cheating wife phone sex with tina

cheating wife phone sex

When I was married, my husband was probably the most inattentive person in the world.  Honestly, I could have set my hair on fire and he probably wouldn’t have noticed.  I thought something was wrong with me, and I craved to be touched.  I tried to be loyal, but after so long without sex even the mailman looked like a pork chop and I was a hungry cat on the prowl.  When I started having cheating wife phone sex, it changed my life.

I was a little intimidated at first, but once I started chatting with guys that were as horny as me I couldn’t hold back my excitement.  I felt like I was the belle of the ball and everyone wanted to take a twirl on the dance floor with little ole me.  I played the field, too.  There was no way I was just going to get one, I wanted to taste the rainbow of cocks.  The big black Nigerian, the handsome Greek, the all-American guy, the sloppy Jamaican.  They all had their own way of making my body respond.

The excitement of cheating kept building.  I’d sit and chat with guys on the sofa next to my husband.  I didn’t have to worry, he wasn’t even remotely interested in what I was doing.  That alone gave me a thrill.  As my confidence grew, I didn’t just rely on cheating wife phone sex.  In fact, guys started propositioning me everywhere.  My real estate agent gave it to me real good at a property I was looking at.  A guy in a coffee shop approached me, took me to a nearby hotel and dragged me by the hair to the bed.  A business man on an airplane rubbed my cunt and made me cum as we made our descent.  It’s like I had FUCK ME written on my forehead, and I was all for it.  I finally felt alive.

I bet you love sneaking around, too.  I know you want to feel alive.  Call me for cheating wife phone sex and we’ll get off without getting caught.  1-888-474-6769.

Yahoo:  tinaturnsuon
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cuckold phone sex with phoebe

cuckold phone sex

I remember when I married my husband. I was a young girl then, excited at the prospect of marriage and having that wonderful sex life I always dreamed of. I didn’t realize years later I’d be having cuckold phone sex on top of having cuckold sex involving him.

He was such a wholesome boy, not wanting to even lay a finger on me sexually until we were married. Being the young naïve girl I was at the time, I didn’t realize why he didn’t want to. The truth was he didn’t want me to know about his tiny little cock. I don’t even know if I should call it that. Instead I’ll say it like this: I wouldn’t have ever married him if I’d know the truth. He didn’t have a cock, what he had was a tiny little man clit.

I dropped that good girl act immediately. He no longer deserved to have me act like his personal slut at all, not even for the night. I started dating him because he made big buck and he looked decent. I didn’t know he’d be such a disappoint in the sack. I told him right then and there that his tiny cock wouldn’t do anything for me. It devastated him. I had him eating out the palm of my hand the whole time we were dating and he was completely in love me. I knew he’d do anything not to lose me. So, when I said I would be fucking other men besides him, he agreed quickly. I said, “don’t worry honey you can still be involved with it. You can watch me fuck all those big cocks and we can have cuckold phone sex together. You’ll just have to deal with all the attention I’m getting babe.”

Even though his cock is so pathetic, I’m glad we got married. He does everything for me, helps me get every cock I want, and I get to relax and have all the cuckold phone sex I want. It’s my ideal marriage where I get to do whatever I want. If you have a small cock like his, you’ll get the same treatment.

If you want to hear more of my cuckold phone sex stories or talk about our cuckold fantasies together call me at 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Phoebe.

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cuckold phone sex with cj

cuckold phone sex

Hey there boy toys! I have a new kind of favorite call lately… I love it when I get cuckold phone sex calls! They make my sweet, tight slit so wet and creamy! Why wouldn’t they be my favorite? There are plenty of losers out there to humiliate and enslave. I mean think about it…. The whole reason you losers call is because your pebble discks are so pathetic that no woman or man *evil laughter * will let you anywhere near any of their hot slutty holes. That is why I know your secret; you want to watch…. You want to see and be part of the group of big black thick cocks that stretch my slit as far as they can. You like being humiliated and told how pathetic you are now don’t you? That is why you call for cuckold phone sex!

What could be more steamy and sinsational than watching five or six hungy black guys slam every single hole I have got! The only other thing that makes my pussy creamy is lots of cum dripping from it for all of you pathetic tic-tac losers to lap it up. I mean it is not like you deserve anything other than to become my slave to watch… over and over and become my cuckold phone sex bitch!

Shit! Even your wife thinks you are pathetic bitch just like me. She too, goes out like I do to get her pussy stretched just like mine. Not only are you my cuckold phone sex bitch, but you are mine too! *evil laughter*

You are always crying like such a stupid little bitch, I mean it is not like you are a man or anything. Your dick is worth nothing, how do you get it off after all? You will spend eternity lapping up the cum of all the seconds black men leave behind. Fuck! Even my husband has a bigger and thicker cock than yours! Want to know all about me and your wife and our cuckold phone sex ways? Ask for CJ when you dial 1 888 474 6769 for sinsational cuckold phone sex you pathetic loser!

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cougar phone sex with marie

cougar phone sex

I think it’s just a shame that just when a woman is hitting her sexual peak most men can’t keep up. That’s why I’m such a big fan of cougar phone sex. I need a hot young stud that can keep up with me and fuck me all night long. I don’t need some limp dick guy that has to take viagra to keep it up. Where’s the fun in that? Besides being so very horny almost all of the time, young men also are very eager to please. I work as a teacher assistant at the local college because I’ve found that it’s prime hunting ground for men. There is never any shortage of hot eager young studs that are lined up at my desk begging for some extra tutoring once class ends. I size those studs up during class to see which of them looks like they have the biggest bulge and those are the ones that I lavish my special attention on. Once the classroom has cleared out I hop up on the desk and let my eager student lift my skirt up around my waist and take my panties off with his teeth. His very first and most important lesson will be in licking pussy. Now if he does a good job at it and keeps his hands off his dick I just might reward him with a special blow job. I don’t want him getting distracted by his own sexual needs when he is learning the art of pussy licking cougar phone sex. If he proves to be a quick learner and has self control he will be more than rewarded with my very talented cock sucking skills. I’m guessing that no matter how much self control he might think that he has, our first time together he won’t be able to hold back long enough to feel my tight wet cunt wrapped around his throbbing rock hard shaft. That will happen in time though and because I’ll be taking my time teaching him every step of the way, it will be far more satisfying for the both of us when that time finally cums.

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small penis humiliation phone sex with annette

small penis humiliation phone sex

I’m a nasty, bitch that loves to humiliate small dick guy’s that is why I love small penis humiliation phone sex. Knowing you are sitting there with a little 3 inch or smaller penis in your hands makes me laugh my ass off. I think wimps like you should not even be counted as a man because you differently do not have a real  cock. I know girls with clits bigger then your penis how fucking sad is that. I can just see you holding it with such pride and thinking your little dick is something special  hahaha. I say you have nothing but a “little tiny weenie” that would never please any woman. Itsy bitsy dicky is what you have how pathetic is that sounds like a fuckin nursery rhyme. I have no use for little dicky guy’s and I get off laughing and humiliating them every chance I get.

If you think I’m going to be nice and comforting to you well think again loser I never liked small penis guy’s they are just freaks of nature to me. A total fuck up is what I think of when I think of small penis humiliation phone sex callers. You have to be really stupid to think I would ever find your dicky appealing or sexy at all. I like real men with real cocks that know how to please a woman not sick little dicky like yours. I know you will never find a woman who would suck, lick, or even fuck your small little dick. You know they only laugh at you and call you names so you may as well just call me loser because at least with me you know I will make you cry  hahaha.

Call Annette 1-888-474-6769 for some small penis humiliation phone sex! I will never hold back and I will make you cry.

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cheating wife phone sex with ashton

cheating wife phone sex

Let me reveal that I have a cheating heart.  I’m a cheating wife phone sex slut and I give in to all of my heart’s desires.  A ring on my finger doesn’t stop me from getting the naughty sex I need.  Never has, never will.  I have always had this instinctive feeling that a monogamous relationship wasn’t for me. Even as I was primly walking down the aisle in my pretty white wedding dress, I knew that I was going to cheat on my husband.  It was just going to be a matter of time and a matter of whether he’d catch me doing it.  Some men don’t mind if they have a sexy wife who bed hops with other men.  They get into being cuckolded because they know they aren’t adequate between the sheets.  Or they get aroused by their wife being a slut.  I’ll tell you more when you call me live.  I’m sure you’d like to hear about some of my hottest sexual encounters since I began sleeping around on my hubby.

Cheating wife phone sex should be a mega turn on for you.  Knowing that you are having sex with another man’s wife should be the ultimate  aphrodisiac.  Perhaps you cheat too? Then you will be cheating with me.  It’s so exciting, isn’t it?  We can have a completely  secret relationship.  Your wife won’t know that you have a nasty girlfriend who fulfills all of your sexual needs.  I’ll be right here for you.  When you see me available, that will mean I’m ultra horny, so pick up the phone and get with me.  It will excite me to hear the phone ring and know that another man is calling because he wants me.  I crave being wanted and desired which is why I put up such slutty photos of me on this phone sex site.

Call Ashton at 1-888-474-6769 for cheating wife phone sex

AIM and Yahoo: analslutashton

small penis humiliation phone sex with marley

small penis humiliation phone sex

Is your dick small? Have you measured that little flap lately? Don’t worry sweetheart, I will do that for you. I always have a ruler ready before I decide on who I will allow into my personal cookie jar. I guess that’s why I simply adore small penis humiliation phone sex. I get to put you in your place, and have a good laugh while doing it.

Let me explain the rules of fucking a Goddess like Marley. The moment I lay the ruler out, which by the way, I have color coded for losers and such, the 5-inch mark is labeled in red. Warning, warning, you are not getting anywhere near my snatch.  6-inch is hot pink for “You’re a bitch and we all know it” 7-inch is yellow. You just skidded past the no man’s zone. 8 inch is green. You can fuck me, but you will have to cough up some green to do so. 9-inch is black, well we all know what that’s black, don’t we? 10 and above is blue for the blue ribbon fucks. You deserve the award for the biggest dicks. I know some of you are asking why I start at 5, and not 1. Do you really need to ask this? Anything below 5 inches is getting fucked, not doing the fucking. I have a 13 inch strap-on for those losers.

I love to laugh, insult, and destroy all the small dick losers, so if you have an inadequate cock, beware. I am not going to cuddle you into thinking you can fuck me. I will make sure you leave wiping your tears and hiding that waste once again. Cum on boys. I have the ruler ready for some measuring. Call me for small penis humiliation phone sex at 1 888 474 6769!

Yahoo: NoLimitMarley
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cuckold stories with tina

cuckcold stories

Hello boys.  Stop scrolling and spend some time with me.  I’ll tell one of my cuckold stories about my friend Doug.  He’s one of my favorite cucks because he’s so eager to eat cum.  Sometimes we chat about it and he oozes precum out of his dick right there in his office.  Can you imagine that?  A strong powerful man eating his own jizz just because I suggested it?  Makes you wonder what your boss is doing behind closed doors.

This weekend I hosted a little gathering at my house.  My current girlfriend and boyfriend were in attendance and they invited some of their friends, and of course I invited Doug.  He added so much energy to the party because he’s so charismatic and charming.  After a few hours of drinking, dancing, and mingling, the party started to take a naughty turn.  I told one of my favorite cuckold stories in such vivid detail that everyone was getting a little squirmy.  At this point Doug slid up behind me, pressing his cock against my ass.  I knew he was so eager to really get this party started.

I had him undress me in the living room, and soon everyone was following suit.  My boyfriend took my pussy first, his huge cock spreading my lips open wide.  I was on all fours and Doug positioned himself underneath me, taking care of my clit while I got fucked.  He didn’t seem bothered by the cock pounding into just a few inches from his face, he just licked and sucked my clit until I exploded.  My boyfriend finished at the same time and when he pulled out I knelt over Doug’s face and pushed all the cum into his mouth.  What an eager fella, moaning and begging for more.  Once I pushed out all I could, he pulled me down and stuck his tongue hungrily in my hole slurping up as much residue as he could.  My boyfriend was standing there with cum still on the tip of his cock, and like a really good cuck Doug cleaned him up, too.

Once people in the room got the gist of what was going on, they’d call Doug over after they finished fucking.  He looked like he was in heaven cleaning cocks and cunts all through the night.  Every time he finished he looked at me for approval, and he got it.  That night, he worked his way to a permanent place on the guest list to all my future sexy parties.  Doug, the cleaner.  It’s a title he so enjoys.

Want to hear more sexy cuckold stories?  Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Tina.

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BBC phone sex with Sadie

BBC phone sex phone sex

OK, I’ll tell you all of the things that your cheating wife is holding back on. She won’t tell you how your cock isn’t enough for her anymore or that it was barely enough for her when you all met. She is too nice to tell you that she craves the big black cock that your buddy has and that is why she has that big black vibrator that she uses whenever she is alone. It’s not just your friend’s BBC that she is after either, she wants to be a complete whore for BBC. That man that moved in your neighborhood a few months back? Yeah, your sweet wife has been checking him out and thinking about getting nailed by him. Last week when those two delivery men came to put in the new dryer? She was dying to have them tag team her until she was drenched in cum and satisfied like never before.

Virgins might want an average or little-dicked man but real women want a real cock, real big thick hard cock. Your little pecker might impress someone that hasn’t had any experience. It almost impressed her when you were dating. I did say almost because that big black vibe that she cums all over? It’s not even her first big black toy. There is no way that your pathetic white boy stump is going to make her squirt like she wants to so why don’t you be a good man and find her a BBC to really enjoy. How about asking that buddy of yours what he thinks about your wife? Too close to home for your comfort? You should take her out to the club dressed like her ass is for sale and watch the guys drool over her until you find the right guy to make her feel like a woman. Get out there and find her a big black cock to fulfill her needs, or at least give her the go ahead to make that fantasy come true.

1 888 474 6769

hotmilfsadie yahoo or aim

BBC Phone Sex with Carla

bbc phone sex

As you know, I am enamored with black cock and I simply love BBC phone sex. I love putting inferior (little dick) men in their places and I also love telling them about how much fun I have with those huge black cocks. And boy, do I have some new things to tell you losers with tiny dicks.

A little while back, I met this 20 something black man. I knew instantly when I saw him that I had to have him. I am kind of shameless, so I just walked right over to him and told him that I wanted his big black cock in my mouth. I handed him my phone number and turned around and walked away. It took him all of 5 minutes to text me. I had a feeling that he liked mature women such as myself. I was right.

I met up with him that night and he fucked me until I could barely walk. When I got down on my knees and saw his big black cock, I was in awe. I’ve had a lot of them in my life, but his cock is one of the biggest and blackest I have ever seen. I wrapped my mouth around it, well most of it, and I greedily sucked it until he shot a huge load in my mouth. And even then, I just kept sucking. I wanted him hard again so he could fuck me. I needed that big black cock inside me. I wanted to be fucked hard and I wanted him balls deep in my pussy. I got it and it was fucking amazing.

The next time we met up, I got a little bit (or actually a lot) more than I bargained for. He showed up with a friend and all afternoon, I had two big black cocks fucking my mouth and my pussy. It was the most incredible afternoon I’ve had in a really long time.

If you want to hear more of the dirty details, all you have to do is pick up the phone and call me for BBC phone sex and I’ll be more than happy to tell you everything. Call Carla at 1-888-474-6769

AIM/yahoo – MILFCarla4u

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