Cuckold Phone Sex Fantasies with Suzanne

Christmas is coming and you know what I want? A big black cock! Well, actually instead of the 12 days of Christmas, I’d like the 12 big black cocks of Christmas! And I don’t want to be greedy and keep them all to myself! No, I am going to make my husbands cuckold phone sex dreams come true and let him watch me get fucked by every single one of those BBC’s. If he’s a really good boy, I might even let him get down on his knees and let him get every one of them hard for me. I don’t always let him do that, but he begs every single time. I can’t say that I blame him. I know how freaking delicious they are and if I were him, I would be begging, too.

cuckold phone sex

Do you love cuckold fantasies, too? Just picutre this – me, dressed in red lingerie and a Santa hat. You on your knees in an elf costume (hey, I’m festive, ok?) with a big fat black cock in your mouth. Maybe he’ll pull it out and slap it on your face and your tongue before he shoves it back down your throat. If you’re really lucky, he will shove it so far down your throat that your eyes start to water and you gag on that big black cock.

Once he fucks my tight white pussy with his big black cock and I am gaping wide open, you will crawl to me on your hands and knees and tell me how it makes you feel to see a black creampie dripping out of me. If you beg me enough, I might even let you lean down and start to lick the cum out of my pussy. All you deserve is to be my fluffer and clean up boy. How does that make you feel?

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BBC Phone Sex Black On Blonde with Jasmine

BBC phone sex

Hello, my sweet perverts! I am Jasmine and I adore BBC phone sex! When I hear the term black on blonde I feel it was made just for me. Look at my rocking bod, pale skin, and flaxen hair. Lets not forget about these massive tits and big booty, either! My body was made for a good sweaty pounding. The kind of pounding that only a big black cock can give and I can take a lickin and keep on ticking too! I look incredibly hot with juicy dark meat sliding in and out of my pretty pink pussy. If you want to watch me cream all over that brown shaft you can. I would let you because I am a kinky sweetheart who loves being a naughty exhibitionist.

Interracial fantasies are so arousing, arent they? Would you like to watch this blonde get plowed on a BBC phone sex fantasy call? You might be kinky and a voyeur. Or you could be a horny cuckold who wants to roleplay the part of my white hubby? I just love lots of attention and sweaty steamy sex. This busty blonde is multi-orgasmic and I cant get enough of horny men in my bed! I have room for you too so climb on in. Just dont get between me and my brown skinned stud because I have a bad case of jungle fever, ok? I plan to get a  big puddle of baby gravy in my pussy and who knows maybe I will get pregnant! Wouldnt that be hot too?

I just love BBC phone sex because I never have to worry about whether or not I will orgasm my brains out! Give me that big gooey load of baby batter and I will purr like a sex kitten! Lets have kinky interracial fantasy play together and make each other cum like crazy. I am not against sharing if you have a craving for interracial cock curious fun, either! Would you like to suck it after he has fucked my sweet, tight, pussy? Let me know and we can get this big black cock fantasy started. Dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask for your sensual flower, Jasmine.

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Tina

I love big, long, fat cocks.  They’re absolutely gorgeous, like works of art.  The big bulbous head, the veiny shaft, the glistening precum forming a perfect drop at the tip.  Mmmmm. It makes my mouth water thinking about them.  I put the queen in size queen phone sex.  That’s why it’s so disappointing when you come at me with that pitiful excuse for a dick.  If you’re not packing 10 inches, it’s best you step aside and let the real men step to the front.  They know how to really please a women.  Hell, if I were to let you stick that little nub in me, which I wouldn’t, how would I know you were in there?  This isn’t a charity dear, I’m here to get pleasure myself.  For me, that comes from being stretched open by a dick with some girth until my pussy is gaping open.  Can you do that?  No.  So it’s rather curious why you called me for size queen phone sex.  I mean, did you think I’d believe that you had a big cock?  Not likely, my friend.  Your lack of confidence gives it away.  If you had a monster cock you wouldn’t sound like you’re about to run and hide in the corner.  You’d be assertive and know how to please a woman.  Sucks to be you, doesn’t it?

size queen phone sex

But since I have you on the line, I can make it work.  You’ll be our audience.  I’ll let you watch how a woman feels when she’s stuffed with significant man meat.  You can listen to the pleasure in my voice as he rams his thick dick deep inside of me.  You can stroke your teeny weeny as he nails me to the bed.  And if you’re really lucky, I may let you put your hand around his huge throbbing shaft just so you can imagine for a moment that you actually have something to offer in size queen phone sex.  But you don’t.  So just sit back, relax, and let the hung men take care of me.

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Carla

cheating wife phone sex

I do a lot of cheating wife phone sex calls. I’m a cheating wife myself. Although is it really cheating if he knows? I married young, a virgin, and definitely naive. When I cheated the first time it was quite the taboo experience with a munch younger and bigger dick. I knew then and there that I would never be satisfied with my husband’s small old dick. It was like an addiction at first, I probably fucked a new guy every week for almost a year! Not to leave out the repeat visits from a few of the best. Of course my husband found out, I’ll leave out the messy details, but that’s when he became a cuckold and I was able to live out all my cheating wife fantasies.

It didn’t take long before I had a taste of my first big black cock. I was hooked. That thick BBC meat between my lily white huge boobs. Fuck. Who wouldn’t get off on that?! Can’t say I was too surprised to find my husband loved to watch too. Beating off his little dick while I got pounded by a real man cock. Sure we experimented with him fluffing and eating cream pie. I think he just put up with that because it turned me on. For us both though, it was the idea and reality of me being with other men that turned him on. For years I’d come home from a date and he’d happily lick my stretched, sloppy, and swollen cunt while I told him all about my latest fuck fest. He’d hump and cum on his pillow while I squirted my juices all over his face.

Do you suspect your wife is cheating on you? I won’t hold back on the hard cold facts. Do you fantasize and wish your wife would fuck other men? Be careful what you wish for! I do any and every kind of cheating wife phone sex fantasy.

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BBC Phone Sex with Patty

If there’s one thing that all my loyal callers know about me, it’s that I love BBC phone sex. Big black cocks are my guilty pleasure. Wait – scratch that. I do not feel even a little bit guilty for how much I love black cock. What is there to feel guilty for? They are big, hard, and delicious. Very much unlike YOU. Yes, I know you are reading this because you have a tiny dick and you were searching for big black cocks online. Why on earth would you be searching for black cocks? Because you want to suck them and be fucked by them, of course. And I am just the woman to teach you the ways of black cock.

BBC phone sex

First, answer a question for me. Have you ever sucked a dick at all? If not, I applaud you for your willingness to lose your cock sucking virginity to a black cock. I mean, that’s ambitious and I am proud of you for even being up for the challenge. You’re going to want to just relax. Maybe have a shot of liquor before you get started. You have to just lose all your inhibitions and just go for it.  Don’t be afraid. Just do what comes naturally to you once you have that big black cock in your mouth and you’re going to do a fantastic job.

I have another question for you. How much pain are you willing to go through when you’re getting fucked for the first time? If you want it no matter how much pain you might be in, then don’t practice beforehand with a dildo. Just let him slide that big black cock deep inside your virgin asshole and feel every inch of it. I think that’s the way to go, but that’s my opinion. What do you think would work for you? Call me and tell me!

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MILF Phone Sex with Sabrina

It’s so hot to watch Brad craning his neck just to get a good look at my 5’7”, 131 pounds, sexy blonde MILF physique.  Brad is my next door neighbor’s twenty-eight-year-old son.  He’s built like strong football tight-end.  He just returned home to live with his parents after his four-year stint in the army was over.  I so love MILF phone sex.

MILF phone sex

I can see him perfectly from my bathroom window.  Our bathroom windows are directly across from each other.  One morning as I entered my bathroom, I could see him peering through his bathroom window curtains, anxiously waiting for me to take my 8:15 a.m. shower.  Knowing he was watching, I slowly disrobed.  First I took off my floor length white terry robe to reveal my black lacy bra, which unfastened in the front, only to reveal my nice 36-CC perky pink nipples.  Then I peeled off my matching black lacy thong to reveal my smooth bare pussy.  I peeked over to look at him and saw that he was slowly starting to stroke his large cock.  I smiled and decided to slowly play with my left nipple, while my other hand starting slightly stroking my beautiful pink butterfly clit.  I closed my eyes and was actually enjoying the show I was putting on for Brad.  So young, so virile, so hot.  I could feel my clit starting to get wet.  I took my wet finger and slowly twirled it around my right nipple.  My right nipple now sweetly smelled of my hot pussy.  I lowered my mouth to my nipple and sucked every drop of pussy juice off.  I glanced over to Brad and saw that he was feverishly now jerking his cock up and down while massaging his overgrown nutsack.  I matched his feverish strokes while fingering my now sloppy wet pussy.  I gave my nipple a tight squeeze as I began to moan and cum while my pussy squirted its warm release.  As I recovered from my shuttering orgasm, I looked over to see Brad’s chest fully covered in ropes of his own jizz.  I smiled again and hopped into the shower.  I so love MILF phone sex.

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MILF Phone Sex with Phoebe

I love being a MILF phone sex slut around this time of year. All the college boys from the neighborhood are coming home for the holidays. And you know what that means! I’m going to get stuffed better than a Thanksgiving turkey! I get lonely for those 18 year old dicks when they are away at college. I mean, think about it. I get fucked all summer and then it’s like a drought when they go away. Don’t worry, I do still find cocks to fuck me while they are gone. There are a couple of boys who stayed around and are going to community college, so they make sure to fill me up while everyone else is away. But it’s just not the same as having a rotation of like 10 of them to choose from. You know what they say – variety is the spice of life!

MILF phone sex

Now, yes…I do have regular fuck toys but I love finding new ones. I especially love being the woman to teach a young man the ways of sex. I mean, the problem with a lot of men in bed is that nobody took the time to properly teach them to fuck. I know it can be time consuming and yes, it does test my patience sometimes, but it’s well worth it in the end when you have a young man who will literally do whatever it takes to please you. I think a lot of women owe me a huge thank you! I know that I am responsible for a lot of orgasms going on in my town.

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Cougar Phone Sex with Remy

cougar phone sex

I am not your average MILF. I don’t go to PTA meetings, I don’t do bake sales or book clubs or anything like that. I don’t have the time with all the constant sucking and fucking I do. No, I am way more fun than that. I am much more of a cougar phone sex queen.  I always have an eye out for younger men rocking a huge bulge in their pants.  It is almost uncanny how I can sense it when a younger man with a monster cock is lurking about. I know how to treat that big cock and make sure it squirts all over me. Sure I am demanding and sexually aggressive, but in my experience, men love that in older women.  I know exactly what I want, I know exactly how to give a man what he wants too.  When I see a guy who catches my eye, I go all out to make sure I get that dick. I use my mature rocking body and the skills I have learned over the years to make sure that my younger fuck buddies come back for me.  At my age I don’t fuck about with drama, I am strictly in it for the dick.  I leave all that dating shit to younger women who are trying to find a husband. I found one, and out fucked him a long time ago.  Now I need that monster cock to keep me happy.  Most cougar phone sex sluts like me are happy to share that dick too.  I would never bogart one when I know he can make my friends feel as good as he made me feel.  I am awful sweet like that.

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Cougar Phone Sex with Carla

cougar phone sex

I embrace the term cougar with all I have and I am just cougar phone sex woman you need in your life. I am in my early 50’s and I just love younger dick! My first cheating wife experience was at the hands of a much younger guy and I have been hooked ever since. I stalk my prey and I pounce and you know what? They give up way too easy! Sometimes it is all about the chase.

I’m headed out to the clubs this weekend and there is only one thing on my mind. I will be on the prowl for a hot young stud to bring me home and ravish for my pleasure. I love the looks I get when I’m out and about and all the younger guys just can’t take their eyes off me. I know you are probably a little nervous being that I’m so much older, but there is no need.If you are a sexy younger guy, I know I want you as much as you want me!

I love to dress in a short little skirt, black sheer stockings, cum fuck me pumps and a very low cut blouse when I’m out. You know I’m showing off my amazing cleavage! Don’t hesitate to buy me a drink or two because I guarantee this sexy cougar will make it worth your time and money. When I make you dance with me and grind against your cock, you’ll know exactly what I have in mind. I might not even wait until we leave the club, I see a dark corner over there and I must have that younger cock now!

Not only am I cougar in my real life, I just love cougar phone sex! There’s nothing like seducing a younger guy and pleasing that hard throbbing cock. It’s okay if you are a little bit shy, I have no problem taking the lead and showing you how to please a cougar phone sex woman like me.

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Beki

I knew I shouldn’t have married so young! Especially someone so much older. Now I’m stuck home doing all the house work while my husband is always away for business. I’m always lonely, and what’s even worse, I’m ALWAYS horny! When they say your sex life dies after you get married they weren’t lying! But the times I’ve cheated on my husband are totally good for cheating wife phone sex fantasies!

cheating wife phone sex

One night I was so horny, my pussy was throbbing and dripping wet. I went over to the neighbor’s house with nothing but a robe on. My neighbors are a young hot couple. The wife, who is a tall hot blond with big perky beautiful titts answered the door. I greeted her with my tongue in her mouth. To my surprise she accepted it, but not only that, she loved every bit of it!

Her husband came down stairs and saw us ravishing each other’s bodies. He instantly got rock hard. I walked over to him, and pulled down his pants. I reached down and pulled is cock out. I got on my knees and put all 8 inches of his fat cock down my throat! It was so good. I could feel the blood pulsing through is cock as I licked and sucked him while his wife licked my tight white ass.  I then let him explode inside my mouth and I swallowed every drop. It was the best thing I have ever tasted!

After that night, I just couldn’t get enough. I wanted to fulfill all of my fantasies, so I decided to turn to cheating wife phone sex.  I love the fact that I can be as kinky and freaky as I want to be. I love cheating wife phone sex. I imagine my husband watching me please a big black cock as he pleases himself. The thrill of maybe getting caught by my husband makes my pussy drop.  The best cheating wife phone sex is when my husband decides to join in and you get your fat cock sucked by him while I play with your asshole. So come be naughtier with me. 😉

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