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That’s right. Say it out loud. Wrap your mouth around that phrase, just like you’re dying to wrap your mouth around the real thing. Big black cock. It’s delicious, isn’t it? What? You don’t know? Trust me, honey – it is the best thing you’ve tasted in a long time! Everyone loves big black cock these days, and there’s a reason why. Well, there are as many reasons as there are inches, and anyone who has had one will agree. In fact, anyone who has had one either has had more or wants more. It’s like a potato chip – you can’t have JUST one. You want more and more and more. Big black cock. It’s addicting as fuck. Even though there’s so much of it, you can never get enough.

The other night I did my best to get my fill. I heard from a guy I had fucked in the past a few times. All smooth dark chocolate, his big black cock is about 11 inches long, and I’ve had a lot of fun with him in the past. This time when we were making plans he mentioned having a friend visiting from out of town. I asked him to send a pic, and sure enough he was a hottie! Pure milk chocolate, a deliciously smooth muscular gym rat, and very cute. Miss Beth is also a cougar, and both of these guys are in their early 30s. I said “sure, bring him over…let’s have some serious fun!”

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Cougar Phone Sex with Cora

Just take a nice, long look at me. I have a body that was made for cougar phone sex. And trust me when I say that I have the dirty mind that matches it. I even have some taboo thoughts that I can’t even tell you here – they are that dirty. But when you call me, I will tell you all about the dirty things I’ve thought about and even some that I’ve been lucky enough to actually do.

cougar phone sex

But what I can tell you about is that I LOVE breaking in 18 year olds and turning them into the fuck machines that every woman wants, whether she would actually admit it to you or not. Men aren’t the only ones who like to date people half their age. Women do it, too. And when you’re as sexy as I am, those younger guys just flock to you. Of course, I have quite a reputation for being a really good teacher when it comes to all things sexual. I never even have to go out looking for younger studs to fuck – they come to me by way of referral. I just sit back, stay sexy, and wait for them to show up at my door when my husband is at work. Sometimes I even sneak them into the house at night while he’s asleep. I totally get off on the risk of getting caught and so do the younger guys I am fucking.

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Small Penis Humiliation with Gypsy

Oh honey, you’ve gotta know that a girl like me has seen a lot in her life. I’m only still in my 40’s, but the life of a showgirl is full and fast. I’ve seen a lot of nightlife, I’ve seen a lot of parties, and you can bet your cute ass that I’ve seen a LOT of cocks. I have danced at burlesque clubs and in casino shows, but just like most showgirls, I’ve done more than my fair share of time spinning with my legs wrapped around a stripper pole. And, also like most showgirls, I’ve done more than my fair share of time with my pussy lips wrapped around all shapes and sizes of meat poles. Once you’ve had that much dick, the last thing you want is something small and puny. If your cock is less than eight inches, don’t even bother to hit me up unless you’re looking for small penis humiliation. Seriously, buddy. Don’t waste my time.

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Stubby dicks are not my thing. I don’t care how good you are with your tongue – I love getting fucked, and I won’t enjoy it unless I can feel it. I mean, REALLY feel it. Baby carrots and baby corn are only good for sautéing in a wok, not for playing with. There’s just no satisfaction there – for either of us, really. I mean, I’ve been around the block, honey, and that little tiny dickie of yours isn’t gonna feel my walls squeeze around it. I need something filling – I’m a meat and potatoes kind of girl. I want extreme satisfaction, and being hung like an elevator button – fat and flat – isn’t going to get you anywhere with me. All you’re gonna get from me is the small penis humiliation you and your dippy dingle deserve.

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I love being a hot MILF phone sex slut. Well, maybe slut is a harsh word. I just like dick. And I like big young dicks. My stepson, as I have said before, is 18 and has a LOT of really hot friends. I started fucking his best friend and I guess word got out because a lot of his other friends started hitting on me… some in subtle ways, and others made their intentions quite known.

MILF phone sex

So, being the good sport that I am, I told my stepson to invite all of his friends over for a pool party. I went shopping and I found this super amazing bikini. I knew it would make them all so fucking horny. And to be honest, my pussy was getting wet while I was shopping. I didn’t know who would fuck me or how many of them would fuck me, but I knew I’d be getting pounded by someone.

It was really hot the day of the party. I don’t know if it was the actual temperature that day or being in the presence of so many young studs that got me so hot. No matter the reason, I was hot and even being in the pool wasn’t really enough to cool me off. I walked into the house for a minute but not before I made eye contact with one of the boys.

I went in and walked to the kitchen to get some ice for my drink. When I turned around, he was standing right behind me. He just grabbed me and kissed me hard. Before I knew what was even happening, I was up on the kitchen counter and he had his head between my legs. Oh my word! I don’t know where he learned to eat pussy, but he was certainly an expert. He made me cum so fucking quickly and then he stood up and pushed his dick deep inside me. I looked over and saw that another younger man was watching us so I hopped off the counter, bent over and they both put their dicks inside me at once – one in my wet pussy and one in my hot mouth. It felt so fucking amazing to be filled up with two 18 year old dicks. I’m a pretty good cock sucker and before I knew it, the one fucking my mouth pulled his dick out and shot his hot load all over my face. That must have been too much for the other boy to handle because that was about the time he shot his load deep in my pussy. Mmm.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Remy

Can you really blame other guys for wanting to fuck me? Look at how crazy hot I am. Men are always pushing up on me. Instead of being jealous, you should feel proud you have such a hot girl that everyone wants a piece of. What if I let you be my cucky on cuckold phone sex and you can watch me take cock from countless random guys with massive cocks? I might even let you stroke while you watched the big fuck fest. Maybe, if you are good I could suck your dick as I took some other guys big shaft deep in both my holes.

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I know how that cuckold phone sex can be smoking hot baby. What if you would show me how much you love me by sucking their dicks for me? Are you brave enough to do that for me? I bet you have been thinking about it for a long time. See, now that’s true love! You can be my fluffer and get them ready to fuck the shit out of me in every position and every hole. And who knows, maybe if you are turned on enough…you’ll let them fuck you too. But at the very least I’ll let you lick my cunt juices off their dicks once we both explode. I think a real man is confident enough to let his woman fuck as many guys as she wants to make sure she’s fully satisfied. That shows real love and devotion and makes her want to be with you forever.

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Mature Phone Sex with Deanna

Do you want to get off with this mature phone sex slut? If you answered yes, then pick up the phone call me now, because I’m wet, ready and have my hand between my legs, waiting for my phone to ring. I’m Deanna and I think we should get very friendly, don’t you? I want to hear your secrets, your fantasies and play with you with my voice. Make me your new addiction; one that’s very, very good for you; risqué, sexy, horny and hot.

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Your seductress is waiting to take you on some aural, freaky, sexy trips you have only imagined. Would you like some naughty, hand-humping playmate to burst that load all over? Right now let’s not worry about anything else; all I want you to do is unzip your pants and let that bulge free.Are you already hard for me? I get so turned on knowing that a big, thick, hard dick is ready to be stroked, while I purr in your ear, as my own fingers dance in my wet pussy. Let’s listen to each other moan. Would you enjoy Deanna giving you instructions on beating off? I’d be happy to give you detailed and guided instructions. Let’s start with pouring that oil over your shaft.

I want to run my tongue from your toes, up your body and all over and in between and fell that thick hard dick all over my lips and tongue.I want to feel that cock throb, your balls get tight with that cum and use that precum as my lipstick, while your dick aches. Lean back and close your eyes, and let this mature phone sex slut take you for a ride. Feel my tongue lick, swirl slowly ad taste all of you. Relax and let me devour your body. Let me take you, I dare you.

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Carla

I wasn’t always a size queen, in fact there was a time in my life when I just didn’t know any better. But that all changed with a very taboo experience and I learned that little dicks are useless. I’m going to tell you all about it on a size queen phone sex call. As you may already know, I’m married, and my husband is not well endowed at all. That’s a nice way of putting it, I suppose. He’s got a little worthless 4inch dicklet. Sometimes I call him “halfdick” because it’s half the size of what I’d find barely acceptable for a cock that’s going to fuck me.

size queen phone sex

Sure I like the little ones, but not for fucking. Ask my husband he hasn’t had this pussy in over 2o years and now he just doesn’t care. We’re of the mind what he doesn’t know about doesn’t matter. Sometimes he likes to get off to me touching his little halfdick while I share with him my latest conquest of big fat young hard dick. I’m a woman of a mature age and I found the best way to staying young is much younger dick. Those guys at the University down the street have exactly what this mature and horny size queen needs. I guess that makes my husband a cuck and me his Cuckoldress. And size queen. That is what started all this.

What can you expect when you call me? Anything and everything? I can tell you about my first experience after I was married with a real man cock. It’s kinky and taboo and I can only tell you on the phone! I’ll laugh and make fun of your shrimpy little teeny tiny and pathetic excuse for a penis. I’ll turn you into my clean up boy or my fluffer and if you still insist on fucking, I’ll pull out my favorite strap-on and give you the fucking of your life. Not what you meant? Hah! You didn’t really think I’d let you fuck me with your tiny dickie if I won’t even give my husband a mercy fuck on his birthday?!

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Slutty Wife Phone Sex with Zoey

My hubby and I have been married for 5 years. We are very sexually active and like to play with toys and also enjoy the company of a third person once in a while. There is nothing better than to watch your wife getting fucked and have multiple orgasms in his eyes. Trust me it’s an experience that will change the way you feel and look at your hot wife I can say after living this way for the last few years and him letting me play with another man. He totally approves of all the slutty wife phone sex I have.

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I enjoy having slutty phone sex whenever I can. He isn’t home a lot he works all over the country but that’s ok because I have full permission to have sex and phone sex with whomever I chose as much as I want. I enjoy talking to others and I have a very dirty and perverted mind as well. I love sharing my naughty stories and listening to yours while I play with my pussy.

I do have a habit of taking phone sex calls all over the house. Last summer I had some taboo phone sex out on the lake while vactioners were afoot. I have been known to fuck myself in my back yard on warm nights with the tiki’s being the only light to be seen. There was this one time I had mind blow phone sex on my couch and I left a huge wet spot. A friend of mine Lucy stopped over shortly thereafter and sat right on it without looking. Boy did I have some explaining to do.

Do you enjoy talking to the sexy yet slutty housewife? Someone who keeps it real and truly enjoys being dirty with you? I like things better when they’re downright naughty and a nasty. We can talk about anything and I do mean anything that gets your cock hard 🙂

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Suzanne

Have you ever heard that saying “once you go black, you never go back”? It’s true. And I love telling you all about how much I love big black cock when you call me for cuckold phone sex. I’m married to a man who is severely lacking in the dick department, so I have to resort to other lovers to get any kind of satisfaction at all. My poor wimpy husband’s dick wasn’t good enough before I had a black lover. He really isn’t good enough now. Sometimes I feel bad, but I can’t help that I love big dicks.

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Sometimes having cuckold phone sex satisfies me, but most of the time, I just need to be fucked. A couple weeks ago, I decided that I needed a new lover, but I didn’t want to go online and find one. That takes time and patience that I didn’t really have. Since I’m not keeping my infidelities on the down low anymore, I got all dressed up and I told my husband that I was going out with a couple girlfriends to a club. When he asked what my intentions were, I told him straight up that I intended to find a new lover that night. And I did.

From the moment I walked into the club, every man there was looking at me. I was looking pretty sexy, even if I do say so myself. There was one man that caught my eye immediately. He was tall, black and so fucking hot. I walked over to him immediately and struck up a conversation. I made it known that I was looking for a good time and as luck would have it, so was he. We went out onto the dance floor and I was grinding my ass all over him. I could feel that he was getting hard and I knew it was time.

I took his hand and we went into the bathroom and luckily it had a door that locked. Before we started doing anything, I called my husband up on FaceTime and made sure that he could see everything that was going on. Then I got down on my knees and wrapped my mouth around that glorious black dick to make sure it was nice and hard. Then I put my hands up against the wall, stuck my ass out and he started fucking me from behind. It was so hot knowing that my husband was watching us. Don’t worry, he got something out of it. I took him home a little creampie surprise.

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Panty Boy Phone Sex with Sierra

Being a sensual, seductive and cock teasing mistress I have to say that I just love panty boy phone sex. I have come across a good many in my lifetime. Not only on phone sessions but my real life experience as well. Quite honestly some just like to stroke in their undies, while others are more open minded and willing to be just as kinky, dirty, and naughty as I want them to be. Which leads me to a submissive that really enjoys cock punishment. I’m sitting here right now and I would have to say that he is one of the most willing panty lovers I’ve ever known. If I had the pleasure of bringing him into my home for just a day, the sky would be the limit on how he would serve me and my almighty mistress pussy. He’s also got so many fucking secrets that he shocks me with more and more. If I sat here and tried to share every single thing that I love about him I would be writing a fucking novel. So I will share some of my favorites very briefly.

panty boy phone sex

One thing that really stands out is how much guts he has and the risk he takes when he calls me at night time. His wife upstairs watching TV or sleep and him downstairs in her panties stroking his cock for me. That alone just makes my sinful pussy dripping wet. Not all panty boys and men in general will take the risk of calling while their wife or significant other is in another room. I just love to flaunt my sexy curvaceous body at him. Sometimes i’m dressed in silky lingerie. Sometimes lacy. There are other times when I like to expose my naked smooth pussy at him. It just makes his dick so hard. Sometimes when he calls me for panty boy phone sex he will dress up in his wife’s bra and walk around the house with his blinds wide open. There have been other times he has walked outside of his door where anyone could see him. One time I watched him on Skype and he grabbed a paperweight and was ready to fuck his kinky ass for me. There he sat on the edge of his chair with his dick loaded with lotion ready to stroke and ready to fill his ass for me. I couldn’t help but start touching myself all over when I saw him fucking that paperweight. My pussy got so fucking wet knowing how kinky he is for me.

The last thing I will share is when he has the house to himself he will be front and center ready to completely feminize himself for me. And why not? I mean he’s got the perfect body for it. So one of my motto’s are “if you’ve got it flaunt it.” I am defiantly not shy for showing off my body one bit. These big breasts, sexy long legs, and tight ass just loves getting the attention of others. And if I’m feeling naughty sometimes I love to flash my panty covered pussy at those who can appreciate a woman like myself. Right now i’m picturing him in some ultra sheer beige thigh hi’s or panty hose. A matching bra and panty set. A short skirt with a revealing top and some cum fuck me pumps for the perfect added touch. With a mistress like myself I also see myself throwing in some red lip gloss for sucking lot’s of strap on’s and making a rip in those pantyhose so he can stroke on command. Do you think i’m going to have him walk outside to his mailbox? Maybe walk down the street just knowing someone will see him? I just may. But a mistress like myself cant reveal all of my secrets. I can say that if I wanted to pimp panty girl out to all my fucking girl friends he would be the best candidate. But first with how obedient he is…. I would tell him to give me an unforgettable fucking tongue bath. To start off at my pretty toes and feet. And then have him make his way up these sexy long legs. And when he gets to my sweet bald delicious panty boy phone sex pussy and ass to just stop right there and serve me. I bet he has a talented fucking tongue and knows just how to lick me from my bald pussy back to my sinful ass as well. He could send me into a orgasmic frenzy.

The kinky dirty things he has done for me can go on and on. But I’ll let your mind ponder on just how kinkier he could possibly be. Do you like panty boy phone sex as well? Do you think you are just as kinky, dirty and ready to serve this mistress today? I can’t wait to find out!

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