size queen phone sex with tina

size queen phone sex

Much to your dismay I must admit that I am a size queen.  Little dicks just don’t do it for me.  I like to hang with the big boys.  I have a caller that takes supplements to make his cock grow.  It keeps getting bigger and bigger, and I keep getting wetter and wetter.  Playing with him has caused me to love size queen phone sex.  I tell him how many pills to take and then he measures it for me after his work out.  It’s so excitingly sexy to hear how big it is…every day a little bigger.  Sometimes a lot.

I can’t imagine letting a small cock anywhere near me now.  I’m so spoiled by his huge throbbing stick that oozes cum for me all the time.  Knowing that makes my mouth water, not that I’d be able to fit it all in me.  My pussy is deep, but not that deep!  That’s ok, because I’d do my best to take it all as he stuffs it inside of me.  I guess now that I’m into size queen phone sex I’ve become a cock snob.  It’s not my fault, it’s just what I like.

You tiny dick boys are welcome to clean me up when I’m finished with the real men.  That’s the best I can do for you.  I’m so addicted to huge cocks now so that’s the best I can offer you.  But you wouldn’t expect me to play with something so tiny, now would you?  You know your place…on the sidelines wishing you were big enough to participate in size queen phone sex.  Poor thing.   I don’t blame you for crying.  Maybe you can put on some panties or something to amuse me.  You’re about as useful as a sissy if you ask me.

Call 1-888-474-6769 for size queen phone sex.

Yahoo:  tinatursuon
AIM:  tina_turnsuon

Spanking Phone Sex with Carla

spanking phone sex

I am a strong believer in spanking phone sex and it is one my specialties. Naughty boys need to be spanked. And I show no mercy! I will spank you with my bare hands and leave the beet red imprints of my firm hands on your bare ass during an otk spanking. Or I will get out my flat wooden hairbrush and use it like a paddle and whack your bum for a little domestic discipline. Confess what you did or I will spank it out of you, you disobedient little naughty boy! I don’t care if I make you cry, in fact, I love your tears and that is always my goal when spanking your bare bottom.

We can role play your most wicked spanking fantasy. Or I will tell you how it’s going to be here at the strict private school. I introduce myself as the new Head Mistress and a strong believer in corporal punishment. Or now that your new step mommy has arrived and taken over the household. What better way to enforce my new rules with a good, hard, over the knee bare bottom spanking. I bet you didn’t know that my ladies who lunch group has a spanking slave that we use and abuse during our lunchtimes. I know of these spanking fantasies is making your dick hard isn’t it? You love spanking phone sex as much as I do!

I have spanked men till they orgasmed right while I was giving it to them over the knee. Then I made them lick up their mess off my sexy stockinged thighs. Maybe you’re a pain slut or maybe you like the control that a dominant woman takes over you when she decides to spank you. You can tell me all about your spanking fetish and desires when you call me for OTK Spanking Phone Sex. Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Carla!

AIM  – MILFCarla4u

spanking phone sex with cora

spanking phone sex

Hot MILF Cora knows that you need a good ass spanking phone sex session! You’ll never be too old to be taken over my knee. When you’re being a bad boy for me you’ll be placed right over these thighs for a good spanking. There will be random times that I will spank you for the hell of it. So…technically spankings aren’t based off of your behavior! *Giggles* You see,  I know you enjoy it and I can relate because I too enjoy spankings. I hope your ready for me because I’ll show no mercy on those cheeks of yours.

You see , I have mastered what a good spanking means. I will start out with my soft bare hand slaps, slightly on the lighter side. I will gradually increase my slaps and the pain will intensify over the next several minutes. Let’s just say if you like it a little more on the rough side I got you! Let me bring out my chains, paddles,whips and cane! I hope you can handle this type of intensity because once I get started the tears will start flowing.

With spanking phone sex role plays we can expand our horizons! There’s just so much we can do. I can be that authoritative figure that used to spank you while growing up or I can be a hot MILF that wants to just punish you for the fuck of it. Remember with me I can be soft and sensual with you or show you absolutely no fucking mercy! Pick your poison sweetie. The best part is I will snuggle with you afterwards and assure you everything will be ok.

Are you ready for your spanking phone sex session? I know I am…Pick up that phone and call me now!

AIM: SultryCora
Yahoo: SultryCora4U

BBC phone sex with jackie

BBC phone sex

Do you want to know when I am at my best, and horniest?  It’s when I have a Big Black Cock or BBC dick inside of my mouth, and I am deep throating the shit out of it.  And I want you to know I want to be able to take all of your BBC inside of all of me, both my pussy and my ass. There’s no better time for me than when my hot, wet, and sticky pussy is to be met with a big old piece of BBC that is NOT my husbands.  O My God!!! I’m talking about a nice big phat cucumber BBC  that slides right between these juicy pussy lips of mine making my eyes roll back in my head while my husband sits on the sidelines and whimpers like the bitch he is.  Yes, that’s what I’m talking about – the ultimate BBC phone sex.

You know the kind where you have the Dick of Your Dreams, who’s BBC is larger than life, not literally, but in every other way possible, and who fucks you 10 ways from Tuesday-Sunday for a damn good hour or more while sorry-ass hubby can do nothing but touch himself — if I even allow that — while he squirms and whines as another man, and that would be you, My Darling,  devours his wife’s pussy, the pussy he wished he has no claim to whatsoever.

Yes!!! That’s exactly the kind of BBC phone sex  I love to engage in … That and having both sets of my lips have their way with you.  You’d like that won’t you, my Darling.  Of course, you will.  In fact, I promise you that you are going to love it.  And if you’re as good as I know you’re going to be, I just may let you fuck the shit out of my mouth while fill up on all you have to offer.

Baby, I’m talking about the BBC phone sex cuckold fantasy of a lifetime so don’t make me wait a minute longer for the BBC.  I can taste it now while holding the phone to my ear.  And just so you know my hubby will be crying real tears now knowing that you, not him, will be devouring this sticky pussy.  Hell, he just may want you to devour him as well.  Do you think you can handle that?  I can’t wait for you to call so we both can find out.

Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Jackie so we can have the absolute best and hottest BBC phone sex talk of your life.

AIM: Ebony_Jackie4u
Yahoo: EbonyJackie4u

size queen phone sex with suzanne

size queen phone sex

There are so many of you guys out there who find the fact that I am a size queen phone sex slut really hot. And the best part is that it’s usually losers with tiny little dicks who feel that way. I mean, I can’t say that I personally understand why anyone would want to be humiliated, but to each his own, I suppose. But while I don’t understand it, I AM pretty glad that there are losers like you out there. It’s so much fun to tell you how you’re not good enough for me.

All this humiliation doesn’t just happen over the phone when guys call me for size queen phone sex. I have a couple of guys in real life who like to be told they aren’t good enough. My husband is one of them. He gets to hear every single day how his dick could never be good enough for me. He never gets to fuck me. I mean, after all of the big black cocks I’ve been fucking, it’s not like I would even be able to feel it inside me anyway. I need a cock that is at least 8 inches and he is barely half of that.

Do you have a teeny cock and want to be humiliated while I tell you about all of my size queen phone sex adventures? Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Suzanne!

small penis humiliation phone sex with Sadie

phone sex

Like most phone sex ladies my first experience with small penis humiliation came off the phone. I will never forget poor Collin’s embarrassment when he was paraded around in front of all of my friends and I. My girlfriend Nina had told Collin that he had a cock like she’d never seen before and wanted to show him off to her friends. She told us how she had him thinking that his cock was pretty impressive and he was excited to have us all see him. She brought him over to her place where we were all waiting for them. Nina wasted no time and pulled the unsuspecting victim’s pants down to reveal his astonishing three inch erect cock. We all gasped and remarked about how right she was, we’d never seen a dick quite like that. We just left out that it was because we’d never seen one so tiny.

I don’t know how in the world she convinced him that he had a nice sized cock, I guess he was a virgin that hadn’t seen many real cocks up to that point. After that night he saw plenty of real cocks though, going in and out of us while he watched in shame. Do you like the shame of size comparison in small penis humiliation? I love it, I love showing small dick guys just how tiny they really are compared to the best cocks around. Those big fat cocks that make my pussy feel so amazing are the perfect way to show you just how pathetic your dick really is. You should be thankful for men with big dicks to make sure women like me get the pleasure we deserve. I’d also get into making you use a dildo on me while you rub your clitoris sized nub in some panties. You deserve nothing less than small penis humiliation phone sex with a mini prick like that.


humiliation phone sex with remy

humiliation phone sex

I have so much fun doing humiliation phone sex calls because that is straight up real life for me. Often when I am getting ready to go fuck one of my bulls,  I will stop so that my cuckold can lick  my pussy. It  shows me that I run his shit and just how much he respects and fears me.  And while I am sitting on his hungry face, I tell him exactly what I plan to do to that big cock I am preparing to fuck.  Things that I would never do to my pathetic cuckold slave.  Just think in a few hours that pussy will be getting stretched to the max around and much larger cock than yours. I mean its not much a competition is it though?  His cock  is at least twice the size of  your wee dick. When I let you put that tiny thing in me,  for laughs of course, it feels like a finger. It is ridiculous!  But when he puts his cock in me it feels like a baseball bat. Oh that got you licking faster, did that turn you on, you weak cuck-boy?  I bet you can’t wait for me to get home, so you can get that eager mouth on my well fucked cunt for some humiliating  clean up duty.  I think that tonight when I get back we can play and I will let you put your useless penis inside me so you can see how stretched I am. I love it how you just fall right now of me after I have been used by a real man. There is nothing like finishing a great night with some laughs.

So call me at 1-888-474-6769 for some humiliation phone sex of our very own.  I need to hear you cry and whine for me!

AIM and Yahoo: SexyMILFRemy

BBC phone sex with tina

BBC phone sex

I used to think that guys who called for BBC phone sex wanted to hear all about me taking a big black cock.  While that may be true for some, there are a whole lot more callers who want the black cocks all to themselves.  They crave getting their mouths and asses stuffed by a thick, hard, ebony shaft.  Little faggots salivating at the thought of it.  My job is to make sure they go through with it.  I hold their heads steady and get them to open wide.  For some reason they like to pretend they don’t want it, but it’s too late.  Once that big stud gets hard, he’s going to use whatever is in front of him.

You know, when the Cavaliers beat Golden State in game six?  One of my callers wanted to suck LeBron’s dick so bad.  You guys are so imaginative.  Not only did he suck, but he got his faced slapped with that hard man mean and then got it rammed up his ass.  It really helps if you have a big black dildo when you call so we can make it as real as possible.  I love hearing guys cry out as their assholes get reamed.

I do have to say that hands down the best BBC phone sex is when the guy actually has a black guy in the room with him.  I like to talk to him, tell him what a beautiful piece of chocolate he is and get his BBC raging hard.  Then I listen as he impales that slut, showing no mercy at all.  The screams, the grunts, the cries are all too much for my pussy to handle.  Everyone is having a great time in this scenario, and that’s why I love BBC phone sex so much.  We all hang up satisfied.

If you crave BBC phone sex, give me a call and let’s play together.  1-888-474-6769.

Yahoo:  tinaturnsuon
AIM:  tina_turnsuon

size queen phone sex with suzanne

size queen phone sex

If a dick isn’t at least 8 inches long, I don’t want it. Yes, I am fully aware that the fact that I like big dicks makes me a size queen phone sex slut. I am very proud of that. I mean, let’s get real for a minute. Why would anyone be proud of liking small dicks?? Exactly. They wouldn’t.

I really do enjoy laughing at small dicks. My husband, for example, is one of my most frequent victims. He started out as a loser with a small dick, and now he has a hot wife who laughs at him all of the time. So, there is hope for you to have a hot wife… just don’t expect to get to fuck her. I do also have other losers from time to time that I humiliate, but my husband is my favorite. He has come so far, really. He started out in the corner crying while I got fucked by a big black cock and now he begs to have it himself. And he does have it quite frequently. He himself has turned into a black cock loving size queen! He tried to tell me that he was a size king LOL There’s no way he is the king of anything!

Do you want to hear about what a size queen phone sex slut I am, or maybe tell me how much of a size queen you are? Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Suzanne!

MILF phone sex with cora

MILF phone sex

Tell me, does your cock begin to stiffen and throb at the mere thought of MILF phone sex? I just know it does:) Do you begin to think back to when you were younger and had that one friend with a hot mom that everyone always talked about and that every guy you knew wanted to fuck? I just happen to be that hot sexy Mom! I mean just look at me, tight body, nice tits and ass! What else could you possibly ask for.

You just can’t help yourself when it comes to hot MILF phone sex. Especially when you have a sexy ass mom like myself.  I know you’re getting so turned on just by the way you are checking out my sexy pics. You can’t help but stare at my perfect tits. All you keep thinking about is how you want to grab, kiss and suck on them. Just like all I can think about is grabbing something stiff while we have MILF phone sex! You’re going to be my young boy toy and I can’t wait to play.

What is really fun with is seducing a younger guy with a MILF phone sex fetish. It’s so much fun teasing you as your hard cock throbs and begins to ache because you can’t contain yourself for too long. Younger men are always so eager to get into your panties and start fucking right away before they blow their load. What people don’t realize is when I take a younger guy, he will generally get off several times when we fuck! When I’m done with you, MILF phone sex lover, your balls will be drained and we will both be completely exhausted! So if you have a hot mom fantasy give me a call because I’m ready to fuck your brains out!

AIM: SultryCora
Yahoo: SultryCora4U

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