Adult Baby Diaper Lover Phone Sex with Carla

adult baby diaper lover phone sex

Do you have a secret you want to share with me? I have a secret too. I jut love adult baby diaper lover phone sex. You see, I have a very strong, natural maternal desire. I love to pamper my adult babies and indulge all of their needs and desires. From breastfeeding to messy diaper changes to playtime to shopping. I love playing adult baby dress-up, what do you want to wear? Cute little blue sailor suits, onesies or pink princess ruffle butt dresses with matching bonnets? We can get into any taboo you long for during our AB/DL Phone Sex call. Or we can role play where I’ll be your babysitter or nurse or even naughtier roles. Whatever you want, my sweet little baby. If you want to explore age regression fantasies, I can take you from your age right this second back in time before you were born. Then I’ll take care of you. If you want me to talk all in baby talk, yes I can.

If you’re a naughty adult baby or diaper lover, I might even make you do adult baby diaper lover phone sex assignments like going out and buying baby food and baby toys. Or make you wear your diapers under a pair of sweatpants or basketball shorts so that everyone can hear your diaper swishing when you walk. And of course you’ll be buying a case of adult diapers at Walmart! Don’t forget the other things on your shopping list. I want your face to turn beet red when women see you with your cart full of adult diapers, baby powder, baby oil and baby wipes! But I know it will make you so excited, you’ll be calling me as soon as you get home!

For adult baby diaper lover phone sex, call 1-888-474-6769 and ask  for Carla

AIM/yahoo MILFCarla4u

Sissy Baby Phone Sex with Carla

sissy baby phone sex

I love all the sissy baby phone sex guys that call me. They are so sweet and I can usually tell right away what they are going to be into. That sweet sissy voice and soft shy giggle is a dead giveaway. You always act surprised when I guess right away that you might already be in panties or :gasp: a diaper! So cute aren’t you sissy baby to think a mature experienced woman like me would not catch on so quick. It’s okay, baby, I like it when you act all shy, but please speak up at least a little bit to let me know exactly what you do like. No two sissy baby phone sex fantasies are ever the same.

If you’re a good sissy baby I will put you in some pretty ruffle butt panties and let you swish and twirl your sissy ass. I hope you have a little bit of self-control, otherwise I am going to have to get out the package of pampers. I won’t put up with messy boys so if you wet, it’s into pampers you go. Or maybe I’ll find some cloth diapers for you with rubber pants to wear over. I don’t care if everyone sees your big diaper butt or if they hear the crinkling from your plastic pants. Be thankful I let you wear pants over your diapers!

I will hold you in my lap and let you suckle on my huge titties and nipples and drink your milk. I will touch you and tease you and tell you that being a good sissy baby for me is the most important thing you in your life. When it’s naughty playtime I am going to rub my wet pussy all over your face and turn you into my pussy face sissy boy. You are going to learn about how to make me cum and keep me happy. You are going to learn to be my sissy strapon slut and don’t be surprised when I offer your sissy slutty mouth to my favorite big cock lover.

There are no limits to what we can play on our sissy baby phone sex call. Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Carla.

AIM/yahoo – MILFCarla4u

adult baby phone sex with carla

adult baby phone sex

You are back in school already and your first assignment is to write an essay about what you did on your summer vacation. I know you are blushing all over just thinking about the fun we had when you stayed with me during break. Of course, that is not the story you are going to tell the class about, we already made up a pretend summer of the usual things to tell everyone else. It isn’t really their business to know that you spent your vacation as my adult baby boy.

You were so nervous when you wet your bed that first night here, I know you thought I would be so mad and yell at you. Yes, it was humiliating when I made you sit on the chair and watch me hang your dirty sheets out the window for everyone to see. When I pulled out the pack of diapers it was so cute to see you start to cry when you realized what I was going to do. If you’re going to act like a baby, I am going to treat you like one. I brought you to the bed and got out all the supplies – powder, wipes and a few diapers. I cleaned you up, powdered your butt and rolled up a nice thick cloth diaper between your thighs. When I pull up those pampers and pat your ass, you just know everyone is going to notice that you are my diaper loving adult baby! Don’t complain or I’ll make you suck on your pacifier too.

I can be sweet and loving and nurturing and show you how much I love my adult baby boy. Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness, if you disobey or are bratty, I am going to punish you with spankings, enemas, public humiliation and more. Trust me, when it comes to ABDL phone sex, I know just what you need, even if it’s always what you want.

Call Carla at 1-888-474-6769 and be sure to tell just what your adult baby phone sex fantasies entail. I want it to be good for us both!

AIM/yahoo – MILFCarla4u

Mature Phone Sex with Carla

mature phone sex

So, I know you’ve been having some thoughts that you are kind of ashamed of. You don’t think you should be having these thoughts, maybe you feel guilty,  and you don’t know what to do. You’re younger and all of this is so brand new to you. That’s where mature phone sex with me will come in handy. I am ready and willing to talk you through all of these taboo thoughts you’ve been having.

Now that you feel comfortable with me, tell me exactly what kind of thoughts you’ve been having, young man. Have you been having fantasies about your mommy? Did you accidentally see her naked and now you have been jerking off while you think about what it would be like to fuck her? Tell you what… why don’t you just lay back, close your eyes and listen to me tell you exactly what it would be like if you got to fuck me like you’ve been dreaming of. Just listen to my mature voice telling you just exactly how much I love it when you fuck me.

Or maybe you’re having fantasies of a different kind. Are you an adult baby or a diaper lover? Have you been wondering what it would like to suck a dick and you need to talk to someone about it. Do you have a strange or unusual fetish you are afraid to tell anyone else? You dream of being a cuckold but you know that only a mature and experienced woman would understand all your deviant details.

Those are just a few examples of the things we can talk about. I’m an anything goes kind of woman and I’m ready and willing to help you. If you’re ready for a mature phone sex therapy session, call me and we’ll get all those issues you have worked out.

Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask our friendly dispatcher to speak with Carla! I’m waiting …

AIM/yahoo MILFCarla4U

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