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How do you like your panties, dirty or clean? I know several guys personally who love fulfilling their panty fetish phone sex with my dirty panties. I mean the ones I just took off in front of them that might still have dried cum in them from the last fuck I just had. Watching them smell them and even lick them makes me hot. They get so aroused by taking my dirty panties and rubbing them against their faces and getting the sweet aroma from them. Some just take them, sit on my couch and masturbate with them. One, who is my favorite because he is so kinky, likes to shoot his load into them and then eat his own cum back out of them. Some guys are just freaky like that, but it’s that kind of freaky I like. Let me hear how much you love dirty panties. Tell me how they smell or taste. You know I always have a thing for men and their dirty panties. I love hearing how excited you get while playing with them. Put them on and call me for panty fetish phone sex and tell me how they feel. I have cummy panties for you so just call me.

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Boy do I have a cuckold phone sex story for you!  Last night, my boyfriend (who has the most delicious BBC) came over and brought a couple of his friends.  My husband was home and he literally got down on his knees and begged me to let him come upstairs with us and watch.  I said no… I wanted him to be tortured so I left him downstairs to listen.  Oh, the things we did up in the bedroom… let’s just say by the time they were all done with me, I was covered (and filled up with) cum and exhausted.  Wanna know what we did? Call me for cuckold phone sex and I’ll tell you allll about it!

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My husband watches close by as I get out the shower. He eyes roaming up and down my body as the water droplets roll off my nipples and onto the floor. I tell him to grab the towel and dry my back. Then i picked my favorite vanilla bean body butter for my husband to massage all over,every inch of my body. He will then pick out his favorite pieces of sexy lingerie to see me in. He will also dress me in one of my tighest, sluttiest dresses. I am going to the club tonight and I will find something big and hard to ride on. My husband doesn’t mind me going out and for cheating wife phone sex because he knows I will bring him home something creamy and yummy to eat.

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Hello all you little ones I know some of you sneak into your wife’s or girlfriend’s draw and savor the sexy feel and smell of those gorgeous hose you love to see her in or fuck her in some times.  Thigh-highs you make her spread her legs in for you so you feel them around you when she wraps her legs around your waste and that is really what makes you shoot instead of her.  I love to wear them on your pantyhose fetish phone sex calls with me, makes me feel sexy when I can tease you with the noise. I know you want to see my legs at any point but they are best in any color I want to taunt you with.  If you are very good boy you might get to enjoy the taste.  I love to see a man on knees with pantyhose in his mouth while I run my feet over his cock and get him nice and hard.

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Do you sometimes fantasize that I am your cheating wife phone sex slut? You see me buying sexy new panties that you never get to see me wear. I’m out all night sometimes. You go crazy thinking about what I must be doing and who I must be doing.   You can just see me being manhandled by all of these strange men—maybe being passed around and sucking cocks and getting fucked again and again. When I come home, I’m all messed up. I smell like other men and I may even have cum in my hair. I know you are dying to ask me about it.

You like thinking about it, don’t you? You like the idea of me being fucked by some strange man or maybe even one of your friends. You can rub your cock while I tell you all about it in our cheating wife phone sex call.

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I’m Gwen your sexy phone sex MILF and Dommy Mommy.  I love taking charge and dishing out my very own brand of verbal humiliation and abuse.  I love having phone sex and watching porn while fucking my pussy with a nice big dildo, I’m very good at describing to you how wet you are making my pussy.  The dirtier the roleplay the more orgasmic I get.  I especially love talking to submissive little losers who want to worship me and my hot ass!  Humiliating these little losers actually gets me off.  Sissy boi’s and fagots are the most fun to play with on the phone….they love to get all dressed up for me in little sissy panties and rub one out for me while I tell them what a pathetic little sissy loser they are.
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Bonjour, are you wondering what the hot phone sex du jour is? Horny, desperate, hot, & French phone sex is on today’s menu! I am desperate and I need the attention of your cock! I would love to suck on your cock! My sweet pouty lips wrapped around the head as thrust it down my throat! Your precum drizzling & leaking onto my tongue while I hum on your heavy balls! Ooh the way you twist my nipples at the same time; making my pussy drip with excitement! Ooh la la I want to beg & plead for your dick in ways that only a sweet French whore could! I want you & I want you ooh so badly! Bend me over the table & give me all you’ve got! I don’t care if your dick is so big that I can’t take it! Force me! Keep fucking me harder & faster! I beg of you, please don’t stop no matter how loud I scream! Ooh la la!

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I’m a nympho phone sex slut so there has to be something in it for me. By that I mean mutual masturbation phone sex. I’ll let you hear me fuck my juicing pussy hole with all of my favorite toys. I’ll even spit, slob and gag on it for you. Can you imagine that? I’ll wet it real good with my oozing cunt cream and stick it up my ass and yours if you let me.  I’ll slurp up every drop of cum and ass juice on it and gulp it down like water. I have plenty of nasty gadgets to fulfill the fantasy phone sex of your wildest dreams!

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Do you like being with an older woman? Does she really make you hard and aroused? I am that phone sex cougar who preys on young hard studs. I love the whole seduction and temptation of these young guys. Seeing that bulge in those tight pants and then having them follow me around like lost puppies. Getting them home and taking advantage of them. Using them for my pleasure and personal fuck toys. I am always in need of a young hard cock. They seem to make me very wet. I am into teasing them and seeing just how hard I can make them explode for me. So, if you like older women or a woman who is into kinky cougar phone sex then give me a call.

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My husband was asleep on the couch last night when my cheating wife phone sex partner called me for some kinky fun. His fetish is so kinky and naughty it isn’t safe for me to tell you here. lolol Must be pretty extreme huh? Well, it is. My midnight fuck knows all the dirty things I like to put into my slutty little mouth… and all the dirty things that come out. He loves how deep I can take his cock into my throat while getting my other holes filled with cock too. None of my holes are off limits when it comes to cheating wife phone sex. My husband doesn’t know I’m still that young little whore I was before we married. Does he really think the creamy spunk he sucks from my pussy is my own?

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