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When your dick is too small to pleasure your wife or girlfriend it should not be a surprise when she decides to cuckold your sorry ass. I specialize in cuckold phone sex, I am a Cuckoldress to my little dick husband and I’ve been known to cuck guys who don’t meet my size standards. Being a size queen it’s no wonder I get off cuckold phone sex. Seriously, if I don’t let me husband fuck me what makes you think I’m going to let your worthless dick near my Goddess pussy? I will show you your place on your knees at my feet. Your lips kissing my ass begging to serve me. Just because I won’t let you fuck me doesn’t mean there aren’t other things you will do to make me happy.

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My favorite BBC lover loves sissy white boys to fluff is huge mandingo cock. And there is not much better than your tongue deep in my freshly fucked cream pie pussy. In fact, that’s the only way I’ll let you taste me, when it’s mixed with my stud’s huge load. I know you’re going to tell me you’re not gay, well duh, licking my cream pie hardly makes you gay. And when I have my hand on your head making you suck my cunt juice off his cock, that doesn’t make you gay either. It sure does make me happy though, and that is what it’s all about, right?

For those times when it’s just you and I, there will still be fucking going on. Don’t get too excited, I’ll be doing the fucking of your tight (or not so tight) ass. I get off on using my strap-on thinking of it as a real cock. Watch me stroke it. Suck it. On your back, legs spread, ass open, just ready for me take you like my horny slutty bitch. Beg for my cock and maybe my new lover will walk right in as I’m pounding your ass. You wish. Dirty slut.

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Hey guys, it’s me Carla, your big titted mature slut, and I’m here to talk about some of the mature phone sex roleplay calls we can do. One of my favorite roleplays is me being your cheating wife and you walking in on me getting ram fucked by a BBC stud. That’s right, baby, I’ve been fucking him for months and I’m so happy you finally caught me. Get right down there on your knees and eat my sweet cream pie. Look at his monster black pole all covered with my cunt juice. Stick your tongue out and clean his cock up now. I just turned you into my cuckold, isn’t that what you’ve been fantasizing about forever?

Another kinky roleplay I love is being the hot MILF or cougar down the street. I ask you to come over and help me in the yard and when you show up I’m in the shortest little skirt and a halter top that barely covers my 40FF’s. It’s your lucky day because I invite you inside and in minutes I’m on my knees, taking down your pants, so I can get my mouth around that throbbing younger cock. I love the way you push me away and bend me over the kitchen table and tease my already dripping pussy with your cock. I beg you to fuck me, beg for your cock in my hot twat and my tight asshole. I can’t get enough of your younger dick and don’t be surprised when I ask you to invite a few of your friends over too.

I also love to roleplay taboo fantasies. Not only will I be the hot MILF next door, I will be your hot MILF, if you know what I mean. I’m a kinky and perverted MILF, cheating wife, cougar, Cuckoldress and more.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

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Hey you, over there .. that’s right you, with the little dick. Don’t try and hide it, I know all about you; looking at all the hot sexy women on this site wishing you could be with girls like us. The fact is your dick is too small and you know you just don’t have what it takes to please a woman like me. That is probably why you get off on small penis humiliation phone sex. What else is there to do with that pathetic little penis than laugh at it?  Actually I can think of a few things to with that teenie peenie, put it in panties, tie it up, lock it up and tease the fuck out of it. A little dick like that probably doesn’t even deserve the attention, but it amuses me so I will indulge you.

A few of my small penis humiliation callers love to send me pics to better laugh at them. Hold up a rule, a lighter or even your pinkie to show it off. Hysterical! I don’t even know you have the balls to be proud of something that tiny. Here is a secret for you, trim that nasty pubic hair and at least make it look a little nicer, cute is probably the better word.  Awwww what a cute teenie peenie you have. Another hint? For every 30lbs a man loses he gains an inch of penis. It still won’t make that dick big enough, but at least it will be more than a tic-tac.

If I like you in spite of your small penis, I might make you into my cuckold. Take me shopping and buy me something sexy to wear for latest big dicked lover. And is there anything better than being up close to my perfect pussy dripping with my lover’s cum?

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