MILF Phone Sex with Suzanne

Are you craving a kinky cuckold MILF phone sex fantasy today? As I told you before, I’ve been having an affair with my stepson’s best friend. He’s 18 years old and has the body of a God. Once I started not keeping my affairs quite so secret, I think my husband was especially intrigued that I was fucking a hot younger stud. He would ask “Which one are you texting?” and every time I’d say “The younger stud” he would get this really excited look on his face. Even though he’d been watching me fuck my black lover, I knew he wasn’t totally satisfied with that. I knew that he wanted to watch me fuck my hot younger lover.

MILF phone sex

To be honest, I wasn’t satisfied either… and I wasn’t going to be satisfied with him just watching anymore. I wanted my husband to be there when I fucked my studly younger lover and I wanted him to do more than watch. I wanted him to eat the hot creampie out of my fucked pussy. I could just imagine his wide eyes when looking at hot cum dripping out of me. Yeah, that needed to happen ASAP. So I invited my boy toy over and told him about the plans I had for my husband. He was just as excited as I was!

So we did our thing and he fucked this hot cuckold MILF phone sex slut so hard… I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to walk the next day. After he was done with me, I was laying spread eagle on the bed and I motioned for him to crawl up between my legs. He did, and then asked me what I wanted. I told him that I wanted him to lick all the cum from my pussy. He protested at first and said there was absolutely no way he would ever do that. I just grabbed his head and gently pulled it toward me and he stuck his tongue out and did exactly what I told him to.

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MILF Phone Sex with Carla

Cum a little closer baby, this hot Mama is in need of kinky MILF phone sex. I’ve been dreaming of my neighbor’s cock, well my neighbor’s son if you must know, for quite some time now. Now that he’s legal I am going to make my move. My husband is away on business this week and I’m going to invite him over for some bullshit reason. Only one thing on my mind and it’s hard teenage cock in my MILFy wet holes. He won’t know what hit him when I answer the door in my black stockings and garters, push up bra, corset, and heels.

MILF phone sex

Don’t you wish you were my neighbor knocking on my door? I’ve been scoping him out for awhile so I know won’t be disappointed by his cock size. Let’s just say I’ve done a bit of peeping and sneaking and I know … oh yes I know. I love to be on my knees sucking some hard and fat thick dick, for some reason they taste better and look better. Who doesn’t want to suck a pretty cock? mmmm And so much fucking cum. I bet he has enough cum to cover these 40FF’s with his creamy jizz. Bounce my fucking tits and titty fuck me too. Whatever keeps that cock hard and aching for this MILF pussy.

I love to be on my back, legs over your shoulders, and your cock balls fucking deep in my juicy cunt. I love to fuck and fuck some more. Don’t hold back, I’m not going to break, I need to feel your 18 year old dick pounding my fucking wet pussy. I want to know I’ve been fucking when I wake up tomorrow. Balls slapping against my ass and your cock buried deep. I told you I get what I want. Every single fucking time.

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Phoebe

I can’t help being a whore… I’m just made that way. Horny ALL the time, a hot body, a dirty mind. You like me that way, don’t you? Call me when my husband is not around and we’ll have the wildest phone sex ever. I need your cock the same way I need oxygen. I’ll rip your clothes off and get right to your package. It’s what I crave. In a flash, I’ll be down on my knees with my mouth around your shaft, sucking like a cheating wife phone sex my head will be bobbing up and down while I look up at you with lust. You know that look.

cheating wife phone sex

Then, when I stand up and strip off my clothes, you won’t be able to help yourself to my quivering body. I’ll lean back so you can take my nipple and your mouth while your hand goes right to my wet pussy. Now you’ve really got me going. I’ll push you against the wall and grind into you before I beg you to fuck me hard. You pick me up and stick your throbbing dick into me and twirl me around and we both start humping together, fast and furious while we whisper really dirty things into each other’s ears. You don’t care that I have a ring on my finger, you just desire a white-hot pussy to make you feel soooo good and I’m the naughty bitch who’s going to do it.

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Adult Baby Phone Sex with Beth

“Aww….coochie coochie coo! Who’s a sweet sissy baby? Yes, who’s a sweet baby? Look at you, all cute and cuddly, a fresh diaper with teddy bears all over it, cute little sissy bonnet with ruffles, sucking on that binky, and baby powder fresh! That’s my good sissy baby!”

Admit it, little one – you just got a hard lump in the front of your diaper, didn’t you? You love wearing diapers, and you love calling a milf like me for adult baby phone sex. I assure you, when I turn on the milf voice and scold you because you’ve been naughty yet again, you’re going to feel right at home like the little baby that you are.

adult baby phone sex

“Uh oh! Have you been a naughty little sissy baby and made your diapee dirty? What am I going to do with you? You messy little stinky pants! Now look what you’ve done! Who’s a bad boy? Who’s a bad boy?!?! I just changed your diaper, and now I have to change you again?!?! So VERY NAUGHTY!!!”

Are you excited yet? Are you ready to make another mess in your diaper? Are you craving some hot and nasty adult baby phone sex yet? Grab your diaper bag and warm up a ba-ba before you call, but be prepared if you’ve been naughty, because Miss Beth doesn’t put up with naughty sissy baby brats.

“There you go, little one. You’re all cleaned up again, dried and powder fresh. But this time, because you’ve been such a bad boy and made me change you so soon, you’re going to get put over my knee and spanked so you learn your lesson. No – don’t fuss – the less you fuss, the faster and easier it will be. Then, as soon as your bottom is warm and pink, you’ll get a fresh diaper, and then it’s time to cuddle.”

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MILF Phone Sex with Patty

Oh my God, I love summer time. All of the hot 18 year old boys are always running around shirtless up and down my street. A lot of people think Christmas is them most wonderful time of the year, but I beg to differ. Obviously those people have never seen a bunch of 18 year old studs with hot bodies. If they had, they would know that summer is the best time of the year to be a MILF phone sex slut.

MILF phone sex

Every year, I love finding a new boy to have my way with. Not that he will be my only lover, but having someone new in the mix just makes things so much more exciting. Why wouldn’t I love fresh cock? A new 18 year old lover to teach the ways of fucking to. I hate it when men are sent out into the world having learn to fuck on their own. They just do what feels good instead of being concerned about how their lover is feeling. That’s not the way to treat women, so it’s a good thing there are sexy ladies like me to teach at least some of the boys exactly what they need to know.

I know there are guys out there who have MILF phone sex fantasies about women who lived in your neighborhood when you were younger. You wanted to fuck her so badly, didn’t you? You just didn’t have the guts to go to her and let her know you wanted to slide inside her. Well, let me be that woman for you. MILF roleplays are almost as much fun as the real thing.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Mimi

I think there is something wrong with me and I just can’t get over it. Something makes me like small penis humiliation phone sex so much. Maybe it’s because I get to humiliate you how I want to. I see all kinds of pictures and videos of boys like you who like to show me the pathetic piece of man hood that you have between your legs. The reasons why you losers would even want to show anyone something so sickening are mind blowing. I know I would be so embarrassed to show that thing to anyone.

small penis humiliation phone sex

There are so many things I can do with that penis. I can torture it, laugh at it, let my friends join in on the fun, and so many more things that are fit for a small penis humiliation phone sex slut. There should be a room full of alpha males to make you submit to them. You should be totally owed by all of us. We won’t do anything but put you in your place like you need to be. I am sure you know that having that inferior cock puts u at risk for all kinds of cock in your mouth too. There isn’t anything else that should be in there unless it’s my freshly fucked pussy dripping cum juice. I might let that big black cock cum in me so you can get a good taste. You know that they have the tastiest and biggest loads! You can sit there and play with yourself with your favorite 2 fingers, and I already know which ones those are lol! Depending on how good you do then I might let you eat that small amount of juice that you squirt out, your mouth may be a bit dry when I am done with you. When you call 888-474-6769 and ask for Mimi you better be ready slut because I am ready for you!

Spanking Phone Sex with Carla

I am always in the mood for a spanking phone sex call. I am a firm believer in discipline for naughty boys and girls, and when you misbehave you get spanked. In some circles domestic discipline is usually referred to the discipline of the wife in a “traditional marriage”. That might work for you, but it’s not what I believe. I’m  a believer in a woman led household where I am the boss and you do as your told. And when you’re not obedient or talk back or otherwise get in a mood, the best thing to fix that is a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. OTK for those in the know.

spanking phone sex

Spanking with my bare hands, a hairbrush, paddle, cane, or even my slipper will be a punishment you won’t soon forget. Humiliation is part of the ritual. When I have you get my spanking implement of choice. Having you take your pants down, and your underpants in front of me. Is it really a spanking if it’s not on your bare bottom? Might as well strip completely, I can’t have your clothes getting in the way.  I will make you squirm and beg for mercy and I expect that I will even make you cry. Your spanking isn’t over until I say it is.

You will find my experience second to none when it comes to spanking phone sex. It’s not something I just play on the phone, I live it and believe it in my real life. We can roleplay Mommy’s naughty boy, the strict Head Mistress at school, or anything else your pervy mind can think of. If your spanking fantasies run a little different, let me share with you my experiences with naughty girls and being a sexy Head Mistress who believes in sexual humiliation and pain as training tools.

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Cougar Phone Sex with Remy

What a smart fellow you are calling me for some smoking hot cougar phone sex. You clearly understand that mature women know exactly what to do to get you off because of the years of erotic experience we have. Sure, girls your age are hot and horny with tight and toned bodies. But phone sex cougars like me are not only hot and horny, when we tease…we follow through. I don’t just tease you to get you excited and interested in me. I do it to get you rock hard so I can take advantage of your young hard dick! And let’s face it, you younger boys need as much training as you can get if you want to be able to satisfy me or any other woman in your life.

cougar phone sex

I’ve sucked and fucked more cocks in my life than you can begin to imagine. I’ve trained younger men like you on cougar phone sex to find all the pleasure spots on a woman’s body, and how to jerk off to give yourself the best orgasm as well as teach you about stamina…endurance. How to control yourself so that you don’t cum in 2 minutes and leave your lady unsatisfied. No guy wants to be known for losing his load like a two pump chump. You need a skilled older woman like me to teach you all the secrets of a long-lasting, extremely fulfilling sex life. And think of all the hot role-play scenarios we can do with cougar phone sex! Are you ready for your lesson? Oh yeah, take a look at my rocking brick house body, too. I work hard to make myself as fuckable as any coed or barely legal slut that might tempt you.

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Suzanne

If there’s anything I love, it’s big black cock. I guess you could say that I’ve always been a size queen phone sex slut. Even before I started fucking black guys, I knew that inferior white cock wasn’t going to be good enough for me. It just didn’t fill me up the way I needed to be filled up. I think every woman, if she were honest with herself, is a size queen. Honestly, what’s to love about skinny, short white cock? Sure, every now and then there may be a huge unicorn white cock, but it truly is rare.

size queen phone sex

And you know, a lot of guys are size queens, too. Not alpha males, of course. But there are a lot of cock sucking men who love getting fucked by big black cocks, too. I love talking to those guys. It’s so much fun to swap stories about how much we both love BBC’s and how we could never go for anything less than a perfect chocolate dick. Nothing else will ever do and we know that.

One of my favorite things ever is sharing big black cock with my husband. He didn’t love it at first, but now he’s on board with it. He even begs me for it. I never thought that would happen, but it makes me really happy. Happy that he is also a size queen AND happy because sometimes I like to deny him and make him beg for it even more than he already does. Sometimes I even get awesome presents out of it when he’s trying to talk me into letting him have blac cock.

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Cuckold Phone Sex Mistress Phoebe

Ah, yes , welcome to your one and only cuckold phone sex Mistress. My cuckold knows his place and follow’s my strict rules. To begin with me you will do anything and everything exactly as I tell you to and you always address me as yes mistress.

cuckold phone sex Mistress

He stands in the corner and observes , Ready at my command to assist in all stages of fucking that is the only time I allow my cuckold to stroke his tiny little cock. Sometimes I allow him to lick my pussy to get me ready other times I order him to be my little cock sucker and get my men ready for me as a cuckold mistress I prey on the old, the younger and the naïve nobody is safe as your cuckold mistress the more I humiliate you the more your tiny cock will twitch and drools .I am cuckold phone sex mistress who specializes in men who wanna serve me who are are in phone sex fantasies. I can take you in any direction your cock desires. From cock sucking, cum eating, cream pie eating, little dick humiliation and so much more! I offer a discreet, non judgmental atmosphere when you call me for a session. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and confess all your secrets, desires and cum fetish cravings call your cuckold phone sex mistress today!

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