BBC Phone Sex with Remy

Is there anything hotter than an anonymous BBC phone sex encounter?  I went to a wedding last weekend and ended up staying overnight at the hotel where the reception was being held.  I couldn’t sleep so I went down to the bar, had a couple of drinks and in walks this gorgeous mocha-skinned Adonis.  He offered to buy me a drink and it wasn’t long before we went up to my room where I let this sexy black stud fuck my brains out!
BBC phone sex
I didn’t ask his name and I didn’t give him mine. Who cares about such trivial things when you need to fuck desperately.  It was so erotic and thrilling to fuck a complete stranger like this.  We exchanged numbers though I never expected to see him again.  But last night he texted me and we met up at the same hotel for another hot kinky BBC phone sex hook up. Like most women,  I’ve always been partial to big black cock, but this man….he lived up to every reason why I love a huge black schlong stretching and pounding my cunt!  I learned he actually lives very close to me.  And he’s married, but that doesn’t stop this BBC phone sex slut from jumping on that big black dick.  In fact, it makes me want it even more! 
I don’t know what’s up with his wife, but apparently, she doesn’t suck his dick and hardly ever fucks him.  Her loss. Seriously, she must be crazy, I would be on him all the time.  Now he has this BBC phone sex whore to take care of that beautiful black cock!  And I think after the way he tore up my pussy last night, I’ll be seeing a lot of him!

Cougar Phone Sex with Beth

POUNCE!! Mmmm I’m licking my lips and thinking about the visit I had last week. One of my longterm boy toys came by to see Miss Beth. He and I have been fucking on and off for about 6 years now – when we started out he was 26 and I was 35, and man, has it been an amazing 6 years of fun with him! This is why I so love cougar phone sex – because I can talk about one of my favorite things! I mean, what woman in her 40s wouldn’t want a hot stud muffin half her age there to make her feel hot and desirable, and who wants to make her smile from ear to ear?
cougar phone sex
Exactly. We ALL want that, and don’t let anyone let you think differently.
This guy is super hot, has an amazingly cut body – I mean, he is in the military after all – and man, does he know how to move that hot body of his! His cock is very long, nice and fat, and he knows how to hit me in all the right places. The best part is he can keep going all day, cum and cum and cum some more! That’s why I’m a cougar – because only guys his age can keep up with my level of energy. If you’re a cub and you decide to call me for cougar phone sex, we can talk about all the things you would want to do to me, and how long you think you can do those things without stopping to come up for air. We can see if you compare to my military stud boy – I mean, he is among those I would consider the best fuck toys I’ve ever had.
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Cuckold Phone Sex with Cora

You would think that humiliating losers during cuckold phone sex would be my favorite part of cuckold fantasies, but it isn’t. As much fun as that is, being fucked by big black cocks over and over is the thing I love most. Don’t get me wrong – making fun of all you losers and telling you how you aren’t good enough for me does get my pussy wet. But what sends me over the edge is having a throbbing black dick pounding me deep and hard.

cuckold phone sex

Admit it – you also love the fact that I’m getting hammered by a fat black cock. You love watching as that piece of chocolate meat slides in and out of me. You get so turned on when you see how my pussy is all stretched out around that big cock. Why on earth knowing that you’re not man enough to fuck me turns you on is a mystery, but I’m glad that it does. That means I can tell you time and time again how worthless you are while I’m getting my pretty brains fucked out by a big juicy dick.

You know, before that big black cock starts fucking me, I want you to stand up next to him and compare cocks. It’s going to be a huge (or should I say tiny?) embarrassment for you but since we both get off on you being humiliated, I think it’s going to work out very well for all parties involved. I might even degrade you so much that you start crying. That would be the ultimate orgasm inducer for me. I mean, it’s the only way you will ever make me cum, so we might as well go for it.

Call me right now for cuckold phone sex. My name is Cora and my number is 1 888 474 6769.

BBC Phone Sex with Beki

 What do you think about when you hear BBC phone sex? The only thing I’m thinking of is how bad I want one right now. That big fat black cock sliding deep inside my hot, wet, wanting cunt feels so fucking good. My black lover boy James always knows how to please me with his 10 inches of Mississippi black snake. He starts out by licking my pussy and ass so good with those big juicy fat lips of his. He eats that cunt like it’s his last meal and he’s on death row. The tongue on that man is magic, and those hands, almost big enough to fit one of my whole ass cheeks in. He can pick me up against the wall and have his way with me. I love it when he manhandles me. I melt in his arms like a rag doll. When he’s finished giving me the most amazing four play ever, the teasing starts. He takes that beast of a cock, did I tell you it’s 3 inches thick? He slides that big, thick monster dick head up and down my pussy lips till I can hardly stand myself and I’m begging him to put it deep inside my aching hole. He smiles a devilish smile and asks me how bad I want that BBC inside my white cunt.
BBC phone sex
 “Oh, stud please I need it so bad.” He loves it when I call him that, and it always gets me what I want. I feel him slowly slide his whole length, balls deep inside my waiting pussy. “Oh, stud you feel so fucking good to me. I need it so bad and with that, he starts to pound the fuck out of me. I cum so hard it runs down his massive balls. I feel his grip on my ass get tight and I know what’s “Cumming.” That’s right that huge cum load right in my tight little white cunt. Do you love BBC phone sex as much as I do? Would you like to give me yours? Or maybe you’d like to share one with me so, we both can worship it together? Whatever you like if a BBC is involved count me in!
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Big Tits Phone Sex with Ruth

I went out to play pool with my girlfriends at this dive bar the other night and sweetheart when I started bending over the table to take my shots I fucking loved the way the whole bar would stare at my ass and down my shirt at my knockers. I know I’ve got a great rack, are you fucking kidding me? That’s why when the big guys at the bar wanted some big tits phone sex I was all for it right then and there fucking A!
big tits phone sex
I mean how fucking hot is it to just pull these milk jugs out of a tight little top in the alley behind the bar and fucking going at em like a fucking motorboat yeah? I don’t even usually like to wear a bra you know, sweetheart. So they can just jiggle and bounce around for everyone to have a good time looking at. And they come out to be played with best that way too yeah?
Big tits phone sex can be so fucking good when these hooters get wrapped around your hard throbbing cock too, sweetheart. Using my melons to jack your meat is one of my fucking favorite ways to use this glorious chest, sweetheart! And you better fucking believe I take all the hot ropes of jizz I can get on these mounds too. And all over my fucking face- it’s so fucking sexy when your spunk is dripping right from my chin and cheeks to my perky fucking nips!
So which do you want to get to bury in my cleavage first when you call me for big tits phone sex, sweetheart? Your face or your dick? Why don’t you dial 1-888-474-6769, ask for some big tits phone sex with Ruth, and let’s figure it out together, sweetheart!

Cuckold Phone Sex with Suzanne

You can’t tear yourself away from the thought of being cuckolded can you? It’s beating down the door to your deepest fantasies. That’s why you call for cuckold phone sex. I never knew how many men liked to have wives that would sleep around. They don’t sleep around on their husbands, they sleep around with their husbands. She has been limited to your cock since the words I do came out of her mouth. It’s not that your cock is particularly small, it’s not that your lips and tongue don’t pull orgasms out of her body. Contrary to popular belief it isn’t the shade of flesh that you have hanging between your legs that causes her to ache for more.
cuckold phone sex
When you call a MILF for some advice and cuckold phone sex conversation you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting a sensual kinky woman that knows what your dirty mind is after. You guys might have a lot in common, but it’s good to inform your woman of your particular wants from your cuckold phone sex call. We can cover any area of the fetish that excites you. Do you secretly want some small penis humiliation? Are you a man that wants to crawl into her panties and pull them up over a swollen cock?
I’m an experienced phone Goddess and I will take you to the kinky and luscious fantasies that you want to role play or discuss. It’s an anything goes arrangement where we don’t stop until we are thoroughly satisfied.
Your level of interaction with the bull is up for negotiation as well. If you want to fluff but feel the embarrassment holding you back, even in role play all you need to do is let me know. I can be quite persuasive about cock sucking when I’m with a bull and a cuckie. I hope to hear from you soon.
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Phone Sex Fantasies with Cora

I am in the mood for all you horny boys to tell me your phone sex fantasies. I know that some of you have some fairly innocent fantasies, and I do love those. I would love to hear what gets you off, even if it isn’t taboo and nasty. As always, I am here for all of your needs.

phone sex fantasies

But what I want to talk about today is all of those taboo phone sex fantasies you guys are having. How long have you thought about fucking that older woman in your life? Maybe you did and you want to relive it with me. Did she teach you everything you ever needed to know about sex? Or did you jerk off at night thinking about her and wishing that you could slide your 18 year old cock deep inside her? We all know exactly who I’m talking about, don’t we? Let me be that woman for you.

See, I have a lot of experience with being the older woman. I have been a MILF slut for a while now. And a lot of times when I am masturbating or even fucking, I think back to all those times with those barely legal studs and it makes me cum so hard. Do you want to hear about them? I’d love to tell you about how I teach younger men all the ways of fucking. Maybe you wish you’d had a MILF like me next door to play with. Even if you didn’t, that’s what roleplays are for.

Are you ready to call me so that we can talk about all of our nasty phone sex fantasies? I am horny just thinking about all of the taboo things you’re going to tell me. Just make sure you call 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Cora.


Size Queen Phone Sex with Remy

Being a size queen phone sex slut means that I am always on the prowl for big dicks.  Lucky me, I recently discovered that I have a new really hot neighbor who wants to fuck me something fierce.  We’ve been flirting for a while now and I know that he is good to go.  Finally, I made my move.
size queen phone sex
The other night he was swimming laps in his pool and I got so wet watching his muscular body gliding through the water.  I threw on my bikini and went over by the fence to ask if I could join him.  He got out of that pool and opened the gate so fast I barely saw him move.  His swimming trunks were sticking to his body and I could see his bulge.  I just knew this guy had to have a dick big enough to satisfy this size queen phone sex slut!  It didn’t take long to find out either.  We were in the pool for less than a minute and he was pushing me up against the side of the pool and slipping his massive rock hard rod into my throbbing pussy.  OMG!  He had to be 10 inches at least!  Every size queen phone sex slut dreams of dicks this big!  He lifted me out of the pool, laid me on the side and thrust his monster cock in me so deep I thought it would break me in half.  But I just wanted more and more.  For the first time, this size queen phone sex slut has met her match.  But believe me…I’m the happiest slut there is and I can never get enough of his huge fat cock!
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Sissy Phone Sex with Sierra

Have you ever found yourself trying to put a label on the kinds of things that get your juices flowing? Like say with domination and sissy phone sex. I have a caller who likes several different types of things. He’s a sissy baby who loves being forced to suck cock, wear diapers, and get humiliated in front of my sorority sisters. There is just so much to tell about this submissive male. But I just simply can not begin to sit here an give you the whole drawn out story. What I can say is that it all started with him walking into my human sexuality class that I teach. He’s in college and our paths crossed. He came off like he was a macho man. He said he loves my big breast that bounce every time I walk. It doesn’t matter if i’m making my way down the hallways, out to my car, shopping, working out in a high pace cardio class or jogging down the street. I can guarantee you that his eyes are planted on my big mouth watering tits. I’m a bit intimidating to him to say the least. His nervousness takes the lead and he loses himself and before you know it he’s wetting himself. It was at that point when he was standing in my classroom that I said “you know something you can’t seem to control yourself. And do you know what happens when you can’t control yourself? You need to be put in diapers! But not only do you need to be put in diapers you also should be a sissy baby as well!” His face turned red as he put his head down in shame not knowing what to say next except for “Yes Miss Sierra.” As time went on from there it turned into mommy Sierra.
sissy phone sex
I am a very experienced  MILF and when it comes to punishing those who make “mistakes” it’s something they never forget. I wish you could see what he wears for me when he’s in my presence. I could explain it to you but I think I will just let your mind imagine for now. What i can say is that he has been trained to be my favorite sissy baby ever! He wears printed bambino diapers with a sissy baby dress. I totally pull out the stops with him too. He wears a ruffle bonet, has a rattler and carries around his baby bottle to drink milk in. That’s when he’s not sucking on my 34 DD breasts. They do tend to fill up with milk often from lactating. So part of his job is to suck on my nipples and express like a good boy. And when he’s mouth is not being occupied by that then he’s sucking on my strap on and other sissy babies cocks as well. Yes he is a cock sucking cum drinking humiliation loving subbie who loves sissy phone sex. Oh and how could I forget? He’s also got a small penis as well! That’s why hes so perfect for all of the things that I mentioned above. I just love getting him in front of my sorority sisters so he can hump his diaper. When I’m not bathing and changing him my other sissy babies are as well.
I just love to dress super sexy and slutty around him. Tight and very short skirts and the type of shirts that says “come over and look at these big titties.” I also love wearing sexy panties that show off something that every male loves and that is a camel toe. Some only get to see it when I lift up my skirt and flash them. Wouldn’t you say that a body like mine deserves to be shown off? Wouldn’t you also say that i’m the kind of woman who knows how to take care of your sissy phone sex desires? You can be a diaper lover, a panty boy, one who loves to get on your knees and suck my strap on or take it up your ass. You can be a sissy, a faggot, a little dick loser or one who wants to get the perfected training on how to suck on a real dick, one who loves to be diapered, you may crave humiliation or looking for a MILF to bathe and nurture your every desires. I do it all and I will give you all the things to have your cock so hard it oozes pre cum.  Call Sierra at 1-888-474-6769
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Cougar Phone Sex with Beki

Why play with a kitten, when you can have a cougar, in a cougar phone sex call. Sure, kittens are cute and cuddly, but a cougar knows exactly what she wants. She can teach you some new tricks. Make you do things you didn’t even know you wanted to do. I love a younger stud who’s new at the game. One I can teach and make ready to please any woman he comes across.
cougar phone sex
I remember my best friend’s son. He went away to college, she invited me over for a pool party to welcome him home for summer break. I showed up in my tiny blue bikini and when I saw what a fine boy he had become, eyeing me up and down, I just smiled and gave him a little *wink.* He wastes no time getting over to where I was by the door, bringing me a drink. “How thoughtful of you.” “My pleasure Miss. Cook.” With another smile and a *wink*, I take the drink and head toward the house, with him following close behind. He leads me to his room because he knows what I want from him. My only concern is if he’s man enough to handle this cougar and if he has the tool for the job of course.
As we enter his room, he starts kissing me passionately and he definitely knows what he is doing. Wintergreen and wine are the flavors of the day, he tasted divine. I could hardly wait to taste more, as I worked to take his pants off, I could feel the rock-hard bulge in his crotch, and oh so huge! I got on my knees to worship that engorged boy toy, but no, he wanted me on the bed. He wanted me to tell him if he was good at eating pussy. I had no problem with that whatsoever.  You should call me, and I’ll tell you about all the other things I taught that young stud and maybe you can learn a thing or two.
Call Beki at 1 888 474 6769 for some hot fun in a cougar phone sex call
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