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MILF Phone Sex with Cora

Let’s be honest here. My husband has never been much of a man. When I married him, it was because he had something I needed. Financial security. What he lacked was stamina and a well-endowed cock. He knew I would never be faithful, but I did promise to be discrete when I cheated during MILF phone sex. I haven’t let him down, but I want to. Lately, I’ve wanted to push the boundaries and bring home my stud for a night of passion in the marital bed. Since my husband travels a lot, I couldn’t resist.

MILF phone sex

Last night when the house was quiet, I left the back door open. I needed some MILF phone sex sex with my well-hung boy toy. He’s younger than me, but he loves older women. We fucked in my bed while my husband called to check on the family. Of course, I had to pick up the phone. He knew I was getting fucked, and I know he was jacking off. When I explained that I was being fucked in our bed he lost it. Shot his cum all over his fist and told me he was on his way home.

Does it make me a bad wife that I didn’t change the sheets before he arrived? Or does it make him a bad husband and he licked all the cum from my pussy? It was the first time he had done that. I came so hard during MILF phone sex and made him fuck the cum spots on the sheets. I am a horny housewife in need of more sex. My husband will never be enough man to keep me satisfied. It’s not my fault he has an inadequate penis. Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Cora.

AIM: SultryCora


Mature Phone Sex with Cora

Are you looking for the kind of girl you don’t need to lead? The one who knows what you want in the bedroom.  I am the kind of woman, and yes, I mean a woman who knows what a man needs. With mature phone sex comes experience. No giggles, or teasing, I know how to take a man to a level his wife can’t. You are the most important part of us. Yes, I am here to please you.  I will show you that you deserve the very best. That’s why you come to someone who will ask you what you like. Never assume that I already know.mature phone sex

Sultry and sexy, I love to dress for success. Stocking, lace, and something sensual. Are you ready for an erotic mind fuck? A guided trip to the pleasure part of your brain? If you stroke for me, I will make sure you cum like you never have before. Wrap your hand around your dick and call me for a good time. A seductive phone coach can take you to places you never knew existed. Place all those dirty little desires in my hands, and leave yours open for your cock. Are you going to cum for me today during mature phone sex? I want to cum for you.

In the quietness of my bed, my hands will explore. Let’s masturbate as we share fantasies with each other. You deserve this, and I know your cock has been hard way too long. Stroke slow for me. No need to cum too quick. I want this explosion to be mind-blowing, and ball busting. Baby, can you make me cum for you? I’ve been rubbing my pussy all day and hadn’t cum yet. No one has the skills to get me off the way you do. Come on over and let me show you what a real woman needs during mature phone sex.

Call Cora at 1 888 474 6769

AIM: SultryCora

ABDL Phone Sex with Cora

Mommy knows best, and if you’re a ABDL phone sex fetish lover, I am the perfect Mother for you. Sweet, kind, but demanding when I need to be. I have taken care of many boys. I even have a tiny box of goodies just for my particular callers. Diapers, bottles, onesies, and powders. Mommy likes for her special ones to be well taken care of. Come on over and let’s play dress up. I picked out an outfit for you today. Mommy takes care of the special ones in her baby phone sex

“Diaper time honey. Mommy laid out all the items we will need for you.”

A bubble bath for my favorite boy. Mommy will take your clothes off and get the tub toys. Ready to have me wash you all over? Even that tiny pee pee. You might technically be a grown man, but your dick has Peter Pan syndrome. It will never grow up. Rub a dub dub, sink that small winkie in the tub. Mommy had all the toys, even the ones that slip in your bottom. Don’t worry honey, all the boys like you enjoy when I clean them in their butt during ABDL phone sex. You can’t be a dirty boy!

Smell the scent of diapers in the room. Suck the pacifier till Mommy is ready for you. Time to breastfeed the baby. Suck while Mommy rubs your special place. If you wet your diaper, you might get punished though. All those cummy bunnies that you put in the pampers make you a very naughty boy. No touching my little ABDL phone sex boy. No playing without Mommy either. Just rub that soiled nappy on the floor and get ready to be punished. Mommy has a toy for your butt that will punish you for being dirty. Bend over honey. Time for you to play with your Mommy Cora; call 1 888 474 6769.

AIM: SultryCora

MILF Phone Sex with Cora

With my husband, out of town this week, the need for sex drove me into the thrusts of another Man. Not just any Man though. The boy who lives next door to us caught me the night before he was to return to college. I knew he wanted me. There is a look in a man’s eyes when he has it bad for someone. I’ve seen the exact look for years. In a way, I had been waiting for this moment maybe longer than he had. During the summer, he would mow my lawn, and all I could think about was sucking him off for payment. That sweaty college boy body made me masturbate every Tuesday morning after he finished our fantasy MILF phone sex session.

MILF phone sex


Today was one of those ends of the hot summer days. Offering him some lemonade after the last blade was snipped. I had to have him. Before I even had a chance to hit on him, this sexy stud had me pressed to the counter, and my panties ripped away.


“I see you watching me when your husband leaves. You’re begging to get fucked.”


Plunging that cock inside of my older woman walls, the taboo cries of lust echoed through the house. I was a cheating wife and a dirty slut. Breaking vows with a younger man made this whole thing so much hotter. Pushing me into the counter harder, the dirty act taking place in my kitchen. He whispered filth in my ear, calling me such disgusting names during our MILF phone sex session.


I am craving more cock today. My slutty MILF body is ready for the next adventure, and a load of cum so big it will leave me dripping for days. The husband is still out of town for two more days. How about stopping by for a sloppy blow job right there in my marital bed. Don’t tell the husband what a whore I am and I promise to keep you coming back for the hottest MILF phone sex session around. Call Cora at 1 888 474 6769!

AIM: SultryCora

Panty Fetish Phone Sex with Cora

Panty fetish phone sex is becoming on of my favorite topics lately because stolen panties was becoming to be a problem in my house. I keep a special hamper in the bathroom for personal items. Panties, bras, and stockings, but lately, there is a thief in the house. At first, I thought my step-son might be the culprit, but I couldn’t find any evidence when I searched his room. A hidden camera in the bathroom was all I needed.panty fetish phone sex


I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. My neighbor was in the bathroom wearing my luxurious silk panties while sniffing a pair that I didn’t recognize. He had an addiction that I was slowly learning to enjoy. Covering my mouth to hold back the laughter, little did he know that by learning his panty fetish, I would use it to my advantage since had a large fan base for my panty fetish phone sex.

Bursting into the bathroom, there was no time for him to cover his indiscretions. Pointing, my finger circled the air around the bulge in the silk. He was leaking pre-cum on those expensive undergarments. I forced him to masturbate into a pair that he had on the counter. They were a tad smaller than mine, and I knew right away who owned them. *Giggles* I’ll save that for the next naughty phone call, but a little hint. They had a familiar character on the front of them. For me; it’s all about the details in panty fetish phone sex and I know how important each tiny detail can be.

“You jerk off panty fetish phone sex slut. Whose panties are those?” smirking, I knew when I dropped names that certain  ones that got him the hardest. It wasn’t till I hit the nail on the head that he exploded all over himself. Forcing him to remove them and lick all the evidence clean. If he didn’t I would have called his wife over. Not really, but don’t tell him that. He like being taken advantage of and forced to masturbate in front of the hottest MILF of the block. Are you ready to be my panty fetish phone sex lover? Pick up the phone and call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Cora.


MILF Phone Sex with Cora

Milf phone sex is a specialty that not every woman can give to a hot and horny man. It takes a special seductive woman who knows the ins and outs of her body so she can give a suspecting man the type of nut busting experience he craves. Younger men love how easily I can make them cum without them begging for it. They are so used to these young girls not knowing what they are doing that they get lost in trying to figure out what they really need.

milf phone sex

I met this guy the other day who hadn’t drained his cock in weeks because his little girlfriend was being a cunt about things. Supposedly she caught him looking at her mother one day and ever since then he’s been in the dog house. He’s always been attracted to older women and even though he likes fucking his girlfriend, he craves milf phone sex. I decided to invite him over for an afternoon delight so I could find out just how well his cock could stand up to pressure.

When he walked into my house, I was already lying on the couch in nothing but my red pumps. His eyes grew big as he looked over my body. I could tell he was already getting hooked before he even got a taste of my milf phone sex. I gestured for him to come over to me as I opened my legs. Before I could even say anything, he planted his tongue inside of my mature pussy and began twirling it around my clit. I pushed his head down further as I moaned out in pleasure. I was on the verge of cumming but wanted to squirt on his cock instead so I pushed him off and had him follow me to the bedroom. The entire night I mesmerized him with my skills.

Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Cora!


Cuckold Stories Phone Sex with Cora

Not every wife’s duties include cleaning up the house and cooking dinner every night for her husband. Sometimes instead of giving everyone else what they need, a wife has to seek out her fantasies and find a way to please herself. With cuckold stories phone sex I can finally receive the type of cock I deserve. My husband has his short comings and it’s because of those that I seek out a new tool to fuck every day. A good wife never keeps secrets from her husband, so I always make sure to include him in my festivities.


Cuckold Stories Phone Sex


My lover Chris is someone I met while I was coming in the house one day. He was handing out flyers for his car washing business. His muscular physique is what made me wet. I couldn’t take my eyes off him so I made sure to grab one of his flyers so I could call him to come over to wash my car later that week.

When he got to my house, all I could think about was how much I wanted to ride him. I could see his cock through his pants and with every movement he made, I wanted him even more. My husband was outside with us but that didn’t stop my cuckold stories phone sex. I removed my top as he was washing my car and allowed my breasts to rub against my soapy vehicle. Chris stood there admiring my curves while my husband yelled for me to come back to where he was at and stop acting like a slut. I ignored him as I allowed my nipples to meet Chris’ tongue. Ripping the rest of my clothes off, we had cuckold stories phone sex right in my driveway as my husband watched.

Whoever said that a housewife couldn’t have some fun? Would you love to hear more about my cuckolding experiences? I’d love to exchange stories. Call Cora at  1-888-474-6769.


AIM: SultryCora

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