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Oh what a naughty girl I have been!  The second my hubby left for work today I had my lovers come over, that is right, I need so much cock that I have 2 to bang me.  We fucked, I sucked and had my pussy eatin all day long.  One of them is a black, and hung like a horse, I would never tell my other lover but he is my favorite.  I can feel him stretching me out and it feels amazing there is no comparison!  I would not be such a horny cheating wife phone sex slut if my husband could fuck like that but he is such a small dicked loser that I have to be satisfied by another man or in my case men *giggles*

Do I feel bad for my man going off to work to bring home the bacon while I get the dick that I need?  Not at all, because he is not even good at oral.  What kind of a man is that?  The answer is he is not one and that is why I am a kinky and horny cheating wife phone sex slut.  Today was the best ever since I have gotten it on all day long with my might men fucks to get my sweet, tight pussy exactly what she needs.  Mmmmmm, just thinking about it while I write this makes me wet all over again…maybe I have a couple of calls I need to make if you know what I mean!  Picking up the phone right now to get there sexy asses over here and pound my pussy and fuck my mouth, they are on there way so I have to go.

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If you have been lucky enough to talk to me, you know how much I love cuckold phone sex.  It is always so easy to turn you into a naughty cuckold for me. You guys are just so eager to please me anyway I want. Oh and how my big cock having studs I invite over love to dominate your sorry ass, as well. I thought I was too hard on you, but these guys take no fucking mercy on you. I just love when they show up and slap you around and then have me take you to our room to get you properly dressed! That is where you get lots of makeup, put on a wig and a very sexy outfit (schoolgirl, maid whatever they want to see you in), those fuck my high heels and some red cock sucking lipstick. You are so humiliated as we make you stand before both of us and I demand you drop to your knees and suck his cock. Baby, that shit never gets old — watching you suck my bull’s cock to full erection is such a fucking turn on. There are times I just sit back and rub my clit as I watch you slurp up and down on his fat cock letting you take the first load down your throat. You are such a good boy always making sure you don’t waste one drop. Other times after you have his cock hard I push you off of it, and make you sit there and watch another man take my pussy. I know you just love when those big meaty cocks wear me out and I just can’t go anymore but they still have a lot of fuck left in those monsters. You know it’s your turn to make over for me. Get on all fours pull your panties to the side and wait for that giant cock to slide deep into your waiting ass. Those fuckers sure do know how to  use your bitch ass don’t they?  I think you can be the perfect cuckold phone sex slut for me.

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Hey, loser. I have tons of size queen phone sex stories to tell you and I bet you’re just aching to hear them, aren’t you? I get it. You’re such a fucking loser and you get off on stories about how women love big fat black dicks and not skinny white ones like yours. You are well aware that you’re never going to be good enough and the fucked up thing is that it gets you off. You love the humiliation and degradation, don’t you?

I love it too… but I am too perfect to ever be on the receiving end of it. I laugh when guys call me a size queen phone sex whore because I like to fuck around. I am not a whore, I just love big black cock. I’m very picky. Yes, it’s possible to sleep around and not be a whore. I hand pick the dicks I play with and trust me, they are the most perfect monster dicks… bigger than most women could even take. But I was made for big black cock.

Do you want to hear all about the first time I had a big black cock? You should call me so I can tell you about it. I’d love it if you have a big black cock, too. But what I love even more is when a loser calls me and I get to tell him how he’s not good enough for me. If you think you can take the verbal punishment, pick up the phone and call me right now!

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Hey boys! I’m CJ, the housewife you fantasize about fucking all the time. I especially like to fuck well hung men with long, thick cocks! What can I say? I’m a size queen phone sex slut with an insatiable appetite and know what I want! Of course my favorite piece of cock is a black one! Just can’t get enough! Mmmm.. so fucking hot just thinking about it! Makes my tight, pink pussy drip thinking about it, the younger the better! *giggles*

I like em’ lean, mean fucking machines, to fill me up with all they’ve got. I mean c’mon I’m a fucking queen and that’s exactly how I should be treated, cock is no different than the pretty presents I want and desire. If you have one of those pathetic dicklettes that need a magnifying glass to help me find it, then move on, because that thing isn’t cumming anywhere near this cunt. The most you will be doing is begging to slurp up the left overs. Do not assume that you are going to be slurping if I need a magnifying class to find that pathetic thing you call a dick. How do you play with that thing anyway? Put it the fuck away! The only thing I want to see is a big, thick, throbbing piece of meat for my size queen phone sex pussy!

Not only do I like my pussy fucked, but my mouth fucked too! I love the feeling of your thick juicy cock sliding down and hitting my throat. Pull my hair and make my mouth the filthy hole that it is. Even my husband can’t stretch my holes in the ways in which I desire! Tell me… do you measure up to my size queen phone sex needs? I know that cock is just throbbing to stretch and tear me apart.

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I had a caller the other night who wanted to engage in a little mutual masturbation with me. Have you ever tried to masturbate while listening to The Eye of the Tiger? Yeah, well me neither,but D requested it.He claimed it was a race to see who could cum first.He then proceeded to tell me how small his pathetic little prick was and it did NOT turn me on. Needless to say, he won in his two finger jack off race.. while he was singing along. I was so amused by him that I couldn’t even begin to think about get turned on,not that an itty bitty skin tag like that would ! He then proceeded to thank me and tell me his 3 inch pecker felt like a real man , making me laugh even harder . Next week he wants to try jacking  it to Kung Fu Fighting.. I totally see more small penis humiliation in his future. I’m sure his tiny dick would never get me off , but his imagination sure is a joy! I mean what girl wouldn’t get a giggle at such short cummings? 4 inches isn’t enough to satisfy a fly! I don’t know why on earth he assumed it would turn me on and make me want to diddle my clitty while he was playing with his own! If there isn’t enough meat there for me to feel, it damn sure isn’t gonna get my cunt wet in the least! He decided to email me a picture so that I could see what he was working with..well.. it was one of the smallest shriveled up things I have ever seen!! I’ve seen earthworms packing more girth than he was! Just eww disgusting and sad. I feel bad for his wife, then again it could explain why she is never at home! You want to have a little sph phone sex fun? All ya gotta do is ask for Audra! 1-888-474-6769


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Hi there guys Paige here.  I know you’ve noticed I a bit older than some of the other ladies which means that I’m the right age for mature phone sex!  Having sex with an older woman can be pretty hot it just means she has more experience, and will always know what she is doing in the bedroom.  I still very much enjoy having sex with men younger than me, and I know they enjoy fucking an older woman so they can brag about it to their friends.  I only go for younger guys who are into mature phone sex though, and I can spot those guys a mile away!  When I go out to the clubs to find some young strange to bring home they are always the ones looking at me with hungry eyes as if they could take me in the bathroom  tear my clothes off an fuck me senseless right there.  Those are the guys I know that I can pick up and bring home with me for some hot mature phone sex!  Don’t bother approaching me unless you can live up to my expectations.  I’m not here to be your mommy or help you to be a man I want to be fucked by a man not a boy.  Just because you are younger than me doesn’t mean you can fuck me like a man, and that is exactly what I’m going to expect from you!  I enjoy hot young cock that can satisfy me over and over in one mature phone sex encounter.  I love the fact that you know what gets me wet and ready for you to fuck my hot cougar pussy with your hard young cock!  The fact that you are younger just means you can get it up for me to use you for mature phone sex.

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Do you dream of your wife getting fucked by other men?  It’s hard to admit I know.  You think it makes you look like less of a man, and you’re right. But that doesn’t matter, thinking about watching your wife getting plowed gets your dick really hard. For this cuckold phone sex, pretend I’m your wife, tell me that you want me to explore other men and bring them home so you can watch or listen from the closet.  At first I think you are testing or setting me up.  I have always thought about fucking someone else but I don’t want to lose my life that I have over cheating.  You convince me that it’s been a fantasy of yours for quite some time.  So if I’m going out tonight, I need to look my best.  Give me your credit card so I can get waxed and a manicure and pedicure.  I also need my hair done!  And what about a new outfit? Isn’t cuckold phone sex fun?  I’d let you watch me get ready to go out and find myself a young, hung, stud to bring home.  I go out and do just that.  I send you a message letting you know that we are on our way back.  You run upstairs into the bedroom and hide under the bed!  You hear us come in, we are laughing and kissing all the way up the stairs.  The bed creaks under the weight of us.  You hear moaning and the sounds of us tearing our clothes off.  And you hear me gasp and tell him how big and beautiful his cock is.  Just listening to me get fucked good gets you so hard.  After what seemed like hours, he finally leaves and you come out from under the bed.  I’m half asleep and naked. How do we end this cuckold phone sex session?

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Hey you, over there .. that’s right you, with the little dick. Don’t try and hide it, I know all about you; looking at all the hot sexy women on this site wishing you could be with girls like us. The fact is your dick is too small and you know you just don’t have what it takes to please a woman like me. That is probably why you get off on small penis humiliation phone sex. What else is there to do with that pathetic little penis than laugh at it?  Actually I can think of a few things to with that teenie peenie, put it in panties, tie it up, lock it up and tease the fuck out of it. A little dick like that probably doesn’t even deserve the attention, but it amuses me so I will indulge you.

A few of my small penis humiliation callers love to send me pics to better laugh at them. Hold up a rule, a lighter or even your pinkie to show it off. Hysterical! I don’t even know you have the balls to be proud of something that tiny. Here is a secret for you, trim that nasty pubic hair and at least make it look a little nicer, cute is probably the better word.  Awwww what a cute teenie peenie you have. Another hint? For every 30lbs a man loses he gains an inch of penis. It still won’t make that dick big enough, but at least it will be more than a tic-tac.

If I like you in spite of your small penis, I might make you into my cuckold. Take me shopping and buy me something sexy to wear for latest big dicked lover. And is there anything better than being up close to my perfect pussy dripping with my lover’s cum?

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My name is Suzanne and I’m a BBC phone sex addict.  If you’ve ever had big black cock you know the saying is really true… once you go black, you never go back. After being with black guys, there’s no way in the world I’d ever want to be with a white man ever again… and especially not my husband. He has such a small dick. I don’t even let him near me with it anymore. At first, I did… but I was just denying myself what I truly want and need – delicious big black cocks and BBC phone sex!

The first time I saw a big black cock slide into my tight pink pussy… well, lets just say the sight of it alone just about made me cum. It didn’t take a long time with him fucking me for me to cum. Just being all stretched out and fucked hard made me cum in no time and harder than I ever have. I seriously saw stars. It took me a few minutes to even be able to speak. A small dick could never make me feel like that. Especially not after I’ve been to the promise land.

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Humiliation phone sex is always right in my wheelhouse.  How I love to break down a big strapping man and make him into a shell of his former self.  Wow you are such a fucking joke! I can’t stop laughing at the bitch I made out of you. It wasn’t that long ago you thought you were a real man, but I knew it was only a matter of time before my big tits, tight super wet pussy and nice round ass would change all that. When I make you dress up for me and you stand before me in your fuck me high heels, those long white thigh highs, pretty white panties and matching white bra, I can’t help but giggle. I make you pose for me as I take pictures of you to show my girlfriends. They will love these!  Just think how your buddies at work would react if they only knew under those pants were a pair of pretty lace panties. What do you think they would say if they knew when I got home from work or play and you are there in a cute little maids outfit cleaning house. That when you hear me enter you run as fast as those high heels will take you to the refrigerator to get me a cold beer. Then you run it over to me,  hand it off,  drop to your knees pull up my skirt.  Just like a good whore, you lick my pussy as I watch TV and unwind. Or how I make you get into the bedroom closet so you can listen as I fuck one of the well hung studs I know. The things you hear me say to him must cut you pretty deep! After he is done with me and has left you run out and take me to the shower where you make sure I am nice and clean. After you have showed me and put lotion all over my sexy body (the one you can’t fuck) its your turn to cum. You must be so into humiliation phone sex to take all the abuse I heap on you honey.

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