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Some of you know how much I love big black cock. Some of you know how worthless my soon to be ex husband is and how he fails to satisfy me. I thought you guys might like to hear a little story of what recently happened.
Sitting in a crowded room waiting on my husband , whom I am separated from, to arrive for cocktails. A tall, dark, chocolate hunk of man asked if he could sit on the empty bar stool next to me. I waved my hand and invited him to have a seat. He complimented me on my lilac, off shoulder ,form fitting dress, telling me that I was quite the beauty. I thanked him and sipped on my drink as he proceeded to make small talk with me. I told him who I was waiting on and how I am not even the least bit excited to see him. My new friend laughed a little as I remarked I was ready for a new adventure. I see my little dick looser husband coming in the door. I introduced my bar companion to my ex and he proceeded to stand up and shake his hand. This chocolate Adonis towered over my soon to be ex, making him look like a total wimp. I noticed my looser husband wince as my friend shook his hand tightly. My new found friend looks at me and says aloud “No wonder you are getting a divorce, you need a real man.” I couldn’t have agreed more! I laughed and nodded my head telling him how I haven’t been satisfied by this pathetic person in years, how I always had to have a side piece to satisfy me. Yes, I know, I am a cheating wife but, whatever, looser boy should have stepped up to the plate and done his job. Then again that is difficult to do when you only have 3 inches… hard. My soon to be ex started turning red, realizing he was being cuckolded by a total stranger, who had his hand on my leg and his lips locking on to mine right there in front of the entire bar, as his tiny prick stiffened uncontrollably. There is more to the story, wanna hear more about cheating wife?


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One look at how I am and you wish I was your wife, don’t you ?  Well , I am another mans wife, but you can still have me anyway you want to, because I screw around.  I only married my husband for the finacially secure lifestyle.  I knew I’ never be faithful, I’m to horny and tempted by other men and their cocks.  Tempt me when you call me for milf phone sex.  Tell me about your cock, your body and your desires.  Desires that need to be fulfilled now or you wouldn’t be turned on and rock hard for me.  I love sucking cock, getting fucked and I’m even an anal slut.  I know some consider anal sex to be painful or to be taboo, but I was always a dirty girl and wanted to do everything that slutty porn stars do.  The only difference between then and now is that I’m more experienced and brazen.  Anything you want will get me off I like it when a man takes control, when a real man is in charge.  And my husband totally lacks that sexually dominant alpha male characteristic that I crave so intensely.   As a milf, I take incredible care of my body.  I work out to keep my body toned.  I tan year around to get sun-kisseed glow, I moisturize everything to keep my skin silky smooth.  I go to the salon so my long blonde hair looks so alluring that you want to grab it and pull it while you fuck me from behind.  You can fuck my pretty double D titties and give me a sweet , sticky pearl necklace.  I’m into no limits,roleplays, cheating scenarios, cuckold fantasies and fulfilling taboo fetishes.  There really isn’t anything I won’t do to please my lovers.

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I have to tell about the weekend I just had when you call me for cuckold phone sex. First a little background though; I’ve been married for over 30 years now and for 20 plus years my husband has been my cuckold. I was so naive and a virgin! when we got married, that I had no idea how good, or bad, sex could be. My husband barely measures up at just over 4 puny inches. No wonder sex with him was not good. The only way I could cum was masturbating with my favorite vibe! After I had my first experience with another guy that wasn’t my husband, I knew then and there I would be a cheating wife doing whatever I could to get my sexual needs met. So back to the story! The second big dicked lover I took was a young 18 year old that was friends with my step son. For 2 years he fucked me at least once a week and did he know how to fuck. I don’t think I’ve ever experienced so many orgasms in such a short period of time. I was so sad when he moved away and I thought of him often.

Fast forward to Saturday night and the neighbors were throwing their yearly bbq bash and who should be there but my young stud all grown up! As soon as I saw him and our eyes locked, I knew right away that I was getting some dick that night. Usually when my husband and I are out together with people we know, I put on the “good wife” show, but I knew that night would be an exception. I kissed my husband on the cheek and told him I needed to leave for awhile and I know he saw my long lost stud follow me home. I didn’t care, I just knew I had to have his cock.

When you call me I’ll tell you all the sexy fucking details, but I’ll tease you with this – when I went back to the party my panties were soaked with my cum and his and I could even feel it dripping down my thighs. I sat next to my husband, put his hand between my thighs and whispered in his ear. “Feel that?” I said “That’s what a real man feels like”.

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Hi guys!  I hope you are having fun this summer. I know that I sure am. There is something about small penis humiliation phone sex that just brings out a mean streak in me.  I mean I can be having the nicest conversation with a guy, but when I find out that he has a tiny prick, OH it’s on!  I start thinking of a million different cutting insults I can say to emasculate this seemingly good man.  I don’t always start by going for the throat, I often take my time and work up to the truly  biting comments. I use my sweet voice and nurturing behavior to turn up the hurtfulness.  I feel like that makes it sting a bit more.  I know that having a small dick is like having a disability.  Just not everyone knows about it, it is not on display.  But women like me seek out that information.  We don’t want to waste our time with a guy who has no chance in ever getting us off. I have grown so accustomed to being fucked by a real man with a big hanging cock, I can never go back.  Small penis humiliation just helps sexy and horny women like put worthless and pathetic wee peen in their place.

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My name is Patty and I love big black cock. Oh my God, it’s just so damn delicious. Sure, I could get fucked by anyone, anytime… but I really only want black dick. And I also love it when guys call me for BBC phone sex. I get to tell you all about how much I love black cock. Or maybe you can tell me about how much YOU love black cock. There are a lot of you BBC loving guys out there, that’s for sure!

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How does cuckold phone sex make you feel? It may make you feel like a pathetic loser who has to do anything to please your wife or it may turn you on. I really can’t seem to understand why you tiny dick losers get your cocks so hard over another man fucking your wife. Or, you may just be the faggot who gets forced to sit there and take all of the pain that your significant other puts on you. Does she make you clean up the house while she screams and hollers with a huge cock in her in the bedroom? She may even come home late every night to sit on your face and make you eat her dirty pussy. Whatever she does to humiliate you and make you feel less of a man you deserve every ounce of it.

I have no tolerance for any man who has a cock tinier that 8 inches. Anything less than that confirms you as less of a man in my book. You probably don’t have close to that size anyway ha ha. 5 inches qualifies you as having a clit or a pussy and you should be treated like a girl. How will I treat you like a girl? You will get on your knees and fluff the cocks that I go out and find. In order to please me you need to get cock as hard as you can for me. After it’s hard I may spread open my beautiful pussy and let you guide it inside of me. Then you can sit there with your 2 fingers and stroke away in the corner.  If you are a good girl you can clean off his cock after he cums in me. Then you may clean out my cream pie and get me ready to be fucked all over again.

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Hi all!  Summer has been flying by so far and it is time to stop and enjoy being a pervert for a while, right? Cuckold phone sex is simply my way of life.  I have taken my once strong husband and turned him into my submissive cuckold slut who caters to my every whim. When I come home, he is always prepared for a fuck fest. That’s it little cucky, down on your knees as I get ready too. I see you laid out a slutty little outfit for me. I don’t see any panties or a bra. Oh, you are learning well slave! You know I want to give the studs and their huge cocks faster access to my goods. You know from experience that my mouth, pussy and ass will be full before the night is over. Fuck I’m so horny already. Why don’t you be a good bitch and walk next door and tell my neighborhood bull to come fuck my mouth! Hold up though — what are you doing? I didn’t say get dressed! Go over there with just your tiny dick cage on! You think no one knows about you? Please! Baby, they all know. How you think I get so much dick from the neighborhood? You must know they all laugh at you because of what you do to just stay a part of my life.Now hurry before I get mad and you know what happens when I get mad.  When I get mad, you end up with a sore ass.

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You know I hate when guys with, shall we say, a certain inadequacy, try to act like some big stud. When I’m talking to them and they are bragging all about their “mighty sword” when you know that they are just full of shit. I let them talk and think they have a chance, but really there’s no hope. Because while you are going on and on about your pretend big cock, I got my eye on the brother across the room; thinking about BBC phone sex.

Oh sure I’ll be polite and nod and agree in all the right places, making you think I’m actually paying attention to your bullshit. Little do you know there’s a scenario going on in my head, you’re actually in it but not in the way that you would hope for. I’m imagining Mr. Hot Chocolate over there sans clothing and it is glorious! I mean his cock hung to just above his knees!!! Well that’s how it is when I think about BBC phone sex. And I turn to look at you and and there you are, all sad and pathetic with your pasty little button dick. Now really, who’s going to get to fuck my hot white pussy?

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I just have to do a shout out to one of my favorite hot MILF phone sex callers. I think we have been playing MILF fantasies on the phone for almost as long as I’ve been working here, it will be 3 years next month! It never ceases to amaze me the dirty roleplays that he comes up with. I don’t know what it is about pretending that he is my son’s best friend, but when we roleplay him coming over, my panties get soaking wet in anticipation.

Hubby and the kid are away for night and doorbell rings. I’m just relaxing at home, a long satiny robe and a sexy pair of heels is all I am wearing. When I open the door I am a little surprised to see you this late. Of course you ask if Bobby is home, but you and I both know he’s away. “Come in,” I say as I notice my robe is a little bit open and your eyes can’t tear away from my 40FF all natural tits. As you follow me to the living room, you hear the click clack of my heels on the stone flooring. I sit on the couch and invite you to sit next to me. Your gaze is now drawn to my sexy feet in heels as my shoe dangles off my foot.

I put my hand on your thigh and turn facing you, “I’m so glad we get to spend this time together, bobby, I know you have been watching me for quite some time” You turn red and stumble over your words, “Yes, Miss Carla, I just can’t help myself, you are so beautiful”. I smile as I lay back and rest my shapely legs over your lap. “Why don’t you slip my shoes off and gently rub and kiss on my feet and toes?” I tell you. Of course you waste no time and rubbing my leg on your lap I feel your cock rock hard in your pants. I can’t wait any longer, I have wanted your cock for a very long time now. I pull you on top of me, my legs up on your shoulders as you bury that cock deep inside my hot MILF pussy while I rub my feet in your face.

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I’m sure that when you look at me, you can imagine how younger guys would want to fuck me. Long blonde hair, curves and big tits to die for… it’s only natural that younger guys would be turned on by a woman like me. That’s why I love MILF phone sex so much. I get calls all the time from men who tell me about a woman from their younger days who looked like me that he always wanted to fuck but never got to. But that’s okay… now the fantasy can be lived out with me. And even if you did get to fuck her, wouldn’t you like to tell someone about it and re-live it all over again?

Maybe she was the woman next door and she always kept an eye on you after school until your parents got home from work. Once you turned 18, you didn’t need her anymore for that, but that’s about the time you started noticing that she was really sexy. You found yourself thinking of her when you were jerking off and you realized that you’d do anything to get your dick inside her.

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