Cougar Phone Sex with Cora

Last time you contacted me for cougar phone sex, you got a nut busting experience you didn’t expect. My mature pussy locked itself around your cock and milked you of every ounce you had. Even after you came, I took you into my mouth and traced letters around the tip, making you come back every evening for more. I know it’s hard to resist a woman who knows what she wants and knows exactly how to get it. I have a special surprise for you for our next encounter.

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I’ll invite you to my secret place and fuck your entire mind. As soon as you enter, you’ll be taken back by the relaxing ambience while your cock twitches in your pants waiting for the next step for our evening rendezvous. I’ll walk seductively towards you as I instruct you to have a sit on the sofa. While I blindfold you, your palms get sweaty and your breathing gets heavy as you begin to anticipate what I have in store. My cougar phone sex gets better as I guide your fingers into my forbidden love hole and allow you to search for my g-spot. My body begins to tremble as you get closer while my juices flow down below.

Before I climax, I remove your fingers and put them into your mouth so you can taste my sweet nectar. As I look over at your pants, I see your cock has practically busted out of them so I allow you to release him. I tell you to grab my hands and guide me to your cock for cougar phone sex. Once I’m on him, I go up and down making the ride even more slippery as my juices fall to the floor. You love the fact that I’m in control and that you can only feel what’s going on and not see a thing.

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Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy with Carla

You read that right, I specialize in lifestyle cuckold phone sex therapy. What makes me an expert on this topic? I have been living life as a Cuckoldress to my cuckold husband for over 20 years now. It started simply as me being a cheating wife. Sex with my husband was never good, he has a small, a very small dick on top of it. I married young and for money. At the beginning it was a lot of sneaking around and lying, both things I hate. When my husband found out and confronted me, it was not an easy time for us. By this time I really did love him, and I know he was still head over heels in love with me. Divorce wasn’t an option and neither was neglecting my sexual needs.

cuckold phone sex therapy

This is my real life, not fantasy. At first we played together. He jerked off watching me with lover(s). Cream pie, fluffing, panties, strapons, and more were all part of our kinky cuckold sex life for a few years. Nowadays he’s content to just hear about my sexual adventures and that’s okay with me. But I will caution all you men who have fantasies about seeing your wife with other men, be careful what you wish for! I haven’t touched my husband’s cock in years. Why should I bother when I have real man cock to satisfy me? The same could become truth for you too, especially if your wife’s lover is bigger and better than you.

You say you already think she has a lover? Does she come home after a night with the girls and make you down on her? Notice how different she tastes next time. She’s probably more aggressive with you too. Taking her pleasure and leaving you with nothing but blue balls. Oh maybe she’ll jerk you off or let you rub your dick on her ass, but now she’s making you lick up your mess after. You can sense the changes and as much as it excites you, it makes you nervous too.

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Kinky BBC Phone Sex with Suzanne

I don’t think it’s a secret that I love BBC phone sex. But sometimes I need more than just a black cock – I need to get kinky. One thing that I find super kinky is to have a gang bang with a bunch of big black cocks. I mean, three to four of them is way better than one, right? Right.

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I love having my boyfriend Steve rent a hotel room for the weekend and bring a bunch of his friends over. It’s like a revolving door of big black cocks. And my shrimp dick husband does NOT get to come along for these adventures. Nope, he has to stay home and just wonder what I’m doing. It’s so funny. He always tries to call and text when I’m away for the weekend, but I never answer him. I know he’s just hoping that I will respond to him with a picture or video, but I never do. No, these times are just for me and my lover and his friends. I mean, he was nice enough to get a bunch of guys together to fuck me, so the least I can do is make sure I give them ALL of my attention.

Do you want to hear about how much I love those BBC phone sex adventures? I would LOVE to tell you. Maybe you have a big black cock of your own. Or maybe you’re a loser like my husband and you want to hear a story about something you would NEVER get to participate in. I’m looking forward to telling you how unworthy you are! And let’s be honest – you’re VERY unworthy.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Annette

You come home from a hard day at work only to find your wife fucking the young mechanic right in your bed. You stand there totally stunned at what you are seeing but at the same time you are so turned on. Your cock is reacting and throbbing while this younger stud is fucking your wife, when she suddenly looks your way and smiles. Cuckold phone sex is something like this you get to watch, listen or hear about how your wife or girl friend fucking other men. They usually like to humiliate you while you are watching them first she would point out the fact that he can stay harder then you. She may even tell you how much bigger his cock is compared to yours. This is while they are still fucking right in front of you he may ask you to pull your little cock out and stroke it just to laugh at you. Cuckolding men are usually left to stroke themselves off with no help from their wives or friends.

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By now they know that you are getting so turned on watching them fucking that you don’t care what they say to you. They could degrade you all they want you just like seeing her taking a really big cock. You wouldn’t even mind if she had several men fucking her kinda like a gang fuck. Its all good to you, but after you do feel so stupid and belittled that your cock isn’t what she needs or wants any more. That is why you need to call me and tell me all about her fucking ways and how you are so into being cuckold.

Wake up and know there are two kinds of men real men with big hard cocks and freaks like you with small useless cocks like yours. When you realize where your place is call me at 1 888 474 6769 for some cuckold phone sex and ask for Annette.

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Fetish Phone Sex with Remy

I am not your average MILF.  Yeah I meet the requirements of the definition.  I am mature and most men would love to fuck me, but I have a lot of freakiness in me as well.  Vanilla is fun and all, but not always my style.  Once I learned to walk on the wild side I found that it suits me very very well. That is why I love fetish phone sex so much.  I have always said, I will try anything once, twice if I like it.  And I usually love it!

fetish phone sex

Fetish phone sex can be so many things, we are limited only by our imaginations.  And I don’t know about you, but my imagination sure can get up to some hot and steamy craziness.  I know just how to take care of adult babies, CBT, BBC, feminization, humiliation, shrinking, the list can go on and on.  My focus is always to find out what it is that turns you on and to make that happen for you.  You never have to feel timid or too nervous to open up and tell me exactly what your kink is.  I will always be   open minded and super willing to do anything it takes to get you off.   If you can’t tell me your secrets, you can’t tell anyone.  It is not like I will run into you at the grocery store or at the mall. With me you get total discretion with your fetish phone sex call.

So call me at 1 888 474 6769 and share your secret desires with me.  I will always be here to satisfy your ever need.

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BBC Phone Sex with CJ

Lately it seems I never see my husband. I don’t miss him, though, to be honest. I don’t miss him because it just means that I have more time to have some fun. What kind of fun, you ask? The kind that involves a big, beefy black cock.With the amount of time my husband is away from home, i often wonder if I am still married. I was innocent, sweet and naive when I married him. I didn’t even know what I was missing, that is until I became a BBC phone sex slut.

BBC phone sex

Don’t get it twisted baby, I deserve to be spoiled, and i definitely deserve whatever I want. My husband, he’s just par for the course and doesn’t meet my meaty size queen expectations. Instead the most he gets is a nice black creampie meal when I allow him to sit in on one of my bbc phone sex sessions.

That saying about how once you go black you don’t go back is so true! I mean, I got my cunt fucked so hard it was gaping open with cum, and nothing else compares. Unless, you have a big, thick, beefy cock, nothing can pleasure this insatiable appetite for bbc phone sex.

If you had asked me a year ago, I would have told you my husband was all I needed.I was so young, and naive. Let’s be honest, black cock is the best kind on the market. It’s undeniable that any other kind just won’t do. So, my husband is my cuckold house bitch while I get the pleasure I deserve in my black lover’s arms. I know that you are growing more and more curious now aren’t you? Did you think I didn’t notice the flagpole rising in your pants? It will be more than rising when you call 1 888 474 6769, and ask for CJ, your BBC phone sex slut.

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Sadie


When I think about the cheating wife phone sex calls that you horny guys are wanting it gets me so curious. I think about your wives and what they are out doing or who they have over to do when you’re working. One too many late nights and she is bound to look for that attention and satisfaction from someone. You know it and you’ve seen it happen to other men all of the time. Your colleague have confided in you about their slutty wives that were sleeping around on them. You know that you really should sympathize with them about what a dirty tramp she is, but you get so aroused when you think about it happening with your wife. The idea of another man touching her, kissing her neck, squeezing her nipples and bending her over should drive you nuts. It does drive you nuts, but not for the reason that you think that it should. It makes your dick unbelievable hard to think about her getting it from another man behind your back.

cheating wife phone sex

Cheating wife phone sex can make for some highly enjoyable roleplay. I’ll be your horny wife that has had enough of solo nights with her battery operated boyfriend. The way you end up finding out can be up to you or I can decide if you want. Do you think it would be more exciting to have your wife just confess to you that the reason that she looks a mess when you get home is because the neighbor has been fucking her senseless all afternoon? When you get hard thinking about a cheating wife situation do you envision walking in while her guy is making her scream and pant and cream all over his massive hard cock? You can even watch while he make me cum over and over, makes me drip down onto my thighs while he takes me over and over. How do you like the sound of that?

call horny housewife Sadie for cheating wife phone sex

Impregnation Phone Sex with Alanna

I never knew that impregnation phone sex could be so kinky! I’ve been thinking of something hot and wet that I could enjoy for a while now but couldn’t find something that would suit me. One night before I went to bed, my panties were filled with my juices and the smell of it all just made me want to cum. I must have drifted off to sleep because before I knew it, I was being held captive in a ship filled with creatures from another life form.

impregnation phone sex

I heard them talking in some other language that I of course couldn’t understand, but what I did figure out is that they were wanting to breed on earth. They had pictures all over their spaceship that showed babies and explained how they needed to keep their legacy alive by breeding with humans. I couldn’t believe it but for some reason I was turned on by the idea of impregnation phone sex so I went along with it. One of them came up to me and began stroking my face. He then took his fingers and put them inside of my already juicy center making me cum within seconds.

The other aliens stood there and watched in amazement as he guided me to mount him and ride his extraterrestrial cock. I’ve never experienced anything like this before but I couldn’t get enough! It was so squishy and satisfying that I rode him until I came another three times. I knew he was loving impregnation phone sex because after I came for the fourth time, I felt something huge being shot into my pussy. All I heard was laughing after that before they took me into another room to be fucked some more. I couldn’t wait to feel some more alien nut bust inside of me!

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Cougar Phone Sex with Patty

I love this time of year. Summer is the best time for a cougar phone sex slut like me. The pools open and even though I have one at home, I like to spend a little bit of time at a public pool just to round up some 18 year old boys to fuck for the summer. All I have to do is put on one of my super sexy bikinis and lie by the pool and wait for the younger men to flock to me. And they do every single time. I always ask them to rub sunscreen on my back and their hands always make their way to my side boob. And that’s when I casually mention that I have my own pool and that it’s a lot more private than a public pool. I tell them that my husband is gone a lot for work and that I always have things that need taken care of around the house. I think they were smart enough to realize that I needed to be taken care of, too.

cougar phone sex

The first time one of the boys from the pool came over, I greeted him at the door wearing a bikini that left little to the imagination. Let’s just say we didn’t make it out to the pool until after he fucked me senseless. I love those 18 year old cocks. Always hard, amazing stamina and the recovery time is next to nothing. They might not be very experienced with their fucking, but their willingness to learn and please an older woman like me more than makes up for that.

Do you have a cougar phone sex fantasy that you want to talk about? Or do you just want to hear more about mine? All you have to do is call1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Patty.

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Sensual Mature Phone Sex with Carla

I love sex and I love to make love. I love to kiss and touch every part of your body and make you feel like the most special man in the world. When you call me for a sensual mature phone sex call, you will be getting a woman who knows all about being a woman. I was raised in a time when a woman dressed like a lady in public, stockings, skirts, blouses and soft silky lingerie. I was taught from an early age that a woman’s priority is to please her man, both in and out of the bedroom. I know things have changed since then, but when it comes to sex and the bedroom, this mature woman will always please her man.

mature phone sex

Just lay back and enjoy our sensual mature phone sex session. Let me do the talking while you stroke your cock just the way you like. Or even better, close your eyes and let my voice be the guide. I’ll start with soft kisses on your lips as my tongue tickles the tip of your tongue. You’ll hear about my soft fingers and long nails caressing your neck and your back. I hope your nipples are sensitive too, because I like to pay them extra attention. By the time the back of my hand brushes up against your throbbing cock, your entire body will feel alive with sensations that you never knew were possible. I want you to feel your orgasm not only in your cock and balls, but your entire body. Trust that there is no place on your body that you won’t feel my sensual touch. And don’t be afraid to ask for more or less. When it comes to making love, I want to know what makes you tick and where all your special places are!

For sensual mature phone sex, call Carla 1-888-474-6769

AIM – MILFCarla4u

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