FemDom Phone Sex with MILF Carla

Sometimes you just need a busty femdom phone sex mommy to teach you how to behave, and I’m just the woman for the job. I’ve been teaching younger men discipline for a long time and I’m quite good at shaping them into obedient men. It seems like that’s something you are interested in, or you wouldn’t be here. This is exactly what you are desperately in need of. Of course you know that deep down you need me to teach you how to be a good boy. You might just need some stern words, a lecture, and some corner time to make you behave yourself. I can surely put you in your place with a proper tongue lashing. You’ll hang up the phone and it’s quite possible that you will be in tears.

femdom phone sex

But if that’s not enough for you and you need more, I’m more than willing to provide you with physical discipline. Sometimes just a spanking works and I have various ways to make that happen. I can give you an open-handed OTK spanking as you lie bare-assed over my knee. I have to say that doing that is one of my favorite things in the world. To be able to feel your flesh against my hand and the way it stings is so satisfying. I know that if my hand stings, your ass is going to be stinging even more. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll have to take other more painful measures. Thick rulers, paddles, or even riding crops – all of that is possible and then some. I also an quite the expert on old fashioned canings too.

When it comes to FemDom phone sex, I am just the woman you need to put you in your place.

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Cougar Phone Sex with Carla

Cougar phone sex with a 50 year old big titted horny woman; what could be better than that?! I just love some younger cock and I know you love this hot mature pussy. The best part of living near a college town is the never ending supply of hard and virile guys. And horny cocks. I have been called a predator more than once in my life and staking out my prey at the local bar is one of my favorite hobbies. Sure you can buy me a drink, but I probably won’t drink it either, but you go ahead and have another (but not too many, I’m not interested in some limp whiskey dick!).

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You can’t help but notice my huge 40FF tits popping out of my extra tight sweater. My nipples are always hard and you can’t help but stare. When I brush my hand against your leg and you feel my long nails dig into your thigh, there is no mistake in what I want. “Come home with me” I whisper in your ear. My hot body pressing up against yours, my hand now giving your cock a quick squeeze through your pants. We can barely keep our hands off each other in the parking lot, kissing, touching, and hurrying.

Cougar Phone Sex

I can’t wait to get my hands and my mouth on your hard fat cock. My panties are soaking wet in anticipation. Your hands have been feeling up my titties since we left the bar. As you pull my breasts out of my sweater before we even get out of the car, I’m pushing your face down between my sexy thighs. I can’t wait another minute as I’m grinding my sloppy cunt all over you face. You can’t wait any longer as you drag me out of the car, and bend me over the hood. Ripping my panties off, I feel your throbbing fat cock teasing my fat pussy. Fuck me, just fuck me already, as you don’t hold back and pump that sweet dick inside me.

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Domination Phone Sex with Carla

Put on your panties, get your toys, because I’m in a mood for Domination Phone Sex. I love you to be in panties, and if they are panties that you stole, even better. I’m thinking your wife’s panties? Girlfriend? Rub those dirty panties in your face and make you smell like a dirty wet pussy. Shake your slutty ass like the bitch you are longing to be. I’ll make you put on a sexy show for me and for my girlfriends!

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Add a collar around your neck and a tight leash and treat you like my doggy bitch in heat. Plug that ass and spank you with a newspaper when you’re naughty. Imagine the fun if I made you go out and do your business in the backyard. Humiliating you is half the fun. The other half? Well, I do have a bit of a sadistic nature. Tie up your balls and make them turn purple and blue. A little castration maybe? After all, you’re a dirty panty bitch and why would you even need those balls?

Domination Phone Sex, using you like a dirty fuckslut

I hope you have something for that pussy ass of yours too. You will be stuffed and gaping and I’ll train you to be a filthy fucking dick ditch for my lady dick and my lovers too. I love to share my big black dicked (younger) lover. He gets off on sluts like you. When you’re bent over, ass in the air, and he’s gaping that hole like there’s no tomorrow, all he cares about is dumping his load in a cunt like yours. When he sticks his dirty dick in your face, you know it’s your job to clean him all up. Slurp it all up and be rewarded with your very own load right down your throat.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Carla

I do love my husband, but his little 4″ dick just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Okay, not anymore, ever. It never did anything for me. I love big black cock and that’s why cuckold phone sex is perfect for me! Are you a little dick loser with a useless weenie like my husband? Does your wife go out with her “girlfriends”? I have bad (or good, depending on how you look at it) news for you. She’s not out with her friends. She’s out getting her pussy plowed by a BBC. She needs to get satisfaction somewhere, and you already know that she’s not getting it from you. There’s no way you could please her with that poor excuse for a dick.

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You’re sitting there and you’re having mixed feelings about this whole thing. Your first reaction was anger. Then you felt hurt. And then something strange started to happen. Your pathetic penis started to get really hard. Then you started picturing your wife on her back with her legs in the air and her pussy being all stretched out by that big black cock. And you’re thinking about how happy you are that someone can actually please her. You might even be thinking about how hot it’s going to be when he shoots his hot black creampie deep inside her wet pussy! What’s that? You’re even curious about what it would be like to be her dirty clean up boy, aren’t you? Do you want to lick that creampie right out of her gaping pussy?

Cuckold phone sex for little dicked husbands

You do know what all of that means don’t you, you tiny dick loser? It means that you’re the perfect “man” to call me for cuckold phone sex! I’ll be waiting for you to tell you what a loser you are. I might even tell you what else your slut wife might be doing!

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Lactation and Big Tit Phone Sex with Carla

Our big tit phone sex calls can give you what you’ve been needing so desperately lately. It would feel so perfect to get to slide up beside me and to drink from my full and luscious breasts. You know very well that this is exactly what you and your swollen cock need. It gives you the perfect opportunity to show me what an amazing boy you can be for this hot MILF. You do need to be a good boy for Me, don’t you sweetheart?

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When you see the promise of mommy’s milk by way of my gorgeous big breasts you turn into my very good boy, don’t you? How could you resist a milk bar as beautiful and tasty as mine? It’s why your penis gets ridiculously hard when you think about having the opportunity to nurse on my boobs. Your lips quiver and you yearn to latch on and lose yourself in the intimacy of suckling at my nipple. Lactation kink has been wrapping itself around your cock for a while now, huh? It’s Ok, you can be my good boy. Good boys get fed very well, do you understand? I want to feel your lips working themselves on my thick nipple and your hands squeezing my large breast while you worship my tits. It feels good to me too, when you latch on and close your eyes while sucking me in a soft rhythm.

I want you to call me when you have some time and then find a quiet spot to talk with me. Between the physical sensation of your hand acting as mine sensually stroking up and down on your lubed up cock and my soothing voice in your ear coaxing you to nurse, you will blast with cum for me. First, it’s time to lean back and take my nipple and do what your body most needs you to do.

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Carla

I wasn’t always a size queen, in fact there was a time in my life when I just didn’t know any better. But that all changed with a very taboo experience and I learned that little dicks are useless. I’m going to tell you all about it on a size queen phone sex call. As you may already know, I’m married, and my husband is not well endowed at all. That’s a nice way of putting it, I suppose. He’s got a little worthless 4inch dicklet. Sometimes I call him “halfdick” because it’s half the size of what I’d find barely acceptable for a cock that’s going to fuck me.

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Sure I like the little ones, but not for fucking. Ask my husband he hasn’t had this pussy in over 2o years and now he just doesn’t care. We’re of the mind what he doesn’t know about doesn’t matter. Sometimes he likes to get off to me touching his little halfdick while I share with him my latest conquest of big fat young hard dick. I’m a woman of a mature age and I found the best way to staying young is much younger dick. Those guys at the University down the street have exactly what this mature and horny size queen needs. I guess that makes my husband a cuck and me his Cuckoldress. And size queen. That is what started all this.

What can you expect when you call me? Anything and everything? I can tell you about my first experience after I was married with a real man cock. It’s kinky and taboo and I can only tell you on the phone! I’ll laugh and make fun of your shrimpy little teeny tiny and pathetic excuse for a penis. I’ll turn you into my clean up boy or my fluffer and if you still insist on fucking, I’ll pull out my favorite strap-on and give you the fucking of your life. Not what you meant? Hah! You didn’t really think I’d let you fuck me with your tiny dickie if I won’t even give my husband a mercy fuck on his birthday?!

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MILF Phone Sex with Carla

Cum a little closer baby, this hot Mama is in need of kinky MILF phone sex. I’ve been dreaming of my neighbor’s cock, well my neighbor’s son if you must know, for quite some time now. Now that he’s legal I am going to make my move. My husband is away on business this week and I’m going to invite him over for some bullshit reason. Only one thing on my mind and it’s hard teenage cock in my MILFy wet holes. He won’t know what hit him when I answer the door in my black stockings and garters, push up bra, corset, and heels.

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Don’t you wish you were my neighbor knocking on my door? I’ve been scoping him out for awhile so I know won’t be disappointed by his cock size. Let’s just say I’ve done a bit of peeping and sneaking and I know … oh yes I know. I love to be on my knees sucking some hard and fat thick dick, for some reason they taste better and look better. Who doesn’t want to suck a pretty cock? mmmm And so much fucking cum. I bet he has enough cum to cover these 40FF’s with his creamy jizz. Bounce my fucking tits and titty fuck me too. Whatever keeps that cock hard and aching for this MILF pussy.

I love to be on my back, legs over your shoulders, and your cock balls fucking deep in my juicy cunt. I love to fuck and fuck some more. Don’t hold back, I’m not going to break, I need to feel your 18 year old dick pounding my fucking wet pussy. I want to know I’ve been fucking when I wake up tomorrow. Balls slapping against my ass and your cock buried deep. I told you I get what I want. Every single fucking time.

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Spanking Phone Sex with Carla

I am always in the mood for a spanking phone sex call. I am a firm believer in discipline for naughty boys and girls, and when you misbehave you get spanked. In some circles domestic discipline is usually referred to the discipline of the wife in a “traditional marriage”. That might work for you, but it’s not what I believe. I’m  a believer in a woman led household where I am the boss and you do as your told. And when you’re not obedient or talk back or otherwise get in a mood, the best thing to fix that is a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. OTK for those in the know.

spanking phone sex

Spanking with my bare hands, a hairbrush, paddle, cane, or even my slipper will be a punishment you won’t soon forget. Humiliation is part of the ritual. When I have you get my spanking implement of choice. Having you take your pants down, and your underpants in front of me. Is it really a spanking if it’s not on your bare bottom? Might as well strip completely, I can’t have your clothes getting in the way.  I will make you squirm and beg for mercy and I expect that I will even make you cry. Your spanking isn’t over until I say it is.

You will find my experience second to none when it comes to spanking phone sex. It’s not something I just play on the phone, I live it and believe it in my real life. We can roleplay Mommy’s naughty boy, the strict Head Mistress at school, or anything else your pervy mind can think of. If your spanking fantasies run a little different, let me share with you my experiences with naughty girls and being a sexy Head Mistress who believes in sexual humiliation and pain as training tools.

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Carla

Yes I am a real life cheating wife and that’s what makes cheating wife phone sex so damn good with me. Let me tell you a secret, the fact that I am a cheating wife makes my husband a cuckold! That’s right, if your wife is cheating you’re a cuck. That’s what being a cuckold is. But enough about, let’s talk about me and my insatiable sexual needs and desires. From the first time I cheated on my husband (that’s a taboo story in itself!) I knew that I would never be happy with just his dick. Not just because it’s so damned small, but because I need more!

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The first dick I had after marriage was almost twice the size of my husband’s and the first time I ever came from just being fucked. Holy hell, this is what fucking should be. Since then I’m on a quest for the biggest and fattest fucking cocks for this cheating wife pussy. Yes, I’m a size queen and damned picky about any cock that I let close. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, if you don’t measure up; and that includes girth, don’t even bother thinking you’re going to fuck me. But if you’re hung and hard, bring it to me, baby!

My favorite is younger hard dick. Why younger? Well for sport fucking they get it hard and they keep it hard more than most any old guy ever will. Being a cheating wife my time can be limited and I need a cock that’s at attention when I’m available and wet and ready. Bring a friend if you have one, I told you I’m insatiable and even your dick’s not enough for me.

Don’t even bother with a condom, if I’m going to let you fuck me, I want to feel every ridge and vein deep inside my hot wife cunt. Big fucking balls slapping up against me, and if you’re a BBC even better. I want to feel your cum deep inside my married belly.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Carla

So it’s always been your fantasy to see your wife getting fucked by another man. You call me for cuckold phone sex because you know that I have been cucking my husband for 30 years now. Damn right, 30 fucking years of fucking men other than my husband. Of course he knows. He didn’t at first and he thought about leaving me after he found out I cheated. But when his little pathetic dick got hard just talking about me with other men, I knew he would never leave. I was right. I’m always right ~ wink ~

cuckold phone sex

You can tell me the truth, it’s not just any cock you want to see fuck your girlfriend is it? I know it’s a BBC that you fantasize about. One has to wonder if it’s more about you than her? It’s not, trust me on that. Start thinking about her pleasure and the likelihood of her finding a real man to fuck her goes up exponentially. When you’re watching porn together and fucking around, tell me how wet her pussy gets when you watch some big black guy pounding some white guy’s wife. Once she gets a feel of your little dick it will finally click that she needs something bigger and better.

I always tell guys “be careful what you wish for”. Sure you can tell me your cuckold fantasies and how bad you want to watch her with another man, but when reality hits and she likes him better than you …. Don’t laugh, it happens. Can you blame her for leaving your sissy white dick for a real man with a real cock? You better do a damned good job convincing her that you don’t ever need to fuck her again if you want her stay. Better yet, offer up some cash and your marital bed to her big black stud.

Call me for cuckold phone sex and I won’t hold back in telling you the brutal truth.

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