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We both know you aren’t like the other boys. You are the smallest and sweetest boy in your class; the boys pick on you and the girls treat you like “one of the girls”. When you shower after gym class you can’t help but notice how big and muscular the other boys are – and I know you have taken a look at their extra big dicks! I see you blushing, we both know it’s true. When you call me for phone sex, I’ll know right away you are a sissy, because *I* always know! Our call will soon turn into a sissy baby phone sex session; it seems I need to reinforce these things for you.

When you get home from school I call you into the living room and tell you that from now on things are going to change. When you go upstairs to your bedroom you will see I have done a little remodeling. Everything is pink and lace and ruffles. The drawers are filled with ruffly butt panties and training bras. Your shoes have been replaced with with mary-janes with bows on top and sexy heel. Perfume and ribbons sit on the dresser with a pretty mirror and make up. This is how it’s going to be from now on. You are the sissy you were meant to be and I have the little girl I’ve always longed for.

Sissy baby phone sex doesn’t just end with the clothes either. I am going to teach you about being a big girl. When I pull the small pink butt plug out of your nightstand drawer I see how nervous you get. Don’t worry baby, I know best. I’m going to be gentle and nurturing and help you learn all the naughty things girls do. I can’t wait to show you off to my lover as well.

I’m sure you see where this is going, don’t you? If your need to know more, if you desire to be my sissy baby boy (or girl), if any of this makes your boy pussy tingle, then you need to give me a call.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Carla

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Oh, sweetie…I don’t want to upset you too badly, but I need to have a talk with you. I think it’s time for a cuckold phone sex session so that I can tell you all about your penis. You see, it’s not very big. I know you’re still fairly young, but it really should be bigger than that by now. I know you know this too; you can’t help but look at the other boys in the shower after gym class. I can just tell that it’s probably not going to get very much bigger, so I need to prepare you for what your life is going to be like.

You see,… a part of a man’s responsibility in life is to take care of his woman sexually. And boys with small penises, like you, just are not able to do it. So there are other things that you’re going to have to do and endure in order to make up for that. You’re going to be made fun of and laughed at by every woman who has to look at you naked. You’re also more than likely going to have to watch every woman that you love be fucked by another man. And that’s going to start right now with me. I mean, what kind of MILF would I be if I let you go out into the world unprepared?

I’m going to invite my black lover over and you’re going to have to listen to me tell you how much better his dick is than yours will ever be. You are going to have to get down onto your knees and wrap your lips around his big cock… yeah, you’re going to have to do that, too. You need to just accept it and get used to it. And after you get him nice and hard, he’s going to get on top of me and fuck me so hard in front of you.

Sweetie, that is just the beginning. There is so much you need to learn, so you need to call me for cuckold phone sex and let me teach you. Call Cuckoldress Carla at 1-888-474-6769

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sissy phone sex

sissy phone sex

You were a naughty sissy phone sex girl yesterday now weren’t you? Yes you were, don’t shake your head at me and act like you haven’t done anything wrong when clearly you have! I was very specific with you, I told you exactly how I wanted you to be dressed and exactly what you would be doing and you still showed up here in your boring fake man clothes! Do you have any idea how embarrassed I was for my guests to see you like that? Not to mention all that time they spent waiting while I was doing my best to make you presentable! Is it any wonder that they were rough on you when you finally made your way back downstairs? I bet you weren’t expecting them to immediately shove you down to your knees to suck the first of their cocks now were you? Well that is what you get when you keep people waiting. You kept whining and asking them to take it easy on you, but you weren’t there to be pampered silly sissy, you were there to be used! The only reason you even exist is to serve a superior woman like me and you had better not forget that again. If you do forget how to act again sissy, your punishment will be much more severe than it was this time, don’t forget that I know everything about you and I could embarrass and humiliate you in so many creative ways. You wouldn’t want all your secrets to be exposed to everyone now would you? Of course you wouldn’t want that so next time you will be a good girl, I just know it!

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I am taking applications for the perfect sissy phone sex slut. With my expert training, I will turn you into the perfect sissy slut in time. Shopping is usually first on the list. We will need all the necessary supplies to transition you from a faggot into a sissy princess. I know exactly what you want and I know exactly how to turn you into the woman you are dying to be.  Worry no longer my pretty little fag, being an ugly man will soon be a thing of the past. When you squeeze your teenie weenie into your new princess panties and strike a pose, sissy phone sex has just begun. I am Matilda and I will teach you everything you need to know about being the perfect sissy phone sex boy!

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Hello to all you naughty sissy phone sex connoisseurs and freaks.  Are you a man who craves to be feminized and cuckolded by a beautiful woman?  Are you being cuckolded by a slut wife who is cheating on you with several black lovers, including your brother and boss?  Men like you know your place and if you don’t, I know how to bring you back to reality by daily affirmations of all the things you lack, starting with a very big one or in your case a tiny little one…

Sissyfying a man is a process and done in layers.  It can be as harmless and fun as making you wear my panties while you wash the dishes, or it can be a comment while were watching a porn “oh wow look at how much bigger he is then you”.  Its little comments like that, daily reminders of your lack of size and stamina that will in time actually resinate in your head and cause you to except the inevitable.

Before long you submit to being feminized and used by me to prep my lovers.   Don’t worry you will have a front row seat to the action and allowed to clean up afterwards. Until you find the cuckoldress of your dreams; let me be your cuckold phone sex Mistress.

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