BBC Phone Sex with Remy

Let me tell you a story –the nail-biting tale of how I became the dirty BBC phone sex slut that I turned out to be. In all the time that I have been married, my hubby has never really satisfied me. I know he tried, but he was just not capable. His flesh was weak but his spirit was willing. But I found out early on that the thing that truly makes me squirt is a huge black cock!! I know that most people think that I should feel ashamed for being a cheating BBC phone sex whore, but I don’t. Not even one tiny bit! I love slurping and sucking down a monster black dick. I need to feel it sliding down my throat as I guzzle all that thick gooey cum! And nothing stretches or fills my cunt better than a long thick throbbing black dick ramming me over and over as I whimper and moan.

BBC Phone Sex

When my lover is done using my pussy I beg him to pound my ass until he drains his cock in me again. I legit become a cum dumpster and love every second of it. The only thing that makes all this even hotter, is making hubby jealous by forcing him to be a cuckold and watch me take every inch of one or more delicious enormous black cocks. I know it’s mean, but I really get off on being a heartless BBC phone sex wife. Tell the truth…you’d love to watch me get all my holes pounded and filled by a gang of black dicks. Give me a call and tell me how you want them to use up this slutty BBC phone sex tramp. I truly have no limits or restrictions and I can be the very whore of your dreams.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Darcy

Hello boys, I have a tongue twister for you today and I want you to try saying it out loud. Ready? Here it comes: Chicks with big tits love big dicks. That’s it, chicks with big tits love BIG dicks! Now you know that I’m in the mood for small penis humiliation phone sex today. These little cocktail wieners some of you have are simply just pathetic. If you aren’t sure whether your manhood is under-average, I think you’ll need my help to figure it out. It’s important for you to know whether or not you’ll be able to live up to certain expectations in the bedroom.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

It’s understandable that some men and boys are very confused about whether or not they possess a penis worthy of sucking and fucking. Look at all those big, thick, veiny porno penises you’re constantly exposed to on porn sites. It does make you wonder, doesn’t it? I am sure you have so many questions like, “Do women fantasize about my penis size?” or “Is it possible for my penis to give a woman a vaginal orgasm?” I promise we can answer all these questions together. I consider myself to be somewhat of a BIG COCK private investigator. I can tell if a guy is packing some bedroom heat from across the room and it’s not just from scoping out his bulge! Bulges can be faked but real big dick swagger cannot. Call now for Miss Darcy’s Big Dick Inspection Services and small penis humiliation phone sex.

That’s right, we can put an end to your wondering as soon as we’re on the phone. All I need you to do is grab some lubrication, a ruler, or measuring tape and follow my stroking instructions. We will get you as hard as possible and then measure your penis live on the phone together. And let me just tell you that I love giving jerk off instructions for sexy big dicks. Yum yum! Tiny penises are a different story though – If my inspection has found that you possess mediocre manhood or smaller, I will be forced to give you small penis humiliation phone sex instead of stroke encouragement alone. Laughs and SPH are all I have for baby dicks because, let’s face it – you can’t really stroke a shrimp, can you?

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Sissy Phone Sex with Andi

Sissy phone sex is so easy to recognize. The “man” who calls is always soft-spoken or very submissive.. even with his awkward pauses. I love sissies because as a Domme it’s my job to create an army of cock sucking, strap-on taking, crossdressing, glory hole whores. I take great pleasure in pulling them out of the closet. Now, let’s talk about YOU. You know you call me in secret because you are the “boss” at work or the husband with the hot wife or girlfriend. No one knows your lust for feeling a throbbing hard cock bruise the back of your throat as you tongue his rim and veiny underside. You are a sissy and that’s a fact. We both know you are reading this, sissy stick erect, wondering if you should call me. YOU SHOULD. Let me guide you and train you.

Sissy Phone Sex

Your boy pussy is twitching for dick. You want to be the slut some hot guy thrusts his hard prick into. I know some sissies like strap-on, but most want to please a man. Work like a slut for a hot load. You want to be dominated and trained by a Mistress. Tell me how much you want to be my slave. Come to me. Crawl on your knees and tell me your beta bitch boy secrets. I’ll strap on fuck you, dress you up, pimp you out, cuckold you and tease and deny you every day. We’ll start with the sissy phone sex basics and build a relationship built on your submission. What can you do for ME today? Tell me your talents and what you want to work on. Every whorish wish and dick sucking dream of yours will come true. No limits, and definitely no rules.

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Lactation Phone Sex with Darcy

I just hung up the phone with a caller that turned me on so much that I’m still wet! When I answered the phone, he told me he was looking for lactation phone sex. Yum-yum! He said that he chose me because I had beautiful natural breasts that made him feel hungry. How fortuitous! I told him that he was lucky because my milk-laden tits were so full, that I desperately needed a hungry mouth to help unburden all my milk.

Lactation Phone Sex

First I instructed him to pull his cock out and stroke it for me before we started our lactation phone sex feeding. I wanted to see just how hard he was for my luscious natural breasts. His delicious younger cock was SO hard and his balls looked so full. As I seductively unbuttoned my shirt, I looked into his eyes and said, “If you help me drain my milk-filled breasts, I’ll help drain those swollen balls. After I slid my bra down and exposed my leaking milk jugs, I squeezed my left one and squirted milk over onto my right nipple and sucked it off right in front of his eyes. My eye contact with his, made his dick twitch. When he leaned back, I pulled up my skirt and mounted him. “No panties” he gasped in pleasure as I slid down onto his throbbing cock.

I presented my over-sized milky lactation phone sex breasts right into his face for him to latch on and suck. I placed my hand on the back of his neck and stroked. The intensity and intimacy of him latching onto my breast and sucking my sweet milk out is almost indescribable – it was heavenly. It made my pussy gush and drench his hot younger balls. Tasting my sweet cream with his cock buried in my wet cunt was enough to push him over the edge and he came inside me filling me up with a delicious cream pie. Now I’m satisfied but very messy. I need someone to help me clean up…. is that you? *kisses*

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Andi

There’s nothing better than being fucked by a big,thick cock. My ex used to love being my cuck boy fucktoy and fluff and clean for me. That’s why I love cuckold phone sex so much. It describes what I’ve done all my life as a dominant Size Queen. Having a beta boy creampie cleaner is something I’m used to. Do you crave the salty second-hand seed of a bull stud? Do you know what a wimpy white boy you are? This is why you’re still reading, huh? Call and confess your dirty cuck cravings to me. I’ll give you lots of responsibility as a fluffing fuckboy and creampie cleaning loser. Look at his 8 inches hanging. You are awestruck by the power of black cock. I get it. Now open wide bitchboy, you’ll take every inch, sucking out the first nut for me straight from the tap.

Cuckold Phone Sex

It will make you so excited to feel his dark meat grow in your mouth. You’ll be jacking your pathetic prick at the same time, no doubt. No spilling sissy water on my rug. You can watch up close and personal. I’ll get on the bed and you position your pathetic panting body under me 69 style. Watch my BBC bull jam every inch of his footlong cock inside me. Then,when he busts his huge sticky superior load, I can simply sit back on your face giving you a fresh creampie! When you call me, tell me you are a cuckold phone sex lover. I’ll be your Mistress, your wife, your girlfriend or anyone else you want to roleplay. Are you one of those husbands who call me and tell me how much they want to see their wife fucked by a big black stud cock? Call me cuck boy!!

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Panty Fetish Phone Sex with Catalina

Every time he decides that we should do panty fetish phone sex. His first words would be are what color panties are you wearing? I have to slowly describe everything little thing about the panty that am wearing. I want to always keep him intrigued and interested so I went out and buy panties in every color and shape. I know exactly what he likes. I know he wants me to spend an entire day wearing my panties and not shower so could get a good sniff of the scent that he loves so much. He prefers when I wear a tong so the crotch of the panty will sit exactly between my pussy lips. If my panties are still wet with my pussy juice when I take them off, he would lick my juice out of the panty crotch. He likes for me to pretend that he came into my room at night when am sleeping.
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Whenever he came into my room at night during our panty fetish phone sex, he always tries to sneak in without my knowledge. After gently taking off my panties, then he would lick on my clit until he makes me cum then he would make sure he got all of my cum in the panty crotch to take with before sneak out with my panties to add it to his collection of what he has been sneaking into my room to steal at nights. Whenever he reaches back to his house then he would put my panties at his nose and stroke his dick while saying my name “oh Catalina, oh Catalina ” and he would continue that way for as long as it would talk him to cum, whenever he could feel all that sensation at the tip of his dick, he would place my panties directly over his cock and cum in my panties crotch.
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Taboo MILF Phone Sex with Darcy

You don’t want some flat boring young voiced 18 teen! You want a woman. A real woman with style and class and sophistication. A woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go after it. You want someone who can guide you and teach you the ways of pleasing a woman and experiencing all the wonders of sex. You want some taboo MILF phone sex action and I’m just the sexy goddess to deliver. I’m no girl, I’m all woman. I’m not flat and built like a dude, I’m curvy and luscious with great big tits and a fine firm ass and a tiny little waist. One that you grab ahold of and pull me close like a man does a woman. It doesn’t matter that you are inexperienced. I am very experienced and I can teach you so many things. Like how to last for a really long time. How to get the most of a blow job and of course how to find a woman’s clit. And what to do with it once you have found it. I’ll make you a god among men when it comes to sex.

Taboo MILF Phone Sex

I have to confess, I actually like that you are younger than me. What you lack in technique you make up for in eagerness. And of course, it takes you next to no time to get hard again once you’ve cum. That’s really the best part of having a younger playmate for taboo MILF phone sex. Anyone can learn how to fuck really well and anyone can learn how to fuck for a long time before cumming. But how fast your dick gets hard again after you do cum, well that’s up to nature. Or a blue pill. *laughs* But you won’t need those for a long time. You’re getting hard right now, I can see it in your pants. Don’t blush. I’m not embarrassed; Why should you be? In fact, I’m curious. I want to see it. Let me see your cock now while its still growing. You’re too nervous. Shhh, let me take it out. Oh you have a very nice cock, and you are really responding to my taboo MILF phone sex touch. You’re hard already. Before you do anything with your cock though you should know, foreplay is very important to me.

In fact, I love it so much I’ll spend hours on foreplay. Yes, HOURS!! We can spend hours making out, touching each other, licking each other all over. I’ll give you a blow job and use some techniques to bring you close to cumming and then stop you. We can practice your self control during taboo MILF phone sex. I’ll show you how I like to have my pussy licked and sucked. You’re going to use your fingers too. You’ll be able to imagine what it will be like for your cock to be inside me. Feel me squeeze and pulse and grip your fingers and think of how that will feel around your cock. So hot and wet, you’ll want to be inside me all the time. Don’t worry lover, I want you to fuck me all night long. So we better work on getting you to last awhile. Even if you do cum though, I love foreplay and we can start again. *wink* With me in the lead, your MILF phone sex education will be total and complete. I won’t leave anything out and can show you all kinds of things to make sex the very best it can be. For you and whoever you are fucking.

I know you are dying to find out if MILFs are everything you hear they are. Well trust me baby, I am that and more. *kisses*

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Strap On Phone Sex with Andi

Let me grab my harness for some strap-on phone sex fun. You know you’re interested in me spreading you apart and lubing up your boy pussy. Don’t try and deny the twitch of your puckered hole at this very moment while you read. A sexy MILF Mistress like me knows exactly how to wield my rubber cock and fuck the cum out of you just the way you deserve! You’ve always wondered what it would feel like to be the one who gets fucked. Well, now’s your chance! First I’ll put you on all fours while hanging your ass over the side of the bed to administer your slut test. How am I to know which attachment to use if I don’t know how much of a whore you are?

Strap On Phone Sex

Crawl up there , and stick your ass up in the air with your face down spreading your cheeks. You’ll feel a bit of warm lube sliding down your crack as I insert a few fingers to warm you up and feel how loose you are. I have five different attachments ranging from six inches to ten. I want to make sure that you’re comfortable even though you’re my bottom bitch boy. Strap on phone sex can be done in many positions. However, I prefer you on your back first. Then you can stare at my gorgeous fake tits while I pound each inch inside of you and you moan with pleasure like the sissy you are.
I can even edge you at the same time. I’ll tell you when you can shoot your load, and you will say “Yes Mistress ,Thank you Mistress.” in your breathy ,moaning ,sissified voice. I may be new HERE, but I am definitely not new to domination. I’ll get you off hard whether you prefer sensual or cruel. How do you like your sissy sessions? Try me and see why I’m so sure of myself.

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Submissive Phone Sex with Catalina

Surrendering myself completely to you during submissive phone sex leaves me with the feeling of butterflies in my belly each time. I love being your submissive doll. Every time you demand I get on my knees with my eyes close and my hand behind my back. Knowing that I have to locate your dick with just my mouth, or my clit will get spank if I miss on my first attempt, just let me enjoy been your submissive doll even more. Telling me to take all of that nine and a half inches fat dick down my throat without the support of my hands, just let my clit jump even harder. Pleasing you is what I live for. Each time I look upon your face and see how happy the back of my throat is making you, i just want to choke and dick even more for you. When you demand i get on all fours them put my hands around my legs my heart skip a beat knowing am about be pleased by that dick that I worship so much.

Submissive Phone Sex

As it tries to enter my pussy, stretching my cunt out tears of joy flow down my cheeks as I already know I should not make a sound from my mouth. Slapping my ass while you fuck the shit out of my wet warm juicy pussy. I can feel you going deeper and harder, even though that is what I want more than anything else, am not allowed to open my mouth, so I just have to grip you with my pussy to tell you not to stop. As it get so intensified I know you will not be going much longer. I know you are about to tell me to open my fucking mouth, while you shoot that cum all over my hair and my face, then tell my to lick it up.

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex Fantasies with Darcy

I’m a firm believer that if you can have multiple orgasms, you should have multiple sex partners. I’m naturally a cheating wife phone sex kind of woman. Happy wife, happy life, and all that right? A tethered woman is no fun for anyone! If you’ve ever thought about allowing your old lady a little extra fun with multiple men, you should! I can’t even begin to describe how amazing it is to be a well-fucked woman. Why don’t you come and give it a try? I love sharing cuckold stores and I would love to share my recent escapades – what I liked, what I loved, how big their cocks were, and what I desperately crave for next time.

Cheating Wife Phone Sex Fantasies

I need cock around the clock. If I had a husband that was against me being fucked by other men, then I would have to prove to him that he couldn’t keep up with my libido. Because let’s be honest here, he really can’t fuck me as much as I need to be fucked. And his penis is not as big as I normally go for. If he tries to tie me down like that, he’s going to have to hear a whole lot of painful truths about his masculinity. And it’s never a good idea to lock down a big tittied slut like me. There’s no way it ever ends well for the beta husband. I’m just desperately craving a variety of cheating wife phone sex partners and then all I can think about is how much I miss big, girthy, cocks… The way I see it is, the husband should always join the wife!

I even hope my husband is reading this smutty blog right now… Hey baby, I love you but I want you to watch me take another cock or two…. maybe you could listen from another room and try to resist the urge to stroke your cock at all the new sounds I’m making. Don’t you want to come in and take a peek at what these boys are doing to me? Just think about it, love – you won’t need to watch the same amount of stranger porn if you’re watching your cheating wife phone sex slut being fucked by a variety of new men on a regular basis. I would love to put on a show for you. I want you to watch become a filthy cock addicted slut. I want you to stroke your cock while you watch me during my very first double penetration. Just encourage all my very slutty behavior and I want you to love every second of sharing me with other men! *kisses*

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