Spanking Phone Sex with Remy

I love guys who like to be spanked. So yeah, you can say that I have a spanking phone sex fetish. Most of the time I like to be the dom, but often I love to let the man have control — the right man. If you want something, you should just take it, don’t you think? And if I’m a naughty slut, you just might have to take that belt off and give me a couple lashes across my soft round bum. Make sure that you leave a few red marks as a souvenir. That way I can keep looking at it until it fades and my pussy will get wet remembering how much it stung every time you struck me.

There’s something so hot about surrendering to you and letting you punish me with spanking phone sex. I like to be spanked with other things besides your belt, of course. I have hand floggers, paddles, riding crops and other whips and fun things to spank you with….or let you use to spank me! Sometimes I am bad just so you will punish me by painting my back door red. Especially when you whack me and fuck me at the same time. The force of your cock slamming inside my ass or pussy while you cover my ass with red welts makes me so excited and so wet. I can’t stop from squirting all over myself! If you think you can make me your slut with a bit of spanking, then bring it on. I’ve been a really naughty girl chick and need to be disciplined the way only you know how. I’m on all fours and waiting for you just the way you like it. Call me! I can’t wait to feel that first slap!

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Suzanne

Christmas is coming soon and you know what I’d love more than anything? A bunch of size queen phone sex calls from YOU. It’s so much fun to talk about our mutual love of big black cock. There really isn’t anything better in the world than a huge black cock, don’t you agree?

size queen phone sex

Do you want me to tell you the story of the first time I had a big black cock buried inside my white cunt? I’d be more than happy to relive that experience while I talk to you. I love telling people about it. It always gets me excited just as much as it does guys like you who call me to hear about it. Chances are, I’ll be touching myself right along with you.

But what I love even more than telling you about my first time with BBC is hearing about YOUR first time. I want to hear what first got you interested in BBC and how you decided to just go for it and give in to your desires. I know very well that the first time you get the thought of a juicy black cock in your head, it won’t go away until you just bend over and take it the way you want to.

Or maybe you haven’t taken the plunge yet and you need a woman who has been there to help talk you into doing the one thing you are dying to do. I’ll help you find that extra little bit of courage that you need. By the time you’re done talking to me, you’ll be ready to go out and become the size queen phone sex slut you were meant to be.

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Big Tits Phone Sex with Beth

I know my tits aren’t the biggest around, but really, how much more than a mouthful do you need? Well, who cares because these beautiful breasts are definitely way more than a mouthful, which means that if big tits phone sex is your thing, I can very happily accommodate your needs! These 36 D’s are waiting for you to enjoy, perfectly rounded and ready for whatever you want to do to them! I can just feel your hands on them now, squeezing and rubbing my pretty nipples, so hard and sensitive to your touch. I bet you’re practically drooling at the idea of getting your mouth on these melons, curious about how sweet they really are, right?

big tits phone sex

I love hearing from men who love playing with big, beautiful tits like mine! You’re like connoisseurs, savoring a gorgeous pair of boobs like they’re the finest of wines! I’m dying to know exactly what you want to do with these beauties too – I have a feeling you have many ideas on the subject. You’re dying to get your hands on me, your mouth, and especially your dick – I’m sure you want to just slide that meat pipe of yours right up in between these pretty round flesh pillows, don’t you? I’m just a big tits phone sex whore, because I really get into your fantasy about my big boobs!

Even better, let’s talk about getting another gorgeous gal with big boobs in on a two-girl phone sex call. That way you’ll have two sets of big beautiful boobs for your big tits phone sex fantasies – double the pleasure, double the fun, right? Just think about what you could do with a couple of pairs of beautiful boobs! I bet now that I’ve got the idea planted in your head, all you can see are boobs….

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Spanking Phone Sex with Ruth

Just look at that big round ass with those sweet cheeks just begging to be spanked. Think you can make them red and sore and raw enough to really show me what you’ve got? Are you fucking kidding me, sweetheart! I can take everything you’ve got and still be begging for another smack. I fucking dare you to call me for spanking phone sex and give me all those naughty bruises that make sitting down for the next week extra hard.

spanking phone sex

Are you a bare hands kind of spanker, sweetheart? Or do you like to use all those fun tools for spanking? I’m not going to fucking lie to you, sweetheart, I’ve felt them all! I gotta say there’s nothing quite like an open palm striking my ass and making all that flesh jiggle. But the sting that comes from a nice big paddle with lots of holes to help it swing harder and faster, now that’s what I’m fucking talking about! And who doesn’t fucking adore that sound of wood on ass, are you fucking kidding me? The smack, the yelp, the crying- all of it is just more fucking fuel for the hot meatpole bulging in the front of your pants! Can’t say I blame you either, sweetheart, the way a good spanking turns asscheeks tomato red gets me fucking horny, too!

And once you’ve got me good and sore, sweetheart, maybe it’ll be time for your turn! You like being put over a mature sexy woman’s knee and given the fucking business, don’t you, sweetheart? I’ve got a favorite wooden spoon I keep special for just such naughty fucks as you and I am looking forward to bringing it out for some spanking phone sex fun with you! Call 1-888-474-6769 and beg for a spanking from Ruth, yeah?

Domination Phone Sex with Sierra

As much as you may get excited about the “norm” kind of things I just know you get turned on when this domination phone sex mistress steps outside of the box and does something different for you. And you are the type of submissive male that just loves variety. And I am the type of woman who not only is very mysterious and intriguing but also loves keeping you guessing for what I’m going to do next. There are times when you want to worship my long endless sexy legs, and there are other times where you would give anything to have my perfect ass right at your face to serve, worship, kiss and feel me grind back and forth on. You’re also kinky and dirty as well. I also love wearing things that show off these mouth watering tits. Just look at them in this black bustier. Are you getting a hard on seeing the way they just stare you in the face? And these black satin panties feel so good against my smooth pretty pussy. There have been many times you want to lay your hard cock against them and feel me grind in circles nice and slow. I know you would do just about anything to make me happy. Especially when it comes to humiliation. Just recently I found out that you love filling your ass with toys. Anal plugs, beads, dildos, vibrators, pumps and other toys you have lying around your house. I recently introduced you to a fuck machine. Your dick got so hard for that that it was almost like having me there with you bent over and making you my bitch. So today when I go shopping I just know i’m going to be adding something else to the list of things you may have never even thought of. So now the question is, where am I going? Will it be to an adult book store? Maybe a fetish store or some place that sells the type of alt style gear that a slave like yourself loves? No I’ve got plenty of bondage gear believe me. I am no stranger to bondage gear. I just love spandex hoods, ball gags, restraints, collars leashes, bondage furniture, paddles, and whatever else I can think of. I’ve even got the kind of spandex, latex and rubber body suits that has wording engraved on them to get others attention. That’s right my pet. I just love showing you off and making you the center piece to my girl friends. You can’t deny your dick doesn’t get hard for just thinking about being dressed up and having the proper holes exposed so I can put what I want to use. So today I will be visiting the fresh produce section and will be picking up some of my favorites. Ass fillers I like to call them. Cucumbers, carrots, zucchini, cherry tomatoes, celery sticks and anything else that catches my eye.

domination phone sex

Just imagine having me walk in on a Sunday when the NFL is on. All of my girl friends are there and you will be dressed in whatever I tell you to dress in. You could be a slutty cheerleader for this domination phone sex mistress. You could also be a french maid or a panty wearing bitchboi dressed in my panties bra and thigh hi’s. Or maybe I will decide to totally feminize you and dress you to be taken out to be more than a street walking slut to service whoever i see fit. Don’t get too excited though subbie. I like taking things slow. Why have the main fucking course when I can do things in phases? Besides seeing as you and other submissives that I have had the pleasure to seduce have a girl friend or wife just know you guys would do anything to make sure your dirty secrets do not get exposed. Oh yes did I forget to say that I love blackmail as well? And i ‘m very good at it too. That’s why when you wear attire that has degrading and humiliation phrases written on the ass, chest or forehead I just know you wont say no. And if you try to protest then I just come out with my black or red bold magic marker and write pussy boi, bitch boi, faggot bitch (if that pertains to you) cock whore, strap on taking slut or several other choice words that you will say yes to giving me what I want. Besides the reward is so tempting that you can’t say no. Serving my perfect panty covered ass and smooth pussy makes your dick so hard that you would stand in a room full of friends and be the halftime show piece. I bet you would put your tongue to good use wouldn’t you subbie. To lick and tongue my kinky ass and pussy? To have me grind it all over your dick and make you beg and plead to hump my sinful body parts I just know makes you want to blow your load right now. My panty covered pussy just gets so wet and creamy knowing how turned on you get for me. And you know if you are a good pet I may let you hump my sexy legs. So there you are as I order you to get down on your fucking knees like a good boy and pick up your phone so I can hear you beg me like a slut for more and more. By the time I allow you to touch your dick and stroke for me I just know you will give me every single drop of your cum. There is no other mistress around who will give you all that you desire. No one to pay closer attention to that fine bit of detail that makes you want to stroke right now. But not until you hear my sexy dirty talking voice on the end of your phone. Hearing how excited and turned on you are and ready to serve….

So what are you waiting for? These black satin panties are getting wetter by the second for you…

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BBC Phone Sex Orgy with Suzanne

Not long ago, I had the most delicious BBC phone sex orgy. My lover, Steve, came over and he brought me several other big black cocks to suck, fuck, and play with. We have done it a couple of times, but he’s not keen on sharing me, so it’s a rare treat for me. But if it happened all of the time, then it might not be as awesome when it happens, so I am totally okay with that.

BBC phone sex

But back to the orgy story. He called me on my birthday and told me that he was coming over with a huge surprise for me. And man, he was NOT kidding. I opened the front door for him and he had 5 friends with him. All of them were tall, dark, and very handsome. And then when I got them inside, they immediately started stripping and then I saw exactly how huge they were. None of their cocks were under 9 inches and I was in heaven. I couldn’t help it – I dropped down to my knees and started sucking. I didn’t want to waste any time. You’d understand if you’d seen those monster cocks. It was really fucking awesome to know that I was going to get to be fucked by all of those big black cocks. And I did. I got fucked in all my holes more than once.

I’m sure that you’re dying to know what happened with all of those big gorgeous dicks once things really got going, aren’t you? Well, listen – I’ll be more than happy to fill you in on all of the dirty (and boy, are they dirty!) details, but you’ll have to call me for that. Just call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Suzanne so I can tell you all about my BBC phone sex orgy fun!

Slutty Wife Phone Sex with Arabella

Arabella here, boys! Don’t get me wrong, I was so glad to see my marine husband when he came home for a short visit a while back. I will admit, though, that I am glad he is gone again. I was so glad to have him home, and the visit was nice. Having him around home made it very, very hard to have any sort of real slutty wife phone sex fun. Of course he wanted to spend all his time with me, and he was super clingy. He is so utterly vanilla, which can be fun sometimes. There absolutely is a place for sensual love making. There are times I want to take my time, and have it be sweet, loving and innocent. However, a girl like me just has needs that a vanilla cannot always satisfy! Sometimes I want it to be mixed up, spicy and wild. I hate to be bored, and sometimes in order to cure my boredom, I just need to get fucked like a slut.

slutty wife phone sex

Sometimes a girl just needs to be treated like the slut she is on the inside.He just doesn’t know how to give that to me. I mean, I’m sure you have heard the saying a queen on the streets, a slut between the sheets? That is exactly what I need. A man that knows to treat me like a queen outside the bedroom, holding doors for me, and making me feel special, while knowing how to get down and dirty in the bedroom. I want to hear all the dirty things he thinks about whispered in my ear, and things done to make me lose control. You know you want to help me be so slutty, just dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Arabella for a slutty wife phone sex session.

Humiliation Phone Sex with Remy

Are you a glutton for humiliation phone sex? I am not surprised by that. Some men just crave the degradation that you can only get from a sexy bitch like me. You are so pathetic you actually get hard when I mean to you. And I can be such a vicious chick and you love every horrible thing that comes out of my mouth and all the punishments I make you endure. Tell me, how does it feel when you are made to have sex with your hand and I’m taking a real man’s dick? How painful is it when you see me checking my phone and answering a text with a huge smile on my face and then to see me later walk out the door with my “special” bag on my shoulder? You know some lucky big dicked guy is going to be so satisfied tonight. And you also know that when I come back that you will be cleaning up and comforting my sore and well fucked pussy.

humiliation phone sex

And while you do your humiliating task, I will go into deep and graphic detail about the monster man cock I had stretching me out and pumping me for hours. You know that it is only Alpha males only for this beauty. Beta bitches like you are meant for clean up duty, housework and giving me all your money. But you love this humiliation and I am more than thrilled to give it to you. It is kinda funny when you call me your girlfriend in front of your buddies so you can pretend to be a big man. If they only knew of all the ways I emasculate you. It does make me laugh to think about it and makes our humiliation phone sex calls even more fun!

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Mature Roleplay Phone Sex with Zoey

So I wanted to let in on what’s been on my mind lately and its based on real-life situations going on in my life. I know you all love my hot mature roleplay phone sex. I really do think this would be rather hot as a roleplay.

mature roleplay phone sex

Have you ever worked with a classy and sophisticated woman in your workplace? Do you have to hide your hard cock when you have to work close to her? Does the smell of her perfume drive you wild? If so I think that it’s very hot but it seems like the situation I currently am in.

At the property management office, I work at they hired one of our tenants to do some office work. He’s young I think he’s legal to drink but I’m not 100% sure. He’s very soft-spoken and I noticed something yesterday when I went to his desk they gave him in a small part of our office. As I bent over his desk to show him a list of properties we have up for not only rent but for sale I noticed a bulge in his jeans. He also was staring right down my low cut blouse at my black lace bra. I didn’t say anything to him. But as I sat at my desk my mind wandered

What if he did say something about how hot I am? I do dress businesslike at work with very tight fitting clothing. I do dress to impress 🙂 Do you think he would suggest that we go out for drinks? Maybe takes me back to his flat and fucks the living hell out of me? I’m at least 25 years older than him !! Would I go and let him fuck me? Of course I would nothing better then a young man to suck off and let him fuck me silly. I love young cock’s who wants a more mature woman that knows how to please him.

A hot mature roleplay phone sex call could also involve a little tease and denial. Teasing a man always leaves my panties very wet. I find the build up even better then the sex itself sometimes. And even better when I’m such a flirt and a tease that it’s hot and heavy and then I take it all away. Just to wait and start all over again. I have been known to take it the verge of explostion and then cut them off . Not many can last very long. I cant blame them.

I try to mix up my sex life and phone sex life and spice things up. I’m really open to anything but a mature roleplay about the office would really make me cum so hard and soak my bedding. I know you would love to hear me moan and cum just as much as I long to hear you cum over me.

Lets play and have some fun. You wont believe how good it can feel. This is my fanstasy cum true let me be yours.

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Guided Masturbation Phone Sex with Mimi

I am not sure why I am in the mood to have you grab on your thick cock and have guided masturbation phone sex with me. I know that it isn’t much to grab your cock and pull it up and down without any effort. It is much more enjoyable when you have a sexy voice in your ear to tell you just the way to stroke and grab on it. I want to know what it is about a woman telling you how to jack off that makes you so wild. Every single guy that I tell how to masturbate for me seems that he is really in a trance. It seems they really relax and allow my voice to take over. Kind of like masturbation hypnotism.

guided masturbation phone sex

I just recently watched a guy on cam while we had guided masturbation phone sex. I had no idea that the way I had him move his hands really made him spill pre juice like no other man I have seen before. It was like I was the God of his cock and I was blessing him with the gift of pleasure. Mmmm I had no choice but to get turned on as I imagined him sliding that big cock right into my pussy. To see the power I had over him drove me so wild. Lovely juices started to fill my panties as he moaned and took every suggestion with ease, doing exactly what I wanted him to do. It was so dam hot to actually see him in so much arousal because of my voice alone. Then watch him as his cock told me just how I made him feel at the end.

That is exactly how I want you to be for me right now, totally receptive to what I want you to do for me. I just want you to have the ultimate orgasm with me and continue on with your day beautifully. How about you get very comfortable and let me do the rest. Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Mimi. You will be on your way to a sweet time.

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