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Arabella here, boys! Lately I have been wondering what I am going to do when my marine husband comes back. I mean, what will he think when he finds out the sweet innocent wife he left has turned into a cuckold phone sex slut? I just imagine him walking in while I am having some fun with one of my bbc friends, and freaking out with jealousy when he sees how big my friend is. I will just have to explain to him how unhappy I was with his package. Also, the whole situation wasnâ??t helped by the fact that I was left home alone, and lonely. After that I will make him sit down and watch while I finish what I started.  During some of these lonely nights my long fingers just can’t help but work their way down to my sweet, creamy hole just thinking about all of the possibilities.

I never thought it could be so hot to have someone watch something so intimate, but it makes my sweet hole sopping wet. Just thinking about it makes me ache with the need to be watched while I have a bbc making me feel better than my tiny dicked husband ever could. I have been thinking about what I would do if he did come home unexpectedly during this cuckold phone sex session. I would love to tie his arms and legs to a chair, and wrap his tiny weenie in a chastity cage. After he was properly tied down I would go back to what I was doing. Iâ??m sure it would be pure torture for my loving marine to be unable to do anything while his loving, innocent wife was cheating right in front of him. Want to hear about what he would witness? Call 1-888-474-6769, and ask for Arabella.

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All of us women must love a big black cock phone sex call. Whether a woman will confess it or not, she really wants a man who can please her well in the bedroom. There isn’t too many men that could say that they have a huge fat dick, can you? Chances are good that if you can tell me that you have a huge fat dick then you are a well endowed black man. Maybe you might be part of the exception that a white male can have a huge cock, but it will take a lot to convince me. For now, I will just stick to the guys who I know can fuck my pussy just the way I want them to!

My lover always comes over to fuck me and fill me up with a nice warm creampie. I love to tell people about him when I have big black cock phone sex. To have his cock in me is like the best feeling in the world. His name is Sean and we fuck for hours almost everyday but sometimes I’m too sore and I have to skip a day or two. Do you want to know my favorite thing to do when I am with him? I can’t get enough of his cum so I like to take it in my mouth, face, pussy and ass. I am obsessed with his beautiful cock. O yea, my favorite though is when he fills up my stretched out cunt so I can have a beautiful treat for my husband when he gets home. That’s right, I don’t take a shower afterwards or anything. I want him to smell my musty pussy mixed in with cock juice. I will do anything for big black cock phone sex. I all worked up now, call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Mimi. It is about to get really hot and kinky *smile*

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I really don’t care about what might happen to your marriage when I get you in my bed.  I’m a cheating MILF and I only care about one thing:  my pleasure.  And I will get my pleasure during a cheating MILF phone sex call.  One of things that gives me shameless pleasure beyond hot sex is knowing that I’m a home wrecker.  Here’s how I look at it.  If you are married and you want some of what I have, then you should be willing to pay the ultimate price.  Divorce!   I don’t care if my name is even listed on divorce papers by your soon to be ex-wife.  My sexual needs come first.  I will go after any man I want even if it means his marriage might be destroyed by my carnal desires and his.  If he wasn’t strong enough to resist me, if he wasn’t strong enough to say no, happily married enough to tell me to leave him alone, then he deserves what he gets!  Say hello to alimony and support payments!  Think I care?  Think again.  There are too many fish in the sea and I cast a wide net.  I will just keep consuming cock after cock.

Everyone in my neighborhood knows I’m on the prowl for cock and some of the wives have forewarned their  hubbies what will happen if they hook up with me.  I know I’m so much hotter than those bitches  are and that I could just make their husband fuck me with the snap of my fingers.  Men are so weak for me.  They love that I cheat with total abandon.  They love my sexy body and insatiable needs.   They know I will do what their boring wife won’t.  Being a home wrecker gives me a rush of power.  Call me and ask for Hilary for cheating MILF phone sex and find out what will happen to you once you fall in love with me and can’t get enough of me!

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You know I’ve never been one to follow the rules. If there was a rule I broke it, the same holds true with vows. Wedding vows to be more specific. When I was married I had more lovers than when I was single. My ex-husband put up with that because well… Look at me I’m gorgeous! And I have a body that can fuck all night long! Be honest what man doesn’t think about his wife fucking someone else? Don’t lie to me. Cheating wife phone sex intrigues you like it does every other guy because It’s taboo, your ego tells you it’s wrong. You’re the only man for your wife ha ha Ha ha ha! that’s complete bullshit right there. I can tell that right now you’re thinking about your wife getting plowed by a complete stranger. Who is she fucking? The mailman? The neighbors son who is home from college? Or she could be really nasty fucking your best friend. Oh the thought of cheating wife phone sex really gets those wheels turning in your head. Are you picturing it? Another man’s strong hands Cupping her breasts, kissing her neck, taking her panties off with his teeth. I bet your dick is so hard right now thinking about that special way she moans,only it’s not with you! So little man, what are you going to do now? I have a solution for you, give me a call and we can role-play the situation out! I can also give you many many more ideas of what you’re cheating wife is up to without you. If you’ve got the balls to find out, then give me a call for more hot cheating wife phone sex stories at 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Gwen!

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So, I know you’ve been having some thoughts that you are kind of ashamed of. You don’t think you should be having these thoughts, maybe you feel guilty,  and you don’t know what to do. You’re younger and all of this is so brand new to you. That’s where mature phone sex with me will come in handy. I am ready and willing to talk you through all of these taboo thoughts you’ve been having.

Now that you feel comfortable with me, tell me exactly what kind of thoughts you’ve been having, young man. Have you been having fantasies about your mommy? Did you accidentally see her naked and now you have been jerking off while you think about what it would be like to fuck her? Tell you what… why don’t you just lay back, close your eyes and listen to me tell you exactly what it would be like if you got to fuck me like you’ve been dreaming of. Just listen to my mature voice telling you just exactly how much I love it when you fuck me.

Or maybe you’re having fantasies of a different kind. Are you an adult baby or a diaper lover? Have you been wondering what it would like to suck a dick and you need to talk to someone about it. Do you have a strange or unusual fetish you are afraid to tell anyone else? You dream of being a cuckold but you know that only a mature and experienced woman would understand all your deviant details.

Those are just a few examples of the things we can talk about. I’m an anything goes kind of woman and I’m ready and willing to help you. If you’re ready for a mature phone sex therapy session, call me and we’ll get all those issues you have worked out.

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Hey there horny boy toys! Welcome to another adventure with your favorite cheating housewife slut CJ. By the time I am done telling you all about the one I just had, you will be rolling around crying from the laughter! No, seriously! I am not fucking kidding!  You will never believe the call that I got recently. Like, by the end of this call I was seriously laughing my fucking ass off. It took all of my strength not to make a sound. So, he calls me because he is sitting in his office nude at the orders of his wife. Just from this I can totally tell he must be a pathetic small dicked loser. Then he tells me he is waiting for his female manager to come in, and while he waits he is nude. Just from this small amount of information I had to use all of my strength to keep from literally falling off of my couch from laughing and not literally peeing my pants. No! I am fucking serious! So, he asks me what I think about his wife punishing him with spankings, starting only a few months ago. Of course, I say that she is right. After all, women are superior to men. Duh! Who doesn’t fucking know this? So then, he goes on to tell me that he has a small penis. I let out a giggle, of course I had all I could do not to tell him how pathetic he was just for not being well endowed…. *evil laugh* It was clear that he needed some straight up humiliation…. Small penis humiliation phone sex that is!
Oh wait! It gets even better! So, he gives me a “tour” on cam of the warehouse and office where he works. *giggles* He told me he “cleaned” it up, yeah fucking right! That place was a pig sty. At any rate, we get to the front of where his office is…. And he has the cam pointing towards the door where there are two windows with shades that are closed, and a locked black door with a full window. Of course, I don’t take it easy on him! What did you fucking think I would? No way! Oh my god! You are seriously going to want to know what happened when I ordered him to open the shades and unlock the door. In order to find out what happened during this wickedly wild small penis humiliation phone sex call, you will have to ask for CJ when you dial 1 (888) 474-6769.

We can have a wickedly wild time with small penis humiliation phone sex too, especially if your clitty doesn’t meet my standards! *evil laugh* Better do as I say or else… pick up that phone… NOW!

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So who doesn’t need a good hot dose of cougar phone sex?  Well, I bet that you fantasize about living next door to a sexy mature woman like me. You know that I walk around my house naked or close to it, just knowing that you are watching. I do like to put on a show and give you a good look at my toned curvy body. I do like to try different looks —  panties and knee high socks.   Yeah, that looks great.  And I always seem to go outside in skimpy outfits. Sometimes I put on a top that is too small and way to tight for my huge tits. And a pair of shorts that barely cover my nice round ass. I love teasing the fuck out of you!  I know you are watching and jerking that dick.  It gets me so wet thinking of the things you wish you could do to me. I know you love watching me lay out in a string bikini and when I see you in your window I start to lotion up my body. Oops, did my tits pop out of my top again? I think I should leave them out so they can get some sun. I am just naughty enough to lay on my chair with my my pussy pointing right in your direction — opening my legs wide as I can. You just can’t hold that cum in can you? Don’t you want to climb between my legs and give me that hard cock! Cougars like me always like to tease and taunt horny guys like you.

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Hi guys I want to share a MILF phone sex fantasy that I dreamed about last night!  Just to be assured that I have very kinky dreams just like you!  I was taking a walk down my street when I noticed that a new family was moving into a house that had been for sale three doors down from me.  That is when I saw you this hot boy probably around eighteen who’s counting surly not me lol it was very hot out and you took off your shirt.  At that moment I knew you and I were going to have a MILF phone sex encounter sooner rather than later!  It is no secret that my husband is gone most of the time and that I prey on younger hotter men or boys and you are something that I absolutely must have a taste of!  I look and dress younger than I actually am and I take meticulous care of myself trusts me when I say that you would be the envy of all the boys at school if you could nail me down for hot MILF phone sex.  I know you are watching me now so I turn on the charm and stroll on up and introduce myself I can tell you think I am hot.  I carefully plant the seed that my husband is gone a lot and I need someone to cut grass and help me with odds and ends around the house and that you would be well compensated if you could help me.  You smile and I think you are catching the undertone that I’m lacing the conversation with and you say that you’d be happy to help me with anything I need while my husband is away.  I can tell by the look in your eye that you are ready to be a willing participant in this MILF phone sex fantasy!

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Hello there boys, I am Crissy and love to prowl.  Teasing and taunting the prey I play with really gets me hot.  There is something oh, so sexy about a younger man to me.  Teaching him what to do with a real woman, not just some young play thing, but a voluptuous beauty like me who knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.  Tell the truth now, the thought of being able to put your tongue, hands and other parts of your body on my dangerous curves makes your cock jump, now doesn’t it?  *Laughing* I know that it does!!  Cougar phone sex with me, your horny desperate housewife Crissy is a dream cum true.  I know just how to train a sweet little puppy like you.  The only question is do you need rewards for good behavior or do punishments make your cock “stand up” and salute?

Diving right in with cougar phone sex is a lot of fun to let go and let me take the reigns.  I want to know what makes you shoot that hot, sticky load the hardest. Remember that there is nothing off limits, and we cannot go too far.  The more down, dirty and kinky the better for this naughty minx.  Putting my soft fingers all over your…desires and twisting my mind around your urges is what really makes my clit hard and nipples stick out.  I am getting turned on just thinking about it.  I can feel my honey pot starting to make that sweet nectar for you.  I want to hear you stroking that hard rod and make you drip from the tip with any desire you can bring to me.  Going as far as you want to take it, just bring it to me baby.  I am here, all for you.

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My husband decide to take on a second job. It’s been a while since he’s done that and I have to tell you having him home has really made it hard for me to be the cheating wife phone sex slut that makes your dick so hard for me. But now since he’s gone all day and night I’m so restless to hear about all of your fantasies. Imagine if I just moved in next door to you and you can’t help but see how I smile and flirt with you. I always go around showing off my sexy long legs and big bouncy tits in those super short skirts and low cut tops that make your mouth water. And the perfect pair of six inch pumps that ads the perfect touch. Do you know how badly I want to come over and introduce myself to you? I must confess that’s not all I want to do. I can’t help but notice how you look at me. Does your cock throb when you think about me?

Do you like stroking to sexy, mature blonde females like myself? I’m an experience lady who knows how to please every part of your body. I’ll wrap my soft silky hand around your throbbing hard dick and stroke it until you cant take it anymore. I can be the perfect mistress or kinky no limit’s slut who will have you stroking every time you hear my sexy dirty talking mouth. I love tit fucking and sucking dick… I’ll do it so good you might just shove it down my throat. And when you’re ready to push that long hard cock in my pretty married pussy I’ll climb on top and ride just like a cow girl. And if you want to grab my big 34 D tits or tight firm ass I’ll grind and take your dick even deeper in my pink wet hole. MMMM you feel so good baby. I never get this wet for my husband and he never gives me what I want. You wont find any other blonde cheating wife phone sex slut who will milk your cock and drain your balls like I will. I can be just as dirty and kinky as you like it too.

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