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I only fuck big cocks.  Yes, I will be that blunt and up front.  If you have a little dick, don’t waste my time, loser.  Unless you want to be humiliated for being hung like a matchstick, I want nothing to do with pathetic, puny peens.  I want to get off with men who are fucking studs.  I’m a Size Queen and proud of the massive cock sizes I can swallow as in deep throat or take in my pussy and even my ass.  I will tell you the sizes in inches of the dicks that I have sucked or fucked.  If you give me a shot, I will prove to you what I can do when we get it on during a size queen phone sex call.  I will also make you cum so hard, your toes will curl and you will see stars as you blow that load.  I even keep the men listed in my cell phone directory marked by cock size, like Jack 9, Dwayne 10, Cole 9, etc., so depending on what size and flavor I’m in the mood for, I will text up my choice of cock meat like ordering from a menu.  All my girlfriends love to scroll through my cell directory to see how many huge cocks I’ve done.  And if you wonder how I know their exact cock sizes, I measure them with a ruler I always carry in my purse or leave on my nightstand.   Men with big cocks don’t shrink from being measured, they love to impress Size Queens.

Of course, I can’t forget about thickness.  What use is a 10 inch pencil dick?   If you can pick a lock with it, it’s not going in my pussy. I want to get fucked, not poked!  So, yes, big cocks should be thick, too.  Anyway, all this talk about big dicks has made me hungry and horny for a big cock in all my holes.  I need size queen phone sex now!

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BBC phone sexI have always been a fan of a great, big dick with out a doubt!  However, there is something about a big black cock that really just makes me crazy wet.  Even thinking about that massive rod starts to make my pussy lips swell and makes my nipples stand up hard!  My name is Crissy and I am a BBC phone sex slut because I just cannot get enough of that sweet, chocolate treat or telling the stories that I have gotten from taking them all the way.  Or, of course there are always the guys who love to be compared to much larger piece of man meat and the first thing, (big ol’ thang for that matter *winks*) that pops into my mind is the ebony branch that can go so deep into my honey pot that I can taste it in my mouth.

What is it that makes your cock jump and stand straight up to salute the BBC phone sex slut?  Do you like hearing my naughty stories or do you love your pickle being held up to the cucumber, see the differences in inches and thickness?  Hummmm, I already know who the winner is!!  *Laughing*  Feeling how wide and deep a special roast coffee colored schlong like that can go can make a girl like me go crazy, making me be a slut for it.  Just cannot get enough and don’t really want to, I love craving more and having that urge satisfied.  Since I have been called insatiable so many times, that is always very important to me, getting all that I need and sometimes a little more then I can take.  I love feeling that hard shake and shutter, making me sweat and moan until I go limp with exhaustion.  Does that sound familiar to you?  Do you make women do that?  *Laughing* I didn’t think so!  That is exactly what a BBC does for a minx like me and why it will always be my favorite kind of dick.  You know you love it, hearing all about it as much as I love to talk about it, so pick up the phone and indulge in BBC phone sex with me!

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cuckold fantasiesAt least once a week I have this dream where I’m forcing my husband to suck my bulls cock for me. I dream of these cuckold fantasies. I think about walking out of the shower, and hes there, just sucking my bulls black cock making it get harder and harder in his warm mouth. I walk up to my hubby and join him. I don’t just want to force him to help me get my bulls cock so hard that it hurts. I want my hubby to do it because he wants to please me and make me happy. That’s all that matters. I want my hubby to do all the work for me. He’s even going to make my pussy wet for my bull. I bought handcuffs last weekend, and this is my first chance to be able to use them.

I’m thinking maybe I should handcuff my hubbys hands to the headboard, so he cant touch his growing cock. He should only be able to pleasure me or my bull, but not himself. I want my hubby to see just how much of a big black cock I can take, and satisfy me. I want to explore my darkest cuckold fantasies. I want my hubby to look at the pleasure and satisfaction on my face when my bull shoves his massive, throbbing cock balls deep in my tight, dripping wet pussy, and is able to go further in my pussy than my hubby has ever been able to.

I wonder how far I can push my hubby with these cuckold fantasies. I’m sure I can get him to do pretty much anything I want him to. If he wants to keep his wife happy, he will suck my bulls cock or even eat my bulls spunk out of my dripping pussy.

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cuckold phone sexLanie has such a good time being my cuckold phone sex bitch. She likes to pretend that she is my husband and I over power her. Since she wants to give me all of the control, I take it all the way to the max and I have her dress up like a slut for me. This time she had on her pink bra and panties with stockings and of course some dark red lipstick. What is it about that red lipstick that make you whores go fucking wild? Whatever it is Lanie sure does love it.

When I got home from work, Lanie was already dressed with her 2 favorite toys beside her. I had her follow me to our bedroom and to my surprise there were 2 big black cocks in the bedroom. She knows exactly what I need after a long day at work. A really good pounding from the hugest and thickest cocks on this earth. This time I choose to have those dicks all to myself while Lanie shoved her toys in her pussy. My cuckold phone sex whore is a good bitch isn’t she? This nasty slut has a big black cock and a white cock that she shoves in her at the same time. I had her use peanut butter on her cunt so she can stretch her hole like crazy. Don’t even think for a second that I didn’t have her walk around her house to find other objects that she could use. I tell you, she get’s dirty and just fucking for disgusting and taboo for me. She does whatever it is that I tell her to do.

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I’m so excited that fall is here finally. The kids are back in school and its time for some grown up school…wink wink. I love being able to send them out the door and then go lay down in my bed for some hot MILF phone sex. It’s such a turn on, the anticipation while I wait for the phone to ring! Sometimes I get a little too impatient and I start playing with my breasts and let my fingers find my hairy wet pussy! I bet about right now your looking down at your dick thinking about me in my bed….. Think about all the hot things we could be doing. My husband is gone, my kids are at school. Its just you and me! I can bend down and start sucking your cock right now and get you all hot an ready for the experience of a life time. There’s something about being naked an home alone that brings out the best of MILF phone sex! I’m getting so wet right now thinking about my vibrator in the bedside drawer! Do you like telling a woman how to touch? Where to touch? I love being told how to move my dildo inside myself. Rubbing it just right to the perfect spot! Believe me, you will know when I hit that spot right on my hard little clit! The moans an the screams as I cum will make you smile! I’m hoping I can get you to more then smile. Get out your wallet, find some lube, and grab that phone and start dialing.

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I have to say the best thing about getting more mature is that I have learned a LOT of ways to keep a man in his place and where he belongs.  Having been around, in more
ways then one *wink, wink* I know exactly how to treat each and every kind of caller.  Giving and taking exactly what someone like you needs.  Variety is so much fun and with cougar phone sex I have enough in my treasure chest of tricks to make sure you are completely satisfied. Using my claws in the bed and on the phone to dig for what your desire is or fetish you crave is so sexy sometimes I get off even harder then the person on the other end!  Although it is fun as well when you already know exactly what you want, too.  Then I really get to dive in, right up front and impress you.  Letting you know why the experience of cougar phone sex is the only way to play.  Being a seasoned minx, having had so many conversations and ways to play, I really get to shine and you will be able to see it.

I can remember my first cub now…it was fun to play with him and push and pull what he needed.  Time after time and call after call, watching him grow in his fetish from a sweet cub to a diverse tiger who knew exactly how to puuuurrrrr for me.  Another “cat” is right up my ally of course, but there have been others too.  Wondering to yourself “what happened to the once cub, now tiger and how are they still getting off?”  No worries, you will find out, because you will have your own story.  My next caller is you!  Do not waste another moment to get started.

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Bonjour! Je suis Veronica. Ooh today I must tell you about this exquisite experience I had just yesterday. I was home all alone. My husband was away on business once again. I do not mind though. It is when I have some of my exciting horny & hot mature phone sex experiences. Ooh la la…so where was I. Ooh oui, so this young man stopped by. He lives a few houses down & often comes over to visit Madame Veronica. He is quite enjoyable. He practically falls over his own cock when he sees an experienced mature phone sex woman such as myself. He always tells me just how sexy I am. He arouses my pussy. It gets so very hot for younger men. I was already expecting his visit. He rings the doorbell just a few hours after my husband has departed on his trip for business. I welcome him with open legs. Ooh so I invite him in & we get started right away. He sits down on the couch in the living room. I sit right next to him. I immediately begin by unbuttoning his blue jeans. I give his already hard dick a few hard strokes. I bend down & even start to tease his dick with my mouth. I suck him off three or four times. I suck his dick just enough that it becomes covered with pre cum. We both stand up & he takes off my creamy lace top. He rips off my bra & begins to suck on my nipples…ooh la la! He strips off my skirt & panties. He comments on my firm breasts & round ass. He admires my pussy & it’s wetness. My pussy feels smooth & silky to his touch. I pull his jeans off. We are both standing there completely naked, exposed, & craving the fuck of a life time. He takes a hold of my red hair. He lays back on the couch again & pulls me down with him. I straddle his dick with the expertise of a ooh so horny housewife. I begin to ride his dick. Ooh I bet you would love to have a mature phone sex woman ride your dick. Would you not Monsieur? Just imagine how une, chaud, sexuellement érotique, chatte de renarde française cornée would feel wrapped tightly around your dick. Ooh la la!

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cheating wife phone sexHey there horny boys! CJ here with another one of my hot stories….*giggles* I don’t know that you are fully prepared for the story I am about to tell you. My husband was home from one of his trips. We had kiss and made up after many months of feeling frustrated with one another. He pulled out all the stops…*giggles* I had forgotten how special he made me feel. It was one of the many reasons I married him. Aside from the fact that I try to claim that I only married him for his money, the truth is that I love him, very deeply. *blushes* When I returned home from my morning run, I found red, white and pink rose petals strewn all the way up the walk way. Then when I entered our front door I found sticky notes with all the reasons why he loved me, married me, and all the ways in which he missed me. My heart completely melted! With all this attention and spoiling from my husband I actually started feeling guilty for my slutty cheating wife phone sex ways.

I walked from our kitchen to our bedroom where I found candles lit and strategically placed throughout along with more pink, red and white petals. On the night stand with a note I found my favorite bouquet of flowers; it consisted of two dozen roses, white baby’s breath, and lilacs in a beautiful red vase. From the bedroom I walked into our bathroom where I found a warm bubble bath drawn, with more petals strewn about and candles lit. I was surprised; in fact I was downright speechless when I realized that my husband had managed to quietly hide under the water when he realized I had walked in. Just as I was starting to walk out of the bathroom, up popped my husband. *giggles* The whole situation was so sweet, romantic, and my panties were soaking wet. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was by the whole thing. Who could blame me, right?  After the bubble bath, some sensual touching and kissing, we were right in the middle of him pleasing my tight, soaking wet snatch when the phone rings. *wink* Talk about ruining the “moment”…. *blushes* when I answered the phone, it was my neighbor next door telling me that his wife was gone, and he wanted to come over to visit me for some cheating wife phone sex.

So after all of my husband’s romancing I am willing to bet that you are wondering what happened while I was on the phone with my next door neighbor lover. Well, you will just have to pick up your phone, and ask for CJ when you dial 1 888 474 6769 for sizzling cheating wife phone sex.

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size queen phone sexHey there guys it’s your favorite size queen phone sex slut Paige and I’m going to get you in the mood for kinky size queen phone sex!  I know you’ve been looking at my hot pictures and sizing up my tight twat wondering just how much I can fit in there.  The answer is this size queen phone sex slut can handle more than you may think!  I actually prefer my men very well endowed and I always am up for the challenge of a big cock!  Black, white, or whatever I don’t care as long as you are hung like a porn star then I’m the right size queen slut for you.  As you sit there staring at the pictures of my pussy thinking about sliding that nice fat hard cock of yours into me just know that I’m thinking the same thing.  My pussy will fit your cock like a glove milking you of all of the cum you have to offer me.  This size queen can’t wait to have her pussy full of you and I can’t wait to feel you stretching me out making it so that everyone knows I fucked your big cock!  There’s something you may not know about this size queen phone sex slut and that is I like my mouth full of big cock too that’s right I love taking a big cock all the way down in my throat!  I can already hear you moaning with pleasure as I take all of you in any way you want to give it to me.  Even if you want to fuck me in the ass with that meaty cock of yours I will be tight and ready for it.  I know once you fuck someone who appreciates your huge cock you’ll never want to go anywhere else!

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cheating wife phone sexI’m addicted to cheating wife phone sex! My husband has no idea and I wont tell him if you dont. I cant help it. Knowing that other men want nothing more than to have their way with me and do whatever they please. It gives me the satisfaction knowing that eventhough I’m married, other men have no problem with my little married pussy. So, my husband is out of town, like he usually is. I went to an art gallery and I met a nice older gentlemen. He had on a nice suit. I mingled around with all the others there. I noticed that Brandon (the man in the suit), kept eyeballing me. Little did I know, he was one of the owners of the gallery. He walked over to me and looked at my wedding ring. He then asked if I was happily married. I explained that I had just got married but my husband is never home and can never satisfy me. He, then grabs my hand and leads me into his office. We walk into the room and he starts asking questions about my sex life. I tell him that I’m a good girl when hubby is home, but when hubby is away, I will play. I’m a cheating whore, and that will never go away. He grabs my hair and starts telling me how much of a whore I’m going to be tonight.

I had wished that he was married, because that would make my cheating wife phone sex that much hotter. Knowing that he can fuck me however hard he wants to, and he can do whatever he pleases with me. I want him to use me like a filthy little whore I am. My husband never gets to see how much of a whore I am, but I love it when men make me cum all over their nice, fat cock. It makes my cum so much more intense. I think I am going to like being married to Nathan. He’s always gone, and I can always go be a whore when hes away. His cock cant make me feel nearly as good as all the others I have on a regular basis. His just doesnt do the job. But obviousaly, I didnt marry him for the size of his cock! Hehehe. He treats me really good, at least he did before we got married. But since we got married, hes been a total ass! That’s why I love cheating on him to teach him a lesson. If he isnt going to fuck me like he should, why should my pussy pay for it? I dont think it should! I’m horny and I need to be fucked! If he wont please me, other men will! Why dont you give me a call and I’ll tell you more about all my cheating wife stories? Maybe you can give me some ideas that I can do?

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