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small penis humiliation phone sex

Small penis humiliation phone sex is like therapy to me.  OMG, I get out so much stress and aggression when I shame and humiliate a guy rocking a wee dick.  Well, rocking is probably the wrong word.  It is more like afflicted with — yeah that is it!  Guys (notice I don’t say men) who have a small prick should qualify for handicapped parking because they truly are handicapped.  They appear normal until those pants come down and then — boom — play time is over.  I know some chicks are nice about it, they tell you that size doesn’t matter.  But those lying girls aren’t doing you any favors.  Yeah, size matters.  It matters a whole fucking lot!  I would never let a guy with such a tiny dick touch me.  He can look, sure.  But touching is only for some big hanging cock.  Now I do take on some new small cocked pets from time to time.  Those pets do my bidding, pay my bills, buy me presents and take a whole lot of verbal punishment.  I know it is confusing sometimes, to hear such harsh things in my sweet and often nurturing voice.  But I can be quite a mean bitch when it comes to putting a small dick in it’s rightful place.  That is the way the world works and I just want to help you understand that.  Small penis humiliation phone sex training can help you get sorted out to your place in the pecking order. That is right under my heel and with my hand in your pocket.

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small penis humiliation phone sex

I have always loved big dicks, so when I first found myself naked with a guy with a tiny dick, I had no idea what do with him at first. And then I just started laughing. I felt bad at first, but then I noticed that his tiny cock seemed to be getting harder than it already was. He LIKED being laughed at. I had never heard of such a thing, but it was totally something I could get on board with, since I wasn’t going to be letting him touch me with it. That’s what started my love of small penis humiliation phone sex.

Since he seemed to love being laughed at and made fun of, one day I called my girlfriends over and made him show them. As soon as he pulled his pants down, they just started roaring with laughter. I told him to wiggle around and make it shake, and that made us all start laughing even harder. We all named household items that we’d rather be fucked by than his small dick. By the time we were done with him, he was in tears and begging us to let him touch his little tiny cock.  We told him if he wanted to do that, he was going to have to wait until we were all out of the house because we didn’t even want to be around while he was touching himself.

I’ve never been in the presence of a dick that was quite that small since then, but I do love all of the small penis humiliation phone sex calls that I get. I am cruel, so don’t expect me to go easy on you when you call me. I am not going to tip toe around the fact that your dick is tiny. It would be ridiculous to expect that of me. But don’t worry, you’re going to like the verbal abuse.

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BBC phone sex

It’s only big dicks for Darcy and that’s why I love BBC phone sex. You either have a big black cock to master my pussy and tap it just like it needs to be, or you likesharing black cock white wife stories. Delicious. It’s what I want for Valentines day. Is it too early to be talking about what I’d like for V-day? You won’t find what I’m looking for at your local convenience store. My vagina needs a monster chocolate cock. Eight inches plus, please and thank you.

Is that too intimidating for you? Knowing I’m the member of the size queen club has to be intimidating, that or you’re a sexy black male packing some serious heat below the belt. The kind I want to put my lips all over. The power behind each thrust… Mmmm, just a black man really knows how to tame and make a sweet white pussy all his. BBC phone sex is where it’s at! Once you go black, you only come back to laugh at tiny pink dicks.

If you’re hung like a black bull, are a black man, or some sexy mix, my pussy needs you!! Like yesterday.

There’s something about BBC phone sex and big black cock that just keeps you addicted. I keep cumming back for more and I never want to stop getting stuffed completely full of that delicious chocolate meat. Watch me slide up and down those big poles.

Into BBC phone sex gangbangs? I’m more than well equipped to handle multiple black penises. Put one in my snatch, one in my ass, one or two in my mouth and I still have hands and places for them to jerk off until it’s their turn.

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cheating wife phone sex

Well, it has been a loong time since I have had some fun. It is time for this horny housewife to get out and play. My husband has been gone for weeks. I would like to say that I spent the holidays all alone, but I just cannot say that. Instead I spent Christmas and New Year’s with my newest lover. Oh I have the best fucking time EVER! He has the biggest cock, the way it stretches my pussy….. well, you should check it out for yourself during cheating wife phone sex with me!

How could you possibly deny me? After all I really do not take lightly to the word “no.” Are you afraid my husband is going to find out? I would like to say that my dirty, slutty ways are a secret, but honestly I have had to cuckold him a time or two to put him in his place. See, no man is going to hold me down. Not even my caring, doting husband who brings home a pay check. I mean, I can find meaty cocks to please my pussy! I am willing to bet that you want to cum over here and feel it too, now don’t you? You have always dreamed of pleasing another man’s wife during cheating wife phone sex, now haven’t you. I am not afraid of getting caught, but I tell you the exhilaration of that possibility.

Aren’t you wondering what I might be wearing beneath this little black dress? You know you want to feel up my legs…. if you are lucky…. You will get to discover what it is my husband is really missing out on… * wink *

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cheating wife phone sex

Arabella here, boys! I don’t know if we’ve “met” before, but I’m a really kinky, horny housewife. See, my husband is a deployed marine and that means I’m really hungry and horny for hot sex. So, that’s turned me into a cheating wife phone sex whore. I’m not even really ashamed of myself. He knew how much I needed sex when he married me… I mean, did he really expect his 21 year old wife to go without sex for months, even a year at a time? Yeah, that’s never gonna happen.

Does he know that I cheat on him? Well, I haven’t told him specifically, but when he tells me that as soon as he is home he’ll satisfy me and make his being away up to me, I tell him to not even worry about it because I have things taken care of. He might think that I mean I’m masturbating a lot, who knows?! But that can only satisfy me for so long. I need a real dick and I go out and get them whenever I need them.

My husband doesn’t exactly have a monster dick, so when I find a man to fuck, I always make sure that he has a super huge cock. I mean, I guess I’ve turned into a little bit of a size queen which isn’t going to be good when my husband comes back. I wonder if he will notice my stretched out pussy? Oh well. I don’t even care. He shouldn’t have married me and then left me. But then again, if he hadn’t, I might not ever have experienced these huge black cocks. And that would be such a tragedy!

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MILF phone sex

I’m a grown up woman who knows what she wants.  And I know what you want, too.  That’s why MILF phone sex with me might not be what you’re used to.  Yes, I’m a mom you’d LOVE to fuck, but I’m so much more.  I’m an experience to be savored.  I’m a classy lady and a cock hungry cum slut all rolled into one.

I don’t mean to come on too strong.  I am a friendly, good-natured woman that loves getting to know you.  I’m a confidante you can tell your darkest secrets and your deepest desires without any judgement.  I want you to feel comfortable and safe to be who you really are, in all your twisted kinky glory.  It’s time to stop being ashamed and start celebrating your uniqueness, not in spite of your fantasies, but because of them.  Yes, MILF phone sex with me is a celebration of you.  You’d never guess what I fantasize about by just looking at me.  I’m the woman that men tend to respect by default, but there’s something about me that you can’t quite put your finger on.

My secret is that I’m not just nasty, I’m filthy.  I never get enough of sex and I’m always willing to push the bar a little higher to get us off.  You know how it goes.  I started off young only fucking and would never consider a blow job.  Once I actually sucked a cock it eventually led to extreme face fucking, but I wouldn’t do anal. The first time I got fucked in the ass I thought I wouldn’t walk for a week, but I was instantly hooked.  And so it goes.  Now I’m into things I won’t even mention here. When you call me for MILF phone sex you’re getting a real dirty treat.  We can push each other past our limits and go where it takes us.  How far are you willing to go???

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humiliation phone sex

I have to tell you about one of my favorite humiliation phone sex callers. He is such a dirty, sissy, pussy boy you might not even believe it. He steals the panties of all the younger girls and not only does he jerk off in them, he wets them too! And he wonders why I treat him like a baby and put him in diapers. The fun part is when the girls catch him in their wet panties and laugh at him and tell all their friends. I have tried spanking him and lecturing him and grounding him and nothing has worked so far. It’s time to add humiliation  to mix and see if that works.

On our latest humiliation phone sex call, I diapered j in thick cloth diapers with duck diaper pins and heavy plastic pants to cover it all. It’s so funny when I take him out like that and everyone can hear the crinkling and see his big fat diaper butt. He even walks like a duck with that thick diaper between his legs too! Of course all the girls are laughing at him, even the ladies when I take him into the restroom for a diaper change. It’s not all diaper humiliation with him either, j, is a truly a sissy slut.

There is not much better than a little bitch boi who needs to keep the women in his life happy. With his little dick there is no way he will ever be a real man so has learned to crave cream pie, fluffing and even sucking cock. I will have to train him with my strap-on first; would not want him to embarrass me in front of my lovers and their friends. It’s only the biggest and best cocks for my dirty sissy j.

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mature phone sex

Bonjour, I was thinking that today I would tell you a secret. As a horny, hot, fuckable, & mature phone sex housewife, I often find ways to entertain myself. One of the most recent ways is one that may come as a surprise to you. You see there is this underground organization of housewives that love a good “pussy fight” or perhaps as you may call it, a cat fight. Many horny mature phone sex housewives such as myself must behave in an appropriate manner when out in the public eye which is why we enjoy being naughty when we’re all alone or even when we’re with each other. This is how we discovered the discipline of pussy fighting. Just the other day I got into the hottest & most sexually arousing fight with my neighbor. We were on her patio with a few of our closest girlfriends & my neighbor “accidently” spilled a bit of her drink down my dress. It gave us the perfect opportunity & excuse to get into a very heated & intense fight. I slapped her across the face for ruining my dress. She then called me a French whore. I retorted by calling her a slut. It was on from there. That is when she ripped the top of my dress & exposed my breasts in front of everyone. The air hit my nipples & instantly they became very hard. She took a hold of my nipples & began twisting & pinching them. I began to moan & tried to pull away. I grabbed a fistful of her hair & tore her dress off leaving her standing there in only her panties & bra. I must say she was very sexually appealing to moi & I was started to get very hot & bothered by our situation. She shoved me to the ground & that is when we started to wrestle around. Ooh if only our husbands knew all of the naughty things mature phone sex housewives do while they are away. Very inappropriate & vanter sexuellement! Ooh la la.

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BBC phone sex

I am a great example of how looks can be deceiving.  Most days I look like a nice normal housewife and mom — grocery shopping and hauling the family from one event to another. Just an average (but wildly attractive)  lady going about her mundane business.  But if you watch very closely, you can start to pick up hints of what lies beneath that surface.  I am all about BBC phone sex among other kinky and taboo subjects.  They way I look at it is that I spend most of my life taking care of everyone else, when it comes time to take care of myself why not go all out. I want to forget about the stress and strain of my day and ride a big fat black cock.  I don’t think its a lot to ask.  I am not trying to be in a relationship, nope.  I am just down to fuck.  I don’t need to have dinner and a movie before we hit it.  I just want to locate a girthy dick and milk it for hours.  There are so many BBC guys out there to help out a suburban MILF like me.  And as long as I keep them satisfied, they are more than willing to keep our secret.  They get to have do whatever they want with me and explore all those fantasies and fetishes they are often too afraid to share with the women in their lives.

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MILF phone sex

I just love hearing about your forbidden and taboo secrets. Especially the ones where you feel like you can’t share with anyone else but a MILF phone sex lady like myself. When guys come to me they have so many roles that fill their minds. Some of which are being an adult baby who loves to be nurtured or want a stern mommy who will teach them a lesson when they have “accidents” in their diapers. I just love to put an ab/dl over my knee and spank them for peeing up their diaper. There are others who like to be panty thief’s and go into my bedroom to sniff, lick and stroke off with my undies.

There are also those who get hard and want to know what it’s like to be seduced into giving into a woman like me and have all three of my holes wrapped around their hard cock. And it doesn’t matter if they are the ones who want to be in control or have me be the one to climb on top of them and ride their cocks like no other female can. Then there are my son’s best friends who have all kinds of thoughts when they are all alone with me. And how could they not? I just love to flirt and drive them crazy. I dress in a way that gets their dicks hard instantly. I brush these big tits against them or wiggle my tight ass against the bulges in their pants and talk so naughty all they want is to have me right then and right there.

I find myself getting very turned on when you tell me how open minded, kinky and dirty that you are. And you know when it comes to driving you to the edge when we talk about MILF phone sex no one will make you cum harder than this blond bombshell will. I will be the slutty mom who walks in and catches you stroking off your hard cock for me. I like driving you to the point of giving in and making it feel oh so good. I suppose me walking around teasing you when i’m dressed in my low cut tight fitting tops and short skirts that show off my mouthwatering breasts and sexy long legs you can’t help but drip pre cum. When I bend over or slowly inch my skirt up and show off my silky panties it even drives you more insane.

I will make you all mine and it doesn’t matter who you are or what your fantasy is, I will have you so excited and throbbing for me you will be on your knees begging me to cum just like a good boy should. And you can be the kind that sneaks females in your room or a virgin who has never experience what it’s like to be with a woman. When you are looking for a very experienced teacher or a cougar or mature or slutty mommy I will be the one to put a big smile on your face every single time. And when it comes to those extreme taboo fantasies that I can’t mention here “wink” I will also be the one who you can always come too as well.

Just think about all of those fantasies that make your dick as hard as a rock. That and my sexy voice that loves to talk dirty to you. Think about this bald pink pussy and how wet and creamy it gets every time I hear your voice and that how nothing gets me more turned on than cumming with you. And don’t forget about my warm wet mouth as well. I just love sucking dick and the thought of wrapping my experienced mouth around your dick and taking it deep down my throat makes me so very hungry for your delicious cum. And if you like it kinky or dirty you can bend me over and slide that hard pole in my ass too.

Are you sliding it out right now? Is it hard and aching for some mind blowing MILF phone sex? You know I’ll pay closely attention to what it is that gets you off and do it so good you never forget me. Not to mention that i’ll also milk your cock and drain your balls.

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