BBC Phone Sex with Remy

It has been far too long since I talked to you guys about BBC phone sex. I hope you don’t think that means I have been abstaining from it. FUCK NO! I am just so busy hunting for and then fucking that massive cock I haven’t had time to brag about it. By now everyone knows just what a horny cougar I am and that I am always on the prowl for some fat cock. That means I don’t have to be stealthy anymore, such a relief. And I live in a college town so there are plenty of hot athletic beefcakes to choose from.

BBC phone sex

When I find a guy with a gigantic peen, I make sure he knows that I am the best fuck buddy he could ever have. All I want is that dick, no date. And he can fuck me at my house, so we don’t have to get some grimy hotel room. He can fuck me any way he wants, for as long as he wants in the comfort of my king size marital bed. My husband knows what he needs to do to keep me as his wife and he won’t say boo about what I do. He might even watch if I feel charitable. No sneaking around either, I could care less who talks about me. Anyone who does is just jealous that they aren’t getting the quality cock I do. The men who talk about me are just upset that I won’t fuck them too. Their cocks would need to double in size to even get me to smile at them, so its a hard pass on them and it will forever be that way. I bet you want to hear all about it don’t you?

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MILF Phone Sex with Darcy

I’m in the mood for MILF phone sex. Imagine you’re sleeping over your best friend’s house just to see more of his hot mom. She doesn’t look like any of the girls at your school. She’s buxom and curvy and you wonder what she looks like with less clothes on. Now’s your chance to get a better view of her body and well, hang out with your buddy of course. He doesn’t need to know the real reason you’re interested in spending time at his house.

MILF phone sex

In this MILF phone sex fantasy, you wake up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water from the kitchen. When you turn the corner you notice that the kitchen light is on and find her standing at the counter with a big glass of wine. She’ll apologize if she woke you up and you’ll express that you’re just a very thirsty boy and wanted a drink. She’s wearing a black silky robe and nightgown and offers to get the glass of water for you.

She says, “I’m having trouble sleeping because I’m unable to turn my mind off. I figured the wine would help.”

You’ll ask what’s on her mind and she’ll tell you that she’s having inappropriate thoughts about one of her son’s friends. Hopefully you’ll have the courage to tell her that you’re just as thirsty in other ways. Tell her that you’ve had this MILF phone sex crush on your friend’s hot mom for a few years now. Tell her how fucking sexy you think she is and how hard she makes your cock. She deserves to know before she seduces you and has you follow her up to her room. Then she’ll rock your world and give you the best fuck of your life.

I enjoy all types of MILF phone sex, even the more taboo. So give me a call and we’ll have some wet, steamy, taboo talk together.

Impregnation Phone Sex with Suzanne

I often have impregnation phone sex fantasies about my black boyfriend Steve knocking me up. I never fuck my husband (well, just on his birthday), but there’s no way I want to make a baby with him. I want to be knocked up by a real man. I don’t want to give birth to a child that might have the same problem – a small dick. Sometimes when I masturbate, I just think about my husband watching Steve fuck me while I’m ovulating and shooting his hot fucking creampie deep inside me. I usually let my husband lick the creampie out of me, but not if I’m trying to get pregnant. I’ll just hold my legs in the air in a position where the cum won’t leak out. I want it inside me for a long time so I can increase the chances of me getting pregnant. And then when Steve gets hard again, he will fuck me again to increase the odds.

impregnation phone sex

My husband obviously isn’t black (if he was, of course he’d have a big dick), so it turns me on to think about how embarrassed and humiliated he will be when the kid is born and obviously isn’t his. People are finally going to know what a slut for BBC his wife is. If people ask, of course I won’t deny it. I’m totally not ashamed of being a whore for black cock. I need it pretty much on a daily basis and if I get pregnant, I get pregnant. Mmm and I can’t wait to see how big and sensitive my tits get while I’m pregnant. And I’ve heard that pregnant women are super horny, so I may need Steve to move in with us so he can fuck me anytime I need him to.

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Extreme Taboo Phone Sex with Beth

So the other day one of my regular callers asked why I hadn’t yet written a blog about the things he and I talk about when he calls. He reads my blogs often and has noticed that I have referenced other callers in previous writings. My answer was simple.

“That’s because I’m not allowed to write about all the things we talk about.”

taboo phone sex

This caller loves extreme taboo phone sex, and when we talk we cover so many topics, many of which I can’t even reference here. That’s the thing – he loves how “dark and twisted” I can get. I’m not afraid to go there.

Oh, sure, I can make a few hinted-at references here. Maybe some dark stuff like blasphemy/Satanism, maybe a little family fun, but there are a bunch of other things we talk about during our extreme taboo phone sex sessions that I can’t even hint at, or this blog would never be published. He knows I’m not afraid to rise to the challenges he gives me, and I can tell that my strong will is a huge turn on for him. Sometimes I think he adds new taboos just to see if he can freak me out, but it hasn’t happened yet.

Has it? I know you’re reading this – I expect to hear about it soon when the phone rings. I’ll know it’s going to be some seriously extreme taboo phone sex when I answer and hear those words….

“Hello you red-headed Taurus slut.”

Now, my question is, how far can you take it? Can you be like this man, and throw your darkest, most taboo fantasies at me? Do you think your extreme taboo phone sex fantasies will freak me out, or involve things I’m not allowed to write about? I can’t wait to find out – go ahead and bring me your most twisted fantasies. I bet I will surprise you with how much I can take!

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Cora

I love big dicks and I cannot lie. I love big black cocks, to be more specific. Size queen phone sex is just something that came naturally to me because of this. The first time I had a guy call me and tell me that he could tell by just looking at me that I loved big dick, my pussy got instantly wet. I just knew that he had a big black cock he wanted to give to me. He told me it was 10 inches and really thick and that there have been many women who couldn’t even take the whole thing. I told him to not worry because I would NOT have that problem.

size queen phone sex

I’ve been taking black cocks in my white cunt for as long as I can remember. I think I started when I was 18 and went away to college. There were so many different kinds of men and trust me, I tried them all. But it just so happens that black ones are my absolute favorite. Just watching them slide in and out of my white pussy is more than I can take and it always gets me super fucking wet. And I cum SO quickly when I start watching… I’m pretty thankful for multiple orgasms. Mmm.

Do you want to hear all about how much I love black cocks? Or maybe YOU are the one who loves those BBC’s. I know there are some of you out there who are dying to get down on your knees and have your face fucked nice and hard by a big black cock! Or maybe you want to be fucked…either way, it’s all good! All you have to do is call me for size queen phone sex at 1 888 474 6769 and we’ll talk all about it.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Slut Wife Darcy

I’m interested in cheating wife cuckold phone sex. As most of you know, I’m an insatiable slutty wife, always interested in brand new dick. I was stepping into the shower to clean the chlorine off my body after an afternoon dip in the pool when I hear the doorbell chime. My robe was nowhere in sight, so I wrapped one of my husband’s towels around me so I could hurry down the stairs and answer the door. It was a sexy young delivery boy with a bouquet of gerbera daisies, (my favorite). I guess my usually useless cuckold phone sex husband remembered our anniversary after all. I couldn’t help but wonder if the delivery boy could become apart of my present, too.

cuckold phone sex

Since I was only in a towel, I couldn’t safely use my arms without my towel giving this hot young stud the view of his life. Not that I would’ve minded giving him a flash of my nude breasts and juicy pussy. But I used the opportunity to get him inside the house. I had him set the flowers on the table and then asked if he wouldn’t mind reading the card to me. I was delighted he obliged. The card read: “For the most beautiful woman in the world. I love you.” I yawned at the thought of my cuckold phone sex hubby’s boring card and then I started eyeing the delivery boy up and down. I dropped my towel and started walking towards him. I pressed my tits up against his chest and started unzipping his pants. When I felt how huge his cock really was I smiled and slid down his body to my knees. Locking eyes with him, I started swirling my tongue around the tip before sucking more of it into my mouth. My hands slid up his thighs and around to his firm ass. I dug my nails in and pulled him deeper into my throat.

I smiled when I noticed the card my cuckold phone sex husband was still in this other man’s hand. When I came up for air, I asked if he wanted to have more fun with me. Of course, the answer was yes. I led him up to my bedroom and helped him undress completely. Taking special care to hold the card my husband sent in my hand the whole time. I told this sexy young stud that he better rail on me harder than he ever has before. And oh my god, he was good. He pounded my greedy cunt just how I needed and I came so, so much.

Now, this is cuckold phone sex so I made sure to keep that pussy card my husband sent me close by. I asked this delivery boy for one more favor. “You’re going to have to pull out and nut all over this card for me.” I placed the card in between my tits to give him some more motivation. He shot the biggest load that soaked through the card and all over my tits.

I left the card on my husband’s pillow as a thank you for the wonderful anniversary gift.

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Sissy Phone Sex with Zoey

I really have a love for roleplays and sissy phone sex roleplays are one of my all-time favorites. I love my sissies they amuse and excite me all at the same time.

sissy phone sex

So here is what I am thinking, you are a strong man with a high power job such as A CEO of a local large company, a government official, local criminal judge, you get my drift here? I am friends with your wife Tilly who I have known since high school. She has no idea that you love coming over to my house during the week when she’s at work and being my sissy.

You come over to my house nearly in the morning once a week. You love eating breakfast with me and holding my hand and talking about the news and whats going on in the world. Of course, you clean up the kitchen after our breakfast like a good sissy. Back a year or so ago we had some sissy maid training where would cook for me in a frilly dress and bright high heels. You always looked amazing at my stove cooking and serving me.

We have moved on from sissy training and you have embraced your feminine side. You have a spot in my closet where you keep a few of your outfits and a stash of bras and panties to dress up in. I love watching you get dressed while I lay on the bed with my strap on which is waiting for you while you get dressed in your black thongs and matching baby doll. You get this huge smile on your face as you put on your make up to finish your sissy princess look for me. You know whats coming and how you enjoy our afternoon delights together.

Do you want to my sissy? Do you need help becoming more feminine and ladylike…. I can help with that. I would love for you to come over while everyone is away and dress up for me and be my toy. Nothing is off limits lets explore together.

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Strap On Phone Sex with Beth

I was feeling pretty bored and horny, so I decided to play with and then organize my sex toys. I have so many that they can tend to get unruly after enough of my going through the toy chest and taking things out. Among my many toys, I have a few different strap ons, and while I was putting them in their special corner of my toy box, I had a memory of a scene from an erotic film from the 90s that I really love. In that scene, there were three very beautiful and sensual women, all in sexy outfits, and all wearing boots with long dildos on their heels, and they would squat down and fuck themselves, or each other, with those dildos. It was super hot, and I couldn’t help myself but get off while I thought about it!

strap on phone sex

That’s when I had an idea about strap on phone sex. Why not get a two girl call, and have us play out an erotic scene where we fuck each other with strap ons? Of course, we could do other things to each other that would excite you – you could tell us what you want us to do. And you know we would get off on getting you off while we play, no matter what you’re craving. Strap on phone sex doesn’t always have to mean I’m fucking you with my strap on, but it can if you think you can handle it!

Really, the possibilities are plentiful – there are so many things we can do with strap on phone sex on a two girl call. We could all take turns fucking and sucking – there are so many holes in that scenario, that a couple of strap ons and one cock may not even be enough, but imagine how much fun we could have trying to find out!!

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Creampie Phone Sex with Suzanne

Often times when my perfect body is getting drilled by a big, hot cock, if I’m lucky, the stud who’s fucking me will ask where I want him to cum. This question always gives me such a thrill. There are so many options. Though I am a true slut for cum, I always am tempted to give my very favorite answer, which is deep inside my tight pussy. While I love taking a load on my pretty face, ass or tits or having it shot deep down my lovely throat, what really gets me off is a hot creampie. That’s why creampie phone sex with me is simply the best. I absolutely crave having my holes filled with cum.
creampie phone sex
Maybe you’ve got a cock that can’t handle the job? Don’t worry. I have plans for you too. You can watch my cunt and asshole get filled to the brim with delicious cum from a real man’s dick. With creampie phone sex, you can see so many cocks just leaving load after load inside my pussy and asshole until it is dribbling out. Don’t think I don’t see your eyes bulging as you drool, watching me push out the huge amount of cum filling my holes of delight. Watching as the cum squeezes out of me, dripping with creamy goodness from my pussy down to my asshole and out of my asshole down my pretty ass crack. And that mess isn’t going to clean itself up. I suppose I could reach down and use my greedy fingers to scoop up the vast quantities of hot sticky cum leaking out of me and slurp it off my well manicured fingers all by myself but where’s the fun in that? Especially with how hungry you are for creampie phone sex. If you’re good, I’ll be generous and let you clean up the whole mess. If that’s not your thing, then you can just watch me get fucked repeatedly until I’m dripping with cum and take a front row seat as I bear down and squeeze it all out of my sweet cunt.
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Cuckold Phone Sex with Cora

I don’t know about you, but I love cuckold phone sex. I am definitely a size queen slut and I guess you could say that I’m also a bit of a brat, so it’s really perfect for me. I get a big dick to play with and you are left humiliated and un-fucked. Your tiny dick will be so hard and unsatisfied and I’ll be lying there, gaping and full of cum. But don’t worry, cucky. You aren’t totally useless to me. You can crawl over to me on your hands and knees and lick that creampie straight from my stretched out cunt.Cuckold Phone Sex

What? You’ve been thinking about what it would be like to suck a big black cock? Well, you are definitely in luck.I would love to put you down on your knees in front of my lover and let you take that BBC into your mouth and get it hard again for me. You don’t get to suck it until he cums in your mouth and I know that will disappoint you, but there is no way I’m giving up a fucking from that black cock just so you can eat the cum straight from his dick. You can eat it out of my pussy again. I know you love doing that anyway. You were skeptical at first, but I know you crave it now.

Are you ready to submit to me and my big black cock lover for some dirty cuckold phone sex? You might as well. It’s not like you’re going to get a woman to fuck you with that tiny little dick of yours. You  may as well make yourself useful and be my clean up boy and fluffer.

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