Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Remy

You know with the Olympics coming up it has got me to thinking, there should be some other, quite frankly, more fun events that women like me could compete in. You know something like a small penis humiliation phone sex competition — I am crazy good at destroying men who are phallically challenged. I am saying, I am a gold medal contender at just wrecking a so-called man and putting him in his more rightful place down under my feet. I used to feel kinda guilty about making a man cry while I take his inventory and find him lacking. But now, I don’t feel one iota of regret about it, actually, I think I am doing a service to everyone. I am helping my fellow women by correcting the “size doesn’t matter” ridiculousness. Who the fuck started that anyway? What a load of shit!

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

Of fucking course size matters! It is all that matters in this world! Men who have baby peens need to understand that and adapt to a new way of life — you can’t please a woman unless you have a fat wallet. Men with tiny dicks need to make sure they have the money needed to attract and keep a woman like me on your arm. I can pretend that you are really a man, but we both know the truth. You damn sure aren’t going to fuck me, but you can give me money and buy me gifts. I might even let you watch when real men with horse cock come around to fuck me properly. Trust me, it will really open your eyes to the way a woman responds when she is getting some thick cock. You want a front-row seat for that type of small penis humiliation phone sex, don’t you?

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Cougar Phone Sex with Sierra

I certainly do love being the one that any man calls when they are looking for quality unforgettable cougar phone sex. I just had the pleasure of talking to a man who was in the mood to have a lady who loves a bareback cock. Honestly speaking, I can not deny how excited, turned on, and wet my pussy gets when I think about a man’s uncovered hard dick sliding inside of my tight fucking walls. He walked into my house and there I was just ready to do a seductive striptease down to my soft satin panties and pumps. I watched him undress and couldn’t help but notice the lust in his eyes as his hard dick sprung out.

Cougar Phone Sex

It stood at attention as I told him how turned on I was for him. He loved my dirty talking sexy mouth as I told him exactly what I wanted to happen between us.

His eyes gazed across my body as I walked up to him and pressed my big 34 D tits into his bare chest. I looked into his eyes and said “touch them. I want you to squeeze them and suck on my hard nipples baby. I am your cougar phone sex slut and I’m all yours.” His hands ran all over my body as he stopped right between my legs and slid his fingers between my crotchless panties. He started pumping my pussy as my soft hands found their way down to his stiff meaty muscle. He was already dripping so much pre cum for me. I looked into his eyes as we shared a passionate French kiss that made my sinful body tingle all over.

I smiled seductively and said, “what is your favorite position?” He smiled and said “Either doggy style or you on top of me riding my hard dick.”

We made our way to the bed as he laid down and heard me say “I’m going to ride that hard bare back dick. I want you to see the expression on my face as I’m sliding my smooth fucking pussy down on it.” I already felt like I was on the verge of cumming just thinking about his warm stiff pole sliding inside of my addicting pussy. The moment he felt how tight and snug it was he said “Oh yes Sierra milk this dick.” I smiled as his hands traveled from my big bouncy titties down and around to my tight firm ass. I bounced faster and faster saying “I’m going to drain those balls. That warm fleshy bareback cock feels so fucking good inside of me.”

With every motion, we came closer to the edge. Do you think a cougar phone sex lady like myself wanted that warm gooey cum deep in my pussy as it exploded? MmMmM I can’t think of anywhere else I would want it.

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Sissy Training Phone Sex with Zoey

New Year New You! Everyone says it. I have even said it a few times over the years. Sometimes people stick with it and some don’t. I always find if the things your going to do is fun and exciting you will more than likely stick with it.  If in the new year you want to have some sissy training to be a better sissy then guess who is up for the task? This lady is right here. We can start the new year off with some sissy training phone sex. Now I have trained many sissies both in public and behind closed doors. I am a respectful, kind, supporting, and loving trainer. If your looking for a gentle hand to help you along that would be me. I respect my sissy’s wants need and desire no matter how vanilla or wild they might be, I love having a sissy around me.
Sissy Training Phone Sex
Before I retired I worked for a large company and was the boss for my dept. I loved being in control of my small office. I was looked like a powerful woman with a kind heart. But I always had a girl Friday.  Someone there to help me get dressed for meetings, fix my pantyhose when needed, get me a fresh coffee, and cater to my wants and needs. I always found my girl Fridays at bars, clubs, or the pool hall I went to weekly. There was always an endless supply and i loved each one of them. But unlike most girl Fridays in an office setting my girl Fridays were my sissies that I was training. I made sure all their needs were met even had a few move into my home with me. I would teach them to be the woman of the house. How to clean the house and make some savory dishes to please anyone from a homeless man to the most educated guest. How to act feminine in all situations. For example, how to sit in a board room meeting full of men and be the center of attention, how to cross your legs to get the looks you desire,  they were alongside their note-taking skills.
Being true to one’s self is intoxicating sometimes. And many times overwhelming well I’m here to help guide you in the most full filling ways. Some of my sissys wanted to be trained how to give the best blow job, some how to look perfect in panties and a cute bra, some wanted to learn how to seduce a man and how to please them. I am happy to help them and you in any way I can. Want to be a hot senorita and look the part so you can go with me and the girls to the bar on a weekend?  Take it a step further and suck a  few cocks at a rave or a rock concert with me lets do it dollface.  I will encourage and be the sissy training phone sex you always wanted but didn’t find.
 If you would like to explore your sissy side and or some sissy training phone sex you know who to call ( wink wink) Call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Zoey

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Bi Curious Phone Sex with Gwen

Tonight this is for all the men and women out there. I’d like to talk about bi curious phone sex now. When you look at me, did you imagine that I’d be into women as well as men? Well it is my secret and now you know. Ever since i was a little girl i have thought about what it would be like to be with another girl. I still haven’t been with another girl but maybe you could make my fantasy come true with a threesome. I just have all these fantasies with another woman.

Bi Curious Phone Sex

I just think about her soft skin, full supple breasts and pink wet pussy between those legs of hers. I want to run my hands up and down her body. Taste her sweet lips upon mine that tastes like cherries. I imagine our love making would be slow and passionate. Oh there would be nothing better than that. Call me tonight for our bi curious phone sex and make these dreams come true, and I would love for you to join us. Join us in this crazy wild passionate sex adventure. Show me exactly how to treat a woman. Play with us.

Maybe one day i can really be with another woman and make my fantasy come true. Have you ever had a threesome? I would love to hear all about your experiences, every single detail. I always wondered what the differences were between getting fucked by a man versus being fucked by a woman. I guess for now all I can do is imagine. If you would like to share your experiences with me then get on that phone and call me at 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Gwen. Can’t wait to hear from you soon and hear all about what it’s really like to be with another woman.

Size Queen Phone Sex with Remy

Take a good look at me and let me — do I look like a woman who settles for less than she deserves? The answer is a resounding, hell no! And that is why I am a size queen phone sex slut. Sure, I tried some average dick and it didn’t rock my world or anything so I thought that sex was just, well, average. But seriously who wants to have average sex. It wasn’t until I discovered the joy of fat massive cock that I realized what I was missing out on. That was such a game-changer. That prick got to a place inside my pussy that had never been touched before. All those nerve endings were firing for the first time and it made my pussy cum so hard that I almost passed out. And that is when I knew that I could never go back to subpar peen.

Size Queen Phone Sex

I made it my mission to become a fat cock hunter. I am a cougar on the prowl and I try to find the biggest, most girthy members to suck and ride. I am not looking for a date, he doesn’t have to take me to dinner and a movie. All I want is to get fucked until I am sore and worn out. I will not settle for anything less than 9 inches. Anything above that makes me damn near giddy. See, I told you I was a true size queen phone sex slut. But I don’t bogart the giant prick. I do like to share with my hot and horny girlfriends. Why shouldn’t they get a chance to ride a ginormous throbbing member as well? We trade off our well-hung fuck buddies whenever we want to try someone new. It works out so well for all parties involved. I have turned so many of my friends into size queen phone sex whores just like me.

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Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Gypsy

Face it, honey, these are sexy feet and the longer you look at them, the harder your cock gets. It’s ok – I don’t mind. I love foot fetish phone sex. I love everything to do with it. I can feel your hands on my feet right now. It’s almost like you’re under the desk while I write this, rubbing them and kissing them, smelling them and licking them. You’re just dying to get your hands on these lovely feet of mine, and it’s gotten you hard right below the belt. Right where you want my feet to be.

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

I love painting my toenails with bright eye-catching colors. I bet a foot fetish phone sex junkie like you might see those brightly colored toes as delicious candies, salty and sweet mixed together to form a party in your mouth! You would love to just slide your eager lips down the length of each of my toes while you savor the scent of sweat and designer shoes. It’s absolute heaven to have your face covered and smothered with my feet, allowing nothing but the heady smell of my feet to get into your nose. The tingle of that smell lingers and travels right to your dick, doesn’t it?

Now, imagine how amazing it would feel to have my feet touching every inch of your body. I can tell you all about it, stroking you with all the delicious details during a foot fetish phone sex call, teasing and edging you with my feet and my voice, driving you crazy util you can’t take it anymore and you just need to explode with a fountain of cum all over my pretty little toes…

Oh my…I’m so hot right now…just imagining that foot fetish phone sex call has got me flustered and dripping wet. Oh honey, you just have to pick up the phone and dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Gypsy’s deliciously fuckable feet!!

Phone Sex Fantasies with Sierra

What kind of phone sex fantasies are you thinking about today? I want you to think about something that gets you so excited that you can’t help but take your cock out and start stroking for me. I haven’t been around as much as I would like to be. But I was able to juggle some things and now I feel like I have a perfect balance. I was able to talk to one of my favorite callers who I trained to be the perfect cock sucker for me. He came by my house and I had a sexy shemale who was ready to get her hard dick sucked. I love how open-minded and kinky he is. He not only took dick in both of his holes, but he also took cum as well!

Phone Sex Fantasies

For those who I haven’t had the pleasure to talk to yet, I have to tell you that I’m a very open-minded slut who has no restrictions. Right now I can’t help but think about the man who came by my house while my husband was away. (He just loves a cheating slut who loves sharing phone sex fantasies.) When I’m being submissive to a man I want one who knows how to dominate and take control. When he pushes me up against the wall and takes his hands to feel me up my fucking pussy gets so dripping wet for him. There have been times where he has fondled my big tits with my husband right in the other room! I just love the danger and excitement from that.

There’s just something so exciting about the thought of getting caught.

I also can’t help but think about how much I love hearing when you’re hot and horny for me. I love imagining what your face looks like when you’re looking at my picture and gazing across my big titties, tight ass, pretty pussy, and sexy long legs. I always find myself asking men if they want to mutually masturbate. Another thing that really gets my pussy juicy is when a man talks dirty to me. Sometimes when men hear how dirty and nasty I talk they ask to hear how wet I am for them. I just love dropping my phone to let them hear that. Would you like to hear me pump my pussy for you while you’re sharing your phone sex fantasies with me?

I just love sliding my fingers in and out while you stroke your hard cock for me.

I have to admit that I’m the kind of experienced cum slut who will if you are married or have a girlfriend, forget all about her. I also have to admit that I love turning your head my way. Just imagine seeing me walk past you as I’m dressed in a tight-fitting shirt that shows off these big titties. Maybe I have on a snug skirt that shows the shape of my ass. Or maybe I have on a pair of jeans that makes you want to peel them right off because they leave nothing to the imagination. I love to suck, fuck, take it in all of my holes, be your submissive slut, and also on the other hand take control of every submissive male who wants to drop to their knees and worship my addicting ass and pussy.

I would just love to feel your tongue lick me all over. Start off with my beautiful soft feet and make your way up slowly. Once you get between my sexy long legs just stop and take a taste of how intoxicating my pussy and ass are you won’t be able to stop licking. And if you have a talented tongue, I may just cum so hard you find yourself licking me until you clean up every last drop.

What kind of phone sex fantasies would you like to share with me today? I can’t wait for you to call and share your fantasies with me.

Dial 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Sierra

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Gwen

Good evening boys. Tonight I want to talk about ass worship phone sex. Look at that gorgeous round ass of mine. Don’t you just want to grab it, squeeze it and caress it? And maybe if you are really lucky, I’ll let you lick it. Lick it and worship my ass, slave! I want to just rub it up against your crotch until I can feel your boner come through. I love being covered and smothered in all kinds of things. Use whipped cream, honey, chocolate syrup. Anything that you want and lick it off my perfect ass, nice and clean.
Phone Sex
I would like to talk about another topic that has to do with ass worship phone sex. I would love for you to stick that hard thick dick inside my pussy, doggie style. Just sit there and let me do the work. I’ll pump it nice and slow at first and then eventually get faster and more rhythmic. Don’t you just love the way my ass jiggles and bounces up and down? Tell me how much you love my ass. Worship that hot piece! Now tell me what else you would do to me to worship my ass? Maybe you could drip some hot wax on it. Just make sure it doesn’t hurt too much. I’m just kidding. I get off on the pain. Make sure you end it with smacking my ass and make it red!
Okay boys, there’s a bit of a sample for what I want to talk about if you have an ass worshipping fetish as well. Feel free to join me day or night. And if your up for it, we can switch things up and I can worship your ass as well. So if you like what you hear tonight, please give me a call at 1-888-47-HORNY and make sure you ask for Gwen. I can’t wait to talk to you soon.

Humiliation Phone Sex with Remy

Ok, listen up you humiliation phone sex bitches. My superpower is being a mean ass domme bitch who isn’t down for bullshit. If you want to be humiliated by me your ass better be ready — literally and figuratively! If you are disobedient or talk back to me, I will not be pleased and you will know it. When I get going on what gets that useless dick of yours hard I go full-in! If you are into edge and denial, then slut you better be ready for hours of pain and fucking aching blue balls. If one drop of cum leaves those nuts without my say-so, well fuck you forever. I am that cunt you have been looking for in the phone sex world, and if you disobey me one-time I will dump your ass for a more worthy sub.

Humiliation Phone SexNow you want to dress like a sissy slut and have me break you into the world of cock sucking and ass fucking? Well, you better have outfits and dildos on hand. Before I send any sissy bitch out into the world she will be a fucking pro. I can’t have you fucking up my good name. Do you want to be my wimpy little small dick cuckold? I have a cock cage and said dildos ready. My humiliation phone sex cuckolds don’t only clean my house and pay my bills but they are used as fuck toys. I can’t always be home when a stud shows up, so that means my cuckold better have that mouth and ass on the ready. The best part about having you around is using you as my own stress toy. I really could care fucking less if you are in pain! So I say again if you want to play with me honey you better bring your fucking A-game.

Call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Remy for humiliation phone sex.

Taboo Phone Sex with Zoey

Taboo: Something that is viewed as forbidden by society’s standards and therefore is rarely talked about openly. Some are less taboo than they were in the past and some are more than ever taboo. And while most have to do with sex, some taboos have to do with food, and others beliefs and all of them will bring a conversation to a dead stop if you bring them up because these are all things most people do not what to talk about. But that is not how I am. I lust after the taboo, the things better left unsaid. I speak my mind all the time. I enjoy taboo phone sex calls very much. Baby, I guarantee you have never met a woman like me EVER!!!!

Taboo Phone Sex

I don’t judge your taboo phone sex wants and desires. I am really into some kinky stuff not just on the phone. I always thought no one wanted to talk or got horny over the stuff I did. So I kept my dark, kinky, and sometimes twisted sex fantasies to myself. But then I found out that some people are as fucked up as me. That changed my world forever!

So what’s your taboo fantasy? What thoughts are inside that head of yours? What is the filthy kink that gets you rock hard in the middle of the day but doesn’t dare tell a soul? Let me the soul you tell. Expect me to embrace it and run with it. Let’s have a roleplay where I bring the fantasy to life in vivid color. So vivid and real that it makes us both cum.

Do you want to have sex with someone close to you? Maybe it is someone that is unattainable but wants to fuck all night long or at work. Maybe you already have and reliving those moments makes you pitch a tent every time you hear their name. Let me that person for you. I want to get off with you and touch shaved pussy while you tell me all about it. You can even call me their name while you stroke your cock and I will answer 🙂

I’m sure by this point I don’t have to convince you to call me for the taboo phone sex call of your dreams, do I? I welcome all fetish and taboo kinks. I relish them. I have no inhibitions, no limits, and if it turns me on I am gonna run away with it. I’ll be honest most kinky shit gets my pussy wet and aching to be touched.

So don’t waste any more time call and ask for me by name of course. Call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Zoey for taboo phone sex.

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