Cougar Phone Sex with Cora

Men these days are looking a lot sexier than they did when I was a coed. Some of you young men are ridiculously sexy and built. I swear when I was your age there were skinny handsy grease monsters that were more interested in hitting blunts than ass. It seems like you all are getting a different kind of sex education because the younger cock that I’ve been heling myself to is very satisfying. Where do you guys learn to fuck like porn stars? I suppose I have answered my own question. You guys know how to give it to women and we are all here for it. Some of you get practice with older lovers like me. I’m proud of the sexual education that I have freely given to the younger men in my neighborhood. Some through hot  cougar phone sex. It’s important and rewarding work that I cherish.

cougar phone sex

Cougar phone sex keeps me satisfied when I can’t get my hands on a younger cock. Men wanting to get with beautiful older women are a dime a dozen. I’m looking for the crème de la crème of cock for my mature pussy. Nothing average or below will do. You don’t move up on the ladder to go back to the subpar cock. You won’t believe what a good fuck is waiting for you when it comes to my older woman younger man phone sex experiences. Your cock will be in bliss from the moment we greet one another. You’ll be jerking for me and aching to come but yet wanting to prolong the experience. Call me up and be prepared to have the orgasm that you’ve dreamed about having with a foxy MILF. I’m the naughty, kinky, wet, filthy and taboo vixen of your wettest dreams. Don’t make me wait.

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Black Cock White Wife Phone Sex with Lauren

I’m a lucky lady, there’s no denying that. I’ve got a husband who makes sure that I’m taken care of in all the ways that really matter. His white dick was fine when we first got together, but he knew that I wouldn’t be satisfied with it for long. That’s why I’m so thankful for my big, black boy-toy that fills my pussy whenever I want it! Every bored housewife who’s married to a whatever white man needs to have a go-to black man to rail them when she needs a real fucking. Hearing men admit that they even enjoy their wives getting railed by big, black cock is why I love black cock white wife phone sex!

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I’ve heard stories about groups of couples that party together solely for the purpose of getting their wives all hooked up with a big black alpha. That’s seriously goals! Conscious, willing cuckolding is the future! I know that all I want is my pussy getting pumped by a delicious, thick black cock and if my husband was making sure that I got the best of the best I’d never have to fuck him again! (Not that I ever really do anymore.)

One of my favorite things about black cock white wife phone sex is hearing how so many of the white husbands have learned that they like servicing that cock before it pleases their wives. It gives them a new appreciation for why their wives need that big, black cock so badly! It teaches them how inferior their seed is and they learn why they should never subject a woman to fucking them ever again.

I’m dying to hear about your experiences during black cock white wife phone sex! What have you learned to love about your wife getting the fucking she deserves by the big, black cock of both of your dreams? Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Lauren.

Diaper Lover Phone Sex with Miss Beth

I know what you did.  You nasty adult baby pervert – now you need to wear a diaper!! You can’t be trusted, so this is not just a matter of what you deserve. It’s also a matter of what’s right for everyone around you. Nobody wants to clean up your puddles because you couldn’t hold it in. Nobody wants to sit next to you when your pants are wet. You’d better get used to wearing that diaper, adult baby, but if you need a little help with that, Miss Beth is here with diaper lover phone sex to help you adjust to your new life.

diaper lover phone sex

So, what does it feel like to lose control of yourself like that? Do you feel ashamed? Because you should, you know. You should feel the flush of humiliation in your cheeks every time you move and that diaper crinkles, and you should come to love it. It’s who you are now… love yourself for the adult baby diaper bitch that you are. Learn to live with the fact that people can see the tell-tale bulge of that diaper in your pants every time you go out in public. Love the humiliation that comes with being a grown man in a diaper, and be proud of your incontinence! You just might need a little diaper lover phone sex to help you learn to appreciate your weak bladder to the fullest.

Oops, did I say “bladder” and “fullest” in one sentence? Can you feel it stirring, that tickle down low in your gut that turns into an ache? I bet you can. Cross your legs all you want, sweetie, but you won’t be able to hold it. We both know it.

Just put on your thickest diaper, pick up the phone and dial 1 888 47 HORNY and ask for Miss Beth. It’s time to confess all in a good dose of diaper lover phone sex tonight!

Domination Phone Sex with Sadie

Do you like a dommy mommy type of MILF? I’m a sexy redheaded housewife for domination phone sex. I like all kinds of phone sex, but I’m more on the dominant side. You don’t have to be younger than me to get the dommy mommy experience either. I’ll regress you and dominate you no matter how old you are. I’m not just talking about ABDL, I mean all kinds of play and domination. I enjoy dominant wife roleplays, feminization, spanking, regression, giantess, medical and more. What sorts of domme fantasies do you have that you want to bring to the phone? We can get deep into roleplay and go anywhere that you’d like. I have some toys and I like it when my guys have toys to use too. It’s certainly not a requirement, just a way to enhance things. Do you want to submit to this kinky dominant redhead?

domination phone sex

      MILF for Domination Phone Sex

Domination phone sex is very broad, but I like so many different styles of domination that it fits. What do you fantasize about the most? Do you think about a dominant ABDL caregiver? Are you interested in strict teacher and naughty student roleplays? I like putting disobedient subs over my knee with a bare hand or a hairbrush to their ass. I have lots of crops and paddles around too, if that is the type of tool that  I’m in the mood for. If you have a kink for a certain type of spanking, I am open to hearing and probably even doing it. I want you to have a memorable experience when you’re under my control and discipline. I’ve been known to give all sorts of punishments to subs that can’t behave. There are endless ways that I will put you in place and keep you in line.




Sissy Phone Sex with Sierra

Sissy phone sex can mean so many things for submissive males. Some enjoy can enjoy wearing panties and parade around like a girl. Some like to put on fashion shows because they feel pretty dressed in their soft undies. Some have small penises and love humiliation while others love being a fluffer and so much more. It makes me think of not only some of my personal friends that I know in my real life but also with a caller that I spoke with a few days ago. When I picked up the phone one of the first things he said to me was “Mistress Sierra I’m dressed in a french maids outfit and i’m ready to be forced to do degrading acts.. From that point on I just knew that he had a lot of confessions that he would be sharing with me.

sissy phone sex

I immediately started thinking about the super bowl and how he could be the perfect pet to be passed around from man to man.

Surprisingly enough with the way that I described how I was dressed and went into great detail about my panties, lingerie and what I was wearing, It didn’t take that much force or persuasion at all. I mean my bombshell body and the way that I expose it would make a whole lot of men weak in the knees. I just love to flaunt my sexy long legs. I love wearing clothes that expose my big mouthwatering breasts as well. And when it comes to flashing my panty covered ass and pretty pussy I know just how to make men so horny that sissy phone sex makes them want more. I could tell how hard his clit was too. Just a few snaps from my android as he was dressed up was all that it took. By then he was ready to submit.

Damn, I just love it when males submit to me. Makes my fucking pussy so wet. As we started to prep for the super bowl I knew at that time it was perfect for getting both holes ready. Informing that he would be sucking a lot of horny alpha males and getting fucked in his slutty sissy pussy. He got on his knees ready to suck my strap on cock. Getting it good and sloppy wet. I looked down at him saying Oh yes suck it you sissy. Suck it like the beta bitch that you are. I could tell he loved hearing those degrading words. And even though he was going to have the best sissy phone sex experience of his life, he forgot about the threat hanging over his head of being exposed for who he was.

I told him though there was one rule with me. And this is after I had his sissy ass bent over my bed fucking him so good that he started begging me to cum. I said “if you are going to cum you have to explode in those panties!” And then I took my soft hand and started to rub that clit. I worked that small penis so fucking good and stimulated the tip of his head so good he would have done anything for me after that. Those are words and a very true statement that I can not only say about him but others who love sissy phone sex with a mistress who knows how to deliver a memorable experience never to be forgotten.

What kind of sissy phone sex experience turns you on? Do you get exited and think about standing in front of the mirror to admire yourself? Do you enjoy feeling like a pretty girl who wants to touch and feel your nipples and see what kind of reaction you get to your clitty? Do you want to masturbate and enjoy the feeling as you get more and more turned on? No matter what size your cock is and confidential things that you want to share with me, I’m the type of mistress who will have you coming back for more.

Feel free to visit my page and check out my journal for the latest extended post about this topic. It goes into much deeper details. And when you find yourself so excited that you put on your favorite fem clothes, give me a call for a memorable exciting time that I know will have you coming back for more.

Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Sierra

E Mail:

Google Hangouts & Skype Messengers: SinfulSexxxySierra

SPH Phone Sex with Remy

What did you think was going to happen when you called me for SPH phone sex?  Did you actually think I would say that disgusting little shriveled up pinky was cute? Grow up, you loser!  No self-respecting woman would ever let you touch them with that twig and berries.  Seriously, do I look like a girl that would ever be with a guy with a deformed dicklet?  The only thing that sad wee micro penis deserves is to be put in a diaper cuz clearly you’re destined to be cursed with a baby dick all of your life.  It’s never gonna get any bigger.  Fuck even when you’re hard it’s a sorry excuse for a cock. 

SPH phone sex

I’m actually glad you called me for SPH phone sex.  I haven’t had the joy of making a no dick loser cry yet today!  I bet you live at home with mommy, don’t you?  I can’t imagine ANY girl would get with you once she saw that man clit between your hairy thighs.  I’m sure you’re confidence is nonexistent too.  How can you feel confident when you’re not even a real man?!?  You probably think getting promoted at a low-level job like a late-night convenience store as a step up.  At least you should have some money saved up cuz you don’t have a girl to spend it on.  You can just spend it on me!  You can use all that saved money for sph phone sex with me!  All that money is just sitting there anyway.  And let’s face it, the only attention you’re ever gonna get from a chick is if you pay for it!  So go ahead and pick up your phone and let’s get your started on your small penis humiliation training. 

Make sure you dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Remy.

Slutty Wife Phone Sex with Gypsy

Well now, dirty boy, that title is just made for me, isn’t it? What’s that? You don’t know? You mean you haven’t read about me on the bathroom wall somewhere? And here I thought I got around. Don’t worry, honey – I’m pretty easy. I actually do get around quite a lot, and my husband knows all about it, which is why slutty wife phone sex is a perfect match for me. When you have permission to be bad whenever you want, it makes it so much easier to be a total slut. And I bet you would love to hear all about it, wouldn’t you sweetie?

slutty wife phone sex

Well, I don’t have to be afraid to talk about how last week I met this man for lunch, and by the time it was dinner time I had already made several meals of him and was ready for dessert. Something creamy, of course, which I brought home for my husband to enjoy, right out of my pussy. He loves knowing his wife is a total slut, so who am I to deprive him of his joy? It’s not like it’s a sacrifice to fuck every guy I find attractive.

Tomorrow night I’m meeting another guy for coffee. Yes, I really do like cream in my coffee, hon, and you can bet this slut is planning on getting all the cream she can collect. Then, when I come home, I’ll be happy to tell you all about it with some hot slutty wife phone sex. I’m just wondering who you want to be in the equation – the generous husband who lets his wife step out on him, or the handsome stranger I get to fuck while I’m stepping out? Either way, I’m still having a good time being a bad girl!

So what turns you on about slutty wife phone sex? Call 1 888 47 HORNY and ask for Gypsy so you can enjoy my loose legs…

BBC Phone Sex with Cora

I’m here to tell all of you wimpy little white dicked losers once again that you are not good enough. In no way, shape, or form do you even come close to meeting my standards. I know that turns you on and that’s why you are about to call me for BBC phone sex. You know you can’t make my pussy happy so you have accepted your fate as a cock sucking fluffer and you’re going to tell me all about how you’d love to get my black lover hard for me so he can fuck me like only a real man can.

BBC phone sex

I also want to hear about the first time you sucked a big black cock. Did you seek it out on your own or did your Mistress tell you to get down on your knees and worship it? Were you appalled by it at first? I kind of hope you were. I guess that’s just the Mistress in me talking. I sometimes like it when losers like you are hesitant and put up a little bit of a struggle. That just makes it more sweet when you finally give in and do what you are told to do. That’s the ONLY way you will ever make my pussy wet. And really, it isn’t even you. It’s just the fact that I have so much power over you. It’s very intoxicating to put losers just like you in your place.

Are you ready to call me now for BBC phone sex? I want to hear how much you love BBC and how small your pathetic little cock is. I want to make sure you know you have never and will never be enough for any woman. So call me at 1 888 474 6769 and make sure you ask to talk to Cora.

Sissy Phone Sex with Suzanne

How long have you been a sissy phone sex slut? I’m sure you’ve been wearing panties and lingerie for a long time. I know it makes you feel really feminine. Most of the sissy calls I get are from sissies who are just wearing panties and fucking themselves with dildos. And trust me, that’s TOTALLY fun. But you aren’t doing the best you can at being feminized. Not until you learn to do your makeup properly and that’s what you need someone like me for. And let’s face it. You’re an ugly, hairy man. You NEED makeup. Nobody’s ever going to believe you’re a woman if you just go out in a dress with your normal face. Wearing a dress and a pair of panties isn’t nearly enough to make you look feminine.

sissy phone sex

You sissies think you can just slap on some lipstick and call it a day, but that’s not nearly enough. You need to prep your skin and I’ll tell you exactly how to do that when you call me. We’ll talk about what kind of foundation you need. I will tell you how to make sure you get exactly the right shade. And here’s a hint – it’s going to involve you doing something that’s probably going to be really humiliating for you. And I don’t know why, but it seems like a lot of you think that you can wear obnoxious eye shadow like bright blue and get away with it. It’s not the 80’s anymore so just fucking stop that. Just call me so I can help you. Maybe with my help you’ll pass as an actual woman and you might even manage to go out and get laid.
Go ahead and pick up the phone and call me for sissy phone sex at 1 888 474 6769.

Creampie Phone Sex with Sadie

There are some men that leave creampies in women’s pussies and some that clean those creampies up. It’s just how it goes. Which one are you? Are you a juicy stud that gets to pound pussy and leave it filled with hot sticky jizz? Do you have a wife or girlfriend in title only that fucks real men while you sit there like a chump beating your pathetic meat? Yeah, you’re one or the other. I get really into creampie phone sex. Whether it’s talking to the hottie with a full load of come for my pussy or if it’s talking to the cuckie loser that has to clean up the real man’s mess. Everyone has their place. Do you know where yours is? Maybe you’re curious about cuckolding and don’t know if you’re the bull or the bitch. I’ll help you sort it out though, don’t worry about it.creampie Phone Sex

I’ve been into having come loads in my pussy for as long as I’ve been fucking. Everyone pushes safe sex and condoms and they did it when I was younger too. Do you know who said fuck all of that? I said fuck all of that. I want to feel the dick and I want it to spurt hot come inside of me. It wasn’t long after that when I had my first clean up cuck boy eat my come filled pussy. Then I put his sissy ass in panties and made him take my strap on too. You can imagine where we went from there. How about you though? Are you a strapon loving panty wearing creampie phone sex lover? Oh, you probably are a panty-boy cuck. If it’s the only way that you get to eat premium pussy it’s what you do to make it happen.




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