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Why are you here for cuckold phone sex? Have you started to wonder what your wife is up to when she says she’s going out with her girlfriends and doesn’t come home until the next day? You believed her at first when she told you she was just with friends, but now you’re not so sure of that, are you? You’re starting to suspect that she’s been sleeping with other men.

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What made you start suspecting that she’s been with other men? Was it the time recently that she came home and sat right on your face first thing in the morning? You know she’s not normally so horny that early in the morning and she rarely ever initiates anything sexual with you. You thought that maybe she just missed you, but when you stuck your tongue inside her, you noticed that she was kind of stretched out. And you noticed that she tasted kind of weird – really salty. And you’ve never known her to be that wet before. That’s when you figured it out, wasn’t it? You knew that she’d been fucking another man who had a dick WAY bigger than yours. And you knew that she was sitting on your face and feeding his cum to you straight from her pussy.

How do you feel about being a cuckold phone sex husband? Do you need to talk to someone about your feelings? Maybe you’re turned on by it and you didn’t expect that. I’ve been a cuck wife for years and I can help you understand those weird feelings you are having. All you need to do is give me a call. I’m here for you. I can help you accept everything and even start to love it.

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Awww do you have an itty bitty dick? You poor thing, not, haha! I like to use small penis humiliation phone sex on little dick boys like you after all you deserve it. You are not good for anything you are so pathetic with your little dick. You know what you are, don’t you? A great big LOSER, you can’t even fuck a woman with that little thing. It takes only two fingers to jack off that little dick of yours too.

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The thing I love about you little dick boys is you know your place with a woman and that place is watching me while I get fucked by a real man with a real big dick! Not only do you get the pleasure of watching me get fucked but you also would suck on their dicks to get them ready for my pussy! I know what you like to do too, you like to get under me while I am getting fucked and lick my pussy while that dick slides in and out of my pussy having your tongue touch those dicks as you are licking me. During this small penis humiliation phone sex fantasy you are all to happy to do as I wish from sucking on those dicks to get them hard for me to licking their balls as they are fucking me.

The other thing I love about you little dick boys is you know the only way you are getting a woman is to lick the cream pie out of my pussy after I have been fucked by those real men! Oh yes, licking that cream pie is one of the pleasures you look forward to doing to me after I get done being fucked because you know that is the only way you are going to get near my pussy! What I like to do to you is straddle your face with my pussy on your mouth and push out that cum into your mouth and then start rubbing my pussy all over your face.

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ABDL Phone Sex with Beth

Oh sure, I’m a sadistic torture queen – that’s all over my bio. But something I don’t talk about much on my profile is the other side of me. The mature side. No, I never got to be a mommy in my life, but I’m very maternal and need to get it out of my system with someone. That’s where ABDL phone sex comes in – if you’re an adult baby looking for a mature figure, you should be calling me right now!

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That’s right, hon – I love getting ABDL phone sex calls because I get to talk about doing all those mommy things. I want to talk about how badly you need a bath, and how I will get you all lathered up all over your body in the tub with soap bubbles and warm water, and then dry you off thoroughly with a towel. Then you need powdering and diapering, of course. Do you have those cool adult diapers with cute patterns on them? I bet you do. You can tell me all about them when you call me for ABDL phone sex – I can’t wait to hear about the colors and designs!

If you’re hungry, I may have a warm bottle for you, or maybe you’ll want to nurse on my delicious breasts. I also have a supply of pacifiers, teething rings, and sippy cups that will keep any fussy adult baby happy while I read you a bedtime story in my soothing mature voice.

When you call me for ABDL phone sex, you will get exactly what you need. Are you cranky and need soothing? I’ll rock you and sing lullabies. That is, of course, unless you misbehave when you’re cranky, like a lot of big babies do, in which case I may just have to give you a good swat or two on your well-diapered ass – it’s all in how you behave for me!

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Hey there, you needle dick fucks, are you ready for some serious small penis humiliation phone sex? I know life must be very difficult for you trying to pretend that you are a real guy. It must be so exhausting impersonating a fully functioning man day in and day out when you really know how worthless and pathetic you truly are. It really is a burden, right? But the good news here is that you don’t have to pretend with me. I know your secret shame and I am about to put you on blast. I will tell you exactly what your place in this world is — at my feet.

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If the word were really fair, bitch “men” like you would have to wear their cock measurement on a bracelet or something so that hot women won’t waste their time with you. I can’t tell you what a disappointment it is to spend time with a guy only to find out that he isn’t packing. It pisses me off and I always let them hear about it. I do not hold back either. The time I spent getting to this point, I could have been riding a giant cock. So yeah, I am going to be salty and you are going to feel my wrath. Women who act like your cock pleases them aren’t doing you a favor. They just make you think that you are normal and deserve to cum. That isn’t the case and you should know it by now. The only thing you can do to better your position as a man with a small penis is to have money. I don’t care if you have to work two jobs or turn tricks, but do whatever it takes to buy me things and make me happy so that at least you can spend time with a sexy woman you never have the smallest hope to ever fuck. Do you think you can handle a small penis humiliation phone sex call with me?

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Slutty Wife Phone sex with Darcy

You might call it “slutty” but I call it empowering, so here we go into the land of slutty wife phone sex. Where a woman like me, finds it almost poetic how a man’s libido seems to deteriorate as he ages. Maybe that makes me a bit wicked, but I’m okay with it. I’m in my prime and the men my age just can’t keep up. I find myself fantasizing about younger studs that can fuck me several times a day.

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Sweaty boys in their twenties with shirts off doing manual labor…. Yum. It’s hard not to be in the mood for slutty wife phone sex. My husband is off on business so much, and he’s a failure in the bedroom when he’s home. I’m going to get whatever I want on the side. And I’ll have my fill. I need it and I need it often. I started being a cock-crazed housewife just by inviting the boys from my neighborhood over has “handy men” to help fix what my husband can’t.

I’ve fucked pool and garden boys, delivery men and even a postal worker. I can’t stop, either. I enjoy seducing younger men! I live for it. It makes me wetter than a garden hose. There’s nothing wrong with getting pounded senseless, in fact it’s the only thing that matters in this world. At least to me and I have EVERYTHING. Thinking of getting a gift for your favorite slutty wife phone sex cougar? Just give me your cock. You can’t keep up? I’ll fuck your friend and your son, too.

I’m sexually ravenous and the only thing to keep me satiated is a good fucking. So come call me and we’ll discuss slutty wife phone sex together. Whether your wife isn’t satisfied in the bedroom, or you want to be the hot young stud to give me the pounding I deserve, I’m ready to rub my juicy cunt and talk hot to you about it.

Roleplay Phone Sex with Zoey

Lets talk about roleplays for a minute shall we? I love kinky, thought out, even well educated roleplays. One of my favorite calls by far is roleplay phone sex fantasies !! I think it adds some new spice to my life really, I enjoy them and cum all over my bed or couch when I have these kinds of calls.

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I do have a rather kinky to me roleplay that I love very much and makes me wet when I think about it. Would love to do it in real life too. I went to Catholic school all my life. Yeah yeah I was a naughty school girl in a plaid skirt back in the day. All very true and I’m very proud of the hottie I was back in high school. My fantasy has to do with being a mature nun.

I am an older nun been one my whole life and have always wanted to be touched by a man. I even wear sexy panties under my habit as I love the way it makes me feel sexy. I have had naughty thoughts and have always told them in confession with the hopes there would be a younger visiting priest would hear them and take me up on one of my un nun like wants. This never happens much to my dismay.

Keep in mind I’m older and have been in the same church forever. I once was touched by the fingers of a visiting missionary trip who was here for one summer. I so wanted to fuck that young ginger. But he thought it was such a sin and wouldn’t even let me touch his huge cock but would stroke his cock and cum all over my perky older tits. But would never put his cock in me.

But then I meet you who seems to take an interest in me and starts coming to church to see me. You woo this older lady and start texting me pictures of your cock and telling me how beautiful I am. Come to find out you have a fetish for older nun’s. I send you a picture of me totally naked with just my habit on and confess how I want to be fucked so badly. And I will make something you will never forget.

I sneak you in one night late into the convent with plans of having you fuck me so good I will scream oh my god with a whole new meaning. You love eating my virgin pussy when I hike up my black skirt and you notice I have nothing on under my habit. I have never felt such pleasure in my whole life.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Suzanne

I’m sure that if you have followed my cuckold phone sex journey, then you know that there are times when I’m being fucked by my lover that I just don’t want my husband anywhere near me. He can listen in the next room, but I don’t want him watching. I want to be able to enjoy myself fully. But when he gets to get in on the action, it’s really a lot of fun.

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Letting him in on the action does NOT mean that he gets to try to fuck me. I say try because there’s no way he is big enough to ever get it inside me. He couldn’t fuck me even if I said I would give him a chance to. No, letting him in on the action means that he’s going to get to crawl over to me and lick my pussy to get it wet for the BBC that will be pleasing me in ways that he never could.

Once he gets me nice and wet, I tell him to make his way over to my lover – on his knees, of course. I tell him to wrap his lips around that big fat black dick and get it hard for me. He knows better than to say no. Even if he’s not in the mood to suck cock, he never says no to me. If he does, there will be some serious hell to pay and he knows that. So he crawls over like a good boy and sucks that giant cock until it’s good and hard for me. Of course, most of the time he wants to keep sucking, but if he did that, then I wouldn’t get fucked. So, it’s a no from me on that.

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Interracial Phone Sex with Arabella

Arabella here, boys! Every time I lay in my bed, by myself and try to get myself off there is only one thing that does the trick. Any guesses on what it could be? Don’t worry. I’ll tell you. This MILF loves interracial phone sex. I just can’t get enough of those thick BBC mmmm.. it gets my honey pot just dripping thinking about being filled by those perfectly thick cocks. I know you like the idea of my creamy white skin against your dark skin. Who wouldn’t? It’s intoxicating. Especially considering my husband is a deployed marine, and his cock just doesn’t cut it for me anymore anyways. I need something to cure my boredom, don’t I? I know you want help this lonely girl out. I do have certain needs that need to be met that only a cock of a certain standard will meet. It would be more than entertaining to tell you how much better that thick tent pole in your pants is than my pathetic husbands.

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During our interracial phone sex session I will be sure to beg you to tell me exactly what I am worth, and how I am destined for what you want to make of me. I want to hear it fall from your lips that you want me to carry your pretty black babies. Nothing sounds better to this white bitch. Getting to fuck that big black cock, and get to be pregnant? Sounds fucking great to me! And I get to make my husband raise a baby he KNOWS isn’t his? That is just the creamy icing on the fucking cake. Want to tell me all about how fucking hot things will get? Call 1 888 474 6769, and ask for me, Arabella. I will make all your interracial phone sex fantasies happen.

Mature Phone Sex with Pamela

Why go with a girl when you can have a hot mature phone sex MILF!

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Being mature has its advantages, and being classified as a MILF (it’s what all the guys in the neighborhood refer to me as) is extremely flattering as my sex life in the last two years has been absolutely fucking amazing!! Who knew that I would have men offering to come over at all hours of the day to do random chores for me, to fix this or fix that, to offer to mow my lawn… all while my husband is away, hehe. If you ever want to know where the party is at, or if the wives want to know where their husband is, most likely my house is the first place to check 🙂

Yeah, my house may be a fuckfest at times, but it’s because I am such a good host to my guests *wicked grin*. What guy in town has not had fantasies about fucking a hot MILF like myself? Add in the sexy pantyhose, heels and short skirts I often wear for my special guests, it’s no wonder they come back time and time again. Wouldn’t you? Happens with phone sex too, but I do my calls at night when it’s quiet in the house. Always love to talk to the men (some women too actually) I have talked to before, and they tell me how amazing it was the last time we talked, and that they have called back for more 🙂

Have you phone fucked a hot MILF lately? Cum and get me, call and ask for Pamela. No limits, no taboos, anything goes. Being a mature phone sex woman means I have the experience, I generally know what I want, and how to go about getting it. Whether you want to just phone fuck me or masturbate to my hot voice, it will end with an orgasm you soon won’t forget. You will be coming back for more 🙂

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MILF Phone Sex with Frankie

Have you been fantasizing about having hot MILF phone sex? You just can’t help jonesin for your best friends Mom, she is always dressed so skimpy showing off those big tits and hot ass! You are constantly walking around with a hard on when you are over at your best friends house. Even when you are home you have sweaty wet dreams about his her. You have got a picture of her that your masturbate your cock to.

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I bet in your MILF phone sex fantasy you are over at your best friends house spending the night. You see his Mom when she is ready for bed dressed in her silky night gown that goes down to her mid thigh with a little slit up the side showing off her muscular leg. It is black with spaghetti straps, very low cut with lace around it showing off her cleavage. And when she bends over you can’t help but look and see her thong showing off her ass and the outline of her pussy. You dream of when your best friend goes to sleep and you are still up. Your best friends Mom is still up too and is out in the living room sitting on the couch. You come out and sit next to her on the couch and tell her how nice she looks. Of course, flattery will get you places with this cougar. So she turns around and tells you how hot she thinks you are and what a hot young body you have. She also tells you that she has been waiting for a moment alone with you so she could kiss you.

So she leans over and kisses you and wow you have never been kissed like that before. She presses her body up against you while she is kissing you, you can feel her firm breasts pressing against your chest and it is making you so hard! She grabs your hands and puts them on her breasts and tells you to squeeze and massage them. She takes off her night gown revealing her firm supple breasts and tells you to suck on her nipples. She grabs your hand and puts it in between her legs feeling of her wet pussy and telling you that you have made her that way. Then she takes your shirt and boxers off and tells you that you are even hotter with your clothes off!

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