Mature Phone Sex with Carla

Sometimes when you are in the mood for sex and especially phone sex you want someone with experience. You need a woman not a girl. Not only do you want her to know what she needs, but you want a woman who knows exactly what you need. That is why I get so many younger men coming (and cumming) on to me. I am not shy about my love and desire for younger cock and once you spend a few minutes with me, you will hear it for yourself!

mature phone sex

Who would have thought so many guys would be into mature phone sex, we are led to believe that young is where it’s at. I wish I could get all of them to tell you that you don’t know what you are missing! And if you’re into someone a little older, well then, you already know! Some of the hottest phone sex calls I do are with younger guys with hard throbbing cocks. And this mature slut knows exactly how to take care of you. I’m a dirty talking, cock loving slut and I can fuck with the best of them. I’ll drain your cock once, maybe twice, and if you are a young stud, even 3 times!

I don’t have any limits or taboos either. I’m up for the kinkiest roleplays you can imagine with a mature woman like myself. I lean toward the Dominant side but I’m open to anything when you call me. Just tell me what you like and I’ll run with it. Don’t be shy, you can tell me anything and I do mean everything. No judgement, just nasty sexy talk and a desire to make your cock cum hard.

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Mature Phone Sex with Cora

Are you looking for the kind of girl you don’t need to lead? The one who knows what you want in the bedroom.  I am the kind of woman, and yes, I mean a woman who knows what a man needs. With mature phone sex comes experience. No giggles, or teasing, I know how to take a man to a level his wife can’t. You are the most important part of us. Yes, I am here to please you.  I will show you that you deserve the very best. That’s why you come to someone who will ask you what you like. Never assume that I already know.mature phone sex

Sultry and sexy, I love to dress for success. Stocking, lace, and something sensual. Are you ready for an erotic mind fuck? A guided trip to the pleasure part of your brain? If you stroke for me, I will make sure you cum like you never have before. Wrap your hand around your dick and call me for a good time. A seductive phone coach can take you to places you never knew existed. Place all those dirty little desires in my hands, and leave yours open for your cock. Are you going to cum for me today during mature phone sex? I want to cum for you.

In the quietness of my bed, my hands will explore. Let’s masturbate as we share fantasies with each other. You deserve this, and I know your cock has been hard way too long. Stroke slow for me. No need to cum too quick. I want this explosion to be mind-blowing, and ball busting. Baby, can you make me cum for you? I’ve been rubbing my pussy all day and hadn’t cum yet. No one has the skills to get me off the way you do. Come on over and let me show you what a real woman needs during mature phone sex.

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Mature Phone Sex Roleplay with Carla

I bet I know what you’re in the mood for today. You’re probably sitting there thinking you could really go for some mature phone sex roleplay. And I think that sounds like a fucking fantastic idea. There are so many fun things we could do… my mind is racing with all of the ideas.

mature phone sex roleplay

So, tell me who you want me to be when you call me. Did you have fantasies of your hot older neighbor or someone else even more taboo when you were younger? You didn’t expect that you’d find an older woman so hot as a younger guy, but you did. You used to go over to her house during the summer and say you wanted to swim in her pool because it was so hot (and it was), but your main motivation for going over there was to see her in her tiny bikini. For an older woman, she totally looked amazing, didn’t she?

Do you get really turned on every time you go to the doctor because there’s a nurse who has been there ever since you started going? She’s very mature, but every time she gets near you, you have to think about something that is really not sexy so you don’t get a boner right there in the doctor’s office.

Or maybe you have a mature roleplay phone sex fantasy that’s the ultimate taboo… you have been having fantasies about your very own MILF ever since you were old enough to get hard. I think those kinds of roleplays are my favorite. So wrong, but so good! My pussy totally gets wet every time I hear a man tell me all of the nasty things that he’d like to do to his MILF.

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Anything Goes Mature Phone Sex with Carla

mature phone sex

If you’ve never had a call with an anything goes mature phone sex slut, then you really have no idea what you’re missing. I, along with all of my mature lady friends, love 18-year-old cock so much. Why? That’s kind of a silly question because what’s not to love?? First of all, those hot bodies are a sight to behold. A shirtless young man cleaning my pool or mowing my lawn turns me on instantly. And those hard cocks that can cum over and over again? That’s the best part. The stamina is amazing and I love how they can go all night and keep pleasing me.

But right now you might be asking yourself what a mature woman such as myself brings to the table. Well, for starters, I’ve been fucking for probably twice as long as you have been alive and I have learned a lot about how to please a man! I have no doubt that I could make you have at least double the amount of orgasms as that girl your own age that you’ve been fucking.

And speaking of fucking… I have seen it all and done it all, so I have absolutely no limits and no inhibitions when it comes to sex. Anything you can dream up, I can and will do it with you. Do you have a kinky roleplay you’d like to live out? I know there’s that one woman in your life you have always had dreams of fucking. Let me be her and make all of your wildest dreams cum true!

So tell me, are you ready for that hot anything goes mature phone sex call? Grab your phone and call me at 1-888-474-6769, ask for Carla and let me make it happen for you. Don’t be shy… ask me for anything you want and I promise, you’ll get it.

mature phone sex with carla

mature phone sex

Hi boys, I’m Carla and I am ready to indulge you in all your mature phone sex fantasies. You might be wondering how that is different than other phone fantasies and I will tell you the biggest difference is experience. When we talk about MILF fantasies and roleplay, it’s not only a fantasy for me but a reality. Being over 50 I have had the opportunity to experience and live out so many sexual experiences. I will tell you about a few of them and if you find something that tickles your balls, I hope you’ll call me for that mature phone sex fantasy!

I have been married over 30 years and have cuckolded my husband for over 20 of those years. I can tell you not only about the fantasy of the cuckold experience but the reality as well. I get so many calls from guys who wish their wives would cheat on them. Your dick is probably hard right not imagining your wife bent over the couch getting pounded when you walk in after work. It’s hot isn’t it? When you call me not only can I tell you about my experiences, but the reality of how a cuckold lifestyle works. Always, be careful what you wish for!

For more years than I care to share, I’ve been referred to as the hot MILF down the street. I know first hand what it’s like to be lusted after by the boys in the neighborhood and how I tease and encourage them without getting us in trouble. I have seduced my best friend’s son and because I live near a college town, I love going to the coffee shop and teasing all the young guys. Okay, I do more than tease, I can’t even count the number of college guys I have fucked or blown in the park or even my car parked down the street. I have no shame!

There are just a couple the mature phone sex calls I love to play. I’m open to any and all of your kinky and even taboo fantasies too!  What are you waiting for? I’m so ready to play. Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Carla

aim/yahoo – MILFCarla4u

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