Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Cora

 I bet you’ve never seen a more beautiful pair of feet. It’s like they were specifically made for foot fetish phone sex. It’s something I love and the fact that my feet turn men on and make their dicks hard just by looking at them give me quite a thrill. Every time I get a pedicure, I always carefully pick out a color that I think will really get men going. I know usually guys like classics like red, but every now and then, I like to go a little wild and get something bright and fun.

foot fetish phone sex

Are you thinking about what it would be like to feel my soft, freshly pedicured feet touching your cock? It makes you hard. I know it does. But just imagine how good it would feel to have my pretty feet wrapped around your cock, sliding up and down really slowly. Do you want me to rub the head of your cock with my toes? Do you want me to tease it until you start leaking pre cum? I’ll even rub my big toe all over that and then put it up to my mouth and suck your pre cum off of my toe if you want me to. I’ll do anything with my feet that will make you cum.

Do you want me to wrap my feet around your cock and stroke it until you cum all over my pretty feet? If that’s what you desire, I will do it. I have to admit that I love feeling that hot cum splash all over my feet and hearing you moan really makes me happy. And I love seeing that cum all over my feet. Don’t you think it just looks so hot?

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Adult Baby Phone Sex with Cora

Hello all you adult baby phone sex lovers out there. I’m ready to be the woman in your life that gets you all diapered, dressed up, and feed. You are such a sweet little adult baby, aren’t you? You’re just ready to crawl right over to me, pull yourself up and climb onto my lap. But you’re a bit stinky so I’m going to have to lie you down on the couch and change your diaper. Oh my goodness, you’re a dirty boy, such a dirty, dirty boy. You made quite mess in your diaper! Once I get you all cleaned up, I might just have to take you bare assed over my knee and spank you for that hefty mess. You know better than to climb up on my lap when you’re dirty like that. I know you might think that me spanking you is mean, but I have to teach you somehow. I just can’t let you get away with being baby phone sex Once your spanking is over, I’ll put your diaper back on. I know you love it when I sprinkle that baby powder all over your pee pee, don’t you? It feels so cool and so soft. You like it when I rub it in too, don’t you? There’s no feeling like it. I have to make sure that everything is powdered and it’s just a bonus that you love it so much.  Now it’s time to get you all dressed up. I’m thinking a cute pair of baby doll shoes and the sweetest girlie dress I can find. I can’t wait to take you out to do errands with me. Everyone is going to see just how special and adorable my little adult baby is. Everyone is going to comment on how cute you are and you’re going to blush every time, aren’t you? I know you love all getting all of this attention because I can see you wiggling around, trying to pull your pretty dress down to cover up you getting hard in that diaper of yours.

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Cora

I love big dicks and I cannot lie. I love big black cocks, to be more specific. Size queen phone sex is just something that came naturally to me because of this. The first time I had a guy call me and tell me that he could tell by just looking at me that I loved big dick, my pussy got instantly wet. I just knew that he had a big black cock he wanted to give to me. He told me it was 10 inches and really thick and that there have been many women who couldn’t even take the whole thing. I told him to not worry because I would NOT have that problem.

size queen phone sex

I’ve been taking black cocks in my white cunt for as long as I can remember. I think I started when I was 18 and went away to college. There were so many different kinds of men and trust me, I tried them all. But it just so happens that black ones are my absolute favorite. Just watching them slide in and out of my white pussy is more than I can take and it always gets me super fucking wet. And I cum SO quickly when I start watching… I’m pretty thankful for multiple orgasms. Mmm.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Cora

I don’t know about you, but I love cuckold phone sex. I am definitely a size queen slut and I guess you could say that I’m also a bit of a brat, so it’s really perfect for me. I get a big dick to play with and you are left humiliated and un-fucked. Your tiny dick will be so hard and unsatisfied and I’ll be lying there, gaping and full of cum. But don’t worry, cucky. You aren’t totally useless to me. You can crawl over to me on your hands and knees and lick that creampie straight from my stretched out cunt.Cuckold Phone Sex

What? You’ve been thinking about what it would be like to suck a big black cock? Well, you are definitely in luck.I would love to put you down on your knees in front of my lover and let you take that BBC into your mouth and get it hard again for me. You don’t get to suck it until he cums in your mouth and I know that will disappoint you, but there is no way I’m giving up a fucking from that black cock just so you can eat the cum straight from his dick. You can eat it out of my pussy again. I know you love doing that anyway. You were skeptical at first, but I know you crave it now.

Are you ready to submit to me and my big black cock lover for some dirty cuckold phone sex? You might as well. It’s not like you’re going to get a woman to fuck you with that tiny little dick of yours. You  may as well make yourself useful and be my clean up boy and fluffer.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Cora

I am pretty sure that I have told all of your losers with small dicks before that I love nothing more than getting calls from you for small penis humiliation phone sex. I mean, seriously. I feel like you need to be told, without a doubt, that you are useless and you’re good for nothing more than paying for shit for me and also getting big black cocks rock hard before they fuck me. Could I get them hard? Oh, for fucks sake. Of course I could. Look at me. I could make a man hard by just standing in front of him fully dressed. But it’s going to be fun to push you down onto your knees and then watch him shove his cock down your throat. Don’t worry, you’ll like it after you do it for a while. And if you don’t? Oh well. My lover and I will enjoy it greatly and that’s really the only thing that matters.small penis humiliation phone sexYou should know that if my lover wants to fuck your asshole with his big black cock, he will be doing it. And you won’t complain. Sure, my pussy is amazing, but sometimes he likes to use losers like you and just make you feel extra humiliated. And you are in no way, shape, or form a real man, so why should you be treated like one? You’ll bend over and be fucked like a whore. After all, that’s all you’re ever going to be – a fuck toy for a woman and her black lovers. Trust me, you’re going to become a size queen black cock whore just like I am.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Cora

If there is one thing that you should know about me, it’s that I do NOT tolerate small dicks. If a man is going to be permitted to fuck me, he has to have a very large penis. That’s why I am the queen of small penis humiliation phone sex. If you call me and tell me that you have a small dick, then you are going to be subjected to non-stop verbal humiliation for the entire duration of our call. I won’t stop, no matter how much you beg me to. There would be no fun in that for me. I don’t care if it hurts your feelings. If you’re not a real man, I am going to make sure to tell you about it over and over again.

small penis humiliation  phone sex

You might resist me on the small penis humiliation phone sex at first, but you know what? You’re going to look down and see that your tiny little peep is hard as a rock. You are probably going to be surprised that it’s hard because why in the world would someone be sexually aroused by someone telling them what a loser they are? Well, THAT is exactly how much of a loser you are. The only thing that gets your teeny weenie hard is a beautiful woman like me telling you how absolutely worthless you are.

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Interracial Phone Sex with Cora

I am such an interracial phone sex slut! Big black cock is the best thing ever and I’ll bend over and take it anytime and anywhere. Just the thought of it makes my pussy start tingling. I know a lot of women get scared when they see a monster black cock, but not me. The bigger, the better. I will spread my legs for them all. It’s like I’m powerless to resist BBC.

interracial phone sex

But really, who would even want to resist black dick?! No woman in her right mind, that’s for sure. You see, it’s not just the size of their dicks that make the sex so good. Black men just know exactly how to fuck.They just take control and use those big beautiful cocks to make women feel so good. It’s the most amazing feeling. I get more turned on and wet than I ever have been in my whole life every time I get fucked by a BBC.

One of the biggest turn-ons is looking down and seeing that black cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy. It’s just so stretched out and full and it makes me cum so hard when I see that. And I love seeing my cream all over that juicy black dick while he’s fucking me. It always turns them on, too. They always start fucking me harder when they see that.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Cora 

If you asked me to pick a favorite fetish or fantasy, I would absolutely have to say that it’s cuckold phone sex. I’ve always been a bit of a size queen and there’s nothing better than having a big black cock inside me. Well, that’s not exactly true. It gets even better when there’s a pathetic loser with a tiny dick watching me get my perfect pussy pounded.

cuckold phone sex

How big is your dick? I bet it’s pretty small, isn’t it? If it’s less than 8 inches, then it’s small, at least to me. I need to have my pussy stretched to the limit in order to have an orgasm. And if you’re less than 8 inches, you know that there’s no way you could ever do that. The thought of me being filled up by black cock in front of you really turns you on, doesn’t it? It feels like heaven when it’s inside me and to know that it turns you on while simultaneously humiliating you? That’s the biggest turn on of them all.

I wonder what you’re going to think after he’s done fucking me and I tell you to crawl over between my legs and clean up my gaping pussy? You might be a little bit leery of that at first, but I know that you’ll do exactly what I tell you to do. You might protest when I tell you to wrap your mouth around his big black cock and get it hard for me again, but again, I know that you’ll want to make me happy so you’ll do as I tell you to do. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to having your mouth full of black cock. You might even start to crave it.

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Sissy Phone Sex with Cora

I bet you try and try to forgot about our little sissy phone sex date… Well, I didn’t. I have this  panty boy comes to me for guidance, he never realizes what was in store for him. I have assisted many cross-dressing boys into a “new life.” The one that was meant for them, but they had such a hard time finding a trustworthy superior female to help them. In me, they found the right guide for their kinky little secrets. I’ve got the best coming out dress for you. I love being the keeper of your secrets afterall, being a “fake man” all day gets tiring for you.

sissy phone sex

Stockings, heels, and that red dress that was hanging in the window of your favorite clothing store. The mannequin wore it well, but you will wear it better. I’ve even hired a makeup artist to give you a whole new look. One that will make heads turn and girls take notice. This isn’t about sex, right? It’s about making the sissy inside of you come to life and with sissy phone sex I will do just that. I’ve never been more excited to help someone than I am today. Tomorrow your Boss has asked for a meeting with you. The new you will emerge, and the old one will finally be gone.

Welcome to your rebirth. I’ve made all the arrangements for you to have dinner tonight. I must say that I am proud of what I have accomplished. Dressed like a lady, you will always shine when you walk into the room. The one thing you will have to figure out is how to deal with male attention. All of us girls have dealt with the advances of men and have hated it at times but something tells me that won’t be a problem for you. Remember ladies must behave in a certain way. You will find that out soon enough. How to build a sissy phone sex 101 has just begun. Let’s have fun together. Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Cora.

MILF Phone Sex with Cora

Let’s be honest here. My husband has never been much of a man. When I married him, it was because he had something I needed. Financial security. What he lacked was stamina and a well-endowed cock. He knew I would never be faithful, but I did promise to be discrete when I cheated during MILF phone sex. I haven’t let him down, but I want to. Lately, I’ve wanted to push the boundaries and bring home my stud for a night of passion in the marital bed. Since my husband travels a lot, I couldn’t resist.

MILF phone sex

Last night when the house was quiet, I left the back door open. I needed some MILF phone sex sex with my well-hung boy toy. He’s younger than me, but he loves older women. We fucked in my bed while my husband called to check on the family. Of course, I had to pick up the phone. He knew I was getting fucked, and I know he was jacking off. When I explained that I was being fucked in our bed he lost it. Shot his cum all over his fist and told me he was on his way home.

Does it make me a bad wife that I didn’t change the sheets before he arrived? Or does it make him a bad husband and he licked all the cum from my pussy? It was the first time he had done that. I came so hard during MILF phone sex and made him fuck the cum spots on the sheets. I am a horny housewife in need of more sex. My husband will never be enough man to keep me satisfied. It’s not my fault he has an inadequate penis. Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Cora.

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