Size Queen Phone Sex with Suzanne

I want to tell you about the time I let my husband (then boyfriend)  in on the fact that I am a size queen phone sex slut. I invited him out to dinner. He was probably so excited because when I told him to make sure he was all dressed up, he thought he was going to finally get to have sex with me. I told him that I wanted to wait until it felt right to be intimate with him. He wanted me very badly, so he had no choice but to agree with me if he wanted to get inside me.

size queen phone sex

When we got to dinner, the waiter shows us to our table and there’s already a very handsome black gentleman sitting there. He told the waiter that he had shown us to the wrong table, but I informed him that we were indeed at the correct table. Once we sat down, I asked him if he had ever heard the terms “size queen” and “cuckold” and he said he kind of had, so I filled him in on exactly what that would mean for him. I told him that the reason I hadn’t slept with him yet was because he wasn’t exactly well endowed. He looked shocked and really embarrassed. I told him that I really loved him, but that I just was used to big black cocks and that if he wanted to be with me, he was going to have to accept that. He was also going to have to accept the fact that I might not ever sleep with him.

That’s when he looked me right in the eye and told me that he understood and that he loved me, so if I wanted big black cocks, then that’s what I would get. After that, we just ordered our dinner and had a really good time.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Phoebe

I can’t even begin to tell you how much cuckold phone sex turns me on. I love big black cocks and I love making pathetic white men with tiny dicks listen to me tell them stories of how many times I’ve been fucked by a BBC. But they are not just cuckold stories I am making up to make you feel bad about your pathetic weenie. No, I have really done every single thing I’m going to tell you when you call me.

cuckold phone sex

But tell me… do YOU have anything to tell me during our cuckold phone sex call? Maybe you are calling because your wife is “out with the girls” not but you’re convinced that she’s doing something else. Do you suspect that she’s out with her black boyfriend getting her pretty white pussy split wide open by him? Maybe you’ve noticed that when you’ve gone down on her recently that her pussy is a little more wet than it usually is…and it tastes different, too. You have probably figured out that it’s because it’s not just her pussy juices that you are licking. You’re licking the cum from another man right out of your wife’s gaping pussy. Yum! Don’t you just love it? I know you’re super turned on by it.

Maybe one day, you’ll get the courage to tell her you know what she’s doing and that it makes your tiny dick rock hard. You will tell her that she can bring over her black boyfriends and fuck them right in front of you…and that you’d be more than happy to get him hard for her and clean her up afterward if she deems you fit for that. Sounds like an awesome time!

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BBC Phone Sex with Remy

BBC phone sex

When you take as much BBC phone sex cock as I do, you better make sure that you are an expert at time management. I mean that you need to be prepared and make sure that all the stuff you need to do on a daily basis is done when that booty call comes in so you can just take off and make it happen. For example, for the third time this week I found myself naked on the sofa taking the my latest BBC fuck buddy’s massive cock. This monster cock feels good inside me that I can’t think of anything else but the pleasure its giving me. I can’t believe it got to this point, but I would drop everything at even the hint of a hook up with a gigantic BBC. This guy is a non stop talented fucking machine, and my pussy commands me to do whatever it takes to open up and submit to him. This guy fucked his cock deeper inside me than anyone ever had before and I want that feeling every time now.  Damn this cock is driving me crazy! I would do anything for him, so he would keep fucking me. I wonder if he has some friends who are as well endowed as he his so we can make this a real party. That is so bad, but I can’t help myself. I want to make myself into a 3 hole whore for BBC phone sex cock every day now. Call me and tell me about your BBC fantasies too.

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MILF Phone Sex with Patty

Are you looking for a stunning blonde haired MILF phone sex slut with huge tits? Good news, you found her! My name is Patty and I love being a sexy MILF. Nothing in the world could be sexier to me than fucking younger men and teaching them how to please a woman in every single way. Plus, I really love those 18 year old dicks. They get as hard as diamonds and have you ever met a woman who doesn’t love diamonds? I didn’t think so.


MILF phone sex

I’ve always been known around town as the MILF who would hire you to mow her lawn and then pay you with pussy. Sometimes I wish I had more than one yard so that I could have more than one young man at a time over. Well, let’s be real… that doesn’t stop me from having threesomes with these boys. I’ve even had a couple of group sex sessions that you would not even believe. I would really love to tell you about them, and I will if you call me for MILF phone sex.

Maybe you don’t want to hear about the experiences I’ve had, though. Maybe you want to tell me what kind of fantasies you’ve had about an older woman in your life. You might want to relive your younger years and an experience you actually had. Did you get to live your fantasy and have your way with that MILF you lusted after? Oh boy, I want to hear all about that in excruciating detail. Don’t leave anything out. The more you tell me, the wetter my pussy is going to get.

If you’re ready for a super hot MILF phone sex call, dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Patty. I can’t wait to be that older woman you’ve always dreamed of.

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MILF Phone Sex with Carla

MILF phone sex

This really happened and it would make for a really hot MILF phone sex call! It was New Year’s Day and my husband and I were at his best friends house for more food and drinks. There were a dozen of us there, including the son of the host. I hadn’t seen him in a few years and let me tell you, he sure did grow up! He thought he was being sly, but I noticed him staring at me all night. Of course, I had to tease him a little bit too. I brushed up against him, my tits rubbing across his back. I winked at him and I swear he blushed! I could tell he was getting a little uncomfortable when he had to adjust his cock in his pants.

I excused myself from the group and made my way upstairs to the second bathroom. Imagine my surprise, not!, when he followed right behind. I told him to take me to his bedroom and he didn’t hesitate at all. I closed the door behind us as I pushed him to sit on the bed. I was so fucking horny I couldn’t help myself and dropped to my knees in front of him. My hands making quick to work to undo his pants to get my first look at the younger cock of my friend’s son. I think he was surprised as I was when I opened wide and swallowed every inch of his now rock hard cock down my throat. Fuck he tasted good! A few thrusts in my talented MILF mouth and I was rewarded with a thick load of his cum down my throat. Delicious!

Oh it doesn’t end here either, I kept sucking, and he got hard again as only younger guys can. I knew I had to have that fat dick in my MILF pussy. I didn’t even care that my husband or his parents were downstairs and could walk in at any minutes. I bent right over his bed as he fucked me from behind. OMG I came and came and came over his hot cock. Soon I felt him explode for the second time, this time inside my married MILF pussy.

The hottest part of all this? I put my panties back on and spend the rest of the party in my cum soaked panties.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Suzanne

I know one thing for sure. I would NEVER let you anywhere near me with that itty bitty thing you are trying to pass off as a dick. I don’t think you know what a dick actually is if you think THAT is one. LOL Oh wow. Maybe you’ve been looking at it under a microscope and that’s why you think it’s big. But trust me when I say that it is not big and that the only thing I will be doing with you is small penis humiliation phone sex.

small penis humiliation phone sex

Don’t act all offended. I know this isn’t the first time a woman has told you that you’re good for small penis humiliation phone sex and that’s it. And the good news for you is that even if you are upset by being humiliated for having a small dick, don’t worry. You’ll get used to it. Eventually you will even be turned on by it. I know that might surprise you, but it’s true. Just trust me on that one.

If you’re a good boy, I’ll even tell you all about how much I love to be fucked by big black cocks and how you are not and will never be good enough for me. But those big black cocks I was talking about? They are good enough for me. They are delicious and those guys fuck me like a real man. You aren’t a real man, so that isn’t something you could ever hope to do. You know that deep down, so you might as well just go ahead and admit it.

Ready for some super mean and nasty small penis humiliation phone sex? Call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Suzanne. Let me help you to realize how pathetic your cock is. I’m sure it won’t take long (pun intended).

Adult Baby Phone Sex with Cora

Awe, look how cute mamas ABDL baby is! You’re such a perfect baby and I love when we spend time together. One of my favorite things about adult baby phone sex is forcing adults to wear  diapers. I’ll receive so much joy and happiness from humiliating and punishing you by making you go potty all over yourself while you’re in your diaper. I am  the only one who can clean you up just the way you need. I know what you like and how need it. Tell me how you like your adult baby phone sex session to go and I’ll be the perfect mature woman you’ve always desired and more importantly always needed.

adult baby phone sex

When I use diaper domination understand that means a form of punishment  for you so that you can learn who is in charge! Yes, I will control you. While you’re wearing a baby diaper as punishment, you will be forced to make a mess all over yourself.  Then, I will comfort my baby, and cuddle with you until the tears from being so humiliated subside. I will then lay you down to remove your dirty diaper. You’ll watch me undo the tabs slowly, use the front of the diaper to clean up any mess you have in the front and then I’ll wrap it up and throw it into the waste basket. Then, I’ll use those cold baby wipes to wipe your bottom and privates clean. After I clean up the mess you’ll watch me apply powder to your clean skin. Now it’s time for a fresh diaper but before I put it on I will lean over to kiss you ever so gently on the forehead. I’ll whisper in your ear and tell you how much I love you.

So, now that my adult baby has a stiffy in his pamper you need to call me right away for your adult baby phone sex session! I am  patiently waiting for you to call. So hurry up!


Size Queen Phone Sex with Phoebe

My name is Phoebe and I love big cocks. Yup, I’m a size queen phone sex slut! Of course, big black cocks are my favorite and I simply cannot get enough of them. I have NEVER said no to a big black cock and I don’t see that ever happening. I have been approached by men in all kinds of places – the grocery store, a mall, hospitals, etc. I don’t care where I am, I always say yes and we find a place so that he can fuck me with his big black cock. Cars, elevators, public bathrooms, empty hospital rooms, dressing rooms… I have done it all.

size queen phone sex

Why do I love big black cock so damn much? Well, the answer to that is really simple. I need to be able to feel the dick that’s fucking me. I need to feel stretched out and so full of cock that I could burst at any moment. I’ve yet to find a white cock that could do that for me. So, I go to strong black men because I know that they have what I need, and I have what they need, too.

Do you have a big black cock? I would love it if you’d call me and tell me how much you love fucking a perfect white pussy. Don’t you just love the look of it when it’s sliding in and out? The color contrast is just so fucking hot, isn’t it? Oh, and don’t you just love to cum inside a white pussy and then watch your black creampie drip out of that gaping pussy? Mmmm. That sounds SO hot.

Aren’t you ready now to call me for size queen phone sex? I know you must be and I’m ready to give it up to you. Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Phoebe!

AIM: SexyPhoebe4u

Sissy Baby Phone Sex with Tina

My biological clock has been ticking so loudly these days.  I haven’t found anyone willing to put a bun in my oven yet.  Guys are so scared that I’ll use the baby to take their money.  But I still have all these motherly urges.  What’s a girl to do?  Luckily I stumbled upon an answer.  I’m going to “mother” all the sissy baby phone sex cuties I can.  I can’t wait to dress up my adult babies so sweetly, in frilly frocks, rubber pants, and patent leather Mary Janes.  And don’t forget the pretty little lace trimmed ruffle socks.  My adult sissy babies are going to be cutest ones around.  We’ll play tea party and I’ll show you off to my adult friends.  Don’t be shy, baby cakes.  Give a twirl and show everyone how amazing you are.

sissy baby phone sex

When one of my adult sissy babies gets cranky, I’ll have to go through the checklist.  Did you have an accident in your diaper?  Do you want to try to go on the potty? Do you need a nap?  I’ll change you into a pretty little nightie with ruffles on the bottom.  Then we’ll sit in the rocking chair and I’ll hold you tight against me and pat your butt until you’re so drowsy.  If you need extra soothing, I’ll let you nurse on my milky tits until you fall asleep.  Then I’ll tuck you in snug as a bug and watch my angel sleeping.  Every sweet sissy baby phone sex angel deserves to be loved.  And I have a whole lot of love to give.

Now don’t think I’m not going to scold you when you’re bad.  I know how to be a strict disciplinarian.  When I think it’s necessary I won’t hesitate to pull down your ruffle butt panties and make that hiney bright red.  My sissy baby phone sex darlings will be well-behaved one way or the other.  Afterward I’ll wipe your little tear stained cheeks and have you give me a kiss.

Now give Miss Tina a call so we can get all dressed up and play.  1-888-474-6769.

Yahoo:  tinaturnsuon
AIM:  tina_turnsuon


Hot Cuckold Phone Sex with Remy

Cuckold phone sex is not always by the book.  Every now and again, your cuck might try rearing his head and you have to put him back in line.  You cant really call it a friendly reminder, but you get the idea here.  When this has happened to me, I make that my cuckold gets a refresher course on what it means to be owned by me.

cuckold phone sex

I call a fuck buddy with the biggest thickest cock to come over for a play date.  I let my cuckold watch as I prepare myself for my big appointment.  I tell him exactly how excited I am to have a real man come to our house to treat me like a real woman.  When the designated big prick comes over, I make my cuck great him at the door.  Go ahead and tell him, baby! Tell this hung stud I am his dirty whore. I want to hear you tell another man as he fucks me I am all his! Tell him he can use me anyway he likes! Tell him he can use me anytime he wants! You know that is so fucking hot. Tell him why I am fucking him and not you. Admit to him how much of sissy bitch you are and how small your penis is. You better let him know he is the man around this house when he is here. Tell him that you know when he cums in me you will clean me out! Ask him if you can clean his cum covered cock when he is done. I want you to humiliate yourself for me. now lucky for you I have a stud here now, so get in here and I want to hear you say those things.  That is what it takes to get my cuckold phone sex bitch back in place.

1-888-474-6769 and ask for Remy for MILF phone sex

AIM and Yahoo: SexyMILFRemy

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