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I think every hardcore fuck loving female craves big black cock phone sex. And if they say they don’t, then they’re lying or just haven’t had one yet. Hot ebony studs really know how to handle slutty holes like mine. The way they work their fat fuck hogs to stretch out my pussy and gape my asshole is unmatched by any other race. There’s just something inside of black men that makes them passionately dominant lovers and something on the outside of them that makes them deep drilling fuckers! Nothing against white guys, I love the way they work it. Latin and Asian men, too. I’ve gotten busy with enough boys to know that every bone comes with its own flavor! I like them all, if you’re hot, you’re hot and I want to bang. I really look forward to getting freaky with a fine piece of sweet chocolate, though. Men or women, every black person I’ve ever fucked had a fire in them that you just don’t find in anyone else. It’s not something I can ever do without!

Big Black Cock Phone Sex

It’s not really about size, but I get off on mahogany man meat much easier than I do on the same size fuck stick belonging to a boner of a different race. Big black cock phone sex is most satisfying . Black men just really know how to work it, I don’t know if it’s in their hips or just bred into them or what. And have you ever had black girl phone sex or gotten head from a dark skinned slut? I suck really good dick but my husband has fucked some black girls that can really put me to shame and I’ve had waaaaaay more practice than they have.

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Humiliation Phone Sex with Charlie

Guys, this is a continuation of a story I’ve been sharing. If you want to start from the beginning you can scroll down to read them… Like I said earlier, I loved humiliation phone sex with my ex-husband. This last blog is about the beginning of the End!! In more ways than one! It brought my “stubby hubby” to his boiling point. I hoped he’d get off on a wild night of cuckold humiliation, but unfortunately (or fortunately depending how you look at it!) he didn’t. If you’re looking for the perfect partner for a humiliation call, look no further gentlemen! ha ha ha It doesn’t get better than this.

Humiliation Phone Sex

After I told my “pigs in a blanket dick” ex husband that I had been cheating on him and that he had been eating his boss’s cum out of my pussy and didn’t know it, we heard a car pull into our driveway. I knew exactly who it was, but my stubby hubby did not. Surprise !! This is how the conversation went after that.

Did you hear the doorbell Dear?? I’ll get it. Oh my goodness, come on in Terrell. Honey…your boss is here! In walks a 6’3, Masculine as fuck, beautiful black man. He looked more like a gladiator god than a mortal man and the thought of seeing his gladiator cock soaked my pussy. There it was in all its glory…the bulge in his pants always rendered me speechless. Hubby, are you ok? The sight of his boss’s cock put him and his tiny tinkler into shock! He’s as white as a ghost! Look at how pathetic he looks with his mouth wide open. Close your mouth little dick and show your boss some hospitality and stop staring at his huge cock! ha ha ha I can’t blame you, I did the same thing the first time I saw it! Fuck, It’s the heaviest, girthiest most likely to make me squirt cock I’ve ever seen! Now dicklet, I know for a fact that you’ve seen him and “it” walking around the office, so dont act like you haven’t . Your assistant told me that everyone in your office jokes that his bulging cock arrives at meetings 5 minutes before he does. lol.. Ha ha ha . Why aren’t you laughing little hubby? huh? Oh, I see you’ve probably got your mind on something else? Let me guess, you’re wondering if you’re going to have to watch him fuck me with that sword ? Well, luckily you’re right. Think it’s about time for you to see how a real man fucks your wife’s pussy? I’ll end the suspense, little clit man while he gets on your bed. He isn’t even hard yet and he’s already bigger than you! OK, let’s get this show on the road! You know what happens now, right? Every good cuck bitch husband like you has to fluff the the cock of the man his wife is about to fuck. You heard me. Now, crawl over here and wrap your lips around your boss’s cock and suck it until he’s throbbing hard enough to please my pussy. That’s it, choke it all the way down. I want his balls touching your chin. Gag on it like the good cocksucker that you are.

That went on all night…and my dicklet never fucked me again. No great loss! lol Cuckold humiliation phone sex is one of my favorite calls to get. If it’s one of yours then call me. Let’s create our own story!!! 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Charlie.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Phoebe

I got to be an unfaithful wife during some Cuckold phone sex today. It was super hot to wrap my lips around some guy’s meat while my husband watched with sad eyes and a raging hard-on. There’s a huge difference between slurping on a shaft in private and wrecking some dude’s cum tank for the cucking of a lesser man during a grand betrayal. I shivered in delight, fingering my pussy but not letting him touch me, I made him watch while I pleased another man by bobbing my head up and down his thick length and fondled his balls with my free hand. He was throbbing for me, full of life, so I changed tactics to some Femdom phone sex and pushed him down. I had a ride in mind and I wasn’t going to disappoint myself, so while he reached up to cup my tits – and my husband whined a little – I got up really high and prodded his cock into my slutty lips.

Cuckold Phone Sex

He was mine to play with, my torture tool for my foolish husband and I was going to use him to stretch my insides deep and slosh my juices around. I began a wide circle grind with my hips while arching my back, holding his cum swollen balls, and bucking down one working slap at a time. Fucking with my husband like this was fantastic, it brought so much heat to my luscious insides and I ground my chest into my new toy’s hands. Moaning just right to set my husband off was so easy, and his cum somehow managed to reach all the way to me and splatter my back. “That turned on?” I teased. “How shameful, cumming to your wife fucking another man.” I never hold back when it comes to Phone humiliation, I know just the right buttons to push to make a man hard as a rock and I know better than anyone that getting out those dark fantasies is therapeutic.

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Humiliation Phone Sex Fantasies with Charlie

Let’s pick up where I left off in last week’s humiliation phone sex blog. If you can scroll down a few blogs you’ll find it!! In it I shared a story about my pathetic vanilla sex ex-husband. I left his sorry ass baby dick locked in a chastity cage where it belonged. I loved humiliating him, and I guess I still Do! lol This is how our conversation went that next evening.

Humiliation Phone Sex

Wake up stubby hubby, remember last night I told you I had something special in mind for you? I would never disappoint you my little cuck bitch of a husband, so prepare yourself! I’ve cheated on you. Yup, I slept with your boss, a few of your coworkers, and even the CEO of your company. Why? Duh, because they’re real men with real cocks who know how to satisfy me! Would you honestly expect me to say no to their long, thick masculine cocks when all you do is parade around the house with that little baby dick, day after day after day! You should be ashamed of yourself. You know that most of the time I need a microscope to find it? I mean, honestly, you should swap your boxers for panties because we both know that there’s never been a bulge in your crotch. Panties are all you need! ha ha ha ! We can be panty twins while I let you taste my sweet pussy. Speaking of pussy tasting, now is a good time to tell you that for the last 6 months when you’ve licked my pussy, your boss’s cum was still in it. Ha ha ha ! Yup, for real. The fun doesn’t stop there baby dick…Nooooo! Since you’ve been telling me how much you love how I taste lately, I thought I’d grant you the privilege of tasting it directly from the source. So, get on your cuck knees where you fucking belong and keep those girly bitch panties on. I’ve got a surprise for you!!
To be continued…

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Sierra

I remember a huge majority of my callers. Especially the ones who engage in a mutual conversation with me. It can be difficult to recall some that are silent. But I enjoy them as well. I’ve recently had the pleasure of speaking with a cuckold phone sex caller. It would be dishonest of me if I said he didn’t stand out and that I had forgotten a lot of the things that we spoke about. This guy is planted in my mind because he has a fantasy of being a cuck. But what stands out, even more, is that he has a gay lover that he has been seeing for a few years now. He also told me that the very few times he does have sex with his wife that he only cares about getting himself off. Isn’t that something coming from a gay male that only has five inches!? Not only that but when he’s with his gay lover he wants to please and make him cum first.

Phone Sex

I believe that he was gay before he had his curiosities about being a full-service cuck. He also believes that he was the first one in his marriage to cheating first. With only having a five-inch pecker I believe it was only a matter of time before his wife decided she wanted a real man’s cock. If I were married to him he would be my cuckold phone sex fluffer. He would also be my creampie boy as well. Whatever suspicions they have about the other cheating would be brought front and center. Then I would take my sinful ways and bring my stud and his lover into the picture. He would no longer have to fantasize about what it would be like to walk in and catch me fucking someone with a bigger dick. He would be front and center and the one who would fluff and get my studs big fat dick ready to please me.

I understand that being a cuck doesn’t necessarily mean fluffing and cleaning up a woman’s sloppy cream pie pussy. Simply standing there watching could be your definition. Or maybe taking your cock out to stroke from across the room or humping your pillow with your pathetic penis. But why go for simple when you could take on the true meaning of what cuckold phone sex is truly about? I think if a male is really kinky and takes out all the stops he will get on his knees like a good bitch boy and take the doggy position and get his tight ass stretched open by a big fat dick. Especially if I were the wife and my creamy freshly fucked pussy was the reward.

I have a feeling while he is with his gay lover he may be thinking of some of the seeds that I planted in his mind. I just love swaying males and turning their fantasies into reality. If nothing else I can guarantee that hopefully when he is with his wife that it’s my sinful pussy that he is daydreaming about. I hope he thinks about all of the sexual ways he could be with his lover and my stud. Not to mention them both walking in catching me on my knees sucking on a big fat dick and then spreading my sexy long legs open ready to take my studs dick. I would say “you know one of the rules! When you enter this bedroom you will show me what cuckold phone sex is all about. Now get those hard dicks out and start stroking.”

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Big Black Cock Phone Sex with Sybil

Let me tell you, guys, if there’s one thing guaranteed to get little ol’ Sybil hot and wet and horny as hell, it is big black cock phone sex. I love talking about all the big black dick I’ve sucked and all the big black dick I’ve ridden on. There are in fact black men with small dicks — I’ve seen some who are two inches or less — but most of the black men I’ve been with have been well-hung. What’s more, the most well hung guy I was ever with was a black guy. No matter what the egghead crowd says, this is not a “post-racial” society and there is still a bit of taboo about a black man and a white woman getting it on. And doesn’t everyone love doing what you’re not “supposed” to do? I think that’s a big part of why so many black men go for us white women and I KNOW it’s a big part of why us white women like black. “Once you try black, you never go back.” Old sayings become old sayings because there is truth in them.

Phone Sex

“Black” covers a lot of shades and I’ve had men of African ancestry who could pass for white and those who were pure African with skin that was absolutely coal black. Given my druthers, I like the coal black group. There is something really erotic about me, as a white woman, being with a big cock black man who is as black as black can be. I love to tell callers about all the experiences I’ve had with black men with they ask for big black cock phone sex. I think what turns them on most is knowing that my ever loving white husband was often in the room jacking off while a black man with a big dick screwed it to his wife!

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Denise

I  am looking for someone that isn’t afraid to fuck me like the cuckold phone sex house slut that I am! You would think that seeing my perky tan titties and perfect pink pussy would prevent me from having to explain that I don’t want to be treated like a lady. My husband does enough of that and I treat him like a loser for it! He is such a dud that I control his wallet and make him my cuckold phone sex slave almost every night. Nothing makes me wetter than fucking a hung horn ball right in front of him. When he takes this trophy wife out in public, I make sure my boobs are spilling over my blouse and my ass cheeks are peeking out the bottom of my miniskirt. He turns bright red when mt exotic features attract  BBC swingers. They always ask me what I’m doing wasting my time with a Wimpy white boy loser but when he buys out the bar they quickly see why. I love being taken care of and humiliating him by being a slut! I  make it abundantly clear that I’m a hot sexy MILF that needs to be bare-backed by a well-endowed roughneck. Hubby married a trailer trash nympho, so it never surprises him how much cock I bring home.

Cuckold Phone Sex

Just the other night, I invited a big dicked lover over to hook up without even telling the husband. HAHA!  The look on his face when I pulled my fuck buddy close and planted a hot wet kiss on his mouth was priceless! While his jaw is still on the ground, I used my other hand to guide the bull’s fingers into my eager honey hole. “Do you feel that?” I asked as I squeezed my cunt muscles on his long strong fingers. I could feel the tips  of them pressing and massaging the G-Spot my husband will never reach.  It’s a rule not to interrupt when I’m getting my pussy plowed so he sat in his submissive little seat and watched another man plug all my holes with their throbbing cock.

My shrimp dick cucky boy couldn’t seem to stop pinching his little dick during our cuckold phone sex. My lover and I laughed at how pathetic the husband looked with his 2-inch cock wiggling between his thumb and index finger. The embarrassment only made him jerk off with more fervor! Precum made his grubby fingers sticky and wet with excitement. Degrading that shrimp dick dweeb and making him watch me take 12 inches of cock  made me cum so hard that the Nutella colored BBC was completely coated in my  pussy flavored fluff!  Once I got my rocks off, I made hubby beg my buck for a milky, creamy,  drizzle. Whether they shoot or spray, my cum guzzler just wants a taste and a spray all over his face! The warmth of a fresh load of semen coating the back of his throat always makes me want another round of fucking. Who wants next dibs on this horny housewife and her pathetic buck husband?

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Black Cock White Wife Phone Sex with Lauren

Mmmm, the magnificent Big Black Cock. I’ve loved getting fucked by them since long before I got married. I had multiple friends ask me why when the time came I had chosen to marry a White man. Why did I even bother accepting a proposal from a man who can’t satisfy me with his little dick? Well, the honest truth is that my husband does not expect me to be faithful. In fact, he actively encouraged me to fuck around on him from the day we got together! His only request was that I fuck Black men. Some of my friends were shocked. But, the men that call me for black cock white wife phone sex never are.

Black Cock White Wife Phone Sex

You see, having a white husband who is an enthusiastic cuck is a holy blessing that all women should get to experience. White cucks are great life partners. They make lots of money to support our lifestyles, they want us to be sexually satisfied, and they’re good dads for the Black baby boys that we’re inevitably going to get knocked up with! They know perfectly well that their little white dicks are wholly inferior to the superior BBC and are ready to do their duty to prolong the Black race.

I knew I’d found the man I was going to marry when he asked me my opinion of what I was hearing on Black Cock White Wife phone sex calls. There was no chance that I was going to keep my pussy off of BBC for the rest of my life and knowing that the man I chose as a life partner wasn’t going to try to stop me was at the top of my wishlist. Women need more marriage material men who are roaring to kneel before the superior Big Black Cock! And my darling husband is the cream of that crop.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Remy

You know with the Olympics coming up it has got me to thinking, there should be some other, quite frankly, more fun events that women like me could compete in. You know something like a small penis humiliation phone sex competition — I am crazy good at destroying men who are phallically challenged. I am saying, I am a gold medal contender at just wrecking a so-called man and putting him in his more rightful place down under my feet. I used to feel kinda guilty about making a man cry while I take his inventory and find him lacking. But now, I don’t feel one iota of regret about it, actually, I think I am doing a service to everyone. I am helping my fellow women by correcting the “size doesn’t matter” ridiculousness. Who the fuck started that anyway? What a load of shit!

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

Of fucking course size matters! It is all that matters in this world! Men who have baby peens need to understand that and adapt to a new way of life — you can’t please a woman unless you have a fat wallet. Men with tiny dicks need to make sure they have the money needed to attract and keep a woman like me on your arm. I can pretend that you are really a man, but we both know the truth. You damn sure aren’t going to fuck me, but you can give me money and buy me gifts. I might even let you watch when real men with horse cock come around to fuck me properly. Trust me, it will really open your eyes to the way a woman responds when she is getting some thick cock. You want a front-row seat for that type of small penis humiliation phone sex, don’t you?

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Suzanne

The other night I was hanging out with my friend at a bar, and she was talking about how dissatisfied she is with her husband’s dick. She hadn’t ever talked about it before, so I didn’t believe her until she showed me. OMG. All I could think of was how much fun it would be to get that guy on the phone for a cuckold phone sex call. His dick was easily one of the smallest I’ve seen and trust me when I say that I’ve seen a lot of tiny dicks. I started laughing so hard that I almost fell off the barstool I was sitting on. Just imagine how much fun it would be if YOU were the guy with the small cock and you called me. There would be lots of laughter, lots of humiliation, and no pussy for you. But you probably don’t even want pussy anymore anyway, do you?

cuckold phone sexWhat you are best suited for is cock sucking. And not just any cocks – you need to be on your knees sucking big black cocks to get them ready for me. Never done it? That’s okay. I would teach you everything you need to know about sucking dick. I know you’ve thought about doing it, and I know that it excites the fuck out of you. You’ve jerked that tiny cock thinking about big black cock a lot. Do not even try to freaking deny it, shrimpy. And don’t even try to resist getting on the phone and calling me for cuckold phone sex. It’s a good deal for both of us – I get to laugh at your itty bitty weenie and you get to touch your little tiny cock while I tell you how inferior it is. Just dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Suzanne.

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