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You come home from school and see me sitting at the kitchen table with an envelope you recognize from your teacher. It seems you have been acting up in class and your grades are going downhill. You look down and avoid my eyes as I lecture you once again on how to behave. I told you the next time this happens you are going to get it and get it good. That is why you are calling me for a spanking phone sex call today, isn’t it?

I send you up to your room to think about what you have done and what is going to happen. You know that when I come upstairs you are going to get a severe spanking right on your bare bottom. The only way to teach you a lesson is with a little humiliation and a good hard paddling on that naked ass. You know that I won’t show any mercy either, you recall previous spankings for this very same reason. That is right, I am going to blister your behind and you can cry all you want it. I will decide when the spanking is over. I start with my hand and then a paddle. I might use my wooden hairbrush, a wooden spoon or even a cane. I can stripe your ass and back with a belt. This will be a spanking phone sex session you won’t soon forget.

I want your bottom sore that you feel it every time you sit down for the next few days. I take care to spank that special sweet spot, right where your ass meets your thighs. There is no escaping the lingering pain and the lesson I work hard to teach you. When you misbehave there are consequences and an over the knee, OTK, spanking is my favorite way to discipline naughty boys. I am all about corporal punishment, birching, caning and more.

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BBC phone sex

Cuckold phone sex is definitely on the menu at my house.  My husband is my obedient cuck boy! After I take some giant cock and I am full of cum, he always drops to his knees to lap and lap away at my cunt. It is extra messy so you really have to get in there.  You know that I  was a bad bitch tonight and its time for him to clean me up. It’s the only time he will see a well fucked pussy. Everyone knows that he isn’t man enough to stretch a cunt like this. But he sure knows what is waiting for him inside that snatch!! That’s right, a real man’s load! I just love being on my back with a large cock inside me knowing that my husband is there waiting. When that BBC tells me he is about to empty his big nuts inside me, it simply drives me wild. Fuck, I can feel blast of that cum spray deep inside of me. He slides himself out and looks over at my husband and snaps his fingers. He take his position between my legs. I can’t help but laugh when he slaps my husband on the ass, and tells him to make he get every drop! It looks like my cuckold is going to have a busy day.  Cuckold phone sex has made me so much happier in my marriage.

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My step son is home from college this summer. When he got here I could tell how much he missed me. He told me that being a freshman sure is a lot of work and since we just moved into a new house he wanted to invite his friends over to show it off. This mature phone sex slut couldn’t help but get turned on the moment he told me. His friends always see me as the trophy wife. The one who knows how to be classy and sexy in the public but a complete and total slut behind clothes doors. In fact that’s part of the reason why my husband works so much. He’s always been able to please me but since getting older I have noticed to get a second sex drive that only a younger hung stud can satisfy my sexual desires. Not to say that older men don’t because they turn me on just as much. But being college boys their sex drives were much more intense than my husbands. And now since the summer time is here I decided “yes I can still be a mature phone sex lady when I’m outside of the house. But behind closed doors i’m going to be more revealing.

I just love showing off my sexy long legs. I flaunt them in my short skirts and short shorts. And sometimes you will find me wearing tops that are so tight fitting and low cut that my big fuckable melons look like they are ready to pop out. When my son has that party I just know all of his friends wont be able to take their eyes off of me. And I cant help but admit my pretty panties are going to get extremely wet thinking about being a complete slut for them. A woman like me can teach younger men sOoOo many things. And it doesn’t matter how kinky, dirty, or taboo it is I will never say no to you. Just look at how i’m standing here like this looking at you. Is your dick rock hard in your pants thinking about how much you want to fuck me? You can tell me anything, I just love hearing about all of your fantasies. Do you want to be my younger stud baby? I’m accepting applications you can be my fresh younger intern and I’ll be your sexy seductive director. I’ll have you so turned on you lose all sense of control. You sit there smiling because you know i’m going to make you cum harder than any blond mature phone sex lady ever has. And when you slide your throbbing hard cock in this sweet tight pussy I just know you will want to cum back for more.

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I get asked all of the time if I like BBC phone sex and my answer every time is fuck yes. I just had one in me just awhile ago and I am ready for more. Another question that I get asked is what do I like about a big black dick. The number one thing that I enjoy is the size. I believe that every black man has a cock superior to that of any other man. The way that it feels while getting fucked is just unreal. Just find any BBC and measure it right next to yours and you will find that in fact you are not man enough for me. I need at least an 8 inch cock every time I get fucked and I bet you come up very short don’t you? Of course you do and you probably wish you were up to the standard that I require but you aren’t. It’s ok because I have a way that the both of us can enjoy it together!

When we have BBC phone sex I might make you sit there like a loser while I enjoy a nice big cock. You will watch me slurp and choke on that it while you stroke with your 2 fingers. If your a good boy I may just let you suck on it first before he shoves it in my pretty pink pussy. Would you like to deep throat that dick for me? I know you would you BBC cocksucker. After that you can watch me get the life fucked out of me while I scream and moan. Shit, I may even have you bend over and make him fuck the life out of you ha ha. After he is all done with me you can drink all of that cum right out of me.

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Mistress Deanna knows your dirty little secret. Everyone in your life thinks you are a “normal guy”, but the truth really is you’re a humiliation slut.  Yes, it’s a dirty addiction that you so desperately try to deny, but when your balls start aching and nothing will satisfy you but the dirtiest humiliation phone sex.

I know that insults and ridicule turns you on and gets those tiny pathetic dicks hard.  That’s why humiliation phone sex is what you’re looking for.  Do you have any public humiliation fantasies that you would love to share or act out?  Do you want Mistress Deanna to dress you up like a woman and make you my sissy boy?  Or maybe you’d like me to lead you around by a leash naked in public?  With humiliation phone sex the possibilities are endless.

Are you a cuckold who craves to be humiliated by watching your sexy wife being satisfied in ways you never could? Together we will explore these fantasies of yours. Call me for humiliation phone sex.  I will strip away all your confidence and use your desires, insecurities and weaknesses to shame you.  I will take all the power and control away from you.

Yes, I know you’re tiny little cock is getting all tingly just imagining humiliation phone sex with Mistress Deanna.  The truth is your cock is just too small to satisfy a woman like me.  I need a real man, not a tiny limp dick loser.

I am that evil phone sex mistress who know just how to bring you to your knees with hardcore humiliation about your tiny measurements of your tiny dick.  I won’t stop until you’re crying like a little bitch. I want to hear every nuance as you squirm and whimper as I bring you to your knees begging for more humiliation phone sex.

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I’ve been married for over 30 years, but my husband just really isn’t interested in sex anymore. His dick is too small, he is impotent and just doesn’t want to fuck, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t. I am as horny as I ever was, and that’s why I’ve been a cheating wife for over 20 years. Do you want to hear details about my cheating ways? Call me for cheating wife phone sex and I’d be more than happy to tell you all about it.

I tried to resist being a cheating wife, but when you have a little dick husband and you are horny as much as I am, resistance is futile. One summer, I started fantasizing about the young man who was cutting our grass. He would take his shirt off and his body was absolutely to die for. I would watch him through my bedroom window and fuck my pussy with a toy until I came.

I started finding other things for him to do around the house – he was quite the handyman. Every time he would come over, I would make sure that what I was wearing was a little skimpier than last time. Finally, I just could not take it anymore and I walked up behind him, wrapped my arms around him and just grabbed his dick through his pants and started rubbing it. I think he must have been expecting it, because he did not act surprised at all. He turned around, grabbed a tit in each hand and kissed me.

Do you want to know what happened after that? Call me for cheating wife phone sex and I will tell you every single detail about the affair I had with him. You’re going to want to hear about his big dick and how my impotent husband ended up watching.

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This is a no small dick zone.  If you are under hung don’t even think about calling me for size queen phone sex.  I detest small penis losers !  And when you clueless losers happen to disobey my rule about not calling me I will humilate you to the max.  I only want me, make that real men, with large cocks, to call me so that I have the hottest and freakiest phone fucks ever.  I want to get wet and cum, not feel my pussy dry up like the arizona desert when you tell me your puny dick is only four inches erect.  I have my best friend (a hottie like me) who I go out with, we go to cool clubs where there is a mega possiblility to hook up with men who are packing size.  Here is my lmao wish, that those clubs would be total no small dick zones.  Seriously, why should small dick losers take up space and waste our time in places where we are trying to get laid by men with male porn star size meat?   Or maybe there could be a little area in clubs, like tiny corral for the small penis losers to stand around and send drinks over to us, so that we can sip up free cocktails while we cruise men.  Small dick losers should realize their place is to pay for attention or get out of the way.   I’m a true size queen and so is my best friend.  As you may have read in my BIO, I like it rough.  Only men with huge cocks can make this happen.  I had a man fuck me so hard i my bedroom last week with his ten inch cock, that my neighbors in the house next door to me woke up and thought a earthquake happen.   If you think you can rock my house like that then you need to call me for size queen phone sex.

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cheating wife phone sex

You were forced to go to the wedding of your wife’s best friend and you are bored silly. You sighed and huffed and puffed about having to go, but your forceful wife insisted you go. Now, all you can do to amuse yourself is check out the girl’s tits and asses. There is something nice about low-cut fancy dresses. And heels. Clickity clacking all over the place. You are finding a way to not be so bored after all. You picture yourself with one of the bridesmaids. She has huge breasts and you can just about see her nipples when she leans over.

Where did you wife go? You tear yourself away from the bridesmaid’s boob and go looking for your wife. Not finding her anywhere, you go behind the unattended bar and make yourself a drink. What is that you hear? Smack. Smack. Smack. Rhythmic thumping that sounds just like fucking. You go around the corner and there is your wife! She is being fucked by the Best Man! Shocked, you can’t say anything, so you turn to leave. Your cheating wife commands you to stand still and watch. The shock vanishes and you are extremely turned on! You can smell your wife’s cunt and the Best Man is fucking her good and hard. She crumbles over him as she cums and he slams into her as he cums noisily.

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BBC phone sex

BBC phone sex has got me all hot and horny for more. We all know that white women love to have a hard piece of black cock and I enjoy it all of the time at any time of the day. Just the thought of how amazing it feels when it stretches my tight pink pussy hole makes me want it right now. Although I love it I don’t really like to share it but, this time I did.

My husband had gotten home early from work and walked in our bedroom as soon as that big black cock had shot his cream deep inside of my womb. I wasn’t really surprised to see him walk in I was just going to kindly let my lover leave as we were already done. Sometimes my husband likes to listen in the living room while we fuck but this time he just stood in the doorway and watched as I cleaned the tip of the mushroom head. Then I looked at my husband and asked if he wanted to help me clean off that beautiful cock I had in my hand and mouth. My husband stormed over to taste the cum and pussy cream off of his hard rod. I got turned on while he sucked him too. There was something about the way he sucked him so sensual that made me want to keep it going. Before I knew it I was on top of my husband squeezing the cum from my pussy hole into his mouth while I had that BBC in my mouth again. It seemed that my husband and I really got off together as we shared him together. I even let my lover finish in my husband’s ass. We will be definitely sharing that cock together again.

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BBC phone sex

Hey, look here you BBC phone sex slut, all of this is your fault. I was content riding your tiny dick once a month, but no…You just had to see me fucking a black guy that was hung with a monster cock. I was happy to oblige you, but now I am hooked. Well now you have and now is my go to fuck buddy now! Seriously, what did you think would happen?  I can’t go back to your small white excuse for a dick after that. Why would you go back to riding a bike when you could drive a Porsche?  I mean we are still kinda together,  I just don’t fuck you or let you see me naked anymore. Well you do get to see my naked when he is fucking me. From now on there will be times I will call and let you know he is stopping by. As you know he has an insatiable appetite for going at it. It’s nearly impossible for me to keep up with him, but I sure do try. So this is the deal — when he is on his way I will call to let you know he is in need of an orgasm.  You go get a chair and put it in the corner of the room so you can get a good view of the fucktivities.  I want you to see all the filthy things he does to me.  Just how many loads he can shoot all over me and then keep going.  I really won the BBC lottery with this guy.

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