size queen phone sex with suzanne

size queen phone sex

I like big dicks and I cannot lie! Not that I should lie about a thing like that. I’m a proud size queen and I won’t have anything less than an 8 inch dick. I love getting size queen phone sex calls from guys who love the fact that I love big dicks as much as I love sucking and fucking them.

But there’s another aspect of being a size queen that I get to talk about sometimes. You see, most of the guys who do call me because of my love of cocks are guys who have tiny ones. I like it when they call because it means that size queen phone sex with them involves some small penis humiliation and that’s one of my favorite things. I love laughing at inferior dicks and telling guys how unworthy they are of a woman like me.

And sometimes, when I’m feeling especially naughty, I’ll have a guy get down on his knees and get that big black cock ready for me by sucking it. Oh, it’s so much fun when they gag and their eyes start to water. And then instead of getting any kind of reward, they get to watch me get fucked and filled up by that big black cock. Well, you know, I guess they will get a reward when they’re allowed to crawl over to me and lick the cum out of my gaping pussy.

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cuckold stories with tina

cuckold stories

I love telling cuckold stories to you when you call, but do you know what I really want to do?  Listen to your cuckold stories.  I want to hear about the naughty things you’ve done.  How you watched your girl get fucked by a big cock and then stuck your face all up in it and cleaned her out.  How she got you to clean her shimmering juices off his long thick cock.  I want you to tell me what a good cocksucker you are, how you sucked it like a champ and made him cum again.

I know you never thought you’d be sucking cock for real, it was only a fantasy at first.  But after a few cuckold stories from me, your appetite got wet.  You started craving something that made you nervous about your sexual identity.  You started tasting your precum and then your cum because you were dying to know how it would feel to eat it from an alpha male.  You’ve come such a long way and now you have your own cuckold stories to tell me.  It makes me so wet to see your progress.  I give you a little critique, and you make mental notes for your next real time experience.

I always believed that you would be a great cum cleaner, even when you didn’t.  Just look at you now.  When you send me pictures of your mouth stuffed with big cocks to prove what you say is real, it’s obvious to me that you have found your purpose.  You were born to be on your knees.  You were made to drain the balls attached to a nice thick cock.  You are a real life cuckold.  Thank you for letting go and realizing your true potential.

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size queen phone sex with cj

size queen phone sex

Hey boys! I am CJ, the Size Queen phone sex slut from Maine that you fantasize about fucking all the time. I know that I am irresistible with my long black hair and emerald green eyes. I am a woman that knows what she wants, especially when it comes to cock! I have standards; So my question is do you meet mine? Are you wondering how you know? Well, you must have a big, juicy, thick, cock in your pants. Anything less than seven inches just will not do it for this size queen phone sex slut. If you have one of those itty bitty gross clits, well you might get lucky with a thick, long strap-on cock, but that will be as close to my pussy as you get.

It has never been a secret about the size and kind of cock I like. I just so happen to be particular about the size of the cock that gets to glide into all of my tight holes. I mean, can you blame me for being so picky? Believe it or not there are an unbelievable amount of pathetic small dicklette losers roaming this earth. Their pebble sized clits just will not do it in my tight snatch. Fuck! I won’t even be able to feel it. Instead, I prefer a big, thick, juicy cock to fill up my tight holes. I admit it! I am a size queen phone sex bitch! -FUCK! I am fucking proud of it!

I might be married, supposed to be a faithful wife, and blah-blah-blah! I know I am an unfaithful whore in my marriage, my husband has actually cum to understand and enjoys to watch me fuck the big, meaty cocks that he does not compare to in size. Since he is never home anyway, he figures he is not pleasing me, so it is better to be satisfied while he is away. The look on his face the first time he caught me with my black cock neighbor… FUCK! It was priceless! Knowing he got so turned on at how stretched my cunt was made me cum that much harder all over my lover’s throbbing cock. I do deserve only the best, which is why I love and crave size queen phone sex so much!

Do you think you have the package to meet my needs and sinful cheating wife desires? You will have to prove that you have what it takes to please me with a cock bigger than eight inches during our sinfully naughty size queen phone sex. So, tell me…. do you measure up to my size queen phone sex needs? I know that cock is just throbbing to stretch and tear my cunt apart. Ask for CJ for sinful cheating wife size queen phone sex. Have your cock ready and dial 1 888 8 FREAKY.

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BBC phone sex with suzanne

BBC phone sex

I’ve loved big black cocks ever since the first day I had one. I’d been told by girlfriends that they are so much more delicious than white dick, but I didn’t really believe it until the first time I was filled up with one. I’m sure you’re wondering how that first time came about, so I’ll tell you. Just a warning, though…it’s going to make you really horny.

I was in a bar one night with some girlfriends and this guy kept looking at me. Not staring in a rude way, but he kept looking my way with so much lust in his eyes. I was wearing a really low cut top and my big tits were spilling out. I guess he couldn’t take it anymore because he finally walked over to me and sat down next to me. He started rubbing my leg and then I reached over and when I felt the bulge in his pants, I knew that I was going to fuck him. I eventually got so horny that I grabbed him by the hand and led him into the bathroom. He pushed me down onto my knees and when I undid his pants and pulled that big black cock out, I was amazed. I couldn’t wait to wrap my mouth around it.

I wanted to keep sucking his cock but I guess he got impatient and wanted to fuck me, so he pulled me up, turned me around and bent me over the bathroom sink and started to push his big fat black cock inside me. It was the most amazing thing I had ever felt in my entire life. I pushed my hips back against him because I wanted to take the whole thing inside me.

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cheating wife phone sex with cora

cheating wife phone sex

Hey, it’s your naughty cheating wife phone sex MILF Cora! You know, with my husband so much older than I am his sex drive has all but gone away. I always used to hear about how sex dies down after awhile when you get married but this dry spell last way too long! I am so horny all of the time and I feel as if I am in my prime. I have joined a few dating sites and I have had a few responses but no real luck in hooking up and fucking. You would think that finding a fuck buddy would be easy but it’s not! Everyone always gets into their feelings and wants more from me. I am always honest about what my needs are. ALL I want to do is suck and fuck, that’s it! No strings attached, no feelings, just fucking. So for right now I am using my phone as a way to get off. Rubbing my pussy as I listen to guys tell me about their naughty fantasies. It makes me so wet listening to them stroke, pound, beat and jerk their cocks. You want to hear me cum so hard and loud well share with me some of the nastiest fetishes that enter your mind. Let’s plan a meeting where you and I can fuck and suck for hours. Cheating wife phone sex is one of my specialties. If you have looked around on my site before and have been to nervous or scared to call, rest assured we are very discrete and I want to help you have a little innocent fun.

Call me at your leisure, even if I am not online you can send me an instant message or email me. I am your naughty desperate housewife. Dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Cora for cheating wife phone sex.

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MILF phone sex with jackie

MILF phone sex

Since I’m a BAAAADDD Bitch, and I mean my shit is TIGHT, I’m going to dive in head first and go for the gusto and let you know I’m a MILF who is definitely about her business.  And the first thing you need to know is that you are going to love having MILF phone sex with me because I am DAMN good at what I do.  I mean REAL DAMN GOOD if I’m being honest. You’re going to absolutely love everything about me, especially when I let you take me on a ride and show you how to really fuck a REAL woman, one who is ALL WOMAN.

Trust me on this, Baby Boy, those 18 teeny-bopper bitches you been fuckin with ain’t got shit on me. They are still so fuckin wet behind the ears that after you taste this chocolate pudding, both up top and down below, you’re never going to want a young bitch AGAIN.  Believe what I tell you, My Luv, and trust me when I say that I’m going to make you cum, scream and holler like never before, and that will be just the first time.  Then, my Darling, you’re going to explode while doing it again a second time, and if you’re lucky I just might let you detonate all over again, and in my face, for a third time after I finish riding the shit out of your dick.  Afterwards, you’ll be begging my MILF ass to let you up for air after experiencing the best MILF Phone Sex you’re EVER had.  And trust me, my Baby; I’m going to enjoy every bit of my part turning you into my Bitch.  O, did I forget to add that lilt tid-bit.  Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m going to do and when those little itty-bitty tramps cum looking for you, you’re going to tell those bitches where to go and how to get there because by then you now know what pure ecstasy is.

You know as a MILF I love fuckin young asses with big dicks and taking them on the wildest rides their young minds can handle.  Plus, I like pushing the envelope so we may go a bit further.  I want you to know I suck dick and ride dick better than any bitch you have ever had and you’re going to want to lick this juicy chocolate pussy till it drains dry, and afterwards, I’m going to flip this big ole phat black ass over and let you fuck it so we can scream together.  And if you’re as good as I know you’re going to be, I may let you turn me back over so I can squirt all over that dick.  This is the BEST chocolate pussy/pudding you’ll ever have and you won’t want anybody else to have me.

I can’t wait to talk to you so we can begin the absolute BEST MILF phone sex conversation of all time. Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Jackie so I can show you how to have the best MILF phone sex ever.

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Humiliation Phone Sex with Carla

humiliation phone sex

I have to say I just love all the humiliation phone sex calls I’ve doing the past couple months! (see the look of disgust and and disbelief as I humiliate you) There is something so hot and exciting about a man who calls me and begs me to humiliate him. Humiliate him how? Verbal abuse, degradation, humiliating tasks and so much more. Most guys who want humiliation are looking for SPH phone sex, small penis humiliation. What’s funny is some of these guys are pretty well endowed, but the thought of being considered a little dick loser is such a turn on. I’ll humiliate you because your wife has decided to cuckold you or no longer have sex with you. I’ll laugh at your fat belly and poke at you and talk about you in front of our friends. There is no end to the type of humiliation phone sex we can play.

One of my newest and favorite callers is a black cock slut and he comes into our company chat room as Carlas Faggot. I’m laughing just thinking about the fact this dirty BBC whore lives at home and leaves his bedroom door open when he’s on his knees being used by his Black Cock Master. You know he wants to be caught, especially when he’s in her dirty panties too.

Not to be outdone, I have another caller who is a  cock whore and humiliation slut and we roleplay that I take him into the men’s room at the club downtown. Not only does he take those big fat dicks down his throat, he loves a bigger cock up his to skewer him like a fucking rotisserie chicken. You know what else they’re using him for in the men’s room? That’s right, he opens his mouth wide and whatever he doesn’t swallow I make him lick up for the bathroom floor.

What’s your humiliation phone sex fantasy? Call Carla at 1-888-474-6769 and let me make it the hottest phone fuck call ever.

AIM or yahoo – MILFCarla4u


cuckold phone sex with suzanne

cuckold phone sex

I don’t know if we’ve talked before, but if not, let me tell you a little bit about myself. My name is Suzanne and I live a cuckold lifestyle and that’s what led me to cuckold phone sex. My husband and I just celebrated our anniversary and we took a nice long tropical vacation… and we took my boyfriend Steve with us. Of course, my husband paid for it all and Steve and I fucked the whole time we were gone. Sometimes my husband got to watch and join in, but most of the time I just enjoyed Steve and his big black cock while my husband sat in his hotel room alone. When you call me, I’ll tell you more about that… it’ll be fun because we just got back and I haven’t told anyone about it yet.

Are you maybe curious about the cuckold lifestyle and you’re thinking you might want to tell your wife you’d like to see her with a BBC? Call me and I’ll talk you through how to bring it up to her. She might resist you at first and you are going to need to know what to say if she does. So ask me…I’m an expert.

Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Suzanne for cuckold phone sex right now!

cuckold stories with tina

cuckold stories

I met him in a restaurant, dressed in an Armani business suit looking like a man’s man.  A wink, a smile.  Soon he was sitting next to me, buying my next drink.  The energy was electric between us.  I laughed and giggled at his jokes, flipped my hair, touched his arm.  All part of the game.  Once he was nice and tipsy, I began to tell him cuckold stories of my previous conquests.  He leaned in and listened intently, and I knew he was a prime candidate.

The flirting intensified.  In no time he was eating out of the palm of my hand, so it was time to step things up a notch.  I reached into my purse and pulled out a hot pink thong.  He was hungry to please me.  Anything to get me upstairs to my room.  I instructed him to go into the bathroom, slip out of his boxers, and into the delicate little pink morsel I’d just revealed.  I wasn’t sure if he’d go that far, but he smiled at me and staggered off.  He looked like nothing happened when he returned, but as I discretely slipped my hand down his pants I knew that he was ready to play.  His cock was rock hard and tucked neatly into his pink panties.  I felt my pussy moisten.

We finished our drinks and I grabbed his hand and led him to the elevator.  He asked me to tell him more cuckold stories, and of course I obliged.  He pressed himself against me as we rose up to the 10th floor.  Oh, he was going to be so much fun.  We walked into the room and I let his mind adjust.  Two black bulls were waiting, already stroking their cocks.  I instructed him to sit in the chair.  They took turns working my holes while he watched, a little embarrassed to jump in thanks to his undergarments.  I maintained eye contact as I was fucked thoroughly.

Once they finished filling me with their thick white sperm, I asked them to leave.  Alone at last.  I had him remove his clothes, except his thong, and join me on the bed.  He didn’t need any coaxing, but went right to work cleaning me up like a good little cuck should.
The moral of this cuckold story is, you may not know what turns you on until the right woman comes along to show you.  If you want to become the star of one of my cuckold stories, give me a call.   1-888-474-6769, ask for Tina.

Yahoo: tinaturnsuon
AIM: tina_turnsuon

cougar phone sex with cj

cougar phone sex

Hey all you horny college boy toys! I am CJ your sinsational cheating housewife neighbor! I have been craving a piece of meat! Something sweeter than just any kind of meat is the kind you wait around to pounce on. I am always on the prowl for a hot, young stud that lives close by or just down the street. I love me a fresh new flavor to teach a few things to. I see all of the hot, young college boys checking out my sinsational body as I go for my daily runs in the park. I know just what they are craving! They are craving the same thing I am! It is obvious they cannot deny a cougar phone sex hottie like me some kinky play time.

Often times I find myself on the local college campuses. I just cannot help myself. Of course I have friends in high places, including the dean of students. I have quite the reputation with several of the faculty and staff. Those young college athletes don’t always notice me prowling around their gymnasium. Instead I hide and obscure myself among all the other girls on campus. Then those studs realize that I am special. I can say I have gotten around. I can give them what those college girls cannot. Something that make their cocks rock hard. Their appetites are just as insatiable as mine for cheating cougar phone sex.
Sometimes I decide to hire some young piece of man meat from the college campuses. There is always fresh ones available. I don’t rush though. Nope! I have to find perfection every single time. He better be ALL man for this cheating cougar phone sex slut. I like to bring them home and give them a test drive to see if they are worth my time. After these college hotties have had a sweet sinsational taste of this cougar phone sex slut, they pass word to their team mates. Word gets around campus very quickly. * giggles * I LOVE word of mouth. Serves me well! Serves my insatiable appetite and the appetites of those that enjoy having cougar phone sex with me. Those young hot college athletes keep coming back for more to feed their cougar addiction… which duh, is ME! They cannot deny this sinsational body! Perky tits, tight ass, tight body, and I am more experienced than any of the girls on campus! Since my husband is never around enough, I hire “help,” but he doesn’t know what those meaty studs are really doing for me. I know that you want a taste of this sinfully sweet cougar phone sex pussy too! Just ask for CJ when you dial 1 888 474 6769 with that hot, meaty, cock!

Yahoo: sinfulcj
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