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Lot’s of guys know me as the naughty milf, the home wrecking slutty cougar down the street or the super flirty step-mommy ready to make your dick harder than no other. I know all you adult baby phone sex lovers will go crazy over my softer sensual side. It’s a side that will make you hard in your pants the moment you talk to me. You like a woman who nurturers and cares for her babies. Especially when it comes to taking care of you. I bet you are in your pajama’s right now waiting for Ms. Sierra to step in your room and tell you a bedtime story. Are you feeling thirsty? I notice the way you keep looking at my big breasts. Do you want to lay your head in my lap and suckle on my warm delicious milk? There’s nothing better than having a full happy tummy before you drift off into dreamland. And when you waken in the morning and your cock is wakened by this adult baby phone sex lover, it will be me the one that’s getting you ready for your day. I see how excited you get when you see me prancing around in my super short skirt and tight fitting top. And if I really want to get your juices flowing and your dick really hard sometimes you will see me half dressed in nothing but my black lacy panties and corset. What are you thinking about as you feel my soft hand bathe your body all over? And what kinds of naughty secrets do you want to share with me when you feel me rub my fingers across your cock? Oops did I just say that? Sometimes my dirty talking mouth gets excited. Maybe we should just call it your penis. :-) All of my babies out there know to come to me when their diapers are full or their tummies are empty. And when they get really excited they find their hard cocks making their way into my bald, pretty pussy. You know how much I’m waiting for you to fill me up and let me take care of you like no one else will. It’s time for your favorite bedtime story now. So let me tuck you in and make you feel so good you come back for more…

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Do you want to hook up with me ?  We can sex it up right now.  Don’t let my wedding ring get in the way, I do cheat on my hubby. I love cheating wife phone sex! I think he may know , but we dont talk about it.  He knows he can’t plese me in the bed the way I need to be pleased, so confronting me about cheating would mean he’d have to admit to his own short coming.  And speaking of shortcomings , his cock size is some what on the short size.  I married him because I was in love, plus he works hard and has money to provide me with the life that I want.  I’m insatiable, I can’t control my sexual desires to be with other men.  A cheating wife phone sex call with me may become your ultimate turn- on .  I’ve fucked some of my husbands friends, random men I meet and I sue an app on my phone to find more men to take to bed.  I look for hot men with great bodies and big cocks to please me. I like the feeling of being ravished.  I like coming home and giving my husband a kiss knowing that just a short time before, my pretty mouth was wrapped around another mans cock.  Maybe my husband considers himself to be a cuckold, I’m not sure.  I talk about this with my girlfriends, they all cheat on their husbands.  It seems to be the thing to do in order to stay married.   I would get bored with my husband if he was my only sex partner.  I always dress sexy, I want men to look at me and I want them to want  me.  I crave male attraction might as well be invisible to my husband.  But not to other men, they always notice me and how hot I look.  You can tell from my photos how much I need sex.  Now will you be my next cheating phone wife phone sex lover?  If so call Ashton at 1 888 474 6769!

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Arabella here, boys! I know most guys don’t like the idea of having a baby with a stranger. I mean I can understand that- there is so much responsibility to having a baby, but to me the idea is hot. And I’m sure the idea of this is making something..rise to the occasion. I’m sure a certain someone likes the idea of having the fun, without all of the responsibility that can come with it.The idea of me getting pregnant again just gets this bored and lonely housewife going. To me being pregnant is hot, anyways, and being able to trick my husband and make him raise someone else’s baby just makes my tight pussy drip with anticipation of our impregnation phone sex call. I’ve even had lots of dreams about how it would happen.

I’ve dreamed, quite a few times, that some stranger would sneak into my house while I was sleeping, and take advantage of the situation.Who wouldn’t want to? A sexy woman like me, home all alone ? I am honestly surprised it hasn’t happened before now.

I always wake up after one of these dreams with my tight pussy dripping wet, and aching to be played with. I would think it was all a dream until  a few weeks later, when I’d find out that I had something growing inside me. Every time I would feel the baby kick or move it would make me wonder if I was dreaming that night, or if it was a coincidence. Maybe it was my husband, maybe it was you sneaking into my room. Who knows? It doesn’t really matter to me, as long as I have a sweet baby growing inside me. Call me at 1-888-474-6769, and tell me all about how you see yourself getting this lonely housewife pregnant during our impregnation phone sex session.

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Hey there, boys.  What do you want for Christmas this year?  One of the things I want is something that I already have and something that I want every year.  I just can’t get enough of them, after all. I’m talking about big black cock, of course.  I’ve always got several guys with BBCs on hand, but I can always use more.  And when I’m not riding on BBC in my everyday life, I’m talking about it with you guys on our BBC phone sex calls.  I can’t think of a better way to spend the time between my next meeting with a big black dick, really.

I know you guys enjoy our BBC phone sex sessions, too.  Sometimes, we roleplay as a husband and wife, and you, the husband, come home to find me, your loving wife, in bed with a big, beautiful black man.  You’ll undoubtedly watch once you find us, but will you reveal yourself and let us know you’re watching, or will you hide and peek through a hole in the door so that my lover and I are none the wiser about your voyeurism? Other times, we might do something different, where you’re the one who’s enjoying the big black cock for yourself.  You’ll be the one sucking and getting fucked while I look on with utter delight.

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Are you hot for teacher? Into older hot women who know how to take care of themselves? Give me a call and let’s go wild with some crazy MILF phone sex. I love
younger guys who are eager to please and learn how to please women the right way. I hope you like to spend hours with your head between my legs. I love oral sex. My pussy is marvelous and I want your face between my legs all the time. Lick it, suck, bite it, fuck it, just don’t ever stop. I love to cum and have lots of sex and I need a hot youngr guy who has the stamina to keep up. I need you to be able to cum multiple times a day and be ready to fuck some more. If you don’t know what you are doing, that’s okay. I can make you into the best lover ever. Teach you how to please a woman and really make her cum. Not just a regular moaning orgasm but a truly intense experience that will make a woman squirt cum all over you like a man. But first you have to get her nice and juicy. That’s why I want you to spend hours just playing with my pussy. Licking it, fingering it, playing with that magic clit until you know exactly how to make it react. And me. You don’t need to talk darling. I don’t want you for your mind. *laughs* In fact, the less you talk the better. Unless its to tell me how much you worship me and how much you adore my body, my pussy, my everything. Then you can speak. Otherwise, don’t bother. Just use that mouth to bring me over the edge. Listen and learn when I am close and how to work that to make it better.

After you have played with my pussy for hours, or days even, then we can start doing other things. I know you want me to touch it so bad. Your dick I mean. *laughs* yeah, you’re going to eat me out and get me off over and over until you’re face is as shiny as a glazed donut. Then, after that, then I’ll take your cock in my hand. I won’t need to do anything, it will already be hard. But I will work it and keep you under control. Make you hang on and slow down and hold off on blowing that load of yours. You need to hold on, let it build, get some of your blotches of maybe. Besides, don’t you want to feel how warm my mouth is around your cock before you shoot off? *laughs* Yeah that’s what I thought. Watch as a real woman, a beautiful sex goddess, takes your hard and scared cock in hand. Oh how you shake and tremble when I first touch you. That’s okay darling, it does feel good after all. But no cumming. Not yet. Not until much much later. In fact, I think we better put a tight cock ring around the base right now. Before you cum more. Mmm yeah, it makes it swell up some doesn’t it. Very sensitive tip now. Let mama kiss it. *wink* Oh you want to watch me suck your cock. Don’t close your eyes, you watch me swallow your cock, hold it in my throat and swallow around it. When you pull out of my mouth it will feel incredible. I want you to fuck my mouth. Do it, do it now. Show me you know the firs thing about fucking. take my face in your hands and fuck my mouth hard and fast. *coughs and chokes* That was amazing baby. Now slide that slick cock between my big bouncy titties. Mmm let me rub them together, burying your cock between them. You like it don’t you. Get behind me. I’m bending over the couch. Grab my waist and stand behind me. Rub your cock against my slit and then my clout. Slide it between my pussy lips and push it against my tight wet hole. Slap my ass and grab my waist as you start to slide into my pussy. i want you to fuck me so hard I can hear and feel your balls slapping against me from behind. Squeeze my big tits and fuck my hot MILF phone sex ass all day long. The best thing is, when we are done, when you’ve cum so much you feel like you don’t have any knee cartilage left, then go home. Go home and jerk off thinking about how much phone sex we just had. And how hot it always it.

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I love my husband, we have been married for over 30 years!, but his dick just doesn’t do it for me anymore.  Well, if we’re being honest, it really never did. I love big black cock and that’s why cuckold phone sex is perfect for me! Are you a loser with a tiny dick like my husband? Does your wife go out several nights a week with her “girlfriends”? I have bad (or good, depending on how you look at it) news for you. She’s not out with her friends. She’s out getting her pussy plowed by a big black cock. She needs to get satisfaction somewhere, and you already know that she’s not getting it from you. There’s no way you could please her with that poor excuse for a dick.
I’m sure you’re sitting there and you’re having mixed feelings about this whole thing. Your first reaction was anger. Then you felt hurt. And then something strange started to happen. Your tiny little dick started to get really hard. Then you started picturing your wife on her back with her legs in the air and her pussy being all stretched out by that big black cock. And you’re thinking about how you’re happy someone can actually please her.  You might even be thinking about how hot it’s going to be when he shoots his hot black creampie deep inside her wet pussy! What’s that? You’re even curious about what it would be like to be her dirty clean up boy, aren’t you? Do you want to lick that creampie right out of her gaping pussy?
You do know what all of this means don’t you, you tiny dick loser? It means that you’re the perfect “man” to call me for cuckold phone sex! I’ll be waiting for you to tell you what a loser you are. I might even tell you what else your slut wife might be doing!


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small penis humiliation phone sex

I think every sexy woman, just like me should have a collection or two.  Just so happens that I love to make fun of pathetic, little, puny pickle dicks.  Having that inch long loser on the other end of my phone adds to my collection and every single second makes me smile and laugh.  Then again a guy with a little prick like that is used to making women smile and laugh, it is just usually when she is looking at what he has to offer!!  Should we even call it that anymore?  I am talking about the word “Offer” I mean, since it really isn’t much of anything to offer now is it…OHHHH, look at me getting started already and trying to add you to my collection of tiny, tootsie roll sized cock talk.  Small penis humiliation phone sex is a blast for me because I savor making sure you know just how useless that clitty is and why a nice, fat man stick is much, MUCH better then anything you will ever have.

Now if you have gotten this far you must either 1. know you are the sad sack loser with a tick tack between your legs or 2. are wondering what a normal sized pleasure stick is.  So which on are you?  Hopefully you wondering if you have a small one??  If you are the itsy, bitsy loser I take so much delight in mocking and laughing at with.  Here is my favorite test, to see if you qualify for small penis humiliation phone sex, take your thumb and hold it next to your cock…whoops, should have said “clit” and see how big or small it is.

How does it look?  Hummm??  Think I can see you turning red already, and I have all kinds of ways to laugh, point and make lots of fun of you!! I bet that gets your little nub hard, thinking about my pretty laugh and voice teasing and taunting you!!  We should not waste anymore time, we both love small penis humiliation and know I can get I can give it to you until you squirt so pick up the phone and call me.  I am Crissy, your horny desperate housewife who loves to get off making fun of your short comings ;)

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Hey all you horny boy toys! I’m your cheating housewife neighbor CJ! I have an insatiable appetite, but it increases when I lay my eyes on the hot, young studs that live around me! I am always looking for a new flavor to teach a few things to. *wink* I see all of the hot, young college boys checking out my sinsational body as I go for my daily runs. I know just what they are craving! They are craving the same thing I am! It is obvious they cannot deny a cougar phone sex hottie like me some kinky playtime. *wink*

I often find myself taking random strolls on the local college campuses. I can’t help myself! I always find a spot obscure enough so the hot young studs on campus don’t see me right away. I admit I have gotten around, *wink* but none of them have been able to turn down this cheating cougar phone sex slut. Their appetites are just as insatiable as mine are.

Sometimes, I will act like I am looking to hire some help to work around the house. *wink* I sit and watch until I find the perfect time to pounce on that perfect younger piece of meat. After I have found the young stud of choice, I take them home for a test drive. If he impresses this hot cougar phone sex slut, then I am well known around the college campuses for offering away in which to satisfy my insatiable appetite and feed his addiction to my sinsational body. *wink* They can never get enough of, so I offer them away in which to stay close by. Often that includes some sort of work around the house in the yard, pool or some other chore I think of. It is the perfect win-win situation since my husband is never home long enough to give me the time of day. *wink* I know that you want a taste of this sinfully sweet cougar phone sex pussy too.

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Humiliation phone sex sure does make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  It sure does make me feel great to make a man feel like a worm.  I like to start the humiliation training by making him watch me get fucked by much much bigger cocks.  Because you know, when those big manly cocks have had their way with your woman, right in front of you, the really painful humiliation begins. When he pulls his big cock out of me after shooting a huge load inside of me, you know to drop to your knees and lick his cum from out of me. The sad look of disgrace on your face only turns me on even more.   Oh how I laugh at you as you suck another man’s cum from my well used cunt.  Yeah, that is it honey.  Just clean me up.  That humiliation must burn deep.  You know after you have cleaned, me the fun isn’t over yet.  Then make you kneel before that far more superior cock and have you clean them with your mouth. Ouch, the woman you love so  much holds your head and forces you to take another man’s (the man who just fucked your woman) cock deep down your throat.   I can’t always be an evil bitch to my baby.  I let you shower me and then rub lotion all over the sexy body you adore so much. I will give you 30 minutes to edge your cock over and over thinking about all the things I did with those huge perfect cocks. After the 30  minutes are up you thank me and I place you back into your cock cage until next time. Lucky for you next time could be any minute the way those monster dongs love to fuck me. So now you see why I love humiliation phone sex as much as I do.

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Hey guys, I just got home a little bit ago from the worst blind date. My friend assured me that this man was so right for me, and she was really excited about setting me up with this man from her office. He wasn’t a bad guy, but the date was awful, and I was relieved once I got back home. Most people expect a woman my age to be itching to settle down and get married. I already did that, and believe me, I am in no big rush to walk down the aisle again. The man she set me up with would have been perfect for the still single woman who was looking for a long term committed relationship though, he was sweet. Sweet just isn’t what I am looking for right now, I’m looking for some spicy younger guys who want to get nasty with a milf like me.

The juicy college boy that has been taking care of me was busy tonight. I don’t want that to stop me from having the kind of satisfaction that I deserve though. I told him that I was going to slip into bed and find me some hot guys to have phone sex with, it turns him on knowing that men call me for their dirty fantasies and to talk about the taboo things that they want to do. After some teasing back and forth with him I am even more ready to get off with someone. Are you waiting for a horny milf to confess your taboo fantasies to? I have one that is driving me crazy and I need the right guy to let it all out with.
I bet you like to get down and super nasty just like I do, don’t you? We should role play both of our fantasies and cum together.

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