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Who better to call for cheating wife phone sex than a wife who cheats on her husband?!  I’ve been cheating on my husband for the past 20 years both with and without his knowledge.  For those of you who know me, you know my husband is not very well endowed, and that’s being kind.  A woman like myself has needs and I find them outside my marriage.  I’ve cheated with the young waiter at a restaurant, the sexy neighbor down the street, even my husbands business associate.

I get off talking about cheating wife phone sex especially when you love the idea of  your wife fucking other men.  I know you have thought about it, what it would be like watching, or just hearing about how your wife is a slut for other men.  Or maybe your wife is cheating and you just have your suspicions.  I’ll be completely honest with you and give you my straight forward opinion.

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Tomorrow is my big night out and I hope I get fucked good and hard by a real man. Don’t worry my little cuckold phone sex slut – you can help me get ready. I know that helping me get ready for my date with a real man gives you a little boner doesn’t it?  You can pick out my stockings, my pretty thong and a sexy dress.  It’s ironic, isn’t it? You help me pay to get dressed for the man who gets to undress me. *giggle*

You love every minute of it.   After I leave, you can play with your little dick and think about me. I’ll even let you be my fluffer so I can be nice and ready for that big, juicy cock. You know how to lick my pussy nice, don’t you my little cuck?  When I get home, I’ll let you clean my panties with your tongue. Can you tell by the taste who fucked me last night? Clean me everywhere.

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Do you have a small dick? So does my husband and that’s exactly why I won’t let him touch me. He LOVES it when I get a small penis humiliation phone sex call. Whether he gets to listen in or not, he still likes to hear that there are other losers out there like him. Do you like being laughed at and told how you’ll never be good enough for any woman? Good! Cause I surely do like telling you. I will be waiting for your small penis humiliation phone sex call, loser.

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I can’t help it. I need sex, I love being a flirty, dirty slut. Bringing men home into my husbands bed and having incredible sweaty sex all over our luxurious sheets. I love it hot, steamy and messy and my husband’s almost always away on business. What’s a horny lady in her prime to do? Find hot boys and men to fill my holes. I’ll let you do things to me that I won’t allow my husband to do. He has no idea he’s even a cuckold… are you into cuckold phone sex? That idea is totally hot to me and makes my pussy wet just to think about it.

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Are you a loser husband like the one I have? Does cuckold phone sex get you horny and excited? Good! because I love cuckold phone sex just as much as you do. My boyfriend is coming over tonight and lucky for you his dick is a whooping 11 inches, you might have heard of him, his name is Andre. His chocolate pole is long, thick and their is more than enough to go around. Look at your mouth watering already! I know how bad you want to see his cock drill my cunt. Will it turn you on to hear me scream in ecstasy while I get the fucking of a life-time? Ohhh! You are waiting for my cunt to squeeze all the jizz from his cock huh? Are you ready to clean all the BBC jizz from my cunt?

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Do you feel like your marriage is failing because of your small penis? Give your wife the satisfaction of a large throbbing 9 inch cock. Call me for cuckold phone sex. Your wife deserves to be fucked by a man who can please her.  She can no longer fake and moan just to please you. It is time for a freaky and nasty change to save your marriage. That dildo that you are using on her is not the same as a real cock. Sit on your couch, and watch her get fucked on your dining room table. Lets get your wife pleased with a hard pounding right now. I promise that she will continue to love you for all of your effort.

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My husband told me that I needed to stop shopping so much, so I decided to punish him and that’s when I invited my boyfriend, who has a gorgeous big black cock, over for a little fun.  First when he heard the boyfriend was coming over, my husband got excited (just as excited as he gets when I get a cuckold phone sex call… he loves that!).  He got excited because he thought he was gonna get to watch me get fucked and then lick the creampie out of my pussy.  No such luck this time!!  I bought him into the room and sat him in a chair… I always tie him to the chair because if I don’t he always tries to get up and join in… can’t have that.  But this time once he was tied up, I put a blindfold on him.  He could hear what we were doing but he couldn’t see it and that drove him CRAZY.  He didn’t get to lick my creampie, either.  That man deserved NO pleasure that night.  I mean, who tells their hot and sexy wife to stop spending money and expects no repercussions?

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Cuckold phone sex is one of my all time favorites. I know you love your wife. It’s because you love her that you want to see her be sexually satisfied. I think that’s sweet !  We all know it takes a man with the right equipment so to speak, to satisfy a woman.  Especially a fine woman like your wife. Admitting to yourself at least that you just don’t have what it takes is the first step in achieving your goal of getting your wife off. The fact that it wont be your cock actually doing the satisfying is of little consequence.

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My husband forgot the anniversary of when I started dating my boyfriend, so I decided to really punish him… I  mean, what else are cuckold phone sex husbands for?  I asked my boyfriend over and told my husband that he was coming.  I told him that my boyfriend wanted him tied down to the bed to play out a fantasy and that he WOULD get to fuck and suck a dick.  Well, when the boyfriend got here, I let my husband suck his dick for a little bit and when it was really hard, I told him to spread his legs so he could get fucked.  My husband’s puny dick was as hard as something that small can get…  well, just as he was about to get slammed with dick… my boyfriend backed away and laid down beside my husband and I hopped on top and started riding him!  Poor guy couldn’t even touch himself… that’s what he gets for forgetting to buy me and my boyfriend a present!

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Hello to all you naughty sissy phone sex connoisseurs and freaks.  Are you a man who craves to be feminized and cuckolded by a beautiful woman?  Are you being cuckolded by a slut wife who is cheating on you with several black lovers, including your brother and boss?  Men like you know your place and if you don’t, I know how to bring you back to reality by daily affirmations of all the things you lack, starting with a very big one or in your case a tiny little one…

Sissyfying a man is a process and done in layers.  It can be as harmless and fun as making you wear my panties while you wash the dishes, or it can be a comment while were watching a porn “oh wow look at how much bigger he is then you”.  Its little comments like that, daily reminders of your lack of size and stamina that will in time actually resinate in your head and cause you to except the inevitable.

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