Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Darcy

My husband is such a pussy. He’s a small dicked, useless loser and has proven long ago that there’s no hope for him. So what’s a gorgeous woman in her 30’s to do, but become a cheating wife phone sex slut. I’m craving a real man. You know, one who knows exactly how to fuck. One with a huge cock, nice body, aggressive nature and knows that a woman like me is damn near insatiable.

You know, a real man with the stamina to keep up with me. I need to be picked up, thrown on a bed and pounded relentlessly. A man who knows that I can become a cock drunk little slut if treated correctly. So if you’re a real man with a big dick, you will be treated like a fucking titan. I’ll give you everything he asks for and do it to the best of my slutty ability. If my husband asks me to suck his tiny cock, I just roll my eyes. If a real man asks, I’ll slide down his body to my knees and worship it. I’ll let him grab a handful of hair and fuck my throat. I shouldn’t even need to explain that he can have me however he wants. I guess I have one question for you: are you a real man or a weak beta pussy? Either way, we should talk. I can have fun humiliating you if you’re the latter. If you find that you’re the former, you can have me however you want. Do things to me that I would never allow my husband. We can laugh at his misfortune together. In between my sweet moans of ecstasy that is.

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Cougar Phone Sex with Suzanne

I’m often asked about how I got into cougar phone sex, so I’ve decided to tell you. See, I used to work in the admissions office of a college. I cannot even tell you how hot I’d get every day seeing all those 18 year old boys come in for their admissions interviews. I would always have to go to the bathroom and masturbate in the stall every single day because I would just get so horny that I couldn’t focus on anything other than my throbbing wet pussy.

cougar phone sex

 When I first started the job, I used to dress kind of conservatively, but once I started seeing those hot 18 year old studs, I adjusted to sexier wardrobe choices. I wanted the boys to start noticing me and they did. It wasn’t long before they were coming back in after their appointments and leaving me their phone numbers and telling me to call them if I was looking for a good time.

 At first, I hesitated to contact any of them because I felt like it would be unethical. Masturbating while thinking of them was one thing, but actually fucking them was a whole other thing. But eventually, being horny got the best of me and I called one of them.

 I met him in a hotel and when he showed up, I made sure I was looking hotter than I ever had. Short skirt, low cut top and super sexy lace panties and bra. I answered the door and it didn’t take him long to put his hands all over me…we barely even got the door shut before he was touching me. Let’s just say that it was a night to remember.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Ruth

Are you fucking kidding me right now, thinking you can get lucky with a hot piece of ass like me? The only fucking thing a teeny weeny loser like you is getting out of me is small penis humiliation phone sex because that’s all you’re good for! I know you don’t think you’re coming anywhere near me with it, no way no how peanut-pecker! If you’re lucky I’ll let you get the little worm and touch it while I take a nice big fat cocoa cock right where it makes me scream the loudest.

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That gets you excited though, doesn’t it, you fucking pervert? Thinking of my gorgeous lily white ass getting pounded while I let you watch makes that matchstick in your drawers want to light up, I know it! As long as you be a quiet lildick bitch and kneel right at the feet of my big black sex god to worship his cock when he tells you to I don’t see a fucking problem. Hell, sweetheart, watching your face light up to see such a ginormous schlong in your presence… I might have to grab hold of your head and show you exactly how to wrap your sissy bitch tongue around his big fat purple mushroom to lick my cunt off it properly!

Of course the main event for an itty bitty pity peeny like yours is licking my red hot cunt and if you’re lucky even making me cum! Of course you have to eat up all the creamy white sperm that big chocolate dick poured into my greedy fuckhole first, but you don’t mind that do you, sweetheart? You’ll just be happy you got that close to a great big dong and my hot sloppy cunt in small penis humiliation phone sex, yeah!

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MILF Phone Sex with Giselle

I wanted to tell you about the caller confessions of a married MILF phone sex teacher fantasy I had today from this kinky younger bastard. He is a freak for married MILFs. He had this fantasy since he was in high school and he had a crush on this English teacher Mrs. Geething. He told me that Mrs. Geething was the finest teacher in the entire school so fine that the white guys had to have a piece of her juicy MILF pussy.

MILF phone sex

The guys in class always sat in the front of the class so they can see her round ass move in action close up. He told me when she would write on the bottom of the blackboard she had to bend over in front of the class and he and his friends grabbed her ass and panties when she was in the middle of writing the lesson plans on the board.

He got caught, Mrs. Geething turned around pulled her glasses down to the tip of her nose and looked down at him with a long and intent stare as if he was an insect needed to be squashed immediately. She told him “You are in for detention today Sir.” His plans worked out perfectly to get what he wanted and what she was asking for.

After school, he showed up in her class for detention for his behavior in class that day. She said, “So you want to put your dirty ass hands on my ass you perverted dog. ” His answer was “I’m sorry Mrs. Geething.” Her response was, “Don’t be sorry be quiet.” “Didn’t your mother ever tell you to look but don’t touch?” “I’m going to teach you a lesson and this is to finish what you started.” He told me that Mrs. Geething hiked up her skirt all the way up to her hips just enough to see the top of her ass just to tease me into a neurotic frenzy. She wore a string thong and she pushed it back so I can preview her shaved tight creamy pussy to sample.

She was in very good shape and very flexible as she crawled on his lap and dry humped him until she felt his hard cock get to the hardness that she liked. He took his pants and boxers off and she mounted him with her tight slippery tunnel that He would never want to leave. She rode him like an experienced jockey on a white horse with exceptional control and rhythm with every move. He was so turned on that his spontaneous timely delivery met her expectations and satisfied her throbbing pussy to the fullest. That was one lesson she really taught him.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Patty

Look at you – all you and your pathetic dick are good for is cuckold phone sex. You don’t even have to tell me that your wife doesn’t want to fuck you anymore. I already know that…why else would you be here? What I don’t know is how far she’s taken things with you. Has she just stopped fucking you or has it gone much further than that?

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What do I mean when I say “further than that”? Oh, you naive loser. It means that you are about to become a cuckold husband. You’re going to be turned into a cum eating cock sucker anytime now. She’s going to start fucking a guy with a big black cock behind your back, but she’s going to come home and make you eat her pussy. You’ll notice that she tastes different, but you don’t care because you are just happy to have her sitting on your face. She stopped doing that a while ago and you’ll take it, no matter what.

Eventually she’s going to tell you the reason why she tasted different that time she sat on your face. It was because she’d been out fucking her new black boyfriend and he shot his load inside her. You’re probably going to be horrified at first, but then you know what will happen? Your pathetic little dick is going to get so hard that you won’t be able to contain your excitement. And then you’re going to be her to invite him over to the house you pay for and fuck her in the bed you share with her. Who knows what else will happen? I guess we will just have to talk about that when you call.

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Sissy Training Phone Sex with Ruth

Do you have what it fuckin takes to go through sissy training phone sex with red hot Ruth? I’ll take those balls and bust them right the fuck off, sweetheart, and leave you the bestest, sluttiest little sissy anybody ever fucking met… IF you got them to fucking start with!

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We’ll start with all that disgusting fucking man hair all over your body. A good feminine sissy going through training should be baby fucking skin smooth just like the soft warm skin of a woman, don’t you think? Guess what, doesn’t matter what you think cuz you’re the fucking sissy and you’re getting all that hair waxed to be the silky smooth feminine dream I know is waiting underneath, sweetheart! You’ll run your hands, your fingertips, over it later and be so fucking amazed with how good it feels.

Then we’ll have to train you how to do your makeup and your hair. There’s no way I’m taking a fucking sissy out streetwalking without being done the fuck up right! We’ll paint your lips and nails the same scarlet slut red and paint your face like the whore you are. Add a bitching wig and the only thing left to do with you will be to package you up in a pretty pink dress and put a bow on top for all the boys to come and open up their slutty little gift!

Don’t think a pink dress and 6 inch stilettos are going to keep you pristine like some Barbie in plastic though, sweetheart. No fucking way. You’re going to be down on your knees slurping semen and taking those big fucking schlongs right up in your pretty pink rosebud cunt like a good bitch once you go through my sissy training phone sex!

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Giselle

My husband and I live in a nice neighborhood where the neighbors will do anything for you when you are in need I mean if you really need or want something they are willing to give you a hand or give you their shirt from off of their back literately, lol. They will even have cheating wife phone sex with you. I have a next door neighbor who is right across the street from me and I always catch him looking over my way. His wife thinks that there is something going on between us but I do not know him but I think he wants to get to know me in more than one way. I have big oversized picture sized windows in my house and my husband and I don’t buy curtains or blinds in some of my windows in the living room or the hallways or the platform landing from the stairs all because it will take away from the beauty of the character of the house as it was not meant for windows to be covered up.

cheating wife phone sex

I have very large supple tits and a nice juicy ass and I like to come out of the bathroom still beading wet from the shower naked prancing in full view in the window so he can get a nice view of my curves in motion. I can see that he is out in the front yard pretending to do yard work but he is staring at me and being undercover just to keep his wife off of his back while she is at home to keep her from being suspicious.

I have a lot of privacy in my backyard since it is a nice sunny day outside I decided to lay on my hammock in my bikini and get some sun. I feel a little bit frisky I take my top off and I begin to slide my thong bottoms to the side and play with my wet hot pussy as my neighbor sees all of this hot action he sneaks away from his yard and he comes around to my backyard and asks “Is there is something that I need help?” with as he nervously watching. I said, “Yes, cum here.” I open up my legs and he goes down on my wet cunt and licks my dripping wet pussy clean. We walk over a few feet to the wooded area of my backyard. He bends me over a bush and pokes my tight raw pussy hard.

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Strap On Phone Sex with Suzanne

Are you curious or is this something you’ve experienced before? Are you bringing me a fresh, virgin asshole to play with? Hahahhaha I doubt it, but whatever you say! I will take your ass and make it mine with the strap on phone sex of your dreams. Or maybe your nightmares. Depends on what kind of mood I’m in. I have so many strap ons in so many different sizes, but don’t expect me to go easy on you while I’m pegging your ass. I plan on taking out all of my frustrations on your man hole.  Maybe I will make you dress up in my lingerie so I can laugh at what a pathetic fuck you are while I plow into your man pussy with my big fat cock. That would make me laugh my sweet ass off. Having you take every last inch while you wear my panties for our strap on phone sex session.

strap on phone sex

I have a super fucking hot big titted friend who has a strap on with your name on it. That’s right! We are going to take the strap on phone sex to the next level and make you squeal and scream til we have fully amused ourselves. She is going to be in front of you, training you to take cock, feeding that huge strap on down your throat til you learn to take it without choking or gagging or complaining. She is a champion face fucker, so prepare your throat. While she skull fucks you, I am going to take you from behind, parting your cheeks, I’ll spit on your asshole to lube it up if I’m feeling nice, and then I’m going to ram all 10 inches deep inside you til you cry out for more.

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Mature Phone Sex with Beth

No, I’m not a “barely legal” girl. I don’t giggle or wiggle for attention – I don’t need to. But that’s ok because you’re not in the mood for a coed girls gone wild kind of call. You’re in the mood for something a little more grown up – you desire a classy, experienced woman who knows what she wants, and exactly how to get it. You’re in the mood for mature phone sex, and the good news is I’m here, waiting to fulfill your phone sex fantasies.

mature phone sex

Yep – the big 4-oh is fast approaching, and I can’t complain about it because this cougar is like a fine wine that only improves with age. I’m in my prime, and I have the sex drive to back it up. Trust me, sweetie – I can get turned on at the drop of a hat. If I could, I’d have your hard cock for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and I would happily provide a nice, sweet cream pie for your dessert! Mmmmm – I can tell your mouth is watering at the thought! That’s perfect – I want you to have a good appetite built up when you call me for mature phone sex!

So what are you looking for when you call for mature phone sex? A mature voice? My voice is definitely mature, but I’ve also been told many times that it’s a luscious, soothing, and sexy voice, and all of my callers really love my laugh! Or are you looking for a woman with experience, who can easily show you how well she knows her way around a delicious cock like yours? Call me for mature phone sex and you won’t have any doubts in my skills and ability to please you – I can keep that cock happy and throbbing, and your mouth watering and smiling!

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Mature Phone Sex with Zoey

I have a naughty confession to make tonight. I love to fuck younger men !! My pussy gets so wet when I answer the phone and I have a mature phone sex call !! I go crazy when I hear a young man on the other end. I have always had my eyes on the younger men. Many times out on the football field and soccer field you can see me in my chair sipping a drink behind dark sunglasses not because of the sun but because I’m watching these young men run around and getting all sweaty.

mature phone sex

I love younger men all new and inexperienced, They have so much more stamina than the old farts my age. I’m a very active woman and still very horny. I need sex all the time the same as I was when I was just becoming legal age to drink. I have always been the party girl Just saying. I used to be a band groupie too !! I cant tell you how badly even now I want to go to a concert and fuck my way backstage lately. Lots of good shows this summer I might have to give that more thought 🙂 .

I’m pretty shameless when it comes to looking for men. I don’t go out and look for them. Yes, I’m mature but I have taken good care of myself. I don’t dress slutty like some of those younger whores out there. I dress in nice tight yet sexy clothes that show my curves. Many times I do forget my panties. I have one hell of a dirty mind and trust me I do many things those young slut’s refuse to do and I do them well !!

This is why I enjoy mature phone sex so much. I can have phone sex with younger men from all over and that in its self-excites me. I enjoy touching my pussy for them and cumming and squirting all over the house from my dildos when no ones home. Guess that makes me a naughty housewife after all !

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