Strap On Phone Sex with Alanna

Do you crave having your man pussy filled up with my strap on phone sex? I can tell you’ve been trembling since the last time I seduced you with my eleven inch toy. You had no idea that I would make you quiver until the first few inches went inside of you and made you beg for more. You were never the type to enjoy such a kinky pleasure, but when you met me you let all of your inhibitions go.

strap on phone sex

I remember the first time you finally let me in. You and your girlfriend had been having problems and you were looking for a release. Unlike your mate, I would do just about anything to see you climax. You’ve been wanting something so tempting and luscious but you couldn’t quite put your finger on it. When you finally came into my space you knew that I had just what you needed to fulfill your desires. My strap on phone sex mesmerized you before I even made you wrap those lips of yours around the tip. You had never sucked something like it before, but you were up for the challenge.

You were craving every part of my being as your mouth went down on my inches in strap on phone sex. I made you slob on it and get it nice and wet to enter your begging hole. When you began gagging and your eyes started to water, I knew that I had you. Once you were done sucking it, I forced it into your tight ass. It took a few pumps but I was finally all the way in and ready to captivate your soul. You kept looking back at me as every inch planted itself inside of you. I fucked you for hours before you passed out. Ready to get pounded? Then call me Alanna at 1 888 474 6769

Cuckold Stories Phone Sex with Cora

Not every wife’s duties include cleaning up the house and cooking dinner every night for her husband. Sometimes instead of giving everyone else what they need, a wife has to seek out her fantasies and find a way to please herself. With cuckold stories phone sex I can finally receive the type of cock I deserve. My husband has his short comings and it’s because of those that I seek out a new tool to fuck every day. A good wife never keeps secrets from her husband, so I always make sure to include him in my festivities.


Cuckold Stories Phone Sex


My lover Chris is someone I met while I was coming in the house one day. He was handing out flyers for his car washing business. His muscular physique is what made me wet. I couldn’t take my eyes off him so I made sure to grab one of his flyers so I could call him to come over to wash my car later that week.

When he got to my house, all I could think about was how much I wanted to ride him. I could see his cock through his pants and with every movement he made, I wanted him even more. My husband was outside with us but that didn’t stop my cuckold stories phone sex. I removed my top as he was washing my car and allowed my breasts to rub against my soapy vehicle. Chris stood there admiring my curves while my husband yelled for me to come back to where he was at and stop acting like a slut. I ignored him as I allowed my nipples to meet Chris’ tongue. Ripping the rest of my clothes off, we had cuckold stories phone sex right in my driveway as my husband watched.

Whoever said that a housewife couldn’t have some fun? Would you love to hear more about my cuckolding experiences? I’d love to exchange stories. Call Cora at  1-888-474-6769.


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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Patty

I am, always have been, and always will be a cheating wife phone sex slut. I can’t help it. My husband is SERIOUSLY lacking when it comes to dick size and I just got tired of never being satisfied. And it’s not like I hide the fact that I cheat. He knows and he stays anyway. I mean, he knows how lucky he is to have a hot trophy wife like me, so he doesn’t want to give that up. He doesn’t get to fuck me, of course, but every now and then I let him watch me fuck a younger stud, and that seems to really do it for him. I’m glad it does, because it’s not like he would be getting anything else from me.

cheating wife phone sex

I choose to cheat on my husband with younger men because… well, why not?! They love me and I love their huge dicks and their stamina. And they are usually so willing to do whatever I want them to do because they are 18 years old and so horny they’d do anything just to get their dick inside my pussy. And those tight bodies that looks so good on top of mine? Mmm.

Do you have a cheating wife phone sex fantasy that you want to share with me? Maybe your wife cheats on you because you are lousy in bed or maybe you have a tiny dick like my husband does. I guarantee you – if she’s cheating on you, it’s because you deserve it for one reason or another. I’d never have cheated on my husband if he didn’t have a tiny dick, and I’m sure your wifehas her reasons, too. I want to hear all about your wife and her cheating ways. I want you to get your phone and dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Patty for cheating wife phone sex.

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Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Carla

Tease and denial phone sex can go into so many different directions and surprisingly is different from one guy (or girl) to the next. I do have to laugh thought at the guys who call me for tease and denial and only order a 10 min call! Not much teasing let alone denial in that short period of time. I think sometimes when you call and ask for this, you’re really just looking for some guided masturbation. I love doing both, I get off on the control I have over your cock and your orgasm. Stroke and tease and stop. Feel your cock grow even harder under my constant jerk off instructions.

tease and denial phone sex

Edging is also teasing and denial, bringing you to the edge of orgasm over and over and making you hold your cum right when you think you are just going to explode. I love the way you sound when you are desperate to cum but I make you stop. Of course you stop, because you know that the longer you delay your cum the better it’s going to feel. This is why you need me on the phone with you, to share my experience and to make your (eventual) orgasm more explosive and mind numbing than any you have had before.

When you call me, have some lotion or lube with you. The added slippery sensations only increase the sensitivity of your cock. If you have a cock ring you should slip that on before you call. Never use one? You’re missing out! Have some string or something and we’ll use it around your cock and balls and increase the intensity of your hard on. Any other toys? Bring them too. The more we play, the more you stroke, the more willing you are to try something different, the better your orgasm will be.

Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Carla 1-888-474-6769


Cougar Phone Sex with Suzanne

It’s been a crazy summer for a cougar phone sex slut like me. When we put in a pool, I was horrified by how expensive it was, but it turned out to be one of the best investments my husband and I have ever made. Let’s just say it’s gotten me a LOT of dick. And not just any dick – it’s gotten me so many 18 year old cocks. I have lost count.

cougar phone sex

I had no idea that younger men talked SO much about their sex lives, but let’s just say that I have gotten pretty popular in my town just by word of mouth. It all started one day when I hired a younger man to clean my pool. I don’t even remember exactly how it happened, but I ended up bent over a chair in my living room with his big fat cock buried inside me. The next day, he texted me and asked if he could come over again and I said yes, of course. He was such a great fuck. While he was here, he mentioned to me that he had a lot of friends who he thought I would like. I told him to give my number to any younger guy he wanted to. Pretty soon, I had a revolving door of those 18 year old studs coming in and out of my house – and my pussy.

It works for me because my husband has a small dick and a lousy fuck and I don’t want to sleep with him. So having all of these boys to fuck certainly helps. And hey, I’m helping them by teaching them the ways of fucking. Do you want to hear more? Or maybe you have a cougar phone sex fantasy you’d like to run by me. Just call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Suzanne.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Beth

Oh my goodness! Look at that cute little wee winky! Is it smiling at me? I don’t know, but I’m definitely laughing at it! It’s so fucking adorable and small! That’s not a penis – that’s more like a sweet little clit! You poor thing, having to get through this life with such an itsy bitsy teeny weeny. Do you hear “Is it in yet?” whenever you’re trying to fuck a woman? Do you even get the opportunity to put that little tinker toy anywhere inside a woman? Or do they just laugh when they see what you’ve got hiding in your pants like a scared little mouse? If that sounds like your pathetic life, then you need to call Beth for some small penis humiliation phone sex today!

small penis humiliation phone sex

Some guys have dicks so huge they look like a baby’s arm, but what you’ve got there looks more like my little pinky finger. I don’t think it went into puberty with you when you were a teenager – that little dicky got left back in school because of its lack of development. I bet you hid in the locker room and looked sideways at what the other guys had growing, feeling inadequate next to them. Did you ever waste money on pills to make it grow? What about those cock pumps? I bet you eventually gave up though, which is why you’re here, looking for small penis humiliation phone sex. Because you know it’s the natural order of things – without guys like you, the average guys would feel small, wouldn’t they? See – that little micro dick of yours does serve a purpose, doesn’t it? Well, it also gives me something to make fun of when I’m feeling cruel and craving a chance for some small penis humiliation phone sex, so that little thing does have its use, despite its insignificant size. Simply, it exists to amuse.

Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Beth for small penis humiliation phone sex!

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Stocking Fetish Phone Sex with Carla

I just had the hottest stocking fetish phone sex call. When M called and said he was looking for a hot MILF in thigh hi stockings who would tease and please, I knew he had found the right woman. He wanted to kneel at my feet and caress and kiss and worship my sexy stockinged feet. M loved the way my hot pink toenail polish shined thru the sheer stockings. When I had him lay down on his back on the floor, I massaged and rubbed him all over, taking care to only tease his cock and balls. It wasn’t long before M was bucking his hips trying to make any contact with my silky nyloned feet. I told M I was going to sit on his face and stretch my legs out in front of me so he could fuck the arches of my feet encased in those soft, slippery stockings. I rode M’s face, soaking him with my juices while his cock exploded his cum all over toes and feet. Do you know the best part? When M got back on his knees and cleaned his cum from my stockings and feet.

stocking fetish phone sex

Another of my favorite hot MILF and stocking fetish calls is with R, who loves to help Me put on my stockings and garters. He’s such a good boy fastening the garters and smoothing my nylons on my sexy legs. He gets me all dressed up because his friends are coming to fuck this hot MILF and I should always look my best. I love when R strokes my stockinged legs when his school friends cum inside my pussy. You know he is a very good boy because when his friends leave, R does the best job cleaning all their cum from my cream pie pussy.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Alanna

My new phone lover took me by surprise when he requested one of my most sultry kinks. He’s always wanted to watch me get fucked by a big black bull who would in return stretch my pussy out so far that my lover would never be able to fit inside of me again. The thought of cuckold phone sex makes my mouth water.

cuckold phone sex

I went to a bbc event one night where it was a meet and greet with all the guys who were known for packing cocks bigger than nine inches long. When I walked into the event I was hand and hand with my lover. He cried like a little sissy the entire way there but I didn’t care. I smacked him and told him to deal with it. We were greeted by Jon who was known for having one of the prettiest cocks alive. Standing there before him, I just imagined how well his curved pole could hit my gspot without any trouble in cuckold phone sex.

At this point, my lover had went to use the rest room so that left me alone with Jon. He showed me around and said if I ever had any questions to ask. I immediately asked him if he wouldn’t mind if I test drove his cock. He grinned at me and grabbed my hand leading me to a dark part of the building. He lifted up my skirt, exposing my bare pussy. Playing with my clit with his fingers, I let out some moans letting him know I was ready for the main course. He pushed me back onto the futon and parted my legs and dove right in. A few seconds later I could hear my lover calling out my name but I didn’t respond. I was too busy getting banged when he walked on us and gasped in cuckold phone sex. I made him sit there and watch so he could see how a real man fucked a woman.

Ready to make your cuckold phone sex dreamd cum true? Then call me Alanna at 1 888 474 6769

Black Cock White Wife Fantasies with Cora

Craving a little roleplay? I would love to be your perfect wife who will take care of all your needs. I’ll cook, clean, and make sure everything is in order so you don’t have to worry about much else. Of course I’ll have my needs taken care of as well as I have daily trysts while you’re at work in black cock white wife fantasies.

black cock white wife fantasies

Ever since you started working on that big account at work, I’ve been lonely and my tight pussy has been purring for some attention. Your cock never really did much for me, but I tried to look past that. When we got a new neighbor, it was easier for me to look past your small comings especially since he was packing everything I needed in his tall muscular build. When you would go to work, I would head over to his place and squat on his cock giving into my needs while you thought I was doing my wifely duties. Instead I was giving into my black cock white wife fantasies.

One day you came home early and didn’t see me at home so you began looking outside in the garden for me. Once you got to the flower patch you looked to your right because you heard moaning and saw me jumping up and down on our neighbor. You couldn’t utter a word because you were in shock standing there as I fucked another man. After watching me for several minutes, you walked closer to the window. You tried being quiet but I heard footsteps and immediately looked over at you but that didn’t stop me. I rode him even harder knowing you were watching while we fulfilled our black cock white wife fantasies. When we both exploded, I looked you right in your eyes as his nut mixed with my sweet juices. My breath was taken away by his sex while you walked away in tears.

Are you ready to share black cock white wife fantasies? Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Cora

BBC Phone Sex Slut Suzanne

Let’s just say that my 4th of July was full of fireworks, and not the kind in the sky. I’ll tell you some of the details here, but if you want to know the really good stuff that happened, you’ll have to call me for BBC phone sex.

BBC phone sex

I decided that I wanted to have a BBQ. My husband did all of the shopping for it and he thought he was going to get to do the grilling too, but I told him that a manly man should do it, so my boyfriend Steve got to do it. I didn’t invite anyone other than Steve and a bunch of his friends over. I was totally in the mood for being gang banged by a bunch of big black cocks, so he rounded up his friends who had the biggest dicks and were the best fucks and brought them over.

My husband was pouting a little big, so I made him go inside. I guess he was pissy with me because I let another man take over his grill. He doesn’t get upset when big black cocks plow into me, but he got mad about his fucking meat. Go figure haha. But his acting like a fucking diva pissed me off, so I decided that he just wouldn’t get to watch me get fucked. He really missed out on something awesome, because let me tell you, 5 big black cocks and a hot woman like me can put on one hell of a show. Who needs actual fireworks when you can have something like that?!

Do you want to hear about what actually happened when I got fucked all afternoon and evening by those big black cocks? Just call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Suzanne for BBC phone sex and I will tell you all the dirty details!

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