Cuckold Phone Sex with Suzanne

Throughout my life, up until I got married and became a cuckold phone sex Goddess, I had some really bad luck with dating men and then finding out that they had small dicks. I guess some of them were just average and not really THAT small, but there was this one guy…his dick was no more than three inches when it was completely hard. I could not stop myself from uncontrollably laughing at him. My thoughts never went to “Oh, shhh. You’re going to hurt his feelings”. I did not care about that. Why should I care about his feelings when he didn’t seem to care about mine?! If he cared about me at all he never would have gotten that tiny excuse for a dick anywhere near me.

cuckold phone sex

I completely understand that you were born the way you are and that you can’t help it. You can’t make your dick get any bigger than it was meant to be. But that doesn’t mean that a woman like me wants anything to do with it. If you think I’m going to pretend like it’s big enough to make someone happy, you’re freaking crazy. You’re not going to go around pretending you can make someone happy with that thing. Not on my watch.

So you know I don’t like tiny cocks, but do you know what kind I DO like? That’s right. I love big black cock. You might have a small dick but you aren’t completely stupid, I guess. Have you ever watched a woman like me be plowed by a BBC? Do you want to talk about how that felt? Was she your girlfriend or your wife? I want to know everything.
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BBC Phone Sex with Patty

Hey guys. I love cock, as most of you know, but what you don’t know is I love BBC much more then I love white cock.  BBC phone sex is the best and it makes me so horny and my panties so wet.  The thought of a huge 12 inch or larger cock sliding it’s head right in between my legs makes me tingle inside.  My pussy is full of cream just thinking about it!!

BBC phone sex

I have this boyfriend, and well his ding-a-ling sometimes just isn’t enough for me at all.  He knows this, just as well as you know it.  The white cock has no comparison to the big black cock.  He gets me prepared for the BBC phone sex all the time.  Isn’t it just so sweet of him to do that for me?  I’m sure you want to know how he prepares me this way you can prepare me as well.  First, he finds me the biggest blackest cock for the night.  He calls him up, and tells him that I need a good hard fucking.  The guy comes over with his huge black cock dangling between his legs.  I make my boyfriend rip his pants off and get on his knees like a good bitch.  Thats huge cock is not fitting inside me unless its lubed up.  What better way to lube that cock up then with my boyfriends saliva. Watching that big black cock work in and out of my mans mouth gets me so wet and creamy.  I love seeing him gag and choke on it.  Then, he comes over to me and eats my ass out.  That’s right, he gets his tongue way up there in my ass hole and gets it nice and wet.  Then, he steps, or should I say crawls away and allows the real man to fuck me.  He bends me over, slaps my ass, throws one legs in the air and within 3 seconds he is thrusting his huge big black cock deep inside my creamy white pussy.

Why don’t you cum play with me and I’ll tell you all about it and we will have the most amazing and hottest big black cock phone sex ever. Give me a call at 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Patty!

Cougar Phone Sex with Sierra

I have to tell you that I just love having the reputation of being the trophy wife outside of my house and the cougar phone sex town slut behind closed doors as well. It makes me think of a time that I received a call from a gentleman who said he was a handyman. He could hear the smile in my voice as I said “my plumbing needs extra attention.” Then he said “Lots of backup huh?” I said “It sure is. That sticky cream really has a way of building up.” We both laughed a bit but I could hear the lust in his voice. See, this wasn’t the first time our paths have crossed. In fact he knows that my husband decided to take a second job. So that was the perfect time for me to open my door and give him exactly what he was looking for.

cougar phone sex

He was the kind of man that can appreciate a woman like myself who takes pride in showing off her body. I was dressed in my daisy duke shorts, low cut top, and a pair of sexy cum fuck me pumps. My sexy long legs, big titties, and tight ass was staring him in the face. He was ready for some dirty and very kinky sex. I have to admit that hearing his fantasy of being the handyman with a huge fucking tool had me so horny for him. I knew I was the perfect cougar phone sex slut for him. And at that moment I wanted a man who knew how to take control unlike my sorry sad husband. He also knows when I’m short on cash for payments  I just show a lot of skin and they forget all about money and want whats in front of them.

I looked at him seductively taking him by the hand. As we made our way upstairs my clothes started to come off piece by piece. And I was down to nothing but my sexy lacy burgundy thong. When we got to my room he smiled and said “are you going to have enough money to pay for my maintenance work today?” I said “I’m a little short on cash baby. But I have lots of better ways to pay if you know what I mean. In fact you when it comes to your favorite cougar phone sex fantasies you will find yourself saying fuck the cash and just fuck me instead!”

He had a hungry smile come across his face as he threw his clothes off. He pushed me down on my knees and I showed him exactly why I have the reputation of being the town whore behind closed doors. He could be just as dominating as he wanted to be and I didn’t hesitate to also take what I wanted as well. I made his meaty dick feel so good. Sucking, fucking, taking that hard dick in not only my very skilled mouth and pussy but my kinky ass as well. In fact with this delicious tasting pussy he licked, my big bouncy tits and other sinful body parts, he ended up leaving money on my table.

Oh how I love being a satisfying cum taking whore that not only him but you as well to call for your cougar phone sex fantasies.  What kind of session are you in the mood for today? Do you want to be my handy man ? Or maybe the UPS delivery man. You could also be my sons best friend or the sexy married stud who lives down the street. And if you want to turn up the heat you can also be my husbands best friend or even his older brother! I have to tell you I really have a thing for older men. I also have a thing for submissive men who loves a woman who knows how to control and get what I want ((((smiling sinfully))))

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MILF Phone Sex with Suzanne

Being a MILF phone sex slut is SO much fun. I don’t get upset when people call me a slut or a whore. It’s not a bad word to me at all. What in the world could be bad about it? I’m almost 40 and I can still get any man I want. Those younger men really love women like me. I’m old enough to know exactly how to make them happy, but I still look really fucking good while I’m doing it.
All the women in my neighborhood who don’t look like me hate my guts. It might bother some women, but it doesn’t bother me. They’re just jealous that all the younger guys don’t want to fuck them. They have old husbands who they don’t want to fuck anymore but they don’t look good enough to get anyone else to fuck them. That’s not my fault! Maybe if they’d taken care of themselves like I have, they would be able to get that younger dick.
MILF phone sex

And oh my god, that younger 18 year old cock is the most spectacular thing I’ve ever felt. They are as hard as a diamond and they can go ALL night long. There’s one college boy I fuck who can fuck me four or five times in a night. And if one 18 year old cock is good, two are better. Threesomes are one of my favorite things in the world. I can have a cock in my mouth and one in my cunt at the same time and it’s so fucking good.
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Panty Boy Phone Sex with Pamela

Oh hunny, what do you think you are doing in my room? No, no… I won’t let you get away with it this time around. This has been happening a lot lately, and I have come to the conclusion you must be a panty boy phone sex lover! Yes, you heard me, a panty boy!  You come in my room, grab a pair of my panties and jerk off with them, filling them with cum, then put them back into my drawer. Don’t you think I would notice the crusty sticky coating when I go to slide them on?  I have been giving this a lot of thought, and I think in order to understand why this turns you on so much, I need to watch. Yes, watch. You heard me, don’t just stand there, keep doing what you were doing before I walked in on you. Grab the panties, wrap them around your cock and jerk off. Actually here, I have something even better for you. Watch me as I slide off the panties I am wearing now, and hand them over to you. Now, smell them first, then lick them. Okay, now wrap them around your dick while I watch, mmmmmm.

panty boy phone sex

How does it feel to come out of the closet as a panty boy? I always knew you had a feminine side, might even be a sissy slut in you after all. Do you know what older women like me do with sissy sluts? Oh nothing bad I assure you, in fact it’s something we both can enjoy time and time again on every phone sex call. Let me show you what I mean. Turn around, bend over and get on your hands and knees. Oh yes, this is actually happening. I am going to fuck you like you have been dreaming about for months now, each time you jerked off with my panties.
Your next sissy panty boy phone sex adventure awaits with Pamela.

Cougar Phone Sex with Sadie

Men aren’t the only ones that like to get their paws on a younger partner. One of, if not the best thing that has happened to me was reaching cougar age. When I was in my twenties I thought that I was having the very best sex that a woman could have. My guard was down, my inhibitions were few and I never really struggled to have amazing orgasms with the men that I fucked. Nothing prepared me for how hot cougar phone sex is. Well, cougar sex, really. Having sex now with younger men who pop huge wood for my long legs and my round breasts makes me a happy, purring cougar. Men my age and older are still quite attractive to me. Now I have a wider range of cock to enjoy though. I want it all, and that means trying out hot stud cock like never before.

cougar phone sex
cougar phone sex
Cougar phone sex gets me ridiculously wet and once that happens it’s only a matter of time before I overheat and come. It’s alright though, I get the luck of being able to come over and over until my partner is dried out and spent. It takes a lot longer to tire a cub than an older man too. The benefits just keep on coming when it comes to being a hot older woman after young hard dick. Younger men like having an insatiable older woman like me to fuck senseless. It really turns a lot of them on that I’m married to a husband with a useless cock. He can’t help it that he’s limp, but they can help what my pussy wants, and they always do. Who knew that sex now would be the best sex ever? I thought I found it ten years ago, but it’s now.

Humiliation Phone Sex with Sierra

Humiliation phone sex comes in all forms. Just ask one of my favorite callers who confessed that some loved ones very close to him was visiting for the holidays. Little did they know what kind of mischief he was into while they were away. When he called me a few nights ago he said “Sierra I just went into mommies room and got a pair of panties out of her dirty clothes hamper and are wearing them now. He also confessed to licking, sniffing and tasting them as well. He also shared that he likes putting on her lingerie as well. Sadly, he’s never been caught. But I told him if I was his mommy and walked in and caught him that way then I would give him some punishment he would never forget. But I think he would welcome my form with open arms. Especially if it meant me bending him over and turning him into my strap on taking bitch boy.

humiliation phone sex

I could tell he was getting excited. Because he started to confess that he would love for me to catch him in the laundry room sniffing out my dirty panties. He told me that he wished I could slide my fingers up his ass and tease it until he was begging me to cum. Everyone knows though that before I grant a request to humiliation phone sex lovers that they first have to do something to make me happy. So I dressed him up to look like a sissy slut and then ordered him to stand there with his purple panties exposed to jack his dick. I just love guiding him on how to touch it. He said “Mommy Sierra I’m looking at your new pictures on your page and i’m stroking to them right now.” I continued expressing all the ways I could expose and humiliate him. One of his favorites was going to Victoria’s secret to model off their panties, bra’s and teddies.

Sitting here now though, I just know that he has lots more secrets to share. Any sub who is kinky, dirty, gets into mischief and loves wearing dirty panties defiantly has more to share. I bet when he gets around to reading this he wont be able to help himself into his mom’s dirty clothes hamper so he can slide them on. He just loves satin panties. And as his secrets continue to be shared I will continue to give him unexpected surprises. I mean could you imagine watching porn in your room while everyone is gone, sitting there dressed in panties and wondering if you are going to get caught? Maybe the persons panties that you steal may already know! Maybe they are setting you up for loving humiliation phone sex so much. Just think about if I were the one to walk in and see you like that.

What would I have in store for you? Would I come in with a bag of lingerie? Maybe some slutty provocative clothes like i wear? Maybe I would have a bag of toys to use on you. Would I do it privately or in front of all of my friends? Maybe we would go shopping together. Or I could send you out on assignments to complete. And if you are really kinky then I could take you by a few of my favorite book stores. Sample all the new toys on you. Ready to get in your knees for my big fat strap on? Or maybe you want to step things up and take a real cock.You may like being told on how to stroke and also want to be coerced into eating your own cum. Have you ever thought about going to a sex club where they have fetishes, latex, bondage and other humiliation phone sex displays?

Don’t sit there stroking. Because the list can go on and on with a mind like mine. And if there is something that interests you that you don’t see above then bring that my way because I love that as well. Give me a call, because when it comes to dominating and having my way with you, the sky is the limit and then beyond!

Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Sierra
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SPH Phone Sex with Remy

Most girls would be so disgusted by your tiny dick they’d want nothing to do with you.  I’m disgusted too, trust me!  But I still want you to call me for SPH phone sex so that I can show you exactly how much you repulse me.  I want you to email me a pic of your sad wee cock so I can look at it while I terrorize you on our phone sex call.  You better bring lots of tissues because when I’m done, you’re going to need therapy!  But come on, you have to know you deserve it.  I know that is genetic and you have no control over it.  It’s not your fault you were short-sided in the dick department, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be the brunt of my vicious verbal lashings on small penis humiliation phone sex. 
SPH phone sex
As for the pic, I’m not just going to look at it and laugh my ass off.  I’m going to share it all over twitter and let everyone else have a good laugh too!  I can’t wait to read all the comments of them blasting you for that tiny pathetic pinky you call a cock.  You should have your wife follow me on twitter too. I bet she’d get a really good laugh at all the horrible things people say about your deformed man clit.  Oh, wait!  That’s right, no one would ever marry your no dick loser self, would they?  There’s just no hope for guys like you.  You were cursed before you left your mama’s womb.  And you’ll be cursed for the rest of your life.  All you’re ever going to have is constant berating and humiliation on endless SPH phone sex calls. So suck it up and call me. 
Dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Remy

Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Zoey

I retired from my job with the state no too long ago and things have been wonderful and I feel so free. I get bored and horny sometimes but that’s why I’m here lol. Yesterday I bumped into a few older friends who are still working and it was great seeing them at the mall. But my friend Gailed leaned over kind of in a hushed tone asked me what I have been up too since I left. Almost like she was afraid to ask because I was known as the sexy mature co-worker. I so wanted to say loudly as we walked  I’m having cheating wife phone sex whenever I can. I really wanted to tell her.

cheating wife phone sex

I am an adventurous older woman. I do know I know I have never been hornier then I am right now. I was not this horny as a teenager and to me that is crazy. I really do enjoy being a Milf /Gilf on the prowl. Yes, I am proudly both right now in my life. I don’t dress like an old lady either. Now that the season has changed I’m in tight jeans knee-high boots and super-tight sweaters that show off my perky tits and curves. Trust me I see all the guys looking and I do mean them all.

My best friend  Tracy knows that I have been having wild cheating wife phone sex almost nightly. I love hearing sex confessions on the phone. But I told her over coffee my phone sex confession. I had what you would call cheating wife phone sex while my hubby was in the bed next to me. He was even snoring while I fingered my pussy over some man I never spoke to before in my life. My pussy was so wet while we chatted he thought it was very hot to be able to hear my hubby snoring away as I fucked myself. He never woke up even when I came and I was not quiet either.

Now I know its not always nice to be a tease but since I retired I have been even more of a tease. I sometimes brush up against men both that I know and men I don’t know. I brush up against them with my ass or my tits. Some times when my family has friends over I forget to close my door all the way to they can catch a glimpse of me changing. Sometimes I wish one of them would come in when I’m one of my matching bra and panty sets and have their way with me. I even sit at the end of my bed like I did this afternoon topless with the hope one of my husband’s friends who was over to fix my kitchen sink would see me and burst in.

If your cock is throbbing to have some cheating wife phone sex you know who to call. I’ll be waiting. Call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Zoey <3

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Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Sadie

Are you one of those men that thinks that every time that he touches his dick that he gets to come? You guys are adorable. Now, you know very well that a woman, a strong woman even, should be in charge of your cock and what comes out of it. That is something that you know, right? That’s why you call me and have sensual and torturous tease and denial phone sex. When you call and tell me that you’re after that? Oh honey, that hard cock is all mine. You are only an operator of my equipment at that point. The rules about when and the big if you orgasm is in my hands. With my sexy voice and my teasing language I will keep you at the edge, at, not over. You might be begging for release. That is exactly where you should be, suspended in deep want.

tease and denial phone sex

Desperation will suit you just fine, I promise. You might call the shots at work but when you’re  having tease and denial phone sex with me it changes. Control is dripping from you and onto me. I hold the reins and you only hold your hard cock aching to shoot that load. Will I let you? What part of denial means that I cave and let you get off. No, you don’t get to come. I don’t want to hear you moaning as your climax tumbles out of your body. What I want is the whimpering sound of defeat as I taunt you and tell you no, yet again. Are you ready to surrender to a gorgeous, leggy, red haired beauty? Coming for me would be sweet, yet I want you to taste the bittersweet taste of orgasm denial. I’ll take you up the roller coaster track over and over.
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