Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Patty

I am, always have been, and always will be a cheating wife phone sex slut. I can’t help it. My husband is SERIOUSLY lacking when it comes to dick size and I just got tired of never being satisfied. And it’s not like I hide the fact that I cheat. He knows and he stays anyway. I mean, he knows how lucky he is to have a hot trophy wife like me, so he doesn’t want to give that up. He doesn’t get to fuck me, of course, but every now and then I let him watch me fuck a younger stud, and that seems to really do it for him. I’m glad it does, because it’s not like he would be getting anything else from me.

cheating wife phone sex

I choose to cheat on my husband with younger men because… well, why not?! They love me and I love their huge dicks and their stamina. And they are usually so willing to do whatever I want them to do because they are 18 years old and so horny they’d do anything just to get their dick inside my pussy. And those tight bodies that looks so good on top of mine? Mmm.
Do you have a cheating wife phone sex fantasy that you want to share with me? Maybe your wife cheats on you because you are lousy in bed or maybe you have a tiny dick like my husband does. I guarantee you – if she’s cheating on you, it’s because you deserve it for one reason or another. I’d never have cheated on my husband if he didn’t have a tiny dick, and I’m sure your wifehas her reasons, too. I want to hear all about your wife and her cheating ways. I want you to get your phone and dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Patty for cheating wife phone sex.

Cream Pie Phone Sex with Zoey

It seems I have a few fans of my morning cream pie phone sex calls. I figured give you all a smile and a hard-on today and tell you a little bit more about my weekly real cream pie calls.

cream pie phone sex

Once…ok sometimes twice a week I go over to my friend Jessie’s house early in the morning for some coffee and whatever pastry she has made for her small family that week. I met Jessie a year or so ago when she joined our pool league. Perky younger married and very much Ms. Suzy Homemaker. She was great to talk to and I had started coming over a morning here and there to enjoy her company outside the bar. But then I met her younger hubby and he loved flirting with me. You could tell in his wild eyes that he would love to act on his flirts.

Soon flirting turned into him rubbing my leg under the table to his reaching his hand under my skirt to rub my leg. Then one day while she was tending to there child he slipped his hand under and touched my pussy. I even caught him a few times at the table in front of her smelling his hand. I knew right then and there I was going to have sex with this younger married cutie pie.

Shortly after that day something naughty and wild started happening. Every once in awhile there one child would miss the morning bus to pre k. So as she rushed to get the kid there on time. We started having quickies in their bedroom. It was quick but its good to be rammed by his young cock. He tells me he will do anything to have me on the bed he shares with his wife.  He turns down the tv and shuts the door over for privacy. Their bedroom is right next to the driveway so we can hear her pull in as he’s normally pulling out.

It’s hot and forbidden. It does help he’s a sweetheart and looks like a younger country singer. He always cums in me and a lot too. I started playing with my cream pie pussy one day in there bed. She had a flat tire and I stayed there at the house while he went to save the day. Out of breath from him fucking my pussy so hard. I was still very horny and laid there with my skirt hiked up to my hips. Touching my pussy already so wet from him fucking me and then his cum inside my pussy was a feeling that got me even hot and bothered.

Cream pie phone sex was not a term I knew until I went home one day and turned on the phone. I was so darn horny and needed to cum again after his naughty fucking. while she was gone. My caller wanted a kinky real sex story so I told him what had happened that very morning now that I was home on my couch. And he loved the thought of me touching my shaved wet cum covered pussy for him. He loved hearing how wet and gooey it was as I held the phone up for him to hear the noises my pussy made as I fucked it with my purple dildo.

So I go over there weekly and this happens a lot hehehe to my great enjoyment. So if you love hearing real-life sex stories or want some hot cream pie phone sex you to know who to call LOL. Me Zoey  🙂 
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Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Gypsy

Who’s going to be better at tease and denial phone sex than someone who made her living as a stripper? Let’s face it – anyone who knows anything about the business of stripping also knows that those women make their money off tease and denial. That’s all the dance is. All night long women move as the music pumps, using suggestive and erotic movements to excite their audiences and tease them with their gorgeous bodies, but all night long, denial is the true name of the game. Even if you pay for a lap dance, you still don’t get it all. Well, most of the time, but that’s the point, right? Even in tease and denial phone sex, there’s no guarantee that you will get off in the end, but there is a guarantee that it’s going to be hot as fuck along the way!

tease and denial phone sex

How much torture can you take? I want to know how long you can handle the dance of the phone sex tease. I want to know if you can really hold out, and for how long, or if you’re going to give in right away and beg me to let you cum. I don’t think you can handle it for very long – most guys don’t have that kind of self control, but trust me, honey, I would absolutely love to test your boiling point. I want to know how many licks it takes to get to the center, how many times I can bring you to the edge and then stop you before you beg me for release. I’m going to want to hear you  beg before I even consider saying yes, so practice your begging voice before you call me for tease and denial phone sex – the more desperate you sound, the happier I’ll be.

And the happier I am, the more likely that I will say yes. Maybe.
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Stocking Fetish Phone Sex with Cora

I love slipping into a nice pair of stockings. Not only do I look sexy in them, but just the feel of the smooth silk against my legs just makes me immediately horny. And then when I slip into a pair of heels, too… well, let’s just say that whoever is around at the time is going to get the fuck of a lifetime. And when you call me for stocking fetish phone sex, it’s a safe bet tat you’re going to get the phone fuck of a lifetime.

stocking fetish phone sex

When you call me, I want you to tell me what it is that you love about stockings. Do you just find the sight of a woman in sexy lingerie really hot and exciting? Does the feel of the silk get to you like it does me? Or maybe there was an older woman in your life who used to wear them and you just love thinking about her while you jerk off. Any of those options are totally awesome and I’d love to talk to you about any one of them. Or maybe all three of them combined – that would be smoking hot! I love giving men exactly what they want and make their fantasies come true. It’s just as hot for me to give as it is to receive and I guarantee you’ll hang up from our call and be really satisfied.

Are you ready to give me a call for stocking fetish phone sex? I’ll slip on a nice pair for you and we’ll talk about all of the naughty fantasies you have. I can’t wait to hear exactly what it is about stockings that gets your motor running. Why don’t you call me at 1 888 474 6769 and let me make all of your stocking fetish fantasies come to life?! I’m waiting.

Size Queen Phone Sex with Remy

What do you consider to be an amply sized dick?  As for this size queen phone sex slut, anything under 8 inches is not worth my time. Seriously, I get hella pissed when a guy wastes my time with a wee peen. I’m not looking for average, and I damn sure would never accept a tiny cock.  All you tiny dick losers with 3 inches or less should just crawl under a rock somewhere and give up already.  Micropenis, it’s a cute word, but sad AF when one is hanging off of an otherwise good looking guy.  There’s no hope for you.  You have to know that.  Your mama might love you but you don’t have a shot in hell with this size queen phone sex bitch. 
size queen phone sex
Do you know what happened to the last guy who pushed up on me with a 6-inch cock?  I stuffed that pathetic fucker in a cock cage, forced him to wear a diaper and sit in the corner sucking his thumb while I let massively hung strangers come in and watch then take a few loads of cum all over his face.  Now if I did that to a guy with a 6-inch weeny, what do you think this size queen phone sex whore would do to you losers with even smaller pinky dicks? I’ll be honest, most likely I’d tie him to a chair naked and just forget about him until I am covered with jizz inside and out. I would only acknowledge your presence when it’s time to clean me up.  I hope you’re hungry because that is a lot of spooge you have to lick off of me.  Think about that before you approach me and think you have a shot with this size queen phone sex girl.
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Adult Baby Phone Sex with Sierra

There are a lot of submissives who know how open minded and sexual I am. I’ve been known to be the nurturing adult baby phone sex seducer, the sensual naughty MILF, the home wrecking slutty cougar who is a husband and boyfriend stealer, the sexy flirty step mommy ready to make your cock extremely hard like no other, and the dominating mistress who knows how to get you on your knees.

adult baby phone sex

Whatever your fantasy may be, I can tell you that I’m the kind of woman who will make you excited the moment you hear my sexy seductive voice. You tell me that you are the kind of submissive who loves it when a woman knows how to take good care of and nurture her adult babies. What are you wearing right now? A romper? A onesie? Or something a little more girlie like? Maybe a sissy dress? And of course your favorite diaper as well? I can’t forget about the extra’s like ankle sock booties or a ruffly bonet and cute matching baby shoes. You may be sucking on your baby bottle or pacifier waiting for my nipple. You always prefer that over the others. Are you anticipating when I am going to open your door and walk into your room? Whatever will I find you doing in there? Are you rubbing yourself against your diaper again? Are you ready for me to tell you a bedtime story which I know will make you oh so happy that you cant help but ask permission to touch, pleasure and find yourself falling into dream land? I have to admit that my stories are often very naughty and sometimes dirty as well.

Are you feeling thirsty? I can’t help but notice the way you keep looking at my full big breasts. I happen to be lactating right now too. Nothing is sweet and more delicious than the milk that comes out of my breasts as you wrap your warm lips around my nipple to supple on. So come, lay your head in my adult baby phone sex lap and suckle on my warm delicious milkies. We both know that it’s so rich in flavor that you may find yourself making a big poopie mess in your diaper. So before you fall off to sleep I may have to clean and change you. Then comes another one of your favorite parts, and that is me nurturing,  touching and caressing your favorite parts that you cant get enough of me rubbing and massaging.

I often notice how excited you get when I’m walking around in my really short skirt and tops that show off my big bouncy breasts. I’ve also caught you looking at the way my panties hug and snug my pretty pussy lips. If I really want to get you excited sometimes I will be half dressed and showing off my bare perfect tits. Sometimes I find you touching yourself in your bedroom. What are you thinking about when you do so? You know how much I love to hear your thoughts and what’s on your mind. I know how much you love it when I bathe  your body all over. You also love it when I lye you back in my bed to powder and lotion you all over. I often find my soft hands and fingers rubbing you on your favorite spots. There are at least 3 I can think of right now. Do you know what they are? It’s usually when my soft hands are between your legs rubbing baby lotion and putting baby powder on your private parts.

I know you think and fantasize about touching me when i’m changing you and getting you all cleaned up. Maybe you want to caress my big breasts. Or maybe you want to find your hand sliding against my soft panties. There may be other naughtier things you think about doing as well. And I’m sure you get the idea. I just don’t want to get you too excited and have you make a cummie mess all over yourself or diaper if you are wearing one right now. This adult baby phone sex woman will always direct and guide you on how to touch and stroke yourself for me. (That’s if my soft hands aren’t doing it myself)

All of my babies out there regardless if they are panty boys, sissies, submissives or those who just want a nurturing woman or experienced babysitter who knows how to take care of you weather it is innocent, really naughty, or somewhere in the middle know to bring themselves to me when their diapers need to be changed. And as I’m changing them, some confess that when they dream at night they think about their hard penises finding their way into something very snug. Do you know what that is? But shhhh it’s got to be our special secret for no one else to know. So get ready to get your favorite pull up or diaper (if you are into wearing them) and get ready to share your adult baby phone sex fantasies with me right now. If you are good I will tell you one of your favorite bedtime stories and snuggle right up next to you. Who knows what might happen…But one thing is for certain is I will always make sure you are dressed in your favorite baby clothes, cuddle with you, feed you my delicious milk from my full breasts, give you baby food, change you, bathe you, nurture you and make you feel so good you will want to come back for more.

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BBC Phone Sex with Cora

If you know anything about me at all, you know that this cougar slut LOVES BBC phone sex. Yes, there are older black men who absolutely know how to fuck my white cunt. But what I really love is when those younger black studs really fucking pound me. They are eager to please and are really happy to be finally getting white pussy. As much as white women love BBC, those black men love our white pussies. It makes for a really nice fuck every single time.
BBC phone sex
There are times that white cocks have totally disappointed me (more often than not) but I’ve never once been disappointed by a big black cock. Like I said, I love younger black studs. When my married girlfriends tell me that they are really looking into getting fucked by a black cock,I always tell them to start with a younger man. They can get to the more experience black cocks later. But even those younger guys know how to fuck. I think they are just born with the instincts on how to fuck white women.
I also love telling my cuckold sluts to get down on their knees for younger black cock. Can you even imagine how humiliating it would be for a 40 or 50-something year old man to get down on his knees to suck the cock of an 18 year old black boy? If your pathetic excuse for a cock got even a little bit hard at the thought of that, then you should really be dialing your phone already. You NEED to talk to me. You’ve never known humiliation like you will know with me.
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BBC Phone Sex with Remy

So fess up — do you have a thing for BBC phone sex whores with crazy hot bodies, just like me?  Well, you’re in luck because you sure found a hardcore size queen big cock loving tramp to take care of all your needs.
BBC phone sex
I’m such a freak for big black cocks that I even go to an all-black bar and get my BBC phone sex kink satisfied with some hardcore glory hole fucking a couple of times a week when I don’t have anyone lined up.  I’m kind of famous there.  Every time I walk in, all the black studs fight to get to the glory hole stall first.  They all want a turn at my sweet tight cunt or mouth, whichever I am offering up that night. Even though I’ve gotten to know most of the guys who hang out in this bar pretty intimately it’s thrilling not knowing who exactly is the one pounding my creamy cunt. All I see is an ebony monstrosity coming my way to service. Sure, they may know my face, but they don’t know my name and I never ask theirs.  It’s way hotter not knowing anything about them other than that I see them there all the time, and that most likely their big black schlong has pounded the fuck out of my pussy.  And my God do they have huge cocks!  This BBC phone sex slut has never been disappointed, not even once.  Every black dick that has slid through that hole in the wall into my wet hole has fucked me until I’ve squirted all down my thighs.  Sometimes multiple times!
Do you want/need to hear more about my BBC phone sex adventures? Give me a call at 1 888 474 6769 and make sure you ask for Remy.  I’ve got lots to tell you!

Cuckold Phone Sex with Zoey

As many of you know I live a real-life cuckold lifestyle. I am a mature sexy trophy wife that loves my current hubby is a cuckold. He loves watching me in person fuck other men but when he’s away which he is a lot of the time he likes me video call him so he can watch his wife get banged by my flavor of the week. I guess I’m kind of a real-life cuckold phone sex expert because I live the lifestyle every day.
cuckold phone sex
Wouldn’t you love to watch your wife lay fully naked on the bed you both share each night and spread her legs wide. You love seeing her lay there rubbing her clit in a hard circle motion while enjoying her own touch. But then as you watch her video call from your office you see a man come into the room and you know fully what’s about to happen. Nothing you can do from the office but watch and enjoy what you are about to see.
I find that some cuckolds like to suck cock for me before he fucks me. A few have loved to be present and stroke there cocks while I’m getting fucked. Now I have enjoyed in real life a lot of cream pie play. But here’s the thing not only has my husband ate my cream pie. I had a threesome with my hubby and a girl that is in the league with us. Nothing but a  sexual relationship and that works for all parties.  This woman loves my cream pie. So here is how sex with us normally works the foreplay goes back and forth between all of us and some times she will eat my pussy.  He always fucks her first and me last, don’t know why exactly that’s the way it always has been for the last three years we have been having sex together.
Now the first time she ever ate my creamy pussy hubby had got up out of bed and she got right between my legs and started touching my sticky pussy and then started eating that fresh cream pie. I never ever ever had a girl eat me like that before. It was wild and very hot. She does it almost every time we have sex together she says she loves the taste of both of us together.
No matter what turns you on cock sucking, fluffing, cum eating, cream pie eating of just the whole sexual appeal of it all. I would love to help make it all come true for you on a cuckold phone sex call with me. No restrictions no judgment at all what are you waiting for call the cuckold phone sex queen.
1 888 474 6769 and ask for Zoey
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Panty Boy Phone Sex with Patty

Have you been sneaking your wife’s panties out of the drawer and wearing them when she’s not around? If the answer to that question is yes, then I think you’re the perfect person for panty boy phone sex. Maybe you just love how the satin and lace feels up against your dick. You probably like to rub your dick through those panties, don’t you? And I bet you have even been known to make a mess in those panties. Has your wife commented on how she has no idea how she goes through so many panties? She probably has no idea that her husband is into wearing them. What do you think that she would say if she found out? Would she be upset or would she use your little “game” for her amusement?
panty boy phone sex
I’m the kind of wife who would totally use you for my amusement. If I found out you were secretly wearing my panties, I would take it further than you ever dreamed it would go. You just thought you had a panty fetish, but I would turn you into a sissy who does a whole lot more than wear panties. I think you would definitely need some stockings and a bra to match your panties. I think you’re also going to need a pair of fuck me pumps. Don’t worry, you’ll learn how to walk in them.
But dressing up isn’t all that’s going to happen. If you’re going to start dressing like a woman, you’re going to start acting like one, too. We’ll start with having you suck my strap on. Then I’m going to fuck you with it. But that’s all leading up to you sucking and being fucked by a real dick. Don’t want to? That’s too bad. You should have thought about that before you started wearing panties.
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