roleplay phone sex

D loves when he gets a hot idea for me and calls for roleplay phone sex to live it out.  He likes that I’m married and my hubby is so much older than me.  He likes to meet up in risky places so we just almost get caught.  I know, right?  That does make it even hotter doesn’t it?

Well, we were at a fundraiser and I was so bored.  I looked around the room and saw D.  He’s not supposed to be here.  It made me so mad I marched over and confronted him.  He took me by my elbow and led me into the coatcheck room.  I turned to bitch at him when he kissed me filling my mouth with his tongue.  Instantly, I was no longer mad and was so horny all I wanted was his cock.

He pressed me into the wall, kissing me.  He pulled my skirt up, sliding my thong to the side and felt how wet my pussy was already.  He took his cock out and shoved hard and deep in my wet pussy.  He was fucking me so hard and fast right there up against the wall until we both came.

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I love my slaves so much, how they want to please me and shower me with gifts!  Your phone sex Mistress Crissy should never have to wait so get down on your knees and praise me.  If your really good I might just let you sniff my panties or serve my friends at a my day pool parties like my number one slave.  It was really warm this last Saturday and I have some friends over.  Girls were in the pool while my phone sex slave cooked out, served in an apron and a thong.  I could see my neighbors looking out their windows and it looked like the guy next door was really getting off on watching us.  By this time we were all topless and starting to fool around when I saw him pull his cock out I got out of the water into a lawn chair and told one of my friends to come over so we could tease him but it when I looked up again it turned out he was looking at my slave.  You want to hear more or be one of my slaves?

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Fantasy Phone Sex

You know what I love about this warm weather? The fact that there is a group of  half naked young guys that play basketball every evening  right down the street from my house! Those young hard bodies glistening with sweat and how their muscles ripple with every move. I admit it makes my panties a bit wet when I watch them. Every now and then the ball will get loose and roll down into my yard and I’ve been known to pick it up for them and flirt just a touch, all while wearing a see thru t shirt with no bra, and a pair of cut off shorts. I can feel their eyes roaming all over my body and I feel my pussy tingle down deep. Last night I asked one of them if he would like to make a little money and come mow the grass for me.. before I got the words out of my mouth he was nodding his head and staring hard. Looks like I might have myself a little summer fling! I overheard him on his phone talking about the hot milf that lives up the street to his buddies. I bet I can find some work for them too! Would you like to be part of my yard crew? Fantasy Phone Sex can get you on board!

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Yes, I’m Matilda and I am bending over for you. My hot ass needs to be worshiped. Come on get to licking, ass licker. Slide your wet tongue over my hot, plump ass cheeks. Mm mm, yummy isn’t it? Spank my ass too, I love getting my ass slapped and spanked until it is blush red. Pain is pleasure in my book baby. Beg me to sit my tiny thong covered, asshole on your face. You are so lucky I’m small and petite, because full weight face-sitting is how I like to crush you.  Ass worship phone sex would be much better if we had an audience. Maybe, I will invite my other sex deprived, hot ass MILF phone sex friends to watch our show. If your good at eating my ass maybe they can join our fun. Come show me how good of an ass licker you are.

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Bonjour, ooh I have a question or two for you! Do you crave a mature phone sex whore? A hot cock tease? Is your cock throbbing for a hand job like you have never gotten before? Do you need the experience of a more mature phone sex woman? Oui? I knew it! You are just the man I have been looking for!  You can start by dropping your pants, ooh la la, now show me what you’ve got! Don’t let my irresistibly sweet & innocent French accent fool you! I am the biggest cock tease around!  I’ll have you begging me to wrap my sweet lips around the head of your cock and suck it dry! I’ll make your hips thrust as I use both hands caressing your overly eager cock & ooh…mmm…I won’t forget about your heavy balls either! I’ll have you aching for me to set upon on that nice and thickly smooth shaft! I’ll work my hot french pussy on cock as your balls bang into me. Or perhaps you’d prefer I titty fuck your shaft with my perfectly voluptuous breasts! Oh & if that’s not enough? Perhaps you want to get a little bit kinkier? Oui? In that case, I’ll tie your wrists down & we’ll have a bit of bondage phone sex too! What’s wrong? You can’t touch my pussy? Poor thing, I’ll just have to tease and deny you as I fuck myself hard! I know how much you must love watching as I finger my own pussy! So not fair right? Especially since, my pussy is just inches from your dick!  Does your cock crave me? I can answer that! Oui, you know I’m just what you need. I’d love to be your oh sooo hot, sexy, sweet, French, mature, & horny mature phone sex vixen! Most importantly…I’ll be your cock teasing whore! Ooh la la!

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Well there is nothing better then the skill of a man licking pussy!!! I just love for a man to beg to taste the sweet wetness from between my legs.  Extra hot if I ride your face and clamp  my legs around your head, and lean forward and jerk off your cock and suck it while I face fuck you.  Im a older woman and an experienced MILF phone sex slut, (just ask my husband), and I know how to make you cum!  So lets have a good time with me riding your cock and face. Call me today for MILF phone sex.

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I’m in the mood for a hot phone sex fantasy with a sexy horny man. Could that be you? What would really get your dick rock hard? Maybe your neighbor’s slutty wife next door that you always see out by the pool in those sexy tight fitting jeans that shows off my tight ass? And those tight fitting tops that show off my huge tits? Men just love my melons. They always think of sliding their big fat cocks between them when I’m on my knees. Thinking about tit fuck phone sex makes my pussy dripping wet for you. Then I think about being the perfect cock sucking slut for you. I want to suck and slurp up and down your huge rod and take it in so far I gag on it. I just love being the slut you think about when you are fucking your wife. Maybe you get a massive hard on for MILF phone sex. I know you want to sink your tool deep in my fuck holes. I bet you blow your load when you see me walking around half naked. Do you want to blow your load in my married pussy? Or maybe you want me to suck you off until you blow all over my tits or down my throat.

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I love being a phone sex operator and I love being the dirty and nasty girl of your wet dreams. However, I also love connecting with my callers on every level.  Do you need someone to talk to who will listen to you and support you? I can do that for you. I want to be the one you call when you just want to connect, laugh or even cry with someone.  That’s what GFE phone sex lovers are for.

Sometimes life can be difficult and sharing your thoughts with someone can help ease the burdens and stress of every day life. Let me take some of that stress away for you. Let me rub your shoulders and get you a drink.   This sexy GFE phone sex MILF wants to share everything with you.

I can’t wait to hear your voice.


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Oh, you poor loser.  You were born with a 2 inch nub where a dick was supposed to be!  That’s why you’re calling me up all the time for small penis humiliation phone sex.  You know that’s all you’ll ever get from me… don’t think you’ll ever get that thing near my perfect pussy.  You might get lucky one day and get to lick the cum out of my pussy after I’m fucked by a big black cock, but that’s about it.  But you’re gonna have to earn that.  I don’t let just anyone lick me.  Wanna hear more about it?  Call me now for small penis humiliation phone sex!

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With me you’re always the boss.  I really do like being told what to do during our submissive phone sex call.  Oh hell, you’re right.  I even like being made to do whatever you want me to.  Force me down to my knees.  Pull my hair to force me to look up at you while you shove that big hard cock right in my mouth.  I’ll suck it hard and deep.  As your cock grows bigger and harder in my mouth I know you’re wanting to fuck me.

I’ll beg you to fuck me.  I want it any way you give it to me.  Put me on all fours and thrust that throbbing hard cock deep in my dripping wet pussy while I moan and plead for you to fuck me harder.  I know you want my ass too.  Oh yes, I want you to fuck my ass nice and deep.  I’ll get more excited the harder and rougher you fuck me.

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