GILF Phone Sex with Zoey

My name is Zoey and I am a proud GILF. Just like a milf but much better. I’m a mature woman over 50 that loves cock both young and old. I’m a married woman but my husband can’t keep up with me and my desires for sex any more. So with his blessing I go out looking for those that can please me. I tend to be drawn to both men and couples. I love being fucked in a manner that I deserve and want. I love bold men with kinky and sometimes dirty fantasies that I can bring to vivid color. I don’t like to cum alone so that’s why I’m here having GILF phone sex. I can not sit home and knit I would rather be fucking and being phone fucked too. I love both just as much.

GILF Phone Sex

I am not the kind of Granny to sit around and knit. I don’t even know how to knit LOL. I do know how to have sensual GILF phone sex, give a great blow job and fuck your brians out. I’m a great cook in the kitchen and love having sex in the kitchen too. Push me up against the sink while washing the dinner dishes and lift my skirt. I rarely wear panties at home so its easy access for you to fuck my tight pussy right there for behind at the sink. Want to eat me for dessert? Put me on the large family table where everyone sits for dinner and make me moan your name. Better yet take off my clothes and fuck me against the large glass sliding doors and hope that the nosey neighbors will see you fucking this hot GILF There are so many places to do dirty and vile things in this house.

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Kinky Phone Sex with Sybil

I have a very vivid and very kinky sexual imagination which is why I have the part-time job I do as a kinky phone sex flirt. I am going to make a confession that might make a lot of people smile and even laugh. Do you know what instantly came to my mind the first time I heard the expression “phone sex”? That is right — I pictured someone masturbating with a phone! Anyway, one thing about talking to people over the phone is that there is such a perfectly wonderful anything goes quality to it. This is why people will express their weirdest and wackiest and most outlandish and downright fearsome fantasies in kinky phone sex sessions. This is why phone sex is such big business and probably will be as long as there are human beings.

Kinky Phone Sex

There is an old saying, “Fantasies are hungrier than bodies” and it is a true saying because even things we would never do in real life or at least never want to do can lead to fantastic orgasms when they are done within the confines of our own heads. I have talked with callers who wanted to dominate me and caller who wanted me to dominate them. I have talked with callers who wanted me to pretend I am their wife or that I am jealous of their wife and will let her know just how jealous I am. I have had callers who wanted me to pretend I am from another planet and am taking them to that planet. I have had callers who want me to pretend I am their secretary and I came in late too many times so I need to get punished. I have had callers who want me to pretend I am a giant and they can dance on my hands. I have had fun and hot conversations with callers who wanted me to pretend I am an actual royal princess. I love any and every kind of kinky phone sex and want as many callers as possible. Call Sybil and I swear you will have a genuinely enthusiastic phone flirt at 1 888 474 6769.

BDSM Phone Sex with Christina

I can still remember the first time I was at a BDSM phone sex party. It was as hot as fireworks. Let me tell you what happened. The first mature man that I had a connection with, invited me to a night out. He told me to dress in nothing but a little black dress and red heels. When we arrived about an hour from our destination, he pulled to the side of the road and placed the blindfold on me, saying that he wanted everything to be a surprise. Master Mike told me to wait and a few seconds later, he came to my side and carefully let me out. As we walked, and all I had was my senses, other than my eyes, I could smell cinnamon in the air. I heard laughter, very light laughter, and I felt just a slight bit of warmth.. Being extra hot natured, I was a bit worried that I was gonna become overheated, but I didn’t have any need at all to worry about that.

BDSM Phone Sex

As soon as we got to where he wanted me to be, the blindfold was taken off, and the site before me instantly made me horny. There was a room full of the people, masculine men and women, as well as submissive men and women, but they were also cuckold and even some slaves. Everyone was dressed, if it were right, if it was right. Or they were wearing a special collar, a little dress, petticoats, garter belts, or just body stocking. He led me right through the middle of the room, straight to the back area where there were lockers. I can barely remember him undressing in front of me, looking at every detail of his body. This would be the first time that I would see my master in the buff. Once he opened our locker, he handed me a collar that had my name on it. Then he handed me a body stocking and told me to get dressed by the time we walked out of the room and I was able to see a bar in the corner, although there were staff going around handing out drinks, there seems to be snacks cigars smoking, but instead of staying in that room, we walked to the elevator instead .

In the elevator, my master went right behind me, and immediately started to grasp my nipples, which were sticking out of the body stocking with authority. He stroked my nipple doors on the 22nd floor and immediately I understood why we were there. The room was filled with all kinds of machines, toys and whatnot that I couldn’t even imagine trying to put into this. As I walked about the room, I immediately got on my knees and looked at the eyes and asked him how may I serve you. He had me do things like fix his drinks and give him a massage. Then he had me lay down over his lap, and he enjoyed himself with his favorite pastime spanking my ass. As we were right in the middle, I heard the elevator, and then the doors opened and standing there was another girl so when I looked like she could beat me she came over and assumed the position in front of me. I still enjoy BDSM. I lay sprawled out over the master lap, and he continued to spank my ass, making it redder and redder, hotter and hotter, and chilling up through my spine and straight towards my clit. At that time I knew not to Cum until he gave me the Rights! As the girl sat looking at the floor, her eyes downcast I bit my lip, and I took my punishment like a good one. As I felt myself go close to the edge, and on the verge, I mentioned it to my master, and instantly he spread my  legs and shoved his two fingers deep within my walls, and I could hear without him, raising his voice. He spoke the words and I did when I enjoy some hot And powerful BDSM phone sex I think about Master Mike and I wonder if we ever come together again.

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Suzanne

I guess you could say that I am a bit of a size queen phone sex slut. I haven’t had a cock under 8 inches inside me for at least ten years. And I can confidently say that I will never have another one smaller than that inside me. I mean, honestly, what would be the point of that? Once you’ve been getting nailed by big black cocks for years, you’re not going to be able to feel anything small…not even a little bit. And I know your type. You are under 8 inches and you are going to call me up and tell me that I’m wrong and that you would be able to please me. You can say it all you want but that doesn’t mean it’s ever gonna be true. You wouldn’t know what do to with a woman like me, anyway. I’m too much for you.

size queen phone sex

You know who I’m not too much for? Black men. They love fucking white women like me because we can handle them. We can take those big black cocks and we can do it easily. Do you secretly fantasize about watching a white woman get her pussy plowed by a BBC? What do you like about it? Is it because you know you aren’t good enough to please anyone so you are resigned to the fact that you’re going to have to watch women be pleased by real men? I can’t wait to hear your reasoning for loving cuckold fantasies. It’s going to be a lot of fun for me to tell you how much of a loser you are with that tiny dick. I’m ready for your call. Dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Suzanne, your size queen phone sex slut. Let’s do this – I’ll be waiting for you and your little dick.

Strap On Phone Sex with Remy

There’s no one more qualified for strap on phone sex than me. I have years of experience breaking in horny studs, just like you, with a huge and fat rubber cock. Nobody hits your G-spot better than I do. Once I get out my huge hard fake dick, I own you! Guys of all ages come to this dominant cougar mistress begging to have their ass pegged again and again. I’ve made them scream in pleasure, beg for mercy–beg for more, and I’ve even made them cry from how hard I made them cum. It’s funny how it turns a man from being cocky and having a big ego, to a whimpering, groveling sissy as soon as I whip that massive cock out. I LOVE IT! And so do you. You know when you call me, you’re going to get the best service money can buy. I’m worth every penny…and frankly more. Yeah, you should have to pay more to talk to a hot piece of ass like me.

Strap On Phone Sex

Once you’ve been fucked by this sexy cougar, you will agree with me. I’m the best on the market. This is why after one call, you’ll keep coming back to me for more. Because you know no one will ever get you off the way I do with a strap on phone sex call And no one can tap into your dirty kink better than me. I love hearing you repeatedly thank me for making you blow the biggest load of a lifetime. And hearing you beg me to ruin your tight brown little bitch pussy over and over again gives me chills, it makes me fuck you even harder and deeper.

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Slutty Wife Phone Sex with Patty

You would not believe how many men call me up for slutty wife phone sex fantasies. They are all wishing that their wives were out there spreading their legs for other men and being pleasured beyond their wildest dreams. Some men just love seeing their wives pleased and that’s all they need.  It is pretty simple, really. Maybe they have small dicks that just don’t give their wife what she needs. Or maybe they don’t have the stamina that it takes to make sure a woman gets total satisfaction with their fucking. And they love their wives so much that they want her to cum over and over again, so they find real men who can give her every single thing she needs. Some men even go down on their wives after they get filled with cum. Is that not one of the most delicious things you have ever heard?

Phone Sex

Sometimes it goes even further than that, though. Sometimes the guys come over and fuck the women in their own beds. In front of their husbands. Knowing their wives are getting fucked just isn’t enough and they need to be able to see it with their own eyes. They need to see her cum harder than they have ever or will ever be able to make her cum. Does that kind of describe how you are feeling right now? Why don’t you give me a call now and tell me all about those feelings. I bet I can help you dig into them more and we will just have the best time ever. Just make sure you ask for Patty when you dial 1 888 474 6769 for slutty wife phone sex. I will be here ready and waiting to make all of your dreams of turning your wife into a slut come true.


Mature Phone Sex with Zoey

Who said over 50 would be boring? I’m a hot older woman that loves having kinky mature phone sex with men all over the world. Its a huge turn on hearing you enjoy yourself with me. You love hearing me playing with my pussy just for you. I’m married and yes he knows that I have phone sex when he’s away and even sometimes when he falls asleep on the couch watching a movie. We live life as mature swingers and he’s a cuck. I know you’re thinking whoaaaa what’s a cuck. A cuck is a person who enjoys their partner to have sex with others. Sometimes he’s present and sometimes he enjoys not being there and being told about it later. This is the number reason we own a small camp on a local lake and bought a boat last spring. To enjoy our time with not only each other but others too. I look forward to the nice weather each year because that means this hot older woman is gonna have some hot kinky sex with new people and some people from other camps that I have had sex with for years.

Mature Phone Sex

Kinky mature phone sex is something I truly enjoy, I think about it most of the day. I can’t wait to get home from the real estate office and turn on my phone. Sure its fun playing with my pussy all alone but I would rather fuck myself with your help. I have a bunch of sex toys we can use or you can listen to me finger fuck my super wet pusay. I love trying new things and would love to explore new things with you. See I am a woman that never says no. I want to do it all. I love roleplays as well. They are one of my favorites. Just close your eyes and listen as I tell you all about my lace panties and bralette I’m wearing. How the lace panties are so tight you can see my pussy right through them. Shall I be the dirty old maid that likes to clean in just her bra and panties? The cock sucking country music singer that will suck and fuck anyone to get her big break at 50? Or what about about the foxy older nun that never has had sex and you have seduced her to not listen to her vows and fuck you in the kitchen of the church? Kinky right? What kind of kinky roleplays do you have in your dirty little mind?

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Suzanne

I think it’s safe to say that we all know cuckold phone sex is one of my favorite things in the world. I never knew I’d end up talking about it basically all day every day over the phone, but I’m glad I get to! If you don’t know me, I’m Suzanne and I have been living a cuckold lifestyle for a while now. I’m married and my husband has an incredibly small dick and it’s so unfortunate for so many reasons. But it’s not like I ever go without. When I married him, it was with the understanding that I would be keeping my boyfriend and I’d be playing with his big black cock whenever I damn well please. And I would just like to say that his cock is not unfortunate in any way. It’s one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen, and I love riding it.

Phone Sex

You know what? So does my husband. He didn’t start out that way, but over time, I wore him down. He told me at first that he would never suck cock and he would certainly never be getting fucked at all. Well, he loves it so much now that he doesn’t even beg to fuck me anymore. He doesn’t even beg me to suck his cock. But he does beg to get down on his knees so he can suck my boyfriend’s cock. He also begs to get fucked by it. So just know that even if you say you aren’t ever going to do that, well, you’re wrong. You’re going to end up doing it for sure and you’ll love every single minute of it. Get on the phone with me for cuckold phone sex and I will tell you every single thing about it. Dial 1 888 474 6769 – ask for Suzanne.

Sissy Training Phone Sex with Sybil

What is in your closet, deep in your closet where your secrets are carefully guarded, straight man? You might be as heterosexual as they come, you might be bisexual, you might even be basically gay, but your friends would never guess from the way you present yourself that you get all hot and bothered and turned on when you fantasize about a lady ordering you to look and act like a sissy! But, of course, they do not have to know as when you call for a sissy training phone sex session, that session is done in perfect confidence and safety. I love sissy training phone sex because I feel like a teacher transforming a fellow into the sis he has long dreams of being. I love to order a man to put on those women’s panties, that bra, those nylon or fishnet stockings. Quite a good foundation for turning into a sissy! I have to tell him he must shave his legs — hose on a natural man’s hairy legs can hardly work! — and to feminize that walk and manner. But we cannot stop there, can we?

Sissy Training Phone Sex

I must tell my good sissy boy in training that he must polish his fingernails and toenails, preferably in a traditionally feminine color such as pink, red, or orange. I have to tell the man who calls for sissy training phone sex that he must wear makeup, put on blusher and eye shadow and mascara and lipstick. Sissy training phone sex means I bring out the inner sissy that is already inside of you and tell you to pitch that voice a little higher and make that manner nice and feminine. All the while you get so excited as you transform by calling Sybil for a fun session of sissy training at 1 888 474 6769.

Fetish Phone Sex with Phoebe

Fetish phone sex calls keep me busy every day. I am a fetish freak. I cater to black cock faggot boys, cum eaters, foot fetish guys and even stocking and pantyhose guys. Although my specialty is interracial cuckolding, I love being a sexy mature babe knowledgeable on all kinds of fetishes. I consider myself sexy as fuck. Most guys do too. My curves I like to accentuate. And I dress provocatively. Last night, I had a work function to attend with my husband. Normally, I despise stuffy networking events. However, the Black Workers Union asked my husband to speak at their event and I wanted to go with him. I know where your mind is going, but the night turned out rather surprisingly for me. Even though I was the only white woman in a room full of black union workers, I restrained myself.

My husband owns a large firm that designs parking structures and strip malls. He hires black union organizations all the time for the labor needed to build his visions. The hope is more white business will employ black and other minority owned business, so there is interracial collaboration. I am a fan of interracial collaboration, LOL. We all know that he hires black businesses for his black cock whore wife. You would think, knowing me, that I would be a gang bang whore in the bathroom. However, instead, I picked up a young black man with a fetish. A black man unlike most black men I fuck. Sure, he was black and hung, but fucking my white milf pussy was not on his mind. At least, it was not the only thing on his mind. My stockings caught his eye. I am a sexy milf with big tits, yet his gaze was on my legs. My sexy black stocking clad legs could feel his stare. I knew he wanted to rub his cock all over my legs.

Fetish Phone Sex

So, I whispered to him to follow me. I led him into the bathroom. It was a family bathroom, so we were alone in there. I put my leg on the toilet, and he fell to his knees. I thought to myself that I was wasting a perfectly big black cock. But this was my husband’s event. I did not want to distract from his day. Perhaps, letting a young black stud caressing and kissing my stocking clad legs, he would consider a distraction. But to me, I was showing restraint. The guy enjoys foot fetishes too. So, I gave him a foot job. I sat on the sink and jacked his monstrous cock with my stocking clad feet. I love phone sex fetish calls. But this was not a call. I gave a random black stud a foot job in the family bathroom. He promised not to tell anyone. I licked his white crème off my feet, slipped them back into my pumps, and my husband never knew what a dirty fetish slut I was last night.

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