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Wouldn’t it be a wonderful thing if you could slip back into a more comforting time and be my diaper clad adult baby phone sex boy? You might not be able to get away for long, but you can talk to your abdl Mommy and be the abie that you really want to be. From my sultry and sweet soothing voice to your soft comforting diaper, our abdl time will be just like being in my my adult baby nursery and I’ll make you feel like you’ve crawled right into my abdl world. I’ll walk you through the way I like to lay you on my changing table and get you into thick diapers and plastic pantes. I’ll take my time with every step too, making sure that you can nearly smell the scent of baby powder under your nose as I lovingly powder you up and gently diaper my adorable bundle up. My adult baby boys deserve nothing but the very best in motherly care.

Your coos and goos are music to your my ears, and I get right in and baby talk with you, don’t you love the sound of my tender voice in your ears? I want my boy (or girl) to relax and let himself feel completely free to enjoy his adult baby and Me time. I’ve packed all of your favorite things for our time together too. We’ll have a tour of the nursery and you can see all of the things I have ready for you.

We can do anything that you dream of, and you can be the adult baby that you see yourself as. You can snuggle up to me and get your tummy full of milk while sitting on my lap in your diaper, suckling on my big titties. This loving MILF knows all about taking care of you, and making you feel just the way you deserve. I hope we’ll be spending time together soon.

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While I practice cuckold phone sex and the cuckold lifestyle, I do not share that information with my girl friends.  I do not want to shock the PTA mothers, you know.  I am not embarrassed or anything, but I don’t want to be the sewing circle subject. It is kinda hard keeping it on the down low, but it is totally worth the effort. The other day one of my friends told me that she needed my help. She confessed that she had been cuckolding her man for years. At first I thought she had busted me and my situation.  Then she goes on to tell me in detail what cuckolding is and how she had done it to her husband.  She didn’t hold back, she told me EVERYTHING they do! Well after hearing all about it,  I have to say I was totally shocked and fucking wet! I just listened.  She said she had been with her husband for years and he just couldn’t satisfy her.  She said she told him how he let her down and she needed some real dick.  And what’s the point in cheating behind his back? I feel the same way. I want him to see it and feel the shame! I want to look him in the eyes as some monster cock pushes its way inside me. I want him to see first hand my reaction when some guy’s big long fat cock drops out of his pants. I wanted him to see me for the first time enjoy sex! I could barely contain my excitement.  We have so much to discuss!

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Big black cock phone sex is what I have been dreaming about lately it’s like the thought of it has me so aroused. In my dream I keep having this fantasy that I’m totally wanting to fuck this black guy just because I happen to see his big black cock. It’s like I can’t think of nothing else except the anticipation of what his big cock would feel like pushing inside my pink tight pussy. Don’t get me wrong I have fucked many men but fucking a cock that is like twice the size of my husbands is such a turn on for me. When I saw his cock it was so shining black but what really caught my attention was how big it was. I have never seen a cock so big he had to be about 12 inches and 4 inches around the biggest I have ever seen. Now I think you can imagine just how hot my dreams get when I’m dreaming about his cock fucking me.

I’m invited to go out with a few of my wild girl friends that love picking up guy’s,  they are all size queens and love black cock. I think I’m just going to have take them up on their offer so I can try out a black cock of my own. I can hardly wait to get on my knee’s to suck a big black cock just knowing it’s going to stretch my mouth so wide excites me. How cool would it be to get a picture of me with a big black cock fucking my pretty mouth. When I suck his black cock to the point of it almost cumming I want him to bend me over and fuck me with his big cock. I know I would have goose bumps all over my body while he is pumping it in and out of my pussy. Big black cock phone sex with me will be very nasty and exciting for you and me.

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My name is Sadie and one of the things I love most in the world is BBC phone sex. A hot MILF like me has needs, and nothing can satisfy those needs like a big black cock. I mean, just watching that fat black cock slide into my creamy white pussy…it’s so hot. And the feel of it? It’s like nothing I’ve ever felt before. And the bigger, the better. I love black cocks that are so big that I feel like I’m being stuffed and stretched wide open. Oh, and the look of my gaping pussy after being fucked by a big black cock is just so fucking sexy.

It’s kind of funny and kind of sad when a guy with a small dick tries to get with me. I ALMOST feel sorry for them, but not really. What do I consider small? Well, anything under 8 inches just isn’t big enough for me. I’ve had guys say “I’m not small, I’m average.” Sorry, but average is small to me. Anything that doesn’t make my eyes roll back in my head just from being inside me isn’t even on my radar.

But to all the guys with small dicks, don’t worry. I don’t JUST love BBC phone sex. If you don’t measure up, I’m willing and ready to do a humiliation session with you. I’d be more than happy to tell you how you’re just not good enough for my hot pussy… or anyone’s pussy, for that matter. I hope you’re okay with a sexless life full of humiliation, because that is all you will ever get. Don’t you worry, though. Trust me when I tell you that you’re going to learn to love being laughed at, loser.

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Hi all!  I am MILF Remy and I have a hot story to share with you. I guess word has gotten around in my neighborhood that I am a BBC phone sex slut.  Suddenly there are big black guys coming up to my house to drop of flyers, to deliver packages, or offering lawn care. I don’t mind the attention at all, of course.  Last week I got a visit from a particularly forward BBC who offered to clean out my gutters.  I invited him in to talk about it, he followed me into the kitchen.  When I turned around he had his cock out!  I was shocked! “What are you doing with your cock out?! “What? Oh my I can’t believe you are doing this”   Ha if you were really upset you would be running me out the house with a bat. Not starring at it not taking your eyes off it. I smiled, he was absolutely right.   It was huge! It had been a long time since I had seen one that big — and I really really missed it!  sex. Really? He said, well why don’t you come touch it? Shit girl, why don’t you put your mouth on it. That is all he had to say, I could barely get naked fast enough.  I let that monster cock work me over in every way possible.  My gutters never got cleaned but I sure did clean his pipes for him. He comes over twice a week and stretches my pussy out until I am moaning and begging for more.

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I have the relationship with my husband that most women wish they had. I don’t just let my black cock white wife fantasies die out. I live them and he knows it. As long as I don’t do it where his business partners or family sees, I can fuck anyone I wants, and I do. Thing is though, I am getting a little bored with just being secretive about this. I want the world to know what a dirty whore I really am. So, it’s began. I am going public with my need for the dark dick and my husband is going to find out that since he has accepted this in the past, if he doesn’t now, I will expose him for all of it.

Now blackmail is only bad, well who am I fooling, blackmail is always good when you’re the one who is reaping the rewards of it. Baby, I am always the one on top! I just am the cream of the crop when it comes to what a real black Man needs. Perfect white little cum trap, round ass, and tits that are made for fucking. That’s why they all love me. Well that and the fact that I can suck a 11 inch dick down to the balls. No man will ever turn down that talent. They cum for miles for see if the urban legend is real. So if your cock is twitching hearing about my Black cock white wife fantasies, then give me a call and let me whisper the details of what I just had inside of me. Believe me, it was BIG!

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Cougar phone sex is one the things I enjoy the most. Hearing all the things younger men want to do to me is so hot an makes my pussy so wet. With all your strength and stamina you’ll last longer then me, ha maybe ;)

Last week, we were having a girls day out and we got all dressed up. Skin tight, low cut dresses, six inch heels, and our hair and nails all done up. We spent the day shopping and having a great time. And we stopped in a coffee shop to grab something to refuel for the rest of the day. And my oh my the boys were hungry today! The whistles as we walked in the door, paid for our drinks for us, and chatted us up while we relaxed a bit inside. There was one guy who seemed keen on me. Just barely 23, tall, muscular, and looked ready to go there  Well after our coffee, we broke away from the guys, but this young gentlemen slipped me his number. I was just going to throw it out, but then I thought it couldn’t hurt to have a one night stand with someone who can hold there own and take longer then a half an hour. Enjoy myself some real pleasure. So after our day out, I decided to give him a call, he was there in minutes it seemed, ready to go. He told me there was nothing I needed to do. He must have spent at least 20 minutes eating me out, the best mouth action my pussy has ever seen. I had to have cum at least twice, and he wasn’t anywhere near stopping. He picked me up off the bed, slid his thick cock into me, I thought I was going to blow just from that! He thrust into me while he was standing and he was deeper then any cock had ever been in my pussy. After what seemed to be hours, we were in need panting, both covered in cum and sweat, and I figured I might as well keep his number, for emergencies.

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As I am super into cuckold phone sex, you can best believe my husband has accepted his role as the cuckolded man.  It took some doing for him to get used to it, but he knew he had to or had to make tracks. Sometimes, it takes more effort to hold on to a woman like me.  My fuck buddies come over and do as they wish whether my husband is around or not.  One day, I came home from shopping and found Mr. Big Dick sitting on my couch naked like he owns the place. It took me no time at all to get naked and join him.  But in the meantime, he had been humiliating my cuckold husband. He reached over to slap my naked ass telling  my husband how he owns me, and I am his personal fuck slut. All my husband could do was kneel in front of us is drop his head down in shame.  He knows there is no competing with a cock this huge. My husband knows how much I love big dick, and how I will give myself to one anyway and any time he wants me. My poor cuck has to sit there in those pretty little panties covering his useless tiny penis.  I look at my BBC stud with lust in my eyes, yet I look at my husband with a mixture of pity and shame. I can’t hide it, I don’t want to hide it anymore.  Cuckold phone sex is our way of life now, and I am never going back.

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One thing that I learned at an early age in life was that bigger is always better. My expensive toys were better then anyone else’s, my clothing had to cost more then the other girls at school, and when I got older, I learned that there is no room in my world for a small Man. I guess that’s why I love size queen phone sex! I wont lie, the first cock I had was so small It didn’t even bust my cherry, but the next one more then made up for that. He was 10+ and hung like a God. My tight walls being stretched to capacity and the pain, oh that sweet pain, made me cum almost instantly. I am a little bit of a closet pain junkie. Maybe that’s another reason I need it big. I have to hurt to get off hard.

Have you ever just had a craving for something so big that you don’t know if you can handle it. How about we see who can take the biggest dick. My pussy vs. your ass. Winner takes all the cum and doesn’t even have to share it. I bet I can win, but then again I have heard you were a little slut and your ass was a gaping cum dump. Don’t worry, my pussy loves the cum too. As a matter of fact, so does my ass and throat. I am one up on you. I have 3 access where you only have 2.

If your under 8, then take a seat in the corner and enjoy the show. I have stud after stud cumming over to play with me today. You might be allowed to jerk it, but then again, I do need a fluffer to get them ready for me. Think you can do the job right? You better know how to suck a dick better then I do. Wrap those lips of yours around the head and get him to the point of exploding for some size queen phone sex with Marley.

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You guys are truly pathetic cuckold phone sex sissies. What kind of man wants to see the woman that he loves so much get pleased by another man? I will tell you that you are probably a feminized wimp with a small dick who does anything you can to keep your wife. Even if it means that she will take big cocks from other men while you be a idiot and take care of her. You aren’t really good for anything else other than that anyway. If your cock is less than 7 inches it is a clit and you don’t deserve to be called a man. You deserve to be emasculated and totally feminized like a girl.

I just humiliated the shit out of my last cuckold phone sex victim. Not only did I tease him about his wife going out to be with other guys I also sent his on a special errand for me. While his wife was in the bedroom getting her cock starved cunt fucked, I had him get in his car and drive down to the glory hole where there are tons of big black cocks to suck on all day long. I wanted to hear the faggot suck on that cock just like his wife was doing at home. He stayed inside for hours and he could not leave until he swallowed 5 cum loads into his tummy.

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