suck his cock. But he does beg to get down on his knees so he can suck my boyfriend’s cock. He also begs to get fucked by it. So just know that even if you say you aren’t ever going to do that, well, you’re wrong. You’re going to end up doing it for sure and you’ll love every single minute of it. Get on the phone with me for cuckold phone sex and I will tell you every single thing about it. Dial 1 888 474 6769 – ask for Suzanne.

Sissy Training Phone Sex with Sybil

What is in your closet, deep in your closet where your secrets are carefully guarded, straight man? You might be as heterosexual as they come, you might be bisexual, you might even be basically gay, but your friends would never guess from the way you present yourself that you get all hot and bothered and turned on when you fantasize about a lady ordering you to look and act like a sissy! But, of course, they do not have to know as when you call for a sissy training phone sex session, that session is done in perfect confidence and safety. I love sissy training phone sex because I feel like a teacher transforming a fellow into the sis he has long dreams of being. I love to order a man to put on those women’s panties, that bra, those nylon or fishnet stockings. Quite a good foundation for turning into a sissy! I have to tell him he must shave his legs — hose on a natural man’s hairy legs can hardly work! — and to feminize that walk and manner. But we cannot stop there, can we?

Sissy Training Phone Sex

I must tell my good sissy boy in training that he must polish his fingernails and toenails, preferably in a traditionally feminine color such as pink, red, or orange. I have to tell the man who calls for sissy training phone sex that he must wear makeup, put on blusher and eye shadow and mascara and lipstick. Sissy training phone sex means I bring out the inner sissy that is already inside of you and tell you to pitch that voice a little higher and make that manner nice and feminine. All the while you get so excited as you transform by calling Sybil for a fun session of sissy training at 1 888 474 6769.

Fetish Phone Sex with Phoebe

Fetish phone sex calls keep me busy every day. I am a fetish freak. I cater to black cock faggot boys, cum eaters, foot fetish guys and even stocking and pantyhose guys. Although my specialty is interracial cuckolding, I love being a sexy mature babe knowledgeable on all kinds of fetishes. I consider myself sexy as fuck. Most guys do too. My curves I like to accentuate. And I dress provocatively. Last night, I had a work function to attend with my husband. Normally, I despise stuffy networking events. However, the Black Workers Union asked my husband to speak at their event and I wanted to go with him. I know where your mind is going, but the night turned out rather surprisingly for me. Even though I was the only white woman in a room full of black union workers, I restrained myself.

My husband owns a large firm that designs parking structures and strip malls. He hires black union organizations all the time for the labor needed to build his visions. The hope is more white business will employ black and other minority owned business, so there is interracial collaboration. I am a fan of interracial collaboration, LOL. We all know that he hires black businesses for his black cock whore wife. You would think, knowing me, that I would be a gang bang whore in the bathroom. However, instead, I picked up a young black man with a fetish. A black man unlike most black men I fuck. Sure, he was black and hung, but fucking my white milf pussy was not on his mind. At least, it was not the only thing on his mind. My stockings caught his eye. I am a sexy milf with big tits, yet his gaze was on my legs. My sexy black stocking clad legs could feel his stare. I knew he wanted to rub his cock all over my legs.

Fetish Phone Sex

So, I whispered to him to follow me. I led him into the bathroom. It was a family bathroom, so we were alone in there. I put my leg on the toilet, and he fell to his knees. I thought to myself that I was wasting a perfectly big black cock. But this was my husband’s event. I did not want to distract from his day. Perhaps, letting a young black stud caressing and kissing my stocking clad legs, he would consider a distraction. But to me, I was showing restraint. The guy enjoys foot fetishes too. So, I gave him a foot job. I sat on the sink and jacked his monstrous cock with my stocking clad feet. I love phone sex fetish calls. But this was not a call. I gave a random black stud a foot job in the family bathroom. He promised not to tell anyone. I licked his white crème off my feet, slipped them back into my pumps, and my husband never knew what a dirty fetish slut I was last night.

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Strap On Phone Sex with Remy

Do you need the special attention of the back door variety? Well, prepare yourself for some delightful fun! There is no one more qualified for strap on phone sex than me. I have years of experience breaking in horny guys with a huge rubber cock. Nobody hits your G-spot better than I do. I mean, I will get in there when I pound you. Once I get out my huge hard fake dick, I own you! Curious men of all ages come to this cougar begging to have their ass pegged. I’ve made them scream in pleasure, begging for mercy — plead for more, and I’ve even made them cry from how hard I made them cum. It is funny how it turns a man from being cocky and having a big ego, to a whimpering, groveling sissy. I LOVE IT! And so do you. You know when you call me, you’re going to get the best service money can buy. I’m worth every penny…and frankly more. Yeah, I take tips, but a different kind of tip than I give you.

Strap On Phone Sex

Once you’ve been fucked by this sexy cougar, you will agree with me. I’m the best on the market. This is why after one call, you’ll keep coming back to me for more. Because you know no one will ever get you off the way I do with strap on phone sex. And no one can tap into your dirty kink better than me. I love hearing you thank me over and over for making you blow the biggest load of a lifetime. And hearing you beg me to ruin your tight brown pussy repeatedly gives me chills, it makes me fuck you even harder and deeper. So, write my number down and keep it safe. I know you will be using it a lot!

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Phone Sex Slut Zoey

My name is Zoey and I fully admit that I am a phone sex slut. I can’t get enough of it. I think about it day and night. I lay in my bed naked waiting for the phone to ring. I want some horny man on the other end to tell me how bad he wants me. I want him to tell me how he wants me to touch my pussy. I want you, yes you to tell me what sex toy to use and how to use it on myself. Tell me how to pop into my pussy or even deep inside my ass. You know you want to help me be a dirty slut on the phone.

Phone Sex Slut

I love random smacks on the ass, “accidental” touching and flashing my tit’s when no one else is looking but you. I’m the kind of woman that will go to a fancy restaurant and use my foot to play with your cock under the table. Just can’t help it sex and being slutty is part of my DNA. I seek an endless supply of sexual interactions with others. That’s why I may be a landlord but phone sex slut happens to my favorite. Last summer I bought a boat just to be able to travel on the water ways to be slutty. I like going to different places and seeking out others. Most of the time I don’t have to look for them. And I have a camp on a local lake that I own for the same reasons. We haven’t had much of a winter here in NY so I can’t wait to open up camp and put the boat in the water. All of the camps around ours are rented out for a week or two by different people and I love it that way I have more opportunities to have sex with people I will never see again and that works for me. And yes I have phone sex at camp and on the water LOL. It spices everything up don’t ya think?

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Feminization Phone Sex with Suzanne

If you’re browsing the internet for the perfect woman to call for feminization phone sex, look no further. I’m not too modest to say that I know I’m a gorgeous, feminine woman and I know that I can help you out with your feminization journey. I know that it can be a little intimidating when you’re first starting out. There are so many things to think about and if you’ve never had to think about them all, you can find yourself lost very quickly. But when you call me up, you can rest assured that you will have someone to hold your hand every step along the way. Maybe you haven’t even done the very basic sissy thing of slipping into a pair of pretty panties. I know that sometimes even that can be intimidating. Maybe because you know that once you get started, there really is no coming back.

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So, you put panties on first and the next thing you know, you’re going to be dressed in lingerie from head to toe. Then you’ll start practicing walking in heels. Oh, and then you’ll be down at the makeup stores telling the sales girl how you need to find a lipstick color that’s going to go with your complexion. I think you will be kind of shocked at how fast your feminization phone sex journey moves once you take the plunge and get started. You might even find yourself at the sex shop buying vibrators and dildos to fuck your sissy cunt with. I get it – you may not think now that that will ever happen, but trust me, it most likely will. And I’ll be there with you, helping you with every step of the way. Get on the phone right freaking now and give Suzanne a call at 1 888 474 6769.

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Sybil

There are so many songs that are tributes to the ass! Sir Mix-A-Lot made the biggest one with “Baby Got Back” but there are a lot of other songs that sing the praises of a beautiful female behind. There is that wonderful dance tune “Shake Your Booty” by KC and the Sunshine Band. I just love “Shake your booty/Do your duty.” I do my duty a lot and automatically. Queen had “Fat Bottomed Girls” and Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea have “Booty” and Destiny’s Child have “Bootylicious.” Then there is that wonderful “Big Booty Butt Cheeks” by Jumbotron. Country singer Trace Adkins put out “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk,” one of my all time favorite country and western songs.

Ass Worship Phone Sex

I love my beautiful well-formed round ass cheeks and I love a caller who wants ass worship phone sex because I know my ass richly deserves to be worshipped. I like to have a caller compliment me on how gorgeous my big butt cheeks are and tell me all the things that can be done with this beautiful ass. I want a caller to tell me he is itching to get his hands on my butt cheeks and take a long slow sensuous pull on them. I want a caller to tell me he wants to cup my butt cheeks in his hands. I want to hear him say he would like the privilege — it should be considered a privilege — of kissing my pretty ass cheeks, just covering them with kisses. I like a caller who knows that the female behind is a beautiful thing, that my behind is an especially beautiful thing, and that it is fun to get off when doing ass worship phone sex! I am proud of my butt cheeks and any ass worship phone sex is nothing short of perfect for me.

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Sissy Phone Sex with Sierra

I talked with one of my favorite sissy phone sex faggots a few days ago. When “she” told me she forgot to take off her hot pink lipgloss and wore a shirt that says “I love BBC” I couldn’t help but know its only going to be a matter of time before she’s on her knees worshipping his long hard pole. her shirt was covered and had a button-up shirt over it, I bet the yardman could only imagine why she had on hot pink lipgloss. Maybe in the back of his mind, he knows the horny sissy fag wants to get on her knees and worship his chocolate dong.

Sissy Phone Sex

I’m just waiting for the day when she puts on her satin robe, sheer pantyhose, fufu slippers, and hot pink lipgloss with her t-shirt totally exposed for him to see. I can also imagine her dressed in her mini mouse sissy phone sex costume with her pink pouch panties on under it with the special sac for her clitty to go in. I can recall a few times she had me on speakerphone for anyone who was close by. They would have gotten an earful of me saying “get out in that garage now and look at that hot yardman! Make sure you get in eye view so he can get a look at how you’re dressed for him!”

Not only is she a total sissy slut, she also loves talking about forbidden taboo things that I can’t mention here. But I’m sure you can use your imagination and figure it out yourself. The fact that she’s married makes it very risky. There have been times when she was sitting in her living room dressed like a slut with a spotlight on and her wife pulling up in the driveway. If I was the wife and walked in and caught her like that I would’ve given her a sissy phone sex experience that she never forgets.

I would say “So this is what you do while I’m at work all day? Get your ass up out of that chair and get ready for your fucking punishment.” I would dress her in total sissy wear from head to toe. Wig, bright red lipstick, her outfit with her panties and a big fat chocolate strapon under my skirt for her to take in both holes! The real treat would come later that day when I walked in with my secret lover who has a huge ten-inch BBC. OMG, I can hear her horny slutty ass now sounding like she’s in heat just begging to take it like a good sissy phone sex should.

What would you do if I walked in and caught you? Give me a call and tell me all about it. I can’t wait to hear what kind of things get you going!

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Zoey

So my husband isn’t home, what’s really new he never is. And I’m left home alone and bored. So when I’m alone and bored I touch myself. You can help me make things exciting by calling me for some Real cheating wife phone sex! Even when he is home I have phone sex behind his back. Many nights hes sleeping on the couch while I finger fuck myself while on the phone with a stranger. Let me get out the sex toys and my paddle in case you want to hear me give myself a good spanking. You never know what I will do on a phone sex call. As long as it amuses me I will do it.

Cheating Wife Phone Sex

While my husband is away, sometimes I have sex with other men. I gave the soccer coach down the street a blow job in my garage with the door wide open last fall and he loved it. I think the guy across the street was watching and jerking off. He might not have been but I acted like he was. I let my husbands friend Brian fuck me in our bathroom while he was supposed to be fixing my dryer for my hubby. He fixed that dryer and he fixed me up too with his huge cock.

I’m a landlord so some sexy things happen from time to time. I watched two of my tenants have sex when they didn’t know I was on the back porch checking out a broken door frame. Right there at the kitchen table just last week. I loved watching through their back window which only has a sheer on it. I could see him fucking her and pounding her while she screamed. I wanted him to fuck me like he was fucking that young thing. He is just 21 and eager to please it seems. While I watched them I slid my hand down my jeans to rub myself. I wanted to cheat on my husband with my tenant. I wanted to be moaning on the kitchen table.

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Fantasy Phone Sex with Sybil

I love working this job as a phone flirt because I love fantasy phone sex and I love fantasy phone sex because we can all be anything at all in our fantasies and do anything at ll in our fantasies. It would be easy to repeat the cliché “the sky’s the limit!” but really there is no limit at all in our fantasies. Heck we can invent a universe without a sky! In our fantasies, a homebody can travel the world, enjoying Paris this hour and Polynesia the next, traveling to Mars and Venus, transforming into a vampire or werewolf. In fantasy, Elvis will always be alive and he is passionately making love to us. I can tell you that about a million times that hunk of burning love has fucked me until I covered my mattress with sweat! In fantasy, no one is constrained by the day to day realities of his or her life. Heck, we can shape shift in our minds from male to female to intersex. We can become as big as skyscrapers or as small as ants.

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We can create a world of bondage and discipline in which all the slaves were spank skirts and spank pants to display their bare bottoms to the mistresses and/or masters. I often like to fantasize about a “domination planet” and vary between being mistress or slave. I can tell, when I am slave, my spank skirt typically shows off a well-punished and reddened butt! And when I am mistress, I typically select a slave whose reddened butt shows a high tolerance for corporal punishment. Fantasy phone sex is what this business is all about. Do not be afraid I will look down on you for your fantasies because I want to hear it all!

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