MILF Phone Sex with Giselle

I love MILF phone sex its such a turn on for me. there is nothing that gets my pussy more drenched then being spied on while I am undressing or that feeling of someone peaking in on me while i am touching myself in the shower getting clean and dirty. was that you looking in my window and stroking that hard cock. You are such a little pervert and i love it. I bet if i allowed you to come into my room, we could have all kinds of kinky fun.

MILF phone sex

My husband and son are not here right now, and what they don’t know wont hurt them 😛 . I love it when my husband isn’t home and my son’s college friends are over getting a hard on for me. I tease them by wearing skimpy clothes and i am always bending over in front of them wanting them to see that wet spot in my shorts or up my skirt on my panties. Making them dream of entering me deep and hard. I know you fantasize about how good my lips would feel wrapped around your throbbing hard member. Or even how tight my MILF pussy really is. Do you like MILF phone sex as much as i do? Would you like me to seduce you, or would you like to fully seduce me? This pussy is hot and ready for you when you have the time to cum play. All you have to do is call me and hear how wet this sexy pussy really is.. i will fill all your MILF phone sex fantasies that you crave.

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Cougar Phone Sex with Suzanne

I’m Suzanne and I’m a cougar phone sex slut for sure. I love younger men and I always fuck them exclusively. I don’t really like fucking older men. They can’t get it up as often and they just don’t have the enthusiasm that younger men have. And they are always so eager to fuck a hot cougar like me. They know that we know how to please a man much more than girls their own age. And we’re more open and willing to do anything it takes to please them. Why wouldn’t they want that?

cougar phone sex

I’m very popular in my neighborhood. I guess word gets around that I like to fuck younger men. It’s kind of cool to have that kind of word of mouth referral. It’s almost like a coming of age thing with the boys in my neighborhood. I’ve fucked pretty much every one of them…more than once. It’s something that I need. If I don’t get fucked at least once per day, then I’m not happy. And trust me when I say that it’s not hard for me to do that. All I have to do is send a text and I have someone at my door VERY quickly. It’s kind of like having an on call dick service and it’s amazing.

Do you have cougar phone sex fantasies that you want to live out in a roleplay with me? Is there an older woman in your life that you want to fuck? Or was there a woman you wanted to fuck when you were younger that you never got to? Let me be her for you. I promise you it will be so much fun.

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Carla

Yes I am a real life cheating wife and that’s what makes cheating wife phone sex so damn good with me. Let me tell you a secret, the fact that I am a cheating wife makes my husband a cuckold! That’s right, if your wife is cheating you’re a cuck. That’s what being a cuckold is. But enough about, let’s talk about me and my insatiable sexual needs and desires. From the first time I cheated on my husband (that’s a taboo story in itself!) I knew that I would never be happy with just his dick. Not just because it’s so damned small, but because I need more!

cheating wife phone sex

The first dick I had after marriage was almost twice the size of my husband’s and the first time I ever came from just being fucked. Holy hell, this is what fucking should be. Since then I’m on a quest for the biggest and fattest fucking cocks for this cheating wife pussy. Yes, I’m a size queen and damned picky about any cock that I let close. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again, if you don’t measure up; and that includes girth, don’t even bother thinking you’re going to fuck me. But if you’re hung and hard, bring it to me, baby!

My favorite is younger hard dick. Why younger? Well for sport fucking they get it hard and they keep it hard more than most any old guy ever will. Being a cheating wife my time can be limited and I need a cock that’s at attention when I’m available and wet and ready. Bring a friend if you have one, I told you I’m insatiable and even your dick’s not enough for me.

Don’t even bother with a condom, if I’m going to let you fuck me, I want to feel every ridge and vein deep inside my hot wife cunt. Big fucking balls slapping up against me, and if you’re a BBC even better. I want to feel your cum deep inside my married belly.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Remy

So, let me guess — you have a tiny pathetic cock, right? And I supposed you need a good dose of small penis humiliation phone sex too. Now you know that I only fuck real bonafide men with big swinging cock. That, of course, leaves you out of that equation. While the real men are out fucking fine sexy women like me, you are sitting at home 2 finger tugging that little guy wishing you were packing heat like those guys in porn. I bet you love watching those hung cocks flopping around sliding into a wet ready willing and dripping wet cunt, then her reaction is so much more than anyone has ever been with you. You wish you made women react like that?

small penis humiliation phone sex

By now, you must know that size is all that matters. Women like me, demand big fat cocks and we won’t ever settle for less. But don’t be sad guy, you and I can still be friends. You know how every woman has a special guy friend? Well, you could be my tiny penis having buddy that I hang out with. Wow, that would be so much fun for me. Say I have a hot date with a monster cock and I want to dress like a whore for him, I would use you as a model and I see that tiny useless oversized clit get hard I would know I am good to go. Yeah, you will be living in the friend zone due to your deformity. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some action. Sometimes my pussy gets too sore to keep fucking, and you can be the perfect fluffer for me. Yeah, you better start chewing some gum and get that jaw of yours ready for some serious cock sucking. So call me for small penis humiliation phone sex and we can talk about all sorts of ways you can help me out.

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Cougar Phone Sex with Sierra

Good afternoon it’s such a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I know you have been searching for a cougar phone sex woman who knows just how to satisfy you. Just as I know that you are the kind of man who knows how to satisfy me. See, I love all kinds of men. One’s that are dominate and ones that are submissive. Every now and then there are those who are the perfect mix of both depending on what their mood is for that moment. I am known for being a head turner, a tease, a husband stealer, a sexy seductress and someone who knows how to turn you on so much you cant help but want to start stroking your dick right here and right now. Just think about coming face to face with me at one of your favorite scenes. It doesn’t have to be your typical type either. Think of your favorite resort, convention center, casinos in the high stakes VIP lounge. Or maybe we are singles who just got a divorce and cross paths on a cruise line and you see me standing there dressed in one of my most provocative outfits that drive you crazy. Will you notice these long sexy legs, perfect big breasts, shapely sexy ass, soft experienced hands and painted red lips?

cougar phone sex

I’m the kind of woman who knows how to get your juices flowing and heart pounding from zero to sixty in a split second. My body language and sexy gestures will make your cock rise to attention. And regardless of being in the mood for a mature experienced cougar phone sex lady or a cock teasing mistress I will have your dick throbbing like no other woman. Why is that? Because I’m old enough to know what it takes to push your buttons, sexy enough to make your dick throb, slutty enough to walk up to you and say “let’s go somewhere a little more private where we can get to know each other a little better.” All the while I’m brushing these big beautiful breasts across your chest and taking my finger tips to trail across your body. Discreetly placing my hand against your throbbing cock and lips so close to yours that you start tingling from head to toe. And if we have that chemistry to where you just want to go somewhere and let nature take it’s course you will find out why I’m known for being a total and complete whore behind closed doors. I’m not going to pretend or deny that I’m very slutty. I know how to give up control as well as knowing how to take total control depending on what kind of man you are.

I’ll do a seductive strip tease out of my form fitting shirt and expose these 34 dd breasts. I’ll turn around so my sexy tight ass is facing you and do a sexy wiggle out of my short skirt. Leaving nothing but my thigh hi’s, sexy panties and cum fuck me pumps on. So tell me what kind of man will you be for me today? The one who touches me all over to slide your hands between my sexy thighs and feel how wet and creamy my panties are for you? Do you want to take a long slow look at the way they look laying against my smooth pussy? I’ll put one leg up on a chair so you can drop to your knees and start licking through my soft panties. And if you are kinky you can start from my perfect ass and make your way to the front. Maybe I will have you so worked up that you want to just fucking rip them off tongue me and then fuck me with your throbbing dick. Or maybe I will corner your sexy ass into your favorite chair climb on top and give you a mind blowing lap dance that ends with your big hard dick deep inside of me. I’ll give it to you anyway you like. You can have all of my experienced cougar phone sex holes. But I have to warn you, if you have a small dick or submissive the only thing I will do is be the best and most unforgettable cock teasing mind fucks you have ever had. I will be the one telling you how to stroke and serve me today.

I’m ready to show you just why this cougar phone sex seducer will be the best you have ever had…

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Slutty Wife Phone Sex with Zoey

Hello hot stuff!! I have to say the best thing about calling me for some slutty wife phone sex is that I am truly a very slutty wife on and off the phone. I was never always this way but as I aged and became more open with what I enjoyed sex wise and not trying to please everyone its just who I truly became. I truly love all kinds of phone sex from mild to wild to insane. I love the same exact stuff in the bedroom or the den or the office… ok ok you get the drift lol. I am just a mature blonde that loves all kinds of sex.

slutty wife phone sex

When you call me for phone sex we can talk about anything you like. I like hot steamy conversations they really make my days more complete, really. If you are lonely and looking for some sexy and intelligent conversation you will find I’m easy to talk to and can hold my own on many different topics. I truly enjoy talking about all kinds of things and some of it might even shock you. I also love being told secrets. They go no further then with me so feel free to let your freak or kinky side show.

Now I really am a slutty wife in real life like I told you. My hubby is away most of the time but even when he is here I have gone into our bedroom, shut the door and had slutty wife phone sex calls while hes in the other room. All while he is watching his shipping shows and what ever else he watch’s before he falls fast asleep in his leather chair. Hes happy I enjoy having phone sex and is ok with it. One time while he had a few guys over to watch a football game last fall I went in our bedroom which is right off our living room and had a 30 minute phone sex call. I am sure a few of them heard my moans as I fucked myself with one of my vibrators. I mean there only a ear shot away. I wonder if any of them asked what I was doing? I’m sure one of two of them got rock hard hearing me and then when I came all over my sheets too. Hope no one busted a load in there pants that day!

It is true what they say happy wife happy life. But maybe in this houses case happy slutty wife happy life. I love to share my sex stories with you too. There is so many things I have done but there is so much more I want to do too. Nothing is too taboo for me to do or try. So what are you waiting for? Call this slutty wife for some real wild and extreme phone sex. 1 888 474 6769 Ask for Zoey

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Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Giselle

Its so hard not to be a dirty cheating wife phone sex slut while my husband is always working long hours away from home. It leaves me so hot and horny. thinking about all the scandalous adventures I have encountered while riding other men’s huge throbbing cocks.

cheating wife phone sex

One that comes to mind often is when I went down to the beach to soak up the sun and happened to meet a sailor that commented on my skimpy gold bikini as I was sun tanning. he mentioned how he would love for me to jump aboard and see if he could get me wet. I giggled and took him up on the offer to jump aboard his ship as I love all new adventures and off we sailed into the sunset. hitting up every island we could find. too spice things up with the thrill of being caught we would fuck in the mot public places. he tied me up with ropes he had aboard and teased me till i was begging to have him probe my tight wet pussy with his monstrous rod. Knowing we might get caught made me gush with excitement. there is nothing more exhilarating then knowing someone may be watching us that might know my husband and that they could tell him just how much of a dirty cheating wife whore I really am. The touch of that sailors rough hands made my body quiver and moan it was so hot that I could hardly contain myself from cuming. Even now just the thought of ow bad I was is making my panties drenched. I am dying to hear about where we would go and what you would do to me that might get me caught so don’t leave me waiting I want to be the dirty cheating wife you crave. I’m Giselle are you ready for some fun? i am waiting for your call at 1-888-474-6769.

BBC Phone Sex with Ryder

When you look at a woman like me what kind of man do you think I deserve? I think you know exactly what I want and that is why you should treat we with some exciting BBC phone sex. Take a look at my voluptuous body baby. Make sure you get a good look from head to toe. These plump lips and tits paired with a tight wet pussy deserves something very big and thick between all of them. I would be more than happy to slide my mouth down that cock and get it slippery wet. I am made to be used and pounded by a strong black man. It is a need that must be fulfilled very frequently for no reason at all.

BBC phone sex

While I wait at home for you to get off from work I am dripping constantly anticipating when you are going to walk in and see that BBC digging deep in my cunt. You will probably hear me screaming to the top of my lungs before you walk in the door from my lover giving me all he has got. Maybe you should pull out your camera and aim it where he thrusts in and out of me while my pink hole grips around it so tight and wet. I want you to watch me get that cock even when he is away. Does it amaze you to watch me take 11 inches as deep inside of me as I can? I love to moan in pleasure while I wait to be filled with a nice creamy treat when I have BBC phone sex. I might use your tongue to cool down after it is all over. You can be a good clean up boy. I want us to get so fucking messy. Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Ryder!

Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Suzanne

My husband is away a lot for work, but I don’t mind at all. This hot and sexy woman loves cheating wife phone sex. I actually get excited when he goes away for a week or two at a time because that means I can have any of my many lovers over whenever I want to. They can even spend the night and make love to me over and over again all night long.

cheating wife phone sex

Do I feel badly about having other men fuck me behind my husband’s back? Oh, absolutely not! He is always distracted by work and I have needs. I need to be fucked daily and he just cannot do that for me. So I will be fucked by whoever else I want, whenever I want. I think he secretly knows about it, but he doesn’t say anything because he doesn’t want to lose me. He loves having a hot trophy wife like me to show off to all of his friends. So I get to do what I want to do.

What kind of men do I like to cheat on him with? Well, I think it’s safe to say that younger men are my favorite. I like the young men who have just turned 18 and are full of excitement and energy. They will do anything I want them to as long as they get to slide their young, throbbing dicks inside my pussy. It’s a win-win situation for both of us.

Do you have cheating wife phone sex fantasies that you’d like to share with me? Maybe there was a mature woman who you wanted to fuck when you were younger but you didn’t get to. Let me be her for you. Just call me at 1 888 474 6769 and tell the dispatcher you want to talk to Suzanne.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Carla

So it’s always been your fantasy to see your wife getting fucked by another man. You call me for cuckold phone sex because you know that I have been cucking my husband for 30 years now. Damn right, 30 fucking years of fucking men other than my husband. Of course he knows. He didn’t at first and he thought about leaving me after he found out I cheated. But when his little pathetic dick got hard just talking about me with other men, I knew he would never leave. I was right. I’m always right ~ wink ~

cuckold phone sex

You can tell me the truth, it’s not just any cock you want to see fuck your girlfriend is it? I know it’s a BBC that you fantasize about. One has to wonder if it’s more about you than her? It’s not, trust me on that. Start thinking about her pleasure and the likelihood of her finding a real man to fuck her goes up exponentially. When you’re watching porn together and fucking around, tell me how wet her pussy gets when you watch some big black guy pounding some white guy’s wife. Once she gets a feel of your little dick it will finally click that she needs something bigger and better.

I always tell guys “be careful what you wish for”. Sure you can tell me your cuckold fantasies and how bad you want to watch her with another man, but when reality hits and she likes him better than you …. Don’t laugh, it happens. Can you blame her for leaving your sissy white dick for a real man with a real cock? You better do a damned good job convincing her that you don’t ever need to fuck her again if you want her stay. Better yet, offer up some cash and your marital bed to her big black stud.

Call me for cuckold phone sex and I won’t hold back in telling you the brutal truth.

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