cuckold phone sex with tina

cuckold phone sex

I never get tired of cuckold phone sex, and neither do you.  I’m training you know your place in my man harem.  You’re at the very bottom.  Your only job is to get cocks hard and clean up cum.  Every now and then, if you’re a really good boy, I’ll get someone to fuck you in your tight ass.  That’s making your faggot mouth water, I know, just don’t get your hopes up too high.  I can’t have you distracted from the task at hand.

I bet your girl doesn’t even know what a hopeless little fuck toy you are.  If she did, you wouldn’t be calling me for cuckold phone sex.  Maybe it’s time she found out.  I bet she would appreciate being fucked by a manly man.  I want you to see her face when she experiences real pleasure.  It will look like relief, you know from faking it all the time.  Look at your girl in utter ecstasy, getting her pussy filled and stretched.  If you stop crying, maybe I’ll let you taste her cunt…off his cock of course.

It’s time for you to assume the roles that you were made for.  Fluffer, cleaner, cum-eater.  Your job is to make sure everyone else in the room is happy, no matter what it takes.  I’ll train you to be the best cuck you can be.  When I’m done with you, you’ll be every girl’s cuckold phone sex dream.  I’ll teach you to be all that you can be.  A by-stander, a facilitator of other people’s pleasures.  If you behave yourself, you may get to jerk off from time to time, in the corner, facing the wall.   The hot folks will call you over when we’re ready for you to clean us up.  Good job, sweetie, good job.

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cuckold phone sex with remy

cuckold phone sex

I think that you know by now that I am a cuckold phone sex queen. I do it because I love the way it feels to be fucked by real men and the power I get from making my man submit to my will.  Breaking a man’s spirit is so delicious and addictive. I often wonder how it really feels from his perspective.  Not that I care really, but it would be helpful to know just how helpless it must feel. Especially when a guy with a big fat cock is putting it inside your woman while you watch. How do you feel about that? How does it feel knowing the love of your life is a dirty whore? I hope it hurts! It is what you deserve.  You are a weak pathetic wimp and you should have to suffer endless humiliations. A real man wouldn’t stand there playing with his dick as another man pushes his cock inside of his wife or girlfriend. Not that I am bitching! I love knowing I can fuck and suck any guy I want when ever I want and you can’t do or say shit about it. It just adds to the pleasure when my worthless husband is there watching it happen. Why don’t you make yourself useful and get out there and find me new cock? I love that idea.  You know my rule they have to be 9 inches or better!! If I wanted to fuck an average dick I could always fuck my husband. We both know the only pussy that he gets now is clean up pussy. There is nothing like the deep humiliation of you licking another man’s cum from my used cunt! I guess that makes him a fucking loser!  So call me at 1-888-474-6769 for cuckold phone sex stories galore.

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adult baby phone sex with cora

adult baby phone sex

For as long as I can remember I have been the nurturing type. I have this love and passion for taking care of my very precious and sweet adult baby phone sex diaper lovers. Sometimes all you need is to be with a loving, caring MILF who is mature enough to take care of each and every one of your needs while making you feel the most loved and safe you’ve ever felt in your entire life. My loving arms will be your safe haven for you.

If you are turned on during our adult baby phone sex session and need a release, I can think of all kinds of dirty things that we can do during our time together. When I finish changing your diaper, you can sit on my lap and at that very moment I will guide my lactating tit right into your mouth. Mmm… you have no idea how good that feels. Wow, you’re very thirsty! With me you can always feel relaxed and comfortable to explore all of your sexual fantasies and fetishes. A MILF like myself who knows how to take care of all of your needs is exactly what you need.

I have a dirty secret myself!  It makes me aroused when you suck on my lactating tits like that. Give me your hand, feel how wet you are making me? I think I feel something hard through your diaper! Oh my, It feels like my naughty adult baby has a special surprise for me. Your throbbing cock is so hard it’s standing straight up! Would you like to slide it inside of me? I enjoy exploring all of your adult baby phone sex fantasies with you. With me, you get the real thing. During our adult baby phone sex session you will feel how loving, caring and passionate I am. You won’t be able to resist coming to me with all of your adult baby phone sex needs. Go ahead, Cora is ready for you to call now.

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Mature Phone Sex with Carla

mature phone sex

I’m sitting at home all alone, and I am so fucking horny right now, hornier than I have been in a very long time! I am not sure why, I get more than enough cock and pussy on a regular basis – in fact, I saw my favorite lover earlier today! I know you have had those days when you are so horny and you get off but you’re hard again right away? And no matter how much you stroke, fuck and cum it’s just not enough?? That is how I have been feeling lately, never enough, the itch is still there. One of the benefits of having mature phone sex with a woman like me, is I know what it is I like and I’ll bring you right along with me! How to lick me, taste me, touch me, fuck me and make my mature pussy squirt.

It doesn’t matter to me what we talk about on the phone, I am more interested in hearing your voice, what you sound like when you have your hand on your cock stroking for me. As much as you love to hear me moan and love being with you I like the same. I love to get out my vibrator while we lie in bed together and masturbate and cum and cum and cum. I love being multi-orgasmic and if you can cum more than once with me that would the icing on the cake with the cherry on top. I will admit that when I’m cumming, I’m not much of a talker, I sometimes get lost in the intensity of the orgasms I have on the phone with you.You can believe me when I tell you when I cum with you on the phone, I don’t believe in faking it. Why bother when I can cum for real?!

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MILF phone sex with sierra

MILF phone sex

I’m a bit of a forbidden Milf who loves to hear about all of your taboo fantasies. Especially the ones that you can’t stop stroking to. I also have to admit how creamy my panties get when I hear about your kinky and perverted fantasies as well. I can’t deny how much it gets me off to know that you are just as open minded as I am. I think there should be no boundaries when it comes to sex. And I am the kinda woman who loves stepping outside of the box. And when you ad MILF phone sex it just makes our time together unforgettable. I just love being your slutty mommy who walks in and catches you stroking off your dick to me. I love flaunting my big tits and perfect ass your way. And when you walk past my room as I’m dressed in some pretty panties, a sexy skirt with thigh hi’s and and revealing top that shows off these watermelon tits you cant help but want to take a closer look. Do you ever think about rubbing your hard dick against my soft satin panties? I purposely walk around dressed as I do being your perfect cock tease. And you know no other woman can make you feel as I do. It doesn’t matter if you want me to please your body or tell you how to please mine. You can be dominate or submissive and this milf phone sex seductress will blow your mind every single time. I just love talking about sex. And I love hearing all of your dirty secrets too. Sometimes when I’m standing in front of you I will bend over nice and slow knowing you have a hard dick under your pants. And other times I will wiggle and grind it into your bulge knowing that you will start dripping pre cum for me. I will slide my soft hand down your pants and look into your eyes saying “this pretty pussy is so tight and wet for you. All I want to do right now is make you all mine.” Your hard cock throbs as I slide my hand up and down. I tease your cock as you take your hand and put it between my creamy thighs. I look at you smiling saying “it’s all yours come and get it baby.” And it doesn’t matter if you are experienced or not. I will teach you what it’s like to be taken to the edge and then explode all your hot cum for me.

So strop stroking baby and come share all of your forbidden MILF phone sex secrets with me. And I will make your dick cum so hard you can’t help but cum back for more. I have no limit’s and anything goes when it comes to giving you exactly what you want. So give me a call and let me hear your sexy voice as you prepare to stroke for me. And all of my fuck holes will be all yours. My pink pussy is dripping wet, tight and just for you.

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cougar phone sex with phoebe

cougar phone sex

When you were younger, was there an older woman next door that you were just dying to get naked with? I would love to hear what happened when you finally did. Or if you didn’t, I’d love you to call me for cougar phone sex so we can do a hot roleplay.

See, I have fantasies like that, too. I have a couple of 18 year old studs living across the street from me that I would love to have buried all the way inside me. I don’t care which hole. They are so hot that I’d like them fuck me anywhere and any way they wanted to. But I will admit that I do have a really strong desire to get down on my knees in front of both of them and go back and forth between their 18 year old dicks. It would almost be an embarrassment of riches, but luckily I do not get embarrassed easily!

Once those gorgeous cocks were nice and hard, that’s when the real fun would start. I would get on all fours right there in the living room floor and tell them I wanted to be double teamed. Oh, I have dreamed of having a younger cock in my mouth and one in my pussy for the longest time. It would be so fucking amazing. I just know it. And I would not want them to be gentle with me at all. I want them to truly fuck me from both ends. I want my hair pulled, my ass slapped and I want it as hard as they can do it.

Are you in the mood for a hot cougar phone sex roleplay, too?

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size queen phone sex with suzanne

size queen phone sex

I think you all know that women don’t like small dicks. I personally just cannot deal with them. I mean, they are absolutely useless. Especially to a size queen phone sex slut like me. I am used to dicks that are at least 8 inches long, so if you have one that’s like 4 inches and you try to tell me that you can make me cum with it, I’m just going to laugh in your face. Luckily, most of you losers with tiny dicks like to be laughed at and it’s a win-win situation for everyone. You get to touch your tiny dick and I get to laugh at you and tell you how pathetic and useless you are.

But let’s get back to how much I love big cocks – especially big black cocks. That old saying is true. Once you go black you never really do go back. I have only fucked one white guy since I had my first black cock, and that’s only because he had a HUGE dick. I mean, it was a beast and I just had to do it. But those black cocks are something else. I just love looking down and seeing my white cunt all stretched out by a BBC. Don’t you losers with little dicks think it would be awesome to witness something like that? I mean, you aren’t going to witness it any other way because it’s not like your cock could stretch anyone’s pussy. So the best chance you’ll ever have to see it is to watch a woman like me get fucked by a real man.

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spanking phone sex with Sadie

spanking phone sex

Hello guys, have you been acting up lately? If you really think about it I am sure that you can come up with plenty of reasons why you belong over my knee. For some of you really naughty guys it will be much less of a struggle to think about what you’ve done wrong. I talked to a man like that the other day. He was very ready for his weekly spanking and had a few things by his side to use at my command. In case you were wondering, being ready like this makes for a wonderful spanking phone sex call. So my naughty man had a paddle, a strap, a hair brush, some wooden spoons and himself all read yo for Miss Sadie. I was proud of him for preparing for his session, but still disappointed that he had been such a naughty boy. Oh my goodness, when he started listing off his offenses you would have thought this was his monthly or bi monthly confessional, not a weekly one. It’s alright though, I was prepared to light his bottom up and turn it red.

How has your behavior been lately? Are you in need of a trip over Miss Sadie’s lap for spanking phone sex discipline? I will hear you out and give you exactly the kind of spanking that I feel that you deserve. It sometimes takes the proper motivation to get you guys in the right mindset. I’ve learned that from you all over the years. Sometimes you just need to have your bottom warmed up and your pride hurt a little by an over the knee spanking with a phone domme that will put you in your place. Then later on when you’re tossing around in bed trying to sleep you can touch and feel the heat of your spanked bottom and think about how it got that way.

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humiliation phone sex with tina

humiliation phone sex

Poor A (name changed to protect the pathetic).  He has a 5 inch dick, and he’s a grown man.  He’s never fucked a woman.  I don’t find that surprising at all, considering he sounded like a pitiful loser.  I mean, if you call me for humiliation phone sex and you’re crying when I say hello, I can only imagine how you are around women in real life.  I’m not really sure what he expected from me.  I certainly wasn’t worried about him cumming.  I will say, though, that I found him quite amusing.  That’s the most I’ve laughed on a call in a while, especially when he asked me if he could hump his toilet!  My goodness that still has me laughing!  Can you imagine A humping his toilet?  It’s fucking hilarious.  I even name her Potty…I know, so original.  I had him begging his new girlfriend Potty to let him cum.  When I asked what he answer was, she said no.  My cheeks hurt from laughing now, just like they did on that humiliation phone sex call.

The best part is A called back.  He was still in tears because he hadn’t cum earlier.  It wasn’t my fault.  Potty was the one that refused him, and there he was making another humiliation phone sex call to see if Potty would let him cum this time.  I was trying to picture this whole interaction.  I mean, seriously, how do you hump a toilet?  I asked if he was sliding his tiny dick between the seat and the bowl.  I was mostly joking because, like, is that even possible?  When A said yes, I nearly peed my panties laughing.  I guess his feelings are as small his dicklet because he hung up on me.  If you can’t take the heat, don’t call for humiliation phone sex.  If you think you can, then dial 1-888-474-6769.

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cuckold phone sex with remy

cuckold phone sex

Tell him, baby! Tell this hung stud who is fucking the hell out of me in our bed that I am his dirty whore. Be my good cuckold phone sex bitch and do as you are told. I want to hear you tell another man — a far superior man in every way — that I am all his. Go ahead and tell him he can use me anyway he likes. My body is a cum rag for a REAL man.  I want my big hanging cock stud to know exactly what kind of relationship we have here.  I keep you around to make the money and do all the boring household shit I no longer have the stomach for.  No, once I finally got properly fucked, it was like a light bulb clicked on in my head. It felt so good, that I could never go back to that lackluster dick my husband tried to fuck me with.  It was like he was pushing rope.  But now cuckolding is our way of life and my pussy has never been so satisfied.  So you  tell that massive dick fucking me that him he can use me anytime he wants. You know that humiliation is so fucking hot to me. So you spill your guts and admit why you don’t get to touch me anymore. Let him know how I turned you into a sissy bitch.  Tell him how you will clean my pussy after he fills it with cum. You do go after it like a hungry bitch, don’t you? You just push past all that embarrassment and embrace being my cuckold phone sex bitch. Call me at 1-888-474-6769 so we can have our own private party.

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