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I love being a MILF and nothing turns me on more than having MILF phone sex. I had a caller the other night that couldn’t stop telling me how much I reminded him of his Aunt. Once I pushed a little and asked a few pointed questions it turned out that he use to watch his Aunt in the shower when she would cum visit!! To make things even better he confessed that he use to steal her dirty panties and stroke his young cock with them!!! When I commented on the panties I was wearing and how wet they were getting I could hear him start to breath heavier…

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Bonjour, where are all of my naughty boys at today? Your voracious vixen Veronica wants to teach you a lesson! Come here, your mature phone sex whore is going to undo your britches, bend you over my knee, & I am going to spank your bare bottom while you confess & tell me all of your dirty lil nasty fantasies! If you’re a really good boy, I’ll let you play with my supple breasts & suck on my hard nipples too. Do you like how hard my nipples get when you suck on them like that? J’adore my naughty boys! You’re all so curious & shy! Poor lil things, you don’t even know what to do with your throbbing dicks! You can try to hide that you have it hard for a sexy, desperate, horny, french MILF phone sex woman, but older women like myself know better. You can’t hide your deliciously large cocks from us! We’re experienced & irresistable! We know just what you need! Ooh la la…


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It has always been my fantasy to take a virginity. So when I got the chance with my best friend’s son, this cougar phone sex slut wasn’t going to miss it. Bobby had been away at military school for the 3 1/2 years and then went traveling for some months. When I walked into the door of my friend’s house and saw Bobby in his jeans and tee shirt my jaw nearly hit the floor. Coming back a man he was amazing! Tall and handsome I started to cream. I was polite through out dinner but when his mom got called back into work I know action had to be taken. He said that he was glad school was over and to get to get close to girls, but now that he had seen me he wanted a woman. I took him by the hand and went to his bedroom locked the door and pushed him down on the bed. His cock was the most perfect I had ever seen. Strong and thick and throbbing, standing up hard and ready for me. I told him to slow down, I would teach him. I got down on my knees and sucked the cum out of his 18 year old cock because I knew the first load would cum fast. He was so pleased and relieved after fucking my face and sweet lips that I felt the only thing I could do was swallow, looking him in the eyes while I ate his load made him rock hard again in only a few minutes. I told him to undress me and he did it slow and right. We got on the bed and licked my pussy, my little clit getting hard and cunt getting more wet I humped his face. Telling him to drop it down to my love swirl did not make him hesitate at all, he dove in and didn’t come up for air until I grabbed him by his hair to tear him away. So young and hard and eager to learn, I rolled over on top of him and let that thick mushroom head make its way into my pussy. His strong cock went deep. He went hard all the way in and thrust and thrust until he squirted his love juice again. It didn’t take long before he flipped me over and put that strong cock in my pink swirl hole where his tongue had been. He pounded my ass and held my titties until the last load he had (for the moment) was squirted into me. I got dressed and told him this was our little secret, he laughed and said he knew and wanted to do it again tomorrow, first chance we could. Bobby got a kiss and if you want to hear about the next night, call me for cougar phone sex.


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You knew when you saw me across the room last night that I was the kinda female who likes to have my way. It’s all about getting what I want and having you under my control. I am best friends with your wife and I know she likes to use you as her cuckold pleasures because your dick is just too small. Don’t be sad baby I know how bad you want to be with me. But the truth is no matter how handsome you are I just don’t fuck guys with tiny pricks. Your prick is 4 inches hard and what could I ever do with that other then laugh at it. It’s not your fault you like small penis humiliation phone sex. I know you want it to grow but let’s get real that’s never going to happen. The only way it may is in your dreams. Just like that’s the only way you have my sweet married pussy wrapped around your prick is in your dreams. You can serve me other ways like being my cream pie boy. You can by my fluffer when real men come with their big fat dicks to fuck me with. I know that excites  your clitty doesn’t it?

I bet you get hard for something else don’t you? That’s feminization phone sex. I bet you would give anything to have my pretty panties right now. So soft and pretty and they smell soooo good. Do you like pretty frilly things? If your dick is big maybe you fantasize about strap on phone sex. Or maybe something even more! Do you fantasize or think you are bi curious? Do you want that slutty hole being stretched out by a mistress with a big fat strap on? You try to deny it but I know you love humiliation and being degraded. But you will never say no to me. Especially if you want to have the chance to worship my body from my pretty feet all the way up to my soft warm lips. And I do mean both sets. My mind is always sinful and wicked and I can be as kinky and dirty as you want me to be. I am the princess of your hottest fantasies and the one who is ready to hear your sexy hot voice on the other end of my phone.

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Ooooh I had the most fun call yesterday!  He wanted to hear all about the adventures of a cheating housewife so he called me for cheating housewife phone sex and got exactly what he wanted.  It’s my husband’s own fault if I cheat on him.  He’s never around and when he is he is so boring.

There was just so many stories to choose from for our cheating housewife phone sex.  I’m a very horny little housewife ya know.  Well, I have one of those handymen who helps me out when something needs to be fixed.  Well, I called him the other day to fix around a window but somehow when he got there it wasn’t broken anymore so I invited him in.  He’s a big, strong, sexy guy that I just can’t resist.  I apologized for wasting his time and moved in very close looking him in the eyes.  I ran my hand down his chest and stomach to let him know what I wanted.  He did not fail to respond.

He grabbed me and pushed me to my knees and pulled his big cock out.  Just want I wanted.  I started to lick and suck his hard, throbbing cock until he decided he really wanted to fuck me.  Oh just telling about this had me so wet, I was rubbing my pussy and breathing heavy.  Then my handyman stood me up and bent me over.  He rubbed his cock up and down my pussy.  It was dripping wet as he slammed it right in and started to fuck me so hard and deep until we both came at the same time.  I could hear my caller moaning and breathing heavy when I told him how I would make him get down and I would sit on his face and make him lick all that creamy cum out of my pussy.  Just as I told him to suck it all out I heard him cum.  That was all it took.  I was rubbing my pussy so fast and the sound of him cumming was so sexy hot I came with him.  Talk about a FUN call!!!

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I’m about to tell you about one of my biggest phone sex fantasies.  You approach me across from the hotel bar. I’m in my own world, but I immediately notice you. I just came down for a drink to relax. We chat for awhile until the conversation gets heated. We can’t help it. There is this attraction between us. I’m attracted to you, and you are definitely attracted to me. I can tell by your pants. So, after another sip of my drink, I decide to invite you upstairs to my room. And you accept. We walk down the hallway, into the elevator, hardly able to keep our hands off each other. You feel my breasts against you and you’re begging for more. I tell you to wait until we get into my room. We get to my room, and I fumble with my swipe card. I want you so bad. We finally make it into the room. What will you do with me? Tell me!  Call me to find out!

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You looking for a  phone sex MILF with a sultry voice that will drive you over the edge making you feel as though fantasy is real ?  I love domination phone sex.  But I can also be submisive…it just depends on my mood.  Right now im in the mood for sissy phone sex with a bitch boi who likes taking a strap on from a hot MILF.

You will be sucking,fucking,and begging me like the little bitch you are.



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I may be married but my husband does not know how to treat a lady between the sheets. I need to feel a hard cock inside of me at least three times a day and he always “works late”…. yeah right! Can you help me?  Sensual phone sex with you would be so good right now.  My wet pussy needs to be tended to when it is aroused, and it gets aroused a lot. I want you to pull the crotch of my gold silk panties and tease me with your sticky tongue. Or would you rather I throw you down on my leather couch and suck your nipples, all the way down to your happy trail and wrap my sexy lips around that rock hard cock? Shoot your load into my mouth so I can taste your luscious cum. Maybe we can do anything and everything during our phone sex fantasy. There is plenty of time for me to satisfy you and you to satisfy me this afternoon.

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It’s his own fault for leaving me alone at that night at my favorite restaurant & bar. Great food and atmosphere with a small dance floor.Sure, I understand work, but when we had this planned for weeks, and promises were made.Pissed me off! So there I was, getting a tad tipsy .. on my third glass of Tequila Sunrise. It never fails , I get super horny when I drink those! When a striking hunk of hot dark chocolate man came in, I felt a twitch in my pussy and instantly had nasty thoughts rolling around in my mind! I fully admit I was staring at that man like he was a juicy steak, and I wanted his meat! I’ve never been a girl to resist a big black cock, and I damn sure wasn’t gonna pass this one up, especially since I saw he was alone too. He caught me lustfully watching him and came over to introduce himself. Oh this man smelled so good and the size of his hands, I could imagine him gripping on to my tits while he fucked me from behind, and my pussy leaked a touch more. Make a long story short, I got revenge on my slack ass man and took this bbc  home, and texted him that I would be home in bed. Imagine his surprise when he comes home and sees me with that big black dick  pounding in and out of me. Now , my partner  has had  a cuckold  fantasy  for some time and is bi-curious as well, he got to try more than he ever thought he would that night. Call me and I will tell you the whole story! BBC phone sex  with Audra!  1-888-47-horny

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Hey cuckold phone sex losers!  Where’s your wife right now?  Oh that’s right, she’s out fucking a really big black cock right now, isn’t she?  It may be Valentine’s Day, but she would never spend it with the likes of you.  No woman wants to have to deal with a pathetic excuse for a dick today… we deserve a REAL dick… one that will please us over and over again.  I plan on going out with my boyfriend tonight while my husband sits at home and waits for me to come home.  If he’s lucky, he may get to lick the black creampie out of my pussy.  Or maybe I’ll just make him go to bed without… depends on how big the diamond is that he gets me.. 😉

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