Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Ruth

Are you fucking kidding me right now, thinking you can get lucky with a hot piece of ass like me? The only fucking thing a teeny weeny loser like you is getting out of me is small penis humiliation phone sex because that’s all you’re good for! I know you don’t think you’re coming anywhere near me with it, no way no how peanut-pecker! If you’re lucky I’ll let you get the little worm and touch it while I take a nice big fat cocoa cock right where it makes me scream the loudest.

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That gets you excited though, doesn’t it, you fucking pervert? Thinking of my gorgeous lily white ass getting pounded while I let you watch makes that matchstick in your drawers want to light up, I know it! As long as you be a quiet lildick bitch and kneel right at the feet of my big black sex god to worship his cock when he tells you to I don’t see a fucking problem. Hell, sweetheart, watching your face light up to see such a ginormous schlong in your presence… I might have to grab hold of your head and show you exactly how to wrap your sissy bitch tongue around his big fat purple mushroom to lick my cunt off it properly!

Of course the main event for an itty bitty pity peeny like yours is licking my red hot cunt and if you’re lucky even making me cum! Of course you have to eat up all the creamy white sperm that big chocolate dick poured into my greedy fuckhole first, but you don’t mind that do you, sweetheart? You’ll just be happy you got that close to a great big dong and my hot sloppy cunt in small penis humiliation phone sex, yeah!

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Patty

Look at you – all you and your pathetic dick are good for is cuckold phone sex. You don’t even have to tell me that your wife doesn’t want to fuck you anymore. I already know that…why else would you be here? What I don’t know is how far she’s taken things with you. Has she just stopped fucking you or has it gone much further than that?

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What do I mean when I say “further than that”? Oh, you naive loser. It means that you are about to become a cuckold husband. You’re going to be turned into a cum eating cock sucker anytime now. She’s going to start fucking a guy with a big black cock behind your back, but she’s going to come home and make you eat her pussy. You’ll notice that she tastes different, but you don’t care because you are just happy to have her sitting on your face. She stopped doing that a while ago and you’ll take it, no matter what.

Eventually she’s going to tell you the reason why she tasted different that time she sat on your face. It was because she’d been out fucking her new black boyfriend and he shot his load inside her. You’re probably going to be horrified at first, but then you know what will happen? Your pathetic little dick is going to get so hard that you won’t be able to contain your excitement. And then you’re going to be her to invite him over to the house you pay for and fuck her in the bed you share with her. Who knows what else will happen? I guess we will just have to talk about that when you call.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Beth

In a world where size matters, it’s got to be tough to have to get by with a teeny weeny, but it’s a cross way too many men must bear. Nobody is happy about it – neither the guys who have little dicks, nor the people they want to fuck. There’s not much that can be done about it, short of surgery of course – it simply is what it is. So how else can a girl get some pleasure from such a scrawny cock? By laughing at it and making fun of it, of course! You little dicked dudes get off on it, so every now and then you’ll call for small penis humiliation phone sex. I mean, after all, what’s better than having a hot chick you don’t even know laughing at your pathetic tool?

small penis humiliation phone sex

That’s exactly what one of my favorite regular callers thinks, so he emails me photos of his tiny unit before he calls me for his regular dose of small penis humiliation phone sex. He’s also a diaper lover, so we ONLY call his dick a “pee pee” – I mean, after all it’s not like it deserves a grown up name like dick or cock anyway, right?

So the other night he sends me pics of his pee pee all tucked away, folded inside his ball sack, and clamped closed with a small chip clip. Then he called me for some small penis humiliation phone sex, and in addition to me making fun of his inadequacy, we talked about me writing this blog, and posting his pics on my Twitter and Tumblr page so people everywhere could laugh at that pee pee of his, so small that his balls swallow it up – and his balls aren’t exactly big.

So how turned on did he get, knowing that you’d be reading about his poor little willy and laughing? Once I told him I’d have his pics on Twitter, that little pee pee shot a nice, big load of cum!

Now go use the breadcrumb trail below to find me on Twitter so you can see the chip clipped pee pee pics and feel free to retweet or comment with something humiliating – and don’t forget to follow me while you’re there!

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Suzanne

Oh my God, I love big dicks. There’s nothing better than a man with a huge cock and it’s even better if it’s black. Don’t get me wrong… black cocks are my favorite, but I will fuck anyone as long as they have a gigantic dick that can please me. And I love telling men all about it when I get calls for size queen phone sex.
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Some of the guys who call me have really big dicks and they love telling me how good they would fuck me. They tell me how their thick cocks would split my cunt wide open and leave me gaping and full of cum for my husband to find later. And yes, my husband would totally go down on me and clean me up. He loves that so much. He actually begs for me to go out and get fucked or invite one of my lovers over so he can eat the cum out of me. It’s the only time he gets to touch me, so I’m not sure if he just wants to eat my pussy or if he’s gotten really fond of cum. Either way, it’s a pretty sweet deal for me.
Then some of the guys who call me for size queen phone sex are the exact opposite. They are like my husband and have tiny dicks and really fucking love it when I humiliate them. Ah, humiliation is so much fun for me. That’s all a small dick is good for, so it doesn’t make me feel bad at all to make fun of a loser and his teeny weenie.
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Cuckold Fantasies with Ruth

Let me tell you sweetheart, I fucking love it when some perv calls me up with his favorite cuckold fantasies! There is nothing that gets me fucking wetter and hornier than hearing how some of you perverts want to pound my hot red cunt right in front of my limpdick hubby.

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One of my favorite freaks with cuckold fantasies is my hubby’s employee, David. He knows I come in especially early for my lunches with his boss just for him. When he comes in to drop off some papers I’m waiting in the big chair, legs spread wide open so he can see right up my fucking skirt to my red hot cunt. I don’t even fucking wear any panties, not even a fucking thong when I know I’m going to see David! I want to make sure he can see how smooth it is, all fucking waxed except for the sweet little triangle I keep trimmed right above my slit!

David doesn’t ever care that we’re in my limpdick hubby’s office. He even leaves the door wide fucking open so everyone can see and hear what comes next! And let me tell you, sweetheart, usually by the time I’ve even fucking noticed any of it or that my hubby has come in, I’m down on my knees with my tits out and my lips wrapped around David’s huge throbbing cock! That’s how much I fucking love this freak’s cuckold fantasies!

But don’t think it slows down there, sweetheart… The best cuckold fantasies make sure to humiliate my limpdick hubby in the worst ways, and David has some of the best! We make my mister get on his knees and serve his own subordinate right there in his own office and holy fuck, sweetheart, does it get me right the fuck off! We make him do more, too, but you’re gonna have to call me to find out just what else the little bitch will do when he gets a good cuckolding!

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Suzanne

It’s so much fun to get cuckold phone sex calls from all of you losers with tiny dicks. It gets me so excited to hear about how your wife is out with another man and that’s why you’re calling me. She’s too busy with her lover to tell you how pathetic you are, but I’m not. There’s nothing I would love more than to point out to you all the reasons why your wife is out fucking her black bull instead of being a good wife at home. I might need a magnifying glass to find the reason she’s fucking someone else, though. I mean, your dick is pretty non-existent and you know that’s why she doesn’t want you.
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Do you know how big her lovers dick is? If it’s a big black cock, it’s probably at least 9 inches. They are all so huge and a size queen isn’t gonna settle for less than that. You don’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of ever getting near your wife’s pussy again. Well, you might get near it when she comes home and tells you to get between her legs and lick that hot black creampie out of her gaping pussy. It’ll be so stretched that it will be easy to stick your tongue in and scoop it all out. The thought of that really gets your puny little dick rock hard, doesn’t it?
What are you waiting for? I think it’s time that you call me for cuckold phone sex. Even if you’re new to it and you didn’t even know it was something you were turned on by until you read this, it will still be so much fun to talk to you and explore it with you.
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Cuckold Phone Sex with Carla

When your dick is too small to pleasure your wife or girlfriend it should not be a surprise when she decides to cuckold your sorry ass. I specialize in cuckold phone sex, I am a Cuckoldress to my little dick husband and I’ve been known to cuck guys who don’t meet my size standards. Being a size queen it’s no wonder I get off cuckold phone sex. Seriously, if I don’t let me husband fuck me what makes you think I’m going to let your worthless dick near my Goddess pussy? I will show you your place on your knees at my feet. Your lips kissing my ass begging to serve me. Just because I won’t let you fuck me doesn’t mean there aren’t other things you will do to make me happy.

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My favorite BBC lover loves sissy white boys to fluff is huge mandingo cock. And there is not much better than your tongue deep in my freshly fucked cream pie pussy. In fact, that’s the only way I’ll let you taste me, when it’s mixed with my stud’s huge load. I know you’re going to tell me you’re not gay, well duh, licking my cream pie hardly makes you gay. And when I have my hand on your head making you suck my cunt juice off his cock, that doesn’t make you gay either. It sure does make me happy though, and that is what it’s all about, right?

For those times when it’s just you and I, there will still be fucking going on. Don’t get too excited, I’ll be doing the fucking of your tight (or not so tight) ass. I get off on using my strap-on thinking of it as a real cock. Watch me stroke it. Suck it. On your back, legs spread, ass open, just ready for me take you like my horny slutty bitch. Beg for my cock and maybe my new lover will walk right in as I’m pounding your ass. You wish. Dirty slut.

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Black Cock White Wife Fantasies with Beth

If black cock white wife fantasies are your thing, then I’m the girl you want to call because I’ve lived that fantasy – several times, as a matter of fact. I’m separated now, but when I was married we did all kinds of naughty things to try and spice up our bland sex life, and living out black cock white wife fantasies turned into one of my favorite things to do on weekends!

black cock white wife fantasies

Here’s what happened. Hubby and I were at a party. The music was pumping, the booze was flowing, the bodies were grinding, and there was a hot black dude in the corner staring me down, undressing me with his dark, penetrating eyes. His clothes fit like a second skin, and I could see ALL of his bulges. Every time I turned around that night, I would see him looking me over. It was such a turn on that my panties had a nice wet spot pretty quickly. I don’t think my husband ever looked that hungry for me, not even when we were dating!

Speaking of my husband, he also noticed this guy’s wandering eyes, and after a while he commented on it, telling me he could see the sexual tension between us, and even though it was making him extremely jealous, that jealousy was somehow a turn on for him. Truth be told, his jealousy was turning me on too, and my mind started wandering into my own black cock white wife fantasies….oh, the things I wanted to do to this delicious man, knowing it could make my husband want me even more….

It got late, and the party was dying down, but my favorite chocolate eye candy was still there, watching my every move. So I got resolved, downed the last of my drink, took hubby by the hand and walked right up to that hunk, brushed my hand against the cock bulge in his pants, said “cum on along, sexy..” and then simply walked with hubby up the stairs, knowing he would follow. I found a bedroom with a nice big bed and a comfy chair in the corner for an audience of one, and all three of us got to live out our black cock white wife fantasies that night! Yes, I do like my coffee with lots of cream…..

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Cora

If there is one thing that you should know about me, it’s that I do NOT tolerate small dicks. If a man is going to be permitted to fuck me, he has to have a very large penis. That’s why I am the queen of small penis humiliation phone sex. If you call me and tell me that you have a small dick, then you are going to be subjected to non-stop verbal humiliation for the entire duration of our call. I won’t stop, no matter how much you beg me to. There would be no fun in that for me. I don’t care if it hurts your feelings. If you’re not a real man, I am going to make sure to tell you about it over and over again.

small penis humiliation  phone sex

You might resist me on the small penis humiliation phone sex at first, but you know what? You’re going to look down and see that your tiny little peep is hard as a rock. You are probably going to be surprised that it’s hard because why in the world would someone be sexually aroused by someone telling them what a loser they are? Well, THAT is exactly how much of a loser you are. The only thing that gets your teeny weenie hard is a beautiful woman like me telling you how absolutely worthless you are.

Do you think you’re up for hearing me verbally humiliate you? Then you should grab your phone and call me for small penis humiliation phone sex at 1 888 474 6769. Make sure you ask to talk to Cora. All I can promise you is that you’ll be in the corner crying with cum all over you when I am done with you. I mean hey, you’ll feel about two inches tall, but I’ll be happy and that’s all that matters.

Interracial Phone Sex with Cora

I am such an interracial phone sex slut! Big black cock is the best thing ever and I’ll bend over and take it anytime and anywhere. Just the thought of it makes my pussy start tingling. I know a lot of women get scared when they see a monster black cock, but not me. The bigger, the better. I will spread my legs for them all. It’s like I’m powerless to resist BBC.

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But really, who would even want to resist black dick?! No woman in her right mind, that’s for sure. You see, it’s not just the size of their dicks that make the sex so good. Black men just know exactly how to fuck.They just take control and use those big beautiful cocks to make women feel so good. It’s the most amazing feeling. I get more turned on and wet than I ever have been in my whole life every time I get fucked by a BBC.

One of the biggest turn-ons is looking down and seeing that black cock sliding in and out of my wet pussy. It’s just so stretched out and full and it makes me cum so hard when I see that. And I love seeing my cream all over that juicy black dick while he’s fucking me. It always turns them on, too. They always start fucking me harder when they see that.

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