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I can’t even tell you how obsessed I am with black cock. Seriously, as soon as my pussy gets wet, I can’t think of anything else. One fucking and I became a crazed BBC phone sex addict. I’m serious. I crave black dick all the time. I get so horny for a big black cock I go out to bars trolling for it. Most of the time I can’t even wait until we get someplace to fuck in private. As soon as we get in his car, I take his dick out and start sucking him off. I’m such a BBC phone sex addict I will fuck him right there in the parking lot and I don’t care who sees me. I’ve gone as far as walking into the men’s bathroom at a restaurant and letting a guy bend me over the sink to slam his big black dick in me.

BBC phone sex

I’m telling you…I really have a problem. I can’t get through one day without needing to get my pussy pounded by a huge black cock. Just watching that long dark shaft going in my pink pussy and his big black balls slapping against me with every thrust! Even now all I can think about is having a black dick in me, fucking me over and over and filling me with several loads of his cum. You know what this BBC phone sex addict has to do now right? Time to go trolling for black cock!! I need one in me so badly right now. Maybe I’ll get lucky and there will be 2, or 3, or more black guys willing to stuff my pink cunt with gobs of spunk! I bet you wish you could watch that!

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Oh honey, have I got some good news!?!? This cougar has sunk her claws into the most delicious cub!! He’s a 21 year-old college student, and he has found himself the ultimate sugar Momma to help him realize his dreams. Of course I’m going to help him, but he’s also going to help me along the way. You see, he’s quite a hottie! He’s a fitness instructor, a boxer, and a philosophy major, so he can woo me with existential musings while he drags me across the bed and has his way with my body. When I asked him why he was interested in a woman of my age, he said “because cougars do it better. “ He’s right, you know – I know you know, because you’re the kind of younger, hot stud who loves to call for cougar phone sex.

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Well, welcome to this cougar’s hunting grounds. You make my mouth water, sweetie…

My appetite for cub flesh is extremely healthy, so my new conquest had better be up to the challenge. I think he is, but if he isn’t, I’m still going to need to get it out of my system. Cougar phone sex can help, especially when I get to tell one hot cub on the phone what I’ve been doing with the one in my life, and if all the planets and stars align right, I just may be able to have both at one time. I mean, you never know – you just might call one night when he’s here, finding out exactly how much better cougars do EVERYTHING!

How exciting is that? I LOVE being that woman, the one who teaches these gloriously delicious younger men exactly what a real woman’s body can do. No fear, no awkwardness, no being grossed out by sticky wet stuff like women his own age. He knows those girls can’t cut it. That’s why he’s here – he’s top quality cub meat, and he knows it. So do I.

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I know that there are a lot of 18 year old young men who love cougar phone sex, but most of the time it’s just them wanting to fuck an older woman with a lot of experience with vanilla sex. That’s fine and trust me, I will never turn down an 18 year old dick just because he’s not kinky. But that’s not who I am talking to right now. Do you you have a really kinky, or even taboo, fantasy that you’ve been dying to talk to a hot mature woman about? Well I am the woman for you! I won’t tell you no, no matter what your fantasy is. You should never be kink shamed for what makes your cock hard.

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Is there an older woman who lived next door to you that you always fantasized about? She probably ran around in her bikinis in the backyard almost as if she was taunting you. I mean, she probably was. I do that all the time to the boys who live next door to me now that it’s summer. They’re home from college for the summer and they’re always peeking out the windows hoping to catch a glimpse of me. I’m pretty sure that by the end of summer, I’ll be able to get both of them in bed. Or on the deck out back. Or wherever it happens, really. I’m not picky. I just want those 19 and 20 year old dicks. Tomorrow, I think I’ll put on an even tinier bikini when I go outside to swim. Maybe I’ll even do it topless. That should be enough to get the ball rolling with the kinky fun. I can’t wait to find out what they are into! I also want to know what YOU are into.

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You know, I use to be such a sweet housewife. It’s my hubby’s fault that I’ve become such a heartless cuckold phone sex slut. I always try to please him and do special things for him. Like waking him up by sliding his dick in my mouth, or bringing him lunch to work and fucking him in his office. But lately, he never has time for me. And well, I won’t beg anyone to fuck me! Especially my husband! Why should I? Look at these tits, this body, this firm round ass!! I’ve got men begging to lick my body up and down. So, I stopped trying to be a devoted wife. I mean come on, isn’t it the hottest fantasy to watch another man pound your woman’s pussy right in front of you?

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Well one day, hubby came home to a shocking sight. I had a gorgeous 9-inch cock buried in my cunt when he walked in. He was livid! But hey, if he fucked me now and then, he wouldn’t come home to me taking another man’s dick! So see, it’s really his fault that I’ve become such a dirty whore. And now not only does he come home to find me getting mercilessly fucked by one dick or another, but I force him to be my cuckold phone sex bitch and watch me get fucked the way I like it. To tell the truth I think he’s starting to really enjoy being a cuckold phone sex slave. Why else would he get such a boner every time he’s walked in on his wife being such a ruthless whore? And I’ve noticed he doesn’t put up much of a fight anymore when I make him suck my lover’s dick. I’m starting to suspect my husband has had a secret fetish for cuckold phone sex all along and he just never told me. Guess it just worked out for both of us then!
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Do you want to know what I love? Let me tell you I love BBC phone sex! It is my dirty little secret all my friends think I only like white men but behind closed doors I fuck every black man I can. I love their big, juicy, meaty cocks! I love feeling every inch of their cocks deep inside of my tight wet pussy and don’t get me started on how it feels when they are about to cum oh my god when they get close to Cumming I can feel their huge cocks throb inside of me and then suddenly a flood of warmth as they shoot their huge load of cum deep inside of my pussy! Did I mention that I love how much cum big black cocks shoot out? Oh my god! I absolutely love it when a BBC cums into my pussy. I also enjoy it when they cum on my chest or in my mouth I also love playing with the cum and feeling it in my hands.

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I crave BBC phone sex all the time I also love talking about it and telling stories about the times that I have fucked BBC’s and let me tell you I have not fucked BBC’s nearly enough! If I could I would be fucking BBC’s everyday and night and not just one or two more like three or four at a time! One thing I really want to try is to have a BBC inside of my pussy, asshole, and two in each hand and one in my mouth it is something I have always wanted to try! But unfortunately, never had the chance to. Do you want to have some BBC phone sex fun with me and cum deep inside of my tight wet pussy or do you just want to hear some of my naughty BBC stories? Then give me a call I’d love to share my dark naughty bedroom desires. Oh my god just sitting here thinking about BBC is making my pussy dripping wet hurry up and call! What are you waiting for?

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Beth

So according to search engines, five inches is average for a cock. Can you hear me laughing? You should, because five inches is probably half of what I’m used to, and what I prefer. I just can’t even think about wasting my time with something like that. Well, if it’s a five inch dick on the other line when I get a small penis humiliation phone sex call, then at least it’s not a complete waste of my time, but it’s still just going to get a laugh out of me. Don’t call me and tell me your six inch dick is going to impress me either – I’m a total size queen and, like most queens, I have high expectations. I need above average…VERY above average. You can’t come close to pleasing me if you can’t come close to touching my cervix. Don’t even think you can try – I’m just going to laugh and tell you to move on to another woman.

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Take that puny little pecker and putt-putt it right outta here, buster!! I have pencils thicker than that thing!! And to think, you actually thought I’d be interested in fucking you when you’re so poorly endowed. I’ve got bigger and better strap ons, and I probably know how to use them better too. I really cannot fathom trying to get off with that little dingle poking between my pussy lips, doing its absolute best to try and actually enter inside of me. Maybe you could try and convince me that your little pinky dick serves a purpose – I doubt it, but if you want to, you’d better be prepared for small penis humiliation phone sex, because I’m not going to just sit there and listen to you tell me that your little breakfast sausage link and tiny tater tots are enough meat and potatoes for me. Trust me, honey – they’re not even close.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Carla

I do love my husband, but his little 4″ dick just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Okay, not anymore, ever. It never did anything for me. I love big black cock and that’s why cuckold phone sex is perfect for me! Are you a little dick loser with a useless weenie like my husband? Does your wife go out with her “girlfriends”? I have bad (or good, depending on how you look at it) news for you. She’s not out with her friends. She’s out getting her pussy plowed by a BBC. She needs to get satisfaction somewhere, and you already know that she’s not getting it from you. There’s no way you could please her with that poor excuse for a dick.

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You’re sitting there and you’re having mixed feelings about this whole thing. Your first reaction was anger. Then you felt hurt. And then something strange started to happen. Your pathetic penis started to get really hard. Then you started picturing your wife on her back with her legs in the air and her pussy being all stretched out by that big black cock. And you’re thinking about how happy you are that someone can actually please her. You might even be thinking about how hot it’s going to be when he shoots his hot black creampie deep inside her wet pussy! What’s that? You’re even curious about what it would be like to be her dirty clean up boy, aren’t you? Do you want to lick that creampie right out of her gaping pussy?

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You do know what all of that means don’t you, you tiny dick loser? It means that you’re the perfect “man” to call me for cuckold phone sex! I’ll be waiting for you to tell you what a loser you are. I might even tell you what else your slut wife might be doing!

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Well hello there! I absolutely love cheating wife phone sex. You see I am a naughty vixen and I need to be pleased daily I am married but my husband never gives me the sexual attention that I crave I literally have to beg my husband to give me sexual pleasure and every time he just denies me. I decided to take matters into my own hands and find a man who will devour me with pleasure and take advantage of my curvy body, big double D breasts and my extremely tight wet pussy I need a big strong man who will make me scream all night long! Did I also mention that I love big cocks just thinking about a big strong man with a huge veiny cock immediately gets my tight pussy dripping wet.

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My body is being deprived of sexual pleasure I crave hot sensual cheating wife phone sex! I want a man to take my body and just please every inch of my body I want that type of sex where I clench the bed sheets and wrap my legs around my lover while he thrusts deeper and harder into my tight, dripping wet pussy. I love it when a man takes control and completely bends me to his will I crave a big strong man who will just ravish my curvy body with kisses and please every inch of my body I want my lover to put me in different positions and thrust hard and deep into my pussy and make me scream and give my body the best sense of pleasure I have ever felt! Did I also mention that I want a big strong man to show my so-called husband how a real man fucks a sexy woman like me. So if you think you can give me the time of my life and make me cum so much then give me a call!

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Sierra

My husband is never really home. And when he is these days we sleep on separate sides of the house. For me, that makes cheating wife phone sex perfect. I’m not the kind of woman who likes to be lonely. Men know that about me. When the sexy younger man who lives down the street came by he said “Sierra I have been watching you. You are all that gets my cock hard and turns me on. You are older, a housewife, experienced married and you look like you love to be unfaithful.” He had been watching me every time he saw me outside washing my car. He also saw me when I’m walking around in my two piece bikini getting a tan. I just knew it would be a matter of time until we were alone.

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As I did my sexy strip tease I told him how much I love sex. I told him how open minded I was and how much of a slut I was. The more I talked the more his dick got hard. He stood there with his hand down his pants stroking for me. He said “if I was your husband Sierra I would be fucking you all the time. I have been looking for the perfect kind of cheating wife phone sex woman and now I’ve found her. His hands started to touch me all over. He started to fondle and squeeze my big tits together. My hands slid down his pants to feel his massive hard on. I knew he was ready to take it out and slide it in my married pussy. I did a sexy strip tease all the way down to nothing but my bra, panties and sexy pumps.

He laid me back on my bed and i looked up at him saying “don’t you like it when a woman keeps a little bit of clothing on? Anyone can get completely naked. But having a little lingerie on can be really sexy.” He looked down saying “Fuck yes baby it is sexy.” He told me that his girl friend wasn’t very open minded when it came to having sex. That is one of the reason why he was looking for a woman like myself. I told him “there should be no restrictions. I think people should be very open minded and at least try something they never have before.” The more I talked about that the more his dick got even harder. He took his cock head and started to push it in my smooth creamy cheating wife phone sex pussy.

It was so warm and ready for him. As I felt his cock push in I looked up and said “we can do it in any position you like baby. We can also do it anywhere you want as well. I may be able to teach you some new positions you’ve never tried either.” He said “oh yes Sierra baby fuck I love that. I want to do it anywhere and everywhere with you.” I wrapped this long legs around his waste as he pushed all 8 inches insides. Feeling me grip and squeeze as he lean down into me kissing my soft lips. My big tits pushed in as I grind into him. The walls of my pussy had a grip on his cock so tightly that I knew he would be cumming soon. His hands grabbed my ass as my dirty mouth got more intense.

He asked me where I wanted his bare back dick to cum at. I looked into his eyes and said “shoot that cum deep in this pussy baby. It will be a reminder of how good you fucked my cheating pussy. Every time I feel a drip of your cum escape my pussy I will be reminded of why I love cheating wife phone sex so much. He came so hard and so much saying “Sierra I will be back again. So you don’t have to worry about forgetting. I’m going to make sure we both remember how much of a amazing fuck you really are.” I smiled and said “I’ll never forget how much better you fuck me than my husband ever could.” Then we both laughed and I told him that my front door will always be open for him.

If you get hot and horny for cheating wife phone sex as well my front door will be open and I will be ready for you as well. So cum on by and let me show you how an experienced cougar like myself can give it to you. I have no restrictions and never say no.

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Sissy Phone Sex with Zoey

Hello, my sissy! Rumor has it you need some sissy phone sex before you go back to work in the corporate office… am I right? It’s been a while since you have had to go into work and dress in a suit to fit in with corporate America. I know what you’re doing! Let me tell you what I’m thinking is going on at home.

sissy phone sex

Your sitting at your kitchen table during the daily zoom meetings you need to run as your whole office works from home looking to you for guidance for the day. You sit there with your coffee and semi-dress shirt but what they cant see your sissy self under the kitchen table. They comment on how lovely your all-white kitchen looks but they really should see the soft white high cut panties you have on while you talk to them. You love the way those panties feel on. And the one day you overslept and threw a polo on over the frilly lace number you went to bed in. Am I right?

I want to know you better and explore with you during our sissy phone sex sessions. Have you worn a butt plug while you wore a mask out to get groceries? Now with a mask on your face to protect others, they can’t see your smile as you walk and feel that plug inside you. If I was in control of you for the day, we could go out shopping but I would want a vibrating butt plug inside you. I would hold the remote while we stood in the long lines in the box store. I would tease you over and over again on the different low settings. No one would know. But If I got bored or had to stand for too long which I don’t love guess what your sissy keeper would do? I would turn it up on high so that the people in the next line would wonder where that sound was coming from. And you would be dying of pleasure right there in aisle 7!!!!

I really do want to know what makes you tick. What makes you smile like you just robbed a bank. I love having sissy phone sex because I love being the sexy non-judgemental woman who you can tell everything to. Be yourself and nothing less.

One sissy that I was in love with a few years ago I had so much fun with “her”. Once we went shopping at the mall and I had Eve wear bright neon green panties that were so cute and soft. But we made it look the zipper didn’t work on the jeans she was wearing, So many people saw the soft panties. Eve loved every moment of it. A different time we went to a local carnival and I helped put on a fake tramp stamp right above the rise of the blue jeans. We played lots of games and went on rides too. I’m sure many people saw Eves tramp stamp and maybe a few saw the baby pink straps of the thongs too. We wore matching thongs that day. I loved it myself.

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