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You probably think this is another phone sex blog post about humiliating boys and their little dicks but you would be completely wrong! The humiliation phone sex calls I have just been loving lately involve humiliating, not necessarily you, but your wife or girlfriend! That’s right, I get off on humiliating your little titted bitch of a girlfriend, your whining wife who rarely, if ever puts out, your slut bitch of a woman who puts out for everyone but you and for any other or no reason at all! Just imagine her walking in on us, your cock in my hot mouth, your hands groping my huge breasts and the look on her face. “Sit down and shut up bitch, your man is mine now” I say to her. Don’t worry, if she starts to fight I’ll get out the rope, tie her hands and slap that bitch’s face. I don’t show mercy when it comes to humiliating women like her.

Imagine her underneath us while you’re fucking me doggy style and I make her stick her tongue up your ass or on my clit. She’s going to lick up ever drop of our juices while I tell her how much better my pussy is than hers. How my asshole smells better than her dirty cunt, and of course there is no way she can compete with my amazing tits. I won’t show her any mercy either, as I slap those little titties and whip her ass with your belt. I might even get my strap-on out and rape that frigid cunt of hers! I’ll make her suffer as I take my pleasure on your cock, and if you measure up, your pleasure deep in my cunt. She won’t give you a baby, but I will! And if your cock doesn’t measure up to my standards, I’ll turn you both into my slutty bitches and you can serve not only me, buy my lovers as well.

For humiliation phone sex call me at 1-888-474-6769, just ask to speak with Carla.

AIM/yahoo MILFCarla4U

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