BBC Phone Sex with Cora

If you know anything about me at all, you know that this cougar slut LOVES BBC phone sex. Yes, there are older black men who absolutely know how to fuck my white cunt. But what I really love is when those younger black studs really fucking pound me. They are eager to please and are really happy to be finally getting white pussy. As much as white women love BBC, those black men love our white pussies. It makes for a really nice fuck every single time.
BBC phone sex
There are times that white cocks have totally disappointed me (more often than not) but I’ve never once been disappointed by a big black cock. Like I said, I love younger black studs. When my married girlfriends tell me that they are really looking into getting fucked by a black cock,I always tell them to start with a younger man. They can get to the more experience black cocks later. But even those younger guys know how to fuck. I think they are just born with the instincts on how to fuck white women.
I also love telling my cuckold sluts to get down on their knees for younger black cock. Can you even imagine how humiliating it would be for a 40 or 50-something year old man to get down on his knees to suck the cock of an 18 year old black boy? If your pathetic excuse for a cock got even a little bit hard at the thought of that, then you should really be dialing your phone already. You NEED to talk to me. You’ve never known humiliation like you will know with me.
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BBC Phone Sex with Remy

So fess up — do you have a thing for BBC phone sex whores with crazy hot bodies, just like me?  Well, you’re in luck because you sure found a hardcore size queen big cock loving tramp to take care of all your needs.
BBC phone sex
I’m such a freak for big black cocks that I even go to an all-black bar and get my BBC phone sex kink satisfied with some hardcore glory hole fucking a couple of times a week when I don’t have anyone lined up.  I’m kind of famous there.  Every time I walk in, all the black studs fight to get to the glory hole stall first.  They all want a turn at my sweet tight cunt or mouth, whichever I am offering up that night. Even though I’ve gotten to know most of the guys who hang out in this bar pretty intimately it’s thrilling not knowing who exactly is the one pounding my creamy cunt. All I see is an ebony monstrosity coming my way to service. Sure, they may know my face, but they don’t know my name and I never ask theirs.  It’s way hotter not knowing anything about them other than that I see them there all the time, and that most likely their big black schlong has pounded the fuck out of my pussy.  And my God do they have huge cocks!  This BBC phone sex slut has never been disappointed, not even once.  Every black dick that has slid through that hole in the wall into my wet hole has fucked me until I’ve squirted all down my thighs.  Sometimes multiple times!
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Cuckold Phone Sex with Zoey

As many of you know I live a real-life cuckold lifestyle. I am a mature sexy trophy wife that loves my current hubby is a cuckold. He loves watching me in person fuck other men but when he’s away which he is a lot of the time he likes me video call him so he can watch his wife get banged by my flavor of the week. I guess I’m kind of a real-life cuckold phone sex expert because I live the lifestyle every day.
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Wouldn’t you love to watch your wife lay fully naked on the bed you both share each night and spread her legs wide. You love seeing her lay there rubbing her clit in a hard circle motion while enjoying her own touch. But then as you watch her video call from your office you see a man come into the room and you know fully what’s about to happen. Nothing you can do from the office but watch and enjoy what you are about to see.
I find that some cuckolds like to suck cock for me before he fucks me. A few have loved to be present and stroke there cocks while I’m getting fucked. Now I have enjoyed in real life a lot of cream pie play. But here’s the thing not only has my husband ate my cream pie. I had a threesome with my hubby and a girl that is in the league with us. Nothing but a  sexual relationship and that works for all parties.  This woman loves my cream pie. So here is how sex with us normally works the foreplay goes back and forth between all of us and some times she will eat my pussy.  He always fucks her first and me last, don’t know why exactly that’s the way it always has been for the last three years we have been having sex together.
Now the first time she ever ate my creamy pussy hubby had got up out of bed and she got right between my legs and started touching my sticky pussy and then started eating that fresh cream pie. I never ever ever had a girl eat me like that before. It was wild and very hot. She does it almost every time we have sex together she says she loves the taste of both of us together.
No matter what turns you on cock sucking, fluffing, cum eating, cream pie eating of just the whole sexual appeal of it all. I would love to help make it all come true for you on a cuckold phone sex call with me. No restrictions no judgment at all what are you waiting for call the cuckold phone sex queen.
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Panty Boy Phone Sex with Patty

Have you been sneaking your wife’s panties out of the drawer and wearing them when she’s not around? If the answer to that question is yes, then I think you’re the perfect person for panty boy phone sex. Maybe you just love how the satin and lace feels up against your dick. You probably like to rub your dick through those panties, don’t you? And I bet you have even been known to make a mess in those panties. Has your wife commented on how she has no idea how she goes through so many panties? She probably has no idea that her husband is into wearing them. What do you think that she would say if she found out? Would she be upset or would she use your little “game” for her amusement?
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I’m the kind of wife who would totally use you for my amusement. If I found out you were secretly wearing my panties, I would take it further than you ever dreamed it would go. You just thought you had a panty fetish, but I would turn you into a sissy who does a whole lot more than wear panties. I think you would definitely need some stockings and a bra to match your panties. I think you’re also going to need a pair of fuck me pumps. Don’t worry, you’ll learn how to walk in them.
But dressing up isn’t all that’s going to happen. If you’re going to start dressing like a woman, you’re going to start acting like one, too. We’ll start with having you suck my strap on. Then I’m going to fuck you with it. But that’s all leading up to you sucking and being fucked by a real dick. Don’t want to? That’s too bad. You should have thought about that before you started wearing panties.
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Cougar Phone Sex with Sadie

Being with a husband that can’t function from the waist down would be a problem for most women. I suppose it should be a problem for me too but it isn’t. I get to have plenty of guilt free cougar phone sex and I get a hall pass on making that happen in real life too. My husband gets excited watching younger men paw at me and suck on my soft skin right before his eyes. They touch me in the ways that he would if his cock filled out and was able to give this insatiable slut what she needs. The guys that call me up for horny desperate housewife phone fucking never disappoint. Your younger pricks are just what this red headed cougar needs regularly. Sometimes I can’t get together with my favorite boy toy. I’ll be over here climbing the walls and waiting for you.

cougar phone sex

My husband bought me some new toy recently. It’s way more fun to play with them when I’m having cougar phone sex with a stud though. If you have your own sex toys that’s great too. I’m a very open minded MILF that loves to experiment with men and women too. Do you fantasize about having an experienced woman to join you and your hot girlfriend in the bedroom? I’ve been known to break out a strap on dildo in a threesome and I would most certainly do it again. You can confess all of your MILF sex fantasies to me and I’ll do everything that I can to make them as real as if I were right against your horny sweaty body as we speak. You studs give us cougars the best orgasms ever and I love having them over the phone as well. Let’s do it soon.

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Mature Phone Sex with Tessie

Do you ever fantasize about swinging or gang bangs with a mature MILF? I love to do a bunch of guys while hubby watches. We frequent swinger parties and I always manage to get a few guys to fuck me at one time. I am the ultimate mature phone sex woman that you need.  Because sex with me is extra hot, I have no boundaries and love taboos. All I need from you is your cock in your hand and your ear to the phone.
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I have tons of stories to tell you. You will definitely enjoy your mature phone sex call with me. I love teaching younger men the ways of sex and if you’re looking for a little bit of guidance, I am definitely the woman for you. I also love women and have taken my strap on to many. Women get off harder with me than their men because I know exactly what it takes to please a woman. When a woman squirts on my face I know I have done better than their husband ever could, so tasty! Don’t wait one more second you must give me a call baby.
Tell me all about your fantasies and we can roleplay them out while you stroke. Last week I went to a private party and I had so much fucking fun. I took one in my mouth and let these younger studs double penetrate me. Call me to hear all the hot details. Do you want some of this mature phone sex, hon? Give me a call and try me on for size, you will be addicted on the first call, guaranteed. I love to be naughty and I love to worship cock!
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Cuckold Phone Sex with Carla

You never thought it would happen to you. You get home after work to see a strange car parked in your driveway and when you walk in the house, you hear noises upstairs. Your cuckold phone sex fantasies have come true when you walk into your bedroom and see your hot white wife getting banged by a BBC. And not just any BBC either. He looks young, hard to believe he’s just 21, but that dick of his, oh my, that big black beautiful cock fucking your, what you thought to be, frigid wife.
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Let’s face the facts, you’re a cuckold because your dick is just too fucking small. Or your wife is like me and knows that one man isn’t enough to satisfy her. I’ve cuckolded my husband in real life for over 30 years now. He’s not much interested in sex, but I sure the hell am! I take lovers young and old and I have lust for BBC. We all know how superior that Mandingo dick is, we can always measure if you don’t believe me. Sit right there in the corner and be grateful she is letting you watch. It’s common for a lot of cheating wives to get their extra marital cock in private. You better be willing to do anything to get her to let you watch.
Anything? Learn that your job will soon be the clean up duty. It doesn’t mean only cream pie – it’s your place to wash the sheets and prepare your wife’s bed for her and her lover. If you do a good job maybe she’ll let you sleep on the floor next to them. Your wife’s freshly fucked pussy is your favorite dessert and you know what an honor it is to taste his cum from her pussy. That also comes with a price, his BBC needs your mouth to clean her pussy from his cock. I always tell guys into cuckold phone sex fantasies to be careful what you wish for. My husband hasn’t had my pussy in over 20 years!
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BBC Phone Sex with Remy

Is there anything hotter than an anonymous BBC phone sex encounter?  I went to a wedding last weekend and ended up staying overnight at the hotel where the reception was being held.  I couldn’t sleep so I went down to the bar, had a couple of drinks and in walks this gorgeous mocha-skinned Adonis.  He offered to buy me a drink and it wasn’t long before we went up to my room where I let this sexy black stud fuck my brains out!
BBC phone sex
I didn’t ask his name and I didn’t give him mine. Who cares about such trivial things when you need to fuck desperately.  It was so erotic and thrilling to fuck a complete stranger like this.  We exchanged numbers though I never expected to see him again.  But last night he texted me and we met up at the same hotel for another hot kinky BBC phone sex hook up. Like most women,  I’ve always been partial to big black cock, but this man….he lived up to every reason why I love a huge black schlong stretching and pounding my cunt!  I learned he actually lives very close to me.  And he’s married, but that doesn’t stop this BBC phone sex slut from jumping on that big black dick.  In fact, it makes me want it even more! 
I don’t know what’s up with his wife, but apparently, she doesn’t suck his dick and hardly ever fucks him.  Her loss. Seriously, she must be crazy, I would be on him all the time.  Now he has this BBC phone sex whore to take care of that beautiful black cock!  And I think after the way he tore up my pussy last night, I’ll be seeing a lot of him!

Cougar Phone Sex with Beth

POUNCE!! Mmmm I’m licking my lips and thinking about the visit I had last week. One of my longterm boy toys came by to see Miss Beth. He and I have been fucking on and off for about 6 years now – when we started out he was 26 and I was 35, and man, has it been an amazing 6 years of fun with him! This is why I so love cougar phone sex – because I can talk about one of my favorite things! I mean, what woman in her 40s wouldn’t want a hot stud muffin half her age there to make her feel hot and desirable, and who wants to make her smile from ear to ear?
cougar phone sex
Exactly. We ALL want that, and don’t let anyone let you think differently.
This guy is super hot, has an amazingly cut body – I mean, he is in the military after all – and man, does he know how to move that hot body of his! His cock is very long, nice and fat, and he knows how to hit me in all the right places. The best part is he can keep going all day, cum and cum and cum some more! That’s why I’m a cougar – because only guys his age can keep up with my level of energy. If you’re a cub and you decide to call me for cougar phone sex, we can talk about all the things you would want to do to me, and how long you think you can do those things without stopping to come up for air. We can see if you compare to my military stud boy – I mean, he is among those I would consider the best fuck toys I’ve ever had.
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Cuckold Phone Sex with Cora

You would think that humiliating losers during cuckold phone sex would be my favorite part of cuckold fantasies, but it isn’t. As much fun as that is, being fucked by big black cocks over and over is the thing I love most. Don’t get me wrong – making fun of all you losers and telling you how you aren’t good enough for me does get my pussy wet. But what sends me over the edge is having a throbbing black dick pounding me deep and hard.

cuckold phone sex

Admit it – you also love the fact that I’m getting hammered by a fat black cock. You love watching as that piece of chocolate meat slides in and out of me. You get so turned on when you see how my pussy is all stretched out around that big cock. Why on earth knowing that you’re not man enough to fuck me turns you on is a mystery, but I’m glad that it does. That means I can tell you time and time again how worthless you are while I’m getting my pretty brains fucked out by a big juicy dick.

You know, before that big black cock starts fucking me, I want you to stand up next to him and compare cocks. It’s going to be a huge (or should I say tiny?) embarrassment for you but since we both get off on you being humiliated, I think it’s going to work out very well for all parties involved. I might even degrade you so much that you start crying. That would be the ultimate orgasm inducer for me. I mean, it’s the only way you will ever make me cum, so we might as well go for it.

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