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CJ here boy toys! Do you like older women? I know I love younger guys! I love to make sure the 18teen generation know the right way to eat a pussy. As usual my pathetic husband is away on business, leaving me home, alone, and unsatisfied. Leaving home and bored alone out of my mind. So, of course this Mature phone sex slut has to find something to do!

Even more reason for me to hook up with one of the hot studs in my neighborhood. Being the hot mature phone sex slut that I am I invited one very muscular, hot college coed over for some fun. I couldn’t believe my eyes and ears when he told me he was just 18teen. Fuck! I get this juicy piece of meat? How lucky for me! Even better, this hot 18teen stud had a anaconda cock! Even more yummy! -Laughter-

Of course I get calls from younger guys all the time for mature phone sex, telling me how they love to fuck older women. After all the younger girls just don’t have the experience to please like I do. So many things to try, ways to play out fantasies that the younger women just don’t understand. So of course mature phone sex is the better option with a hot cougar like myself!

There is just something so hot about making sure that the hot studs that are just turning 18teen don’t learn any bad habits from the 18teen girls. A man needs to be able to eat a pussy and please a woman. How to a woman right from the get go. That is why I am here for mature phone sex.

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Guys always ask me how I got into BBC phone sex in the first place? I am mostly happily married.  He is a great guy, but lousy in bed.  Bless his heart and all.  Well, the absolute truth of the matter is that if my husband was any kind of a real man I never would have become a BBC phone sex whore!  But his cock is sub par and that drove me right on to the massive back cock.  Once my pussy got a “taste” of that ebony fuck stuck, well there was on turning back. My husband still takes care of the house, pays the bills but no more pussy for him.  I am a slave to BBC now.  I will drop whatever I am doing whenever I am doing it to bend over for a thick one.  I let them use me as their own personal fuck toy.  There is nothing that I wouldn’t do to feel my pussy get stretched out and filled with BBC.  I think if any woman were brave enough to leave the guilt of cheating on their man behind and take a BBC lover, they would be just like me — aching for it all the time.  I have so many stories I can tell you and I am always looking for new BBC phone sex fuck buddies.

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I just love torturing all you cuckold phone sex callers by telling you how I’m going to fuck a real man and how nasty I will describe his huge cock to you. So humiliating for you to hear how these men pleasure me in ways that you can’t and never will hahaha. You can imagine yourself watching us like a pathetic loser. Sitting in the corner while you think of all the things you failed to do for me. Let me name them 1. your penis is so small you could never began to please me so why should I even let you try. 2. think of all the women you have failed in your life and how us women have destroyed you. 3. you will never be able to please me or any women you suck at sex.

I on the other hand will give you the privilege to serve me by licking and kissing my ass clean after I fucked a real man. A man with a cock so big you can’t stop looking at it wondering how it feels fucking me. Having a man with a big cock fucking my large breast while you watch like a pathetic worthless pig. That is what you are the dirtiest animal in the world rolling around in your own shit how pathetic is that.

I know you have not had any pussy in a very long, long time I’m I right…of course I’m. Cuckold phone sex will make you wish you could please me like all the men I fuck, even black men.  Letting you hear about me fucking black cocks, big cocks, or even your best friends cock will make you feel even more like a loser. I will have you to the point of crying just like the sissy you have become. So cum with me and become my new little cucky because you know that is your place in life after all.

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I want to share my cheating wife phone sex vows with you. They are the vows of a wife who would never be faithful to her husband. He knew the day he married me that I was going to be the biggest whore in the cul-de-sac. The Stepford wives that sent their husbands off with a smile was not for me. I belong to the ones who as soon as he leaves, they open the back door for their dirty little secrets. Once the husband is off to world, those dirty deceivers are busting down the door and giving us a real fucking. I love being a dirty wife with cheating secrets.

My husband is less than endowed in the manhood department and my craving for black dick is running rampant. The bigger the better is what I live by. Nothing under 9 inches will every cum inside of me. That’s the reason I am so addicted to big black cock. Power, strength, and the vengeance of the pounding.

My husband is older and quite the limp dick, but where he lacks in one place, he makes up in another. His bank account more then suits a gold digger like me, and the fact that he overlooks my cheating seals the deal. I have never been faithful, and a strangers cock will always please me more. I don’t care in my husband was well hung, it’s all about the cheating for me. Another Mans cock inside of me is really all I need to get off. I guess that’s why cheating wife phone sex keeps my panties soaking wet and the phone lines burning up. Ask for Marley and make sure to bring your appetite for a warm diner. It wont be on the table, but you will get to eat in bed!

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I know how it is to have cuckold fantasies.  I used to have them, too.  All those times my ex-husband would make me lay in the missionary position with the lights off while he humped me for two minutes, I was dreaming of making him take a big cock in his ass doggy style.  He was so vanilla and boring!  Once we split up I kept have cuckold fantasies when I would masturbate.

I started seeing an older guy named John because he had lots of money and liked to spoil me.  But the sex was déjà vu.  Boring!  His driver Mike, though, my god was he hot.  I’d see him peeking at me in the rear view window when John wasn’t looking, his gaze always lingering at my breasts.  It wasn’t long before he was fucking me on the regular while John was none the wiser.  I was finally getting hot during sex with John because I knew he was sticking his dick all up in Mike’s cum.  That was such a high, and Mike and I would laugh about it every time we fucked.

One night Mike and I had a really hot session in John’s bed.  He had me in all my holes, I was dripping cum everywhere, and the bedsheets were soaked with my squirt.  We heard the door open and immediately knew that John had come home early.  We were fucked!  I admit, I was completely panicked, but then I remembered my cuckold fantasy.  When John walked in the bedroom, I was laying spread eagle proudly propped up on Mike.  Wow, did his face turn red!  I took control of the situation immediately and told him to come to the bed.  He stomped over indignantly and asked what I had to say for myself.  I said, “Clean my pussy.”  He looked at me incredulous and stammered, so I reached up and grabbed him and forced his face into me dirty snatch.  He struggled at first, but it wasn’t long before he was lapping it up greedily.  Now we have the perfect arrangement and he just can’t get enough of cocks and cum.

I no longer have to have cuckold fantasies; it has become my reality.  In fact, I’m looking for a few new cucks to add to my fun.  Will it be you?

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If you’ve never had a call with an anything goes mature phone sex slut, then you really have no idea what you’re missing. I, along with all of my mature lady friends, love 18-year-old cock so much. Why? That’s kind of a silly question because what’s not to love?? First of all, those hot bodies are a sight to behold. A shirtless young man cleaning my pool or mowing my lawn turns me on instantly. And those hard cocks that can cum over and over again? That’s the best part. The stamina is amazing and I love how they can go all night and keep pleasing me.

But right now you might be asking yourself what a mature woman such as myself brings to the table. Well, for starters, I’ve been fucking for probably twice as long as you have been alive and I have learned a lot about how to please a man! I have no doubt that I could make you have at least double the amount of orgasms as that girl your own age that you’ve been fucking.

And speaking of fucking… I have seen it all and done it all, so I have absolutely no limits and no inhibitions when it comes to sex. Anything you can dream up, I can and will do it with you. Do you have a kinky roleplay you’d like to live out? I know there’s that one woman in your life you have always had dreams of fucking. Let me be her and make all of your wildest dreams cum true!

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Hey there boy toys! I am CJ, the cheating housewife phone sex slut in your neighborhood. We all know that I love to humiliate losers with small dicks. Today, I have got a story for you! So this loser calls me up tell me how he has this thick piece of meat to please me with. He kept going on and on, so I start thinking to myself “Who is he trying to convince me or himself?” So I tell him to send me a picture so I can see this piece of man meat he keeps boasting. I tell him I have a wall that I want to post it to. He starts stuttering about how he doesn’t have a camera to take a picture. So, I just could not keep it in any longer. “You FUCKING PIECE OF SHIT LIAR!” Get down at my feet down you fucking loser! Take this cage and put it on that thing you are trying to boast. Lets try this again, how big is your weeny really? F-f-f-four inches he stutters. What do you have a speech problem? Clearly we now know the real reason you decided to call me… for small penis humiliation.

I could not help but to start laughing. So hard that this cheating housewife phone sex slut had to text a friend for reinforcement. Within ten minutes I could hear a knocking at my door. I opened the door, and there stood a man that I knew would help me humiliate this pathetic puny loser. He too started laughing as soon as he saw what I was dealing with. He could tell by the puny voice that came out of this pathetic losers mouth that he was just a pathetic piece of dirt. You know the type of voice where the person always sounds like they’re whining? Yeah! That is always the voice that swears they have something to offer this size queen cheating housewife phone sex slut.

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Bonjour! Je suis Veronica, your hot, horny, & mature phone sex housewife – my husband left on a business trip today – as he often does. He left even before we had our morning delight. He was running late for his flight. It must have been our late night filled with fucking. Kept him up too late. Poor thing. Needless to say, I woke up aroused & horny! That is when I remembered that our hot gardener was due to arrive soon. He was to start a bit of Winter clean up. “Perfect!” I thought to myself. You see, our gardener is hot, young, & very sexy. We fucked once before. I already knew how much he loves mature phone sex women. Especially, a very exotic French woman such as myself. The more I thought about fucking the gardener, the more worked up I became. I started playing with myself. I touched my pussy. I fingered myself & a moan escaped my lips. I felt so very sexuelle & in the moment. Ooh la la! My pussy, so very wet, sweet, silky, & ooh wrapped tightly around my fingers. My nipples hardened with arousal & rushes of ecstatic pleasure. I edged all morning. I teased myself & when I finally heard the doorbell ring, knowing it was the gardener, I rushed to the door, & ooh there he was! One look at his favorite mature phone sex housewife – standing naked in front of him. His cock instantly bulged through his pants! I brushed up against his cock & with a smile whispered into his ear, “Are you ready to plant a few seeds for moi?” I am sure you can imagine that it didn’t take Madame Veronica long to get his pants off & his cock thrusting deep into my mature phone sex pussy. We were fucking in no time. Ooh la la!

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My husband knew when he married me how beautiful, outgoing, intelligent and sexually ravenous.  As time passed he realized he was not enough to satisfy me.  It started when I began to notice the lack of sex that we had and when we did you sure didn’t last long.  That’s when I began to get looking elsewhere, I mean I knew your cock was not the normal size of a real man, and I started by fucking all these better looking, younger bulls.  Your wife is loving cuckold phone sex, and your the one to blame, maybe if you had what they had it would be a lot different.  Yes, you pay all the bills around here, but their is more to a marriage then that.  So from now on you know where your place is, and that is maybe getting my bulls all fluffed up for me, and then sitting in your chair beside the bed where you can watch me get fucked hard by a real man.  All you can do is sit there and rub your little dick, my lover will tell you exactly how good of a fuck I am.   Don’t worry if your lucky we will let you get closer and watch how stretched out my pussy gets.  You will have to beg to eat this big cream pie out of me, you know exactly how to beg don’t you?

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Listen up, if you were a real man I would not be a BBC phone sex whore in the first place. So of course you know this means that it is all you and your tiny cock’s fault.  You can’t expect that a woman like me could turn her back on monster dick once she has started sliding up and down on those massive things. But let’s be honest — even if you woke up tomorrow and your shrimp dick grew from tiny to even average, I would still be fucking those BBC dicks right in front of you.  They know how to fuck a woman properly. All that would change is the size of your cock cage. I am a BBC whore and my once tight pink snatch needs to be fucked with long, thick, meaty, manly black dong on the regular. And you need to be naked in your chair next to me watching the show. I need to look over and see your sad and defeated face. Your wee excuse for a dick dripping pre-cum looks like it’s crying when those big black guys pull out their dicks and slide them so deep into me. Are we hurting your feelings? GOOD!

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