sissy baby phone sex with carla

sissy baby phone sex

Look at yourself sitting there in your sissy pink panties or maybe you really are a sissy baby in a thick diaper with pink plastic pants. You probably have been scrolling phone sex sites and phone sex blogs rubbing yourself and making a wet spot in your panties. You fantasize about the things we will make you do and I know how scary it can be to admit to all the naughty and sissy baby phone sex fantasies you have. We both know that panties and/or diapers are just the beginning!

Come sit on my lap, honey, and suck on my nice big Mommy tits. Drink milk from my breasts as I stroke your hair and tell you what a good sissy you are for me. My hands gently caress all over your body, tickling right between your thighs as you wiggle and squirm against me. I can’t help but squeeze your sweet cock and balls to keep you still. Don’t fuss baby, or I’ll have to put your pacifier in your mouth; you know, the big dick pacifier that straps on? I know it hurts a little when I slide it down your throat, but you need to learn your place and this is the best way I know.

When you call me for sissy baby phone sex, be prepared to be treated like my baby. Drink your bottle, you never know what kind of treats I saved for your baba. Maybe my lover’s cum, maybe something else – wink – but be assured that I always know what’s best. I haven’t forgot about your tight butthole either, I believe sissy baby’s need to be trained and opened for someone else’s use. I am a firm believer in discipline that might also include enemas and spankings as well as enforced extended chastity.

Be a good boy and call Carla for sissy baby phone sex, at 1-888-474-6769.

AIM/yahoo MILFCarla4u

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