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Hello to one of my favorite secret cock stroking sluts. That’s right you are a slut and don’t try to deny it. You’re also a big black cock sucking bitch as well. I couldn’t help but start laughing when you shared your kinky humiliation phone sex secret with this Mistress. That’s exactly what you said when I heard your submissive voice on the phone this morning. Sounding so embarrassed saying “Mistress Sierra I love thick and meaty fat black cock. Does that make me a bitchboi and maybe something even more?”

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I just knew when I walked in catching you watching BBC cock sucking porn that something more degrading was going on. Your pathetic dick drips pre cum when you are degraded and forced to be pushed down on your knees to take an 8 inch pole. But what really gets your little dick hard is confessing how much you fucking love it! I bet you would love it even more if I humiliate you in front of all of my female friends. With a mind like mine there is just no telling what may happen. This mistress will train you to be the perfect big black dick bitchboi. I would not be surprised if you stroked your dick to thinking you were not only a pathetic dick sucking bitch but a faggot too! Don’t try to deny how much you loved getting your tight ass cherry popped. Feeling that thick lead tease, torment and then force that beautiful black dick deep inside. You, crying out like a pathetic fucking bitchboi. Only a big black stud knows how to give it to a pussyboi like yourself. And with a seductive cock teasing dominate Mistress like myself knows exactly what to do to muffle your screams from getting it deeper and deeper. Look into my dirty hamper cock slut and grab a pair of my panties to shove in your fucking mouth. Take that superior black dick in both of your holes. I’ll remove the creamy panties from my smooth pink pussy and wrap them around your six inch dick. I’ll stroke your pounding cock to the edge of blowing and have you begging like the humiliation phone sex stroker boy that you really are. I will have you on your knees begging this sexy blond Mistress to take all of his cum like the slut that you are…I will be your teacher and you will be my student. And before you know it you will be taking a HUGE 12 inch pole in your slutty holes. So stop stroking and give this sexy mistress a call.

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BBC Phone Sex with Remy

I have the best BBC phone sex stud ever. I first ran into him at the gym and as soon as I laid eyes on him, my yoga pants got so wet and creamy! He is simply massive all over — big biceps, tight ass and don’t get me started on that enormous bulge in his pants. I knew that I had to have him. As I am not big on playing games, I walked right over and told him that I was down for whatever. He smiled, grabbed my arm and lead me directly to the dressing room so that he could test out my theory for himself.

BBC phone sex

He was an ebony Adonis and I couldn’t get enough of him. It is almost as if his cock was so big that it flipped a switch in me and made me into even a bigger slut that I thought I could be. I just wanted more, more, more. He started coming to my house and fucking me in my husbands bed when ever he felt like it. Even if that meant kicking my husband out of the bedroom to do it. I had no objections. I was thrilled every time our door bell rang or whenever he sent a text. I always wore whatever the told me to wear, I did everything I could to make sure that BBC would come back for more. When he brought over some of his friends to fuck me, I almost fainted from the delicious anticipation. I let those big black cock hunks go buck wild on me. But I always remember who really owns me. Call me at 1 888 474 6769 and let me tell you all about it.

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BBC Phone Sex with Mimi

So I had a guy tell me that he had a little cock and he said he wanted to have BBC phone sex with me. I told him that I would love to make fun of his tiny cock and tell him how much I love to take that superior cock in all 3 of my holes. In the back of my head I thought, why would any man get so turned on by having a small cock and get aroused by looking at a bigger one. Maybe it is because he fantasizes about having a big cock going in and out of a sweet wet cunt. Or maybe he is just amazed at how big a dick can get while he stokes off. Whatever the reason is, it sure does turn me on to tell someone how I like to take a huge over sized black cock in me. Or, even better to have someone watch me while I get it thrust deep in me until I can’t take it anymore.

BBC phone sex

There is something truly special about BBC phone sex for us women who really practice it. My friend Daniel loves to have a little cock watch me while he sticks his extra large cock in me. The difference in the size of a small one and a large one is un real. I can feel my pussy stretch to the size of his cock and sometimes its a bit to big for me. I somehow just get through the pain and pleasure and let him take me wherever he wants me to go. Usually its me cumming all over his cock every couple of minutes while he asked me if I am done. Of course I am not done with him taking me as deep as he can while he slaps those huge balls on my ass. But I can’t help it that I need a break after he is fucking my for 3 hours non stop. My pussy just gets sore and thanks me for the love of big black cock.

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Adult Baby Phone Sex with Carla

If you’re going to act like a baby I’m going to treat you like a baby when you call me for adult baby phone sex. Stop that whining or I’ll gag you with my favorite pacifier gag. I know you can’t help the fact that you’re a man in disguise. We both know that deep down inside you need to be nurtured, cared for, and probably humiliated. You’re an adult baby masquerading as a grown man. Although to be honest, once I have you in those big thick diapers and plastic pants, I think everyone is going to know your secret.

adult baby phone sex

I can hear your whining now as I type this. When you wet the bed you get put in diapers. When you mouth off to me and talk back, you get your mouth washed out with soap. My lady friends are coming over for lunch today and you better be on your best behavior. Your playpen is all set up with your favorite toys so we can keep an eye on you. Oh you don’t want them to see you like this? You should have thought about that when I warned you about your attitude. A little bit of adult baby humiliation ought to put you in your place.

It’s time to feed the baby and into your high chair you go. Did I mention I’d have pretty little mittens for your hands so you have to grab things like a baby? Drink your bottle, honey, and be a good boy. Your face is so red being treated like this in front of a room full of women. All of a sudden your eyes glaze over and you get really quiet. I tell my friends to look and we all know that you just couldn’t help yourself as you mess your diapers. That just means the added humiliation of having your diapers changed in front of everyone.

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Beth

Damn, look at that big ass bulge in your tight pants! You must have a third leg in there instead of a dick! I have got to get my horny hands, among other parts, on that huge hard cock! Yes, I confess, I am truly a size queen, so I’m always up for size queen phone sex! I love talking about how much I enjoy playing with massive man meat, and all the things I like to do with the big boys. Thinking about big thick cock makes my mouth water and my pussy get so wet – there’s nothing like the feeling of a nice big dick filling me up inside, whichever end it goes into.

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So what’s better, you ask – length or girth? People who know I’m a size queen ask me that question all the time. When you call me for size queen phone sex, we can discuss your thoughts on this too. Of course, I would prefer having both length and girth, but on their own they each have their benefits. A lengthy cock rocks because it feels great getting pounded hardcore by a long dick, feeling that hard head bang into my cervix, knowing that if he could he would get that throbbing dick all the way into my uterus. The deeper the dick goes inside, the more I feel like he’s invading my body, and the more I just want to wrap my legs around him and keep him inside!! Girth is hot too, because I feel it everywhere! It stretches my pussy out in all directions, hits all of my sweet spots with every vein and ridge. I love the way my tight ass feels, all lubed up as a thick cock pushes in through. And either way, my mouth is thrilled to be filled to the tonsils with loads of cock and cum!

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Cougar Phone Sex with Patty

I know you ended up here because you’re looking for some super hot cougar phone sex, right? You really could not ask for a hotter slut than me. I love younger cocks like yours. You get hard as a rock, have tons of stamina, and you can have round two very quickly after you cum. I mean, what’s not to love about that?! I know that you’re eager and you’ll do anything it takes to please an older woman like me. I think we could have a really awesome time together, don’t you?

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Is there a woman in your life that you really wish you could put your dick in, but you can’t for any number of reasons? Maybe she’s just not attainable. Or maybe she’s someone taboo that you know it would just not be okay to fuck. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about it. In fact, a roleplay with a cougar phone sex slut like me might be just the thing that helps you get it out of your system. But you might get addicted to that fantasy even more than you already are and you’ll just end up calling me more for all your taboo cougar fantasies.

Do you want to be seduced by the older woman in you life? I am quite the seductress and I would love to talk you into putting your dick in my hot pussy. Just because I’m a little older than you doesn’t mean that my pussy is all used up and loose. Trust me when I say that my pussy feels every bit as good as those girls your own age that you’ve been fucking.

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Mature Phone Sex with Pamela

Hi there handsome, have you come to stare at my breasts all day or are you going to call me so we can talk about the phone sex fantasy that turns you on? I am not like the younger girls, I’m a mature older woman, I know what I want, and I go for it. Mature phone sex is a great way to talk to someone especially if it’s your first time. MILF phone sex anyone? If you are shy, no worries, I have no problem taking control and showing you the ways of sexual pleasure… sometimes that is with my strap-on, so bend over and take it like a man!

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Still looking at my breasts? How about you take that cock and stick it right between my tits and give me a good ole titty fucking, and then slide it in my mouth for good measure. Mmmm, I do love to suck a good cock as long as you return the favor! This MILF will give you a mature phone sex session you soon won’t forget. You can find the love and nurturing from me that you don’t get at home, as well as some hands on sexual experience that you most likely need. If you are a virgin, well, I will take EXTRA special good care of you. I want your first sexual experience to be memorable, even if it is on a mature phone sex chat line. Your future GF and wife will thank me later, trust me, lol.

Whether you want to titty fuck me or have this phone sex MILF bend you over with her strap on, we will create some long lasting memories together. Tell me anything, even ask me for sexual advice, and sometimes relationship advice. This mature MILF knows a thing or two about life and relationships, which is partly why I became a phone sex operator on this mature phone sex chat line. I’d love to chat with you, man to woman, and see what kind of naughty fun we can have together. Are you up for it?

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Panty Fetish Phone Sex with Cora

Panty fetish phone sex is becoming on of my favorite topics lately because stolen panties was becoming to be a problem in my house. I keep a special hamper in the bathroom for personal items. Panties, bras, and stockings, but lately, there is a thief in the house. At first, I thought my step-son might be the culprit, but I couldn’t find any evidence when I searched his room. A hidden camera in the bathroom was all I needed.panty fetish phone sex


I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. My neighbor was in the bathroom wearing my luxurious silk panties while sniffing a pair that I didn’t recognize. He had an addiction that I was slowly learning to enjoy. Covering my mouth to hold back the laughter, little did he know that by learning his panty fetish, I would use it to my advantage since had a large fan base for my panty fetish phone sex.

Bursting into the bathroom, there was no time for him to cover his indiscretions. Pointing, my finger circled the air around the bulge in the silk. He was leaking pre-cum on those expensive undergarments. I forced him to masturbate into a pair that he had on the counter. They were a tad smaller than mine, and I knew right away who owned them. *Giggles* I’ll save that for the next naughty phone call, but a little hint. They had a familiar character on the front of them. For me; it’s all about the details in panty fetish phone sex and I know how important each tiny detail can be.

“You jerk off panty fetish phone sex slut. Whose panties are those?” smirking, I knew when I dropped names that certain  ones that got him the hardest. It wasn’t till I hit the nail on the head that he exploded all over himself. Forcing him to remove them and lick all the evidence clean. If he didn’t I would have called his wife over. Not really, but don’t tell him that. He like being taken advantage of and forced to masturbate in front of the hottest MILF of the block. Are you ready to be my panty fetish phone sex lover? Pick up the phone and call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Cora.


Spanking Phone Sex with Carla

Why do I blog about spanking phone so often? Because it really is one of my favorite things to do and talk about. There is something about your bare bottom placed right over my knee, clenching in anticipation of the first spank. You know you deserve this spanking and that’s why you willingly submit yourself to me. For a lot of guys who call me for spanking phone sex, it’s to relive memories from their past. I will do all your spanking roleplay fantasies, even the most taboo ones. As long as I’m making your bottom red, it’s all good for me!

spaking phone sex

I am a firm believer in using spanking as punishment as well as for fun and pleasure. Doesn’t mean it’s not going to hurt, but it really is a different kind of spanking. Punishment spankings are meant to inflict pain not pleasure. You have to learn to mind your manners and your wandering eyes. What better way to be reminded then a sore bottom for a few days after? I show no mercy either. I have a collection of paddles, wooden paddles, leather, and lexan. Corporal punishments and old fashioned discipline sessions with a cane or a branch. Just imagine having to send you out to the back to pick the perfect branch for your switching.

My experience with spanking naughty boys and girls isn’t just limited to the phone. I know how to deliver a spanking for maximum pleasure. Have you ever had an orgasm just from being spanked? Not just spankings, flogging, whipping, cropping, and more. I do it all and I’ll do it to you! When I bring you to tears and hear you cry and beg for mercy, you will know that I have done it right. It doesn’t mean I’m going to stop then, only I decide when your spanking is over.

For something a little different, ask for me and one of the naughty girls on our sites. Listen to me spank her, or help me, or I’ll spank you both. Imagine the spanking possibilities!

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Panty Fetish Phone Sex with Beth

I know what you have hidden away, deep down in the bottom of your dresser, deep down in the back of your nasty little soul. You’ve got a collection of panties, don’t you? I bet you love panty fetish phone sex too. I love thinking about all the different ways we can talk about panties when you call – having a panty fetish is not so cut and dry. Not even with panty liners.

panty fetish phone sex

Did you first discover your panty fetish when you looked in someone’s hamper? I bet you took those panties out and touched them, smelled the pungent aroma of her pussy juices, and maybe even tasted them just a little? Did you put them back in the hamper, or did you take them and keep them as your own? I bet you took them home and did all kinds of nasty things with them. Call me – I love hearing these stories when I get panty fetish phone sex calls!

Does your panty fetish go beyond smelling and tasting? Do you prefer to wear them? Hmmm…so many choices! Slippery silk and satin, scratchy and stretchy lace, or no frills cotton, which can be sexy in the right style. Speaking of style, there’s the bikini brief, the cheeky boy short, the granny panties, the g-string and thong, as long as it’s not good old fashioned commando. We NEED to have pretty panties on, even if they’re hidden under our work clothes, or else go home. I know you know what I’m talking about, because if you’ve read this far that means you’re a total panty boy. I bet you drool over lingerie catalogs, but more about the inventory than the models. You dream about what each sexy set of panties feels like when it rubs against your cock, and what each fabric would feel like after it’s been wet and crusted with your cum. You need panty fetish phone sex right now, don’t you?

So put on your favorite pair of panties and call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Beth for panty fetish phone sex!

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