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I have taken to size queen phone sex like a fish to water.  When you think about it, it makes perfect sense really.  It is a natural and primal reaction.  Women who are in touch with their sexuality want to be truly and deeply fucked.  It is a basic instinct.  I am not like those women who look at a tiny cock and then say size doesn’t matter. The only women who say that have some tiny dick waiting for them at home. And when they are alone or when in bed with their pathetic guy,  they are thinking about some real monster dick — the kind I fuck. They fantasize about how it would feel to be completely full. To have their pussy stretched beyond what they ever thought it could.  They want to feel those veins in their mouth as he fucks her face. Other women dream it, but I live it. If you have a tiny dick, don’t fault your woman for wanting more.  Women are just naturally attracted to big hanging alpha males.  We want to feel full and satisfied, and pleased when he is done fucking us.  If you have a big cock, you know exactly what I am talking about.  You get quality tail on the regular.  But if you are not lucky enough to have a monster cock, or even an average sized cock you gotta step up your game.  You need to make some money so you can keep size queen phone sex sluts like me interested in you.  You can’t please us with your cock, so you better buy us gifts and take care of our bills so we can go out and hunt that cock down.

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So we all know I talk a lot of smack about you little dick bitches out there, and how much I love to do it.  Which shouldn’t be a surprise when I say I really enjoy a small penis humiliation phone sex call. No matter how hard, or soft you want it I love to deliver it.  I have come to greatly appreciate my tic tac packing guys much
more than your average lady.  Yes we know I love big cocks, but a little dick can be almost as much fun, and hot.   Nothing quite like having my very own nub to laugh, and play with, and bonus my pussy is leaking by the time I’ve said or done all I want, or need to.

When I get a small penis humiliation phone sex call my nipples get hard, and my pussy gets slick. Why you ask?  Well i’m about to have free reign over a little dick looser to do, and say whatever my heart desires.  Making sure all that frustration from all those faked orgasms is released, and heaped on one of many bitches who couldn’t satisfy a woman if he tried.  Whether at my feet, between my legs, or in the corner watching me get off nothing is to much or off limits on a small penis humiliation phone sex call.  I will take, and get my pleasure regardless of you, your feelings, or that little nub. Never doubt I always say, and do exactly as I damn well please.  The faster you learn that little dick the better everything will be.  You  might even get a little pleasure bitch if i’m feeling generous.  So rub that little nub, while you give me a call for small penis humiliation phone sex, and you can see just how much I love using, and abusing a little dick looser.

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Just one look at me should make you see I’m a super freaky girl !   My body is built the way black men like their white girls, big butt, pretty creamy skin , hot pink pussy.  No doubt I love to cuckold white boys by banging baddest black dudes I can find, right in front of them.  Do you want to be my cuckold boyfriend or cucky husband ?  We can get into the nastiest cuckold phone sex you can ever imagine.  We can do a cuckold roleplay or I can tell you what it would be like if I were your cuckoldress girlfriend or hot wife and how I troll for BBC studs to throw me on the bed and have their way with my pink holes.  As much as BBC’s rule over me, I will rule over you.  It’s the hierarchy or sex.  You will find that it is very natural for you to let me take charge.  You will like it when a white chick like me rocks your world and takes control of your weak little cock.  I will demand complete cock control as your cuckoldress.   You might say that I like cuckold phone sex too, where I take full cock control during a cuckold relationship.  This means I might put you in panties to  shame your small dick and emasculate you, put you in chatity to admit your chornic masturbation and needs for pathetic orgasms or whatever my naughty little heart desires.  You will give in to me because my power trump yours.  Or you can call me to chat about your cuckold lifestly if your wife or girlfriend is cucking you.  We can do anything when it comes to cuckold phone sex.  I have no limits and nothing freaks me out when it comes to cuckolding.

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You know what one of my favorite things in the whole world is? I love it when guys call me for creampie phone sex. Most guys who love creampies are really very submissive and that’s a huge turn on for me. Let me set the scene for you… lay back and get comfortable. But grab your phone so that you’re ready to call me after you read this…you’re going to want to, trust me.

We’re married and you come home from work one day and you hear moaning coming from the bedroom. You know I’m horny a lot and you think that I’m probably just watching a little porn and masturbating again. You walk upstairs thinking that you’re going to get lucky but when you see what’s going on, you are completely shocked. There is a very large black man on top of me, fucking me really hard. You don’t even know what to say, but when I see you, I tell you that I’m finally getting what I need and that you never gave it to me. How could you with a dick that small? I tell you that you’ve always been useless to me in the bedroom and now I’m finally going to get what I want, when I want it. I mean, why did you think I was always masturbating? It’s because you didn’t ever get me off with that little thing.

You are just going to stand there and watch me get my pussy stretched out by this big black cock and once he shoots his load inside me, there’s something else you’re going to do. You’re going to get down on your knees and lick that black creampie from my pussy. You act like you’re appalled, but I can see that tiny bulge in your pants, so start licking.

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Hi guys do you know how much I love having the reputation for being a husband stealer? I am lots of things I can not deny but one of the things i truly love being is
your cheating wife phone sex slut. I love all kinds of men. Younger, older, men in control, submissive men, single ones and my most favorite is married men. Everyone knows that I get around. Especially when my husband goes on extended vacations or works late or for whatever reason finds himself not giving me what I desire. And with a body like mine I always show it off, flaunt it, and wear clothes that show off these big watermelon tits, sexy long legs and tight fucking ass. I will honestly admit how turned on and wet my pretty panties get for a hard throbbing cock. And when it comes to making you happy and giving you exactly what you want I will be the woman who goes above and beyond that every single time. Sometimes when i’m all alone and laying back I think about your sexy voice telling me how turned on you get for me. And when I think about your dick sliding in all three of my tight holes I find myself masturbating to you. Just think about how good it would feel to have this cheating wife phone sex female give you exactly what you desire. Weather you want me on my knees sucking your dripping wet cock or on my knees taking it in my bald wet pussy or kinky dirty ass.

I will look back at you smiling you telling you how bad I want you to fuck me. And I have to confess that once you feel all of my warm holes taking your tool in you will want more and more. There is no such thing as the word no in my book. Only “take me, yes, and please cum hard in me or on me or down my fucking throat.” Unless you are a subbie then you will be the one on your knees begging like a bitch in heat to cum for me. And i don’t care if your girl friend or wife gets jealous either because I will make you feel like she cant. And i’m the type of woman who pays so closely to details that I will blow your mind when it comes to giving you what you desire and putting a smile on your fact thats so big you wont help but want to come back for more. All the wives look at me and turn their noses down because they know i’m the type of home wrecking slut that will have their husbands forget all about them. Why is that? Because they know I will do anything to make their man happy. It doesn’t matter how naughty, kinky, twisted, perverted, dirty, taboo, or over the top it may be. And if you like things on the straight and narrow and just like the idea of normal vanilla type sex then I will say yes to that also. I know every time you see me pass your house or parading around in my house when i’m all alone that you cant help but get an instant hard on for me. And when it comes to blondes you know they have the saying for “we always have the most fun” But all i can think about right now is having you right in front of me dressed in something so mouthwatering that your dick gets a rise and gets so hard that all you want to do is take me and give it to me like no other man can. These slutty holes are yours baby and everything in between also.

So please no need to keep stroking while you sit there and take in all my pictures. Give me a call for some of the best cheating wife phone sex you have ever or will ever have. I’m ready to prove to you that when you go back to “her” it will be my sweet sexy voice and body you won’t be able to stop thinking about.

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I think that just about everyone knows the importance of a good fuck. This is why I love interracial phone sex so much. It doesn’t matter if you are a man or a woman, you know that the number 1 cock on this planet is a black one. Do you think that I want just any dick? To please me I have to have at least 9 inches and it has to be extremely thick. I want to get fucked and feel the pressure in my pussy for the next couple of days. If I’m not sore or walking funny after you penetrate me then you have not done your job.

The last time I had interracial phone sex, I had the caller on the line listening in on the big black dick that I was getting. He seemed to be very turned on by the fact that I was screaming uncontrollably as if someone was about to end my life. I know he loved to hear me moan and tell him how deep that cock was inside of my cunt. He wanted to hear how wet I was so I put the phone down to my sweet hole and let him hear that hard meat cream my hole with every thrust. I wish he was right next to me clean off all of my cum from that BBC. He exploded so fucking loud at the same time my lover did and mm it was hot.

You may even get lucky enough to catch my boyfriend in my room while the hubby is gone. You want to pull out your 3 inch cock and hear what it’s like to have real sex don’t you ha ha? Well with me you are sure to find out. I always have Mr. black licorice, my favorite dildo, next to me too. Call 1-888-474-6769 for interracial phone sex and find out why I am such a horny housewife.

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spanking phone sex

I have to admit that for me, not much is hotter and sexier than having a naughty boy or girl bent over, ass up high, ready for a spanking. You know you have been a naughty boy and you know that I told you that next time you misbehaved you would get a spanking that you won’t forget. A good hard spanking right on that naughty bottom. I know that you are calling me for spanking phone sex because you know the best way to discipline you is with a very sore bottom.

I am quite experienced when it comes to spankings; this is not just something I play on the phone, this is what I do in my real life. I believe in Domestic Discipline with the roles reversed. The men in my life get spanked when they deserve it, and trust me when I tell you that a punishment spanking is supposed to hurt. It’s not the same kind of pleasure spanking we play when we just want to have fun. When I lecture you and tell you to get the paddle, belt or cane, you know I am serious and you know you need this spanking to learn your lessons.

I might put you over my knee for an OTK spanking or I might bend you over the arm of the couch or an ottoman for a more severe spanking. I prefer to use a hairbrush or a small paddle to start, and if I don’t think that is enough I will get out the heavy wooden paddle or a tawse. I love to use my prison strap and I am quite the expert with both rattan and lexan canes. It’s so hot to see your bottom all striped, red, bruised and even welted. I know how to make it hurt so bad that it’s not good and I promise not to injure or harm.

When it comes to spanking and spanking phone sex, I am the experienced woman that you desire. It’s not over until I say it’s over and your tears and pleas for mercy only spur me on.

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cheating wife phone sex

Dennis called me and said that he was having a pretty good night except for one thing. He had called his wife earlier to see what she wanted for dinner and she told him it didn’t matter because she wasn’t going to be home when he got home from work. He said ok, well what time will you be in and she told him not to wait up, it would be really late, if she came home. It’s not too strange except that they’ve only been married for a few months and she has been out a lot lately, especially in the last 2 months. He went on and told me about how she had quit work when they got married, but they had talked about that before the big day. Most women dress up and impress before the wedding and after the honeymoon phase leaves, they start dressing kind of frumpy. Not all, but if they change their style after the wedding it’s usually for the boring style. Not with his wife Vanessa. He said he had seen some really skimpy outfits in their closet, and very sexy lingerie that he has yet to see her in.

It was pretty obvious to me what was going on, and it was pretty clear to Dennis too, he was just afraid to admit it. He didn’t understand why it turned him on so much that his wife was cheating on him. He told me that it shouldn’t, and that it should have him furious. His cock was hard everytime she said not to wait up though.

Dennis told me about how nobody believed that a gorgeous woman like Vanessa was marrying him. They even questioned it when they were dating. His own mother, who should be his cheerleader told him that she couldn’t believe he had put a ring on Vanessa’s finger. I mean, if your Mom doubts your ability to land a hot wife, that is pretty telling. She was his trophy wife, she showed up for parties and dinners, but when there was down time she was getting her fill on the side. It was so early on too, for her to just sleep around on him. So we talked about what was probably to come as his life with a cheating hot wife.

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I’m submissive MILF phone sex slut Tina, but you can call me your slut, bitch or whore and I’m begging you to make me bend to your will.  Put a dog collar on me, tie my hands behind my back with leather cuffs, prevent me from touching myself or only allow me to cum on your command.  Humiliate me, remind me often of what a filthy whore cumdumpster that I am, good only for being your fuck toy, when it comes to my submission, I have no limits.

Force me onto my knees and give me the opportunity to suck your cock dry, or better yet, hold my hair tight, keeping my head still and fuck my face with your thick cock.  I yearn to please you like the dirty leg that I am, I love to deep throat cock to the point I’m gagging, and having my cum covered pussy and ass left gaping, from you…. or several men.  Allow me to play the role of your naughty and innocent submissive MILF neighbor, your sister-in-law or your kinky obeying housewife.  Nothing gets me more aroused than imagining you fucking me, using me, while your friends watch you dominate me.  Maybe you will even lend me out to them, to be used by more than one man as well.  The more that can shoot their hot load on my body built to fuck the better.

I want to be your submissive MILF phone sex slut and I love men that want to dominate me, to make me their cock worshiping pet, all I want to do is to sexually gratify and please you, so call me 1-888-474-6769 if you’re looking to control.  I have a whole list of kinks that I enjoy, so if you have a different fantasy, I’d love to share in that with you.

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BBC phone sex

You know we all have different likes, and dislikes as individuals. Everyone’s different which is what makes life so fun. Knowing what you like, and going after it makes life more interesting I say. Personally being an incredibly oversexed woman who’s never completely satisfied especially with these little dicks trying to man up. I know what I want, and i’m never afraid to go after it. I’m all about some nice long, fat black cock.  I know you’re thinking it too. Thinking how much you want to call for some BBC phone sex, and hear all about the long, thick cocks I find. Those cocks that put your so called dick to shame.

Or maybe you’re one of those who want to worship that cock with me. Suck on it yourself, and be a little sissy bitch swallowing load after load.  Or sitting in the corner being made to watch as I take a real mans cock. How they make me moan, and well you get the picture. I know the more I talk about BBC phone sex the harder your little dick gets, and maybe even making that mouth water.  Stop trying to hide what you want, and let me give you exactly what you want, what you need. You know you crave BBC phone sex with this willing slut, and everything that goes along with it. Don’t be shy darlin you’ll get exactly what you desire when you finally give in and call me for some BBC phone sex. Go on bitch don’t keep me waiting!

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