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So I’ve been hearing a lot of rumors about you from my female friends. They tell me that you are submissive and you like to have the reputation for coming across as a real man. But when my very close friend told me that you are pathetic loser with a very small package I knew exactly what she was speaking about. Not only do you love humiliation phone sex you also have a worthless small dick. *smiles* don’t be embarrassed. And do go around calling yourself a real man when you are nothing more than a loser with a useless dick. I know you spy on me from your office. Your mouth always waters when you see the sexy business attire I wear to work. I bet your puny prick gets hard when I go to bend over. I bet you would do anything to worship my panty covered ass. You drip pre cum the way I go around seducing you and wrapping you around my pretty finger. You secretly stroke in your office fantasizing about being dominated by me. I have to admit my pretty panties do get wet when I think of you submitting to me. Being my toy, my pet, my submissive slut who can’t get enough of me.

It may be wrong to mind fuck you as I do. Seeing as how we are both married. But that just makes it even more exciting because I bet your wife has no clue of all the dirty secrets you have. And she has no clue that you sniff those creamy satin panties I planted in your office. And that secret spy cam I planted that shows you parading around in my panties and matching bra like a slut in heat. Not to mention that 8 inch dildo with the suction cup I saw you riding a few days ago. So don’t try to deny you are not a slut who cant get enough of humiliation phone sex, having your holes stuffed and maybe even being the center piece at a get together that I have with my very close friends. Just think about being in front of them as I expose all your kinky secrets with them. You stand there staring my body down. Looking at my sexy endless long legs and tight firm ass. Your pathetic worm throbs as I slowly inch my skirt up exposing my satin panties to you. You can’t help but stroke when you see the way they lay against my smooth creamy pussy lips. You wish your dick was big enough to slide between these 34 d breasts. And what you wouldn’t give to just have my painted red lips lick that thing that’s just so small I need a fucking magnifying glass to find it.

I was told you also love bondage. Just think about being led to my bed as you’re collared and lead by my leash. Do you get hard and stroke to thinking about being helpless at my mercy subbie? You are here for my amusement and humiliation phone sex. And I won’t be denied or I just may end up exposing all your dirty secrets to your wife. Blackmail is so sinfully delicious and if you are a good boy I just may climb my panty covered pussy on top of your face and sit and grind and feel your tongue fuck my delicious married pussy and kinky ass. I may even jerk that tic tac prick off or allow you to hump my fucking leg or ass. If I want to get a good laugh and embarrass you even more I may make you hump my fucking bed with it filled with my pretty panties, bras, and lingerie. HmMmM I bet you’re dick is so hard you would do anything to cum. I bet you would even beg to drink it just to prove how worthy you truly are.

I know your ready to pick up the phone and hear this sexy addictive voice that loves making your dick so hard you just will not be able to get enough. Say hello to your newest humiliation phone sex addiction.

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cuckold phone sex

I’m gorgeous, I know. And so many men would do anything to be able to even just get a glimpse of my glorious naked body. If they have big dicks, I’ll let them do more to me than just look at me. But for those of you who were cursed with tiny dicks, well… you don’t even get to look at me. Unless, of course, it’s when I’m being fucked by a big black cock. See, you’re pretty good for my cuckold phone sex fantasies, but that’s about it, really. I mean, what else did you think you were going to be any good for with that tiny little thing you call a dick?

If you haven’t ever really entertained the idea of being someone’s cuckold bitch, that’s okay. I’ll teach you everything you need to know about it. But chances are, you have already thought about it and you have warmed up to the idea a little bit. You are really curious about what it would be like to have a big black cock in your mouth and maybe you’ve even started practicing on a dildo. You know that you need to get used to sucking cock.

But my favorite thing about cuckold phone sex is when you are forced to watch me be fucked by that big black cock while I tell you how you are not good enough to ever put your puny little dick inside my gorgeous pussy. I know that you already know that it is so much fun to tell you over and over again until you look like you’re on the verge of tears. Of course, even if you’re on the verge of tears, your tiny dick will still be hard.

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cheating wife phone sex

Hi all! You know me and what I am all about. I like to have a good time and I sure do like a deep dicking. I don’t hide that at all. I am well known in my neighborhood.  I guess the way I dress, and of course, act, makes me stand out a bit.  I do love having a reputation.  That way you always know what you are going to get with me.  We recently got some new neighbors who had no idea that I am a filthy cheating wife phone sex slut.  I made sure that I made them feel welcome by bringing over a bottle of red wine.  After having a few classes of wine with the female half of the neighbor couple next door, she told me that her husband had a problem.  His cock was is just too fucking big.  She even described his cock to you in wonderful detail — very long and extremely thick.  Well this is music to my ears.  I knew exactly what I you had to do.  After seeing her leave for work the next day, I walked over to the neighbors house to introduce myself to her big hanging husband.  Two  hours later, I come limping back into my house.  Let’s just say my the welcome wagon was very well received.  So much in fact, that I will be going back every day after both of our spouses go into work. Cheating wife phone sex is so hot and I would love to spend some time with you, too.

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mature phone sex

While most men who call me want a sex fantasy, I talk with many guys who are just looking for someone to talk with. Usually they call to talk about sexual issues they may have in their relationships. Sometimes it’s advice to help make some of their fantasies come true in real life, other times it’s to get my opinion on something that may have happened. It doesn’t have to be about sex though. I am a mature woman, married for over 30 years and have cuckolded my husband for more than 20 years now. I am a smart woman and stay up on current events, sports and more so if you’re looking for some conversation or even a GFE type experience with a woman who knows what’s going on, I’m the woman for you. Everyone needs a mature phone sex woman to confide in.

My favorite calls are when we talk, you and I, about our darkest and most taboo fantasies. Give me an idea what you are thinking and not only will I help you open up to confess your secrets, but I will share mine as well. I am quite twisted and perverted in some of my fantasies and I don’t share them with just anyone; like you I want to be in a safe non judgmental place where we both get turned on by the same things. No matter how deviant or taboo, you can tell me anything and know it will be accepted in a warm and caring manner.

I’m not a sex therapist, but I do have years of experience with all kinds of sexual relationships and more. Want to introduce your wife or girlfriend to some of your fantasies and not sure how? I can help you with that. Would you like to hear how it is to live a cuckold lifestyle from a real life perspective and not just fantasy? I love to share my story and teach others to live out the fantasy they desire. Just be careful what you wish for, it doesn’t always end up like your fantasy suggests!

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MILF phone sex

There are definitive lessons why men want to have sex with milfs.  The obvious reasons are milfs sexually experience and prowess.  But there are other reasons too, many milfs are married like me and it’s a huge sexual thrill for men to have sex with other men’s wives.  There doesn’t have to be a cuckolding aspect.  It’s just horny sex.  Men and women are not programmed to be monogamous, it’s simply not in our nature , so why fight nature ?  I’m hooking up for sex a lot in my real world and milf phone sex is just a natural hook up for me in the virtual world.  How else are you going to to sex up the hottest and sexiest blonde milf around unless you ring me up on the phone while my hubby isn’t home ?   Men generally like to do the chasing when it comes to sex, butt when the tables are turned and women are chasing, men can get turned on knowing they are wanted for cock.  Milfs are instinctive chasers who are always hunting for cock meat.  It’s not about a relationship, it’s about fucking !!!   Men are relieved to know milfs aren’t trying to lock them into some type of restrictive relationships.  And it’s the same with milf phone sex.  I want to fuck, but since i’m already married, I’m not looking to tie you down.  Milfs are totally uninhibited sexual creatures, I”m no exception.  I’m so uninhibited that I have no limits about what we get into in order to get off.  Just try to freak me out, I dare you !  I know I’m not always available, because when my hubby is around I keep the phone sex a little secret.  But he travels for his job, so when he’s away, I’m getting my pussy pounded by cocks.  And if you think you have what it takes to please me, then let’s hook up.

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MILF phone sex

Tonight l was a naughty MILF phone sex slut. An old roommate of mine, who has now moved out of town, well her son was in town and thought he would come by and say hi. It was really sweet of him, and we caught up on things when he asked me if he could tell me something. I told him he could tell me anything. He blurted out that he had a crush on me for a few years now, well l sat there blushing for a few minutes and speechless. I don’t know what happened next or maybe l chose not to know but, he kissed me and l kissed him back.

He is barely legal mind you but he is cute and l totally forgot about that when he took off his clothes and lay naked on my bed, beckoning me with his finger to join him. I stripped naked and started to go down on him and lick his balls when l nudged him to lift his leg, once he did l had both his legs over my shoulders and l was sucking on his balls and licking that short passage to his hole which l was fingering. All l could hear were moans coming from him and my pussy feeling wet between my legs. I couldn’t finger myself too at that time so l stopped and climbed onto him, all he said was, ‘wanna ride this cock?’ and l just nodded. I positioned myself onto him and felt him force his cock into my cunt. He started to fuck me and squeeze my boobs at the same time and it felt fucking awesome, my pussy felt tighter than it has ever been and l knew it wasn’t gonna take him long, and it didn’t. He let me know he was Cumming, actually l think 3 blocks down heard him too, but that was okay. He filled me to the brim with hot cum and by the time l got off of him, his cock was covered in so much cum and pussy juice that he had to go grab a shower and which the voyeur l am, l went and watched his barely legal muscular body get all soaped up……

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size queen phone sex

I’m going to be really honest with you right now. There is nothing I love more than a big black cock. And if you’re being honest with me, you would probably say that that’s exactly what you love, too. You like cock, but it has to be the biggest black cock out there or you just won’t touch it. That’s exactly why you need to call me for size queen phone sex. Yeah, that’s right. You don’t have to be a woman to be a size queen. Guys like you… you only want the biggest and the blackest cocks for your asshole.

What turned you into a size queen phone sex slut? Did you see a big fat dick in porn one day plowing a tight pussy and just wonder about what it would be like if he were plowing you instead? Did you stick a finger in your asshole because you didn’t have any toys to play with at the time? You loved how that felt so you went out and you got yourself a big fat dildo. I’m sure you had a hard time making it fit at first, but you’re no quitter and you kept on trying. Once you got it all the way in, you knew you had to have a real black cock, so you went out and got yourself one.

What was it like the first time you felt a big black cock slide balls deep inside of you for the first time? Did you cum almost instantly? It was the most amazing thing you’ve ever felt. I mean, a dildo is cool but a real, throbbing cock inside you? That’s a feeling that just can’t be beat. Did he shoot a creamy load in your asshole? That’s something a dildo can’t do, for sure. And to feel it dripping out of you… best thing ever, right?

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small penis humiliation phone sex

Sometimes I have to crack the whip with pathetic faux men who call for small penis humiliation phone sex.  You know, the kind of guy that isn’t even fit to lick the heels of my boots. Maybe it is because he has a tiny dick or is just a waste of space.  And crack that whip I do. One of my favorite things to do, is to bring out is that all important cock cage. So be a good bitch and show me that caged dick. Don’t you wish your cock was hard and free like the big strap on I am wearing? You know the rules around here, sissy bitch. The only time that wee penis can be free is when you have my hard girl-cock in your mouth or ass. So if you want to play with that pathetic and useless thing get down on your knees. You remember what happened to you last time you came without my say so? That’s right, you wore that cage for a month and was ass fucked by 10 of my girlfriend all day and night. Now be a good worthless sissy and place those pretty lips around my strap on dick. Make it nice and wet so it slides inside your ass nice and easy. You my edge yourself, but that nasty  penis better not cum! Your small balls need to stay full and tight. Don’t you dare cross me, you know that I will punish you so very very bad.

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You know what happens when you don’t (or can’t) give your wife the attention that she deserves? You become the perfect candidate for cuckold phone sex. And when I say that you can’t give your wife what she deserves, I know that you know exactly what I am talking about. Don’t even try to pretend like you don’t. You have a tiny dick. It has always been pretty useless, but now you’re married to a woman with a really high sex drive and she also happens to be a size queen. That really isn’t a good combination for you, is it? There is absolutely no hope of you ever satisfying her. Sure, you do have a tongue and maybe you’re even good at eating pussy. But that’s only good enough for so long. Eventually your wife is going to need to be fucked by a big fat dick and you just can’t provide that to her.

You might be a little upset at first when you discover that your wife is fucking another man. You might even tell her that she’s forbidden to do it. But I hope you
don’t think that’s going to stop her. But don’t worry… that upset feeling is totally going to pass. It’s even going to be replaced by a new feeling. You’re going to start feeling turned on by the thought of your gorgeous wife being plowed by a big fat cock. There is probably even going to come a day when you tell her that you’ve made peace with it and that you would love to be allowed to watch. Do you think that she will let you? I’m sure she will – it’s going to be the perfect opportunity to show you that you’re not really even a real man.

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cheating wife phone sex

Do you think a cheating wife is a good thing or a bad thing ?  All the men I sleep with think it’s a good thing, because how else would they get to experience my hot body and amazing bedroom thrills and skills ?   If I was faithful to my husband (boring), all you other men would never have a chance to be with me.  And I also cheat on my husband by doing cheating wife phone sex calls.  Every man I phone bone is another man iv’e cheating with.  Cheating is exciting to me, it gets my fiery adrenaline going.  I could just have sex around the clock, there are so many men who want me here where I live and from my webpage.  I consider sex to be a physical expression of my sexual needs and desires.  This means I give it my all, I don’t hold back.  I have zero taboos or no -no’s, meaning there are things I won’t do when it comes to satisfying myself or satisfying you.  Do you cheat on your wife ?  or do you want to be with someone elses hot wife ?  Or do you find me so hot and nasty you want me ?  Now you can be with me when you pick up the phone and dial my digits.  I have gotten to the point where I don’t care what anyone else thinks when it comes to extramarital sex.  Those wedding vows didn’t say I had to be faithful to the man I married.  So I do what I want.   I’m an unapobgetic , hedonistic cheater you can expect the hottest pleasure when your with me.  Whenever the phone rings, I feel myself getting wetter.  My sweet pussy knows I’m going to be getting more action in this next cheating wife phone sex call.  We can fantasize, role play, be totally real or whatever you want.

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