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Cougar phone sex with a 50 year old big titted horny woman; what could be better than that?! I just love some younger cock and I know you love this hot mature pussy. The best part of living near a college town is the never ending supply of hard and virile guys. And horny cocks. I have been called a predator more than once in my life and staking out my prey at the local bar is one of my favorite hobbies. Sure you can buy me a drink, but I probably won’t drink it either, but you go ahead and have another (but not too many, I’m not interested in some limp whiskey dick!).

cougar phone sex

You can’t help but notice my huge 40FF tits popping out of my extra tight sweater. My nipples are always hard and you can’t help but stare. When I brush my hand against your leg and you feel my long nails dig into your thigh, there is no mistake in what I want. “Come home with me” I whisper in your ear. My hot body pressing up against yours, my hand now giving your cock a quick squeeze through your pants. We can barely keep our hands off each other in the parking lot, kissing, touching, and hurrying.

Cougar Phone Sex

I can’t wait to get my hands and my mouth on your hard fat cock. My panties are soaking wet in anticipation. Your hands have been feeling up my titties since we left the bar. As you pull my breasts out of my sweater before we even get out of the car, I’m pushing your face down between my sexy thighs. I can’t wait another minute as I’m grinding my sloppy cunt all over you face. You can’t wait any longer as you drag me out of the car, and bend me over the hood. Ripping my panties off, I feel your throbbing fat cock teasing my fat pussy. Fuck me, just fuck me already, as you don’t hold back and pump that sweet dick inside me.

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Cum a little closer baby, this hot Mama is in need of kinky MILF phone sex. I’ve been dreaming of my neighbor’s cock, well my neighbor’s son if you must know, for quite some time now. Now that he’s legal I am going to make my move. My husband is away on business this week and I’m going to invite him over for some bullshit reason. Only one thing on my mind and it’s hard teenage cock in my MILFy wet holes. He won’t know what hit him when I answer the door in my black stockings and garters, push up bra, corset, and heels.

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Don’t you wish you were my neighbor knocking on my door? I’ve been scoping him out for awhile so I know won’t be disappointed by his cock size. Let’s just say I’ve done a bit of peeping and sneaking and I know … oh yes I know. I love to be on my knees sucking some hard and fat thick dick, for some reason they taste better and look better. Who doesn’t want to suck a pretty cock? mmmm And so much fucking cum. I bet he has enough cum to cover these 40FF’s with his creamy jizz. Bounce my fucking tits and titty fuck me too. Whatever keeps that cock hard and aching for this MILF pussy.

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Yes I am a real life cheating wife and that’s what makes cheating wife phone sex so damn good with me. Let me tell you a secret, the fact that I am a cheating wife makes my husband a cuckold! That’s right, if your wife is cheating you’re a cuck. That’s what being a cuckold is. But enough about, let’s talk about me and my insatiable sexual needs and desires. From the first time I cheated on my husband (that’s a taboo story in itself!) I knew that I would never be happy with just his dick. Not just because it’s so damned small, but because I need more!

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The first dick I had after marriage was almost twice the size of my husband’s and the first time I ever came from just being fucked. Holy hell, this is what fucking should be. Since then I’m on a quest for the biggest and fattest fucking cocks for this cheating wife pussy. Yes, I’m a size queen and damned picky about any cock that I let close. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, if you don’t measure up; and that includes girth, don’t even bother thinking you’re going to fuck me. But if you’re hung and hard, bring it to me, baby!

My favorite is younger hard dick. Why younger? Well for sport fucking they get it hard and they keep it hard more than most any old guy ever will. Being a cheating wife my time can be limited and I need a cock that’s at attention when I’m available and wet and ready. Bring a friend if you have one, I told you I’m insatiable and even your dick’s not enough for me.

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This really happened and it would make for a really hot MILF phone sex call! It was New Year’s Day and my husband and I were at his best friends house for more food and drinks. There were a dozen of us there, including the son of the host. I hadn’t seen him in a few years and let me tell you, he sure did grow up! He thought he was being sly, but I noticed him staring at me all night. Of course, I had to tease him a little bit too. I brushed up against him, my tits rubbing across his back. I winked at him and I swear he blushed! I could tell he was getting a little uncomfortable when he had to adjust his cock in his pants.

I excused myself from the group and made my way upstairs to the second bathroom. Imagine my surprise, not!, when he followed right behind. I told him to take me to his bedroom and he didn’t hesitate at all. I closed the door behind us as I pushed him to sit on the bed. I was so fucking horny I couldn’t help myself and dropped to my knees in front of him. My hands making quick to work to undo his pants to get my first look at the younger cock of my friend’s son. I think he was surprised as I was when I opened wide and swallowed every inch of his now rock hard cock down my throat. Fuck he tasted good! A few thrusts in my talented MILF mouth and I was rewarded with a thick load of his cum down my throat. Delicious!

Oh it doesn’t end here either, I kept sucking, and he got hard again as only younger guys can. I knew I had to have that fat dick in my MILF pussy. I didn’t even care that my husband or his parents were downstairs and could walk in at any minutes. I bent right over his bed as he fucked me from behind. OMG I came and came and came over his hot cock. Soon I felt him explode for the second time, this time inside my married MILF pussy.

The hottest part of all this? I put my panties back on and spend the rest of the party in my cum soaked panties.

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