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Let me tell you a story –the nail-biting tale of how I became the dirty BBC phone sex slut that I turned out to be. In all the time that I have been married, my hubby has never really satisfied me. I know he tried, but he was just not capable. His flesh was weak but his spirit was willing. But I found out early on that the thing that truly makes me squirt is a huge black cock!! I know that most people think that I should feel ashamed for being a cheating BBC phone sex whore, but I don’t. Not even one tiny bit! I love slurping and sucking down a monster black dick. I need to feel it sliding down my throat as I guzzle all that thick gooey cum! And nothing stretches or fills my cunt better than a long thick throbbing black dick ramming me over and over as I whimper and moan.

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When my lover is done using my pussy I beg him to pound my ass until he drains his cock in me again. I legit become a cum dumpster and love every second of it. The only thing that makes all this even hotter, is making hubby jealous by forcing him to be a cuckold and watch me take every inch of one or more delicious enormous black cocks. I know it’s mean, but I really get off on being a heartless BBC phone sex wife. Tell the truth…you’d love to watch me get all my holes pounded and filled by a gang of black dicks. Give me a call and tell me how you want them to use up this slutty BBC phone sex tramp. I truly have no limits or restrictions and I can be the very whore of your dreams.

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Hello boys, I have a tongue twister for you today and I want you to try saying it out loud. Ready? Here it comes: Chicks with big tits love big dicks. That’s it, chicks with big tits love BIG dicks! Now you know that I’m in the mood for small penis humiliation phone sex today. These little cocktail wieners some of you have are simply just pathetic. If you aren’t sure whether your manhood is under-average, I think you’ll need my help to figure it out. It’s important for you to know whether or not you’ll be able to live up to certain expectations in the bedroom.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

It’s understandable that some men and boys are very confused about whether or not they possess a penis worthy of sucking and fucking. Look at all those big, thick, veiny porno penises you’re constantly exposed to on porn sites. It does make you wonder, doesn’t it? I am sure you have so many questions like, “Do women fantasize about my penis size?” or “Is it possible for my penis to give a woman a vaginal orgasm?” I promise we can answer all these questions together. I consider myself to be somewhat of a BIG COCK private investigator. I can tell if a guy is packing some bedroom heat from across the room and it’s not just from scoping out his bulge! Bulges can be faked but real big dick swagger cannot. Call now for Miss Darcy’s Big Dick Inspection Services and small penis humiliation phone sex.

That’s right, we can put an end to your wondering as soon as we’re on the phone. All I need you to do is grab some lubrication, a ruler, or measuring tape and follow my stroking instructions. We will get you as hard as possible and then measure your penis live on the phone together. And let me just tell you that I love giving jerk off instructions for sexy big dicks. Yum yum! Tiny penises are a different story though – If my inspection has found that you possess mediocre manhood or smaller, I will be forced to give you small penis humiliation phone sex instead of stroke encouragement alone. Laughs and SPH are all I have for baby dicks because, let’s face it – you can’t really stroke a shrimp, can you?

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There’s nothing better than being fucked by a big,thick cock. My ex used to love being my cuck boy fucktoy and fluff and clean for me. That’s why I love cuckold phone sex so much. It describes what I’ve done all my life as a dominant Size Queen. Having a beta boy creampie cleaner is something I’m used to. Do you crave the salty second-hand seed of a bull stud? Do you know what a wimpy white boy you are? This is why you’re still reading, huh? Call and confess your dirty cuck cravings to me. I’ll give you lots of responsibility as a fluffing fuckboy and creampie cleaning loser. Look at his 8 inches hanging. You are awestruck by the power of black cock. I get it. Now open wide bitchboy, you’ll take every inch, sucking out the first nut for me straight from the tap.

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It will make you so excited to feel his dark meat grow in your mouth. You’ll be jacking your pathetic prick at the same time, no doubt. No spilling sissy water on my rug. You can watch up close and personal. I’ll get on the bed and you position your pathetic panting body under me 69 style. Watch my BBC bull jam every inch of his footlong cock inside me. Then,when he busts his huge sticky superior load, I can simply sit back on your face giving you a fresh creampie! When you call me, tell me you are a cuckold phone sex lover. I’ll be your Mistress, your wife, your girlfriend or anyone else you want to roleplay. Are you one of those husbands who call me and tell me how much they want to see their wife fucked by a big black stud cock? Call me cuck boy!!

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Things have been so rough lately and we all need to relax and have a good laugh. So you can help me out here, come on give me a reason to laugh, and take your dick out. You’re such a SPH phone sex freak you’ve got to be used to girls bashing your deformed pinky dick. It must be really tiny too because there’s like no bulge in your pants at all! It’s all smooth like a Ken doll down there. Do you sit down to pee? I don’t think women are the only ones who bust you on your sad little micro-penis, so I’m sure you hide in a stall when you go to take a piss. Can’t stand at the urinals like the big boys with real cocks do, can you?

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Are those cum stains on your pants? That’s just gross. Look I know your a pathetic small penis humiliation phone sex loser who missed the lottery on big dicks, but that’s no excuse to be so disgusting. Put a diaper on or something. Better yet, come out on the dance floor with me and let EVERYONE see the small penis humiliation phone sex failure you are!! You’ll never step foot in here again, which is fine by me because I’m so sick of you begging me to give you a chance. But I’ll let you buy me one drink if you stand right in the middle of the floor and show everyone your teeny tiny dick. It’ll be fun! We all get to laugh and berate you while you stand there and cry. Hey, you might get lucky after all. Maybe a guy will bend you over the pool table and show you what a real man with a real cock is like!! What a no dick loser!

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I fully admit that I am an older, dirty almost filthy woman! I have lived the cuckold lifestyle for ten years now with my third husband.  He loves and encourages me to fuck other men and couples while he is away at work also when he’s home. When I told him I was having cuckold phone sex in our bedroom he gave me a tilt of his baseball hat as a sign of his approval. But enough about my marriage let’s talk about you and me. Cuckolding in the urban dictionary says A man who willing encourages his wife or another half to sleep with others because it pleases him. Does it make you rock hard just thinking about me sleeping with someone else?
Cuckold Phone Sex
Do you want to pick who I sleep with? Your boss makes comments dirty comments after I leave your job? Your best friend who you tell everything to wants to fuck me in my ass. God knows his old hag won’t let him touch her. Or you could seek out some young guy online to come over and please me. I prefer you to sit on the bed next to us and stroke your cock so I can watch while getting fucked.  Watch them cum in me and then you better clean me up. I love to hear the amusement in your voice and watching you stroking it. I love knowing that me getting my wet pussy pounded by someone other than you gets you off and makes you cum.
Or are you a man that prefers to be humiliated, called names, and made to do demeaning things by me and my lover?  I could make you stroke my young lover for me to get him ready for my goddess-like pussy. I could make you take his cock and put it inside of me and then make you sit and watch.  I can be a dirty old lady in control if that’s so your desire. Cuckold phone sex is second nature to me. I truly enjoy being the object of lust and cum.  I enjoy being fucked and being watched. So I do love cuckold roleplay too. I can make any fantasy you have come vividly real.
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I need a guy with a big thick hard cock to help me shame my hubby on cuckold phone sex. Do you think you’re the man for the job? Your part is very easy. Just show up with that beautiful dick for me to suck and lick and fuck right in front of my husband. I’m going to trick him into thinking I am about to fuck him so I can convince him to let me strap him down to the bed naked. Then I’ll open the door and in you walk with your huge throbbing cock and balls. Hubby will be propped up on pillows so he doesn’t miss a single thing you’re doing to me. I want you to fuck every hole, have me gagging on your dick, and then ram it in my ass and finally my cunt.

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Fill my holes with thick creamy spunk until I’m overflowing! Then I’m going to squat right over his face and let it all drip into his mouth. He might try to fight it but I’ll hold his nose closed so he will have to open his mouth to breathe, and then I’ll force him to guzzle down all of your cum leaking from my ass and cunt. I can only imagine how hard he’s going to punish fuck me later for making him my cuckold phone sex bitch when I finally untie him. But see…I love it when he unleashes all of his anger onto me with a good hard vengeful pounding! Judging by the way he slams his dick in me with such force makes me think he actually gets turned on by being my cuckold phone sex slave.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Remy

You know, I use to be such a sweet housewife. It’s my hubby’s fault that I’ve become such a heartless cuckold phone sex slut. I always try to please him and do special things for him. Like waking him up by sliding his dick in my mouth, or bringing him lunch to work and fucking him in his office. But lately, he never has time for me. And well, I won’t beg anyone to fuck me! Especially my husband! Why should I? Look at these tits, this body, this firm round ass!! I’ve got men begging to lick my body up and down. So, I stopped trying to be a devoted wife. I mean come on, isn’t it the hottest fantasy to watch another man pound your woman’s pussy right in front of you?

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Well one day, hubby came home to a shocking sight. I had a gorgeous 9-inch cock buried in my cunt when he walked in. He was livid! But hey, if he fucked me now and then, he wouldn’t come home to me taking another man’s dick! So see, it’s really his fault that I’ve become such a dirty whore. And now not only does he come home to find me getting mercilessly fucked by one dick or another, but I force him to be my cuckold phone sex bitch and watch me get fucked the way I like it. To tell the truth I think he’s starting to really enjoy being a cuckold phone sex slave. Why else would he get such a boner every time he’s walked in on his wife being such a ruthless whore? And I’ve noticed he doesn’t put up much of a fight anymore when I make him suck my lover’s dick. I’m starting to suspect my husband has had a secret fetish for cuckold phone sex all along and he just never told me. Guess it just worked out for both of us then!
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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Beth

So according to search engines, five inches is average for a cock. Can you hear me laughing? You should, because five inches is probably half of what I’m used to, and what I prefer. I just can’t even think about wasting my time with something like that. Well, if it’s a five inch dick on the other line when I get a small penis humiliation phone sex call, then at least it’s not a complete waste of my time, but it’s still just going to get a laugh out of me. Don’t call me and tell me your six inch dick is going to impress me either – I’m a total size queen and, like most queens, I have high expectations. I need above average…VERY above average. You can’t come close to pleasing me if you can’t come close to touching my cervix. Don’t even think you can try – I’m just going to laugh and tell you to move on to another woman.

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Take that puny little pecker and putt-putt it right outta here, buster!! I have pencils thicker than that thing!! And to think, you actually thought I’d be interested in fucking you when you’re so poorly endowed. I’ve got bigger and better strap ons, and I probably know how to use them better too. I really cannot fathom trying to get off with that little dingle poking between my pussy lips, doing its absolute best to try and actually enter inside of me. Maybe you could try and convince me that your little pinky dick serves a purpose – I doubt it, but if you want to, you’d better be prepared for small penis humiliation phone sex, because I’m not going to just sit there and listen to you tell me that your little breakfast sausage link and tiny tater tots are enough meat and potatoes for me. Trust me, honey – they’re not even close.

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I do love my husband, but his little 4″ dick just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Okay, not anymore, ever. It never did anything for me. I love big black cock and that’s why cuckold phone sex is perfect for me! Are you a little dick loser with a useless weenie like my husband? Does your wife go out with her “girlfriends”? I have bad (or good, depending on how you look at it) news for you. She’s not out with her friends. She’s out getting her pussy plowed by a BBC. She needs to get satisfaction somewhere, and you already know that she’s not getting it from you. There’s no way you could please her with that poor excuse for a dick.

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You’re sitting there and you’re having mixed feelings about this whole thing. Your first reaction was anger. Then you felt hurt. And then something strange started to happen. Your pathetic penis started to get really hard. Then you started picturing your wife on her back with her legs in the air and her pussy being all stretched out by that big black cock. And you’re thinking about how happy you are that someone can actually please her. You might even be thinking about how hot it’s going to be when he shoots his hot black creampie deep inside her wet pussy! What’s that? You’re even curious about what it would be like to be her dirty clean up boy, aren’t you? Do you want to lick that creampie right out of her gaping pussy?

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You do know what all of that means don’t you, you tiny dick loser? It means that you’re the perfect “man” to call me for cuckold phone sex! I’ll be waiting for you to tell you what a loser you are. I might even tell you what else your slut wife might be doing!

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Just how far does your BBC phone sex fantasy go? Do you just want to watch your girl get pounded by one big black cock or several at the same time? That is good stuff, right? What about when she sucks that black dick…you want to join in don’t you? I love sharing a huge black cock with my man. At first, he would sit back and watch me get deep-dicked while he jerked or he’d fuck my mouth and spray his cum all over my face. That’s as far as his BBC phone sex fetish went at the time. But then I finally got him to admit that he wanted to suck that black schlong too!

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So I started letting him share a dick with me and taught him how to suck it deep in his throat like a good cock sucking bitch.  Now my baby is 100% involved whenever I bring home a black stud to fuck. Sometimes he is the first to get to his knees and start sucking that dark meat down before I even get a chance. But hey, I don’t mind because after he gets that black cock big and hard, he pushes it in my cunt and lets me get pounded so good I squirt everywhere. I’ve almost got him to the point where he will take a black dick up the ass. I can’t wait until he finally gives in! I know he wants it, he’s just too scared to admit all of his BBC phone sex desires to me right now…but I’ll get him there. Before you know it we’ll be having a huge BBC phone sex orgy and we’ll both be getting used up like cum whores!

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