Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Suzanne

I know that people say you shouldn’t cheat, but I can’t help it. My husband has a tiny dick and I’m a size queen. I love him, but I also love big fat cock and that’s why I love cheating wife phone sex. It lets me “step out” on my husband without having to go fuck around for real. Not that I don’t fuck around for real…but I do like variety!

cheating wife phone sex

I love fucking younger men. They always tell me that I don’t look my age and that my body is as amazing as girls their age. Plus, I know my way around the bedroom and I will make you cum harder than anyone ever has before. I might even be able to teach you a thing or two.

Of course, younger men aren’t the only guys I like when it comes to cheating wife phone sex. I also love to go out and fuck black men. I love big black cock more than you could ever imagine. And it’s so hot to see that black cock sliding in and out of my pink cunt. Just feeling it split me wide open is one of the hottest things ever. I think black cock is my favorite because it makes me cum so hard with almost no effort. I can focus on just relaxing and feeling really good and not worry about anything else.

Fuck, I’m really horny now. I hope that you are, too! If your dick is hard just thinking about what you’d like to do to my hot body, then you really need to grab your phone and call me for cheating wife phone sex. My name is Suzanne and my number is 1 888 474 6769. If you have a big black cock or a younger cock, then I’m the woman for you!

Domination Phone Sex with Ruth

When I get a domination phone sex call from one of you horny fucking freaks, you know I’m already down on my fucking knees just begging for that hard dick to make me its bitch! Are you fucking kidding me, I’ll be the best submissive filthy-mouthed whore you’ve ever laid a finger on, that’s for fucking sure!

domination phone sex

You want to tie me down and use my body, punishing me every fucking time I even make a fucking peep- I’m all for it, sweetheart! Use handcuffs, nylon rope, chains; I want it all! How do you like to punish your submissive slave? With spankings? I bet you’ve got whips and paddles all over the fucking place for it. Or do you like the electrical toys that give one of those shocks for when I’m being naughty? I know I fucking do! Just thinking about all the pain and torture you could put me through to please you during domination phone sex is getting this red hot cunt all fired up!

Are you going to be nice to your slave and fuck me good, Master? Or are you going to shove that huge hard pole right up my sphincter and make me howl when it stretches my ass and makes me gape? I bet if I’m too loud you’ll even get the gags out to shut me the fuck up, yeah?

I can’t help myself when I’m being such a submissive fucking slut, I just have to beg for more! Are you going to gag me with my soaking wet panties or maybe just your dick after its been all over and inside my gorgeous tight holes?

That’s the beauty of domination phone sex, isn’t it, sweetheart- you get everything exactly as you want it no matter what I want. That makes me so fucking horny to even just think about, so call 888-474-6769 and ask for Ruth so we can get our Master-slave fuckfest going!

Size Queen Phone Sex with Remy

Do you know why I’m such a size queen phone sex bitch? It’s because of no dick losers like you hiding a cruel tiny secret. The fact that you have a teeny tiny nub for a dick. You are the ones that flirt the most and act all cocky — pun intended. Because the joke is you don’t have a cock! I’ve seen baby carrots bigger than your pathetic pinky prick. I get so sick of being tricked into thinking I’m about to get the deep dicking of a lifetime. Only to be disappointed once again. So yeah, I’m a size queen phone sex bitch.

size queen phone sex

Guess how I get my revenge on you closet clit sissies? I wait until you take out your itty bitty clitty thinking I’m going to go suck it for you, then I pull out my phone and snap a pic of us. Then I snatch your wallet and take a pic of it. I tell you if you ever come near me again, I’ll send the pic to your wife. I might even follow you to where you work and hang copies up all over the office for your co-workers to see what a sorry excuse of a man you are. Oh and don’t think this size queen phone sex bitch won’t make sure your face is showing in that pic. I want everyone to know what a small cock wielding asshole you are who tried to get me to fuck him with his disgusting deformed micro-penis. So before you get pissed that I’m such a size queen phone sex bitch, check your pants and make sure you have something worth me giving you the time of day for. Otherwise,….you’re going to see just how angry this size queen phone sex bitch can get!

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Roleplay Phone Sex with Sierra

Well what do we have here now? Haven’t we met before? I believe you were one of my favorite roleplay phone sex students who use to attend my sexual education courses last semester. Now I see you are in my human sexuality class. I suppose when it comes to giving you what you desire it’s safe to know not only your favorite subjects are and where your mind is. You know no one else can teach a class like I can. No matter what age or type of student that you are. You can be dominate, submissive, have a big cock, a small pathetic one, or a switch like myself. I know how exciting that can be for not only myself but you as well. We never seem to know what we are going to get out of one another. But one thing is for certain that no other woman can turn your head my way quite like I can. I wrote the book on the art of seduction, being sensual, a cock tease and how to make your cock as hard as a rock. I know how much you love seeing my clothing attire when I come to class. In fact you do all that you can to be in the front row every single time. You think about all of your fantasies when you see me in my short sexy skirts and low cut blouses. I have the perfect kind of long legs and ass to show off and the most mouth watering tits that will make you want to take your dick out and start stroking. That is something that is left for the privacy of you and I. Because I just know you will find all sorts of ways to try and fail my class. It doesn’t matter what course i’m teaching or where i’m doing it at. I love not only horny guys but horny men as well. I love it even more when you tell me “Sierra I will do anything to earn an “A” in your classroom.” Some of you like me being your tutor as well. You love those evening visits to my house unsure of where you will end up at. That depends on what kind of male that you are and what your appetite calls for. Will it be my living room, the guest room, the surprise room with all of my toys that contains bondage material, restraints, adult toys and panties? Or will it be my bedroom where anything goes?

roleplay phone sex

I bet you have thought about all sorts of things you want to do to me. And you know if you are the dominating controlling type you can do as you wish to me and with me. But if you are the submissive type or have a small penis then I will be the one having my way with you. I love each and every type of sexual fantasy and role play that gets you very turned on. It doesn’t matter if it’s the vanilla type, the old fashioned, the kind that is outside of the box, or the kind that is very kinky, dirty and taboo. I also love getting you alone so we can discuss your favorite subject. Human sexuality. See a MILF like myself knows how to teach you things you have never dreamed of. I know how to make your cock throb. I know how to tell you to touch it and where. I also know what goes where and why. You stand there with your dick getting harder by the second as I do a seductive strip tease down to my sexy teasing see through under red skirt and matching see through bra. Just giving a hint of my creamy thighs smooth pussy and breasts. Oh! Does that mean I am not wearing any panties? I guess I am a bit of a slut as well! And if I really want to catch your attention I will have on a pair of thigh hi’s, garter and fuck me pumps. I will make sure you wont be able to stop thinking about all of the things that we can do to each other. We smile with lust growing by the second. Gazing our eyes up and down one anthers bodies. I slide my glasses down and tell you that if you don’t persuade me to change your grades right now that you will not pass my course. We lock the door and when you turn back around notice that i’m barely dressed. “Is your cock dripping pre cum yet?” I say in my sexy seductive voice. Your mouth drops as you take an eye full in. Seeing these mouth watering voluptuous tits. These sexy long legs. And this perfect ass that makes you throb every single time we are alone. Maybe you decide to sweep me off of my feet. Do you push me in the corner against the wall? Into my table? Do you slide your cock out and take one slow thrust in this dripping wet pussy? Or do I decide to have my way with you instead? Are you an open minded roleplay phone sex student who will fuck this sinful pussy and maybe my ass as well? Will I climb on top and take control of you and your hard cock? Or will you drop to your fucking knees and beg to be my submissive bitch boy? I have no taboo’s or limits.

So do not keep me waiting. Class is in session and I’m ready to hold you after and for you to share all of your roleplay phone sex secrets with me today.

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Mature Roleplay Phone Sex with Zoey

I will fully admit that I enjoy mature roleplays very much. I even dream about new roleplays to act out on the phone. But daydreaming about them leaves me horny and wet at work with no real outlet at the office unless I sneak away for a few to play with myself. One of the roleplay phone sex fantasies I have been daydreaming about is a role reversal for me. Because at work I am the boss of multiple different people. So I’m thinking of being the sexy needy MILF needing a raise from the boss ( You) !! I’m desperate for that raise as my bills are piling up. I dress in very sexy suits, short skirts, and high heels sometimes when I wear 5-inch heels I forget to wear my panties on purpose. This means I will be submissive to your sexual wants no matter how kinky or dirty it might be. And trust me you have some pretty nasty desire up your corporate sleeves for me.

roleplay phone sex

A mature roleplay phone sex idea I have toyed with too has to do with my age. The roleplaying involves me being an older woman who is still a virgin. My mom used to tell me about old spinsters and cat ladies who would die lonely virgin’s. I like the idea of being an older virgin that should know about sex but has never had a cock in her ever in her life. Shes only satisfied herself by rubbing her clit. Cum and show me a whole new world of hot sex. Pretending to be a full-fledged virgin is always fun and makes my panties so very wet.

The last one I have been thinking about and did play with myself this morning. Caveman sex !!!! This one takes more creative energy but is so worth it. Let’s bring out our inner savage and cum like wild cave men. Sweaty, animalistic, rough with a dash of crazy!! Take advantage of all my holes while I explore my cavemen’s wants and desires grunts and all. Holy hell I want to give up my pussy to a rough and uncivilized caveman right now. Now I’m wildly crazy and horny.

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Strap On Phone Sex with Giselle

I have a little secret to let you in on: I know about your little secret. I know that you have thought of asking your wife to peg you, but you are scared of how she will react. Or perhaps you have even gone so far as to ask her, and she absolutely refuses.

strap on phone sex

I know how frustrated you are. You long for that feeling of fullness in your tight, virgin asshole. You long to feel it stretched to its limits as a strong and dominant woman fucks you like there’s no tomorrow with her 9inch strap on that is as hard as a rock. Well baby, you have cum to the right place.

I am Giselle, and I love to get kinky and extra freaky. I am horny all the time, and there is nothing quite like taking a man in the ass with my huge she-cock. I love taking a guy’s virginity and making him addicted to my cock. I will never laugh at you or scoff at the fact that you want that dick up your ass, unless you desire to be humiliated. I am really great at that as well!

This is your chance. This is your chance to get your fantasies and desires fulfilled. This is your chance to experience the hot strap on phone sex that you have been aching for. Let me show you how it’s done, and I promise that you will never need anyone else to peg that ass!

What are you waiting for? Stop stroking your cock and pick up the phone! Is your cock small? Giselle is great at humiliating small penises as well. How would you like to take my beef stick up your ass while I belittle that tiny penis?

Wait no longer! Call Giselle for the ultimate strap on phone sex experience at 1 888 474 6769.

BBC Phone Sex with Suzanne

Holy shit, I love big black cocks. It was only natural that I would fall in love with BBC phone sex.  There’s nothing that gets my cunt wet more than seeing a giant chocolate dick coming toward me. I love getting down on my knees to worship it and get it fucking rock hard with my tongue and my mouth. I love it when they grab the back of my head and push my mouth down until that black dick is balls deep down my throat.That gets me so fucking wet and I almost always end up fingering my pussy while I’m sucking that BBC.

BBC phone sex

Once I get that big black cock hard, I can’t stand it for long and I need it inside my pussy. I need it balls deep inside me as soon as possible. I don’t want to be fucked gently by black cock. I need it hard and deep. Does it hurt a little bit? Yeah, a little. Butdo I care? Absolutely not. I like it when it hurts a little bit…or a lot. Andboy do those hung black men love shoving their cocks as deep inside me as they can get them. Oh, and when they shoot a hot load inside me, it is absolutely heavenly. Fuck yeah.

If you’re looking for a girl who is a size queen and isn’t afraid to admit it, then you should call me! Maybe you want to talk about how YOU love BBC and want to be a size queen just likeme. Or maybe you already are! We could totally swap stories. All you have to do is call me for BBC phone sex right now and 1 888 474 6769 and make sure you askfor Suzanne so we can talk about those big, gorgeous chocolate dicks.

Mature Phone Sex with Ruth

A cougar like me is exactly what you fucking need for some freaky mature phone sex tonight, am I right, sweetheart? Those young girls with their inexperience can’t ever figure out how to please the magnificent hard meat just throbbing to be sunk into a hot, wet cunt. And pounding as hard as you want to or as deep as you want to into their amateur bodies? Are you fucking kidding me?! They can never take it and scream for more the way this experienced broad can.

mature phone sex

You want to call me when you want a grown-ass woman who knows how to keep you hard and going through a couple of orgasms on your cock to get you all sorts of creamy juicy for me to lick it off before deepthroating your fucking veiny cock till you can’t stand it anymore and jizz down my throat. That’s the kind of endurance you know you can expect from a mature phone sex whore like yours truly, sweetheart.

I know you young men out there are wondering what it’s like to be with an older woman who knows her way around your body. I’m going to make you feel amazing in ways you can’t even dream of right now, sweetheart, that’s for fucking sure! These mature firm breasts, my jiggling ass and lovely legs, every bit of this cougar body is going to make you beg for release!

When you call 1-888-474-6769 and tell the dispatcher you want some mature phone sex with Ruth, you’re going to be in for the ride of your life! I’m going to have your fuckstaff rock hard and throbbing, your balls full of hot scrumptious jizz, and even your tight virgin asshole is going to open its pucker up wide for me to make you cum harder than you’d ever do with some sweet younger thing who wouldn’t know your p-spot from your taint!

Body Inflation Phone Sex with Cora

Have you ever called a woman like me for a body inflation phone sex fantasy? Well, I have a great one to tell you about. I had a guy call me and he told me that he was a total tit man and he loved nothing more than playing with a woman’s breasts and seeing if he could make her cum just from doing that. And he told me that he loved big tits – the bigger the better and that he was yet to see tits that were too big. What he didn’t know was that not only could I cum from tit play, but I had another secret.

body inflation phone sex

He told me to lie down on the bed and he started rubbing my tits and when he did, they started to grow. That’s right, all he had to do was start squeezing them a little and they were increasing in size. He didn’t notice at first, but I could feel it and I knew what was happening. I told him to pinch both of my nipples at the same time because I knew that would make my tits inflate enough that he would be able to tell. His eyes grew wide when he realized what was happening. He was shocked, but I looked down and his dick was hard as a rock. He asked what would happen if he started sucking on my tits while he squeezed them. I told him that there was only one way to find out and he leaned down and wrapped his lips around one of my nipples, and then the other one. The more he sucked, the bigger they go.

Do you want to know what else he did to inflate my tits? And are you curious about how big they got? Just call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Cora!

Small Penis Humiliation with Beth

I’m a free agent, so I get to slut around all I want, right? So the other day a guy hit me up on a hook up app, making all sorts of promises, telling me how good he could make me feel. I told him I didn’t believe him, and that he was going to have to send me a nude pic of himself with his dick fully erect, of course. He did what I asked – most men do – and I nearly spit my coffee out when I saw his photo. I couldn’t believe he would even think he could satisfy me, much less think he had bragging rights! One look at his photo and my reply to him was that the only satisfaction I could possibly get would be in giving him the small penis humiliation he deserves!

small penis humiliation

Funny thing, he told me he had expected that response from me. I suppose he’s had a lifetime of small penis humiliation, considering how his little willy was maybe the size of my thumb – and that’s being generous. Poor little thing – it can’t be very useful to anyone, not even him. I can’t imagine a teeny pecker like that would even enjoy a good stroking – there’s nothing to stroke. Nope – the only use a dick like that has is to make guys with average sized dicks feel like kings in the locker room, and you can be sure I told him that. I also told him that I was a size queen and a femdom, and that if he wanted to play with me with a dick like that, he was going to have to do it my way, and that he’d better be prepared to receive a whole shit ton of small penis humiliation, plus my huge strap-on.

That’s just the way it goes when you’re a guy who’s lacking in size and you want to play with Miss Beth. Call 1 888 474 6769 for your dose of small penis humiliation!!

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