Adult Baby Phone Sex with Cora

Hello all you adult baby phone sex lovers out there. I’m ready to be the woman in your life that gets you all diapered, dressed up, and feed. You are such a sweet little adult baby, aren’t you? You’re just ready to crawl right over to me, pull yourself up and climb onto my lap. But you’re a bit stinky so I’m going to have to lie you down on the couch and change your diaper. Oh my goodness, you’re a dirty boy, such a dirty, dirty boy. You made quite mess in your diaper! Once I get you all cleaned up, I might just have to take you bare assed over my knee and spank you for that hefty mess. You know better than to climb up on my lap when you’re dirty like that. I know you might think that me spanking you is mean, but I have to teach you somehow. I just can’t let you get away with being baby phone sex Once your spanking is over, I’ll put your diaper back on. I know you love it when I sprinkle that baby powder all over your pee pee, don’t you? It feels so cool and so soft. You like it when I rub it in too, don’t you? There’s no feeling like it. I have to make sure that everything is powdered and it’s just a bonus that you love it so much.  Now it’s time to get you all dressed up. I’m thinking a cute pair of baby doll shoes and the sweetest girlie dress I can find. I can’t wait to take you out to do errands with me. Everyone is going to see just how special and adorable my little adult baby is. Everyone is going to comment on how cute you are and you’re going to blush every time, aren’t you? I know you love all getting all of this attention because I can see you wiggling around, trying to pull your pretty dress down to cover up you getting hard in that diaper of yours.

Ready to be my sweet one? Call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Cora for adult baby phone sex.

Adult Baby Phone Sex with Carla

If you’re going to act like a baby I’m going to treat you like a baby when you call me for adult baby phone sex. Stop that whining or I’ll gag you with my favorite pacifier gag. I know you can’t help the fact that you’re a man in disguise. We both know that deep down inside you need to be nurtured, cared for, and probably humiliated. You’re an adult baby masquerading as a grown man. Although to be honest, once I have you in those big thick diapers and plastic pants, I think everyone is going to know your secret.

adult baby phone sex

I can hear your whining now as I type this. When you wet the bed you get put in diapers. When you mouth off to me and talk back, you get your mouth washed out with soap. My lady friends are coming over for lunch today and you better be on your best behavior. Your playpen is all set up with your favorite toys so we can keep an eye on you. Oh you don’t want them to see you like this? You should have thought about that when I warned you about your attitude. A little bit of adult baby humiliation ought to put you in your place.

It’s time to feed the baby and into your high chair you go. Did I mention I’d have pretty little mittens for your hands so you have to grab things like a baby? Drink your bottle, honey, and be a good boy. Your face is so red being treated like this in front of a room full of women. All of a sudden your eyes glaze over and you get really quiet. I tell my friends to look and we all know that you just couldn’t help yourself as you mess your diapers. That just means the added humiliation of having your diapers changed in front of everyone.

For adult baby phone sex, call Carla 1-888-474-6769

AIM – MILFCarla4u

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