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Hi there guys I know what you’ve been the mood for and you won’t be able to deny yourself the pleasure of some cuckold phone sex with your favorite phone sex slut!  I know what your favorite thing is and that’s my cum filled pussy, and what you like even more is watching my pussy get filled.  That’s why I’ve arranged a special evening for us with plenty of other men so our cuckold phone sex fantasy can begin!   I rented a hotel suite with specific instructions to send our other guests straight up to the room for some kinky fun!  I want you on the bed while you watch me be pleasured by multiple men in multiple places.  I can tell how turned on you are as you watch me take load after hot load your cock Is so hard and dripping with precum.  You beg me to let you just slide your cock into my cummy pussy so you can explode and I tell you to be a good cuckie and wait your turn!  I want you to get behind me and hold my legs while my pussy takes a good pounding.  I want you to tell them how to fuck me during this cuckold phone sex fantasy you can tell them to fuck me hard and fast or slow and sensually.  Just keep in the back of your mind that you will be getting all of their sloppy seconds!  After all of our guests have departed for the evening and I’m just about thoroughly spent I finally decide you have been a well behaved cuckie and are worthy of finally fore filling your part in this cuckold phone sex fantasy.  I will finally let you have your turn now and plunge your cock into my hot cum filled pussy!

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I am such a naughty girl!!  Hi, I am Crissy your cheating wife phone sex slut and I love to hear kinky stories about a cheating spouse or share mine.  My high sex drive is just too much for my little man to take care of so I just have to find other ways to be satisfied.  Toys were fine at first but there is no way to replace a long, thick cock and that is exactly what I got.  I was at the gym the other day, I would like to say minding my own business but the truth is I was all-up in the business of new member.  I will call him Tex because he had that sexy Texas accent I love so much!

Well after watching him bench press more then twice my weight and dead lift three times what I see on the scale in the mornings, I just could not resist.  So strong, such a hard body, sweaty and potent he smelled all man and I wanted a piece of that delectable pie!  When I saw him slide into the hot tub and there was nobody else around I made my move.  Stepping into the hot water and seeing the beads dripping down his sculpted arms, pecks and stomach made my pussy lips start to get engorged and my nipples harden.  I gave him a sweet and sultry smile so it did not take long until we were chatting and heating the water up even more.  There is something about sex in public I just love!  It may be the risk of getting caught or maybe it is because I love to be watched.  Perhaps those are both one in the same but that afternoon…MY OH MY!!!  Ummm,, feeling his powerful man member was exactly what I needed and I would love to hear your stories or share even more of my own.  All you have to do is pick up the phone and give me a call.  I am Crissy your cheating wife phone sex slut and I want to cum with you!

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Every man fantasizes about older women at some point in his life.  Some of you do it regularly.  That’s where all those mature phone sex calls come from, after all.  But you know what?  Who can possibly blame you?  We older women have everything a man could ever want and then some.  Experience is only the beginning…

Of course, just because it’s the beginning doesn’t mean it’s not important.  My experience, both in real life and on the phone, is part of what makes mature phone sex with me so very, very delicious.  All those things you’ve only dreamed about, I’ve done.  And chances are, I’ve done them many times, so I know exactly what to do to make them incredibly exciting.

Like I said, though, it’s not just about experience.  It’s also about confidence and a sense of adventure.  Once one reaches a certain age, things like what other people might think cease to matter.  You only worry about pleasing yourself and (sometimes) your partners.  Having a woman in bed with you who knows what she wants and knows how to get it is like hitting the sexual jackpot.

And besides that, I’ve also got the added benefit of having plenty of patience to teach you how to please both of us in the ways that I deem acceptable.  As long as you’re open to taking direction, things will work out just fine between the two of us.

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MILF Ashton here, and I was away having some really naughty fun for awhile, but I’m back now and ready to play with all you boys and men.  I bet you are wondering right now what kind of fun I was having aren’t you ?  We’ll all I can tell you that all that was missing was all you cuckolds .  I really need a cuck boy to use when I’m having sex with one of my big studs.  It would be such a kick to humiliate you and tell you how you can’t please me, and how you really never could, but if you are lucky, you might be allowed to lick out my creamy warm cum filled pussy that is filled up with that big huge fucking cock.  I will admit I do love big cock, especially them big black thick dicks that can shoot the biggest load that I have ever had, and fuck me all night long without getting tired at all.  Do you think that you can keep up with your tongue while we are fucking , making sure that you keep up with the juices flowing from my pussy ?   Then you can get down on your knees and get all dick whipped with my studs big cock upside your face, so you can see just how big he is, and what exactly a big cock looks like on a real man.  I mean its so obvious, since your little dicklet is the size of a light switch or a damn lipstick tube.  That is why cuckold phone sex exists is to put cuckolds like yourself in your place. I expect you to serve me first and foremost , but then you will also do whatever my studs tell you to do.  You are our cuckold bitch and you should be honored to be in our presence.  I know you probably watch cuckold videos and masturbate, but here is your chance to be a real cuckold instead of fantasizing about it all the damn time.   Call Ashton for cuckold phone sex and let me and show you are worthy of being the perfect cuckold bitch.

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Prim and Proper is what most would assume when they see the perfect little stepford house wife, but who would expect my love for big black cock phone sex? Mmmm something about a chocolate cock pumping deep into my tiny little white pussy makes me wanna touch myself right now. I even have a black dildo when I am alone. My husband is in his 60’s and I just can’t bring myself to fuck him but maybe once a month. His withered old body does nothing for me, but when I visit his office and all the Men make comments about me, I usually end up slipping them my number or even taking one to the bathroom with me. Yes I have fucked someone in his office bathroom and he never knew it. My pussy being crammed full of dirty, cheating cock, makes me cum so hard.

Does your dick get hard when you blow your load in someone else’s wife? Or wait, I know you. You want your wife to be gang banged by a bunch of black dicks. Yeah you want that prissy bitch to be held down and stuffed full of the cock she really craves at night. We both know you don’t do it right anymore. I am wet right now and if you really want something kinky, pick up the phone and call me for some big black cock phone sex. I had one last night and my pussy is still dripping his chocolate milk. I bet you want a taste, don’t ya?

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So my hubby thinks that I’m a size queen phone sex slut and for the first time, I actually agree with him! I cant help the fact that I love massive cocks. Little cocks just dont have much pleasure to them. They just dont compare to thick, massive cocks. I love it when they stretch my pussy out. My hubby isnt big at all, and I’m young, and I have needs to be met, since he cant, I need to fill that hole….Literally. I just love how a nice , thick cock feels when it gos deep inside me, how it stretches out my little hole out just like the first time I had sex.

Something about a big cock going into my tiny little body just gets me all hot and bothered. Just thinking about it now is getting me a little wet. I’m a size queen phone sex slut so little dicks dont do much for me. I love big cocks. THey feel so strong when they get rock hard. I love it. I cant help but think about big cocks. Everything about big cocks make me only want to have them in my pussy. Small cocks just cant satisfy me nearly as much as a huge cock does. I love the feeling of a big cock going into my pussy and feeling the nice, big cock going deeper, and deepter inside me, until I cant take any more cock inside me.

For the first time my hubby was right. Size queen is what I am, and I cant help it. I’m so tiny, and cocks are sooo big. It’s such a exciting feeling when I think or talk about big cocks. Ill try anything once, I tried big cocks a little bit ago and I’m hooked! I didnt know that they can pleasure me sooo much. I love it!

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BBC phone sexYou should know that every woman craves something that a lot of guys can’t give her. It is a big black cock that we want and BBC phone sex is the closest thing to it. If you have a small cock then you can be sure that your spouse would rather have something nice and thick inside of her rather than your needle dick. I bet she is tired of having to fake an orgasm and act like what you do to her is pleasing. She probably can’t even stand for you to eat her pussy other than to clean out the fresh cream pie load that her lover has just shot in her. You wish that you had the huge cock that all of the girls want don’t you? Well, I have a way that you can participate since you will never measure up.

Do something nice for your wife or girlfriend tonight that is totally unsuspected. When she gets in from work, have one of your BBC co workers completely naked with whipped cream around his balls. She wont think twice but go up to that chocolate dick and suck it until he shoots his load all over her pretty white face. Just put yourself in the moment and thank god that you have a hot stud to fuck your wife happy. That is all that you want isn’t it? Then have her lay on her back and open her legs. It has probably been years since she has had a real cock in her so both of you should enjoy this. Listen to how she moans and screams compared to when you fuck her. This should make that small wiener of yours hard, be sure to have your hands lubed up because I’m sure she won’t be letting you touch her anytime soon. Slowly you will start to feel yourself as aroused as she is she gets fucked and while you stroke. The both of you will be satisfied, and you may even want some of that big black dick for yourself.

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Hey there horny boys! I had this pathetic loser hit on me the other night while I was trying to get some “me” time in at a local bar. So who else would want to know all about it? I just had to write about what happened!  I mean, who else wants to know about all these stories and adventures about all the other pathetic losers that exist on this planet? You know I got to thinking for guys that have clits *giggles* (they really are not dicks) that are smaller than a size seven; they really must have some lonely lives! I imagine the only “action” they get is by being humiliated because they have been cursed with something they can’t even use. So they are stuck with a shallow life of small penis humiliation phone sex.

So, I am on the dance floor having a great time and this loser comes up behind me and slaps my ass. When I whirl myself around, I give him a once over…*giggles* Fucking wow! That is all I could think to myself. When I looked down there was really nothing to see. I was like what the fuck? So to get rid of him I walked over to the bar and told the bartender I wanted to buy a drink (and pointed him out) for the bitch on the floor that had just slapped my ass. The bartender called the guy over, letting him know he had a drink. I got up, turn around and walked out the door. What do you know? The fucker followed me out of the damn bar! I am thinking to myself this mother-fucker doesn’t know who he is dealing with. So, I turn around and ask him why he is following me. He says “you are really fucking hot, and I wanted to get laid tonight.” My reply was
simply “is that so I think you are looking for more of a small penis humiliation phone sex night?” and he replies “Huh?”

I turn around, and start walking again, and know the motherfucker is just going to follow me, so I find a nearby hotel. Fuck! I don’t want the loser to know where I really live! I check into the hotel, and like a lost puppy he acts as though he’s with me. *evil laugh.* What the fucker doesn’t realize is that he has picked the wrong woman to try and stake a claim on. *wink* So now I have this loser that thinks he is going to get lucky. I go in the bathroom, acting as though I am interested in what he potentially has to offer. When I walk out of the bathroom, I see this guy laying on the bed, and oh my fucking god! I just about died laughing. He was all “what are you laughing at?” I said, “If you honestly think that you are getting laid with that fucking thing you are trying to call a dick, you have got another thing coming.” I couldn’t believe he actually thought I would be able to want him. *giggles* I wouldn’t have been able to feel that thing. So, instead I made fun of him the rest of the night during small penis humiliation phone sex.

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Hello boys, my name is Carla and I want to be your mature phone sex lover and confidante.  I know you’re asking yourself, what does that mean? and I am going to tell you.  I am a mature woman in my early 50’s  and I want to hear all your dark secrets, naughty fantasies, and anything and everything else you need to talk about.  You know, the sexy fantasies and thoughts that you just can’t share with your wife or girlfriend.  Those kinky sexual experiences that even you can’t believe happened.  You can tell me anything at all and I promise I won’t judge you.  You are going to find out that you are  not alone in your kinky and taboo sex secrets.  I’ve been doing phone sex for such a long time, I am willing to bet you aren’t the first with those dark desires.

I understand you might be a little shy and nervous at first, after all, this is the first time you are sharing your  secrets with anyone, and I want to do whatever I can to make you feel as comfortable as possible.  Trust that whatever we talk about on our phone sex call is completely confidential and discreet; I’m not going to tell anyone (unless you want me too).  Stroke your cock while you tell me your naughty secrets; you will even hear me masturbating at the same time.  If  it’s just the advice of a mature phone sex woman you need, I’ll do my best to be honest and sincere and share my lifetime of experiences to help you.

There is nothing you can tell me that will shock me or surprise me.  I offer you a safe, caring, and sexy environment to spill all those dirty secrets.

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If you are familiar with me at all, you know that I am a cuckold phone sex queen.  And I go ALL THE WAY with cuckolding too.  Why just stop at making my man watch as I take dicks?  He should take them with me, right?  What do you think hurts a cuckold more  — when those monster dicks cum in me or when they cum in him?   I mean, I know it hurts to have 12 inches of dick rammed up your ass, but as a man how does it feel to have them use you then cum inside you.  Especially in front of your woman.  Maybe it hurts even more when me and my girlfriends watch the activities and you moan like a whore as that  manly cock has his way with you?  I just fucking love that my husband actually wanted to be a cuckold!!  I never thought it would go this far but I am so glad it did. I can just tell him “Well cum slut, tonight you are going to extra busy helping me fuck those gigantic cocks.  So lets get you dressed in your slutty best because you know that hung men love seeing a white guy dressed like a girl.  They can’t stop laughing at him and neither can I. When we both have a huge cock in our mouths, I feel so close to him!

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