Lactation and Big Tit Phone Sex with Carla

Our big tit phone sex calls can give you what you’ve been needing so desperately lately. It would feel so perfect to get to slide up beside me and to drink from my full and luscious breasts. You know very well that this is exactly what you and your swollen cock need. It gives you the perfect opportunity to show me what an amazing boy you can be for this hot MILF. You do need to be a good boy for Me, don’t you sweetheart?

big tit phone sex

When you see the promise of mommy’s milk by way of my gorgeous big breasts you turn into my very good boy, don’t you? How could you resist a milk bar as beautiful and tasty as mine? It’s why your penis gets ridiculously hard when you think about having the opportunity to nurse on my boobs. Your lips quiver and you yearn to latch on and lose yourself in the intimacy of suckling at my nipple. Lactation kink has been wrapping itself around your cock for a while now, huh? It’s Ok, you can be my good boy. Good boys get fed very well, do you understand? I want to feel your lips working themselves on my thick nipple and your hands squeezing my large breast while you worship my tits. It feels good to me too, when you latch on and close your eyes while sucking me in a soft rhythm.

I want you to call me when you have some time and then find a quiet spot to talk with me. Between the physical sensation of your hand acting as mine sensually stroking up and down on your lubed up cock and my soothing voice in your ear coaxing you to nurse, you will blast with cum for me. First, it’s time to lean back and take my nipple and do what your body most needs you to do.

Lactation and big tit phone sex with Carla 1-888-474-6769

Role Play Phone Sex with Cora

Are you up for some role play phone sex today? I have one in mind and while I know it might not be something that’s for everyone, I know there will be some awesome callers who really want to explore this with me. I want to talk to those of you want some time with that special older woman in your life. You think about regressing and being a naughty adult baby, don’t you? And I think about that a lot, too. I’m such a nurturing woman and I know that I can help you with all of your diaper loving needs.

role play phone sex

And speaking of diapers – do you need me to change yours right now? I bet you got too excited and made a dirty in your diaper, didn’t you? It’s okay. I know you’re a sweet adult baby and you just can’t help how excited your peepee gets sometimes. It shoots cum in your diaper.

But I’m not always going to be so lenient with you. Sometimes if you’re bad, I will have to put you over my knee and give you a bare assed spanking. I know you’re an adult baby and you can’t help it when you’re bad because that’s just what you do, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to let you get away with it ever time. You will get a spanking and who knows? Maybe you’ll even get more punishment than that. You like sucking on bottles and my boobies, but what about what’s dangling right there between my husband’s legs? You might have to open your mouth and suck on that too.

Do you think you can be a good adult baby or do you think you’ll end up getting punished? Pick up the phone now and tell me. Dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask for role play phone sex with Cora.

Cougar Phone Sex with Remy

Hey there, sugar! I bet that you’ve got a thing for mature babes, don’t you? I don’t blame you and you are most certainly not alone with that fantasy. Younger guys like you chase me around and then call me for cougar phone sex all day and night. Why waste your time with a silly cock tease when you can have a mature woman with experience like me. We don’t get you hard and then leave you blue balled, fuck not at all. We edge you for a bit, get you rock hard then calm you down and then finally make your body shake with a massive mind-shattering orgasm.

cougar phone sex

We older ladies know every little spot to touch to get you excited, and we know how to suck that cock so good you’ll fall in love. We don’t want you to take us to dinner or introduce us to your family. No dates, just some serious friends with benefits situation — no strings attached. Some guys like you just have a real appreciation for a seasoned slut who is confident and comfortable in her skin. We mature ladies can do things to you that you’d never heard of or tried before because those silly young girls are too squeamish or prudish to even try. For instance, I can make a man cum without even touching his dick. Let me slide my finger in your ass and massage that prostate for you while I suck on your nipples and you’ll see what I mean. There are so many things I can teach you on cougar phone sex. Just give me a call and you’ll see how a real woman can satisfy you! You won’t be going back to those girls your own age.

Call 1-888-474-6769 to get a much-needed dose of cougar phone sex with me.

Mature Phone Sex with Zoey

I know I drive men crazy and guess what I love that I have that power over them. I fully get it. I’m a 50-year-old that looks amazing for having kids and being retired. Most women my age let themselves go and just happy knitting and playing cards. I don’t even know how to knit LOL.  I’m a mature woman on fire with a sexual appetite.  If you’re looking for earth-shattering mature phone sex well here I am baby!

mature phone sex

I’m a freaky 50-year-old I’ll tell you that.  I have so much fun being a tease and making cocks hard.  But unlike most teases my age I actually give up my pussy.  How many times have you craved fucking an older woman like me?  I know how to please a man and I have a devilish smile many can not say no to. A mature woman has something many don’t and that experience. I’m a wild woman always has been. I love living on the edge and doing things proper women should not.  I can not tell you how many times I made my mother shake her head and asked what was I thinking.

I have worn many hats in this life besides a mature phone sex lover. I have been a motorcycle momma, the wife of an uptight businessman who fucked his employees behind his back, the MILF at rock concerts that’s more than willing to flash in the crowd to get backstage and let’s not forget the cuckolding boss not only at work but home too. I told you I was a freaky mature woman.

Sorry, I like to give people something to remember about me. I really do get excited every time my house phone rings during the day. I’m hoping it’s a horny person on the other end wanting to have some mature phone sex with me and fully expecting me to fuck myself for him. However some times I get telemarketers but I love to fuck with there heads if its a real person and tell them all kinds of wild things. Just the other day I was mopping in nothing more then a camo T-shirt and the phone rang. I got excited but it was some phone jerk trying to sell me something. I told him he was interrupting me playing with my pussy with the end of the mop handle. Funny as heck but he hung on me damm it.

No, I really have never touched myself with the mop handle But I have with my hard hairbrush. But if you want to hear about those kinds of things you have to call me. You may be pleasantly surprised by what I will do while we are on the phone.  I think I have proved my point and  you now need to call my sexy ass for some mature phone sex.  1 888 474 6769 and ask for Zoey <3

Twitter : Naughty_housewi

Phone Sex Fantasies with Cora

There are so many phone sex fantasies out there that we can discuss when you call a woman like me. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with how many things turn me on because it’s so hard to pick one at any given time. So I thought that maybe I would tell you about a couple of fantasies I really like talking about so you can pick one and then give me a call.

phone sex fantasies

I love it when I get calls from BBC lovers. Yup, big black cock is really fun. We can talk about how much I love black cock or we could talk about how much YOU love black cock. I can’t blame you. I mean, it’s one of the most delicious things ever. It would be fun to hear how you got into it and about how it was the first time you actually had it in your mouth or in your ass.

If that’s not your thing, maybe small penis humiliation is. I know you’re ashamed of your tiny cock and you absolutely should be. That thing is repulsive and you shouldn’t ever subject a woman to that little thing. It’s useless to me and pretty much any other woman out there.

Do you have any impregnation fantasies? You could throw me down and fuck the shit out of me. Then you could shoot a hot load deep inside me and fill my stomach with a baby. The thought of getting knocked up by you is really making my pussy really wet right now.

No matter what kind of phone sex fantasies you have, I want you to please know that you can get on the phone and call me and have the time of your life. Just pick up the phone and call Cora right now at 1 888 474 6769.


BBC Phone Sex with Remy

I have been keeping a secret for a very long time.  My husband has no idea that he’s married to a BBC phone sex whore.  In fact, he had no idea until he walked in on me getting pounded from behind over the kitchen table by the cable repairman.  My poor husband couldn’t believe that after four visits the guy still hadn’t been able to fix our cable issue. But my hubby wasn’t supposed to be home for at least another 2 hours or he never would have walked in on his BBC phone sex slut wife getting slammed hard by a huge black cock.  I started screaming when I saw him walk in and the guy thought I was screaming louder because of how good he was fucking me.  I mean in a way that was true too, but I was so shocked and horrified when he saw me.  So was he.

BBC phone sex

He just froze standing there with his jaw dropped as the cable guy kept ramming his 10-inch black dick deeper and harder, filling me with a massive load of jizz.  I kept waiting for him to storm off or kick the guy out or something.  But he shocked me, even more when he came into the kitchen dropped to his knees and started licking the guy’s chocolate dick as he slid in and out of me. Looks like my husband had a secret of being a BBC phone sex whore too!  Hey, no judgment on my part.  Now neither one of us has to hide our BBC phone sex fetish.  If anything, it will just bring us closer.  Just think of all the fun we’re about to have with all those big hanging black dicks!

Call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Remy for some hot BBC phone fucking fun!

MILF Phone Sex with Cora

Hey there boys. Are you looking around the internet for MILF phone sex sluts? You are definitely in the right place for that. I know that I look really elegant and proper, but that could not be further from the truth when it comes to bedroom fun. I like to get really nasty with all the younger guys in my neighborhood and show them what an older woman can do for them as opposed to women their own ages. I think that word has gotten out because I never have a shortage of younger men showing up at my door for a quickie or even all weekend long fuck fests.

MILF phone sex

One of my favorite things ever is getting a bunch of younger men over for a weekend and having an orgy all weekend long. It’s so amazing. I can have a cock in any hole at any given time – and sometimes every hole at once. If one younger man is tired, I always have another one to fill in. It makes me laugh that some of the other women my age in town call me a whore like it’s a bad thing. I love being a whore and I’ll keep doing it. They are all just mad that I’m sleeping with their 18 year old sons. Hey, I can’t help it if my pussy is the best one in town. If they weren’t so stuck up and prudish, maybe they could have all of the younger men fucking them night and day. Oh well. Their loss is my gain.

Do you have MILF phone sex fantasies that you want to talk about? If not, then maybe you need to hear the dirty details about my fun with younger guys. Either way, pick up the phone and ask for Cora when you call me at 1 888 474 6769.

Stocking Fetish Phone Sex with Gypsy

Legs like these were meant to be embellished, don’t you think honey? Just imagine the act of sliding those stockings up these long, delicious stems. Would you rather watch me put them on, or watch me take them off? Or would you rather put them on me? Or…would you rather put them on YOU? Honey, I’m not gonna judge – no matter which way you like your stocking fetish phone sex served up, I’m happy to be invited to the party!

stocking fetish phone sex

Oh, love, don’t you just crave that sensation? There’s something so luscious about the way stockings feel against the skin. Stockings are fun for all involved – the person wearing them, and the person rubbing them. And you don’t have to only rub with your hands, honey – you can rub my stockings with your cock all night long! Just slide up and down, move that hard dick along the curves of my legs, and let that soft fabric catch and slip as you move along my extra long legs. Just the mention of the sensation has your dick throbbing – you’re so close to running into your wife’s room and grabbing a pair of her stockings just to stroke your cock with, aren’t you?

Do it. I dare you. Just call me first. Call me with a pair of your wife’s stockings in your hand and tell me that all you want in life is amazing stocking fetish phone sex with a truly naughty long legged sex kitten like me – a mature woman who knows exactly how to use her gorgeous legs to get you off. These legs are built for speed, they’re hot to the touch, and they only get better when they are adorned with the sexiest of stockings and sluttiest of high heels.

Trust me, honey – I’m made for stocking fetish phone sex. Gypsy – that’s the name you ask for when you dial 1 888 474 6769 – you won’t regret it!!

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex with Remy

I saw the dick pic you sent me.  No wonder you call me to be humiliated on small cock humiliation phone sex.  I bet you have been berated your whole life for that tiny pinky dick.  I can’t lie, when I saw it I busted out laughing.  It must be so embarrassing for you to have such a baby dick.  My first thought was, this guy has got to be a virgin still!  NO ONE would let you put that disgusting little worm inside them.  And I know for a fact no girl would ever suck it either.  It might have been cute when you were growing up but now it’s just shameful and a huge turnoff.  That is the only time you will ever hear words like ‘huge’ used regarding your itty bitty man clit on small cock humiliation  phone sex. 

small cock humiliation phone sex

Well, unless I’m reminding you what an enormous disappointment you are as a man.  You probably cry when you jerk your wee cock, don’t you?  Why would you even want to touch it? I know I wouldn’t!  Tell the truth, does your mommy jerk you off so that you can finally have a woman touch your deformed micro penis?  You better hope so, because she will be the only woman to ever do that for you.  Give me a call for small cock humiliation and I’ll give you a reason to go crying to mommy begging her to jack you off and make you feel better.  This is your life loser!  And it’s only going to get worse as you get older and it shrivels up and shrinks even more.  But don’t worry, you still can actually make a woman happy… when you let her bash you and degrade you with small cock humiliation phone sex!

Call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Remy

MILF Phone Sex with Sadie


Hey guys, you know that hot and sultry MILF that lives down the street from you? She is checking you out too. When women get the age that we are considered cougar material you better believe that younger cock is precisely what we have in mind. I give all of the younger guys on my street the eye. The ones that are brave enough to approach me are the ones that get the honey. Are you bold enough to try and get with this older MILF phone sex slut? You have just what I need, don’t you? A hot body, a hard cock, and a dirty mind. That is the perfect dangerous combination for my wettest fantasies. I need a regular boy toy to fuck and get pleasured by. My last one moved and I am climbing the walls over here whetting my appetite with phone fucks. Can you help?

MILF Phone Sex

MILF Phone Sex Slut for Your Pleasure

You need an experienced woman that knows exactly what she wants. What she wants is you and your super hard cock. Can you keep up with this salacious horny housewife? No one has to know that you’re fucking the MILF down the street. Now if you want to tell your buddies, I am supportive of that. Bring them all over and we will have the filthiest of times together. Your sweet girlfriend probably can’t handle them, but your nasty side piece MILF can. Your personal MILF phone sex babe can handle any taboo or kink that you have on your perverted mind. How do I know, well I have the most perverted fantasies myself. I’m the mature and needy cum addicted slut that you’ve been dreaming of. There’s no need to be jacking off all alone when you can call me up anytime and get off hard with me.




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