Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Sierra

It’s ashamed that my husband even occupies a bed with me. I mean he spends so much time out of the house than he does here. But when I sit here and think about it, It’s perfect! Why is that? Because it leaves so much free time for me to spend with you and engaging in on all of your cheating wife phone sex fantasies that you have. And I have to tell you that i’m truly a head turner. I just cant help but get your attention my way. And you know exactly how I do it too. I wear sexy revealing clothes that show off these big 34 D breasts, I wear shorty skirts that show off my long sexy legs and I smell so incredibly sweet that when I walk past you, you cant help but getting all these thoughts about having me do a sexy seducing strip tease down to my silky pretty panties. Sometimes you have thoughts about giving up total control to me. You may feel like being the perfect submissive slave and having this sexy body standing above you. You may stroke your cock to me standing between your legs and touching you all over and getting your dick so aroused that it’s standing at attention. You may even find yourself begging me to fuck you. But all of that depends on how big your dick actually is. If it’s big and hard I’ll climb on top and give you the best fucking lap dance you have ever had until you can’t take it anymore and are begging to be inside of this tight gripping dripping wet pussy. But if it’s too small then I’ll just grind my panty covered pussy all over it until you beg me like the pet that you are to cum. Yes I love being a mistress and having my way with you. But i also love it when a real man knows what he wants and knows how to take control. Some would call me a bit of a switch. I know when and where to flip my light switch. I know exactly how to humiliate and take charge of all of the sissies, panty boys, mutual masturbation, guided cock stroking masturbation, facesitting, cum eating instructions, slaves, foot worship, body worship, bondage, cuckolds, blackmail loving losers, those who crave cock and ball torture and so much more.

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When I think about the alpha males who have large throbbing cocks my panties get just as creamy for you. I just love being your slutty cheating wife, your seductive and very sexy MILF, the hot mature woman next door, your sexy secretary or administrative assistant, that hot mom whose been super flirty with you when we’re all alone and that submissive pleasing slut that you can’t wait to get on my knees ready to just take your throbbing hard cock in all of my holes. I just love getting down and dirty. Especially when it comes to giving you the best kind of cheating wife phone sex experience you have ever had. And you know there is no one around who does it better than me. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for kinky, no limits, taboo, or anything that goes. I will be the one who gives you the best fuck you have ever had. I’ll make you stroke and jack that dick so good you won’t help but be able to shoot your load just for me. I’m the kind of woman that will always do the things that the others wont. Especially when it comes to your girl friend or wife. They are no where nearly as appatizing and satifying as I am. I see the way you look at me and undress me with your eyes when she’s not around. You just can’t stop thinking about all the things we can do together can you? I’ll be your slutty secret. I’ll be your friend with benefits. I will smill flirtatiously as I see your dick getting harder in your pants by every moment that passes by. Then I’ll drop down on my knees and look up at you as i’m sliding it out ready to make it feel better than it ever has. And what more could you ask from a mature and experienced female like myself? I’m not afraid or ashamed to prove just how much you turn me on. And I’ll prove it by letting you hear my silky creamy wet pussy as you are on the other end of my phone pumping your throbbing cock for me.

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Impregnation Phone Sex with Beth

No, I have not yet been blessed. I have yet to experience pregnancy. I’m not exactly a younger girl, but I’ve still got time, and I know I have the desire. So if impregnation phone sex is your thing, you should call me so we can both have an amazing conversation about the possibilities. A girl my age is extra fertile – we actually crank out extra eggs each month in the later years, so there are, shall we say, multiple things we could talk about when it comes to impregnation phone sex with a girl of age 40.

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I love the idea of being pregnant, and being with a man that’s into my body while it’s going through all of the changes, even if I have to deal with the unpleasant things like morning sickness. I’m such a nympho as it is, and I’m sure with all the hormones going through my body that will be be so much worse. I’m going to want to be fucked all the time, so I’m going to need a guy who won’t be able to take his hands off of me while I live as a human incubator for 9 months! I know you probably love it all, but when we have an impregnation phone sex session, you can tell me which parts of the pregnant body is your favorite. Between my tits getting bigger and heavy with milk, my belly getting stretched out, my ass getting wider, and moods being erratic, my pregnant body is a whole new world to be explored. You can rub cocoa butter on my round tummy to help prevent stretch marks, and feel all the movement inside – I’m sure you’re going to want to jump on me as much as you can during that time.

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Impregnation Phone Sex with Remy

Hi there, fellow pervs! Big question here and tell the truth — you are hella turned on by impregnation phone sex, aren’t you? I don’t know how many times that a guy has been on top of me fucking me without a condom and refused to pull out because it turned him on to think that he could knock me up. It feels so good to go bareback, of course, you would want to blow a load in me. It is perfectly natural to fill me my tight snatch up with cum. And what makes a man more manly than getting his woman pregnant? It is the ultimate domination to put a baby in me, knowing that you have that power and you can do it whenever you are inside of me. Throw caution to the wind and let pleasure win over logic.

impregnation phone sex

It is a fleeting thought, so hot at the moment, and will make you empty your balls deep inside of my pussy. Especially when I egg you on and whisper, “breed me, baby”, with my legs wrapped around you milking your prick. That always pushes a guy over the edge. You feel like such a red-blooded, masculine stud when you seed me. This fantasy isn’t just for big strong men either, sometimes cuckolds have the fantasy that a superior man, mostly like a BBC, will get me pregnant and then the cuckold has to raise the baby. Everyone can see the baby is black and they will know that your wife has been talking some real cock for a change. I love all versions because it involves me getting fucked hard and often.

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Mature Roleplay Phone Sex with Ruth

Let me tell you, sweethearts, I have had the most amazing fucking time lately doing mature roleplay phone sex calls with- well, let’s call him by his initial, J. J and I have gotten off so much doing so many different role plays it’s hard to pick a favorite, you know what I mean? But this last one was so good I just had to write it the fuck down to show what kind of twisted kinky fun me and this fucker J get going with!

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J loves that I’m married and that I don’t even want to touch my limpdick hubby. This time around, J was my neighbor’s barely legal teenage son and I hired him to come take of my yard like my putz of a husband never does. He’s out there with his shirt off, all tan and young and working on my bushes… and I know exactly what bush I want him to work on next! I mean, turn down that deliciousness right in front of my face? Are you fucking kidding me? Forget about it!

When I bring J into the house for a tall cool glass of water, it’s so easy to get his young stud cock hard just by flashing a little of my bare ass getting his glass poured. He doesn’t even suspect that I didn’t wear a bra or panties under my see-through yellow sundress just to fuck with his young cock head, either! All he knows right now is that I am sexy mature woman who sees his hard-on right through his flimsy shorts and it’s getting him even fucking harder to know I see it! The only question of how I become a cougar now is: which do I do first, suck J’s thick cock or spread my mature legs wide to just get to fucking him good and hard already? Whatever happens, this hot young stud J is going to get his dick wet for the first time right on the kitchen floor of limpdick hubby’s house during our mature roleplay phone sex session- and I’ll give you a hint: that only makes him cum harder!

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Slutty Wife Phone Sex with Arabella

Arabella here, boys! This sexy MILF needs some help. I need you to help me cure my boredom. My husband is still deployed..of course leaving me here alone. What do I need you for? Well this slut needs to have some slutty wife phone sex. Are you willing to help me? Oh I may “fight” you on it at first. I will be sure to tell you that just saying that I had to go to the bathroom wasn’t an invitation for you to follow me, even though we both know it was. That tight shirt, and short skirt isn’t an invitation either. Nope. I certainly didn’t pick out this outfit purposefully to tease and torment you into submission. Honestly, though,you know I really want that meat stick of yours hidden in your pants to come out to play. I will be sure to invite you over for a bit of a gathering at my house, so no one would suspect anything. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of me as I stand up, and make sure everyone hears that I need to excuse myself to the restroom, then I will look you right in the eyes, and wink my pretty blue eye. I walk by you, your eyes following me not sure what exactly is going to happen. Is your heart racing yet, baby? I am betting it is. And those pants? I bet they are getting tight, aren’t they?

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I make sure to shake my hips, making my ass rock back and forth just to make it a bit more enticing for you! I make it to the bathroom, do you actually follow me? You will have to pick up your damn phone, dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Arabella so we can talk about what happens during our slutty wife phone sex session.

BBC Phone Sex with Suzanne

I need black cock and I need it right now. But that’s not really different than any other day. I am addicted to black dicks. A lot of you guys are, too, and that’s why I get a lot of calls for BBC phone sex. Some of you daydream and fantasize about BBC just as much as I do. Some guys who call me have had black dick in their holes and some haven’t. But it makes me happy that there are people out there who love big chocolate dicks as much as me. Well, maybe not as much as me, because I doubt that anyone could love it that much, but you know what I mean.

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Do you think about what it would be like to squat down in front of a monster black cock and wrap your virgin mouth around it? Have you thought about whether or not you’ll gag? Maybe you’ve even been practicing on a big black dildo that you bought. You might be able to take the entire thing down your throat and trust me, that’s going to make all those cocks you’ll be sucking very happy. You can practice all you want on a dildo, but what you haven’t been able to do is take a load direct from a big black cock down your throat. Maybe you’ve tasted your own cum, but trust me, it’s just not the same thing. Even if you can take the whole thing down your throat, when he starts cumming, that might be the thing that gags you. But I bet you’ll still be willing to take that load anyway, wouldn’t you?

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Zoey

I just love summer time! I’m a fan of the heat and love being in the water you would think I’m more mermaid than a woman having cheating wife phone sex! I love being in pools, lakes, on the river and even hot tubs which I just fell in love with this summer.

cheating wife phone sex

Me and my husband have a small camp on a lake. Its nothing fancy just something small and has a boat dock for us. Most of the camps around us are rented by tourists and there families. There is a beach within walking distance of my camp as well. The view is great in the mornings when I go for my morning runs. I meet many people over the course of the summer and fall. This is where I became a cheating marriage in this marriage. Many times up here alone or my husband and the kids are out on the boat fishing. Sometimes I go out fishing too and use the kid’s water toys out there on the lake,

I’ll never forget the first time I got a cheating wife’s phone sex call while at camp. Yes…. I take calls while I’m supposed to be away. Here I am out in the noonday sun when my cell phone rang. I’m laying out on the boat tied to the dock. I love the motion on the boat so I will lay out on it and suntan. Here I am tanning and letting my hair get some sun highlights. There are other people on the lake and within reach to be honest.

As I answered the phone in my peach bikini I was excited. I always get excited when I see I have a horny man that wants to talk to me. As he tells me how to touch my perky tits and then how to touch my very moist pussy there are others boating by. I have no idea if they can see me as one I have sunglasses on and the sun is very bright. So what if someone sees me touching myself on the boat it’s my boat in front of my camp lol.

So I did end up finger fucking myself on the boat in broad daylight. I have done much worse while here at camp. A few weeks back this family rented next door. I fucked there father on their small front porch at dusk. Never had I fucked such a heavily tattooed man ever. But his stuck-up young wife seemed much more interested with there kids then her poor husband who they left in the little cabin. He had needs and guess what I fucked him till my pussy was sore. His wife never knew he fucked the old lady as she called me the day before and made him cum all over twice. Just goes to show this cheating wife knows what she’s doing.

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Cuckold Stories with Beth

It’s really cool that I get to hear about my callers’ sex lives when they call and confess to the dirty deeds that make their worlds turn. I hear it all, but I get a huge kick out of all the different cuckold stories I get to hear. It’s funny – you think you understand a fetish after you read about it, even after you try it, but you have no idea until you get to hear about it from many other people. It turns out that even cuckolding can be as different from cuck to cuck as the size of the chastity cages some of them wear on their puny little dicks!

cuckold phone sex

Let me share with you two of the best cuckold stories I’ve heard so far. First, I have a longtime caller who has been living the cuckold life with his wife for many years. He has consistently had his little dick in a chastity cage for about 6 years, and as a result, that dick has shrunk to micropenis status! His wife has a regular stud, and they have signed a breeding contract, as well as a contract of ownership. That bull owns the cuck’s wife’s pussy, plain and simple, and she has already had two children by him! And the cuck hubby serves everyone – his wife, the stud, and the stud’s wife. He cleans up cum, cleans house, and fluffs the bull’s cock. And once every few months they let him out of his cage so he can jerk off feverishly for about 20 minutes, only to be locked up again. How’s that for cuck life?

Then, most recently, I had a caller who was a newlywed – he and his wife had only been married a day. Where was she? Across the state line, having a threesome with two bulls, while her brand new hubby was at home, eagerly awaiting her return the next day….used and full of cum, and ready for him to fuck her again, and then clean her up and take care of her. He told me she had fucked a completely different guy the night before the wedding, and teased him about being full of another man’s cum while they danced their wedding dance. The kicker? They had yet to consummate their marriage – he was waiting for her to be filled with loads of cum from other men. Their whole courtship had been like this too – sometimes he watched, and sometimes he waited at home, but this one was different because she was ovulating, so they were hoping she would come home impregnated. Another of the best cuckold stories I’ve heard yet to date!

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Remy

I love being a size queen phone sex slut so much that I should wear a big diamond encrusted tiara just to let everyone know that I don’t fuck around with tiny cock. It would save me so much effort, if I am being honest. I get so pissed off when I spend time with a guy, getting all horny and ready to go, only to find out that he is sporting a miniature prick. See, I am a Cougar always on the prowl and I get downright pissy if that cock isn’t at least a thick 9 inches.

size queen phone sex

I often get salty enough that I do some serious shit talking just to punish you for wasting my time. Hell, I have made grown men cry on several occasions. But isn’t that what a true Queen does when she is displeased? Off with his head and all that shit. But when it comes to those big cocks that is another story altogether. For those guys rocking a big bulge in their pants, I am as sweet as pie! I always do what I have to do to ride a big cock whenever and wherever I can. I don’t know how women fuck even an average size cock. I get so bored and pissed off just thinking about it. Those massive units have totally opened my world, and my pussy, up so much that I can’t go back to regular sized peen anymore. I have learned to deep throat those monster cocks and hell, I let them do anything they want to me. I never thought I would let a big johnson in my ass, but I have found myself begging for it more than once.

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 Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Cora

 I bet you’ve never seen a more beautiful pair of feet. It’s like they were specifically made for foot fetish phone sex. It’s something I love and the fact that my feet turn men on and make their dicks hard just by looking at them give me quite a thrill. Every time I get a pedicure, I always carefully pick out a color that I think will really get men going. I know usually guys like classics like red, but every now and then, I like to go a little wild and get something bright and fun.

foot fetish phone sex

Are you thinking about what it would be like to feel my soft, freshly pedicured feet touching your cock? It makes you hard. I know it does. But just imagine how good it would feel to have my pretty feet wrapped around your cock, sliding up and down really slowly. Do you want me to rub the head of your cock with my toes? Do you want me to tease it until you start leaking pre cum? I’ll even rub my big toe all over that and then put it up to my mouth and suck your pre cum off of my toe if you want me to. I’ll do anything with my feet that will make you cum.

Do you want me to wrap my feet around your cock and stroke it until you cum all over my pretty feet? If that’s what you desire, I will do it. I have to admit that I love feeling that hot cum splash all over my feet and hearing you moan really makes me happy. And I love seeing that cum all over my feet. Don’t you think it just looks so hot?

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