Humiliation Phone Sex with CJ

Hey boy toys! If we haven’t met yet, then you are missing out some kinky, not fun! Shit, who doesn’t like to get off right? With me size is what it is all about! I am not going to fake anything with anyone. If you don’t have what I want, well I am going to be down right mean. Plain and simple. I like to say I am not difficult to please, but honestly I am. I am a fucking snob. Got a tiny dicklette in your pants, the best thing you will get from me is some anything goes humiliation phone sex.

humiliation phone sex

I get these loser guys that hit on me all the time. It is seriously ridiculous! At the airport, at the grocery store, at the club, everywhere. You know how I know they are losers? It is simple, they might look hot, got the muscular build and hot and as fuck look. But wait! Then I look at the size of the fingers on his hands, seriously though! From experience and I have a lot of it, tiny fingers typically mean there is nothing in those pants. Yep, LOSER! I play a long for a little bit, shit I will even take him home and make him think he has a shot. Then I get him all hot and bothered, get him naked and convince him to let me cuff him to my headboard. Evil laughter. That tiny dicklette is hot and ready to pop, too bad the only thing that clit is getting is my mean words about how pathetic a man he is. I mean, really what the fuck was God thinking giving that man a dick that looks like that? I got to get my bitch out on someone, lucky for me there are some pathetic men that need and crave humiliation phone sex.

I once had this caller, he was married like me, but his wife was just too nice. He just couldn’t get it up with her. Well my wonder, he had nothing to offer her. She was probably getting pleasure some place else. Once, I even included a wife in humiliation phone sex.

We both know you are a total loser, and if you are in a relationship it is only because she feels bad for your loser status. So give me a call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for CJ your favorite horny housewife and ask for humiliation phone sex.

AIM: sinful_cj
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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Remy

In my opinion, fidelity is far over rated. Especially when the husband that you are supposed to be faithful to has a laughable excuse for a cock. When you first get married, it is all flowers and candy and then you realize that the cock you are getting simply won’t be enough.  I came to that realization much earlier than most women.  That is why I have embraced cheating wife phone sex so much.  I don’t really feel bad about it.  I am just trying to meet a physical need I have.  And that need is to be fucked and filled with cum over and over again.  Oh and to have earth shattering body racking orgasms, too.  Seriously, what is wrong with that?

cheating wife phone sex

The world would be so much better if we were all getting fucked properly. Believe me, I am doing more than my part to make sure that all the local healthy dick gets as much pussy as they can handle.  Really, once you start cheating, does it matter if you fuck 1 guy or 100?  So I go all out.  I have girlfriends who are cheating wives just like me and we love to share big cock.  I would never bogart a thick prick who brings so much satisfaction to the horny, and all too often, lonely local housewives.  Yeah, I hid the fact from my husband for a while, but it is so much better know that he knows just what a cheating wife phone sex slut that I really am.  Call me for cheating wife phone sex at 1 888 474 6769 and let me tell you all about it.

AIM and Yahoo: SexyMILFRemy

Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Tina

Finally, I’m home alone!  My dumb ass husband finally got a travel assignment at work, and it couldn’t have happened soon enough.  He’s such a fucking useless man.  He has noooo idea how to please me or my insatiable pussy.  He just gets his little (and I mean LITTLE) rocks off and goes about his business.  Ugh.  But now that he’s gone, the cheating wife phone sex is about to kick into high gear.  I’ve got all this bottled up tension and my wet snatch is hungry.  He’s gone for two weeks and I plan to fuck as much as I possibly can.  If that makes me a slut, then you can punish me for being one.  You get to do to me what he can’t do, make me feel dirty.  And the dirtier the better.  Fuck all my holes.  Call me a whore.  Make me beg to swallow your cum.  That’s what really makes me gush.

cheating wife phone sex

Cheating wife phone sex makes me feel so alive and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to make you feel that way.  Are you cheating, too?  Even better!  We can make fun of our spouses while we fuck each other senseless.  I bet your wife’s pussy isn’t even close to being as good as mine.  I already know you’re bigger than my useless husband, and if you’re not then I’ll have a good time treating you just like I treat him.  But that’s another story.  The point is, I need to cum as much as possible.  And if you’re really really good to my cunt, I’ll even let you call me when he gets home.  Can you imagine how humiliated he’ll be?  But again, that’s another story.

I’m horny, desperate, and ready to go.  Call me for cheating wife phone sex and let’s get dirty.  1-888-474-6769. Better hurry before my pussy gets all sloppy LOL.

AIM:  tina_turnsuon
Yahoo:  tinaturnsuon

Strap On Phone Sex with Suzanne

My husband is a little bitch. I think most of you who call me regularly already know that. He loves being fucked in the ass, but I didn’t always allow that. I made him watch me get fucked by so many big black cocks before I would let him spread his legs for one of my lovers. Also, I turned him into quite the strap on phone sex slut before he got fucked by a real dick. I mean, I couldn’t have him whining and complaining about how much it hurt to a real man who is superior to him in every single way. So, I trained his virgin ass before he ever had the honor of being pounded by a big black cock.

strap on phone sex

So, when the big day finally arrived, I walked into his home office wearing just my fat black strap on cock and a pair of stilettos. I didn’t even have to say anything. He just got up, walked over to me, and dropped down onto his knees and wrapped his mouth around my strap on. I told him that he better suck it good and get it nice and sloppy because that’s all of the lube he’d be getting. He sucked it, spit on it, and then he stood up and put his hands on his desk and wiggled his ass for me. I would like to say that I was a nice wife and fucked him slowly so he could get used to it, but that would be a dirty lie. I slammed that strap on dick into him and fucked him as hard as I could. Did he complain? Yes, at first. But then he started moaning and before I knew it, she shot his load all over the side of the desk. But don’t worry, I made him lick that up.

Call me now for strap on phone sex. Dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Suzanne!

Size Queen Phone Sex with Robyn

I love big dicks. I can’t help it. I don’t understand how every woman isn’t a size queen phone sex slut. I mean, there’s absolutely nothing to love about small dicks or even average sized dicks that could do anything for me. Well, I mean, there’s humiliation, but that doesn’t get me off sexually in the way that a big dick does.

size queen phone sex

I don’t like fucking dicks unless they are 8 inches or more. I mean, if it’s 7 inches and really thick, I’ll most likely do it.. because OMG I love a thick cock. But I mostly stick to fucking big black cocks because they are always super long and thick and oh my God, they really know how to fuck me and get me off like you would not believe. I don’t like a passive man in bed. No, I want someone who be aggressive with me. I like being pushed down onto the bed and having a cock shoved into one of my holes. I don’t care which one. I just want to be filled up with a big black cock just like any size queen phone sex slut would.

There’s just something I love so much about looking down between my legs while I am being pounded and seeing that giant cock splitting my pussy open. It always looks like it’s being stretched out past the point that it should be, but I don’t care. I just want to be filled up and fucked like a whore. I don’t care if it hurts a little bit. It’s the good kind of hurt. A little bit of pain never hurt anyone. Mmmm.

If you are ready to talk to a hot size queen phone sex slut, dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to me, Robyn!

BBC Phone Sex with Mimi

People ask me all the time about why I like to have BBC phone sex. It it mainly because I think a black man has the most powerful cock in the world. To me they are powerful and superior to any other man is because of their ability to please any woman at any time with just a big black dick. When a woman like myself spreads open her horny pussy, she expects to be filled with something that will feel extremely good. Every woman wants to be sexually satisfied and if the cock isn’t big enough then she will be highly disappointed.

BBC phone sex

The last black meat I had was 10 inches soft and when I got him hard he was about 11 and a half. During my last BBC phone sex call I told this guy all about how I loved to grip it in my mouth and suck that chocolate cock until he was nice and ready to fuck me. I could barely even get my hands around him and it made my pussy so wet when he would grip my face and hit the back of my throat with his beautiful pink mushroom head. The taste of his pre cum was like sucking the juice out of a pineapple. After he was nice and ready for me he loved to push my legs all the way behind my head and dig that big black dick in my pussy until I couldn’t take it anymore. I surely loved to be sore for days and possibly not able to walk after he gave me his alpha male cock.

I know that my busy husband wonders why my candy cunt is always so sweet when he comes home from work. It is because I leave that warm creamy BBC sperm to marinate in me all day long so my husband can have a taste of what a real cock is supposed to taste like. After I cum in his mouth sometimes I won’t even let him fuck me. I just wait for my lover to come back the next day. I probably wouldn’t feel him inside of me anyway.

Would you like for me to tell you all about BBC phone sex? I will let you know all of the secrets between your small inferior cock and what it takes to have a alpha male cock. You probably really wish you had what it takes but you will never know how good it is. Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Mimi if you want me to know how a big black cock is way better than the tiny one you have.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Annette

You are so pathetic with that little dick you have in your hand wishing you could fuck me when you know I only want a real man with a big cock. Cuckold phone sex is you I mean you are the perfect loser for that fetishes. I know you are wishing your cock would just be half that size so you could fuck me but no no no you will never have me. I will allow you to listen or watch me fuck a guy with a cock so big you will hear me screaming when he pushed it in me. I will fuck him over and over in front of you while you stand their with your little dick throbbing in your hand how funny is that.

cuckold phone sex

Cuckold phone sex is for losers like you someone with no dick worthy of talking about at all. I know I would be laughing my ass off while I’m fucking a big cock while you are standing their so frustrated because you lack a dick. You will be drooling and moaning wishing it were you pushing your cock deep inside of me. Instead I will have a real man with a cock worth fucking going in and out of my sweet pussy. I think you better get use to jacking off because you will never get to fuck me or any girl with your sad little dick.

I love fucking men with cocks so big that I feel them stretching me open when they penetrate me making my pussy feel like never before. So when you come along with your tiny little dick I just laugh you will never make my pussy feel that good ever. Cuckolding you will be the only thing I will do for you, letting you watch me fuck a big cock is more then most girls would ever let you do.

Cuckold phone sex with Annette will make your little dick feel the best it will ever feel 1-888-474-6769

Yahoo: wickedannette
AIM: wicked_annette

Cuckold Phone Sex with Paige

This horny housewife has a real thing for cuckold phone sex fantasies!  I daydream about my man licking cum from a strange cock as it leaks out of my gorgeous pussy.  Whenever my husband goes down on me it is what I fantasize about to get myself off.  If he only knew I was imagining him eating up some other man’s creamy cum!  He would die! Not you though, you love cuckold fantasy phone sex you dirty thing you! I bet you imagine a big black cock, huge balls letting loose inside me with your tongue inches away waiting to inhale it down your throat.

cuckold phone sex

That would please Mistress Paige very much! I would squeeze my thighs around your head and make sure you cleaned it up well. If you are a good cuckold I will lay you on your back and sit right on your pathetic, eager face.  Eat it up, eat all of it! Depending on how good of a submissive you are I might let that cock come straight down your throat!

Of course, you need to really work hard to deserve that. I don’t reward just anyone.  This is about me and my fantasy after all. I really want to hear all of the ways you would please me to earn such a special treat! Let’s have some cuckold phone sex and you can have your reward! I bet you can’t eat it all…. 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Paige

Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Alanna

I often live by the motto what one doesn’t know, won’t hurt them. This is especially valid for the situation I have with my husband when it comes to cheating wife phone sex. While my husband goes to his executive job and slaves his day away, I have some fun of my own by sleeping around with my servants. Well, they really aren’t my servants but they keep my pussy in order. My gardener Mark always knows how to serve me a nice helping of huge cock while my chef Tom eats away at my sweet love box.

cheating wife phone sex
Now, I haven’t always been a cheater. I used to be a very loving wife and dedicated to my husband. However, once my husband started working long hours with his new position at the architect firm here in town, he started fucking his job more instead of me, if you get my drift. I craved something longer and thicker to fulfill my cheating wife phone sex urges, so once I saw my chef naked, I just knew I was going to turn him into my little puppet who would quench my sexual thirst.

Last week I almost got caught with Tom in between my legs in cheating wife phone sex when my husband popped home from work early. The problem was that I hadn’t came yet and I wasn’t getting off of Tom’s dick until that happened. The good thing was, we were in the basement and I’m sure my husband had his headphones on so there was no way he could hear the sweet moans that were escaping from my mouth while I was getting pounded. After I creamed on Tom’s pleasing tool, I headed upstairs with him right behind me. My husband still to this day doesn’t suspect anything is going on.

Do you have a cheating wife phone sex fantasy? Then call me Alanna at 1 888 474 6769

AIM: alluring.alanna
Yahoo: alluring_alanna

Cuckold Phone Sex with CJ

I have started to wonder if I am married recently. With the amount of time my husband is away from home, we barely ever see each other. When he is home, I spend the time making up for his shortcomings. When I married him I was sweet and innocent. I was spoiled, just like I am now. The difference is, now I cuckold him, to make up for his SHORT cummings.. If you know what I mean! After all I am a size queen, so I have higher expectations. Now I just can’t get enough cuckold phone sex.

cuckold phone sex

I am still spoiled, but I am no longer naive to deserving anything less than the best in all areas of my life; especially beefy black cocks. Now that I understand, I don’t have to fake it every time we start to get intimate. Often times when I know my husband is coming home, I will purposely “get caught” with one of my black lovers. He even knows now that he is to sit in the chair in our bedroom, and he is not allowed to touch himself unless I give the “ok.” I make sure he knows, I am fucking the beefy cock because he isn’t a real man and he is my cuckold phone sex bitch.

You know exactly what I am talking about don’t you pathetic loser? You don’t quite measure up to my expectations either, now do you? You only wish you could touch and have something as precious as this. What are you waiting for? Let me teach you the same lesson I have been teaching my husband. Be a good cuckold phone sex bitch and beg for CJ, your cuckolding mistress when you pick up your phone and dial 1 (888) 474 6769.

Yahoo: sinfulcj
AIM: sinful_cj

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