Domination Phone Sex with Carla

Put on your panties, get your toys, because I’m in a mood for Domination Phone Sex. I love you to be in panties, and if they are panties that you stole, even better. I’m thinking your wife’s panties? Girlfriend? Rub those dirty panties in your face and make you smell like a dirty wet pussy. Shake your slutty ass like the bitch you are longing to be. I’ll make you put on a sexy show for me and for my girlfriends!

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Add a collar around your neck and a tight leash and treat you like my doggy bitch in heat. Plug that ass and spank you with a newspaper when you’re naughty. Imagine the fun if I made you go out and do your business in the backyard. Humiliating you is half the fun. The other half? Well, I do have a bit of a sadistic nature. Tie up your balls and make them turn purple and blue. A little castration maybe? After all, you’re a dirty panty bitch and why would you even need those balls?

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I hope you have something for that pussy ass of yours too. You will be stuffed and gaping and I’ll train you to be a filthy fucking dick ditch for my lady dick and my lovers too. I love to share my big black dicked (younger) lover. He gets off on sluts like you. When you’re bent over, ass in the air, and he’s gaping that hole like there’s no tomorrow, all he cares about is dumping his load in a cunt like yours. When he sticks his dirty dick in your face, you know it’s your job to clean him all up. Slurp it all up and be rewarded with your very own load right down your throat.

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Carla

I wasn’t always a size queen, in fact there was a time in my life when I just didn’t know any better. But that all changed with a very taboo experience and I learned that little dicks are useless. I’m going to tell you all about it on a size queen phone sex call. As you may already know, I’m married, and my husband is not well endowed at all. That’s a nice way of putting it, I suppose. He’s got a little worthless 4inch dicklet. Sometimes I call him “halfdick” because it’s half the size of what I’d find barely acceptable for a cock that’s going to fuck me.

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Sure I like the little ones, but not for fucking. Ask my husband he hasn’t had this pussy in over 2o years and now he just doesn’t care. We’re of the mind what he doesn’t know about doesn’t matter. Sometimes he likes to get off to me touching his little halfdick while I share with him my latest conquest of big fat young hard dick. I’m a woman of a mature age and I found the best way to staying young is much younger dick. Those guys at the University down the street have exactly what this mature and horny size queen needs. I guess that makes my husband a cuck and me his Cuckoldress. And size queen. That is what started all this.

What can you expect when you call me? Anything and everything? I can tell you about my first experience after I was married with a real man cock. It’s kinky and taboo and I can only tell you on the phone! I’ll laugh and make fun of your shrimpy little teeny tiny and pathetic excuse for a penis. I’ll turn you into my clean up boy or my fluffer and if you still insist on fucking, I’ll pull out my favorite strap-on and give you the fucking of your life. Not what you meant? Hah! You didn’t really think I’d let you fuck me with your tiny dickie if I won’t even give my husband a mercy fuck on his birthday?!

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Carla

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Oh, sweetie…I don’t want to upset you too badly, but I need to have a talk with you. I think it’s time for a cuckold phone sex session so that I can tell you all about your penis. You see, it’s not very big. I know you’re still fairly young, but it really should be bigger than that by now. I know you know this too; you can’t help but look at the other boys in the shower after gym class. I can just tell that it’s probably not going to get very much bigger, so I need to prepare you for what your life is going to be like.

You see,… a part of a man’s responsibility in life is to take care of his woman sexually. And boys with small penises, like you, just are not able to do it. So there are other things that you’re going to have to do and endure in order to make up for that. You’re going to be made fun of and laughed at by every woman who has to look at you naked. You’re also more than likely going to have to watch every woman that you love be fucked by another man. And that’s going to start right now with me. I mean, what kind of MILF would I be if I let you go out into the world unprepared?

I’m going to invite my black lover over and you’re going to have to listen to me tell you how much better his dick is than yours will ever be. You are going to have to get down onto your knees and wrap your lips around his big cock… yeah, you’re going to have to do that, too. You need to just accept it and get used to it. And after you get him nice and hard, he’s going to get on top of me and fuck me so hard in front of you.

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small penis humiliation phone sex with Sadie

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Like most phone sex ladies my first experience with small penis humiliation came off the phone. I will never forget poor Collin’s embarrassment when he was paraded around in front of all of my friends and I. My girlfriend Nina had told Collin that he had a cock like she’d never seen before and wanted to show him off to her friends. She told us how she had him thinking that his cock was pretty impressive and he was excited to have us all see him. She brought him over to her place where we were all waiting for them. Nina wasted no time and pulled the unsuspecting victim’s pants down to reveal his astonishing three inch erect cock. We all gasped and remarked about how right she was, we’d never seen a dick quite like that. We just left out that it was because we’d never seen one so tiny.

I don’t know how in the world she convinced him that he had a nice sized cock, I guess he was a virgin that hadn’t seen many real cocks up to that point. After that night he saw plenty of real cocks though, going in and out of us while he watched in shame. Do you like the shame of size comparison in small penis humiliation? I love it, I love showing small dick guys just how tiny they really are compared to the best cocks around. Those big fat cocks that make my pussy feel so amazing are the perfect way to show you just how pathetic your dick really is. You should be thankful for men with big dicks to make sure women like me get the pleasure we deserve. I’d also get into making you use a dildo on me while you rub your clitoris sized nub in some panties. You deserve nothing less than small penis humiliation phone sex with a mini prick like that.


size queen phone sex with carla

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When it comes to cock, for me, bigger is always better! It wasn’t always this way for me, I married young to a much older man and I was very naive and believe it or not, innocent, when it came to sex. That’s right, I was a virgin when I got married and had no idea that my husband’s dick could never measure up. Sex was never that great, he loved to lick my pussy for hours and that was good, but his dick is only 4 inches and not nearly enough to give me pleasure. I had no idea what I was missing out on until I saw and then had a much bigger dick than his. (Just fyi, that’s a taboo story that I can’t share here, but ask when you call me and I’ll be happy to share the sexy and naughty details.) Once I had that first 8 1/2 inch cock, which was HUGE to me at the time, I became a size queen and why I love size queen phone sex!

Have a ruler or tape measure when you call me so we can be sure you measure up to my standards. If your cock isn’t at least 8 inches and too fat for my hand to fit around, it’s just not enough for a woman like me. Maybe if you’re close to my requirements I might offer you a mercy fuck, but you damn well better give me a good reason to even think of doing that. Little dick boys, well you need to have a good tongue and take my direction well. I’ll use your face as my personal dildo and cover your face not only in my pussy juice but my ass as well.

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