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humiliation phone sex

How about you indulge in humiliation phone sex with MILF Remy today? I want to you to tell me what truly humiliates you — deep down inside. You don’t have to hide anything from me.  It will be our secret, of course unless I feel like revealing it to the world.  That is why you had better be very obedient and compliant. I bet you need a strong hand to guide you.  Do you need to be controlled by a powerful woman?A woman like me would make you do her bidding ?  I am not some soft spoken woman who blushes easily.  I am a mean and demanding bitch who goes all out. If  I want you to dress like a pretty lady, that is exactly what you are going to do.  We are talking bra and panty set, thigh high stockings, high heels and a cute slutty outfit finished off with makeup to boot.  Of course, I will parade you around for all to see! I do enjoy having my girlfriends over for a good old fashion show.  They bring over their lady bois too and we have quite a good time.  Are you humiliated standing  there next to other naughty bitches like you who  exist just to serve real women like me?  Good, you should be.  That is what you deserve.  You know I we can do lots of different scenarios when it comes to humiliation phone sex.  All you have to do is point me in a direction and then I will run with it.

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MILF phone sex

I have to admit that some of my favorite calls involve some sort of Domination. Not only is this something I am very experienced with on the phone, but in my real life as well. When you call me for Dominant MILF phone sex, I will have the knowledge and maturity to help you live out your fantasies.

Maybe you’re like scotty, my panty and big bra wearing, cock sucking, cum eating sissy faggot. He loves to wear satiny Vanity Fair panties and big bras just like me. He stuffs the bra with water balloons that give the feel and weight of having real tits. scotty is such a good slutty and sissy faggot for me, I just can’t help when my panties get wet too!

Another scenario that really gets my juices flowing is when either I or both of us dominate your wife or girlfriend. Imagine how hot it would be for her to walk in on me riding your hard cock. I tell her to sit her pathetic ass down and watch a real woman take care of her husband’s cock. I might have to tie her up, slap her tits, spank her ass and then get out my biggest 14″ dildo and teach that slutty bitch cunt a lesson. If your fantasies of a Dominant MILF run toward being a cuckold, I might bring over a few of my BBC studs to really show your wife a good time.  And don’t think you are just going to watch, I am going to turn you into a fluffer and a clean up boy.

If you are a naughty boy, what you really need is a Dominant MILF like myself who understands that the best way to learn your lessons is with a good hard over the knee spanking. I’ll use my favorite hairbrush, my slipper, a belt or even a cane to punish your naughty bottom. I love ritual OTK spanking sessions and along with your spanking you get a lecture and sent to the corner.

Whatever your Dominant MILF phone sex fantasy is, I am just the woman to make it happen. Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Carla.

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MILF phone sex

Hey there guys it’s your favorite naughty MILF and I’ve been at it again!  I ordered a pizza the other night and there was this hot younger man meat of a delivery boy that came to my door.  I asked how often he worked because I was thinking the next time I was going to have to have my way with him for some naughty MILF phone sex!  He told me he worked every Friday and I asked what time he got off he said he made his last delivery at midnight.  I could tell he was thinking the same thing I was and that if I set it up to be his last delivery he would be game for some hot MILF phone sex with me.  I waited until the next Friday to call and order and 11:30 and they said it would be delivered at midnight and just like Cinderella there he was at my door pizza in one hand and hard cock in the other.  I brought him in and tossed the pizza aside I was only hungry for one thing and that was his young hard dick.  I unzipped his pants to claim my prize and oh how nice it was!  I asked if he’d ever been with a woman my age and he said no I took of my skimpy see through dress and told him that he was in for the best MILF phone sex he’d ever had.  I got down on my knees before him and took his young hard cock in my mouth as he moaned with pleasure getting him nice and warmed up for what I had in store for him next.  He told me that no one had ever sucked his cock like that I laughed and shoved him back on my dining room table where I climbed on top of him to show him what MILF phone sex was all about!

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cougar phone sex

When you were younger, did you have dreams of fucking a hot older woman like me? Maybe one of your friends had this smoking hot mom that you always wanted to fuck. She was a total MILF and you just dreamed of burying your cock inside her. Did you always go over during the summer and hang out so that you could watch her sunbathe and then go into the bathroom and jerk off? It sounds like you need to give me a call for cougar phone sex and live out all of those hot fantasies. I’ll take you back to when you were younger and we will talk about all the nasty things you wanted to do to that MILF.

You know what would be hot? I’ll tell you all about how I would have taught you the ways of hot sex when you were younger. Maybe we can roleplay that you were a virgin and the hold older woman taught you exactly to make love to a woman. If I were that woman, I’d totally have taught you how to eat pussy… younger men these days just don’t take enough time to do that, and it’s a shame.

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cuckold phone sex

Cuckold phone sex can be very intoxicating. Well I guess I should say intoxicating for me depending on how you see it. I don’t know what it is but, there is something about the act of me in action with a super huge cock while my husband is away for work. He is always away so I have all of the time in the world to get my pussy cat pounded.

I just left my huge big black cock lover and let me tell you that he has the best cock ever. He is probably about 3 times bigger than my tiny dicklet husband and he cums about 3 times as much too. I can’t explain the pleasure I feel from my tight fuck hole stretching as I get fucked. The feeling and the pressure of a huge black dick is unreal. My favorite part of him is when he shoots his huge load to fill up my sweet whole and leaves me leaking for hours. I don’t even clean it out afterwards, I just let my husband have his dinner if he is in town at that time. I don’t even like to tell him when I get fucked I love to surprise with a pussy filled like a twinkie cake. If you are my cuckold phone sex partner I will probably have you do the same thing! You will eat every single ounce out of my cunt.

I may even make you dress up like a girl and make you suck off his cock. Tiny dick losers aren’t really good for anything else but sucking cock anyway. You can be my cuckold pussy bitch and do whatever I tell you to do. You would be so willing to be my puppet wouldn’t you? I know that you would because you are just a weak toy. I will own you and make you mine. Bring your ass here and call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Mimi.

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cheating wife phone sex

Hey all you horny boy toys! Welcome to another sinful adventure with your favorite cheating wife phone sex slut CJ. Have I got one special adventurous story for you today! So, my husband has been out of town now for weeks. You would think with the holidays over and Valentine’s Day having just passed, that he would plan to come home. Instead he is still off on his stupid business trip.  I was trying to make plans; well I just completely gave up on it. Instead, I found a new toy to play with…*giggles* I mean, a new neighbor. He is young, hung, thick, meaty, and well all the things I desire in a “real” man. Of course I invited him over for what he thought was an innocent lunch date. It wasn’t until he knocked on my door and looked down at my left ring finger and saw the “bling” there. *wink* That is when he realized that we were going to have some hot and wild anything goes cheating wife phone sex.

He was a bit nervous, but then I gave him one of my sweet kisses on the cheek. You know… innocent, yet seductive! I had him hooked. I invited him to sit on the couch, while I went into the kitchen to make us both some coffee and a small snack. I knew what I had in mind, but of course I had to warm him up. *Wink* When I turned around there he was, blocking my way so I couldn’t move.  I also noticed the rock hard tent in his pants, and knew right away he was on board for cheating wife phone sex with me.

I mean how could this much younger stud resist what I was offering? A married woman, hot, wet and ready, and offering herself to a much younger man. Without feeling the guilt that most feel. Fuck! That’s hot isn’t it? My tight, pink snatch is dripping wet just at the mere thought! Want to find out what we did? Just ask for your favorite sinsational cheating wife phone sex slut CJ when you call 1 888 474 6769!

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cheating wife phone sex

As everyone already knows, I am a cheating housewife, and I love cheating wife phone sex! Recently, I noticed that my elderly neighbor had a cable issue, and he had a cable guy over to fix it. I couldn’t help but watch out the window as he climbed up the pole to check the line. He had a really nice looking ass. I could just imagine what it would be like to be able to see that ass naked. Not only did I want to see that ass naked, I wanted to see that entire man naked. He was pure male! This cheating wife didn’t let him get too far before I went out and started talking to him. I told him that my service was snowy at times, and that the picture comes and goes. After looking me over from head to toe, he said he would be over as soon as he got done with my neighbors service.

I quickly went home and changed into something more sexy. A short tight black dress, and fuck me high heels. When that hunk of man rang my door bell and I answered my door, you could just see that look of OMG on his face. I invited him in and showed him to my bedroom. I sat on the edge of the bed and pointed to my tv in the corner. He went right over and started looking things over. He finally turned around and started to say something, but then stopped as soon as he saw that I was wearing only a black pair of panties and a bra. I used my index finger and beckoned him close. I wrapped my arms around his neck and started to kiss him. MMMMMM cheating wife phone sex feels so good! He laid me down, and started working on my pussy immediately. He started licking and tonguing me to pure ecstasy. And then when I unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his cock, mmmmm lets just say, what a mouthful!

I had the time of my life having the cable man in my husbands bed. Knowing that his cum is all over the sheets that my husband would be laying under later. I am a
hot MILF and cheating wife who knows how to please! To hear all about my experiences as a cheating wife, call me up for cheating wife phone sex!

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cuckold phone sex

To me, there is absolutely nothing hotter than cuckold phone sex. Pathetic losers like you (and you know you are or else you wouldn’t be here) call me all the time and tell me how tiny their dicks are and how they can never please their wives. But don’t worry… you aren’t pleasing her, but someone is. Yup, that’s right. Another man with a big black cock is fucking your wife pretty damn regularly. Maybe even every day. Maybe she hasn’t told you about it yet, but trust me, that’s what she’s doing. And you know that you can’t even get mad at her for it because it’s not like you ever do anything for her sexually.

You know, once your wife DOES tell you what’s going on, it’s going to become a whole lot more fun. Well, maybe humiliating at first… but trust me, it will be fun eventually. And by fun, I mean that you’re going to get to get those big black cocks hard for your wife. And you’re going to lick her pussy and get it ready to be stretched wide open by that fat cock. Oh, and when he’s done with her? You’re going to lick every drop of that black cum from her gaping pussy.

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MILF phone sex

I have to confess something !  I thought I was super horny all the time until I became a milf, then it was like something wild happen to me something kicked in and sent my sex drive over the top. Now as a milf, I’m insatiable I can’t get enough sex.  Everywhere I go, i”m sexually hyper aware. Like at the gym, maybe it’s the male pheromones all around me.  I look at the guys working out, I stare at their bulges, their bodies….. I imagine what it would be like to take them right at that moment.  I don’t even care if there wearing a wedding ring.  Let’s phone fuck during a MILF phone sex call.  I need you, your cock, I need you to ravish me.  I need you to make me have multiple orgasms.  I need it in every hole.  I carry a vibrator in my purse and buzz myself when I get so turned on that I can’t wait to get home and have a full masturbation marathon with my sex toys, or I send out a sext message to my bed buddies to see whos up and who wants to fuck.  I really don’t care if anyone knows that I’m a slut like my neighbors, they really think im a slut.  They are just jealous of all the hot sex I’m having.  I’m up for any taboo milf fantasy or fetish or roleplay.  I can’t say no because I straight up need all the sex and nastiness I can get.  It’s one of the reasons I’m dong milf phone sex.  You will find out when you call me that my cravings for kinky sex runs deep.  I have no limits because I love my sex life like there is no tomorrow.  When you hook up with me, it will be wild.  You will keep cumming back for more because I will drive you crazy with lust for me.

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humiliation phone sex

Humiliation phone sex always makes me so wet and creamy. Oh how I love coming home after a long fuck fest, only to see my sweet panty wearing sissy just waiting for me.   You look so cute kneeling there in your bra and panties waiting for me to pat your head. You stay down there as I sit on the couch with my legs wide open so you can see my freshly fucked cunt. Doesn’t my pussy look so happy all opened up like that? You know our BBC friend doesn’t take it easy on me. Once I laid eyes on him and his giant bulge, I knew  he was going to be my latest fuck buddy. How does it feel knowing that I am complete whore and a filthy slut for a real man like that?  To you I am just a hard bitch. I make you do my bidding regardless of your feelings. I love making you walk around the house dressed like a pretty sissy girl. You always do what you are told because you don’t want to make me angry with you. I know you try to do your best, as pathetic as that really is.  When I tell my BBC about you, he drives his huge cock deeper in me.  He wants to show me what only he can give me. I know you are sitting at home waiting for me as another man uses me anyway he likes. We laugh when I show him the pictures of you in those naughty outfits.  Next time I will have you come with me when I take some dick.  I want you to experience true humiliation phone sex with me.

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