Panty Fetish Phone Sex with Cora

Panty fetish phone sex is becoming on of my favorite topics lately because stolen panties was becoming to be a problem in my house. I keep a special hamper in the bathroom for personal items. Panties, bras, and stockings, but lately, there is a thief in the house. At first, I thought my step-son might be the culprit, but I couldn’t find any evidence when I searched his room. A hidden camera in the bathroom was all I needed.panty fetish phone sex


I almost couldn’t believe my eyes. My neighbor was in the bathroom wearing my luxurious silk panties while sniffing a pair that I didn’t recognize. He had an addiction that I was slowly learning to enjoy. Covering my mouth to hold back the laughter, little did he know that by learning his panty fetish, I would use it to my advantage since had a large fan base for my panty fetish phone sex.

Bursting into the bathroom, there was no time for him to cover his indiscretions. Pointing, my finger circled the air around the bulge in the silk. He was leaking pre-cum on those expensive undergarments. I forced him to masturbate into a pair that he had on the counter. They were a tad smaller than mine, and I knew right away who owned them. *Giggles* I’ll save that for the next naughty phone call, but a little hint. They had a familiar character on the front of them. For me; it’s all about the details in panty fetish phone sex and I know how important each tiny detail can be.

“You jerk off panty fetish phone sex slut. Whose panties are those?” smirking, I knew when I dropped names that certain  ones that got him the hardest. It wasn’t till I hit the nail on the head that he exploded all over himself. Forcing him to remove them and lick all the evidence clean. If he didn’t I would have called his wife over. Not really, but don’t tell him that. He like being taken advantage of and forced to masturbate in front of the hottest MILF of the block. Are you ready to be my panty fetish phone sex lover? Pick up the phone and call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Cora.


Dominant MILF Phone Sex

MILF phone sex

I have to admit that some of my favorite calls involve some sort of Domination. Not only is this something I am very experienced with on the phone, but in my real life as well. When you call me for Dominant MILF phone sex, I will have the knowledge and maturity to help you live out your fantasies.

Maybe you’re like scotty, my panty and big bra wearing, cock sucking, cum eating sissy faggot. He loves to wear satiny Vanity Fair panties and big bras just like me. He stuffs the bra with water balloons that give the feel and weight of having real tits. scotty is such a good slutty and sissy faggot for me, I just can’t help when my panties get wet too!

Another scenario that really gets my juices flowing is when either I or both of us dominate your wife or girlfriend. Imagine how hot it would be for her to walk in on me riding your hard cock. I tell her to sit her pathetic ass down and watch a real woman take care of her husband’s cock. I might have to tie her up, slap her tits, spank her ass and then get out my biggest 14″ dildo and teach that slutty bitch cunt a lesson. If your fantasies of a Dominant MILF run toward being a cuckold, I might bring over a few of my BBC studs to really show your wife a good time.  And don’t think you are just going to watch, I am going to turn you into a fluffer and a clean up boy.

If you are a naughty boy, what you really need is a Dominant MILF like myself who understands that the best way to learn your lessons is with a good hard over the knee spanking. I’ll use my favorite hairbrush, my slipper, a belt or even a cane to punish your naughty bottom. I love ritual OTK spanking sessions and along with your spanking you get a lecture and sent to the corner.

Whatever your Dominant MILF phone sex fantasy is, I am just the woman to make it happen. Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Carla.

Message me on AIM/yahoo – milfcara4u


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