Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Carla

Yes I am a real life cheating wife and that’s what makes cheating wife phone sex so damn good with me. Let me tell you a secret, the fact that I am a cheating wife makes my husband a cuckold! That’s right, if your wife is cheating you’re a cuck. That’s what being a cuckold is. But enough about, let’s talk about me and my insatiable sexual needs and desires. From the first time I cheated on my husband (that’s a taboo story in itself!) I knew that I would never be happy with just his dick. Not just because it’s so damned small, but because I need more!

cheating wife phone sex

The first dick I had after marriage was almost twice the size of my husband’s and the first time I ever came from just being fucked. Holy hell, this is what fucking should be. Since then I’m on a quest for the biggest and fattest fucking cocks for this cheating wife pussy. Yes, I’m a size queen and damned picky about any cock that I let close. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, if you don’t measure up; and that includes girth, don’t even bother thinking you’re going to fuck me. But if you’re hung and hard, bring it to me, baby!

My favorite is younger hard dick. Why younger? Well for sport fucking they get it hard and they keep it hard more than most any old guy ever will. Being a cheating wife my time can be limited and I need a cock that’s at attention when I’m available and wet and ready. Bring a friend if you have one, I told you I’m insatiable and even your dick’s not enough for me.

Don’t even bother with a condom, if I’m going to let you fuck me, I want to feel every ridge and vein deep inside my hot wife cunt. Big fucking balls slapping up against me, and if you’re a BBC even better. I want to feel your cum deep inside my married belly.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Carla

So it’s always been your fantasy to see your wife getting fucked by another man. You call me for cuckold phone sex because you know that I have been cucking my husband for 30 years now. Damn right, 30 fucking years of fucking men other than my husband. Of course he knows. He didn’t at first and he thought about leaving me after he found out I cheated. But when his little pathetic dick got hard just talking about me with other men, I knew he would never leave. I was right. I’m always right ~ wink ~

cuckold phone sex

You can tell me the truth, it’s not just any cock you want to see fuck your girlfriend is it? I know it’s a BBC that you fantasize about. One has to wonder if it’s more about you than her? It’s not, trust me on that. Start thinking about her pleasure and the likelihood of her finding a real man to fuck her goes up exponentially. When you’re watching porn together and fucking around, tell me how wet her pussy gets when you watch some big black guy pounding some white guy’s wife. Once she gets a feel of your little dick it will finally click that she needs something bigger and better.

I always tell guys “be careful what you wish for”. Sure you can tell me your cuckold fantasies and how bad you want to watch her with another man, but when reality hits and she likes him better than you …. Don’t laugh, it happens. Can you blame her for leaving your sissy white dick for a real man with a real cock? You better do a damned good job convincing her that you don’t ever need to fuck her again if you want her stay. Better yet, offer up some cash and your marital bed to her big black stud.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Carla

When he called me for cuckold phone sex, he wasn’t even sure he was a cuckold. Sure, his wife was going out a lot more than usual, always with the girls. She would dress sexier and sluttier than she ever did with him. They went from having sex once a week to never and she was never in the mood anymore. I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking, that she was already cheating on him. And we would be correct!

cuckold phone sex


What he was most upset about was that they would watch porn and have sex fantasizing about the studs on the screen. Just like you, he wanted to watch his wife get fucked and pleasured by someone else, usually a BBC. So when he found out she was cheating and didn’t tell him, he had to call me for confirmation. You know I was brutally honest with him. Now that her secret was out it was his time to beg her not to leave him. Like most guys, he was willing to do anything to keep her. Even though their fantasies were just about watching her get fucked, he needed to learn to be a more active participant.

I taught him about eating and cleaning her freshly fucked cream pie pussy. Once he came to terms that she would never let him fuck her again, he would cum to her pleasure every single time. Never in his wildest dreams did he think that his loving wife would have him on his knees begging her big black lover to fuck her. Oh you know he turned into a horny little cocksucking fluffer too. The only fucking he would be a part of is a strap on or even a real cock up his cuckold ass.

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Carla

Who better to call for cheating wife phone sex than a real life wife who cheats. I’ve been married for over 30 years now and I have been cheating on my husband for over 20 of them. Yes, he knows, technically that makes him a cuckold and me his Cuckoldress. The first time I fucked someone other than my hubby was a very taboo experience. So taboo  that I can only tell you about it on the phone. Let’s just say that cock size isn’t always inherited. Once I had my first ever orgasm from just a cock in my pussy, I knew I would never be faithful to him again.

cheating wife phone sex

It wasn’t pretty when he found out but I knew two things. First, I loved him. Second, if were going to stay married, I was going to be a cheating wife. He joined in at first doing the typical cuckold fantasy things. He jerked off watching me take a BBC and ate my cream pie pussy after. We experimented with strap-ons and cock sucking and orgasm denial. I always knew he didn’t have much of a sex drive and he just wanted to make me happy. After a bit he wasn’t all that interested and I was all good with that. Just gave me more time to spend fucking and meeting slutty sissy boys who loved doing all the things he didn’t.

Nowadays I have a few lovers, both men and women, who fulfill my sexual needs and desires. We live near a university and I am always on the prowl for hot college cock. I am a cheating wife and my husband gets off hearing about all my sexual adventures. It’s cute the way he’ll jerk his little dick while I tell him how sore my pussy is from my latest fuckventures. Jealousy has no part in our relationship and we’ve both cum to terms that I will always be his cheating wife.

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Carla

cheating wife phone sex

I do a lot of cheating wife phone sex calls. I’m a cheating wife myself. Although is it really cheating if he knows? I married young, a virgin, and definitely naive. When I cheated the first time it was quite the taboo experience with a munch younger and bigger dick. I knew then and there that I would never be satisfied with my husband’s small old dick. It was like an addiction at first, I probably fucked a new guy every week for almost a year! Not to leave out the repeat visits from a few of the best. Of course my husband found out, I’ll leave out the messy details, but that’s when he became a cuckold and I was able to live out all my cheating wife fantasies.

It didn’t take long before I had a taste of my first big black cock. I was hooked. That thick BBC meat between my lily white huge boobs. Fuck. Who wouldn’t get off on that?! Can’t say I was too surprised to find my husband loved to watch too. Beating off his little dick while I got pounded by a real man cock. Sure we experimented with him fluffing and eating cream pie. I think he just put up with that because it turned me on. For us both though, it was the idea and reality of me being with other men that turned him on. For years I’d come home from a date and he’d happily lick my stretched, sloppy, and swollen cunt while I told him all about my latest fuck fest. He’d hump and cum on his pillow while I squirted my juices all over his face.

Do you suspect your wife is cheating on you? I won’t hold back on the hard cold facts. Do you fantasize and wish your wife would fuck other men? Be careful what you wish for! I do any and every kind of cheating wife phone sex fantasy.

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Cougar Phone Sex with Carla

cougar phone sex

I embrace the term cougar with all I have and I am just cougar phone sex woman you need in your life. I am in my early 50’s and I just love younger dick! My first cheating wife experience was at the hands of a much younger guy and I have been hooked ever since. I stalk my prey and I pounce and you know what? They give up way too easy! Sometimes it is all about the chase.

I’m headed out to the clubs this weekend and there is only one thing on my mind. I will be on the prowl for a hot young stud to bring me home and ravish for my pleasure. I love the looks I get when I’m out and about and all the younger guys just can’t take their eyes off me. I know you are probably a little nervous being that I’m so much older, but there is no need.If you are a sexy younger guy, I know I want you as much as you want me!

I love to dress in a short little skirt, black sheer stockings, cum fuck me pumps and a very low cut blouse when I’m out. You know I’m showing off my amazing cleavage! Don’t hesitate to buy me a drink or two because I guarantee this sexy cougar will make it worth your time and money. When I make you dance with me and grind against your cock, you’ll know exactly what I have in mind. I might not even wait until we leave the club, I see a dark corner over there and I must have that younger cock now!

Not only am I cougar in my real life, I just love cougar phone sex! There’s nothing like seducing a younger guy and pleasing that hard throbbing cock. It’s okay if you are a little bit shy, I have no problem taking the lead and showing you how to please a cougar phone sex woman like me.

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Mature Phone Sex Roleplay with Carla

mature phone sex roleplay

Hey guys, it’s me Carla, your big titted mature slut, and I’m here to talk about some of the mature phone sex roleplay calls we can do. One of my favorite roleplays is me being your cheating wife and you walking in on me getting ram fucked by a BBC stud. That’s right, baby, I’ve been fucking him for months and I’m so happy you finally caught me. Get right down there on your knees and eat my sweet cream pie. Look at his monster black pole all covered with my cunt juice. Stick your tongue out and clean his cock up now. I just turned you into my cuckold, isn’t that what you’ve been fantasizing about forever?

Another kinky roleplay I love is being the hot MILF or cougar down the street. I ask you to come over and help me in the yard and when you show up I’m in the shortest little skirt and a halter top that barely covers my 40FF’s. It’s your lucky day because I invite you inside and in minutes I’m on my knees, taking down your pants, so I can get my mouth around that throbbing younger cock. I love the way you push me away and bend me over the kitchen table and tease my already dripping pussy with your cock. I beg you to fuck me, beg for your cock in my hot twat and my tight asshole. I can’t get enough of your younger dick and don’t be surprised when I ask you to invite a few of your friends over too.

I also love to roleplay taboo fantasies. Not only will I be the hot MILF next door, I will be your hot MILF, if you know what I mean. I’m a kinky and perverted MILF, cheating wife, cougar, Cuckoldress and more.

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BBC phone sex with carla

BBC phone sex

As most of you know, I am a Cuckoldress; I have been cuckolding my husband for over 20 years now, and that’s about how long it has been since his worthless 4 inch dick has been anywhere near my pussy. Not only am I a size queen, but I have a huge preference for big black cock. The bigger, the blacker the better! A woman has to have standards and I set mine very high. There is nothing like a thick black dick fucking my milky white juggs except maybe that Mandingo dick rubbing all up inside my round white ass and juicy married white pussy. Don’t you wish you were there to watch up close and personal?

You call me for BBC phone sex for one of two reasons – You are either a BBC cock slut yourself and/or you fantasize about your wife or girlfriend being taken by young and hung black stud while you watch. Which is it? Or is it both? You come home from work early and see your sweet and innocent wife bent over the arm of the couch and getting pounded by the school football player’s BBC and screaming and cumming like never before, and you feel your balls pull up all tight in your pants. He pulls out and you see her red, swollen and gaping hole and you know he’s already filled her with at least one load of cum. You hear your wife beg her lover to fuck her ass and you almost cum in your pants when you hear that. She’s never let you get anywhere near her ass. After he dumps his last load of his precious black seed in her ass, he zips up and walks right out the door leaving your woman dripping his cum and barely able to move.

Are you going to get on your knees and clean her up? Hold her and kiss and tell her how beautiful she is and how much you love her? Or are you going to just sit on the couch next to her, take out your worthless dick and beat off?

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cougar phone sex with carla

phone sex

Oh my, cougar phone sex is so much fun for me. I get to tell you all the stories of the kinky things I’ve done in my real life! I have always been attracted to men who are younger than me and as luck would have it, they have been attracted to me, too. I have been lucky enough to always live in neighborhoods with younger men.

The most fun is that I live near a college town and there are boys everywhere. I am horny all the time! Every week, I had a different young man mowing my lawn and servicing things around the house, including me. Word traveled fast and I kind of became a legend at that school. I would love to tell you about how I go out to the bars and stalk my younger prey!

I do, of course, love fucking hot young studs who are experienced. But honestly, my favorite thing is to take the virginity of these geeky nerds who don’t get much attention from the girls their age. They still have big dicks and they are really eager to please me. The look on their faces when they feel their dick slide into my pussy for the first time is priceless. It’s like heaven to them. And teaching them to eat pussy is fantastic. They sometimes are a little shy about it, but once they get a taste of it, there’s no going back.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Carla

cuckold phone sex

Have you ever tried cuckold phone sex? If you haven’t, you probably should. Your dick is pathetic and you know you can’t please your wife, so what else is there for you to do? But you know, even though you can’t please her with your little worthless dick, you can make sure she gets pleased by someone else. She deserves at least that much, doesn’t she?

I bet your wife already has dates with other men that you don’t know about. Just imagine you helping her to get ready for her well hung lover. Before she even gets dressed, you should shave her legs for her, make sure she’s soft and exfoliated. You can wash her hair and help her dry it. Then you will help her pick out, (and most likely take her shopping), for the sexy dress, cum fuck me pumps, and of course jewelry that she will wear to please him.

Before she gets dressed, you need to get down on your knees between her legs and make sure her pussy and her asshole is nice and wet. If you aren’t too pathetic, maybe you can even make her cum a few times while she tells you about how her lover is going to stretch her out in ways that you never ever could. He is going to make her cum all over his big black dick. She’s never cum on your dick, has she?

Want to know what the best part is? When she gets back, she is going to sit on your face and you are going to eat all of the cum that drips from her gaping pussy. You will learn to crave that cream pie. She’ll tell you how hard he fucked her and how she never wants to fuck you ever again. And honestly, why would she when she has that giant black dick to fuck?

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