OTK Spanking Phone Sex with Suzanne

I don’t talk much about it, but I love spanking sissies. I didn’t know I liked it at all until I got an OTK spanking phone sex call from a sissy slut who wanted to be punished. She told me she’d been a really bad girl and needed someone to punish her and I just went with it. But once that sissy was over my knee and I was spanking her bare bottom, I realized that I was probably just as turned on as she was.

OTK spanking phone sex

You might be wondering what she needed to be punished for. Well, she was the kind of girl who loved being given sissy assignments. She’d never let me down before, but this time she really disappointed me. See, she’d never been to a bar to pick up men before. She was really nervous about it, but I told her that the only way to get over the nervousness was to just go and do it. I told her that she should go in and talk to two different men she found attractive and ask them for their phone numbers. She wasn’t supposed to leave the bar without two phone numbers, but she did. When she told me about it, I could hear the shame in her voice. I asked why she didn’t do what she was supposed to and she told me that she’d tried, but the two men she talked to wouldn’t give up their numbers. She should have kept going until someone said yes, but she didn’t.

I told her to pull her panties down and lie down over my lap. She wasn’t happy about it, but she did as she was told. I took out my paddle and started spanking her sissy ass. Do you want to hear more about it or maybe confess something you fucked up at?

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Tease and Denial Phone Sex with Cora

I’ve always been known as a bit of a cock tease. I can’t help it. There’s just something that’s so satisfying about bringing a man to the point of being crazy with wanting me. I know I’m a gorgeous woman. Then you add my ability to tease into that and that’s when men lose their minds. I’ve had men tell me that they would do anything to fuck me. And I even get that over the phone during tease and denial phone sex calls. I’ve been told that the sound of my voice alone is enough to make men do anything to be able to talk to me.

tease and denial phone sex

See, I can even get men to stroke their cocks to the point of almost having an orgasm and stopping. I mean, yes, eventually I will maybe let them cum but not until I’m good and ready.  Are you willing to be brave and do what I tell you to, even if it means you won’t ever get to cum? Sure, it might take a long time to get to have an orgasm (or maybe not even at all, if that’s what I feel like) but it’ll be worth it just to be able to talk to me, right? That’s what I thought. Someone like you wouldn’t ever get to talk to me unless you pay, so you better get on the phone right now and give me a call. You’ll be calling me back over and over and you won’t even care if I’m stringing you and your orgasm along. As long as you get to talk to me, it’s perfectly fine, right?

All you have to do for tease and denial phone sex like you have never experienced is call me. My name is Cora and the number where you can reach me is 1 888 474 6769.

Mature MILF Phone Sex with Tessie

Do you ever wonder what it would be like to have two very hot MILFs all over you? You are going to realize just how horny a couple of cougars can be during our wild 2 girl mature MILF phone sex call. We get all dolled up in our sexiest lingerie and skin tight outfits… who wouldn’t with bodies like ours? 

MILF phone sex

Once we find our guy, we invite him back to my place for dirty fun and games. Teasing and flirting with you while we shed our clothes and peel you out of yours, you will not have time to object to our sensual advances. Our mouths and tongues take over your manhood and we can feel you throbbing. Both of us licking up and down, drooling over that hot throbbing cock. I am going to tongue your balls while she climbs on your face to get her pretty pussy licked until she squirts all over you. Drink it up honey, don’t waste a drop of her sweet juices. Watching it just gets me so turned on. I need your cock inside me right now and I am going to slide right down on that hard, throbbing cock! My pussy just swallows your dick and I start bouncing up and down. Don’t cum yet! Don’t forget there are two mature MILF phone sex sluts for that cock! She has to take a ride too while I suck on her hard nipples and rub her clit so she explodes and squirts. I have a feeling we will both be squirting before we are finished and your cock is going to spill so much cum during our kinky 2 girl mature MILF phone sex session that you will be calling us again and again. 

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Sierra

Today is my favorite day do you know why? My husband finally left for his business trip and now this cheating wife phone sex woman is all yours. (That is unless you want to be all mine) I have to confess that I love how sexual you are. So kinky, dirty and not shy when it comes to taking your hard dick out and stroking it for me. I do seem to have that kind of affect on all kinds of men. Getting their focus and eyes on me. Making them forget all about their significant other and flaunting this sexy body. When it comes to getting you in the mood no one does it better than I. I’ve come to know that you like an experienced woman who does all the things that the others will not do. That’s why alot of women will look at me and turn their noses down. And if it’s not because of my reputation for being very flirtatious, open minded and sexual, then it’s how I go around flaunting my body around their men. And when they keep hearing the word no from them, I am the one who will always seduce them into saying yes to me.

cheating wife phone sex

Just look at how i’m standing here like this right now. You can’t stop looking at my sexy long legs, big voluptuous breasts and tight shapely ass. What are you thinking about right now? What kind of fantasy would you like to share with this cheating wife phone sex slut? I have to tell you just how wet my pussy gets when i hear you talk dirty to me. I know how turned on  you get when I talk just as dirty to you. I just love to be vocal with you. To me nothing is more stagnant than a silent fuck with no emotion at all. I love to moan, suck, lick, fuck and talk just as dirty as I can to make your hard dick ready to explode just for me. I’ll be your sexy slutty secret friend with benefits. A no strings unforgettable fuck who will have you cumming back for more. And it doesn’t matter what kind of fantasy or secret that you want to share with me.

I will always welcome you with open arms and legs as I smile at you flirtatiously and see the bulge form harder and harder in your pants.  I love all kinds of men with all kinds of confessions. And I will take the time to listen to any and everything that excites and turns you on. I’ll slide my experienced hands down  your pants and take that hard fucking cock out and start stroking it for you. I’ll make it feel so good that when you are with her you wont be able to help but think about me. All of me is just for you. From my soft lips that are so warm and kissable. My big bouncy breasts that are just so squeezable, touchable and fuckable. To my soft tight smooth pussy that feels so good when  you lick, kiss and tease it with your tongue and fingers. And to my tight shapely ass for you to nibble, kiss, and lick. Not to mention these sexy long legs to wrap around your waist as you are sliding your hard dick inside of me. MMMM which hole would you like to slide it in first?  Or maybe you want these long endless legs wrapped around your shoulders if you want to lick my delicious pussy or ass into an orgasmic frenzy.

Come and get this tight wet cheating wife phone sex married pussy or kinky fucking tight ass. I’ll beg just like a good slutty whore does. Go ahead and slam that big fat dick in deeper. I’ll take that load just like a thirsty cum drinking slut. Give me a call baby. My husband will be gone for days so it’s just you and I…

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Sadie

Do you love cuckold phone sex as much as I do? That would be a tough bet to make without knowing how much I love the fetish of cuckolding. Everything about it makes me hot. I get turned on with cheating wife and girlfriend fantasies. When I hear about women sleeping around on their husbands with men that are bigger, younger, older, more successful or superior in some way to their partners I get aroused. It’s sexy when it’s just cheating but when it’s actual cuckolding? It’s majorly sexy. I get off on seeing the man jacking off while his hot wife is taking a huge cock right in front of him. The way a cuckold gets aroused watching his woman be satisfied in ways that he can’t satisfy her is damn hot. It brings out my voyeuristic side for sure. I really  like to see it all go down.
cuckold phone sex
Do you want to fuck me in front of my husband? I am always looking for studs that want to do that. My wet pussy is on the lookout for hot and hung men that want to fuck. I’ll take a threesome too. If you want to fuck me with one of your friends, well hell yeah I’m down. Two men might be able to give my pussy what it needs. I’ll drain both of you to the point of no return. I’m so horny lately and it makes my husband happy to see me getting what I want. He’s so supportive of my needs. I love having cuckold phone sex with men while he sits in the other room, unable to fuck me. He watches men fuck me too, it’s the sexiest thing. I keep him happy and he keeps me happy and then strange cock keeps me happy.

Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Remy

I bet if you were pressed, you would have to admit that you get all hot and bothered for cheating wife phone sex, right? Yeah, I know that it is “bad” to fuck other men after I put on that wedding ring, but forget that.  I need that other cock just to keep me sane.   Instead of judging me for being a cheating phone sex wife, why don’t you whip out your cock and fuck me already?  You know you want to!  It’s not that my husband isn’t good in the sack.  I’ve just always struggled with commitment.

cheating wife phone sex

Even when I was younger I always ended up cheating on my boyfriends.  I guess I was destined to be a nympho all my life because I just want it all the time.  Even though my man has an average size cock, there are just so many dicks out there that I haven’t fucked yet!  I warned him when he proposed that I might not be able to be the dutiful faithful wife he deserves and the fucker married me anyway.  So, really he can’t be too upset that he’s stuck with a cheating phone sex wife, right?  I bet you wouldn’t deny me if I lifted up my skirt, pulled aside my panties and told you to have at it.  So why don’t you?  How often are you going to get the chance to pound the fuck out of another cheating phone sex wife?  Look at my pretty pink snatch.  Those pussy lips are dying to wrap around your thick dick and you don’t have to be polite about it.  Just ram that fucker in deep and hard! 

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Panty Boy Phone Sex with Beth

Pssst… guess what, hon? I know your naughty little secret, panty boy, and I’m waiting for you to call me for some panty boy phone sex so you can finally let it all out. Yes, I want to hear about when you first started wearing pretty panties, whose panties you first stole and tried on, and what kind of panty collection you have now. And, of course, no panty boy phone sex conversation with Miss Beth would be complete without a full oral inspection of exactly what you’re wearing, so be prepared and be wearing your best panties! I won’t lie – I will judge.

panty boy phone sex

I love talking to sissy panty boys like you. I can help you shop for panties online, giving you pointers on how to pick out the right colors and styles for your body and the look we are trying to create. I also want to hear what you’ve found in your panty boy excursions, since we can all learn from each other. Then, after we’ve gotten you all pretty-pantied up, we will talk about what we can do with you next. I bet once you’re looking sexy as fuck, it would take no time to find you someone to play with. What do you prefer? A handsome man with a big cock? A sexy woman like me with her own panty collection, a hot pussy, and a big strap on? Or what about another pretty panty boy like you? Mmmm how about all three?
I know that once you put on those panties, you feel like a completely different person. That means you get to create the new you, including the naughty little panty boy slut you’re dying to be, and with panty boy phone sex, we can figure out exactly how naughty that really is! Call 1 888 47 HORNY and ask for Miss Beth, and don’t forget to have your best panties on!!

Creampie Phone Sex with Sadie

Hello guys, this horny desperate slut is in need of a creampie in the worst way. Do you think that you could help me out? My husband is absolutely useless in that regard. He understands though and encourages me to get loaded up with fresh cream pies on a regular basis. Will you call me up for creampie phone sex? I wonder if you want to deposit one or if you’d rather jerk off watching another man pump me full of his creamy load. You can have both of those things.With me you can have anything. I’m too horny and empty to be picky about cream pies right now. I just want myself full, I want to look down and see it seeping out. Can you picture that right now? Me laying out in front of you, spent and sweating with a full load inside? I need it, badly.

creampie phone sex

Please don’t tease me too long when you call for creampie phone sex. It’s been too long since I’ve been properly stuffed full. A day is too long to go without , if you’re an insatiable MILF phone slut like I am. I don’t ever want to go without cock and come. It’s always on my agenda to get fucked well and often. Pretty soon the neighbor will be home for the holidays and I will be getting my fill fairly regularly. I need creampie phone fantasies to fill the gaps. Don’t you need hot phone sex to fill the spaces between real time sex and more real time sex? I thought so, I’m here for it, for you. Are you hungry for that cream pie? Oh, it makes me crazy horny to see you eating that hot come from my pussy. I can not wait to hear you enjoy it.

Cougar Phone Sex with Tessie

What could be a better way to end the day than to take a load off and relax with an experienced cougar phone sex slut? My hot body will get your cock throbbing and ready to go, and then my soft hands, my warm mouth, my perky tits, and my tight pussy and ass will take care of all the rest! I enjoy playing MILF next-door, dirty auntie, or even a mature submissive for a horny alpha male but I am really good being a slutty housewife making my cucks cluck!
cougar phone sex
There are no taboos in cougar phone sex with me; absolutely anything goes! Just be honest about what you want, and I will handle all of the rest during our time together. So what kind of whore are you in the mood for? Give me a call; I’ve got all of your bases covered! An older women with years of pleasing men under her garter belt never misses the mark, so why go for a maybe when you’ve got a sure thing right here? Give me a call for some mind-blowing cougar phone sex!  I am an oversexed, dirty, cock loving bitch!  Whether you like it or not, I’m going to seduce you and make you mine. I am on the prowl for some new, young cock to satisfy this pussy. Are you up for the job? While I dangle my titties in your face for you to suck on, my hand is going to find it’s way down to your shaft so I can start to make you stiff. Suck harder honey, it gets me really wet. You are pretty good with your mouth. I think I’ll sit on your face so you can shove your tongue right up my tight, wet hole and make me cum. I can be such a dominant cougar phone sex bitch sometimes but you are my play thing. Stay there while I slide down and position my pussy over your cock.
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Stocking Fetish Phone Sex with Phoebe

Cum and enjoy some stocking fetish phone sex with phoebe!  I myself adore wearing all sorts of stockings and pantyhose different kinds and  different colors. I find it feels so erotic against my skin what turns you on hunny? Tell me running your hands up and down my legs to feel the silky texture and kissing my feet through the material and licking my pussy right through the stockings? Oooo that’s so hot I’d love to put on some stockings for you while I wrap another pair around your hard throbbing cock and slide them up and down to get you really excited I could even use them to tie up your cock and balls and make you my bad boy.

stocking fetish phone sex

Have I enticed you to cum and enjoy some sexy stocking fun with me ? I am going to be your bad girl and satisfy you with my collection of hosiery . You will be quivering at the though of touching my nylons and if you are good I will let you shoot your big load all over them  come on give in to your kinky fantasy and call me and ask me to put on a pair of stockings because i love men with an appreciation for stockings my pussy is wet and creamy and dying to feel your mouth all over it all you gotta do is pick up the phone and call me for some hot steamy stocking fetish phone sex . sweetness we can have so much naughty kinky fun there is no limits to how dirty we can get just give me a call me  for stocking fetish phone sex and I will be waiting for your call.

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