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Arabella here, boys. Now, I have a favor to ask of some of you sweeties. Please tell me- what could be hotter than MILF phone sex? Can you think of anything? I certainly can’t. I know it always turns me on when I see a hot woman playing with her child, it’s such a turn on for me. Well.. you all want to know a little secret? You guys will be the first to know on here, but about six months after my husband and I got married, I achieved MILF status when my baby was born. Does knowing that I can carry a baby get your dick rock hard? Good, thats exactly what I want, baby. I bet you didn’t expect that, now did you?

Yes, boys, thats right.. I’m a mommy, and I love the way it makes me feel. Just thinking about becoming a mom again has my tight pussy drenching my lacy panties. Is that what you’re looking for baby, to have some impregnation MILF phone sex with me? I hope so! This time I have an outlet to release, unlike last time. He was gone so much of my pregnancy, and I had an insatiable appetite.We’d have to time it so that it’s right around the time my husband has leave so that he won’t be suspicious about the timing, and then he will raise another man’s child, and won’t even know. I bet you’ll love watching that, baby. Knowing that it was your seed, not his, that filled me up, and made me pregnant- and he’s to absorbed in his own thing to even realize that it’s not his, and I think that would turn me on even more than I already am.

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I love hearing your sexy voice on the other end of my phone. I get so excited knowing you are in the mood for a sexy blond like myself to give you a humiliation phone sex experience that you will never forget. It’s something much more delicious than “she” could ever give you. Are you sitting in your home office right now? Is your wife or girl friend out for the day? Or maybe you like being risky and she’s in the other room. Just think about how exciting it would be and how incredibly hard your dick would be if I walked in dressed like this and smelling so sweet all you could think about is getting on your knees ready to be humiliated. Especially knowing how bad you want to worship me. Your mind wanders into thoughts that makes your dick so hard you cant wait to share them with me. You know how much I love to tease, seduce and flirt with you. I love making your dick so hard that all you can think about is submitting to this seductive mistress. And you know my body was made to drive you crazy. You want to kiss, touch, and run your hands and mouth over every part of my body don’t you subbie? You want to start at my pretty feet and toes and make your way up my silky creamy legs and thighs and keep going until you get to my soft creamy panties. MMMM yes they are very creamy just thinking about what you would do to be able to rub your face against my pantie covered pussy and ass. But not so fast subbie, first you must humiliate and degrade yourself before I give you the chance to slide your tongue behind my pretty panties to lick and taste and serve my addicting pink bald pussy. I know you want to be put in your place which is on your knees ready to beg me. You would put my dirty panties over your head if I told you too. Or maybe I will tell you to pant moan and bark like a dog in heat. And if you don’t think that’s enough humiliation phone sex to get your dick hard then get ready to take your shirt off and let me write “I’m a subbie for Mistress Sierra” all over your chest. If you try to deny me I’ll just bend you over and slap your slutty ass right before I tell you to beg to take my strappy in your slutty hole. Don’t try to deny that you don’t want to be turned into my bitch. And if you have a small dick you know I will be laughing at you so much your prick will be oozing pre cum. I look down at you gently rubbing my fingers through your hair as my finger tips roam all over your body. I stroke your shoulders making my way down to your chest and roll my finger tips around your nipples. I grind into  you and feel your dick getting hard as my other hand slides down your pants. MMMM you’re excited for this seductive humiliation phone sex mistress to have my way with you aren’t you? I could face sit you and grind my pantie covered pussy all over your face and tease you with my firm tight ass until you are begging me to slide them off for you. I’ll tell you to face fuck my pretty pussy until you are begging for me to cum all over my face. And I will take control of your hands and hard cock and edge you to cumming so good that you will do anything to release. I bet you would even be kinky and lick your own cum all up for me. Especially if I shot it all over a favorite part of my body that you really love. Are you stroking it for me right now? I just know you want to share your secret fantasies with this humiliation phone sex mistress right now.

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I see that there are often more and more women who enjoy to have cuckold phone sex. To me, it is the same thing as when my husband is in town which is like never. I make my husband do all kinds of kinky shit. Sometimes, I even make him dress up in my panties and bra and make him suck off the cock of my big dick bull. My partner has a tiny dick and I just could not stand to let him put that shit in my pussy any longer so I had to start to fuck other men. When I turned his ass to a cuckold, it was the best thing that had ever happened to me. I now have a husband who takes care of me, and who can get my boyfriend’s hard right before they fuck my sweet deserving cunt!

I know that you want to be my cuckold phone sex partner. Are just like my husband, a guy who has to sit back while his partner gets real cock from a real man? You should feel honored that I would even let you be in my presence while I am about to get a real good dick in me. I know that you want to see my beautiful long legs stretched out to the sky while you watch a thick 9 inch cock stretch out my pink hole until it is sore. You won’t feel left out because my bull loves to leave me with a messy cream pie load that will take you hours to clean out of me. Then you can squirt your tiny dick while you eat my dirty, sweaty, just fucked cunt.

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Hi guys do I have something special for you up my sleeve or should I say in my drawer?  Don’t like you know you have an undercover kinky side, and I know you’ll be up for what I have planned for you.  Especially when I decide to spice it up with some hot strap on phone sex!  I invite you over to play, and you think it is just going to be our typical hook up with lots of sucking and fucking, but I have something else in mind.  I want to make you a pretty bitch before I fuck you like one, and so I went to the mall and bought some naughty lingerie in your size.  You come in all eager for our evening and I produce the bag you pull out this sexy black nightie that you think is for me, and you should see your face when I tell you to put it on instead!  You go put in on like a good boy, and then we put some makeup on you to make you real pretty.  Then I produce a pair of handcuffs and cuff you to the bed with your ass up in the air.  I go to my drawer and pull out my pretty pink strap on and slip in on.  You look a little worried now, but don’t worry I’ll lube it up real nice during our strap on phone sex encounter.  I’ll slide in behind you and tear off your black panties, and glide that strap on right in your tight asshole!  I made you look like a pretty bitch, and now I’m going to fuck your ass with my strap on like you are my bitch.  You’re going to love it, and you will be begging for more strap on phone sex by the time I’m done with you!

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cheating wife phone sexI have a hot story to tell you fellow cheating wife phone sex perverts.  When I came home from shopping the other day, I had a such a XXX experience.  I went upstairs to get undressed and I glanced out my bedroom window.  I saw my neighbor’s 21 year old son laying out by the pool –naked jerking his cock. My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw how hung he was. His dick was at least 3 times bigger than my husband’s dick. He was using 2 hands on that big thing,  and he still had a lot of cock not covered. I just couldn’t help myself, I needed to get a closer look. I  put on my tightest fitting bikini —  it barely covers my big milf D tits  and a little sting right up my big round ass. I oiled up my body and walked next door. I silently  entered his yard through the side fence and creeped up behind him. “Hi neighbor need help with that thing?” He was in shock at first until he got a look at my body. “Ms Remy what are you doing here?”  Well honey, I saw that you were home from college. And  I saw you from my window and thought you could use a hand, and by the looks of things you may need more than just one hand. I sat down next to him and grabbed a hold of his  monster cock. I started pumping away at it. “So how is college?  Do you have any girlfriends up there? I am sure you do girls must be after you like crazy”. Oh Ms. Remy you do that so much better than the girls at college. Oh, I have had years of practice. He said he couldn’t hold out much longer. Then a huge stream of cum blasted out of that monster cock all over my tits. “Wow, that was a lot of cum. Now why don’t we go back to my house and I can teach you how to fuck with that big thing. Let’s hurry before my husband gets home.” I couldn’t have asked for more of a cheating wife phone sex call.

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The only thing better then an earth quaking cum session with a really big cock is the way I feel afterwards, so limp and exhausted.  I don’t just love a massive piece of man meat, I flat out need it, that is why I am a size queen phone sex diva with a huge smile on my face.  Oh, I just got the monster fuck of my life and savored every moment of it.  Even doing extra kegel exercises after that sensual pounding feels amazing because I am getting ready for next time.  You may be wondering how big this thick stick is, and I can tell you it is a 10 inch wonder!  He loves to hear me praise his cock while he is sliding deep inside of my sweet honey pot and I love to do it.  A cock that size deserves all the worship I can give it and the way he uses it knocks me out every-single-time.  Making me cum until I shake and a lot of times black out, it is so incredible to wake up in a daze, like a heavy buzz from the way the he can really work my pussy. Ummmm, so hot I can barely take it, just thinking about it gets me all wet and ready again.  Size queen phone sex is one of my favorites because I never get tired of showering a well deserving cock with all the attention and affection that it needs to stay rock hard even after an huge cum load explodes and shoots from the tip of that big head.  Oh, so round and large to start to stretch me out for his thick rod to finish the job.  There is nothing more sexy or more important to kinky diva like me then a large dick for me rock and roll all over!

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Hey there shrimp dick yeah you there with the tiny unit I know you’re looking for small penis humiliation phone sex, and I’m just the bitch to give it to you!  I’m known for being a cold hearted bitch so the topic of your short comings will be nothing new!  My husband isn’t exactly the best endowed person which is why I have to look for the big dick somewhere else.  For me a tiny cock just isn’t going to get the job done, and I’m not afraid to tell you so either.  I will make you feel like less of a man than you already do during small penis humiliation phone sex.  Hell your dick is so small it looks like a clit to me are you sure you’re not really a woman lol!?!  I make fun of my husband’s puny prick right to his face during sex no less of course he will never get the job done to my satisfaction. When I see your pathetic penis I know I could get more pleasure by finger banging myself with my own pinkie lol.   No wonder you have to hook up with a woman whom you can’t actually fuck because she’d laugh your ass right out of the bedroom!  Maybe you should put that thing out in the sun light so it will grow.  Small penis humiliation phone sex is a real treat for me, but not so much for you. You will definitely feel significantly adequate by the time I’m done chewing you up and spitting you out.  You will know that you don’t have the equipment to satisfy me or probably any woman for that matter.  I could sit here and insult you all night long or you could pick up the phone to hear me verbally berate you during small penis humiliation phone sex!

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Hey all you boy toys!  I love it when I get cuckold phone sex calls! They seem to be my favorite lately. I mean why wouldn’t they be? The whole reason you losers call is because your pebble dick is so pathetic no woman or man will let you anywhere near any of their hot slutty holes. That is why I know your secret; you want to watch as I get my cunt gang banged by a bunch of big black thick cocks during a sinsational cuckold phone sex call! What could possibly be more steamy then watching five or six hunky black guys slam themselves into every single hole I have? I’ll tell you, the next thing that would make my pussy creamy is lots of cum dripping from it for you to lap up! You couldn’t possibly think you deserve anything other than a man’s left overs did you? I mean c’mon you’re just a pathetically weak bitch with a really tiny dick! Even your wife doesn’t think your dick is any good. She’s the one that forces you to be a cuckold phone sex bitch! You know that when she goes out with her girlfriends that they’re laughing about that pathetic tic-tac clit between those legs. I mean you can’t even call yourself a man with that fucking pathetic thing of yours! You are always crying like a stupid bitch, which is the real reason you got stuck with that pathetic thing you call a dick! *Giggles* Even my husband’s cock is bigger and thicker than yours. As I said before you’ll be lucky if I let you beg to slurp out the creamy fresh cum from a hot stud during cuckold phone sex.

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Arabella here, boys! If my husband found out that I am having cheating wife phone sex, he would be furious. I’m sure he would make me stop. It would be even worse if it were a thick big black cock inside of his wife. I am sure it would make him feel quite inferior to see a man that is so much bigger than him having cheating wife phone sex with his wife. It would be his own fault, though! If he were actually here with me, and didn’t leave me alone for so long, I wouldn’t have to resort to such measures to find enjoyment, and cure my boredom. I would love to have him be involved with this adventure, be a part of it. I think, if he let himself go, he may enjoy watching his beautiful, sweet wife get used by another man like that, and how much fun she’s having. I might be nice enough to let him join in on the fun, if he doesn’t freak out.

Instead of what I had hoped for- spending my days waiting keeping the house clean, and my evenings doing fun things with him I spend my days cleaning the house, and my evenings reading magazines or books all alone. I even dress up after I’m done cleaning just hoping he will come home to surprise me, or some other handsome man will come over and show me a good time. I mean, if your life were that humdrum, and ordinary wouldn’t you want to break up the routine with some cheating wife phone sex of your own? Can you honestly blame me for wanting something more than just sitting at home?

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Bonjour, it is Madame Veronica & as many of you already know, I am one of the horniest housewives around. Too make things even more erotique, I should tell you that not only do a I speak French, but je parle francais crepus et sexuellement explicites! Ooh la la! I have so much to tell you. Ooh there was a man the other day…he had me fantasizing about a torrid et ooh so very hot forbidden encounter. It was the type of affair that made Madame Veronica’s pussy so exquisitely wet. I must tell you that it was a very taboo & mature phone sex subject. I can not disclose all of the scandalous information here. Ooh but getting back to my story, I must say I could not help myself; I started to touch myself as the monsieur & I were speaking to each other. I gently teased my clit. It started to throb as I was playing with it. Ooh so very wet! My pussy began to ache feverishly for more attention. I could hear the excitement building in his voice. I knew that his balls must be swelling. I asked him sweetly, “Monsieur, are your balls getting heavy for Madame Veronica?” of course he replied without hesitation. His balls were indeed getting very heavy & on top of that his dick was becoming rock hard as well! We continued to speak about all of the shocking things he could do with a respectable & mature phone sex woman such as myself. Ooh perhaps the word respectable; that is a bit of an exaggeration. Madame Veronica is what some may call inappropriate. The other housewives of my neighborhood have hinted that je suis a bit of a renarde or a fin so to speak. That does not bother me one bit. My pussy seeks pleasure. This man was certainly giving me all kinds of luxurious gratification. My moans became louder & his breathing became more intense. His dick & my pussy were explosively out of control. He could not stop jerking his unyielding dick. I was fingering my pussy fiercely & without restraint. We were both right on the verge & ooh I bet that you can guess what happened next? Ooh la la!

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