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Do you have a tiny dick? Yeah, I thought so. I married a man with a small dick, and all that you’re both good for is cuckold phone sex. It’s not like that pathetic little thing is going to ever be able to please a woman. You might as well accept that you’re a loser and the best you could ever hope for is to eat the cum out of a hot woman’s pussy after she’s been fucked by a real dick. I know for a fact that it’s the closest you’ll ever get to a woman as gorgeous as me. Just ask my husband.

If you haven’t fully accepted what a loser you are, you might be a little angry that I’m calling you a loser. But you are! You know as well as I do that you’ve never pleased a woman with that tiny little dick. It’s no bigger than a clit and how in the world would that please a woman? That’s right. It wouldn’t.

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I’m really not sure if I am truly a cheating wife or if I’m just getting the sex I need, sex that my husband can’t give me.  What do you think ?  I’m always looking for sex wherever I go and whatever I do.  No man is off limits to me, even the husbands of my girlfriends.  If any man I sexually crave wants me, I will fuck him.  It might mean we end up fucking right in my car, in a hotel by the airport, at his office after hours, in my house when my husband isn’t home.  The fear of getting caught is like aphrodisiac.  It makes me even more wanting and wild.  I know women gossip about me, and whisper that I fuck around, but I don’t care.  They are probably jealous of how sexy I am and how they wish they could have as many men as I do.  Cheating wife phone sex is just another way for me to be with more men, men like you honey and ready for anything. I also wear extremely provocative outfits.  I want men to look at me and get hard.  My husband doesn’t mind I think it turns him on that h has a sexy wife.  But he doesn’t know about my cheating, is it really cheating ?  Or is it that I have indulge my urges, because he isn’t that great in bed ?   So I have to fuck other men to make up for his lack of prowess.  I like being married to him, he’s a provider type and takes good care of me in every way, except in bed.  Can you help me ?  Fuck me so good that I cum over and over ?   Cock in one hand, phone in the other, it’s time for cheating wife phone sex call with me.  I don;t care if your cheating on your wife or girlfriend.  We all have needs don’t we ?

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So lately I can’t seem to get off a certain subject in my fantasies. Oh don’t get me wrong I’m thinking all kinds of places, and ways, but the subject keeps going back to the same thing. I’m talking about mature phone sex of course. The lady bits are tingly,and slick constantly when I start thinking of all the ways I could use, or be used by a willing, and wanting young man.  You know you’re curious how a mature phone sex Goddess handles your fantasies.  Maybe you’re one of those studs who attracts all the pretty perky young ladies. Always swooning over your good looks, and hot body yet not having the first clue how to please you. On a mature phone sex call with me I will show you just what a real woman can do making you wonder why you wasted so much time with mere girls.

Whether you’re an in charge kind of guy, or a curious submissive a mature phone sex call with me is just what you need. I like a  young sex hungry man no matter what you’re into. You need me to take charge, and to seduce you? Ohhh then by all means what are you waiting for. I love slowly drawing you into my circle of pleasure. Subtly, and before you know what’s happening you’re putty in my hands. Turned on, and ready to go anywhere I lead. Mmm nothing quite like the pleasure of getting what I want before you even know what happened. Although you could be that young stud who can’t stop thinking about that mature taboo woman. Just a look makes your cock hard, and hands itching to take her, and make her your fucktoy. Every time she flaunts her hot, voluptuous body in front of you that animalistic urge boils to the surface, and it’s all you can do not to take her, and fuck her right there.  There’s no need to stop that urge when you call me for mature phone sex. That urge is what I live for, what makes my wet pussy ache to be filled. So stop wasting time and call me for mature phone sex. As you can see I’m a diverse, and greedy woman, and I give pleasure just as much as I get it no matter your desire.

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If you are curious about big black cock, trust me, you are not alone. I get BBC phone sex calls all the time and guys just like you wonder what it would be like to suck those big chocolate dicks. Even if you’ve sucked a dick before, sucking a black one is a special thing and you’re going to need to treat it with the respect it deserves. Not just any blow job will do, so you better make sure that you’re good and ready before you move on up to black dick. They deserve the be worshiped. Do you think you are ready for that?

Is sucking big black cock going to even be enough for you? I am sure that once you get a taste of it, you’re going to want more. If you’ve never been filled up by a big black cock, you seriously have no idea what you are missing. Just wait until you look down and see that chocolate piece of meat slide inside your ass… you’re going to be more turned on than you ever have been in your life. Your dick is going to be so hard, and if you’re lucky, he will let you jerk off while he fucks you. But you probably won’t even need to. I’m sure you’d be so turned on by being full of black cock that you would cum without even touching yourself.  And once he shoots his load in your ass, you need to be a good boy and offer to suck all of the cum off his dick and clean him up. It’s the least you could do after he fucks you so well!

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My husband is always going around telling his friends “Sierra is such a slutty wife. I have a feeling shes out fucking all my best friends while i’m at work!” But what he doesn’t know is that i’ve already told all the men his pathetic little secret. I told them that he has a small useless prick and he cant give me what I want. It’s no wonder why he’s the perfect guy for Cuckold phone sex. And he knows that as long as it’s been since we have fucked that if he wants to get close to my sweet bald pussy he will have to do something he may find humiliating. And you may ask yourself “what could be more humiliating for a man to walk in and find his wife fucking a real man? Besides him getting turned on by seeing me act like a total slut I’ve made him my stroker boy, my cream pie licker and if he wants to slide his six inch dick in me again he will also have to be my fluffer too! There is nothing more degrading to get down on your knees and suck on another mans dick. It doesn’t matter if you are getting it ready to slide in my married pussy or cleaning it off after i’ve had the man next door, the cable guy, the repair man and the hot delivery man. That’s just a short list of the men that i’ve been a total slut for. But today my husband came to me and said “Sierra I have a secret to tell you. I stroke my dick at work thinking about all the men that you are a whore for. It makes my dick drip pre cum when I think about you sucking on their dicks then beg to have your other two holes filled also. Does that mean I really am turned on by cuckold phone sex?” I laughed and said “Yes that’s exactly what it means. And if you want to slide that pathetic six inch dick in me you are going to have to prove you would do anything to make me happy.” I bet he’s in his office right now reading this just trying to imagine what kind of mouth watering outfit i have on right now. I just love showing off my body. I love making all the mens dicks rock hard when they see me like this. There is nothing I wouldn’t do to make a real man happy. I can be the perfect submissive slutty wife. And if you are a cuckold with a less than average dick like my husband, I will have your dick so hard you beg me to stroke. Just think about my sexy voice as I talk dirty to you. And if you are a kinky cuck then I’ll let you crawl between these sexy long legs and lick me until I cum all over your face.

Are you ready to be my cream pie boy cuckie? Or are you that hot stud whose best friends to my husband with the big fat dick? Or maybe you are new to the area and you are looking for a cougar who has no limits and wants to push your throbbing hard cock in all of my holes. I’ll never say no to you because I have no taboo’s or limits…..

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Arabella here, boys! I have been feeling even more lonely and bored since I have been stuck inside lately, without my marine husband. Do you know what I need to cure my loneliness and boredom? Some hot and kinky cheating wife phone sex. It will give me the chance to explore oh so many different…opportunities with you. Can you blame me for trying to find some excitement? I am too young, and pretty to be stuck at home alone. The only limits we have are our own imaginations. So, baby don’t be afraid to tell me all of your dirty, naughty and taboo fantasies so we can make every single one of them happens.

Even if he were here, I would be looking for something more. He thinks he’s packing something great, but it’s so much smaller than alot of the BBC I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. As small as my husband is, who wouldn’t want to experience something new, something different to explore? I strongly desire to explore certain bits of anatomy of a tall, handsome man with a BBC. I want to know what it’s like to be with a man who knows what he’s doing, unlike my husband. He certainly tries, but his package (or lack there of) just doesn’t cut it. It also doesn’t help that he is deployed overseas, and hasn’t been home for months. It also doesn’t help that he is so utterly vanilla, and I… I am not. I’m always left wanting so much more, never fully satisfied, even when I am able to be with him. Do you have a package that will make my creamy hole crave cheating wife phone sex with you? Then you need to call 1-888-474-6769, and ask for your cheating wife phone sex slut, Arabella.

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I’ve been thinking about the fantasy you have. You know the one you’re afraid to tell anyone afraid what others might say about your need.  That need to share. You know i’m a big fan of sharing darlin. You need to give me a call for some cuckold phone sex and find out for yourself.  There’s always something new going on in my imagination. I love taking a new hard cock for a ride, moaning, and groaning while you watch.  Whether you want to participate or not it makes my pussy wet when I get a cuckold phone sex call. Nothing like taking a long fat cock knowing your hard, and so turned on you could almost cum without touching.

There’s so many different ways I want to use you, and make you my little bitch. Ohh do you like that? Do you want to be my cuck, my bitch, even my sissy cuck perhaps? Mmm I’m game for any, and all of them darlin.  If tied in a corner watching gets you off while I moan, and talk dirty to you telling you how much he’s stretching, and filling me. Fucking me so good, and hard baby it feels so fucking good nothing like you’ve ever made me feel. I can give you just what you need if you call for cuckold phone sex bitch. Perhaps you want to participate, and put your mouth to work, or even that tight ass. Oooh I do love seeing my cuck sucking, and making that cock hard, and ready for me. Under me licking my hard clit while that long fat cock takes my eager pussy. Licking my juice off if he shoves it in your mouth even moaning around it aren’t you little bitch. Maybe you need to be put in some panties, or stockings showing off that tight ass, and little hard on. Cuckold phone sex has many degrees, and levels, and I love every one of them. I get so hot, and insatiable when you call for cuckold phone sex. Especially if you’re a good bitch and like to clean up afterwards. You want to taste my juicy pussy then you need to be prepared to lick me clean bitch. Tasting my hot juice, and all that cum shot deep inside me makes me squirt like no other. Be sure you can handle me, and my appetite when you call for cuckold phone sex. I always leave us both satisfied, and you’ll be begging for another chance to be my bitch. Don’t make me wait long you little cuck slut!

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Let me drop some knowledge on you — size queen phone sex sluts always do it better.  It must be because we have to go on the hunt to find what we need.  Sadly, big cocks are kinda like four leaf clovers — when you find one, you know you are the luckiest chick ever. It is time to get our pussies resized and opened up.  You are in for a lot of fun, if you don’t mind walking funny for a couple of days afterward.  But I always wear that like a badge, for work well done. People often know why it is that I am limping a bit, I always get a wink and a smile.   But you don’t understand this do you?  You are probably sitting there with your tiny cock in your hand just jacking it for all you are worth, right? I bet you want to call and convince me you are rocking at least 10 inches, but be careful! I can tell by the sound of your voice if you are packing a massive prick or not.  Don’t you dare try to lie to me. I can find a use for you, it is just not between my legs.  You can do some housework for me, model some panties for me, pay my bills.  See those are things you are probably pretty good at. Hell, I bet you are good at getting me ready for big monster cock too.  You can wax my pussy, shave my legs, rub lotion all over me.  Those are very important jobs that I can give you to do.  You are pathetic and worthless, why not try to help me get ready for the deep dicking of the week.

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I see that look in your eyes, the way you keep your head down and won’t meet my eyes. You have been a naughty boy, haven’t you? Maybe you were sneaking in my panty drawer or even the dirty clothes hamper. Or you can’t keep your hands off your need dick and are a habitual masturbater. I know it has to be something and you know that I know too. You are embarrassed because you know what happens to naughty boys. That’s right, honey, you get a bare bottom spanking right over my knee. For spanking phone sex, I am the woman who knows just what you need!

I bring the chair to the middle of the room and tell you to go get my wooden hairbrush (or spoon, belt, paddle etc) and then order you back in front of me. It is not only about the spanking, it’s the ritual of spanking session that you relish. I force you to tell me all the naughty things you have done and when I feel that you are shamed enough, I make you ask for your spanking. That is right, young man, you’re going to tell me that you need this spanking to correct your bad boy behavior.

Take down your pants, a spanking isn’t a spanking unless it’s done on a bare bottom. Fold your things neatly and then lean over my lap. I push you forward so you need to use your hands to balance on the floor. This will keep you from reaching back to cover your bottom and it forces that bare ass up in the air for me. I’ll start out slow with my hand to warm up that butt, but don’t get too comfortable, that wooden hairbrush is going to hurt! No use crying or begging for mercy, it’s a punishment spanking and it is supposed to hurt. And this spanking won’t stop until I say so.

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MILF phone sex has me so turned on lately ever since I had sex with a younger man, yes I said a younger man. An old friend of mine called to meet for lunch while she was here visiting her family a couple of weeks ago. I could hardly wait to see her again it had been years for both of us she showed up looking so hot and fit I must admit I was jealous. She had on a sexy tight dress that made your breast pop but then again she was always in fashion. At one time we were such good friends but time, work and even marriages separated us, taking her to another state all together. I stood there looking like a lost little kitten when she threw herself at me with a big hardly hug.  Things had changed for both of us she was divorced for the 3rd time and I was still married to Mr. Loser…hahaha.  We talked and talked our lunch away before I knew it was over. We decided that wasn’t enough time so we would meet again that week for dinner and a few drinks with a few of her friends she was bring along.

I arrived at the bar this time looking more put together and even sexy with my short black off the shoulder dress with my black heels. In walked my friend alone which disappointed me but I wasn’t to unhappy that it was going to be just the two of us. Just when I was about to order a drink two of the most gorgeous younger men walked over to our table and excused themselves for being noticeable late. My friend introduced me to them and they both kissed my hand making me feel so embarrassed but charmed. We continued our dinner and had drinks in the cozy bar, we danced and I was so taken by the one young man that I was blushing as the evening prolonged. I truly felt like a MILF phone sex slut but didn’t care he was about 12 years younger then me which made him the youngest man I had been with in many years. Well the evening progressed to the point of me and him having wild fucking sex like I have not had in years.

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