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Hello all you hot and horny boy toys, it is CJ your no taboos neighborhood cheating slut looking.  Can you guess what time of the month it is? Lucky for me I’m going on a cruise while my husband is away on his company trip. I have been counting down the days until I got to pack up, board the plane, head to Florida and board the ship.  I really don’t care how many men I have to sleep with to get pregnant, but I’m sure aching for impregnation phone sex! *Wink* There would be no telling who the baby belonged to because I know I’m ovulating right now, and I made sure my husband left his seed before he left. That way, when I get pregnant he won’t suspect a thing.  He knows I’ve cheated before, but has no idea that I’m still cheating while playing the devoted housewife. I can only imagine all the hot guys that will be leaving their seed inside my slippery wet cunt! *Giggles* I know that you want to be one of those kinky men to leave your seed during impregnation phone sex, now don’t you baby?

The memory of our sweaty bodies rubbing against one another for hours, the smell of sex in the air, and you blowing your huge load inside of tight cunt all leading to one conclusion… impregnation phone sex! So fucking hot, not knowing what man will be the one that created such beautiful life growing within my body. The best part about the changes of my body will be my growing body accentuating all my curves, fuller breasts and sensitive nipples, and whenever you pound my cunt I will cum harder and faster due to the increased sensitivity from being pregnant.

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Need a break from work? A little distraction in your life? Maybe you just want someone to sit down with , have a drink and a little fun! I get so bored here all alone! See the thing is that I have a high sex drive and  my husband is often gone for days,weeks even, and I can’t help it that I have needs! Just like you. You have that carnal need. Sometimes you just need to get your rocks off. Cheating wife phone sex is fun for me, mutual masturbation is something I really enjoy and hearing what it is that gets you so hard and makes you cum even harder. Tell me all your dirty little phone sex fantasies. 

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I know you are reading this because you can’t stop fantasizing about your wife or girlfriend just getting the shit fucked out of her by someone else. Your cock gets hard just thinking about cheating wife phone sex and that is why you need to call me. I will tell you just how it is and how it will be when your wife starts to cheat on you. She is out there looking for a better cock, usually a bigger cock to satisfy her amazing pussy. You know deep down that she deserves better and you wonder why it turns you on so much. I know why, you want her to be happy. Even if that means she fucks other men and cheats on you every chance she gets.

Don’t be surprised when you come home from work one day and she is bent over the couch being taken by her young black stud lover. I can tell you why she is spending more time at the gym and that personal trainer is training her on his equipment and introducing her to the pleasures of multiple vaginal orgasms. That’s right, baby, she is coming on his cock like she never did for you. In fact, she won’t ever give you the chance either, it won’t be long before her glorious pussy is off limits to you!

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If you know anything about me, you know that I am such a whore for BBC phone sex.  My man gets so turned on when I’m a dirty slut for big black dick  — which is all the time! I have completely turned him into my bitch ass cuckold, and he fucking loves it. He works so hard at keeping me happy, and those black cocks work so hard at keeping my cunt, ass, tits and mouth happy.  It’s the best of both worlds.   And let me fucking tell you, they do a fucking bang up job!! I love the feeling of those big dicks getting hard in my soft wet mouth. The BBC all know I’m a sweet eager cock sucker and I always get the first load in my mouth. Besides, my cuckold man really gets hard when he sees me working those horse cocks with my mouth. After that first load is in my belly, my cuck knows its time to lick my cunt. That always gives those studs some time to relax have a few drinks, and get ready for a night of  pounding my sweet white pussy and ass. I was never big on taking dicks in the ass until I went for big black cock.  As most white girls who fuck black cocks will tell you, you don’t have much choice. Big black cock takes what it wants, and we  are happy to let them. It can fucking hurt like a mother fucker, but we just get on all fours and let them do what they do.  I love the way they treat me.  And we love every second of BBC phone sex too!

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Hey boys! It’s your sexy MILF Ashton here, (mom you’d love to fuck).  Well not sure if you really know how much I love to fuck special boys with nice big hard throbbing cocks.  You know that you have always dreamed of getting in my room and getting ahold of my dirty panties so you can sniff that sweet smell and even lick the crotch.   You even wish you could wrap them around your cock feeling the wet juices on your dick as you jerk off.  Don’t wish anymore boys because MILF phone sex is just for naughty boys just like yourself.  It’s always so much better to fuck a MILF that knows how to get down right nasty.  Experience is the key word about milfs.  Iv’e actually been around the block a time a two and not afraid to show you how much I do love cock.  I also know that fucking younger cock can be amazing, with the big loads of cum that shoots out of your dick.  I will even let you choose where you want to leave that load.  My mouth waters for it, my pussy craves it, and my ass quivers for it.  Yes there all three of my holes love it just the same.  I promise you that you will be happy you call ed me for MILF phone sex.  Does not matter if you are a first time caller or if you have called for MILF phone sex before, they are all going to be so fucking hot.  You know that you want to right now and your dick is harder then it has ever been, so don’t touch it and start stroking it until you pick up your phone and call me.  Remember MILF’s know best and the kinkier and dirtier the better.   Calls ashton for hot MILF phone sex!

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Hi there cuckies do I have a cuckold phone sex fantasy for you!  I know your secret, and you want me to be gang banged by a bunch of cocks while you watch.  I invite five guys over that I have fucked before, who are up for the challenge of pounding me hard.  I take everybody up to the bedroom and we all strip down where I see six hard cocks hard and ready for me.  I tell you to have a seat in the chair I have ready for you.  I take one cock in my mouth while another guy is fucking me from behind.  I give you permission to come over and play with my tits while I’m being fucked.  You’re getting excited watching me take all of this cock, and yet during this cuckold phone sex fantasy you will finish last!  While one guy cums in my pussy I look at you and tell you that you are unworthy of fucking this pussy let alone cumming in it.  That really makes you hot you love it when I insult you while being fucked by guys with bigger harder cocks than you!  I flip over and tell you to come and hold my legs back while I get pounded by another dick.  I can feel your hard cock in my back, and I know how much you want to cum, but I’m not completely used up yet.  I make you watch and assist all of these other guys fucking me and cumming inside of me while my pussy is being used up and stretched out all the while telling you that you aren’t worthy of fucking this pussy until everyone else had finished during this cuckold phone sex fantasy.  Finally after I’m all stretched out and used up I decide to let you fuck me, and you are so turned on by finishing last that you can’t wait to find out what happens next during this cuckold phone sex fantasy!

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It shouldn’t be a surprise that I love cheating wife phone sex. To me, there is nothing hotter than the sound of my husband as he walks out of our home to work for 2 to 3 weeks at a time. The night before I help him pack, my pussy is always throbs in anticipation for all of the cock that I know that I will get while he is gone. I know that as soon as he gets on that plane, there is a big huge cock on the way to my house so that I can get fucked in the bed that my husband and I share together. The funny part is that my husband knows that I used to cheat on him, but he doesn’t know that I am still doing it. One time, I even answered his call while I had a dick in me, it was fucking hot. I don’t know why it makes me so horny to fuck other guys instead of my man, it just does and I am never going to stop.

When I had cheating wife phone sex this morning, I got to get fucked by a group of guys. I had about 5 hot college guys with hot muscular build bodies come over and do me good. I had met this college stud at the grocery store, and I had to have a piece of him. I followed him in the store until I finally asked him if he could do some house work for me. He agreed and of course I wanted him to fuck me so I seduced him. Shortly after I had his big 9 inch in me, I had him call over some friends who would love a fuck machine like me. I told them not to bring condoms because I wanted every single load in me. It was too bad that my husband wasn’t around to clean out my dirty pussy after all of that fucking! Maybe I should have them come back over the morning of the day that he comes  back. We should have some hot cheating wife phone sex of our own.

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Hi guys! I am MILF Remy and I am quite the cheating wife phone sex whore.  I just can’t help myself — I need cock and I need it all the time. My husband can do his best to fuck my brains out, but his cock just isn’t enough for me. I am a hot fucking cock hungry wife and I crave  dick,  it is honestly that simple!  I always find myself laying in bed playing with myself thinking about how just yesterday I was sucking on the neighbor’s cock, or how naughty it was when we had a house party and I snuck a few of my girlfriend’s husbands into a room let them have their way with me until I couldn’t take it anymore. My husband’s friends always blow up my phone when they know he left for work every morning. I make damn sure I take care of all their cocks before he gets back home. I just can’t explain how good it feels to have a soft cock get hard inside my mouth. The taste of a man’s pre cum makes my pussy so wet. I am always ready for the main course. The feeling I get when some guy is pushing his cock into my  cheating pussy makes me cum over and over. I always find myself thinking about the next cock even when the one I am fucking is cumming in me. So please, you are doing this slut a service when you call me for cheating wife phone sex. Take mercy on this slut and give me what I need. Call me at 1-888-474-6769 and use me just the way I deserve and the way you need.

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I love to do guided masturbation when you call me for mature phone sex. There is something about being in control of your cock when you stroke for me that turns me on so much. It’s not just guiding you in stroking your cock either, guided masturbation involves your mind as well as your entire body. I will always test your nipples for sensitivity, it’s not just women who are stimulated like that. As for me, my nipples are extremely sensitive and as I guide your masturbation session I’ll often be playing with them thinking of you. I know that lots of girls do guided masturbation, but I have the experience and patience of maturity to take you to new levels of pleasure.

Mature phone sex is just phone sex with a mature woman and who knows better how to pleasure you than someone experience! We can use toys if you have them, I know what to do with them all, vibes, plugs, dildo, fleshlights and more. I will tie up your balls to make them ache for me and pull up nice and tight. You will have lube handy and I can teach how to make it feel just like you are fucking my hot wet pussy. Close your eyes and stroke for me when I tell you just how I would masturbate your cock using nothing but my 40FF tits. Guided masturbation with a twist!

I also love to masturbate with you on our call. My pussy gets so hot and wet just listening to you and knowing how excited you are getting, I just can’t help myself. From what my callers tell me, it does not matter so much what we are talking about, as long as I am getting into it. Same holds true for me. Let’s play on the phone and get off together.

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I have always loved surprises so when I came home to find our new pool cleaner I was excited.  He was a tall, sexy, chocolate college student working in the neighborhood for the summer and a huge reason that BBC phone sex is a favorite of mine.  Then when my guy got called back to work, well that was the best surprise yet!  It didn’t take me long to slide into my brand new, hot pink bikini and of course I needed some help with my sun tan lotion on my back.  He is such a great young, man he stepped right up and took control.  Oh, how I love that, a man who really knows what to do with my body.  Now, I love my guy but he does NOT know what to do with my tight, hour glass figure.  Every now and then I just have to step out and seek out some satisfaction, and let me tell you that is exactly what I got from my college kid, pool cleaner.

He started off rubbing the sun tan lotion  into my back, so slow and sensual I could feel my bikini bottoms starting to stick to my smooth pussy lips, getting me wet from the get go.  Then he moved down to my bubble butt, caressing me and moving all the way down my legs.  His strong hands felt so good it was not long before I was turning over and that is when the fun really began.  I could see how much he was enjoying it when that big, sweet shaft of his was standing at attention through his shorts.  OMG!  He was so hot and hung that it takes my breath away just thinking about it.  That has to get your mind going and balls starting to fill.  Hearing about all the naughty, kinky, dirty things we did that afternoon and every one since.  I would love to tell you all about it, hot BBC phone sex is the most fun with me, your horny desperate housewife Crissy so don’t miss another minute, call 1-888-474-6769 for BBC phone sex and ask to CUM with Crissy.

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