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Hey there guys I have a hot cheating wife phone sex fantasy for you!  It’s common knowledge that I am a cheating cock whore slut who loves big cock, but do you know how much I love a good cheating wife phone sex fantasy?  While the mouse is away the cat will play, and oh will I play with a big black cock that is!  You come home from work early to surprise me, but when you walk in I am nowhere to be found.  You hear noises coming from the upstairs bedroom and start up the stairs with a suspicious feeling in your gut and other places.  You reach the door and then the noises are unmistakable it is the sound of your smoking hot wife having cheating wife phone sex!  You fling the door open to find a black man balls deep in my tight wet white pussy.  Then you notice that I have a mouthful of hot big black cock as well!  You are enraged and ask me what in the fuck is going on here and without missing a beat I look at you and tell you that I could never be satisfied by your white cock alone.  You want to be repulsed by the idea of your white wife getting fucked by big black men, but you notice that your cock is starting to get hard watching me.  I tell you to pull up a chair by the bed and watch me as I service these hot hard black cocks during this cheating wife phone sex fantasy.  You finally admit to yourself how hot it is to watch my tight wet pussy being stretched out by these huge cocks, and all you can think about is slipping your cock in me for sloppy seconds!

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BBC phone sex

I guess my love of BBC phone sex has really gotten around.  I do a lot of online shopping so that means delivery guys are always dropping off packages at my door.  The other day a new delivery guy showed up at my house with a small box.  He was friendly, but I told him I didn’t order anything as of late.  He pushed past me and walked right into my house and said the box is for you now fucking open it!  Oh, I knew right then what was up.  I opened the box, there was a red teddy in it.  I said I didn’t order a teddy. He said its yours now fucking put it on! I could see the bulge in his pants, DAMN!  So I went in the bathroom put it on and when I came out he was naked.  His BBC was almost to his knee!   He said oh you are all I heard you would be.    I was ready to drop to my knees to prove to him what a good whore I was.  He started pumping that cock and I was hypnotized — dicknatized — I could feel that pull in my pussy.  Just like a magnet to that monster cock.  He fucked me every way he could before he passed out from exhaustion.  Now he makes deliveries to me several times a week.  I am so glad my love of BBC phone sex got around like that.

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BBC phone sex

BBC phone sex should be a go to for all of you horny cocks. First of all, I have the experience of a porn star when it comes to sex. I know exactly what I want and more importantly I know what I need. Before I got married I had a wild life and you better believe that I had lots of fun. I had so many nights in college when I just went crazy and had the most kinkiest of fuck sessions. I think I have more fun now, but just in a different way. I have 1 lover that I get to fuck all of the time. Even though he is only one guy, he seems like a tribe of 10!

I still have amazing sex, but it is not with my husband. I have a huge hunger for big black cock and he is at my house every night while my husband is away. So I still have the luxury of being single while I am being taken care of by a weak husband. I have come to the realization that BBC phone sex cock is the best kind of dick for me. As much as I love it, if I find a good dick that isn’t black, I will mount that cock for sure. I really just want to be fucked good.

When I get horny and ready to fuck, I can get crazy. One of my favorite ways to please a man is with my mouth. I am amazing when I have a big dick down my throat to please. Why do I like to suck cock? Because after its nice and hard, I get to have my pussy pounded sore until I get a warm load filled inside of me. Do you like BBC phone sex too? Maybe you may even want to help me suck of it! Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Mimi.

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cheating wife phone sex

Well hello there!  There is nothing more exciting then being naughty, unless of course you are being really naughty with a close friend of hubby’s, or somebody even better…like…say…a boss?  *laughs* Oh, I am such a bad cheating wife phone sex girl, but that is what I am really best at, so why change right?  Ever since my guy has started working more hours and neglecting me I just have not been satisfied.  One particularly pretty day I just could not take it any more and decided to go down to his office for a nooner.  When I got there it turned out I had just missed him so I thought I would hang out on the sofa in his office, alone.  I sat down in his big, leather chair, that was facing the window, so far up and looking across at all the other buildings, wondering if I could be being watched right at that moment really turned me on.  I started to trail my fingers up my thigh and under my dress, right under my panties.  It felt so good spreading my legs to get to my clit and feel my smooth pussy lips, thinking about a hot and buff executive across the way just getting hard for me.  Getting lost in my sweet honey pot I didn’t even hear it when the door opened and his boss came in.  He must have been standing there a few minutes just listening to me play and getting hotter because he came around the desk to find my hand in the cookie jar ;)  “Well, well” he said, “now what do we have here?”  I was startled and embarrassed for a second, jumping a little and crossing my legs, prepared to leave.  “Oh no, don’t do that” he said and then started to rub his hand over the outline of his cock and lick his lips, while getting down on his knees.

That is a huge turn on for a naughty cheating wife phone sex minx like me, having a man down on his knees crawling over to me.  He got right up to the chair in was in and started to put his hands on the arms, siding his hands up and down, begging with his body language.  “Please” he groaned out and I just could not let that get away, after being disappointed already.  His eyes and hands on my legs as I slide them over his shoulders and he buried his face into my tight pussy.  Feeling his tongue on my love button, making it harder and the juices start to run.  He put his arms around my waist and picked me up, face still glued between my legs, making a hurricane that had me humping his face.

The boss had just gotten up to start to slide his cock inside of me when I was pushed back on the desk and opened my eyes to see my husband standing there, files in one hand his cock in the other….what a day at the office that was.  I can’t wait to tell you the rest of what happened or hear the story you have for naughty cheating wife phone sex.

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Let me tell you something about being a mature phone sex diva, it rocks!  I really have some great stories to tell!  I want you to help me make some new ones.  My appetite is insatiable.  It’s true what they say about a woman when she hits a certain age, she has a sexual revolution!  And I don’t see an end in sight.  I’d tell you right now that my clit is throbbing right now just writing about sex.

Variety is the spice of life, that’s why mature phone sex is the best!  I can be sadistic, putting a cage on your balls and making you send me the key.  Or, or make you write my name in marker on your dick to make sure that it belongs only to me.  Torturing men’s genitals is really one of my favorite fetishes!  I can also be very sensual, loving, full body all skin to skin, touching, groping, exploring our darkest corners.  I can also be that hot cougar that just moved in next door hunting for her next prey, giving young men the best education that they will ever get!

You say you want to be in charge?  You want to be the man?  Then come take me, make me your eager little housewife, always at the ready on my knees waiting to please you after a long hard day at work.  Or you are more kinky and keep me as your cum slut, to fuck and serve you and anyone you bring home.

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cheating wife phone sex

Talk to the MILF next door, me, about how I cheat on my hubby and have hot sex all the time, with neighbors, men I meet at the gym or men I meet from my cheating wife personals ad.  My husband has been suspicious I’ve been cheating, but he looks the other way, because he’s lame in bed and can’t take care of my sexual needs.  He’s obsessed with his career and making money and seriously has no sexual desire.  Meanwhile I’m in my dirty thirties and need sex more than ever before!  How long do you think it will be before I end up cuckolding my husband?  Does cheating wife phone sex turn you on?  Do you want to fuck me?  Do you want to hear about all the men I fuck?

I love to play with my wet pussy and my phone sex orgasms are real, that’s how horny I am. I have a drawer full of sex toys and I love using them and getting off with you!  My
hubby doesn’t even know I do cheating wife phone sex, but I think he should hear how hard I cum with other men on the phone while I use a dildo or vibrator.  That would cuck him for sure, just having you on the phone with me, while he’s in his home office staring at company financials on his computer.  I think he keeps me as a trophy wife actually, given how hot I am!  We can do a cheating wife phone sex call whenever I’m available.

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Being a wife of a man not so large, I know I have had my thoughts on cuckolding him.  How about you let me practice some cuckold phone sex on you first!

Can’t seem to please your wife or girlfriend anymore an she’s always complaining that you don’t make her cum at all, I knew it.  It’s time to show you how a woman should be
treated an fucked.  Now go put your self in that corner of my bedroom, sitting in that little chair.  Remove your pants an just sit there in your boxer briefs. Now, I’m going to lay down on my bed, an your going to watch 2 big, muscular guys walk in.  You try to get up from your little chair to stop them, but you know that you don’t stand a fighting chance against those big guys.  As they strip my clothes off an take their huge 10 inch cocks out of their pants, you start to quiver.  You know your little dick is no comparison to their large cocks that are about to pound me like no other cock has done before, especially yours. They bend me over on the bed, shove one dick in my ass, an one in my mouth.  I’m moaning an screaming as you are watching, noticing your tiny dick is getting hard.  I question if this is turning you on an sure enough your embarrassed to say so, but yes, your very turned on.  I continue to get fucked an the one guy leaves a huge creampie in my pussy.  I call you over an demand that you eat that cream pie right out of my nicely fucked pussy.  Your so excited that you cum right away!

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Hey there boys do I have a hot cougar phone sex fantasy for you!  I was at my girlfriend’s house the other day, and happened to notice that her college age son was really starting to cum into his own.  I’m naturally attracted to younger guys because of their insatiable appetite for pussy, and that they will do anything to make this cougar happy!  I followed him into the kitchen to strike up a conversation with him while he was alone.  I could tell by the way he looked at my tits that he would be into some kinky cougar phone sex.  I casually told him that my husband was out of town, and that maybe he should stop by this evening and we could have some fun.  Later that night he showed up on my doorstep like the tasty cougar snack that he was, and I couldn’t wait to devour him and make him mine!  I guided him upstairs to the bedroom where we had a few drinks to get him nice and relaxed for what was to cum next.  I let him undress me taking every inch of my fabulous body in as he did so.  Then I stripped him down as naked as the day he was born.  His huge young cock throbbing in front of me just waiting for me to take control.  I got down on my knees and slipped the head of his beautiful young cock into my mouth as he groaned with pleasure from my amazing oral skills!  It gives me a since of power knowing that I know how to please a man with my mouth alone!  I could tell he was ready for anything in this naughty cougar phone sex fantasy.  Little does he know what I have in store for him I am definitely going to use and abuse him!

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My husband knows his place in our cuckold phone sex relationship.  He watches me take BIG cocks on the regular.  He knows that I deserve to get the cock I need.  Who is he to get in the way of my  pussy’s happiness?  He always pitches in to find me massive cock that I will  fuck in front of him.  In all honesty, I don’t really need his help.  My body is usually the only calling card I need.  Men line up to have a go at me.  But my husband is so happy that I let him get involved in my  fuck sessions!!  The way I works those monster cocks with my mouth is fucking so mesmerizing to him! Especially since I don’t suck my husband’s tiny cock anymore.   But when the cock I am fucking is extra large, I will have my husband lick and finger my pussy as I am sucking it  to make sure his entry goes as smooth as it can.  Oh how I love telling him how good that cock feels while they are working my pussy over. I love letting my man have a front row seat to the pounding I take. When I bend over, I will have him spread  her ass so that big cock gets nice and deep.  I know how much he loves seeing my perfect big tits swinging back and forth as I am getting fucked.  He does get the privilege of cleaning me when those over sized dicks have filled me up over and over. I make sure to rub his head and tell him good cuckold he has been.  I know he would do anything to make me happy.  That is
exactly the way a cuckold phone sex husband should be.

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BBC phone sex

Hey there all you boy toys! I have been told recently that my standards for high quality, thick, juicy cock are over the top. Is it really so bad that I know what I want and what I
like? My husband is always away on business or out on his boat. He is never home and I have desires that need to be met. My husband is not small, but he is also not the biggest cock in the shed. *giggles* You know how they say once you go black, you never go back…ha ha ha, well I am finding that this saying is a bit true. I have had to come up with every excuse I could possibly think of in order to keep my husband from finding out about my big black cock lovers’ cumming back for BBC phone sex.

If my husband knew about these lovers or had the slightest hint about what has been going on, he would be so devastated by my cheating ways. I just can’t help myself though. Just the thought of a well hung, thick, juicy black cock slipping down my throat or in another one of my tight holes makes my pussy drip with anticipation. It is a well-known fact that I am a size queen after all. I am sure it comes as no surprise that BBC phone sex is my new obsession.

A goddess such as myself should have the highest quality in cock. Obviously I am not getting it from my husband. He is clearly not black, so therefore he is only the quality of a juicy hamburger instead of that of USDA high end steak. Yes, I am a fucking size queen, especially for super-sized cocks! *giggles* You know you want to slide it in all of my tight wet holes.

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