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Have you ever tried cuckold phone sex? If you haven’t, you probably should. Your dick is pathetic and you know you can’t please your wife, so what else is there for you to do? But you know, even though you can’t please her with your little worthless dick, you can make sure she gets pleased by someone else. She deserves at least that much, doesn’t she?

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“Did she go to bed?”

“Yes, about an hour ago. I can hear her snoring now.”

“I can’t hear you very well, can you speak up?”

“No! She’ll hear me!”

“And what if she did?”

“She would be pissed.”

“Hmmm… maybe we need to springboard off of that tonight then, don’t we, baby?”

I sneak into your living room, wearing my tight-ass black yoga pants with white thin tank top (no bra). I’m barefoot so I can be quiet. You’re sitting on the couch, beer in one hand, tv remote in the other. I giggle as I step in front of you, so you can’t see the tv anymore; I don’t think you care. I take your face in my hand and caress your scruffy chin where your beard is trying to grow in overnight. I lean down and kiss your beer-tinged mouth warmly. I’m here for you now, baby. What are we going to do now? Lead the way.

You pull me down onto your lap; you feel delicious! Immediately, I reach down and go inside your sweat pants and feel for your cock; it’s flaccid, but only for a moment. I roll it around in my hand, sliding it down so I can grasp your balls, too… running my hand all over your groin area, making you hard fast. Yum! You’ve got a hand on one of my tits, making my nipple stand up tight and hard. I pull your head down as I move the shirt out of the way. You begin licking my nipple, then nibbling it. Oh, god, you feel so fucking good already.

I could just sit here and jack you off, but what would my pussy do for fun? I jump off your lap and strip quickly. You, too, pull your clothes off and now we are naked, standing next to each other. We embrace, kissing deeply and hard, caressing each other all over. Your hands are on my breasts and ass, all at the same time. I tweak your nipples and you groan a little. I remind you to be quiet! Your cock is so hard, I want it in me now, so I sit you on the couch and straddle you, lowering my wet cunt onto your rock hard dick. I meow as I feel you fill me. You moan deliciously.

What’s that? Did we hear something? I don’t stop my rocking on your cock, you holding my ass in your hands, one of my hands down on your balls. Out of the corner of my eye I see movement, but am too deep with sex to stop moving. Is she watching? Oh, lord, she is indeed. I find where she is and look at her; he doesn’t see her yet. I look her in her eye and rock my cunt onto her husband. She’s standing there in her pajama gown with flowers on it. I see she is partly horrified and partly mesmerized. I revel in her confusion.

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Who couldn’t use a smoking hot cougar phone sex queen in their life? I like that term – cougar.  That is exactly what I am.  When I  get that feeling, I go on the prowl.  My prey — hung younger studs.  Men my own age just can’t keep up with me.  So I go on a cock hunt and I don’t stop until I get what I want.  I have the best time getting every drop of cum out of my new fuck buddy.  In my experience, I have noticed that younger men sure can blow a huge load and often stay rock hard and keep on fucking! There isn’t anything like being fucked good and hard by a thick cock who can go on and on and on. Those younger fuckers just cant get enough of a hot ass cougar phone sex goddess like me. They just love the way I take good care of all their needs and never ask for anything in return but a good time. When they get me alone they know they will never hear the word NO!  You want to call me filthy names as you work that dick inside me? Go for it, stud. You want me to bend over with my ass spread wide, so you can ass fuck me? Go for it, stud. All the things those younger girls say no to, well you will never hear from me. I don’t have time for games! I want to get fucked and I need that cum.

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Mature phone sex is what I like doing I know most of you love role playing with me having me guide you into your sexual awareness. Mature phone is exciting and hot and most men love talking to an older woman who knows what she really wants. Not only do I know what I want I know what you need and want too. I like to make men feel like they just got fucked when I’m done with them. I try to get into my calls so every call is different and original for just that caller. I like trying many things and will go where ever you like to go on your call even fetishes that are taboo.

Mature phone sex is like having one of your fantasies come true that you always wondered what it would be like to fuck an older woman. With me you can have your fantasy played out and discover maybe new sexual delights that you may have never consider before. I like to tease men and deny them to cum but I really play for real so don’t expect to get to cum really easy. I also like to humiliate small penis guys until they feel so low they wish they had no dick at all. I love talking to all cheating men that  love to cheat or have cheated on their partners and love how it makes them feel. I really like to force men into doing things that they really want
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