Cuckold Phone Sex with Marie

Cuckold phone sex can be enjoyed so many ways. Of course we can roleplay the cuckold fantasies and desires you have. It can be very exciting to be so submissive to your powerful, demanding wife and find yourself in situations beyond your control. Situations in which you realize your wife has needs beyond what you can fulfill. Did you really think she would be content with your small package forever? She’s a sexy hot babe and has needs you literally cannot fulfill and she won’t be deprived. Maybe you find yourself a surprise cuck and realize she’s been fucking other guys. Maybe she lays out straight to you one evening and disregards your concerns telling you everything will be fine and not to worry about her relationships more well endowed men.

Cuckold Phone Sex

If you are good and go with the flow, you will probably get to watch what happens when she takes that big black guy from the gym into your bedroom and hear what she sounds like when she’s actually enjoying sex. You have to have known your little pinky dick is a joke. She deserves a real man to satisfy her and give her sexual pleasure. There may come a time when she decides you should be participating more than you have been. Sitting there rubbing your pitiful penis might be fun for you but now it’s time to take a more active role. Your beautiful cuckold phone sex wife wants you to suck cock and show some appreciation to the man that’s been providing you creampie all along. Don’t act like you are so shocked after it’s been clear how turned on you also are by his glorious big cock. Get on your knees where you belong and get your first taste. It’s a new life for you, expect to serve and please from now on.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Suzanne

I think it’s safe to say that we all know cuckold phone sex is one of my favorite things in the world. I never knew I’d end up talking about it basically all day every day over the phone, but I’m glad I get to! If you don’t know me, I’m Suzanne and I have been living a cuckold lifestyle for a while now. I’m married and my husband has an incredibly small dick and it’s so unfortunate for so many reasons. But it’s not like I ever go without. When I married him, it was with the understanding that I would be keeping my boyfriend and I’d be playing with his big black cock whenever I damn well please. And I would just like to say that his cock is not unfortunate in any way. It’s one of the biggest cocks I’ve ever seen, and I love riding it.

Phone Sex

You know what? So does my husband. He didn’t start out that way, but over time, I wore him down. He told me at first that he would never suck cock and he would certainly never be getting fucked at all. Well, he loves it so much now that he doesn’t even beg to fuck me anymore. He doesn’t even beg me to suck his cock. But he does beg to get down on his knees so he can suck my boyfriend’s cock. He also begs to get fucked by it. So just know that even if you say you aren’t ever going to do that, well, you’re wrong. You’re going to end up doing it for sure and you’ll love every single minute of it. Get on the phone with me for cuckold phone sex and I will tell you every single thing about it. Dial 1 888 474 6769 – ask for Suzanne.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Willow

A man- who has a cock that functions and makes me cum as much as he does. Look, I like a good cuckold phone sex bitch who does as he’s told, fluffs on cue, cleans up creampies eagerly, and all that type of shit. I don’t want any backtalk such as ” I don’t suck cock”. Guess what, limp dick? When you have cuckold fun with Willow, you do! I will have you sucking every cock that fucks me and then cleaning the cum out of my cunt for breakfast when I come home from a night out with a real man. A man- who has a cock that functions and makes me cum as much as he does.

Cuckold Phone Sex

That cute little puckered ass hole is also up for grabs during cuckold phone sex with Willow. Oh, and you should know that it’s not only your mouth that gets filled. That cute little puckered ass hole is also up for grabs during our kinky fun, too. Don’t have a hissy fit about it hunny we will just pretend I coerced you to take cock up the ass. Voila! You’re not a queer! Willow made you do it! See, problem solved. You’re so lucky to have me!  Ejaculation is a privilege, not a “need.”  Oh, that’s another thing: I don’t care about your ejaculation. Although I’m aware that some of you consider one of your “needs.” No. Ejaculation is a privilege, not a “need.” for someone whose dick is so tiny he still pisses on his nuts. For fucks you should pull down his panties and sit to piss. Just smile and say, ” Yes, of course, Willow. ”

Speaking of panties, it would be a good idea; to have some close by or on when you subject yourself to cuckold phone sex with Willow. Dirty, clean, and, preferably, both. I think fruity-ass, cuckold losers should be displayed as such in my company. Don’t you agree? Just smile and say, ” Yes, of course, Willow.” Now, the only thing left to do is call and have the cuckold phone sex with Willow that you know you’re craving right about now.Just dial 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Willow!

Cuckold Phone Sex with Gwen

Has the thought of watching your wife? Get fucked by a stranger, turn you on? Call me for cuckold phone sex and I’ll tell you what would make this hotter. The ability to look my husband into his eyes while it happens. To stare him down as the man penetrates me, watching how my physical pain is reflected back into his eyes as emotional pain. Now that’s hot, be an amazing cuckold fantasy. I picture it go on something like this: I’m laying On my stomach with my head at the foot of the bed, leg spread and back arched and resting on my arms, which are folded in front of me period my husband is kneeled in front of me with his clothes still on period the man kneels behind me On the zips and pulls out his cock. He tells them things about my pussy that make him jealous. Now, I’m ready to get fucked. My husband swallows and nods but doesn’t say anything. He just watches over my shoulder as he gets ready to put his hard, thick, perfectly shaped dick inside my wet pussy! I mean, nothing to this man. And that hurts my husband even more. As I moan for him and urge him onward. I’m keeping eye contact with him. Knelt at the foot of the bed still, “Harder, Fuck me”, I tell the stranger you’re watching your wife get fucked by someone else, and it makes you feel a lot of things.

Cuckold Phone Sex

Hes trying to hurt me with his dick which is what I want. I want you to see just how happy I am by this dick, want you to feel as I’m betraying you and also like you need to protect me. As I moan out and make each noise. It’s making you shift positions and grab at yourself. Eager to start playing with yourself, you try to jerk the shame away by beating one out to the live pussy in front of you…

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Frankie

So, which fella are ya? Are you my committed lover that wants to share me with another man? Or are you the other man? I can make either one happen during our cuckold phone sex! I’ve got lots of male friends just dying to have their way with me while you listen, or you and I can role-play our own sexual escapades while THEY sit back and enjoy the show! Take my ex-husband. I don’t know whether he liked watching me with other men because he knew that if he DIDN’T allow those fantasies, I’d be pissed (and would have left him sooner) or if he actually gave a damn about my pleasure (since HE definitely wasn’t doing it!). I guess he can’t help that he was born with a glorified chubby clit for a dick, but that’s what you get when you try to be a “good girl” and throw your “sinful past” to the wind and marry who your Daddy wants without seeing the merch first! (Thank the heavens my “good girl stage” was a short-lived phase!)

Cuckold Phone Sex

I will say, one time he did me a solid (pun INTENDED) and brought home a black man he met at the gas station. Oh my gaaaaawwwwd. His dick was HUGE! Not just long, but girthy as fuck as well! He hammered me with the stamina of a GOD! I already knew going to church growing up was a waste of time, but that’s when I reeeeeally realized I’d been taught to worship the wrong god! And that experience started a new…hobby…of sampling as many big black cocks as I could get my hands (and pussy lips) around! Now don’t get me wrong, my ex brought home some white men with AMAZING stimulus packages as well! I was HOPING that he’d learn some tricks by watching these men, who were downright MASTERS of the bedroom! Sadly, I guess my ex wasn’t much of a quick learner. And there’s only so much you can do with a prick you can’t even SEE if it ain’t hard. Bless his heart. Real southern style. This cowgirl had to move on to greener pastures! And one of them pastures is gonna be our cuckold phone sex!

If I’m not in the mood for a sampler platter of fresh meat, I have my tried and true friend with benefits Jerome. Get this—we have, and I shit you not, twice asked a homeless man if he wanted to watch, then went off in the woods, and the other time in my horse trailer, and let these dudes watch Jerome fuck my lights out! I swear I thought his BBC was gonna pop right out of my titties! (Now, THAT be a damn shame! I paid a pretty penny for these babies!) Boy, those men both walked away with a new pep in their step, that’s for sure! Well, what can I say—I was raised to be a people pleaser!

I’m just itchin to find out what you have to offer during our cuckold phone sex! My pussy is literally dripping like a rabid dog just imagining it all play out in my mind. You’re gonna be gettin off to the memories of our time together for weeks! Although I’d be surprised if you lasted that long before needing to come crawling back for more! And you best believe my pussy will be waiting!

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Andi

I think we could all guess what that is. The sex life was not there at all, and when it touched me. It was too feminine to turn me on. That touch that can make your clit throb, and instantly you know that is what you need. Unfortunately, he was not that type. I noticed he was too easy to boss around, and that is just what I did. Cuckold phone sex is my biggest turn-on. I mean, I have a closet full of panties and pretty bras, so I had a few to spare. We got in from dinner one night and decided to get naked and watch porn. It wasn’t going to be his usual, so this was going to be exciting. He stripped down and I went into my closet and changed into my favorite piece of lingerie. A red babydoll, a sexy thong to match, and 4-inch fury heels. My tits looked perfect in it. I walked into the room where he was laying, and the soft smile on his face said it all.  He has been working late at night, so this was our night to fully explore. I told him a couple of days before that I had a special surprise for him. As I leaned to kiss his cheek, I could smell my body mist on him. ” Is that my seduction?” I asked. He looked over at me with a slight giggle and blushed. Finally, I gave in and turned on the porn. The look on his face was astonishing. The view of the color contrast between that nice black cock and the white slut boyfriend on his knees, instantly made him gasp.

Cuckold Phone Sex

It wasn’t just any gasp; it was an I can’t believe you knew kind of thing. Reaching over, I gripped the little shrimp in his briefs, and tiny and hard doesn’t describe it. “You know I have known for a while, right?” I asked. He put his head down and nodded as if he was ashamed. ” I know I can’t please you.” He spoke. It has been more than a while since I let him fully touch me. He told me when he came home and ate my pussy, he could taste the difference between the wetness and cream-filled taste. This cuckold phone sex story was going to get good at this point. That was when I told him that the same big size cock in the porn, is the same cock that I like to fuck when he is at work. I told him there was no way he couldn’t know I was faking the orgasms each time his puny dick got a sample. “When was the last time you were fucked and came in?” He asked. Something about that question just had me super turned on. “Right before we went to dinner, love” I replied. Right then, he laid me down and dove right into my cream-pie-filled cunt. “That’s a good bitch” I said. His tongue went deeper like he knew what he was searching for.

The night was his first-time taking part in more than just licking and tasting. Cuckold phone sex with me gets so messy, and I want YOU to be my fantasy cuckold who lets me take him down that rabbit hole.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Sierra

Uh oh, you walked in and caught me in our bed having sex with another man. Can you really blame me though? I think not. You knew that there is no one better for cuckold phone sex than you. You can’t be all that shocked. I think deep down inside you knew and even fantasized about me being with a real man. Someone who can satisfy and please my dripping wet married pussy like you can’t. I get so horny for something that you don’t have and that’s a big fat cock. Yours is only five and a half inches. Sometimes you like to give yourself an extra boost and say it’s six. I see that little bulge poking up in your pants. You may as well come closer and see my pink pussy getting stretched open by a big one.

Cuckold Phone Sex

Small and dinky don’t excite me. I want to know how hard your dick gets seeing me get nailed by a real man. How much it makes you drip pre cum seeing me be a total and complete slut. I know you want to take it out and start stroking. The intense and horny expression on your face says it all. Those times you took your tongue to lick my cum filled pussy clean, I just know you knew another man had shot his load deep inside of me. I bet your desire for cuckold phone sex will turn you on so much that you may find yourself doing things just to get closer to me. You may wonder, things like what?

Standing there masturbating in front of me as I’m taking a big fat dick in all of my holes, being my cream pie boy after he finishes, being a fluffer, and getting on your knees to get his big fat dick ready for me. If you’re kinky then who knows, maybe you will suck his long thick cock, bend over and take it up your ass, drink down his cum, and even shoot your own jizz in your face as you’re standing there thinking about all of this. And if you want to worship, lick, and serve my sinful body then I won’t accept anything less. Just look at these luscious tits, long sexy legs, tight ass, and creamy pussy. Call me at 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Sierra to experience the best cuckold phone sex…

Cuckold Phone Sex with Phoebe

I got to be an unfaithful wife during some Cuckold phone sex today. It was super hot to wrap my lips around some guy’s meat while my husband watched with sad eyes and a raging hard-on. There’s a huge difference between slurping on a shaft in private and wrecking some dude’s cum tank for the cucking of a lesser man during a grand betrayal. I shivered in delight, fingering my pussy but not letting him touch me, I made him watch while I pleased another man by bobbing my head up and down his thick length and fondled his balls with my free hand. He was throbbing for me, full of life, so I changed tactics to some Femdom phone sex and pushed him down. I had a ride in mind and I wasn’t going to disappoint myself, so while he reached up to cup my tits – and my husband whined a little – I got up really high and prodded his cock into my slutty lips.

Cuckold Phone Sex

He was mine to play with, my torture tool for my foolish husband and I was going to use him to stretch my insides deep and slosh my juices around. I began a wide circle grind with my hips while arching my back, holding his cum swollen balls, and bucking down one working slap at a time. Fucking with my husband like this was fantastic, it brought so much heat to my luscious insides and I ground my chest into my new toy’s hands. Moaning just right to set my husband off was so easy, and his cum somehow managed to reach all the way to me and splatter my back. “That turned on?” I teased. “How shameful, cumming to your wife fucking another man.” I never hold back when it comes to Phone humiliation, I know just the right buttons to push to make a man hard as a rock and I know better than anyone that getting out those dark fantasies is therapeutic.

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Humiliation Phone Sex Fantasies with Charlie

Let’s pick up where I left off in last week’s humiliation phone sex blog. If you can scroll down a few blogs you’ll find it!! In it I shared a story about my pathetic vanilla sex ex-husband. I left his sorry ass baby dick locked in a chastity cage where it belonged. I loved humiliating him, and I guess I still Do! lol This is how our conversation went that next evening.

Humiliation Phone Sex

Wake up stubby hubby, remember last night I told you I had something special in mind for you? I would never disappoint you my little cuck bitch of a husband, so prepare yourself! I’ve cheated on you. Yup, I slept with your boss, a few of your coworkers, and even the CEO of your company. Why? Duh, because they’re real men with real cocks who know how to satisfy me! Would you honestly expect me to say no to their long, thick masculine cocks when all you do is parade around the house with that little baby dick, day after day after day! You should be ashamed of yourself. You know that most of the time I need a microscope to find it? I mean, honestly, you should swap your boxers for panties because we both know that there’s never been a bulge in your crotch. Panties are all you need! ha ha ha ! We can be panty twins while I let you taste my sweet pussy. Speaking of pussy tasting, now is a good time to tell you that for the last 6 months when you’ve licked my pussy, your boss’s cum was still in it. Ha ha ha ! Yup, for real. The fun doesn’t stop there baby dick…Nooooo! Since you’ve been telling me how much you love how I taste lately, I thought I’d grant you the privilege of tasting it directly from the source. So, get on your cuck knees where you fucking belong and keep those girly bitch panties on. I’ve got a surprise for you!!
To be continued…

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BBC Phone Sex with Sabrina

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening boys and men! You know how sexy I am riding this big motorcycle between my legs. Which brings me to a new topic. You can see how petite and sexy I am, but don’t get me wrong. I love that BBC phone sex. You have no idea how much I love feeling a big, throbbing black cock inside me. It’s my favorite. I need that huge cock to completely satisfy me. They know how to do it right. You know how to completely fill me and satisfy me. More than the white boys. That saying is right; Once you go black, you never go back. I never want to return. That black cock just fills me up so good.

BBC Phone Sex

The best times with big black cock is when they ravage my asshole. Oh, you didn’t know that I love ass play too? Well, I love when my tight ass is worshiped, but that’s a topic for another day. For now, I just want to thick dick in my pussy and my asshole. Go in back and forth. There’s nothing like the feel of that thick monster inside me completely. I love the way it shines and gleams when you are out and covered in my cum. I just love to rub it up and down, up and down, until the glistening is just right. Anyone that wants to hear my experiences with big black cock needs to contact me right now. I want to share all of my kinky BBC stories and hear your big black cock stories and fantasies as well. I want to know what turns you on the most about it. Call me at 1-888-474-6769. Make sure to ask for Sabrina for BBC phone sex that will leave you breathless, addicted, and coming back for more.

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