Cougar Phone Sex with Suzanne

A lot of younger girls like to call cougar phone sex women like me sluts as an insult, but we don’t ever take it that way. It’s actually a compliment that they feel threatened enough to start the name-calling. I seriously can’t help it if their boyfriends would rather fuck me than their inexperienced cunts. I know what I’m doing and I can make an 18-year-old cock feel complete ecstasy for the very first time. Being with an experienced woman like me isn’t like anything they have ever experienced. Those barely legal bitches can call me a dirty old slut until the cows come home and it’s never going to bother me. I’ll be too busy fucking their boyfriends to worry about what hateful words are coming out of their mouths. And speaking of their mouths – they do not know how to suck a cock the way I do.

Cougar Phone Sex

I’ll never forget the first time a girl walked in on me giving her boyfriend a blow job. She started yelling and calling me a whore and I just laughed in her face and kept sucking his cock. She threw her promise ring at him and that was right about the time that he came in my mouth. I mean, if she wanted to keep her boyfriend from straying, maybe she shouldn’t have taken that promise ring so damn seriously. I kept sucking his cock until he and his family moved away. But he’d introduced me to so many of his friends that even though I missed his cock, I had plenty of other dicks to keep all of my holes satisfied. Trust me, I was never without satisfaction. All I had to do was summon one of them and they were right there.

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Cross Dressing Phone Sex with Gypsy

Oh, honey, that dress looks absolutely fabulous on you, and believe me, it’s going to look even better on the floor when that big strong man takes notice of your sexy slutty self!! You are going to be the belle of their big, full balls when I’m finished with you, so get off your horny ass and call me for cross dressing phone sex! Playing dress-up is always fun, but it’s even more fun when you know you’re going to get the attention that you want from the big studs that are looking for some sweet ass to fuck! We’ll dress you so every horny cock for miles knows it can get a piece of you, so get ready sweetie!!Cross Dressing Phone SexSo why don’t we start with your underthings? Do you like to be slutty or innocent? Trashy or glamorous? No matter what your inner sissy’s personality is, we can have fun with cross dressing phone sex because there are so many sexy things out there for you to choose from. Silky panties, lacy bralettes, garter belts, and stockings. How about a bustier? Mmmm…latex if you’re feeling extra kinky…I’m sure we can figure out the perfect boudoir look for your inner sissy slut, honey! We’ll figure out what colors look best on you, and we’ll dress you for sinfully slutty success. After that, it’s just a matter of the right makeup, a sexy wig, and the best fuck-me heels you can walk in. No worries – you won’t be walking in them long. If you get my help with some cross dressing phone sex, those heels will be up in the air before you can say “fuck my pretty sissy pussy please!”

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Phone Sex Cougar Remy

Listen, I get it. You horny younger guys are always ready to cum. But here’s the thing, what do you know about really pleasing a woman? It’s not just about you, you know? So I think it’s time you let this phone sex cougar teach you a few things. Of course, you want to stick your dick in a tight wet pussy and blow your load. But you have to learn some restraint, sweetheart. Be patient and take your time so you both can enjoy it. It’s not always the girl’s job to seduce you. You have to pay attention to her needs too and make her feel good. And trust me when I tell you, there are too many of you so quick to bust your nut you leave us completely unsatisfied over and over again. Those are just the sad facts. So slow your roll and let this phone sex cougar educate your ass already.

Phone Sex CougarYou need to learn how to touch her sexy body. Not just grab her tits…but touch her. Caress her. Kiss her softly. Obviously, that big hard-on lets her know you’re horny, but you need to let her know you want her and care about what she likes. And don’t worry, it’s going to take time for you to learn. But lucky for you, I am a very patient phone sex cougar. We can have as many lessons as you need until you’ve fully learned how to please a woman and share yourself completely with her. It’s time to grow up young man. No more jabbing a cunt and getting off without taking care of your girl’s needs. I’m going to show you how it can be an enjoyable experience for both of you.

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Boot Fetish Phone Sex with Darcy

I have more pairs of boots than I can count. I love them all from calf boots, combat boots, to over-the-knee boots. The only thing I like more than a sexy black pair of boots is being fucked in them during boot fetish phone sex. I just know you’re going to love me in my pair of navy blue knee-high boots, a blue-black mini skirt, and a pair of white fishnet stockings. I’m pretty sure you’ll start drooling. Or maybe my black calf boots with the stiletto heels are more to your liking. You see, I want to wear whatever will make your cock jump and twitch and point in my direction.

Fetish Phone Sex

Ah yes, I want the sight of me in my black leather boots to drive you so wild that you will have to call me for boot fetish phone sex at first glance. You can rub them, touch them, lick them – even worship them if that’ll make your cock jump! I can be rougher with you and press my sexy black boots into your flesh. Mmmm, would you like that? Don’t you worry, dear – I will keep these luxurious boots on the whole time we are fucking. So go ahead, sniff my boots. Allow all that intoxicating leather scent to go to your head. Then you can start licking, kissing, and sucking. You can even suck my heel. Oh, I would really love to see you take my stiletto into your mouth and lovingly suck it. Now that is the kind of worship that makes my pussy wet.

After my boots are adequately worshiped, my pussy will be dripping and it’ll be time to fuck me. I’ll lie back on the bed with my legs spread wide and you can crawl to me. Crawl and kiss up from my boots up to my tits. I’ll take control of your cock and guide it into my pussy and let you settle deep inside me before I hook one of my legs around you and dig my heel into your back. The other foot is going on your shoulder so you can continue worshiping. How very lucky you are to enjoy me like this. *kisses*

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Sissy Phone Sex with Catalina

I know not everyone will understand. Many will be judgemental, but all he really wants is to get in touch with his feminine side. Not because he orders a sissy phone sex, that doesn’t mean he is gay. Many guys get curious sometimes, but they have to be curious behind closed doors. I am sure a lot of females do too. Yes, he wants to get dressed up in bra panties and other female clothes. Yes, he also enjoys it when I put my breast clamps on his nipples, and make him my little submissive sissy. I know it gets even weirder because he wants me to put baby oil on my nine inches dildo, and demand that he use both his hands to separate his ass checks, so I can slide my dildo up his tight little ass. Do not judge me, until you try it because it is really good.

Sissy Phone Sex

If you have never tried sissy phone sex, I can tell you that you are missing out on one of the sweetest sexual experiences. I am getting the opportunity to phone fuck a guy as intensely and mercilessly as another guy would want to fuck me, calling him names such as my little sissy, my little slut. The feeling I get when doing all that just makes my nipples so hard and the thoughts that arise in my head just make me so wild and uncontrollable as I try to fuck the hell out of my little sissy. He loves every bit of it especially when I take my dick out of his ass and make him suck it dry. I want all his holes getting fucked before I finally get over-excited and cum all over his face and tell him to lick it all up. My little sissy boy has to eat both of our comes before the call ends.

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Cream Pie Phone Sex with Beth

You just saw the title above and licked your lips, didn’t you? I bet you’d also love to lick my lips as well, specifically my pussy lips when they are dripping with another man’s cum. You do love your desserts, and cream pie phone sex is on the menu tonight, baby, so get ready to taste and feel that delicious man milk cream pie as it slides down your throat. Only the best cream pie, with the best ingredients – copious amounts of cum from the largest big black cock I can get my pussy on, mixed with the tidal wave of salty-sweet pussy juice that gushes from my cunt the second a fat black cock pushes its way deep inside of me. You’re a cream pie epicurean, and your taste buds are ready to have a party in your mouth – your tongue is about to be smothered in the best cream sauce you’ve ever tasted.

Cream Pie Phone Sex

Have I got your attention? Are you a sloppy eater? It’s ok – you can tuck my panties into your collar like a napkin and enjoy the smell that wafts up to your face as you dribble cream pie down your chin. Let those panties catch-all that your mouth doesn’t get – that way later when I’m getting fucked again by this big black stud, I can gag you with those panties so you can enjoy the taste while you play with your little cuck clit and watch. I’m sure as hell not going to stop at one load – I want your cream pie phone sex meal to be extremely filling, just like that huge black cock is in my pussy! So satisfying….mmmmmm! Now, cuck bitch, get ready to lick and slurp it all up!

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Bi Curious Phone Sex with Sierra

Sometimes I just love it when guys get themselves in compromising situations. Especially when they find it impossible to get out. That’s what happened with the latest bi-curious phone sex guy that I spoke with. He said “Sierra I’ve been thinking about sucking cock for a while now. My next-door neighbor has been after me for months now. He’s very feminine and girlie acting.” Another thing that he added that sounded like it could be a dangerous add-on is that he is also really jealous of the guy and the fact that he has a girlfriend. I told him it’s like playing with fire. He told me that he went next door and assumed that he was going to get his dick sucked by him. But he quickly turned things on him and was told to get on his knees. Looks like his neighbor miss girlie boy fem knows how to take control and was not fucking around.

That was only the beginning of his confession though. He told me while he was over there that the guy started taking pictures of him using his phone. I said “are you fucking kidding me?! You allowed that to happen? It looks like you’re just digging yourself a bigger hole!” It didn’t stop there though. He said, “I know but I was just so horny and I love bi curious phone sex so much that I could not stop him.” He confessed to me that a few months back when they were in an elevator together that miss fem girlie boy got a picture of him in a tiny pair of shorts that showed off his ass as well. As I’m sitting here now barely dressed I can’t help but wonder what his wife thought when she realized that all of his pubic hair was shaven. Who do you think did that? Him or his miss girlie fem from next door?

Bi Curious Phone Sex

I’m not going to tell you that secret. But one thing I can say is that he told me he never wants his pubic hair to ever grow back again!

I chuckled and said “yes once that hair is gone and you feel how fucking good bare skin to bare skin feels you will be addicted! it’s like a panty-boy who realizes how good it is when removing all pube hair and shaving it away. Talking about seriously being addicted to panties then! But that’s a whole different storyline there. ((laughs seductively)) I honestly have to say that I’ve been in this sub’s shoes before. On both sides really. It’s not only dangerous but it’s risky and exciting as well! He confessed that miss girlie boy fem from next door was using his pictures that were taken to hold as leverage over his head. He told him that if he didn’t come over every day to get his dick sucked that he was going to send all of the photos to his girlfriend. Talk about stepping in a huge pile of dangerous shit right there.

I however gave him a friendly piece of advice. But first, he told me that his girlfriend only comes over to see him on the weekend. So Monday through Friday will be easy for him to get away. For now at least. But the weekend is much more difficult. He told me his living conditions and confessed that she sometimes spends her time in the living room watching television. He spends his time in the bedroom on his bi curious phone sex device. I told him that would be the perfect time to ease away and go next door to suck on some good dick. If he’s lucky enough he can go there and come back without her ever finding out. You can only send your partner to the store so many times. Just as you can only think of excuses to get out of the house so many times. Sooner or later he will have to decide who he wants more.

Seeing as how he and his girlfriend have not had sex for weeks would defiantly say which direction they are going in at this moment. The fact that he loves sucking dick more than fucking his girlfriend would also say he’s headed on the right path. He said “Sierra, I love sucking cock. I want it all the time. it’s the only thing I can think and dream about.” I wonder how long it will be before miss girlie boy from next door will want to fuck or be fucked. He’s already starting to talk to the guys’ girlfriend. What an exciting dangerous mix! Sometimes though you can’t always play with fire and not expect to be burnt. I was lucky enough when in that same kind of situation to not get burnt. I love being on the submissive side AND the dominant as well. A woman like me, I always know how to get just what I want. Especially when it comes to bi curious phone sex!

The way that I show off these big titties, long legs, and succulent ass would defiantly be proof that I do as well. When a man is unsure, I make sure to wear those flattering short skirts that show off these long sexy legs. I wear tight-fitting tops that show off lots of breast chevage as well. By the time a man says “yes” and lifts up my skirt, he will know how serious I am. I’ll either have on a pair of super tight-fitting panties that show off the outline of my pussy. If I’m feeling like a slut I’ll wear a thong. If I’m not in the mood to fuck around sometimes I won’t have any panties or thong on at all! Just imagine lifting up my skirt and seeing a bald fucking pussy wet and ready. Sometimes I use it to get what I want and other times I use it to make a man drop to his damn knees ready to give in.

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Impregnation Phone Sex with Darcy

Is there anything more satisfying than a bareback fuck? It just feels right, you know? I may be a young MILF but I am still a MILF and I want you to make me one three times over. You heard me, baby. I want you to pump me full of your hot seed and make a baby with me during impregnation phone sex. Sure, it can be a little scary but sometimes that’s what’s so hot about it. You know you shouldn’t do it unless you’re fully prepared for the outcome but there’s some biological pull that makes you want to dip your dick raw in fertile pussy and unburden all that delicious seed.

Impregnation Phone Sex

That primal urge to bury your cock so deep inside my pussy and release all your sperm right up against my cervix. You should. You should get me pregnant right now with impregnation phone sex, lover. Shhhh, it’s okay. I won’t tell my husband it was you. Just focus on my big tits bouncing while you thrust into me. My sweet fiery hot pussy is ovulating. That is why it feels warmer than normal. I’ll just keep clenching my cunt and milking your shaft. Pound me harder and deeper, and right as I am about to cum, your cock starts twitching and pulsing as you unload inside of me. You’re semen is a lot more potent than my husband’s anyway. I know it’s wrong and I shouldn’t be fucking you but a woman like me has wants and needs.

Just imagine secretly watching my body change from month to month after our impregnation phone sex affair. My tummy grows and swells. These already over-sized breasts grow rounder, fuller and milkier. Don’t you worry, I’ll allow you a taste of this sweet milk when my hubby is at work. As the months pass, I will be getting thicker and hornier. You’ll need to step up to the plate and fuck me as often as possible. I want a constant and steady stream of your hot cum in all my holes. That’s it, baby, it’s time for you to get a real-time lesson about the birds and bees.

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Interracial Phone Sex with Andi

Is your cock aching to watch me or your girlfriend/wife with a huge black bull monstercock? That means you’re into interracial phone sex like I am. You are always watching BBC porn, watching their huge swollen foot-long dicks pumping in and out of hot snow bunny MILFs. Us white women love dark meat cocks that swing at seven or eight inches. Their huge soda can head leads to eleven inches of heaven. It’s almost unheard of for a BBC to be less than nine inches. That’s right, size queens like me KNOW that they are double-digit pussy blasting machines. They’re never gentle, are they?? They love hearing us moan and scream. So do you. When I take black dick, I’m more than satisfied. I cum tons. My ex loved to watch me as I got my pussy and mouth filled with black cockmeat.

Interracial Phone Sex

I’d get naked and undress the bull. My ex would practically be drooling as I slid off his boxer briefs and dropped to my knees to worship his dark dangling dong. I would look over and see him jacking his cock as the bull reached down to grab my face in his hands. He face fucked me and made me choke on his meaty dick. I would look at his big lemon balls full of seed and feel so wet and horny knowing how good I was about to get fucked. He’d throw me on the bed and start missionary style. My ex would watch his black, muscular body meld into mine. It was so good and sooo deep. I loved every fucking minute and so did he. Interracial phone sex calls with someone who has had a lot of black cock is the best. I can tell you details of my hot BBC sexcapades.

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Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex with Catalina

He wants to know the color, the size, and what material my pantyhose are made of before he starts with our pantyhose fetish phone sex. After I have given him a full description of the pantyhose that am wearing, he then asked me to stand up and turn around, really, really slow for his imagination to get the best of him. After his visualization has run its course then he would ask me to go get the scissors. I have to now use the scissors to cut a hole in my cunt area and one in my ass area also. After I have completed my task of making room for his dick to penetrates my holes on my lower body. I am now given the task of making way to my mouth, as I also have to wear a pantyhose on my head too. Which he said made me look really cute.

Submissive Phone Sex Pantyhose Fetish Phone Sex

He likes it when I put some creativity and effort into our pantyhose phone sex. So instead of buying a crotch-less pantyhose I make my own entrance. He would spend at least thirty minutes pleasing and satisfying each of my holes. After he has satisfied one hole, which leads to me having a really heavy orgasm. I now have to change into a different pantyhose. Before reaching the end of our pantyhose phone sex I must have changed into twelve different pantyhose. The more I change different pantyhose the more erected his dick got because the sex felt like it was never ending. The sex lasted for an hour, and I enjoyed every second of it. The sensation I felt from his tongue as it made its way to my clit through the narrow entrance of my pantyhose was priceless, that was what lead to me giving him full satisfaction by squirting all of his face.

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