Phone Sex with Suzanne
I got married about 6 months ago. For most people, that would signal the
end of the single life, but not for me. I have the security of having a
husband and multiple boyfriends. What could be better than that??

You see, on our wedding night, my husband got the surprise of his life.
He was expecting a night of passion with me but what he got was
something totally different. I had a night of passion but it wasn’t with
him. That night he met my boyfriend for the first time. I sent him out
to get takeout and when he walked in, he saw me getting fucked by a huge
black cock. At first, he protested but I saw that his cock was getting
hard and I knew I was in the clear.

Since then, a lot has happened. My husband has adjusted to his role of
cuckold husband very well. He cooks, cleans, takes care of all the
bills…and more importantly, he knows his place in the bedroom. He
watches me get fucked nearly every day. Most days he just sits and
watches while wearing pretty panties that I made him go to the store and
buy. But sometimes he gets down on his knees like a little bitch and
sucks my boyfriends cock. The first time I told him to do it, he
resisted but as soon as he had that juicy black cock in his mouth, he
was hooked. Now he begs to do it and only gets to do it when he’s been a
good boy.

Cuckold phone sex is obviously my favorite, but I do love other kinds of
fetish phone sex as well. Some of my other favorites are: sissy phone
sex, financial domination (because you know you want to buy me things…
see the wishlist link below), tease and denial phone sex, humiliation
phone sex… and the list goes on.

So pick up the phone now and call me. I know you want to.
  AIM: CuckWifeSuzanne
Yahoo: CuckWifeSuzanne

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