Taboo Phone Sex with Beth

Holy fuck, has life been nuts lately?!?! Well, life is a serious fucking roller coaster, and one thing is for sure, but I have had a LOT of super taboo phone sex calls lately!! I’m sure you want to know all about them, don’t you? Well, the problem is, because they’ve been so taboo, I’m not actually allowed to tell you about them here, in writing. No, but if you call me and tell me you want to talk taboo, maybe you’ll find something to talk about I haven’t heard lately. Maybe not.

taboo phone sex

I bet there’s something you’ve been keeping locked up in that skull of yours, only letting it bounce around when you’re alone with your favorite lube and your cock in your hand. I bet there’s something so taboo that stands your dick so at attention that the stiffness hurts, but that’s so taboo that you can’t tell the very person you regularly fuck with that hard cock. Is this true? Then you need to pick that damned phone up, call any of our numbers, and ask for Beth. Then, when I answer, no need to ask me if taboo phone sex is ok with me – I assure you it is. And the more of those taboo doors you open, the more you’ll find that I’m standing there behind them, waiting for you so I can walk with you through your darkest taboo phone sex fantasies.

Remember, fantasies are fantasies. Even though they may always stay fantasies, the beauty of a fantasy is that you can take it literally ANYWHERE. So, the real question is, when you want to have a really hot taboo phone sex call, how far are you willing to take your imagination? Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Beth, and I guarantee I’m there for the whole, twisted ride with you!!!

Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Lauren

I have to admit that I’m a very lucky lady. I’ve got a loving husband at home who dotes on me and doesn’t complain when I ditch him to go hang out with the girls. He loves me, I know he does, but…he’s a bit of a bore. He doesn’t really like to go out or drink and always wants to leave parties early. I’m just too wild for him sometimes. But the worst part is how very vanilla he is in the bedroom. That’s why sometimes I just can’t help myself but go hunting for a stranger that can please me! Like you, I don’t even know your name and I want to have some wild cheating wife phone sex with you!

cheating wife phone sex

It’s such a rush to hook up with a stranger! I don’t know where your cock has been, but I know it needs to be inside of me. All I want is to get fucked by someone who isn’t my husband. I want a man who doesn’t give two shits about making sure I’m comfortable. Give me some untamed dick that wants to breed my pussy more than anything. Let me suck you off in the dark parking lot. Fuck me hard in the back of your truck. This isn’t sweet bullshit that my husband likes. This is fulfilling a cheating wife phone sex fantasy!

Sometimes I wonder if my husband knows that I can’t help but fuck around on him. It’s not his fault that he can’t satisfy my desires. He probably smells the cum on me when I get back from a night out with the girls. Does he know that a random guy from the bar fucked me bareback in the bathroom? His cum is still dripping out of my pussy as I crawl into bed next to my hubby.

I just can’t help myself when it comes to cheating wife phone sex. I’m horny and ready to cheat all over again and it’s your cock that I need. Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Lauren.

Mature Phonesex with Zoey

I am the average housewife you might see when your food shopping. You know the type of a hot older woman dressed well and bent over with the best ass you have seen in a while. You pass her over and over again in each aisle watching the way her hips and ass move from side to side while shopping. You make eye contact and know that she’s one kinky old lady. That old lady is me and we can get as dirty as you would like if you call me for some mature phonesex.

mature phonesex

You see I am not your average retired lady I lied! I am indeed better. I have a very dirty mind that I love to act on. For example that huge pepperoni I had in my cart today I bought for when my husband’s friends are over this weekend to watch the game. But before I peel off the plastic and slice it up I am going to fuck myself with it on a phone sex call. I love how long and thick it is.

I walk around the house most days in a top and panties. I love the way I look in a tee and sexy panties and I am sure some people who stop on over-think so too. Just the other day my brother in law stopped over alone to drop off a sign my sister wanted me to make. I didn’t jump up off the couch when he came in as I was in the middle of a game on my cell phone. I was playing a cooking game and didn’t want my food to burn, Yes I really play games on my cell.

So here I am with black lace panties on and a tie-dye tee on laying on the love seat with my legs hanging over the end. He stood at the end of that love seat staring and had a huge bulge in his pants. Was it wrong not to say anything and open up my legs for him to see my shaved pussy covered in lace? He didn’t have much time to stay or I would have ended up being a very naughty woman. I did give him a hand job while he watched me play with my very pussy. But that is pretty naughty I think. I would have loved to ride his cock right there but it wasn’t meant to be.

All of my friends know that I’m enjoying the retired life with good food, lots of sex, and mature phonesex calls that make me cum so hard it leaves wet spots on the bed for the old man to find when and if he comes home. He doesn’t care as long as his old lady is happy. And trust me I’m happy playing with myself for guys all over the country. I enjoy it very much.

Let cum together and have some fun. Call for some mature phonesex with your favorite hot momma Call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Zoey.

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Phone Sex Cougar Remy

Do you know what would hit the spot right now? A phone sex cougar like me. A woman like me can tease your dick just as much as those silly younger girls your age. But the difference is, we have lots more experience. So we don’t only tease you, making you hunger for us. We teach you the true are of fucking! After years of hands-on skill-building, we know exactly what spots bring real pleasure and we can teach you all about how to find all those secret spots. There is so much more than just sticking your dick in a cunt and filling it with your hot cock juice. You have to learn how to finesse a woman, tease all of her erogenous zones with caressing and kissing, making her melt and wanting more. Just like a phone sex cougar does.

Sure sometimes it’s fun to rip each other’s clothes off and fuck like animals. That’s always a hot kinky time. But a phone sex cougar can teach you so very much more. The power of seduction and making your whole body tingle. Taking time to taste each other and explore each other’s body learning what responses you get from what you do to each other. Once you learn that you are in for the best sexual experience of your life. So it’s up to you. Waste your time with those cock teasing girls and get a quick nut off…or, have the best sexcapes you could ever dream of with a sexy, sensuous, mature, phone sex cougar who can teach you things that will give you a lifetime of endless pleasure. You just have to be patient and actually take the time to learn the things I will be teaching you.

Gimme a call at 1 888 474 6769 and I will put on a cougar fucking clinic for you.

Cougar Phone Sex with Sierra

I love all kinds of men, and regardless if you are submissive or dominate I just know you would have to agree that cougar phone sex is very appealing. I’m mature, sexy, experienced, a switch (submissive & dominate, spontaneous and a slut as well. I also love all kinds of cocks. Big, small and somewhere in between. I just love making them hard for me. There was a time when I said that older men catch my eye. But here lately I would have to say that men younger than me are also very appealing. Especially when it comes to those MILF fantasies. I’m a open minded woman who often steps outside of the box. When you are with me you will find that I’m also very detail oriented, and pay attention to what you like.

cougar phone sex

I’ve been known to be a home wrecker. And when it comes to turning your head my way I’m one of the best! Between my sexy clothing that shows off these big bouncy tits, sexy long legs, and perfect ass I don’t know what will make you want to start stroking more. Not to mention my experienced cock sucking mouth and addicting pussy. When you add my sexy sultry voice to that then I just know you will cum confessing all of your secrets to this cougar phone sex slut. Some women are jealous. That’s because I will do all of the things they wont do. Being sexual is in my nature. Just as knowing exactly how to make you wrap your hand around your dick and start stroking it as well.

My mission is to make you cum harder than you ever had before. I never stop until I get what I want.

So regardless of what kind of man you are just think about seeing me outside in an outfit that makes your cock rise to attention. Think about me having the house all to myself as I give you an eye full of this firm ass, big fucking tits and my sexy curves that you can’t take your eyes off of. Maybe you are spying on me as I’m in my bedroom. What would I be wearing to get your eyes on me? How long would it be before you are ringing on my doorbell? And if you are shy, how long do you think it would be before I’m knocking on your front door ready for you to let me in. Do you want to dominate and control me? Or do you want me to dominate and have my way with you? I will bring you to your knees and have this panty covered pussy right over your face.

Do you want to lick, kiss and slide your tongue between my creamy pussy? Maybe you want to worship my perfect ass and have it right in your face to kiss, lick and stick your tongue deep inside. You may want me to take what I want and climb on top and ride you like a cowgirl. You could also be the type to bend my sexy ass over and spread these creamy long legs and slide your hard cock in either hole you choose. I’m kinky, dirty, sinful, and seductive. I will make you so happy you forget all about “her” Regardless of how much I know or how experienced I am, yours truly is a complete and total slut behind closed doors. I’ve also been known to be one in the public as well. It’s just so exciting and dangerous. I’ll also have you calling out my cougar phone sex name the next time you are fucking your wife or girlfriend.

So please, give me a call. Let me make that cock rock hard. If it’s large and in charge then do what you will. But if it’s small and pathetic I’ll be the one having my way with you. Gosh did I say how much I love humiliation and everything that comes along with it? I’ll let your mind ponder on all the things I love. And when you call this experienced cougar phone sex lady you can tell me just what you like. I’ll give it to you so good that you cum back for more….

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Cougar Phone Sex with Carla

Cougar phone sex with a 50 year old big titted horny woman; what could be better than that?! I just love some younger cock and I know you love this hot mature pussy. The best part of living near a college town is the never ending supply of hard and virile guys. And horny cocks. I have been called a predator more than once in my life and staking out my prey at the local bar is one of my favorite hobbies. Sure you can buy me a drink, but I probably won’t drink it either, but you go ahead and have another (but not too many, I’m not interested in some limp whiskey dick!).

cougar phone sex

You can’t help but notice my huge 40FF tits popping out of my extra tight sweater. My nipples are always hard and you can’t help but stare. When I brush my hand against your leg and you feel my long nails dig into your thigh, there is no mistake in what I want. “Come home with me” I whisper in your ear. My hot body pressing up against yours, my hand now giving your cock a quick squeeze through your pants. We can barely keep our hands off each other in the parking lot, kissing, touching, and hurrying.

Cougar Phone Sex

I can’t wait to get my hands and my mouth on your hard fat cock. My panties are soaking wet in anticipation. Your hands have been feeling up my titties since we left the bar. As you pull my breasts out of my sweater before we even get out of the car, I’m pushing your face down between my sexy thighs. I can’t wait another minute as I’m grinding my sloppy cunt all over you face. You can’t wait any longer as you drag me out of the car, and bend me over the hood. Ripping my panties off, I feel your throbbing fat cock teasing my fat pussy. Fuck me, just fuck me already, as you don’t hold back and pump that sweet dick inside me.

And so much more. My panties are wet just typing this. Call me for cougar phone sex. 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Carla.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Remy

I need a guy with a big thick hard cock to help me shame my hubby on cuckold phone sex. Do you think you’re the man for the job? Your part is very easy. Just show up with that beautiful dick for me to suck and lick and fuck right in front of my husband. I’m going to trick him into thinking I am about to fuck him so I can convince him to let me strap him down to the bed naked. Then I’ll open the door and in you walk with your huge throbbing cock and balls. Hubby will be propped up on pillows so he doesn’t miss a single thing you’re doing to me. I want you to fuck every hole, have me gagging on your dick, and then ram it in my ass and finally my cunt.

cuckold phone sex

Fill my holes with thick creamy spunk until I’m overflowing! Then I’m going to squat right over his face and let it all drip into his mouth. He might try to fight it but I’ll hold his nose closed so he will have to open his mouth to breathe, and then I’ll force him to guzzle down all of your cum leaking from my ass and cunt. I can only imagine how hard he’s going to punish fuck me later for making him my cuckold phone sex bitch when I finally untie him. But see…I love it when he unleashes all of his anger onto me with a good hard vengeful pounding! Judging by the way he slams his dick in me with such force makes me think he actually gets turned on by being my cuckold phone sex slave.

Call me anytime that you want to fuck a cuckold phone sex slut like me! Just dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Remy.

GILF Phone Sex with Zoey

I have a confession to make tonight. I was not always the mature, uninhibited, kinky GILF you see here today.I was raised by very stern Catholic Italians. Right off the boat no less. I was taught to be modest, humble, wait for marriage for sex, and all that other stuff. If my Nana knew that I was having GILF phone sex on my living couch she might roll over in her grave but that’s ok. I like to cause a stir. I’m not you’re a typical GILF. I’m a horny old lady that loves to have fun and have sex. I live a real-life cuckold life with my husband. Sure was raised to cook good food and serve the man of our household but I take that to a whole new level. Come on who doesn’t love a hot older woman who can cook you a good meal and then suck and fuck you like your the last man on earth?

GILF phone sex

I take 50 shades of grey to a whole new level. Who am I kidding I have never read the books or saw the movie. Not my type of thing. But my gal friends have told me wild stuff. Yes, they all know that I have a need for phone sex all the time. I think there jealous in many ways that I not only get attention from men young and old when we go out but now on the phone too. Just the other day there was a young college looking man staring at half unbuttoned shirt when I finally got to go to the casino. So I was showing off my black lace bra and I have a great body for being over 50. I wanted him to just take a leap and reach over and touch my tits as they were busting out. They wanted to be touched too. Been a while since a younger firm hand touched my perky soft titties. Yeah, I may be over 50 but my tits are still nice and perky like they were when I was younger. Good genes I guess.

I’m happily retired now but I don’t sit around and knit or watch day time talk shows. I love having GILF phone sex from my couch and from my bedroom, the bathroom I even did it once in lil mutants new car in the driveway. Please don’t tell him that’s why his seat was wet.LOL. I’m a horny old gal, but this virus has put a damper on giving sloppy wet blow jobs, threesomes without my husband, getting fucked after bowling league with random young men from the bar area… what’s a girl to do?

Fuck myself silly when you call me that’s what! I love every minute of having phone sex. I will confess however I do love playing with my pussy after having sex with a man and he cums inside me. I love laying in the bed and touching the cream pie left behind and even rubbing my shaved pussy and clit with his cum until I cum again. However, a few guys have walked in on me doing this and were offended thinking they didn’t give me enough. That’s not the case I love touching myself and it’s so hot really. I told you I was a kinky old broad.

Willing to share a real-life sex story or fantasy with me? I would love to hear it while I rub my pussy. Want to hear about some of the wild sex I have had in real life while you stroke off? I’m game. I have a very dirty some times filthy mind. I love filthy real-time stories and I have a few of my own to tell too just ask me. I know I’m a horny kinda desperate housewife that loves quirky fetishes.

My husband still works and I’m home alone most of the time. Even when I am not home alone that don’t stop me I just go to my bedroom to play with my pussy. Get ready to have some hot and spicy GILF phone sex with a hot Italian. Call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Zoey

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Domination Phone Sex with Carla

Put on your panties, get your toys, because I’m in a mood for Domination Phone Sex. I love you to be in panties, and if they are panties that you stole, even better. I’m thinking your wife’s panties? Girlfriend? Rub those dirty panties in your face and make you smell like a dirty wet pussy. Shake your slutty ass like the bitch you are longing to be. I’ll make you put on a sexy show for me and for my girlfriends!

domination phone sex

Add a collar around your neck and a tight leash and treat you like my doggy bitch in heat. Plug that ass and spank you with a newspaper when you’re naughty. Imagine the fun if I made you go out and do your business in the backyard. Humiliating you is half the fun. The other half? Well, I do have a bit of a sadistic nature. Tie up your balls and make them turn purple and blue. A little castration maybe? After all, you’re a dirty panty bitch and why would you even need those balls?

Domination Phone Sex, using you like a dirty fuckslut

I hope you have something for that pussy ass of yours too. You will be stuffed and gaping and I’ll train you to be a filthy fucking dick ditch for my lady dick and my lovers too. I love to share my big black dicked (younger) lover. He gets off on sluts like you. When you’re bent over, ass in the air, and he’s gaping that hole like there’s no tomorrow, all he cares about is dumping his load in a cunt like yours. When he sticks his dirty dick in your face, you know it’s your job to clean him all up. Slurp it all up and be rewarded with your very own load right down your throat.

Ready to be my dirty fucking whore slut? Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Carla for Domination Phone Sex, because I know just what you need.


Domination Phone Sex with Patty

I know my big, pretty hazel eyes and that long flowing blond hair and not to mention my sweet, sensual voice makes it seem like I am a total submissive sweetheart. Well, It’s time to prove your ass wrong! I can be sweet and loving, but I love to dominate. Are you a bit submissive and/or looking for some domination phone sex? I am just the right girl for that!

domination phone sex

Welcome to my house, or should I say my dungeon where I keep and torture my men. You’re going to look so wonderful in those leather ass less chaps, oh and that ball gag in your mouth. What’s wrong? You can’t talk, he he Good. , now get on your knees and take my shoes off, then my stockings. Perfect, I have been wearing them all day long, and man my feet hurt. Now that you have them off, Start licking in between my toes and suck on them. mmmmm……that feels so good. Now beg for this pussy, I know you see its dripping. This tight, sweet pussy you want so bad. Go ahead, repeat after me, “Mistress Patty, may I please have that pussy?” mmmmm….Beg some more and I will think about it. That’s a good boy, now lick my pussy really good, yes just like that. I see your dick so hard right now, and I know you want to fuck your mistress so bad. You have to get begging more and more for that. Okay fine, now that you sound like a little whiny bitch you can fuck my pussy, but I get to whip your ass 6 times. He he I know you liked that. Go ahead an make yourself useful and tear this tight pussy up. Oh god yes, feels so good. Now blow that warm hot load inside of my pretty pink pussy, but beg first,

You were a good slave, and the sex was amazing. Looking forward to some more hot domination phone sex. Call and ask for Patty, I look forward to making you my bitch.

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