Big Black Cock Phone Sex with Sadie

Big black cock phone sex
Big Black Cock Phone Sex

Have you been thinking about seeing your wife with another man again? You can not seem to get the thought of her enjoying a big black cock out of your head can you? You try to fight it, but the thoughts of how sexy she would look on her knees in front of a big dick like that makes you so horny. It’s alright, I’m really into big black cock phone sex too. I’ve been fucked really well by some big black cocks and I can understand why it’s a turn on for you to think about your wife being fully satisfied like that. It’s an amazing feeling to be with a man like that. It makes your little white dick all stiff doesn’t it? When you think about her eventually fucking him right in front of you it turns you on even more. If you’re this excited just thinking about it imagine how your pretty wife must feel when she imagines it.

I’m willing to bet that your gorgeous wife has at least thought about having a big black cock once or twice. In reality she has probably thought about it more than once or twice though. She deserves the best, biggest, thickest and most satisfying cock she could have doesn’t she? You need to get her with a black lover so that she can experience the best fuck of her life with a big black man. You can tell me about the men you’ve thought about seeing her with when you call me for big black cock phone sex. I get excited just hearing about BBC fantasies with my hot phone callers. You can even tell me all of those taboo confessions you have about your wife and her humiliating you and teasing you. You can tell me all of it.


Humiliation Phone Sex with Remy

humiliation phone sex

I know your secret shame.  I know that you are a humiliation phone sex loser. You put on a front and pretend to be a big man for the world, but deep down you know what you truly are. You get off at the thought of men with massive cocks fucking hot women that you could never get. You like to sit there touch your tiny useless nub and wish you were a real man like those big swinging cock men? Don’t you dare touch your excuse for a cock right now.  No, you will get down on your knees before me.  That is where you belong.  I have a surprise for you. First thing I will do is lock that pathetic dick of yours in a chastity cage.  Secondly,  you will be my house bitch. Clothes are a thing of the past for you. You will always be naked in this house from this point on. Everyday you will have a list of chores to do and if one isn’t done or done right, your ass will pay. You will get rewarded by being allowed to watch me take on some of the biggest cocks around up close and personal like. Of course, you will not be able to touch that tiny thing between your legs and those miniature balls will fill and ache, but it’s unnatural for you to be allowed to cum. You will definitely get the see a lot of cum, but that will be coming out of a real cock. There’s no way it would be coming out of yours.

Are you ready for some hardcore humiliation? Call me at 1-888-474-6769 and get used to your life as a humiliation phone sex bitch at my beck and call. Don’t forget to ask for Remy.

AIM and Yahoo: SexyMILFRemy

Sissy Baby Phone Sex with Carla

sissy baby phonesex

We both know you aren’t like the other boys. You are the smallest and sweetest boy in your class; the boys pick on you and the girls treat you like “one of the girls”. When you shower after gym class you can’t help but notice how big and muscular the other boys are – and I know you have taken a look at their extra big dicks! I see you blushing, we both know it’s true. When you call me for phone sex, I’ll know right away you are a sissy, because *I* always know! Our call will soon turn into a sissy baby phone sex session; it seems I need to reinforce these things for you.

When you get home from school I call you into the living room and tell you that from now on things are going to change. When you go upstairs to your bedroom you will see I have done a little remodeling. Everything is pink and lace and ruffles. The drawers are filled with ruffly butt panties and training bras. Your shoes have been replaced with with mary-janes with bows on top and sexy heel. Perfume and ribbons sit on the dresser with a pretty mirror and make up. This is how it’s going to be from now on. You are the sissy you were meant to be and I have the little girl I’ve always longed for.

Sissy baby phone sex doesn’t just end with the clothes either. I am going to teach you about being a big girl. When I pull the small pink butt plug out of your nightstand drawer I see how nervous you get. Don’t worry baby, I know best. I’m going to be gentle and nurturing and help you learn all the naughty things girls do. I can’t wait to show you off to my lover as well.

I’m sure you see where this is going, don’t you? If your need to know more, if you desire to be my sissy baby boy (or girl), if any of this makes your boy pussy tingle, then you need to give me a call.

For sissy baby phone sex Call Carla 1-888-474-6769

AIM – MILFCarla4u

Cougar Phone Sex with Phoebe

I love being a cougar phone sex slut! I mean, all that younger cock is so delicious. I know that they don’t always have a lot of experience, but fuck. Their stamina and willingness to learn is just something that I cannot get enough of!

cougar phone sex

I have a reputation in our town for being a slut, but to me, that’s not a bad thing. It’s a really good thing. It means I’m getting fucked. It means that I’m well satisfied and really, what could be better than that? And it doesn’t bother me at all because the people who call me sluts are women who can’t get laid and men that I wouldn’t fuck even if they were the last man on earth. Jealousy is such an ugly emotion, isn’t it? I have never felt that… I mean, what in the world do I have to be jealous of?

But let’s not talk about that. I want to get back to talking about how I love to fuck those younger men and how much they love to fuck me. They always tell me that they would MUCH rather fuck me than girls their own age because I know my way around a cock like you wouldn’t believe. I know how to touch them and what to do to make them shoot those hot loads. Sometimes I’m so good that I have to slow down or I’ll make them cum way too quickly. I don’t mind that, though. I can always get them hard again as soon as I want to. With a body and a mouth like mine, they honestly do not stand a chance.

Ready to talk to a hot cougar phone sex slut? Then what in the world are you waiting for?? Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Phoebe!

AIM: SexyPhoebe4u

MILF Phone Sex with Cora

One of the other hot MILF’s and I on this site had a really fun call the other day and it was so hot! Days later I am still thinking about it and I can’t help but to touch myself thinking about what was said and done during that session. She’s a smidge older than me but she is the true definition of a MILF phone sex Goddess.  We received a call from this guy who wanted to play with two married woman and all he wanted was to see what we could teach him.

MILF phone sex

He invited us over to his place for some fun. He sat in the chair and suggested that her and I get comfortable with each other. He thought chemistry was key to a very happy ending and well…so did we! We started with some foreplay and the best start to something amazing is a soft, sensual kiss so I leaned over to kiss her passionately. While kissing each other, we began exploring each other’s bodies with our hands, slowly taking each other’s clothes off. We could tell that he was ready for some love so we turned our attention to him. Are you sitting at your computer looking at my naughty pictures wondering what MILF phone sex with me is like? You want what this guy got from my friend and I don’t you?

We enjoyed feeling every inch of him and at one point we made eye contact with each other and both of us slid down and started licking both sides of his hard cock meeting at the pink tip kissing each other and the head of his cock at the very same time. He then lays on his back while we start sucking his hard cock while licking his balls. The pleasure he was displaying because so intense and well to be honest that night lasted for hours. Nothing was off limits that night and when you call me for MILF phone sex the same rule applies…No limits, whatsoever!

Call  now for MILF phone sex and share your naughty fantasy with me. I love all sorts of role play and anything goes and with me you get the total package.

AIM: SultryCora
Yahoo: SultryCora4U

BBC Phone Sex with Tina

BBC phone sex

Last night I had the best dream.  I was lounging on the deck and a black Adonis appeared.  His body was ripped, he was so fucking gorgeous.  He smiled at me and dropped his shorts revealing one of the most beautiful big black cocks I’ve ever laid eyes on.  You were there, too, and I saw you licking your lips as soon as his long chocolate stick was visible.  I knew you wanted it, probably worse than I did.  You’re always calling for BBC phone sex.  You can’t stop thinking about watching that ebony shaft sliding in and out of my hot wet cunt.  You want to see it up close, and closer and closer.  But it’s not about me, is it?  Secretly, you wish it was sliding in and out of you.  I can hear it in your voice, the wistful way you say “big black cock,” like it’s the most delicious thing you’ve ever heard of.  Oh, and it is.  There’s no cock like the big black ones.

I think that I should share this lovely gift with you.  I know, you’re going to resist because you’re scared I’ll call you a fag.  You’ll question your sexual identity, yet you’re still trying to keep from drooling over the mere thought of BBC phone sex.  You hear my voice, but you’re imagining his smooth black head rubbing across your lips.  Close your eyes and feel it.  When he takes it away to push it into me you’re so jealous, but don’t worry about it.  I’m not going to miss the chance to watch you suck my slick pussy- juices off that shiny dripping cock.-  You’re going to clean it all off again and again.  You want to know if I think being excited by BBC phone sex makes you gay.  All I can say is….yes faggot.  Now bend over and present your hole to that beautiful BBC.

Gagging for BBC phone sex?  Call 1-888-474-6769 and let Tina be your guide.

Yahoo:  tinaturnsuon
AIM:  tina_turnsuon

Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Sadie

Cheating Wife Phone Sex

How did a guy like you end up with such a sexy wife? That question comes to mind a lot when I meet couples. It’s not that the men are unattractive, it’s just that in a lot of cases their beautiful wives outshine them. Maybe it’s just because women are beautiful in a different way. It really doesn’t matter what makes it stand out, bit I do wonder how men end up with the hot wives that cuckold them. Some of the cuckolds that I’ve seen and met are pretty attractive and sexy men themselves, but they are still with women that cheat on them for one reason or another. I really like hearing about that first time. I get excited when I hear about her first encounter with cheating wife phone sex and what all happened.

The last guy I talked to was a mess but so turned on because he couldn’t stop thinking about his ex wife cheating on him with his boss. He said he caught her talking to her friend about it and when he confronted her she didn’t even try and hide it. She looked at him and said well it’s not my fault your boss can fuck better than you can. He said they have been divorced for years but he relives that moment over and over. We even had a cheating wife phone sex roleplay together. Those are a big turn on for me too. I like being the hot and horny cheating wife that you catch in the act, or that confesses to you, whatever your fantasy involves.

Do you like to hear cuckold and cheating wife stories? My girlfriends tell me about the times when they cheat on their husbands. I think they come to me to talk about it because they know that I’m not going to judge them for what makes them satisfied. Kind of why you men call me to talk about your cheating wives huh?


Size Queen Phone Sex with Deanna

If you’re looking for a size queen phone sex vixen, you have certainly found her. I love to fuck, but I am picky. I don’t want just any cock. It has to be huge before I will even consider touching it. I do love big black cock, but I won’t turn down a white cock if it’s big enough to satisfy my horny pussy. I don’t know exactly when I turned into a size queen, but it happened somewhere along the way and I am so thankful it did. Why in the world would anyone waste time fucking average dicks. Nobody strives to be average at anything. So, when guys call me and tell me that their dicks are average and expect that I would say yes to fucking them, they are so very wrong.

size queen phone sex

To me, there really is nothing better than looking down between my long legs and seeing a giant dick splitting my pussy open. Watching it slide in and out while I have orgasm after orgasm all over it…well, that’s just heavenly. Don’t you agree? I find that a lot of men with those dreaded average dicks love to call and talk about how they would love to watch me get fucked by a big black cock. Some guys tell me they like watching the moment it first spreads those pussy lips. And some of them tell me they love the look of a pussy when it’s gaping after being fucked by a giant dick. Mmm. I agree. All that cum dripping out is just absolutely the sexiest thing ever and I will never get tired of seeing it. It turns me on so much.

I’m ready for you to call me for size queen phone sex now. Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Deanna.

AIM: Dirty_Deannaxxx
Yahoo: DirtyDeannaxxx

Mature Phone Sex Roleplay with Carla

mature phone sex roleplay

Hey guys, it’s me Carla, your big titted mature slut, and I’m here to talk about some of the mature phone sex roleplay calls we can do. One of my favorite roleplays is me being your cheating wife and you walking in on me getting ram fucked by a BBC stud. That’s right, baby, I’ve been fucking him for months and I’m so happy you finally caught me. Get right down there on your knees and eat my sweet cream pie. Look at his monster black pole all covered with my cunt juice. Stick your tongue out and clean his cock up now. I just turned you into my cuckold, isn’t that what you’ve been fantasizing about forever?

Another kinky roleplay I love is being the hot MILF or cougar down the street. I ask you to come over and help me in the yard and when you show up I’m in the shortest little skirt and a halter top that barely covers my 40FF’s. It’s your lucky day because I invite you inside and in minutes I’m on my knees, taking down your pants, so I can get my mouth around that throbbing younger cock. I love the way you push me away and bend me over the kitchen table and tease my already dripping pussy with your cock. I beg you to fuck me, beg for your cock in my hot twat and my tight asshole. I can’t get enough of your younger dick and don’t be surprised when I ask you to invite a few of your friends over too.

I also love to roleplay taboo fantasies. Not only will I be the hot MILF next door, I will be your hot MILF, if you know what I mean. I’m a kinky and perverted MILF, cheating wife, cougar, Cuckoldress and more.

For mature phone sex roleplays call Carla 1-888-474-6769

AIM – MILFCarla4u

humiliation phone sex with remy

humiliation phone sex

Oh you pathetic loser.  You can pretend to be a real man around your work, friends or family, but you and I know what you really are. That is why you need to call me for humiliation phone sex calls, right?  You need someone who can see past your facade and into the real you — the cuckolded bitch, pain slut, jerk off reject, small penis having loser, to name a few.  I love all kinds of humiliation phone sex fantasies and fetishes so I can roll with anything you dish at me. You can never taboo or scandalous for me.  I have no limits or restrictions and I can take you deeper and deeper into that shameful humiliation spiral, exactly where you need to be.

All you have to do is call 1-888-474-6769 and confess your secrets to me so you can get what it is you crave.  Sometimes I can tell just by hearing your voice, I can tell what you are just by listening to you. It is a talent that I have honed from years of talking to bitch ass men (using that term very loosely, btw) just like you.  I do take a lot of pride in being able to break men, too.  So called strong alpha males break like glass when I set my sights on them.  I can always find out the secrets they are hiding.  There really is no use trying to hide anything from me.  You will find our for yourself when you call me, too.   I want to make you crave my meanness and laughter, you know you deserve it.

AIM and Yahoo: SexyMILFRemy

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