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There’s nothing that makes my day more than a really pathetic loser calling me for small penis humiliation phone sex.  Getting to laugh and tell him how he’ll never be good enough for me… well, it’s a lot of fun!  You haven’t lived until you’ve heard some guy in tears on the other end of the phone because he knows he’ll never be man enough to please you.  Let’s face it – if he was, he’d never be calling for small penis humiliation phone sex!  You’re probably thinking that sounds a lot like you… so just call me so we can see how long it takes me to make you cry, too!

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The other night I went to a party and became a straight bukkake phone sex slut. I was in the mood to get down and dirty and didn’t know what I was in store for. After a few drinks and some dancing, I was feeling pretty good and wanting to get nasty. I approached every guy I could and copped a feel of his cock making it hard. I grinded my ass up against plenty of cocks too. I guess I was being very teasing phone sex slut at this party cause next thing I knew I was completely naked on the floor with cocks all around me. I was stroking cocks and shoving them in my mouth. I think I even ate some pussy too. It was like a circle jerk having all these hard cocks surrounding me on the floor. I do remember laying back on the floor and rubbing my hands all over my body and then rubbing my pussy while watching all these cocks shoot their loads on my body. As each load was falling on me I was rubbing his creamy thick cum into my skin. I went home with dried cum on my face and passed out waking up the next morning with the cum and thoughts of that party playing over and over in my mind to where it made me horny all over again to where I masturbated and got off again that morning. Want to know about other parties I have went too give me a call.

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Hey cucks I got a freshly filled cream pie. I got this becouse my husband has a small dick.. So he took me to a strip club & bought me a lap dance as he knows his teeeeny weeeeny cant begin to please me.. As I kneeled in a rocking chair begging like a cuckold phone sex slut. 2 of the most well hung black men came out & danced towards me. My husband quickly removed my top & pulled my skirt hip high. As they danced I could see the huge massive peace of black meat in there thongs.  He turned side ways & dropped to his knees. They danced in front of him pulling there cocks out. Quickly he grabbed them in each hand & sucked them. As they got hard a s a rock. The first rock hard bbc was force into my mouth.. Gagging me at every thrust. With my ass & pussy held proud in the air. The 2nd bbc came at me with a vengeance. My little fluffer spread my wet juicy lips. It liked to split me into. All in 1 smooth motion he rammed me full of cock. As I rocked the chair back & forth ramming cock simultaneously I could see hubby with drool on his his chin anticipating his cream pie dreams. A cuckold phone sex dream let me make yours cum true.

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Hey guys and gals, you are talking to a woman of many skills; a Jack of All Sex Trades or shall I say “ A Jack Off All Sex Trades?” 😉  I love anything goes phone sex! If you want to be sensually dominated with a strap on or wish to dominate me, engage in roleplay, erotic hypnosis, incest, fetish sex or any other bizarre fantasy, no matter how unusual, or even disgusting it may seem, you have found your woman! No matter what tickles your pickle, or your honey pot for all the girlies, I can fulfill your fantasy. Hit me up on Instant Messenger or go ahead and give me a ring! I can show you just how creative and versatile a horny housewife can be!

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I have had a lot of phone sex, but the other day I had a guy call me up with a sexy voice and told me he wanted to cheat on his wife with me with hot cheating wife phone sex. I told him, I don’t see a problem with that, since I just love to cheat on my husband too.  I love kinky phone sex, telling a guy how to stroke his cock while im fucking myself with my dildo, and talk so dirty to each other.  I was fucking my dildo so hard and he was stroking his cock all while talking about how I would fuck him in his wife’s bed.

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I went over to my best friends and decided to make my move.  She is smoken’ hot and I love guys but pussy is so sweet.  She had just come from her yoga class and was feeling jazzed. I walked over to her and grabbed her head full of long blond hair and pulled her face to mine.  That girl only resisted for a second and then unleashed her full passion.  Her chest started heaving and I pulled off her tank top to bring out those sweet titties of hers and I sucked her hard nipples and took over to the sofa where I made her spread her legs wide to show that sweet pussy I fingered and tongue fucked until she bulked and came all over my fingers and in my mouth.  I am going over again tomorrow so she can do me and I will have my massive strap on…wouldn’t that make for some really hot 2 girl phone sex?

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Hey there you dirty little slut. I just love to see you sitting there in those pretty lace panties I made you put on.  It reminds me how much of a loser you really are.  I will tease and humiliate you until you feel helpless and let me rape that wallet. If you are a broke ass loser, I will ignore you until you are begging me to take your money. Showering me with gifts and only caring about making your phone sex Mistress happy.  Financial domination phone sex is what you will be craving when you think about Miss Phoebe. Wasting all your money on me, just to hear my voice laughing at how pathetic you are. If you want attention from me, you better be opening up that wallet, taking that credit card out, and spoiling me like the spoiled rotten phone sex Mistress I am.

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A lot of men call me for mind control and erotic hypnosis phone sex. I’m very good at making you receptive to all of my kinky and erotic suggestions. My callers tell me that after a session with me, they feel more relaxed and refreshed, but they don’t know what I did to make their orgasms more intense and pleasurable.

I specialize in hypnotic phone sex and will bring you to your knees in ecstasy. My voice and guided imagery will bring you to erotic, sensual and sometimes naughty places and your fantasies will become a reality in the matter of minutes.

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There is nothing more arousing and pleasing then having a man’s face buried in my ass crack with ass worship phone sex. But the teasing and kissing of my ass cheeks is what leads up to it. Laying down and feeling your hands all over my ass squeezing and caressing those soft cheeks. Feeling your lips touch them with soft worshiping kisses. My pussy getting wetter as I feel your tongue licking it’s way up the outside of the crack, teasing me. Then it slides deeper penetrating into my ass touching the rim of my asshole sending shivers through my wet pussy. “Go deeper”, the soft moaning words from my lips. Your tongue sliding around my tight, puckered hole anticipating the taste of it. Pushing it’s way into my aromatic hole full of delightful tastes. “That’s it, taste of me.” Worship my ass and all of its pleasures. Give into your desires of ass worship phone sex.

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As much as love a nice hard rockin’ session of raw phone sex, sometimes GFE phone sex is even better!  One of my favorite fantasies is to have my man come home after a long day at work and have nice dinner waiting for him.  Candles and music so when he sits down at the table I sit on his lave and feed him dinner.  After a nice meal I take him over to the sofa and rub his feet while I let the tub fill for a nice bath.  Seeing him starting to relax after I rub his feet he sinks into the hot tub and I turn on the jets to help him relax while I wash his body. After he is nice and clean, I dry him off and lay him down on the bed.  I drop down in between his legs and gave him the best blow job he has ever had but didn’t let him cum.  Tease and denial make for the most amazing orgasms and besides I had another surprise for him.  The door bell rang and I told him to back his orgasm down.  My friend was at the door right on time and I lead her into the room.  He was shocked at first and then saw me touching her titties and knew she was a gift.  We both walked over and I undressed her and she undressed me and I sat on his face and he ate my pussy.  She straddled him facing me and she and I kissed deeply while he slid his cock in and out of her and licked my clit.  Then I got off of his face and I got down so he could finger my pussy and watch while she rode him.  It wasn’t long before he came inside her and I sucked all the cum out of her pussy while he watched.  What a way to end a long day!  If you want to hear more or have GFE phone sex, then call me, Crissy.

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