Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Sierra

I just can’t get enough of having a reputation for turning a mans head my way. And when it comes to cheating wife phone sex no one does it better than me. You may be asking yourself why that is? Well it’s because I love getting to know everything there is to making a man feel so fucking good. Better than he has in a very long time. I’m the kind of woman who pays close attention to all of the things that other women don’t. For as long as I can remember, and even in college human sexuality was one of my favorite subjects. Learning about the body and what it takes to make a mans dick stand to attention was something I mastered. Since then I’ve only gotten better and better. Mature, sinful, seductive and experience is the perfect combination. Add the perfect touch of sluttiyness and not being afraid to get down, dirty, kinky and taboo are some of my favorite things as well. My sexy voice and alluring ways will get stuck in your head. (Both of them trust me) And when you find yourself with idle time the first person you will think of is me. I have to admit that’s just the way I like it too. I had a man message me the other day saying “Sierra the new pictures on your page has gotten my dick as hard as a rock. Especially the one that shows that beautiful bald pussy and asshole.” He was stroking it too. My panties got so fucking wet I couldn’t help but start masturbating.

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I love all kinds of men too. Older, younger, submissives, those in control. single, those who have girl friends and married men as well. I love taking a woman’s man away from her too. Just ask the ones who have had the pleasure to be around me or those who have talked to me on the phone. I have a reputation for getting around. And when my husband is away then those are the times that I love to play. I have the body that is made for pleasure. I also have the kind that was made for showing off and flaunting. Just look at these watermelon tits. They were made for squeezing, touching, kissing and sliding your big fat dick between. I’ve even been known to allow those who have little dicks to rub against them as well. But that’s only after they do something humiliating for this cheating wife phone sex flirt. I know how to make a man happy and give exactly what they desire. I love going beyond that every single moment we are together. Sometimes when I’m by myself I love masturbating to you. I think about your sexy voice sharing all of your fantasies and desires with me. I love it when a man knows how to take control and bring out the slut in me. And if you’re submissive, believe me I know how to dominate, control and get you to your knees begging to serve me.

I love a hard dick that is big enough to slide in my warm wet mouth, wet tight pussy and my kinky fucking ass as well. You may be asking yourself “what size is big enough?” Seven and above baby. Anything below that just wont do. It’s okay though because I love men with small dicks as well. I love them for small penis humiliation, guided masturbation, panty play and so much more.

But the alpha male who is large and in charge will see just how much of a cum slut i really am. I’m a lot of things really. Some love a woman who knows how to be a lady in the public eye and a complete whore in the bedroom. One who knows how to use every single part of her body to get your dick dripping pre cum. My big tits, sexy long legs, tight fuckable ass and delicious pussy will have you wanting more. I will look at you smiling as I tell you how badly I want you to fuck me. I must confess that once you feel my warm holes taking your tool deep inside it will be moments until you explode. I hate the word “No” But I love the words “please don’t stop. Please give me more. Please don’t stop until you blow your load hard for me because i’m all yours.” And if you are a submissive then some things you will be doing is dropping to your knees saying “Mistress Sierra please use me. Humiliate me, make me your bitchboy and please may I be allowed to stroke my dick and cum for you?”

I’m not afraid to wreck a home. But I wont wreck your home unless I know you want it wrecked. If “she” is not giving you what you want then I will happily step in and have you so fucking turned on that you forget all about her. And when you go back to her and fuck her it will be my sexy voice and sinful body you won’t be able to stop thinking about. I know how to keep my men happy. And I know how to have them coming back for more. You can be naughty, nasty, kinky, dirty, perverted, twisted, over the top, out of the box, in the box, open minded, love it vanilla or want extra spice to your life. Men who walk past my house have to stop and take a second look. Especially this time of year when I go around barely dressed. I smile and give a finger gesture that says “come closer baby. Don’t be shy. Because this cheating wife phone sex slut will have you so turned on it will be seconds before you open my door to take that next step. Let’s take it together. Just think about being right in front of me dressed in something that will get your cock standing at attention. I’m all yours anytime you want me. Show me why you can give it to me like no other man can. And if you are a submissive I will show you exactly how i can give it to you like no other woman can…

So please no need to keep your hand around your cock as you take in all my pictures. Give me a call for some of the best cheating wife phone sex you have ever or will ever have. I’m ready to prove to you that when you go back to “her” it will be my sweet sexy voice and body you won’t be able to stop stroking too.

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Mature Phone Sex with Tessie

I may be in my mid 40’s, but this mature phone sex nympho? knows exactly how to get it done! I can be your friend’s mother you have always wanted to fuck, or that teacher you get a hard on for all through class. I can certainly be that mature phone sex slut from next door that you would do anything, say anything, pay anything to fuck just once. Whatever your fantasy is, I am the woman to make it happen.

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There is a reason you call me over and over again. Because I know how to tap into your kinkiest wet dreams, naughtiest desires and role play them all with you. And I can teach you everything about becoming the best dirty motherfucker in town. I am the sexy, mature woman to teach you all about face sitting, titty fucking, deep throating, fisting, and by the way that can go both ways. I am not the only one who deserves a good hard fisting up the ass! And last but not least, I will teach you how to perfectly lick and tease my clit, and pound my pussy until your dick is covered in my cum. Once you please the pussy, you get to fill it with all the cum that you have built up while fantasizing about me and my tight, wet pussy. So many lessons to be learned! Give me a call so we can get started!! You gain so much by calling me for mature phone sex because I do it all!

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Mature Phone Sex with Beki

You need a woman that knows what she wants, and isn’t afraid to tell you, right? You need a mature phone sex call with this sexy MILF, don’t you? Call me so we can get down and dirty in the bedroom. I’m a lady in the streets and a freak in the sheets. I love being in control of that dick and showing you just how I like it. You get so excited when you know you’re with a woman who can teach you how to please her just right. I can tell by that tepee under the covers. Now slide over and let me in.

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I like to start nice and slow and work you up. Kiss your lips and go deep with my tongue. Lick and bite your neck and trail kisses down your chest. Suck on your nipples while you enjoy every nibble and lick, I give. Stopping off at your belly to do some more kissing, and finally finding my way to your crotch. Not yet, more teasing, as I lick your balls and taint. Mmmm what’s this you’ve never had anyone lick your ass? Oh, baby you’re in for a treat, yummy. I’m going to lick it so good for you on this mature phone sex call, baby you’ll never want me to stop.

Now It’s your turn to lick me a little, I’ll let you know if you’re doing it right. I’m ready for you, now lick that pussy good for me. I’ll teach you just how I like it so, no worries. I feel you take my clit inside your mouth so gently. I moan in pleasure and yes you know how to do that pretty damn good. Now don’t forget to insert a couple of fingers and hit that G-spot for me, I’ll squirt all in your mouth. Then you come back up here and kiss me some more, Mmmm taste so sweet. As you slide back up my body, you pause to ask if you can put your cock inside me, not yet I whisper. I want you to tease me with it, run it up and down my pussy lips and make me beg for it. When you know I can’t take it a minute longer you slowly slip your cock as deep inside my hot, wet, MILF cunt till I’m coming so hard for you. I know what I want, I want to be teased and pleased on our mature phone sex call. If, you do to, call me.

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Phone Sex Fantasies with Ruth

My limpdick hubby is always away traveling for work, but I don’t fucking care. It gives me plenty of time to indulge all my kinky phone sex fantasies!

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Even better, I love using his credit card to buy all the sexy toys that keep me satisfied. Do you like to add some rubber or silk into your fantasies, sweetheart? Whatever your taste, whatever the hole, I’ve got the perfect piece to stick in it or on it! And when it comes to lingerie, forget about it! I’ve got every shape and color to wear. Question is, who’s going to be wearing it, you or me? Either way, I’ve got the treasure trove of fucking panty drawers to play our phone sex fantasies with!

And a cheating wife like me has all sorts of fucking kinky twisted thoughts keeping me all horned up and ready to go for hours with a horny fucking stud, sweetheart. This cougar cunt doesn’t know how to stop craving cock, not ever. I even don’t mind getting my mouth on another juicy peach from time to time in some hot threesome phone sex fantasies! Two girl phone sex is always a fucking blast when you have a mature MILF type like me to show a young lady how it’s done- exactly how to worship a big thick dick, that is, sweetheart!

Or maybe you don’t have a big thick dick for some hot steamy phone sex fantasies. Maybe you’re one of the ones with a little bitty weiner who can’t handle much more than being laughed at. Even that much attention gets your tiny tin soldier straight and at attention and ready to burst, doesn’t it, sweetheart? Who’da thunk small penis humiliation would be your favorite phone sex fantasy, you little perv?

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Big Black Cock Phone Sex Slut Phoebe

My name is phoebe, and I am a big black cock phone sex slut. I know, I’m just what you’re looking for aren’t I?
I know you’ve been searching all over the Internet for a girl like me who knows she can take the biggest, blackest cock in any of my 3 hot holes. Well, you found her, it’s me, phoebe, the biggest BBC whore you will ever meet. There is nothing I like better than my man watching me take a 12-inch-thick chocolate dick down my throat or in my tight, round ass. I’d bet you’d like to make me do that too, wouldn’t you?

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If you’re looking for the best big black cock phone sex slut around, then you just found it! I can give you exactly what you are looking for. Between my hot, sexy voice, my great imagination and my real-life passion for hot sex, I will soon be your favorite slut. I have so many dirty stories that I can tell you when you call me. I love nothing better than to find a hot orgy or a big black dick to keep me entertained between calls.

You have talked to the rest, now talk with the best! “The best what?” You may ask. Why the best big black cock phone sex slut, that’s what! Look no further. Whether you’re the one with that big black cock, or you’re the one who wants to jerk while watching me take it, I am the gal to give it to you. My name is phoebe, and you better call me fast because there are lots of you out there who love what I have to offer. I’m the perfect playmate, no matter what you have in mind. I’m a blond beauty with a killer body, and a can-do attitude. I really can do anything. I will make your phone sex fantasy cum true. Dial me up and you’ll see just how much fun I am so cum play with your favorite big black cock phone sex slut and make all your wet dreams come call me baby and lets play.

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GFE Phone Sex with Beth

We all need to feel a connection in our lives, don’t we? Sometimes life doesn’t make this easy, especially in this chaotic world we live in now. Sometimes we want to have things exactly the way we want them too – hassle free and simple. That’s the beauty of GFE phone sex with a girl like me – it’s how you want it, when you want it, and never anything more…or less. Sure, you can always call me for the best in dirty talk too – I’m always happy to get nasty, but I do have much more to offer.

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GFE phone sex means the girlfriend experience, and sometimes that can be just what the doctor ordered. You’ve had a long, hard day and you just want to come home, vent about it to someone sympathetic, and then feel good with some hot, steamy fucking, right? I’m your girl. Do you prefer someone with whom you can connect on an intellectual level first, because to you, a conversation about literature and psychological theory is the best form of foreplay? I’m still your girl. I love having real conversations mixed in with my phone sex, so a GFE phone sex call can be the best part of my day. I have a way of putting people at ease, so before you know it you will find yourself looking forward to making that call, and trust me – I’ll be glad when I hear it’s your voice on the other end.

The brain is the most powerful sex organ we have. The better the connection, the better the sex is. That’s why GFE phone sex can be so fulfilling. First we connect, then we get truly turned on, and then even phone sex is more exciting. That orgasm will be more explosive the more I can get into your head. Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Beth to find out how truly satisfying the girlfriend phone sex experience can be!!

Size Queen Phone Sex with Beki

I love a big thick throbbing cock!!!! In your size queen phone sex call, I’ll tell you stories about nice cock I’ve had the pleasure of having deep inside my cunt. Like this 23-year-old I met at his hotel room. He would never tell me how big he was on the app we were talking on, just that all the women that had been with him said they couldn’t take him two days in a row, I was like challenge accepted lol. I was very impressed and a little scared when I got to see his 10-inch cock, but not one to back away for a nice cock like that and when he put it inside me OH my God. He took me to heaven so many times I lost count, but I loved every second of that night. I even took that beast in my ass like a good girl.

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Call me so I can tell you all about it. I’ll tell you about the different and sexy positions he had me in, and of course how I gagged on that monster cock. How fucking hot and sexy his body was, and how he moved inside me. I still get hot and bothered just thinking about that amazing cock. Size definitely matters! I’ve heard it’s not the size of the ship but the motion of the ocean, but you try getting to England in a rowboat lol. So, if you have less than 7 inches, I’m sorry for your bad luck, but I’m a size queen phone sex diva and deserve every inch.

Are you ready for some really hot size queen phone sex? I’m ready, too. I can’t wait to tell you about how much I love big fat cocks. All you have to do is pick up the phone and dial 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Beki.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Vivian

Small penis humiliation phone sex turns me on because I’m able to get off while laughing at your tiny, embarrassing dick. How big are you? Perhaps three or four inches? What an absolute joke! The little worm between your legs is barely an excuse for an actual cock. You see, I take pride in laughing at you while satisfying myself at the same time. In order to serve me properly, or to serve anyone properly, you’ll need to enjoy a bit of domination and humiliation. This sad, tiny dick of yours is going to have to prove itself by being my entertainment.

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If your penis is smaller than six inches it just won’t be enough. If you need further shame, I can dress you up like the sissy you are or force you into a pair of stockings. Cotton panties, perhaps? Would you like me to suck your dick while you apply my lipstick to your own lips? I’ll use a large toy or a bull cock to fuck my own wet pussy while you sit and watch, drooling and thirsty for a taste. After all, if your penis can’t do, small penis humiliation phone sex will get me off just the same.

If I actually let you fuck me, you could burst your tiny load inside of me and I wouldn’t even feel a thing. The only thing your dick is good for is for asserting your place at the bottom. Allow me to tease and touch myself while I giggle, point and laugh. Your micro-penis is exactly the laugh I need to fulfill my desire for small penis humiliation phone sex. Be honest with yourself- do you need cuckold phone sex too? Forced masturbation? Call 1-888-474-6769 if you’re ready for the games to begin.

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Slutty Wife Phone Sex with Ruth

With all the hubbub around the big Independence Day celebrations, you fucking know I was looking forward to hot bodies out on display at all the parties. Yours truly included for fucking sure! And of course I was out to have some hot sweaty summertime slutty wife phone sex at every fucking party I went to, you know what I mean, sweetheart?

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A slutty wife like me is always turned on when all those married men at parties with the neighbors keep staring at my ass and tits in my hot little swimsuits. String bikinis, barely-there one-piecers, whatever I can show off with, I fucking wear it! My limpdick hubby can’t even try to stop me, he fucking loves seeing me get all the attention.

I was wearing this royal purple bikini at one party with the neighbors when I found the most delicious man to peel it off of me. Of course we didn’t start with that! There was a lot of flirting and teasing once I finally got introduced to this dark-skinned friend of a friend whose bulge in his swim trunks made me want to get down on my knees the second I saw it. You fucking know I made sure to sit next to him in the hot tub, and start using the cover of the bubbles to get way with some dirty things only a horny whore wife like me would even think of.

And when I finally got to take that big black cock in my mouth later on while everyone else was watching fireworks, it was so fucking hard and delicious, veiny like only a fucking monster black cock can get, you know what I mean? And sweetheart, when he bent me over and shoved that huge fucking pole up my cunt- forget about it! I knew I’d never stop having slutty wife phone sex with hung black men!

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BBC Phone Sex with Remy

I have been so worn out lately from BBC phone sex. Maybe it is because of my new fuck buddy. Yep, of course, he is an ebony God. Seriously, it is like I hit the massive cock lottery with this guy. You know I only fuck the most hung Mandingos out there. Last night this BBC phone sex slut fucked the biggest black cock I’ve ever had! It was easily 13 inches long and 4 inches wide.

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When he came over, he ordered me to my knees and slapped me in the face with that ginormous tree truck. He knows how much I love trying to get that monster in my throat. Then he bent me over the kitchen counter and fucked me up my ass, he laid me on the dining room table with my legs in the air and pounded my cunt, he fucked me in the pool and then on the lounge chair next to the pool for all my neighbors to see. When you get fucked this well, you never care who sees or hears the big show.

This BBC phone sex slut took that big thick hard black dick for hours! I’m surprised no one called the police with how loud I was screaming the whole time. He fucked me so well I can barely walk today! But that’s a small price to pay to get fucked by a huge black rod like that! I finally found someone to satisfy me. Usually, I need at least 2 or 3 black cocks to fulfill me. But this guy?!? He nearly busted my jaw when I sucked his dick. But you better know that I gave it my best try. And I swear I thought my poor asshole would never snap back to normal. But it was amazing! And all I know is, this BBC phone sex slut is even more addicted to black dick and I can’t wait until he abuses all my holes again!!

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