Domination Phone Sex with Carla

Put on your panties, get your toys, because I’m in a mood for Domination Phone Sex. I love you to be in panties, and if they are panties that you stole, even better. I’m thinking your wife’s panties? Girlfriend? Rub those dirty panties in your face and make you smell like a dirty wet pussy. Shake your slutty ass like the bitch you are longing to be. I’ll make you put on a sexy show for me and for my girlfriends!

domination phone sex

Add a collar around your neck and a tight leash and treat you like my doggy bitch in heat. Plug that ass and spank you with a newspaper when you’re naughty. Imagine the fun if I made you go out and do your business in the backyard. Humiliating you is half the fun. The other half? Well, I do have a bit of a sadistic nature. Tie up your balls and make them turn purple and blue. A little castration maybe? After all, you’re a dirty panty bitch and why would you even need those balls?

Domination Phone Sex, using you like a dirty fuckslut

I hope you have something for that pussy ass of yours too. You will be stuffed and gaping and I’ll train you to be a filthy fucking dick ditch for my lady dick and my lovers too. I love to share my big black dicked (younger) lover. He gets off on sluts like you. When you’re bent over, ass in the air, and he’s gaping that hole like there’s no tomorrow, all he cares about is dumping his load in a cunt like yours. When he sticks his dirty dick in your face, you know it’s your job to clean him all up. Slurp it all up and be rewarded with your very own load right down your throat.

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Mature Phone Sex Roleplay with Carla

mature phone sex roleplay

Hey guys, it’s me Carla, your big titted mature slut, and I’m here to talk about some of the mature phone sex roleplay calls we can do. One of my favorite roleplays is me being your cheating wife and you walking in on me getting ram fucked by a BBC stud. That’s right, baby, I’ve been fucking him for months and I’m so happy you finally caught me. Get right down there on your knees and eat my sweet cream pie. Look at his monster black pole all covered with my cunt juice. Stick your tongue out and clean his cock up now. I just turned you into my cuckold, isn’t that what you’ve been fantasizing about forever?

Another kinky roleplay I love is being the hot MILF or cougar down the street. I ask you to come over and help me in the yard and when you show up I’m in the shortest little skirt and a halter top that barely covers my 40FF’s. It’s your lucky day because I invite you inside and in minutes I’m on my knees, taking down your pants, so I can get my mouth around that throbbing younger cock. I love the way you push me away and bend me over the kitchen table and tease my already dripping pussy with your cock. I beg you to fuck me, beg for your cock in my hot twat and my tight asshole. I can’t get enough of your younger dick and don’t be surprised when I ask you to invite a few of your friends over too.

I also love to roleplay taboo fantasies. Not only will I be the hot MILF next door, I will be your hot MILF, if you know what I mean. I’m a kinky and perverted MILF, cheating wife, cougar, Cuckoldress and more.

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Dominant MILF Phone Sex

MILF phone sex

I have to admit that some of my favorite calls involve some sort of Domination. Not only is this something I am very experienced with on the phone, but in my real life as well. When you call me for Dominant MILF phone sex, I will have the knowledge and maturity to help you live out your fantasies.

Maybe you’re like scotty, my panty and big bra wearing, cock sucking, cum eating sissy faggot. He loves to wear satiny Vanity Fair panties and big bras just like me. He stuffs the bra with water balloons that give the feel and weight of having real tits. scotty is such a good slutty and sissy faggot for me, I just can’t help when my panties get wet too!

Another scenario that really gets my juices flowing is when either I or both of us dominate your wife or girlfriend. Imagine how hot it would be for her to walk in on me riding your hard cock. I tell her to sit her pathetic ass down and watch a real woman take care of her husband’s cock. I might have to tie her up, slap her tits, spank her ass and then get out my biggest 14″ dildo and teach that slutty bitch cunt a lesson. If your fantasies of a Dominant MILF run toward being a cuckold, I might bring over a few of my BBC studs to really show your wife a good time.  And don’t think you are just going to watch, I am going to turn you into a fluffer and a clean up boy.

If you are a naughty boy, what you really need is a Dominant MILF like myself who understands that the best way to learn your lessons is with a good hard over the knee spanking. I’ll use my favorite hairbrush, my slipper, a belt or even a cane to punish your naughty bottom. I love ritual OTK spanking sessions and along with your spanking you get a lecture and sent to the corner.

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BBC Phone Sex

It’s his own fault for leaving me alone at that night at my favorite restaurant & bar. Great food and atmosphere with a small dance floor.Sure, I understand work, but when we had this planned for weeks, and promises were made.Pissed me off! So there I was, getting a tad tipsy .. on my third glass of Tequila Sunrise. It never fails , I get super horny when I drink those! When a striking hunk of hot dark chocolate man came in, I felt a twitch in my pussy and instantly had nasty thoughts rolling around in my mind! I fully admit I was staring at that man like he was a juicy steak, and I wanted his meat! I’ve never been a girl to resist a big black cock, and I damn sure wasn’t gonna pass this one up, especially since I saw he was alone too. He caught me lustfully watching him and came over to introduce himself. Oh this man smelled so good and the size of his hands, I could imagine him gripping on to my tits while he fucked me from behind, and my pussy leaked a touch more. Make a long story short, I got revenge on my slack ass man and took this bbc  home, and texted him that I would be home in bed. Imagine his surprise when he comes home and sees me with that big black dick  pounding in and out of me. Now , my partner  has had  a cuckold  fantasy  for some time and is bi-curious as well, he got to try more than he ever thought he would that night. Call me and I will tell you the whole story! BBC phone sex  with Audra!  1-888-47-horny

Aim and Yim AddictiveAudra

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