Leg Fetish Phone Sex with Sybil

Since I was younger, I’ve been complimented on my shapely legs. “Sybil, I like your legs,” the first boyfriend I ever had told me during our first date. Indeed, I looked in the mirror and I liked the way my own legs looked. I felt sorry for the girls who had skinny chicken legs as well as the girls who had fat legs or the girls who had short legs. I’ve got nice legs! I was still in high school when a boy told me, “Sybil, your legs are so nice, you could give Ginger Rogers a run for her money?” “Who is Ginger Rogers?” I asked. Since she was before our time, I honestly didn’t know. “She’s one of the olden days movie actresses who used to dance a lot in movie and who became famous because of her legs,” the boy told me. Later, I looked “Ginger Rogers” up and found out just what a compliment that was! When I saw the famous “pin-up” photo of her showing her legs off from behind and looking over her shoulder, I often tried to duplicate it in my room looking over my shoulder in the full-length mirror on the door of my room.

Leg Fetish Phone Sex

Are you interested in leg fetish phone sex? Then you MUST call Sybil! No one is better prepared for it than I am because no woman in the world — not Angelina Jolie, not Beyonce, not Cameron Diaz, not Amy Schumer, not Carrie Underwood, not any of them — loves her shapely legs more than I love mine! I relish being told how pretty my legs are and I like to talk about how they can turn on someone just from looking these photos of my lovely shapely legs. I know when you see a picture of Sybil that shows her legs off, you must yearn to touch these legs, run your hands up and down them, even kiss them. My legs deserved to be kissed and deserve to be complimented. Leg fetish phone sex is for me because my legs are shapely and deserve to be complimented and even worshipped. Call Sybil and let’s enjoy leg fetish phone sex!

Humiliation Phone Sex Fantasies with Charlie

Let’s pick up where I left off in last week’s humiliation phone sex blog. If you can scroll down a few blogs you’ll find it!! In it I shared a story about my pathetic vanilla sex ex-husband. I left his sorry ass baby dick locked in a chastity cage where it belonged. I loved humiliating him, and I guess I still Do! lol This is how our conversation went that next evening.

Humiliation Phone Sex

Wake up stubby hubby, remember last night I told you I had something special in mind for you? I would never disappoint you my little cuck bitch of a husband, so prepare yourself! I’ve cheated on you. Yup, I slept with your boss, a few of your coworkers, and even the CEO of your company. Why? Duh, because they’re real men with real cocks who know how to satisfy me! Would you honestly expect me to say no to their long, thick masculine cocks when all you do is parade around the house with that little baby dick, day after day after day! You should be ashamed of yourself. You know that most of the time I need a microscope to find it? I mean, honestly, you should swap your boxers for panties because we both know that there’s never been a bulge in your crotch. Panties are all you need! ha ha ha ! We can be panty twins while I let you taste my sweet pussy. Speaking of pussy tasting, now is a good time to tell you that for the last 6 months when you’ve licked my pussy, your boss’s cum was still in it. Ha ha ha ! Yup, for real. The fun doesn’t stop there baby dick…Nooooo! Since you’ve been telling me how much you love how I taste lately, I thought I’d grant you the privilege of tasting it directly from the source. So, get on your cuck knees where you fucking belong and keep those girly bitch panties on. I’ve got a surprise for you!!
To be continued…

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BBC Phone Sex with Sabrina

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening boys and men! You know how sexy I am riding this big motorcycle between my legs. Which brings me to a new topic. You can see how petite and sexy I am, but don’t get me wrong. I love that BBC phone sex. You have no idea how much I love feeling a big, throbbing black cock inside me. It’s my favorite. I need that huge cock to completely satisfy me. They know how to do it right. You know how to completely fill me and satisfy me. More than the white boys. That saying is right; Once you go black, you never go back. I never want to return. That black cock just fills me up so good.

BBC Phone Sex

The best times with big black cock is when they ravage my asshole. Oh, you didn’t know that I love ass play too? Well, I love when my tight ass is worshiped, but that’s a topic for another day. For now, I just want to thick dick in my pussy and my asshole. Go in back and forth. There’s nothing like the feel of that thick monster inside me completely. I love the way it shines and gleams when you are out and covered in my cum. I just love to rub it up and down, up and down, until the glistening is just right. Anyone that wants to hear my experiences with big black cock needs to contact me right now. I want to share all of my kinky BBC stories and hear your big black cock stories and fantasies as well. I want to know what turns you on the most about it. Call me at 1-888-474-6769. Make sure to ask for Sabrina for BBC phone sex that will leave you breathless, addicted, and coming back for more.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Phoebe

Yeah, of course you’re going to get tons of small penis humiliation phone sex with a tiny little pink pecker like that! Has anyone ever looked at that button cock of yours and not busted out laughing?! I seriously fucking doubt it, you have the most unimpressive peepee I’ve ever seen, Man! And that’s saying something, I’ve seen a lot of dick in my days. I can’t believe you had the balls to come at m don’t mind your dad bod, they’re so in and really hot, right now. i don’t even care about your middle aged coffee breath, that’s part of it, too. Same with the weird, arrogant “Boomer” mentality, it’s really fun to show an old fashioned fucker how the younger generations do it. No, all of that would be perfectly fine if you actually had a some sort of schlong in your pants that we could work with, but your wiener is just too fucking tiny to even think about putting it anywhere near my pussy. you are the fucking poster child for small penis humiliation phone sex.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

Watch this!i will suck it for just a couple of seconds each and you’ll dump your dicklet droplet load before I get can even get used to the feeling of your nasty little spunk knob in my mouth. Hell, I bet I can make you lose it just by breathing on it. A hot and humid breath job! It’s so pink and pathetic, I’m tired of looking at it. I definitely wouldn’t want to get caught jacking that junior sized johnson of yours by anyone, that would be so embarrassing. For fuck’s sake, pull up your pants, already. What the fuck were you thinking, Bro?

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GFE Phone Sex with Sybil

You want GFE phone sex? Call Sybil! I’m a hot lady but I got a brain between my ears and I’ve got real feelings and understanding. If you want to talk with me like I’m your girlfriend and not just your slut, I’m definitely game for it. I love sex and I love kink in it all its wild and wooly permutations but that doesn’t prevent me from showing you understanding if you’ve had a bad day or even a rough life altogether. You can tell me anything you want to and have the full girlfriend experience with me. You can also ask me about my life and I’ll let you know about my husband who is a long haul truck driver and how we manage our open marriage. Yes, my guy knows I do phone flirting — and he knows I’ve got other people. We manage it even with some jealousy every now and then. I am happy to discuss the chores I’ve done today and the meals I’ve prepared — pot roast in the slow cooker and a chicken dish called Chicken Madrid are my two greatest specialities. I can talk to you about the books I’m reading and the movies I love and anything else you want to hear from the woman who is your over the phone loving girlfriend.

GFE Phone Sex

Of course, good GFE phone sex includes sex! It includes telling this brainy and domestic phone sex worker what turns you and what you want her to do to turn you on! It includes fantasizing that I am your girlfriend and the girlfriend who pussy you eat, the girlfriend who sucks your dick, the girlfriend who opens her legs up and lets your hammer hard dick into her wet and warm and throbbing pussy! Good girlfriend experience phone sex means you tell me if you want a threesome and whether you want the third person to be a man or a woman or even a transgendered person. A good girlfriend is open minded about your sexual quirks and that’s me, Sybil, for sure. Call Sybil and let’s have the best of the best in girlfriend experience phone sex!

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Sissy Phone Sex with Remy

How is my sissy phone sex bitch boy today? Did you have to collect all your bravery to call and tell me what a true fuck slut you are? I love it when you tell me what you’re wearing for me when you call. It’s even more fun when I dress you up. I like to put you in pretty dresses and do your hair and makeup. I think the best part is when I make you go out with me all dolled up like a sweet yet slutty angel. But I know you have a dirty side to you too. I know you sometimes like it when I dress you up like a skanky whore, don’t you? Hey, it’s ok honey. I mean I’m dressing you up in my clothes so clearly, I like being a slut too. Do you see how men look at us? I can tell you feel so pretty and sexy. You don’t have near as much confidence when you wear your regular men’s clothing.

Phone Sex

You do make a very pretty girl, you know. Personally, I think you should dress up like this all the time. I also think you wish for the same thing. So why don’t you? Why not give in to your true nature of being a beautiful woman? It’s very clear men like what they see. I am sure they would love to have their way with this pretty sissy phone sex boy. Can you imagine? I’ll teach you how to suck cock and how to be a good cum whore. If you want, I can be there with you when you are with your first guy. We can even have a threesome. I only want to help you live your life as the real you. Call me at 1-888-47-HORNY so we can find you something really sexy to wear and go out on the prowl for some dick!

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Domination Phone Sex with Andi

A true Goddess never has to fix her crown. Domination Phone Sex is one of my best and strongest suits. Of course, at times I get the few who try to challenge with that, and there just isn’t competition when it comes to powerful pussy. It isn’t that you need guidance in who you are and what you do. You are very well aware of the attention you create for yourself, and that is to be under a fulltime Goddess pleasurable control. It’s easy to bark out orders and expect them to be done and done correctly. However, the turn on of knowing you have a sexually mind slave at your hands and demands is a smile some rarely can put on my face. The good thing about being a woman in control is when he brings his wife or girlfriend along with him and she is in need of learning how to put him in his place, or she is a good little slut, and I can have fun with her too! Not all my callers are Beta’s and beneath me. The kinky and filthy ones like watching their good for nothing other half’s take more than just orders.

Phone Sex

The first time I joined a couple and she wanted to learn how to master the strappy play and, in my mind, we were all in for a really good treat. We met at a hotel in Vegas and had the whole night planned out. I came with my goodie bag and made sure we had some porn to get them in the mood just so they can see what was about to go down. He came in and looked so fucking lost! Like a little puppy who was abandoned, and she was the hottest thing and I was more excited to completely turn her out. When I come with my extra kinky ways you better be on your best behavior!!! I insisted he take his clothes off where he stood, she watched and as I directed her to come with me. We went into the connected room, and that there was where my dungeon lied. It was sort of sweet but had a sinister touch to it. The colors were red and black, and so was the outfit I wanted her to put on. I laced up her corset, and lined her lips perfectly with Scarlett red. I eagerly did her make up just the way I liked it and now it was time for the big show. I could feel his energy not knowing what was about to take place. Domination Phone Sex should always keep you guessing and giving up that control and thinking so you can experience the best. I strapped that nice 8 inch strappy to start with around her tiny little waist. She said she felt so masculine and of course I smiled, and more so because she didn’t realize what a true Goddess like me, she was about to be.

I looked at her and asked her if she was ready “Yes” she said with a faint sigh. Let’s grind! I remember the look on his face when we both came out. His eye’s widened and her smile turned to a grin. Was it the sin of the red lipstick that was sinking not only into her lips, but into to her sexual soul? Whatever it was, there was no going back. I didn’t’ even ask before I grabbed him and laid him on his side. “Put your hands on your ass cheeks and spread them” I demanded with a snicker. He couldn’t believe this was her and this was what she was about to do. I looked down and spit on her lady cock and told her to do what she came to do, or the same was going to happen to her. Let’s just say it was a pleasure to turn both of them out at the same time! Domination Phone Sex has so many perks and I want to explore them with you.

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Phone Sex Fantasy with Phoebe

The questions I get asked most as a phone sex operator are, “do you get turned on when you are on the phone with a caller? Do you masturbate while you are on the phone with a caller”? The answer to thee questions are “hell fuckin yes” ! You’re damn right while I’m indulging phone sex fantasy I’m rubbing my clit and telling you about how fucking good it feels. Fantasizing about you shoving your throbbing cock deep inside my cunt and you thrusting and pumping your dick deep into my slit. I usually have to change my panties several times a shift they get so sopping wet with my frothy creamy cum. I can’t help but get turned on and wanting to fuck talking about all this kinky shit all the time. I mean I’m normally a fucking cum slut whore who gets boned all the time.

Phone Sex Fantasy

Now since I talk about it all day and night, fuck yea I’m horny as hell all the time. I get off finger fucking myself while I listen to you stroke your cock and breathing heavy, grunting and moaning into the phone while I talk nasty to you. Creating all these hot phone sex fantasy role play scenarios with my callers is so sexy , it gets me all worked up! Hearing you yell out “oh yes yes yes yes ” makes my twat squirt even harder when I get off. I love smelling my fingers after a good phone sex fantasy fuck session and imaging you licking them too tasting all my delicious pussy juices and smelling my slit sex aroma. So the answer is fuck yeah I’m rubbing my clit and having orgasm after orgasm while on the phone with you.

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Humiliation Phone Sex with Charlie

Towards the end of my marriage I told my husband at that time that unless he agreed to a 1 night a month of cuckold sex he would see the divorce papers laying next to his New York Times the next morning. I was tired of the “vanilla” sex and this was a great way to finally enjoy sex with him again and let my frustrations with him out at the same time. So, when I get a humiliation phone sex call I get to reminisce about those wild and revengeful times again.!! Of Course, my ex-hubby used to tell me he hated those nights, which always pissed me off so I would always reply “I didn’t give a shit what you like”. He knew that if he wanted me to stay, he had to act like he enjoyed them. It’s kind of funny because I was always hopeful that we may be surprised and he’d end up loving it. But I never told him that. What I made sure he heard was more like “Your needs don’t matter much since you’re not a real man. Oh, no, you’re just a pathetic little cuck bitch.” Saying that outloud to him always made me feel so good!! From that point on our conversations would go something like this:

Humiliation Phone Sex

You would never admit it to your friends, but you love the way I humiliate you, the way I degrade you. Because we both know that you’re not big enough to satisfy me, or any other woman for that matter. Anyone you’ve ever been with who said she had a good time was lying through her fucking teeth. Maybe because she felt sorry for you, she pitied you. Maybe those women did, but I do not, not even a little bit. You’re a pathetic loser who’s lucky if I let you eat my pussy. That oversized clit between your legs is fucking useless. That’s why I need a real man with a real monster dick to satisfy me. Your sub par bullshit just isn’t cutting it anymore. In fact, it never did. So hubby, If you want this marriage to last you better try to enjoy this. Don’t look so surprised! you had to have known you’ve been eating another mans cum out of my pussy for months now. You even told me I tasted different…better, even. Didn’t you ever wonder why I stopped letting you fuck me? Well, I can’t even call it that. There was never any fucking going on. You’re just a two-pump-chump. I’ve faked my orgasm with you every single time. The only time you’ve made me cum was with your tongue flicking my clit. That’s right, I’m turning you into my cuck bitch husband and there’s nothing you’re going to do about it. You’re a piece of shit loser with a thimble attached to your groin. I might as well just lock it up. Yeah, that sounds like fun. You aren’t using it for anything anyway. ha ha ha !!

Wow, no wonder he filed the divorce papers first, right? It’s just too bad he couldn’t have learned to love it as much as I did. If you liked this cuckold humiliation phone sex blog then call me or email me at the number and email address below. If you don’t have the balls to do that…then either Fuck Off or bring your pathetic cuckold micropenis back in a few days to check out my next blog!

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Cheating Housewife Phone Sex with Remy

I know I look like this sweet pretty wifey who would never step outside of my marriage, but when you call me for cheating housewife phone sex, you’ll see I am anything but ‘sweet’. Quite the opposite! For instance…the second my husband leaves for work, I text one of my lovers to come over and fuck me blind. It started out with me fucking one guy here and another guy there. I really didn’t plan on letting it carry on so long. But then one guy told his friend, and another told him…and before I knew it I had guys texting me all hours of the day and night. It really got to be too hard to be a devoted wife after a while. I just have such a hunger and need to be fucked. And let me tell you, these guys are all too eager to help me scratch that itch too! I can barely get the front door closed before the back door is open and my clothes are on the floor again.

Cheating Housewife Phone Sex

It got to the point where having one guy wasn’t enough. So I started texting a few of them to come over at the same time. I have definitely earned my reputation as the town whore. Now tell me what girl wouldn’t want to have several cocks at once? If hubby had any idea what a cheating housewife phone sex whore his wife was, he’d shit his boxers! What can I say? I just can’t help myself. Now that it’s gone this far there is no going back. Who the fuck would want to?? How would you like to come over and pound my sweet juicy cunt? I’ll be waiting so hurry or you’ll miss your chance because someone else will beat you to it!

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Horny Desperate Housewives