Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Zoey

All my house work is finally done. The fishes are washed, the floors are swept and mopped and smell great. There is nothing to do in the laundry room to do either. I took my shower and came down to my empty bedroom to lotion my body with my newest perfumed lotion. I love being soft and smelling good daily. As I it here on the edge of my bed in nothing but a warmed black and white towel I think what to do next with myself.

cheating wife phone sex

Should I just lay down in my bed and play a game on my phone in my towel? Should I read some erotic stories and touch my pussy alone? LOL who am I kidding I don’t want to touch myself alone. My husband is a truck driver now and away for some times week’s at a time. He think’s the small silver dildo he bought would be enough for me. I prefer having cheating wife phone sex with strangers or inviting men over to this lonely house. I enjoy all kind’s of men to be honest here. I love the married men from school, I love the sissies I meet when I sneak off the local bar’s on a weekend and I also have been known to bring home a biker or two. Oh and I love younger guy’s too.

Today I think I want some phone sex. You know my pussy get’s so wet when I hear my phone ring. Why even bother putting on clothes today for right now. I look forward to rubbing my clit while you tell me your naughty fantasy. I want to hear you tell me how you want to touch my fresh showered body. How you want to cup my full breast’s and suck on them. Tell me how to touch my pussy and lets cum together.

I personally love having cheating wife phone sex when I know the old man might be on his way home. I would love to get caught on my bed with out a towel with one of my huge toy’s stuffed inside me that I bought to fuck myself with. Let him be in shock and you know what if I did get caught I would not stop I’d close my pretty eyes and finish til I came all over and left a wet spot on the rug.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Cora 

If you asked me to pick a favorite fetish or fantasy, I would absolutely have to say that it’s cuckold phone sex. I’ve always been a bit of a size queen and there’s nothing better than having a big black cock inside me. Well, that’s not exactly true. It gets even better when there’s a pathetic loser with a tiny dick watching me get my perfect pussy pounded.

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How big is your dick? I bet it’s pretty small, isn’t it? If it’s less than 8 inches, then it’s small, at least to me. I need to have my pussy stretched to the limit in order to have an orgasm. And if you’re less than 8 inches, you know that there’s no way you could ever do that. The thought of me being filled up by black cock in front of you really turns you on, doesn’t it? It feels like heaven when it’s inside me and to know that it turns you on while simultaneously humiliating you? That’s the biggest turn on of them all.

I wonder what you’re going to think after he’s done fucking me and I tell you to crawl over between my legs and clean up my gaping pussy? You might be a little bit leery of that at first, but I know that you’ll do exactly what I tell you to do. You might protest when I tell you to wrap your mouth around his big black cock and get it hard for me again, but again, I know that you’ll want to make me happy so you’ll do as I tell you to do. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to having your mouth full of black cock. You might even start to crave it.

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Ruth

Sweetheart, let me tell you right now, if you aren’t long enough to be nicknamed “Horse” or “The Tripod,” you can get the fuck out of my face right now. I don’t deal with little dick losers who want to wave their toothpicks around at me. Those kinds of micropenises just make me want to grab a pair of tweezers and squeeze them right the fuck off, laughing the whole fucking time! But for the ones who are hung, the actual fucking men who have what it takes to satisfy a greedy whore like me, for them I can go all night in some of the hottest fucking size queen phone sex around!

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For you big fuckers, I know how hard it is to find a whore who can get your meatstick in her mouth, let alone swallow that thing down her throat. Lots of weak ass bitches will just give it a few licks before they start bitching about their jaws. But not me, sweetheart. I love to open wide for a good deep throat face fucking no matter how sore it makes me after. If you can jam it down deep and hard enough to see it go down my fucking throat that’s even better, sweetheart- make me choke on it and I’m only going to beg for more! This red hot size queen never says no or slow down or stop when I’ve got double digits in my grasp – only more and faster and harder!

Which of my other holes do you want to fill during our size queen phone sex session, sweetheart? The bigger you are, the more excited I’m going to be to let you have your way, you know that, yeah? I don’t even want to pretend to tame your fucking python, sweetheart, I just want you to go fucking wild on me with it.

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Creampie Phone Sex with Beth

I have a very pretty pussy. Call me vain, but I know it’s pretty. Look at that photo – I have evidence, proof to back up my claim. It is what it is, and what it is is a very pretty, tight pink pussy. I’m sure you would agree, especially if you got to see it up close, and if you got to play with it you would love it even more. I love to talk about it, so if you like creampie phone sex, you would really enjoy talking to me. I really get off on talking about how wet I get when I’m horny, and how much I love getting fucked by a good, hard, veiny cock. Best of all, I love to talk about when who I’m fucking is into hot creampie action, because there’s nothing better than having that pretty pussy of mine worshipped after it’s been satisfied from a good, hard fucking!

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I’m not just talking about one load, either. I want you to stay inside of me and keep going, at least until you cum three times. When I want you for creampie phone sex, I mean business. I want you to stay inside, lubricating yourself with all that hot jizz, slipping and sliding in and out of that pretty pussy all night. Then, just like the finest of desserts all covered in sweet cream, you get to enjoy tasting this lovely delicacy that is my pie, oh so creamy with your cum flowing out. No, you don’t need a spoon, and you don’t need to have a cup of coffee with this sweet treat. You just need to place your face between my thighs, stick your tongue out, and lick until it’s all nice and clean again. It’s better than that crap you get out of a can or from a tub. This is all natural, loaded in protein, and has no sugar. The only thing sweet in this pie is me.

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Taboo Phone Sex with Ruth

Taboo phone sex has always got me off so fucking hard, sweetheart, and I want to tell you all about it. I need to share all these twisted fucking fantasies with someone who just fucking gets it, ya know? Someone who can help me take all of the nasty shit I think about every minute of every day and push me even farther into the kinky, into the forbidden, into the taboo, Lots of limpdick losers think they’ve got the balls to take me on when it comes to taboo phone sex. Feh! But you’re not a lil limpdick loser like them, are you? I dare you to try me, sweetheart. Something tells me you’ve got dirty fantasies just as deep and dark as mine and you want to pull yours out to share, too, yeah?

taboo phone sex

Do you have daydreams about things that would send chills down a normal woman’s spine? Whisper that shit in my eager ears. What makes those cold fish go icy well, it makes this feisty redhead heat right the fuck up! I know you want to hear me scream for you while we roleplay every little detail. And sweetheart, let me tell you, I’ve got the fucking pipes for it.

I’ve got lots of confessions, too, sweetheart. So much naughty taboo shit I’ve done clawing my way to the top of my pile. Some of it I did because I had to, but plenty of it I did because I admit it, I fucking wanted to. I wasn’t supposed to, I knew it, but fuck that was part of what made it so fucking hot, yeah? Confessing all of my taboo shit and hearing you confess yours- we can get off being kinky fucking freaks together.

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Spanking Phone Sex with Beth

Hey “spankees” – my name is Beth and I’m a lifestyle domme into all kinds of kinky play, but I really love impact play, especially spankings. Yep, I’m a total “spanko” and I really do this stuff all the time, so if you call me for spanking phone sex, not only can I talk to you about the spanking I’d like to give you, but I can also tell you some of the stories I have of spankings I’ve given in the past.

spanking phone sex

Like just the other night, I was at a kinky pajama party that took place at a hotel suite. At one point in the evening I had a hot woman laid out on one of the beds with her head at the end of the bed, and I was spanking her bare ass while she gave her boyfriend a blowjob. True story. I used paddles, crops, a paddle brush, a wooden spoon, a dragon tail, and my bare hand. Then her boyfriend asked me to remove my panties, and, well, you’ll have to call me to hear the rest of that story…

Then there was the time I had this hot guy in my bedroom, and he had given me permission to do whatever I wanted to his body. I had him up on his knees, and first I did unspeakable things to his cock and balls from behind, which got me so excited that I had to lean down and bite his ass cheek. Did I mention I like to bite? Well, the bite left a nice lipstick print behind, so when I spanked him with my leather fly swatter it picked up the lipstick and put it back down all over his ass, so before you knew it his ass was red and kissed all over!! Want more details? Call me now for spanking phone sex and I’ll tell you what else we did that day….

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Fetish Phone Sex with MILF Remy

I love being a fetish phone sex slut! I get to talk to horny guys and get us both off talking about all kinds of things, and that is right up my alley. You can learn a lot about people if you do this job long enough. And one of the main things that I have learned is that EVERYONE has a secret fetish phone sex kink that really turns them on.

fetish phone sex

So often men who like fetish topics think they are too taboo or off limits and are afraid to bring it up. But with me, you never have to worry about telling me whatever it is, no matter what you like, you can bet I will be right there with you to help you fulfill that fantasy. Don’t feel shame about liking what you like. I am not going to judge you or shame you. Fuck no. I am going to find out exactly what you want and I am going to give it to you. I can hold you hand and walk you through it or of you are an old pro, we can get down and dirty ASAP. Tell me what makes your cock throb — CBT, small penis humiliation, role playing, BBC, erotic hypnosis, financial domination, the list can go on and on forever. I have no restrictions and I am not limited by taboos or social mores. My goal is twofold. I want to make you cum hard and I want you to add my number to your contacts so I can be your go to fetish phone sex whore. Are you ready to make that happen?

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Cuckold Stories with Phoebe

When it comes to phone calls, and my favorite subjects you and I could discuss, cuckold stories never get boring. I know you are not used to seeing my pretty face around here, but get used to it because once we connect on the phone, you will see it each and every time you think about how you could never satisfy a woman, not with that excuse for a penis. So there you sit, clit stick in hand and phone in the other, completely humiliated, and so close to coming with each thrust of that real cock. Are you ready to write your very own cuckold story?

cuckold stories

Of course, cuckold stories can vary within a certain specific fetish. Not all of them focus on the lack of adequacy of the male partner. Some cuckold stories encompass the need of a man seeing the woman he loves, being used like a common whore. I love hearing all about how genuinely beautiful your wife is as she takes on multiple cocks, dripping with so many loads of cum, glowing with complete sexual satisfaction. You just cannot wait to clean the whore up with your tongue, and have the most intense orgasm together. It makes me wonder why even this scenario, the man cannot take responsibility to bring his partner to a sexual peak. Always has to leave that up to a bull, a big fat cock on another man.

True cuckold stories are not without sacrifice. Willing to give up self respect, stepping aside to let another be “head of household”, watching another impregnate your wife, sleep in your bed, raising another man’s child, etc. How far does your cuckold story go? Why don’t you take a moment and call me. Let’s write another page in my cuckold stories today.

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Sissy Phone Sex with Cora

I bet you try and try to forgot about our little sissy phone sex date… Well, I didn’t. I have this  panty boy comes to me for guidance, he never realizes what was in store for him. I have assisted many cross-dressing boys into a “new life.” The one that was meant for them, but they had such a hard time finding a trustworthy superior female to help them. In me, they found the right guide for their kinky little secrets. I’ve got the best coming out dress for you. I love being the keeper of your secrets afterall, being a “fake man” all day gets tiring for you.

sissy phone sex

Stockings, heels, and that red dress that was hanging in the window of your favorite clothing store. The mannequin wore it well, but you will wear it better. I’ve even hired a makeup artist to give you a whole new look. One that will make heads turn and girls take notice. This isn’t about sex, right? It’s about making the sissy inside of you come to life and with sissy phone sex I will do just that. I’ve never been more excited to help someone than I am today. Tomorrow your Boss has asked for a meeting with you. The new you will emerge, and the old one will finally be gone.

Welcome to your rebirth. I’ve made all the arrangements for you to have dinner tonight. I must say that I am proud of what I have accomplished. Dressed like a lady, you will always shine when you walk into the room. The one thing you will have to figure out is how to deal with male attention. All of us girls have dealt with the advances of men and have hated it at times but something tells me that won’t be a problem for you. Remember ladies must behave in a certain way. You will find that out soon enough. How to build a sissy phone sex 101 has just begun. Let’s have fun together. Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Cora.

Taboo Roleplay Phone Sex with Ruth

I know what’s been on your mind this whole time, sweetheart. All those kinky things you want to do, all those naughty desires bubbling up, all those taboos you just feel the urge building and building to break! Well aren’t you lucky, I know all about it because I’ve got the same thing going on. So come over and we’ll get some taboo roleplay phone sex on and fuck it all out together, sweetheart!

taboo roleplay phone sex

And there’s no stopping us from exploring all the kinky taboos that turn us on together. From the heights of pleasure to the absolute depths of pain, I can make every last fucking nerve sing with just the roleplay fantasy you’ve been waiting for. Does your taboo involve all those freaky toys you keep locked away under your bed? Like they’re some sort of monsters just waiting to sneak out and fuck your brains out at night! Toys that have fun motors, and knots in naughty places, and big hairy bits to make you suck on and rub all over your fucking face!

More than that, I bet you can’t shock me with how perverted and dirty your particular taboo roleplay phone sex fantasy is! No matter who you want me to be- some older woman from your past, maybe? A stern matron bitch who never let you have your way… until now. Or maybe a much closer connection, the kind you play footsie with under the dinner table at holidays. Then sneak off for some extra taboo fun after dessert in the basement or the garage.

With all these taboo people and scenarios to role play, we can having taboo roleplay phone sex for days and days and days, sweetheart! There’s nothing you can think up that my dirty fucking mind won’t take a step further, so give me a fucking try!

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