Spanking Phone Sex with Carla

I am always in the mood for a spanking phone sex call. I am a firm believer in discipline for naughty boys and girls, and when you misbehave you get spanked. In some circles domestic discipline is usually referred to the discipline of the wife in a “traditional marriage”. That might work for you, but it’s not what I believe. I’m  a believer in a woman led household where I am the boss and you do as your told. And when you’re not obedient or talk back or otherwise get in a mood, the best thing to fix that is a good old fashioned over the knee spanking. OTK for those in the know.

spanking phone sex

Spanking with my bare hands, a hairbrush, paddle, cane, or even my slipper will be a punishment you won’t soon forget. Humiliation is part of the ritual. When I have you get my spanking implement of choice. Having you take your pants down, and your underpants in front of me. Is it really a spanking if it’s not on your bare bottom? Might as well strip completely, I can’t have your clothes getting in the way.  I will make you squirm and beg for mercy and I expect that I will even make you cry. Your spanking isn’t over until I say it is.

You will find my experience second to none when it comes to spanking phone sex. It’s not something I just play on the phone, I live it and believe it in my real life. We can roleplay Mommy’s naughty boy, the strict Head Mistress at school, or anything else your pervy mind can think of. If your spanking fantasies run a little different, let me share with you my experiences with naughty girls and being a sexy Head Mistress who believes in sexual humiliation and pain as training tools.

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Spanking Phone Sex with Carla

Why do I blog about spanking phone so often? Because it really is one of my favorite things to do and talk about. There is something about your bare bottom placed right over my knee, clenching in anticipation of the first spank. You know you deserve this spanking and that’s why you willingly submit yourself to me. For a lot of guys who call me for spanking phone sex, it’s to relive memories from their past. I will do all your spanking roleplay fantasies, even the most taboo ones. As long as I’m making your bottom red, it’s all good for me!

spaking phone sex

I am a firm believer in using spanking as punishment as well as for fun and pleasure. Doesn’t mean it’s not going to hurt, but it really is a different kind of spanking. Punishment spankings are meant to inflict pain not pleasure. You have to learn to mind your manners and your wandering eyes. What better way to be reminded then a sore bottom for a few days after? I show no mercy either. I have a collection of paddles, wooden paddles, leather, and lexan. Corporal punishments and old fashioned discipline sessions with a cane or a branch. Just imagine having to send you out to the back to pick the perfect branch for your switching.

My experience with spanking naughty boys and girls isn’t just limited to the phone. I know how to deliver a spanking for maximum pleasure. Have you ever had an orgasm just from being spanked? Not just spankings, flogging, whipping, cropping, and more. I do it all and I’ll do it to you! When I bring you to tears and hear you cry and beg for mercy, you will know that I have done it right. It doesn’t mean I’m going to stop then, only I decide when your spanking is over.

For something a little different, ask for me and one of the naughty girls on our sites. Listen to me spank her, or help me, or I’ll spank you both. Imagine the spanking possibilities!

For spanking phone sex call Carla 1-888-474-6769

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Spanking Phone Sex with Carla

spanking phone sex

You need to pick up the phone right now and call me for spanking phone sex, if you are a naughty boy or girl in need of the special kind of discipline only a woman like me can give. You know exactly what I am talking about, don’t you? Remember as a boy being put over her knee, pants down for a good over the knee spanking? I love the Catholic school guys who call me and need to be lectured and dealt with very sternly before their punishment. Ritual spanking scenarios and corporal punishment with a little dose of humiliation does wonders for correcting a naughty boy’s attitude.

I know, you think you’re all grown up now and past the stage of needing a spanking. So why are you still reading this? Men of all ages benefit greatly from regular discipline from a strong and nurturing maternal woman. I will have you stand in front of me for your lecture and have you ask for your spanking. You will remove your pants and your underwear because the only kind of spanking that counts is on a bare bottom. As much as I love OTK, my favorite position for you is bent over the ottoman, ass up, head down. I know you’ll be a good boy and hold still won’t you?

A hand spanking is a good place to start, but I think you deserve something a little more severe. Shall I use my favorite rosewood paddle? The soft leather tawse that stings like a mother fucker? A rattan cane perhaps? I so love the way your ass and thighs look all marked up. Oh yes, naughty boy, this is going to be a spanking you will not soon forget. Go ahead and beg for mercy, I get off on your tears and this spanking is only finished when I say it is.

I’ve barely even begun to share all my spanking phone sex fantasies with you here. So you better pick up the phone right and call Carla at 1-888-474-6769

AIM – MILFCarla4u

spanking phone sex with carla

spanking phone sex

I have to admit that for me, not much is hotter and sexier than having a naughty boy or girl bent over, ass up high, ready for a spanking. You know you have been a naughty boy and you know that I told you that next time you misbehaved you would get a spanking that you won’t forget. A good hard spanking right on that naughty bottom. I know that you are calling me for spanking phone sex because you know the best way to discipline you is with a very sore bottom.

I am quite experienced when it comes to spankings; this is not just something I play on the phone, this is what I do in my real life. I believe in Domestic Discipline with the roles reversed. The men in my life get spanked when they deserve it, and trust me when I tell you that a punishment spanking is supposed to hurt. It’s not the same kind of pleasure spanking we play when we just want to have fun. When I lecture you and tell you to get the paddle, belt or cane, you know I am serious and you know you need this spanking to learn your lessons.

I might put you over my knee for an OTK spanking or I might bend you over the arm of the couch or an ottoman for a more severe spanking. I prefer to use a hairbrush or a small paddle to start, and if I don’t think that is enough I will get out the heavy wooden paddle or a tawse. I love to use my prison strap and I am quite the expert with both rattan and lexan canes. It’s so hot to see your bottom all striped, red, bruised and even welted. I know how to make it hurt so bad that it’s not good and I promise not to injure or harm.

When it comes to spanking and spanking phone sex, I am the experienced woman that you desire. It’s not over until I say it’s over and your tears and pleas for mercy only spur me on.

Call me, naughty boy, at 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Carla.

AIM/yahoo – MILFCarla4u

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