Impregnation Phone Sex with Beki

I’m not getting any younger and my biological clock is ticking so, you know what that means. I want an amazing impregnation phone sex call from you. That’s right, I want to have a little bean growing inside me, and I want you to be the sperm donor. Bareback sex is the best sex, I know that is one of the high lights of this kind of experience. I need a real man for this job. My tiny dicked husband can’t even get it deep enough and his little swimmers aren’t strong enough anyway. He talks a big game but can’t back it up in that department. He can set in the corner and watch a real man put a seed inside me. Who wants a little dicked cuckolds seed anyway? We can fuck bareback as many times as it takes, repeatedly fucking till you get that bun in the oven.  I need you to put that baby batter in me several times to make sure it takes and grows.
impregnation phone sex
You do know that a pregnant woman stays horny all the time, so you know what that means, for you right? A lot of hot, wet, sexy pregnant fucking. You can rub my fat pregnant baby bump and suck my milk filled breast when I start to lactate. I can ride you, so you can see my huge tits bounce up and down. I can’t wait to feel your unprotected cock, oh so deep in my horny cunt. I know you’ll be so turned on knowing your seed is growing big and strong inside me, just like you. Pregnant pussy is so much better, I’ve heard. I guess it’s the hormones. Are you into impregnation phone sex? Do you love the thought of a big pregnant belly to rub and kiss? I’m fertile right now so give me a call and put that hot load of baby-making cum deep inside my waiting womb.

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Taboo Phone Sex with Phoebe

Hi there, I am phoebe  your personal taboo phone sex slut . I really enjoy exploring all types of fetishes, but I must admit that some of the most interesting conversations I have are those with men who have combined fetishes.
taboo phone sex
I am a kinky, open minded freak  who loves learning about what sexually turns you on. The deeper we dive into the kinky depths of our minds the more  we are to discover what sexually excite us and turn us on. The burning questions are; just how open minded are you, and are you willing to see where your kinky mind wants to take you?
There are a large variety of sexual fetishes and things that turn us on and the fact of the matter is that it may be a huge turn on for you to be a crossdresser or it may also be you are in to cuckold it doesn’t have to be just one fetish we can explore every naughty desire our dirty minds take us in taboo phone sex . I’m one of those no limits, anything goes type of girls and there is nothing that is too extreme for me. Don’t let my GFE appearance fool you. Sure, I’m a wonderful girlfriend, and I can do all those sweet sensual things, but I am a wild child freak in the sheets and there is no fantasy I won’t explore, so don’t be afraid to open up to me. I want to hear all about those nasty fantasies you have. You know the ones you can’t tell anyone about – Well, now you can tell me with taboo phone sex.
Don’t be embarrassed by your taboo phone sex EVERYONE has one…or several. Trust me if anyone knows that it’s me! And I welcome every kink there is. I’m a freak myself with a phone sex fetish or two. I bet if you told your wife or girlfriend what turns you on they’d think you were twisted, right? Well, baby, I love a twisted imagination! Bring your wild, dark fantasies to me and I’ll share mine with you. You wouldn’t believe how kinky I can be and how dirty I like it. For instance, a phone sex fetish of mine is, I like to be fucked by random strangers. I don’t even want to know their name. All I care about is it’s a guy I’ve never fucked before and I want his big fat cock buried deep in my tight wet cunt. See…I’m a freak! And I don’t have an ounce of shame in my body. I don’t have any limits or inhibitions, and if it turns me on then I go with it! So what is your phone sex fetish? Cuckold? Cheating wife? dirty slut? Whatever turns you on you can tell me. We can swap stories and get each other off while we talk. I’m just the gal you need to share all your dirty cravings with. Can’t wait to hear from you!
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GILF Phone Sex with Zoey

I’m going to a hot GILF in the coming months and I was thinking about this today.  Yes, I’m older than most of the ladies here but I’m like a rare wine I just get better with age and everyone wants a sip to try it LOL. I’m proud of my age and all the real-life sexual experiences that have come along the way. So GILF phone sex stories i can tell you OMG will blow your mind.

GILF phone sex

There is nothing that I am afraid to talk about. Some may shy away from the unknown but I love to explore even things some may say are taboo. I offer you a mature phone sex call like no one else. You will fall in love with my voice and laugh but stay for my fun and kinky ideas.  Sex is something I have always enjoyed and sought out.

I enjoy real life cuckold play and being a GILF soon I hope will add a new spin on my sex life with the hubby. A few years ago when my husband started being unable to please me we started a cuckolding relationship. It works for us and at first, I was bringing young men home from the bars and even a rock show. My husband gets to watch his hot gilf from the chair and if he’s a good boy he gets to play as well.  Can you be a good cuck for me? If you are maybe I will let you touch your cock while I get fucked by a  hot  man.


Curious about my sex stories and adventures? Have some hot GILF phone sex with me.  Call me 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Zoey. I promise that you’ll be satisfied and I’ll never let you down.


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Cougar Phone Sex with Tessie

Every younger stud needs some really hot and kinky cougar phone sex in his life, and I am here to answer the phone and rock your world! Mature women do it better; no half-assed blowjobs, being too busy, or pesky “headaches” getting in the way. I am just as horny as you are, and twice as experienced, so get ready for the fuck of your life during cougar phone sex!
cougar phone sex
I will ride faster, fuck longer, and swallow your cock deeper than any of the gals your age ever has, so if you are looking to be truly satisfied, you have com to the right place! My wet pussy, greedy mouth, and big tits were designed to get your cock hard and keep you cumming back for more! Let me fulfill the kinky MILF, or naughty teacher fantasy that you have always had with cougar phone sex! You know what you want, and I’ve got what you need. A hot call with your favorite older whore next door is the best way to start or end your day!
Call me for whatever kink you desire, I never say no to any naughty thought you bring to me, we can do it all! I have no limits whatsoever so you never have to be afraid to tell me what kind of nasty things you’re in the mood for. If you can dream it up, we can do it. Just imagine all of the kinky taboo things we can talk about when you call me for cougar phone sex. I promise you’ll be so satisfied and you’ll find yourself coming back for more.
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Cuckold Phone Sex with Cora

The more that you protest and struggle with your fantasies about having your hot wife turn into a cuckold phone sex wife the more clear it is to everyone around what a cuck you actually are. Men who are wishy washy about how they feel about their wife’s new sex life without him are ridiculous. You know why she’s doing it and either you have the capacity to stop it or you whine like a victim about how she wants a bigger cock than what you have to offer. Your cock gets curiously stiff when you think about her having her sweet married pussy split open by someone other than you. In a perfect world you would be able to provide her with a satisfying orgasm. Since that isn’t the case she is entitled to a sex life that makes her pussy feel the way that she wants I to feel. That pleasure will come at the expense of her altering your wedding vows to make up for your lack of penis.

cuckold phone sex

It excites you, doesn’t it? You are insanely aroused when you think about your beloved spread out and inviting a huge cock into her body while you sit on the side lines and touch yourself at how beautiful she looks taking a proper fucking. You and your pitiful cock are an embarrassment to the definition of manhood and you damn well know it. If you were in fact a real man your cock wouldn’t be hard as steel when you think about her cheating on you. You dick wouldn’t need relief through cuckold phone sex, now would it? You know that no matter who you had tried to date or marry that you’d end up in the same exact cuckie relationship that you find yourself in right now. You’re lucky that she even wants to have you involved.

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Black Cock White Wife Phone Sex with Remy

Luckily for me, it turns out that my hubby has developed a super kinky black cock white wife phone sex fetish. Honestly, it didn’t just happen overnight. It took him some time to get used to the idea and then he finally embraced it. Now he’s such a good cuckold and so very understanding about my need for more cock–quantity and quality– than he can give me.

black cock white wife fantasies

He absolutely loves it when he gets to watch me take a pounding right in front of him….he gets ten times more excited when I’m getting rammed hard by a huge black cock. I had no idea he had such an intense black cock white wife phone sex fetish! Not that I’m complaining, not at all. This means I can have ALL the black dicks I want!! He even said that he wants to be allowed to suck their black dicks to get them hard for me, and to lick them clean after I get filled with their huge loads of spunk. He just loves the taste of my pussy mixed with their loads deep inside of me. He got so excited telling me this he begged to fuck me, but of course, I denied him. Instead, I sent him out to find me a random black lover to bring home so he could be my loyal cucky again. This time I let him live out his black cock white wife phone sex fetish and let him suck that big black dick.

I have to say I couldn’t ask for a more perfect marriage…and we both get to satisfy our black cock white wife fetish any time we wish! All you have to do is call me at 1-888-474-6769 to get the dose of naughtiness that you need. Ask for Remy!

Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Beki

I’m all alone just laying here waiting to have some hot cheating wife phone sex with you. They say when the cats away the mice will play, and this little mouse is so wet and horny, and hubby’s out of town all weekend for work. So, while he’s off making my money you should come on over and make my day or night. We can have some hot, kinky, and wild fun, just be gone by Sunday morning, so we don’t get caught in the act.

cheating wife phone sex

Before he comes home, we’ll cum over and over again. We’ll have so much fun together, I promise. Your hard-throbbing cock in all my holes all weekend. We will be so spent, but it will be so worth it. He’ll wonder what I’ve been up to, to get so tired. Maybe you could bring a friend over with you and really wear my cheating ass out. I would love to try some double penetration with two young studs. I want to see if I can handle it, I’ll be so full. Who cares there’s a ring on my finger you’ll be more interested in the holes between my legs, who could blame you especially not, my husband? He knows I need a big cock deep inside me on a regular basis.

See, he’s my cuckold and has been for a while, but he thinks he knows when I have one of my lovers in my bed, but what’s the fun in that? Getting caught could be hot, I do love the thrill I get thinking about him coming home early and catching this cheating wife phone sex slut, bedded down with some hot fat cocked stranger. Boy would he be surprised or maybe not, he might want to worship your amazing cock right along with me. You might enjoy his mouth almost as much as mine.

So, if you want to have some hot cheating wife phone sex call Beki at 1 888 474 6769 and let’s try not to get caught.

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Phoebe

I do love tease and denial phone sex. I love bringing a helpless male right to the edge of orgasm, over and over and over again, until he’s begging and pleading for release. I love the power of it, the sheer sexy fun of it, and most of all I love getting to say No.

tease and denial phone sex

I make the rules, right? You do what I say, so go ahead and stroke that cock of yours. Stroke your cock while you imagine me in my black lace teddy with stockings and high heels. Stroke it, but don’t you dare cum. There will be no cumming . You’ll stroke and stroke and stroke, but you won’t get off LOL Remember, I make the rules. I love all the sounds of frustration that come from you stroking but you aren’t allowed to cum. I love it when you beg and I get to laugh at you. Does that hurt your feelings? You know you love it. You know you love beating off to a hot girl that won’t let you cum.

When I’m sitting in your lap, when I’m giggling in your ear, when I’m showing off my tight sexy body, you know what makes my pussy wet? Hearing you beg for me to touch your cock! You begging for my hot hands wrapped around your cock seeing your hard cock bulging in your sweatpants and my favorite you just pleading with me to “just let me put the tip in!” You see why tease and denial phone sex makes my pussy cream.

Talking dirty to you, teasing your blue balls, being a cock tease, it’s so cute that you think you’re going to get fucked by me I see that I am teasing you making you pout and beg to just eat my silky smooth pussy anything for a release But my favorite word in a tease and denial phone sex call is no.

What should I tease you with next? My tight bald pussy? My cute round ass? My pretty mouth? Think you can handle a tease and denial call with a sexy vixen who can get off on your pain? Ready to get addicted? If you definitely want to have an orgasm, you just got to let me know at the start of our tease and denial phone sex call and I’ll take care of you so call me and we will have a fun filled session tonight.

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Slutty Wife Phone Sex with Zoey

I love having phone sex with strangers. It’s not something I can brag about to my female friends or even the people at work really. I really cant introduce my self by saying ~ Hi I’m Zoey. I enjoy horror movies, cooking, classic rock, walking around without pants and phone sex. Sure won’t get me any brownie points at the PTA or the woman’s axillary LOL. I surely can’t blurt out while I have friends over for drinks and my house phone rings ” I need to excuse myself to the bedroom I have a slutty wife phone sex call coming in. They would all be talking but it’s not they don’t already.

slutty wife phone sex

I’m a slutty wife I admit it. My husband knows it and when someone says something to him about it there is a sparkle in that mans eye. He loves the fact that I look this good for my age and still having sex with men our age but also young men too. I wear nice tight-fitting clothing so everyone can see my curves. Atn home I have a bad habit of walking around with out pants on just a top and panties. People who come over have gotten used to it. Just yesterday I forgot to put on shorts when I went out front to water my plants. Just a Rolling stone tee shirt and black lace thongs. By the looks of young men walking by, they loved what they saw. But someone couple was walking there dog and she covered the man’s eyes. I laughed smiled my best smile and gave her a wink.

Now I have had slutty wife phone sex with my husband’s friends. Not sure if he knows or not but I’m sure he would have smiled and asked them how it was. I have been a dirty slutty wife and fucked his friends here and there. One time right on the back patio in clear view of the sliding glass doors during a game. I think being a slutty wife runs in the family I remember My mom being the same way.

This is why we bought a camp on a very popular lake. Lots of tourists each summer. Many people for me to sneak off and have great sex with. And I must admit it makes for some great sex stories too. Like the traveling biker I had sex with a few weeks ago never saw a woman squirt before. I bet you will be telling all his buddies about the camp they rented for the week and the MILF that squirted all over his bed while his family was out swimming.

Want to find out how dirty a real-life slutty wife can be? Call me 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Zoey

Email Me:
Twitter: Naughty_housewi
Skype: Misszoey4u

ABDL Phone Sex with Sadie

No one knows how to take care of you the way that an ABDL caregiver does. So when you’ve had it up to here with everything it’s time for some ABDL phone sex for you. I’ll have you on my lap and in my arms faster than you can say plastic panties. Speaking of plastic panties, does my diaper lover want pink, blue or maybe multi colored plastic panties? Don’t worry, dear, Miss Sadie will make sure that you are diapered up and safe and comfortable in my arms. Miss Sadie will feed you a warm baba or you can latch on for some milk straight from my sensitive nipple. When your hand wraps around my soft breast and your eyes flutter closed in delight it makes me feel the way that only ABDL play can. It’s a special, intimate kind of connection that you get when you care for someone as an ABDL. It might only be for a short while that you are in my care, but it still sticks in my mind.

ABDL phone sex

Sometimes you do an ABDL phone sex call and your weewee gets a mind of it’s own. Miss Sadie knows and understands this. When you’re an ABDL you’re an adult baby , and with being a big adult most of the time it can cause some reactions when you’re wrapped in your caregiver’s arms after a diapering and a breast feeding. That’s one hundred percent alright, angel. Miss Sadie will care for your every physical and emotional need. Don’t fret. I’m used to ABDL experiences getting to that pressure point. If you want to stay in that regressed state though, without the pressures of your adult body, that’s fine too. We can snuggle and cuddle and love on one another too. Well my little doodle bug I do hope that I hear your sweet voice soon, alright?

Call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Sadie for ABDL phone sex

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