Cougar Phone Sex with Beth

Well, I couldn’t help myself again. My 29 year old cub came by the other night, and my cougar instincts purred right into gear. You want the details? Call me for cougar phone sex and you can have them! But here’s a quick summary of what went down that night, because I know your perverted little attention span needs a spoiler to entice you into having that rock hard cock I need and crave.

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My cub is a hottie – he has a cut body, a fine ass, and a nice, thick cock he loves to have tortured. Torture – right up my alley. First I teased his cock with my mouth since it looked so tasty, then I did a little cock bondage on him – feel free to visit my Twitter page to see the results! Next I teased his cock while it was tied up to make it swell even more so it could get deliciously uncomfortable in its bindings. When he couldn’t take it anymore, I pulled off the cord and sucked his dick until he was about to blow his load, so naturally that’s when I stopped….I can be a tortuous bitch, especially when I’m torturing a guy in his 20’s who can barely keep his load in as it is. Cougar phone sex at its finest – I know how to use your age against you if you’re a cub like him.

Now that his dick was throbbing, I needed a neck, back, and foot rub. In that order, because he’s a foot fetish guy, so the foot rub was his reward. So was the foot job he got after he made my feet soft and smooth. I rubbed his cock with my feet, and then I teased that dick with a feather tickler until he was beyond worked up. That’s when I got what I wanted out of my cub – he pounced back!

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BBC Phone Sex with Ruth

Alright, sweethearts, it’s time to tell you what really gets Red Hot Ruth’s red hot cunt going, yeah? Or can you give it a guess? Here’s a few hints: I get all sorts of juicy for things that are huge, I mean really fucking gigantic, and the darker the better, yeah? Have you got it yet, sweetheart? I bet you love those huge chocolate dicks almost as much as I do and are ready to call me for some BBC phone sex right now, aren’t you?

BBC phone sex

There’s something about the big veiny black dicks that makes me go absolutely wild, like an animal! And if there’s two or three or oh my fucking god even more to go to town on, forget about it, sweetheart, this bitch is down on her knees! It’s like I’m in fucking heaven at that point, yeah? I don’t care who sees me at that point- my limpdick hubby could walk in while all my sloppy wet holes are filled with giant noir fuckpoles and I wouldn’t fucking stop, no fucking way! Fuck, I’d probably cum right then and there smiling at hubby around the BBC stuffed down my throat. He’d probably see me squirting and his lil limpdick wouldn’t be able to help it but cum in his pants too, seeing those massive powerful erections plowing my ass and my cunt! I think I even saw his mouth watering to take a turn swallowing some of that gorgeous black penis and lick up their cum from my fucking wrecked cunt.

There’s all sorts of fun we can have during BBC phone sex, isn’t there, sweetheart? I know I’m getting all fucking worked up just thinking about what you’ve got in mind when you call me. So let’s do it. 1-888-474-6769, ask for Ruth, and let’s get this BBC party started, yeah?

BBC Phone Sex with Remy

I think it is safe to say that I am obsessed with BBC phone sex. I never hide the fact that I require a big cock, hell, I would wear it on a t-shirt if I thought it would attract more BBC my way. I didn’t start out just banging black guys, it just turns out that big ones tend to be dark as night and that is alright by me. That black cock does look so beautiful when it is pushing into my pink pussy.

BBC phone sex

The first time I took a giant dick, my whole world changed. It opened up, just like my pussy! I could never go back to even an average cock. It feels like my brain just shuts off and my snatch starts making decisions for me. When I am taking that massive cock, of course, my mandingo fuck buddy insists that he goes bareback and I am down with that. They love telling me how they are breeding me. And if I get pregnant, my husband will have to raise a half black kid and then everyone will know that he is a pathetic excuse for a man. That makes the sex that much hotter, he loves making my husband a cuckold. When I think back about how my life was before I devoted myself to BBC, I get so pissed that I wasted so much time on worthless cock. My pussy deserved so much better. But now I am trying to make up for lost time by getting as much fat onyx man muscle as I can.

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Black Cock White Wife Fantasies with Arabella

Arabella here, boys! I went to the bar last night, and I felt eyes all over me. I loved the attention, considering my husband had gone back overseas on deployment, and I am feeling quite deprived and lonely. I sat and sipped my drink, and let them stare. I, of course, made sure to give them a little show when I get out on the dance floor. It’s one of my favorite things to do, it’s just such a great fucking stress reliever. I was just lI was just moving to the music, letting it flow through me when I felt someone come up behind me. They started dancing with me when I noticed their skin wasn’t creamy and pale like mine, it was dark and smooth like chocolate. I let him pull me close to his massive body. His arms were so big, I just melted into them. Of course, my panties were soaked, and my mind filled with black cock white wife fantasies.

black cock white wife fantasies

Now you can only imagine what was going through my head as I felt him pull me in, and he started grinding his hips up against mine. Could it really be THAT big? I don’t even think he was hard. He saw the look of wonder and shock in my eyes, and grabbed my hand and headed towards the door laughing the entire way. I could tell this was not the kind of man that took very easily to be told no, nor was he told no very often, if at all. He pushed me up against the brick wall and started kissing me. I hadn’t heard him utter a word the up until now when he whispered in my ear “go on, feel it. I know you want to know.” Now that I have your attention and that of the friend straining to get out of your pants, pick up that phone and dial 1 888 474 6769, and ask for your black cock white wife fantasies slut, Arabella.

Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Beth

Well, I was married. Now I’m separated. Why do you think that is? Call me for cheating wife phone sex and you’ll find out exactly why. I’m a naughty girl, and I always have been, so I’ve gotten into my fair share of trouble. I’m a serious cougar, so I just couldn’t keep my hands off every delicious younger guy I came across. That still hasn’t changed, of course. But if cheating wife phone sex is your thing, let’s just say I’ve got some input.

cheating wife phone sex

The idea of a cheating wife really turns you on, doesn’t it? What if we were talking about your wife? What if you came home early one night to find your wife wasn’t alone? You walk in and hear familiar noises coming from upstairs. You creep slowly, afraid of what you’ll find at the top. As you move through the dark hallway, the sounds become clearer – moaning, heavy breathing, the bed creaking. It can only be one thing. That’s definitely your wife’s sex whimper – you know it well. It sounds like she is having a great time, and you find yourself getting turned on at the thought instead of angry. What the fuck does that mean?

You get to the open door and stand just outside to the left, so you can see but they can’t see you. You see her face and his back, his muscular back and ass cheeks tightening with every thrust of his cock, so much pleasure on her face. This stranger’s cock must feel so good to your wife, and seeing that makes your cock rock hard. You rub it and keep watching as your wife’s lover pushes harder and faster and deeper into her cunt. You’re so turned on now that you have to pull it out and stroke your cock furiously as your wife starts to whimper and whine louder. He grunts and thrusts balls deep as his cock explodes a hot load deep inside her pussy, and she starts to cum, squirting and gushing all over his balls and the bed, and then you can’t hold it anymore – your cock blasts a hot load right into your hand.

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Zoey

My husband goes away so much for work and leaves me home. Even at my age, I have a very strong sex drive and still feel like the 18 year old prom queen I once was. I will admit that I love to masturbate sometimes a few times a day but nothing beats a hard cock inside me. I love to fuck and be fucked but sadly my husband Bud thinks work is more important most of the time then my sweet pussy. This is how I fell in love with cheating wife phone sex. I have needs that need to be met and I have found the voice of a horny man on the other end does help me cum a bit harder then if I just touch myself.

cheating wife phone sex

So I get my sexual needs met by Phone sex a lot !!! Now I do have regular sex with men while my husband is away. Did he really think I could go weeks on end without it? How about a hell no! I work in a building management company and meet tons of men and couples daily. I have lots of opportunities to meet new people and have sex with them sometimes. LOL.

One of my friends who is a bit stuck up Tammy said to me the other day cheating phone sex is cheating and a sin. You will never guess what I told her !! I told her yes it’s cheating. And I cheat on him when he’s away as well. Is it sinful…… I guess so. But you know what my husband knows I’m fucking other men and a couple here, Oh and I’m having lots of phone sex too. As long as I’m happy he smiles and nods. Her face was priceless. Maybe if she got fucked good maybe she wouldn’t be so stuck up. She forgets the time she fucked the roadies for a rock show with me when we were in college!

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Matilda

I’m so horny this morning but I’m guessing that is nothing new for a naughty nympho like myself. My husband just left for his day job. When I heard the door close my pussy just started leaking in my panties. I was forced to get out of the bed and shower. I opened the curtains to let the sun shine in on my beautiful tiny tits, also hoping my neighbor was in his yard smoking a cigarette, he is usually waiting out back to get a hot peep show of this cheating wife phone sex slut.

cheating wife phone sex

One of my favorite moments was when I rubbed my horny pussy with the curtains open, I knew my neighbor was out there watching, my heart pounded as I took off my panties and spread my legs at the perfect angle, knowing he could see EVERY THING! I was close to coming when I finally opened my eyes and to my surprise my neighbors huge cock was in his hand. He jerked his cock so fast, almost to the same pace I rubbed my pussy to. We came together staring at each other intensely. As soon as I came I got up and close the curtains with my sticky fingers. I felt so liberated and even more horny.

I have on my favorite purple thong with the black lace trim and open crotch today. There is something so hot about feeling my juices pour down my thighs when I get so wet. I usually go topless when I am walking around in the house with my curtains open but today I have on this sexy bra that matches my panties. The bra is open where my nipples are, so my perky tits are getting lots of sunshine. I am waiting for a wet tongue to caress my sensitive pink nipples. I never get to wear this cute little number because my husband thinks its too slutty I wonder if you think my outfit is too slutty.

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Roleplay Phone Sex with Ruth

What’s your favorite roleplay, sweetheart? You better tell me the truth now, because I want to take that most ball-burstingly hot roleplay that always makes you nut your fucking hardest… and crank it the fuck up about three notches! You see, when you call me for roleplay phone sex, I always like to add my own twist to blow your fucking mind.

roleplay phone sex

You want to fuck me on the floor of my husband’s house, bare cock spurting that sperm to impregnate my slutty wife cunt? I fucking love it. And now you’re also going be my best friend’s hot 18teen stud of a son while you do it. I hope your barely legal cock likes the birthday present roleplay fantasy of your dreams I’ve got waiting for you!

And even though I am a strong woman I fucking love it when someone takes control from me. Fuck it, I love it when someone takes control OF me! You want to dominate me, blackmail me into doing dirty downright nasty fucking things to keep you happy and from spilling my secret, all you gotta do is call. That’s some of the hottest roleplay phone sex I’ve ever had, begging my boss to let me keep my job because I’ll do fucking ANYTHING to keep it.

Hell I’ve even had roleplay phone sex at the spa! When you’re my attendant for the whole day and obviously looking me over and I start ordering you around, I can tell how much we both like it. Massage my legs, you sexy little slave, and make sure you go alllll the way the fuck up! Mama’s got a hot date tonight and if you’re lucky it might just be you… First you’re going to have to give me a Brazilian, though, and this gorgeous red hot cunt better be silky smooth! I’m going to make you rub your fucking face in it just to make sure.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Mimi

Hello all you small penis humiliation phone sex lovers! It seems like I get so many guys with those pathetic cocks who want me to tell them how much I prefer a real man inside of me. I will gladly show you into my world of a real dick instead of that thing you have between your legs. I am sure you think it is pathetic to to hold on to it while you stroke with 2 fingers right? Of course you do.

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Guys with small dicks deserve to be humiliated. You belong on your knees with a alpha male cock in your mouth so that your mouth becomes a worship hole for it. You should be thanking those huge cocks for giving women like me what we really want. Do you want to know what we want? A nice big 10 inch cock that can make us happy. That is why your wife doesn’t want to fuck you loser, it is a waste of her time. You know that she goes out and fucks other guys while you sit around and wonder where she is. She may as well go ahead and bend you over to fuck you herself with a big strap on cock. She would probably fuck you better than you could her do her ha ha.

Do you want to know what I want inside of me right now? I would love to have a huge over sized cock in me to fuck me until I am sore and tired. I want to scream to the top of my lungs while you sit there and pull up and down on your loser dick. You don’t even have to ask, the answer is yes all women want a nice big penis and we hate small ones. Sure there will be lots of women who will spare your feelings but I won’t! So get your ass over here and let me make fun of that cock. Call 1-888-474-6769 for small penis humiliation phone sex and ask for Mimi.

BBC Phone Sex with Suzanne

I had the BEST weekend. I got fucked by three big black cocks for basically two days and it was wonderful. I want to tell you all about it, but you’re going to have to call me for BBC phone sex if you want to hear ALL of the details. I know that hearing how excited I am by the thought of what happened over the weekend will get your dick really hard.

BBC phone sex

I can’t help but tell you about it a little right now, though. My black boyfriend came over and he brought me two new cocks to play with, also. I really love it when he does that. He knows how much I love it when he surprises me with brand new dicks to play with. And of course he always brings me big black cocks because he knows they are totally my favorites. I mean, he knows this on a personal level because he fucks me almost every single day. A size queen like me needs big dick VERY often. I can’t go more than a few days without a BBC because it just makes me really cranky.

But anyway, when my boyfriend and the two other guys came in, it really didn’t take me long to drop down to my knees and start going back and forth between sucking those gorgeous black dicks. I couldn’t help it. They are just SO good, you know? When I see one I have to put it in my mouth…and in other places, too.

Do you want to hear more about what happened with me and the three big black cocks? Just give me a call at 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Suzanne and I will be more than happy to tell you all about my super satisfying BBC adventures.