Bondage Phone Sex with Gwen

One of my top favorite fetishes would have to be bondage phone sex. I just love being tied up or tied down, whichever you prefer. Bind that rope around my wrists and down my arms. Wrap that rope around my large, soft breasts on the top and underneath until my nipples are nice and hard. Bring that rope around my rock-hard stomach, down around each ass cheek, down each leg, and around my ankles. Please bind every part of my body, I beg you. And after you bind my body, do with it as you please, because at this point I can’t move. While you are at it, stick a ball gag in my mouth and blindfold me.

Bondage Phone Sex

Let’s continue our bondage phone sex. After I’m fully wrapped up in rope, gagged, and blindfolded, you may choose to tie me down to a bed or you can hang me in any position from the ceiling that you’d like. Oh my, tie my leg up by my head so that my soft pink pussy is exposed to your liking. I’m begging you to run your fingers on my swollen clit for a few seconds and stick two or three fingers inside that pussy that’s just yearning for you. Get down on your knees and tickle and tease my clit with your tongue as you are fingering my now dripping wet pussy. My knees are so weak from the pleasure but I can’t go anywhere because I’m tied up and I try to moan in pleasure but I can’t because of the ball gag.

I’m weak at the knees and my pussy is pulsating at just the thought of this bondage phone sex. Do you really want to hear me moan and scream? Then you need to call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Gwen to get the full experience. I’ll be waiting with my legs wide open! *kisses*

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex with Remy

I know it must be tough to have a legit disability like being born with a tiny wee cock. Do you really think crying about your tiny dick on small cock humiliation phone sex is going to get sympathy from me? Get serious, bitch. That shit is right in my wheelhouse. It only pisses me off to hear you whimpering and sniveling in my ear. I don’t want to listen to you whining about your pathetic micropenis. It’s not my problem you’ve got a defective small dick. And don’t even think I want to hear you jerking that minuscule pinky prick either. I doubt it’s much bigger than my clit.

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex

Here’s what you will get when you call me for small cock humiliation phone sex. I’ll instruct you to stuff that little worm in a cock cage. Hopefully, we can find a cage small enough. And if you don’t have one of those then get a rubber band to tie up those shriveled nuts and bind that puny nub. You will not be using it anyway. In fact, you might as well get it cut off and turn it into the pussy you were meant to have. I’m going to enjoy making you my femdom sissy and dressing you up like the sissy bitch that you are supposed to be. Then I’ll invite all the guys in my neighborhood to come and ruin that nasty boy pussy. Bend over and grab those ankles. I’ve got a monster strap-on to start the fuck party off! And you can forget about any lube you no dick loser! Come on sissy, give me a call. I’m really looking forward to taking my frustrations out on your sorry ass on small cock humiliation phone sex. But do your crying on your own time!!

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Bi Curious Phone Sex with Gwen

I think I want to be a naughty girl. I’m not fully bisexual but I would love to explore bi curious phone sex with you. Tell me in your own words what it’s like to be with a female and to feel all of her curves and tits, ass, and beautiful juicy pussy. Oh, I so want to know what it’s like to be with a woman just once. Tell me in detail what it’s like. Maybe you could invite another female on to our call and I could just let the other woman take control of me. I want to know what she feels like, every detail. I want to feel her wet tongue on mine, feel it on my face, working its way down my neck, shoulders, and onto my beautiful round breasts.

Bi Curious Phone Sex

Although I want to experience another woman at some time, I’m still a bit shy about it. I think that bi curious phone sex would be the best to break the ice. As I was saying before, she’d be on my breasts I’d imagine, and do whatever she wants to them. Then slowly works her way down my tight, firm stomach and caresses between my thighs until it tickles so much I can’t help but spread my legs apart, with the perfect view of my tight, dripping pussy. She has a pink vibrator that she puts on my clit and turns it on low so that my clit starts to pulsate and my pussy starts dripping out juice. She runs the vibrator up and down my pussy lips and starts to insert it into the slit. This is how I imagine it would be with another female. Hot and passionate. Tell me if I’m wrong.

I so want to experience another woman. It is my fantasy. Teach me what I’m missing out on and call me for my bi curious phone sex. I can’t wait to be taught. If you think you’re the right teacher for me, please give me a call at 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Gwen. Can’t wait to hear from you soon! *kisses*

Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Deanna

You know it is sad that I am married and hardly ever get fucked I mean look at me I am a sexy young woman, and my husband never looks at me I always have to please myself. I need a man with a huge cock to give me the best cheating wife phone sex ever I even want my so-called husband to watch as a real man fucks me and makes me scream. Do you think you have what it takes to please me? Let me tell you what I crave I need a man who can touch my body in a sensual way and get me so horny. I want a man who can make me cum over and over. God knows that he can’t. Even when we were fucking, he just wasn’t very good at making me cum. Do you think you would be?

Cheating Wife Phone Sex

I am tired of fucking myself I want a huge veiny cock I crave the warmth of a huge cock as it thrusts deep into my pussy, I want to feel your cock throb every time you push your rock-hard cock into my pussy making me scream and beg for more! I know you want to shove your rock-hard dick into this sweet sensual pussy of mine. I know you want to hear me scream and beg for more. Just thinking about a real man with a huge cock giving me the best cheating wife phone sex ever is making me so wet! If you think you have what it takes to please me then give me a call! I crave your cum. I crave every single inch of your dick. Are you ready to give it to me nice and deep?

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Sissy Baby Phone Sex with Beth


I just LOVE getting sissy baby phone sex calls! I mean, how adorable is a sweet sissy baby? In my opinion there are a lot of men out there who should be reduced to sissy babies. I mean, a lot of men simply are anyway, right? Just wait and see what happens the second a man gets a bad cold – watch him cry and moan for attention like it was chicken soup! So, when the pressures of life get to be too much, sissy baby phone sex may be the perfect answer for you. Just be honest about who you are, and it will make life so much more pleasurable for you.


Trust me. You know you want to trust me. There’s something inside you that makes you react to my voice with a giggle and a warm feeling deep in your tummy, and all you want to do is submit. Just lie back and let this hot MILF take care of all that ails you. You will have to wear something cute and ruffly over your diapers, something that shows the world what a big sissy baby you really are, but I imagine that once you let yourself admit that you’re nothing but a big sissy baby who needs a strong woman to take care of you, sissy baby phone sex is just one more step toward your new and happy lifestyle. I have lots of experience with sissy babies, and I know how to help you find the true sissy baby within yourself, and of course to remind you that you are what you are so you never forget.


Hmm…I can even use erotic hypnosis to help you succumb to your sissy baby urges. With sissy baby phone sex, my only intention is to take care of you in exactly the way you need it. Give Miss Beth a call at 1 888 474 6769 and get ready to embrace your sweet sissy baby side!!



Babysitter Phone Sex with Gwen


Today I want to talk about role-playing. I want to be your dirty little babysitter and have naughty Babysitter Phone Sex. Imagine, I just finished watching your kiddos and you have to take me home afterwards because i don’t have transportation to get home. Thank you so much for giving me a ride home. Is there anyway i can repay you? You lean over me to unhook my seatbelt because we are in front of my house and you graze my breast through my shirt with your hand, oops! I go to reach over to give you a hug and your pants are already unzipped and you shove my head down to your cock. I start to suck on your dick slowly starting at the tip and swirling my tongue around it. You grab me by the hair and shove my mouth down on your cock harder and faster until i start to choke.


How dirty and nasty do you want to get with the Babysitter Phone Sex tonight? Would you prefer fooling around or fucking before you go out on your date night or when you come home and take me home? Really it’s your choice. I’m up for either one or maybe we are feeling really frisky and we can do both. Tell me your desires. What makes the babysitter so hot and irresistible? I want to hear all the bad and naughty things you want to do to her. I have never been fucked as the babysitter before. Please roleplay with me and show me what I’m missing out on. Do you want me to be a younger babysitter or an older one? Experienced or inexperienced?


As you can see, there are so many different scenarios that you can play out when you are having Babysitter Phone Sex. Share with me your fantasy no matter how dirty and nasty it may be. Call me at 1-888-47-HORNY to have some babysitter fun and all for Gwen. Can’t wait to hear from you boys soon. *kisses*

Cougar Phone Sex with Suzanne

A lot of younger girls like to call cougar phone sex women like me sluts as an insult, but we don’t ever take it that way. It’s actually a compliment that they feel threatened enough to start the name-calling. I seriously can’t help it if their boyfriends would rather fuck me than their inexperienced cunts. I know what I’m doing and I can make an 18-year-old cock feel complete ecstasy for the very first time. Being with an experienced woman like me isn’t like anything they have ever experienced. Those barely legal bitches can call me a dirty old slut until the cows come home and it’s never going to bother me. I’ll be too busy fucking their boyfriends to worry about what hateful words are coming out of their mouths. And speaking of their mouths – they do not know how to suck a cock the way I do.

Cougar Phone Sex

I’ll never forget the first time a girl walked in on me giving her boyfriend a blow job. She started yelling and calling me a whore and I just laughed in her face and kept sucking his cock. She threw her promise ring at him and that was right about the time that he came in my mouth. I mean, if she wanted to keep her boyfriend from straying, maybe she shouldn’t have taken that promise ring so damn seriously. I kept sucking his cock until he and his family moved away. But he’d introduced me to so many of his friends that even though I missed his cock, I had plenty of other dicks to keep all of my holes satisfied. Trust me, I was never without satisfaction. All I had to do was summon one of them and they were right there.

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Cross Dressing Phone Sex with Gypsy

Oh, honey, that dress looks absolutely fabulous on you, and believe me, it’s going to look even better on the floor when that big strong man takes notice of your sexy slutty self!! You are going to be the belle of their big, full balls when I’m finished with you, so get off your horny ass and call me for cross dressing phone sex! Playing dress-up is always fun, but it’s even more fun when you know you’re going to get the attention that you want from the big studs that are looking for some sweet ass to fuck! We’ll dress you so every horny cock for miles knows it can get a piece of you, so get ready sweetie!!Cross Dressing Phone SexSo why don’t we start with your underthings? Do you like to be slutty or innocent? Trashy or glamorous? No matter what your inner sissy’s personality is, we can have fun with cross dressing phone sex because there are so many sexy things out there for you to choose from. Silky panties, lacy bralettes, garter belts, and stockings. How about a bustier? Mmmm…latex if you’re feeling extra kinky…I’m sure we can figure out the perfect boudoir look for your inner sissy slut, honey! We’ll figure out what colors look best on you, and we’ll dress you for sinfully slutty success. After that, it’s just a matter of the right makeup, a sexy wig, and the best fuck-me heels you can walk in. No worries – you won’t be walking in them long. If you get my help with some cross dressing phone sex, those heels will be up in the air before you can say “fuck my pretty sissy pussy please!”

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Phone Sex Cougar Remy

Listen, I get it. You horny younger guys are always ready to cum. But here’s the thing, what do you know about really pleasing a woman? It’s not just about you, you know? So I think it’s time you let this phone sex cougar teach you a few things. Of course, you want to stick your dick in a tight wet pussy and blow your load. But you have to learn some restraint, sweetheart. Be patient and take your time so you both can enjoy it. It’s not always the girl’s job to seduce you. You have to pay attention to her needs too and make her feel good. And trust me when I tell you, there are too many of you so quick to bust your nut you leave us completely unsatisfied over and over again. Those are just the sad facts. So slow your roll and let this phone sex cougar educate your ass already.

Phone Sex CougarYou need to learn how to touch her sexy body. Not just grab her tits…but touch her. Caress her. Kiss her softly. Obviously, that big hard-on lets her know you’re horny, but you need to let her know you want her and care about what she likes. And don’t worry, it’s going to take time for you to learn. But lucky for you, I am a very patient phone sex cougar. We can have as many lessons as you need until you’ve fully learned how to please a woman and share yourself completely with her. It’s time to grow up young man. No more jabbing a cunt and getting off without taking care of your girl’s needs. I’m going to show you how it can be an enjoyable experience for both of you.

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Boot Fetish Phone Sex with Darcy

I have more pairs of boots than I can count. I love them all from calf boots, combat boots, to over-the-knee boots. The only thing I like more than a sexy black pair of boots is being fucked in them during boot fetish phone sex. I just know you’re going to love me in my pair of navy blue knee-high boots, a blue-black mini skirt, and a pair of white fishnet stockings. I’m pretty sure you’ll start drooling. Or maybe my black calf boots with the stiletto heels are more to your liking. You see, I want to wear whatever will make your cock jump and twitch and point in my direction.

Fetish Phone Sex

Ah yes, I want the sight of me in my black leather boots to drive you so wild that you will have to call me for boot fetish phone sex at first glance. You can rub them, touch them, lick them – even worship them if that’ll make your cock jump! I can be rougher with you and press my sexy black boots into your flesh. Mmmm, would you like that? Don’t you worry, dear – I will keep these luxurious boots on the whole time we are fucking. So go ahead, sniff my boots. Allow all that intoxicating leather scent to go to your head. Then you can start licking, kissing, and sucking. You can even suck my heel. Oh, I would really love to see you take my stiletto into your mouth and lovingly suck it. Now that is the kind of worship that makes my pussy wet.

After my boots are adequately worshiped, my pussy will be dripping and it’ll be time to fuck me. I’ll lie back on the bed with my legs spread wide and you can crawl to me. Crawl and kiss up from my boots up to my tits. I’ll take control of your cock and guide it into my pussy and let you settle deep inside me before I hook one of my legs around you and dig my heel into your back. The other foot is going on your shoulder so you can continue worshiping. How very lucky you are to enjoy me like this. *kisses*

Call Darcy for boot worship and boot fetish phone sex fantasies. 1-888-474-6769

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