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I often get guys who ask me about the kind of cocks I like when I am getting fucked. This is always a funny question to me because I have never known a woman who enjoys to get fucked by a small dick. I mean, I have heard of a cock being too big but never have a ever heard a woman say that she would prefer a 4 inch dick over a 9 inch dick,  it just will never happen in your lifetime. So, with that being said, stop asking us girls if we are size queens, we all are! Why is it such a big deal anyway to all of you guys who ask? I think you guys are so interested in size queen phone sex because you never get such a great explosive reaction from a woman when you try to stick your poor excuse for manhood inside of her. I bet you would want more than anything in the world to watch me bend my ass over, take my right hand, and open my pussy for a large 9 inch dick to fill up my fuck hole while I moan with pleasure. Would you sit right there next to me and watch while you stroke your tiny dick and wish that you were my lover for just one quick second? More likely than not, the guy that will fuck me right in front of your face will be a big black cock. You see, BBC’s are the perfect size to fill up my pretty pink horny cunt. Every single black guy that has been in me has been at least 9 inches, I decided that I would ever let a 8 inch dick slide, but that’s it! I deserve to be a size queen phone sex slut, I am a beautiful woman for god’s sake and I deserve nothing but pure pleasure at all times. So guess what, you can either have what it takes to get on this pussy or you can take that small cock of yours somewhere else! Do you want to bring over one of your big dick buddies and watch me get kinky?

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Hi guys, Remy here!  I am a very social person.  I love getting to know people, having big parties and generally having a good time.  I always look forward to having cuckold phone sex parties.  I, of course, am usually the belle of that ball!  I like to invite all the big cocks I know, and some of my women friends as well.  Yes, I do tell them to bring their husbands.  But the husbands at my party are simply no more than servants and very interested observers.  The main party attraction is all the lovely and horny ladies getting railed by those giant cocks.  Not just railed of course, we service those dicks any and every way we can.  We worship every dick we feel like — no greedy cock hogs here.  My girlfriends are always covered in and filled with load after load of cum.  As you can imagine, we always have the best time.  Our dutiful obedient husbands, cater to our whims  — get us water, fetch lube, act as a fluffer if we get a bit sore.  My cuckold phone sex parties always last for hours, sometimes the whole weekend.  I think its time we had another, now that I am thinking about it.

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Cheating wife phone sex is so hot!!!! I mean who wants to settle with one man in their lives ?  Not me and I never will.   I love to have a variety of  different sizes of cocks, not one man that I know has the same cock, nor fucks the same in bed.  I have some men that love to be passionate and some that love to fuck me so damn hard.  Me I like both, any way you want to have sex with me, I am your cheating wife phone sex girl.    You are more then likely wondering how my husband fucks arent you ?  Well let me tell you its  a wam bam thank you mam.  well guess what, fuck that, cause I could really care to have sex with him anymore.  But I stay there because he takes good care of me with his paycheck .  And thats it.  I love money and I have taste on pricey things which I do get.  He knows that I do cheating wife phone sex since Ive been caught by him while masturbating with my toys and talking to one of my phone sex lovers.  I mean what can he do about it ?  Nothing because he knows he will never find anything like this.  he isnt to big down there so you know he wont find anyone .  Now you know why I do cheating wife phone sex. Call me today and lets cheat!

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I’m such a naughty MILF phone sex slut! I frequently call to have repairs done to the house even though there is nothing wrong with the electrical wiring or the plumbing or the pool or the roof.  My husband is clueless about what’s really being “worked” on and just pays the bills like a robot.  Lately, the pool pump and filtration system has needed a lot of work done by Diego, the pool repair man.  He’s a tall, sexy Latino and loves to find me sunbathing by the pool when he arrives.   Usually, I sunbathe topless.  He’s very sexually aggressive and an exhibitionist who loves to take me outdoors.  Who knows what the neighbors have seen if they peeped through the bushes!   I’m a MILF and need more sex than my husband could ever give me.  He travels for business, too, but even if he was around all the time, he can’t keep up with me and my horny needs.  Do you want to hear about all the men I have sex with every week?  You can hear all the juicy details, if you call me for MILF phone sex.

Diego is my Latin lover, but I also have that young and hungry electrician with a huge “lightning rod”, and the UPS man is a black stud who stops by to drop off an empty box and fill my box with his creamy load of cum. The list goes on.  A MILF like me needs sex every day and night of the week, sometimes more than once.  MILF phone sex with me will show you how insatiable I am and how I will do anything to get off and get you off.   I have a whole drawer full of sex toys that I love to use when I’m doing it with you, I want it to be so real.

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I know what you are thinking, How can she be so hot? How can she be a MILF? Will she let me fuck her? Can she deep throat my cock? Will she satisfy me? How hard can I fuck her before I beak her in half? Well sweetheart, those are all great questions! I am hot and horny all the time! I can’t get enough of the wild and fun MILF phone sex we have when you call me. I love flaunting myself so I can tease you and get your cock so hard it aches for me. After I’ve teased you incessantly, of course I’ll let you fuck me, but only if you are a good boy! Good boys let me suck on and worship that cock first. I love the way your cock tastes and feels as you slide it down my throat. You know I love it because I handle your cock in such a way that you can’t help but blow a load of cum down my throat, but don’t worry I will suck your cock, play with your balls and tease your asshole until you are hard again. I can’t wait for that moment when your cock is revived and ready to fuck me. I need you to pound your cock into me so hard that I can feel it in my chest. Feeling your hands on my hips as you fuck me from behind is such a rush for me, and I can’t keep my hands off my clit while you fuck me. You love MILF phone sex with me because I have the experience and drive to keep going until your balls are thoroughly drained and you are so completely satisfied! As you can see I really love what I do, so you won’t have to worry about what I can handle, but if you have questions, please feel free to ask.

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Making my husband my cuckold phone sex slut was one of the most satisfying things I have ever done.  Of course, I get so much pleasure from fucking all those big cocks.  Just thinking about it gets me all wet and juicy. But, I would never leave my husband out of the picture.  My poor pathetic husband gets a kind of pleasure watching me get just destroyed by those gigantic cocks I bring home.  My husband knows he is forbidden to touch me, but he can watch me be a dirty and wanton whore all he wants.  Actually, I often send my cuckold husband out to score me big peen.  He knows he needs to bring me a big hung man or he will be in trouble. He never wants to make me cross, so sometimes he will bring a few guys home.  When he does that, I give him a kiss on the forehead then I check out the goods.  If they are good enough to please me, I will take them all on.  I am never one to back away from a challenge.  I allow my husband to sit on his special chair and watch the big fuck fest.  He knows he can’t touch his cock until I give him permission.  And who knows if or when I might do that. I am always too busy fucking to think about what his cock needs.  Do you think you could handle being my good cuckold phone sex bitch?

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Everything you may have heard about a MILF is so true.  That we are sexy,horny,wild, brazon and insatiable, that we like to take charge in bed is a understatement.  A MILF is a women in her sexual prime and isnt going to waste any time getting what she wants or giving you what you wants too.  With MILF phone sex, you dont have to worry about head games or immature drama that younger chicks tend to get wrapped up in, you know that stuff is a boner killer and a time waster.  Right now, its time for sizzling sex with a experienced and mature woman.  If you have landed on my page, fate has obviously brought us together.  Get out your credit card, pick up the phone, and call me for the best MILF phone sex.   There is not anything that I wont do to please you.  No limits is the way I live my life.I am also a no limits MILF when you call to enjoy the time we spend together.  I enjoy everything from quickies to long calls.  I love being a phone sex MILF, because who would not want to have orgasm after orgasm all day and night ?   Let me add that I have a lot of fun sex toys, vibrators, dildos,that I like to pull out and use during my calls.  I give amazing head and I also get into anal sex, so if anything about me is getting you hard this second, then its time to call Ashton for MILF phone sex today.

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Ever felt the need to just let go and let someone else take over?  Everyday you are in control and making those tough decisions. Someone is always looking to you for the answer the next step to take.  I have just the thing for you. A sensual domination call is just what the Dr. or mature phone sex Mistress as the case may be ordered.:) Being able to sit back and just do as you’re told without worry is such an incredibly erotic feeling.  When you call your mature phone sex Mistress you can be sure the end result will always be you and I exploding with pleasure together.

Maybe you need a little extra push to put those pretty panties on, or maybe a little bondage is in order.  Whatever your desire I will give it to you in that sensual, almost romantic way. I love working for that cum with slow and deliberate words always sure to be mind blowing.  Whispered words in your ear of how wet my pussy is just because u are doing exactly as I have asked.  A call to your mature phone sex Mistress is just what u need if the more hardcore aspect doesn’t appeal to you.  I will take my time and slow and subtle give u just what you need. The need to let someone else worry about the steps and actions needed to reach that mind blowing orgasm we all want.  So don’t wait anymore make that final decision and call me for all your mautre phone sex Mistress needs.

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Do you know what might help you work through your slutty wife stepping out on you? The same thing that helps a lot of the horny callers, cheating wife phone sex and more specifically cheating wife roleplay. It’s hard for you to imagine what your hot wife is thinking when she’s out with another man and he’s giving her what you aren’t. Sometimes you might feel like she’s not thinking about you at all while she gets satisfied, but I bet that she is. I know that when I’m cheating that my mind wanders to whoever I left at home. They aren’t feelings of remorse, but you men that are being cheated on do enter our minds when our new lovers are entering our pussies. I’ll let you in one the things that your beautiful wife may be thinking about as she takes that big cock inch by inch into her super wet pussy. I might even be cruel enough to let you catch her in the act.

You don’t have to be the last to know. We can have some cheating wife phone sex and roleplay and you can see what it might be like to walk into your bedroom to find that your wife has invited another man into your bed while you were out. As much as you know you should be furious it turns you on more than anything doesn’t it? You know that you should storm out and leave, but you can’t turn away from how amazingly hot your wife looks in the middle of adulterous bliss right in your marriage bed. I’ll give you the dirty details of what he’s doing to her body as your cock grows harder by the minute. Do you think about seeing her take a huge cock into her ass as she locks eyes with you? Tell me, and we’ll do it all.





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Are you thinking about the last time you stroked your throbbing hard cock for me? I know I am. You were in your office after business hours and told me that you couldn’t stop thinking about the last time you called me for one of your favorite cougar phone sex fantasies. I know how much you love me flaunting my big 34 D breasts at you. And I know how much you cant stop thinking about my sexy long legs wrapped around you…MMMMM it just makes me tingle all over. I just came in from taking a dip in the pool. KThe water felt so good against my naked skin. I can’t stop fantasizing about your big strong hands touching me all over. I wondered if you were stroking to the thought of me barely dressed and showing off a lot of cleavage for you. I get so turned on when you cum for me instead of your girl friend or wife. My tight bald pussy gets so wet every time I think about you jerking your dick off to pleasuring thoughts that you can only get from an experienced cougar phone sex woman. I know exactly how to please and make your cock so hard you can’t take it anymore. And if you have been tempted to lose control with me you know I will be the perfect flirt to make you give in. Just imagine my silky body pressed against yours, me looking into your eyes smiling and smelling so sweet that you totally forget all about “her” Your cock couldn’t possibly be any harder at the thought of you taking your stiff hard dick and sliding it in my wet bald pussy. You start stroking faster and hear me say “You can have all of my holes baby…”

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