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I am such a size queen phone sex slut.  So, let me ask you a personal question — I already know the answer, but I want you to tell me. Do you have a wee tiny thing between your legs? Yeah, I can tell.  Notice I called it a thing and not a cock, because its more like a clit than a penis anyway.  I know life was uber cruel to you. It isn’t fair, but such is life.  You can’t compete with men who are packing those giant dongs.  I bet you spend a lot of time looking at porn and just wishing you were a big alpha dog instead of the whipping boy you are. It must shame you to the core to know that those cocks are what women really want inside of them — hard and often. Size truly does matter to size queen phone sex queens like me.  It is all that matters. I can’t be the first person to tell you that. What about any of the women who laughed when you dropped your pants?  It is our knee jerk reaction.  We laugh or we feel so bad for you.  I laugh and move on.  I need a man to bring out that carnal and natural reaction.  My body wants to submit and take what he gives me.  I will beg for giant cock.  Pride is the last thing on my mind when I see a man with a big bulge in his pants.  I make it my mission to milk that cock.  But then again, this doesn’t sound familiar to you, does it? OH you poor thing!  But I can find a use for you.

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As most of you know, I am a Cuckoldress; I have been cuckolding my husband for over 20 years now, and that’s about how long it has been since his worthless 4 inch dick has been anywhere near my pussy. Not only am I a size queen, but I have a huge preference for big black cock. The bigger, the blacker the better! A woman has to have standards and I set mine very high. There is nothing like a thick black dick fucking my milky white juggs except maybe that Mandingo dick rubbing all up inside my round white ass and juicy married white pussy. Don’t you wish you were there to watch up close and personal?

You call me for BBC phone sex for one of two reasons – You are either a BBC cock slut yourself and/or you fantasize about your wife or girlfriend being taken by young and hung black stud while you watch. Which is it? Or is it both? You come home from work early and see your sweet and innocent wife bent over the arm of the couch and getting pounded by the school football player’s BBC and screaming and cumming like never before, and you feel your balls pull up all tight in your pants. He pulls out and you see her red, swollen and gaping hole and you know he’s already filled her with at least one load of cum. You hear your wife beg her lover to fuck her ass and you almost cum in your pants when you hear that. She’s never let you get anywhere near her ass. After he dumps his last load of his precious black seed in her ass, he zips up and walks right out the door leaving your woman dripping his cum and barely able to move.

Are you going to get on your knees and clean her up? Hold her and kiss and tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her? Or are you going to just sit on the couch next to her, take out your worthless dick and beat off?

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We all know I love cock, and always looking for the next big one to use.  I don’t usually need to look far, but i’m feeling a little picky right now. I’m really looking for a sexy younger man who can give me what I need. Fall always seems to have me craving a hot younger hunk for some cougar phone sex. There is something about being lusted after by a man some find so taboo. You see I also know that so many of those younger men can’t seem to get enough of a sexy matrue woman.  A woman who knows just what she wants, and how to get it.  A woman ready to indulge in all those kinky, and taboo things you sometimes can’t get with those younger ladies.   A mature woman isn’t afraid to show you, and go after just what they want.

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Hi guys!! My name is Robyn and I’m the newest cheating wife phone sex slut here! And when I say slut, boy do I mean it. I have never been faithful to anyone, and I sure as hell wasn’t going to stop sleeping around just because I decided to get married. I do love my husband, but he leaves a lot to be desired in the bedroom. I love sex a LOT, so there’s no way I’m not going to get what I need, whenever I need it. I don’t feel bad at all about my cheating ways. I’m a really great wife and I am a better and hotter woman than he ever thought he would end up with. He hasn’t ever been able to please me in bed, so I don’t think it’s too much to ask that he looks the other way when I go out and find a nice big fat cock to sit on.

At first, my husband was upset that I was fucking other men. But as I said before, he really knows that he will never do any better than me, so he just learned to deal with it. If I’m being honest, it really kind of turns me on when he gets really upset about it. Anyway, as I said, he got really upset at first he eventually got used to it. And now, if you asked him how he feels about it, he would tell you that he actually craves it now. He buys me pretty clothes for my dates. He pays for my dates. And when he’s really lucky, I come home from my dates and sit on his face and let him clean all of the cum out of my gaping pussy.

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Over the past few weeks I have had a few new callers who are all sissy sluts, little dick pussy boys, panty boys, cum dumpsters and depraved dirty whores who crave the humiliation that only a mature woman like myself can give. I love when they get all dressed in panties, stockings, bras and bright whore red cock sucking lipstick. Put on some fuck me pumps, a corset for that womanly figure and a sexy and tight lace dress over it all. Shake that bitch boy ass for me, sissy and show me how much you need my sissy humiliation phone sex.

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cheating wife phone sex

Well hello there! I hope that you are staying as naughty as ever. I see you are into fucking other men’s wives, am I right? I sure hope so, because I am always on the lookout for a new cock to fuck. Not just any cock though, I need those girthy fat cock that really opens my cheating pussy up good.  Cheating wife phone sex goes hand in hand with my extra curricular lifestyle.  My husband just doesn’t do it for me in the bedroom.  He is a good provider, so I let him stick around.  But do you think that it is right for a woman like me to not be completely satisfied when she gets fucked? I have developed a nice stable of hung studs that stop by when my husband is out of the house at work or playing golf. And I can tell by the bulge in your pants that you have what I need to keep me busy all day long. Now how could a horny housewife like me turn down a cock that big! There is NO way!!  Fuck, it looks like you have a fucking monster down there and I am determined to find out for myself. How would you like to spend some time with me and let me suck, fuck and drain those manly balls?   I bet I could give you what you need.  I have a feeling you are going to be moved to the front of the hung stud line.

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I want to turn your lady into a nasty slutty whore. You already know that you are insufficient in the penis area, so why lie to each other and act like it’s enough? She deserves a big dick that will not only stretch that cunt but satisfy her for the first time since she met you. Cuckold phone sex is what you will endure from here on out you need to know your place “bitch”. Talking about how you will bring home a really big cock guy for your lady to fuck right in your bed.  Allowing you to watch and hear her enjoying his cock will be our call tonight. Knowing you will never please her again is a hard thing to swallow but when I’m done with you, you will be swallowing much more than that.

Becoming a cucky in front of your lady is what you will be forced to do and learning your place is important to know. Seeing how she loves big hard throbbing cocks will tell you exactly how deprived she has been. Knowing she will humiliate you even while she is fucking the other man is what you deserve … after all you have nothing to please her with. Changes your life will make from here on out will be for life no turning back she will never want your pathetic little dick again.

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cheating wife phone sex

I have to tell you about my afternoon yesterday! If you were in our phone sex chatroom, you heard that I had to have my car windshield replaced and I picked this guy because he’s not only good, but hot as fuck. And young, probably mid 20’s, over six feet tall, muscles bulging out from under his short sleeves and a package in his pants that is evident from feet away. Before I go on, I’ve been a cheating wife for over 20 years, cuckold my husband and as of late, he has no interest in sex with me or without me. He’s quite a bit older and I love him, would never leave him. I’m his cheating wife and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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It didn’t take long before I was on my knees, his pants at his ankles and his cock in my mouth. He had a gorgeous cock, long, thick and hard as a fucking rock. I let his cock slip from my mouth and bent right over the table, looking back at him and begging to fuck my hot MILF pussy. Boy could he fuck! He reamed my pussy and my tight asshole for what seemed like hours, and I had one orgasm after the next, I was in cheating wife heaven!

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MILF phone sex
Hello everyone, I am back, and ready for some steamy MILF phone sex calls! Kids are great, so is family, but it leaves me sexually neglected and I need to be fucked… right… NOW! Nope, hubby is not up to the task. He is always tired and making excuses, and I have had enough of them. If he is not up to the task of satisfying me, I have no choice but to look elsewhere. So, here I am, a hot MILF ready for hot MILF phone sex!
Come and get some love from me — we can roleplay out practically any MILF phone sex fantasy you desire. So pick a roleplay and let’s cum together! There are no taboos or limits with me — we can talk about anything. Too bad I am not allowed to list my favorites (they are forbidden ones, if you catch my drift) but I am sure your imagination can come up with some as well. I’d love to hear all about the types of phone sex calls you enjoy and I will share some of my “naughty” ones, hehe.
I can be sweet and nuturing, or more on the dominant side. I am not a Mistress however, more of a sensual domme or strap on lover. Can you handle a 9 inch one? Better bend over wide and find out, lol! If you are not into strap ons, that is okay too. I just sport one in my photos because it is a popular request with me as well as MILF phone sex. I do all types of calls, just let me know what you are in the mood for when you call me next time.
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Oh no! Don’t tell me!!  Despite the summer being hot as hell, you aren’t packing any heat are you? Yeah, I could tell.  I bet you just love small penis humiliation phone sex.  Do you have a wee tiny cock between your strong manly legs? Was life ruthlessly cruel to you? I bet you find yourself on the Internet looking at big alpha cock, just wishing that was you? You know your life would be so much different if only you weren’t disabled with such a small penis.  You know that women really want a meaty veiny cock inside of them. Maybe you had a few run ins with woman like me who busted out laughing when you dropped your pants? Make that, probably. Well baby, I hate to break it to you, but size truly does matter in this world. Oh let me tell you, when I cum with a man who is packing some monster heat, I become his bitch. Yep, even powerful women like me become submissive and are willing to do anything and everything that cock tells us to do. I know that it is not something you have ever seen are heard before, right? You always find yourself facing the exact opposite? Well,  don’t cry too much,  powerful women need men like you in our lives too.  We need someone to be our caretakers, pay the bills and help us look for giant cock.  You can do all that and you get to spend time with a woman you would otherwise never be able to even speak to.

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