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BBC Humiliation Phone Sex with Sierra

Hello to one of my favorite secret cock stroking sluts. That’s right you are a slut and don’t try to deny it. You’re also a big black cock sucking bitch as well. I couldn’t help but start laughing when you shared your kinky humiliation phone sex secret with this Mistress. That’s exactly what you said when I heard your submissive voice on the phone this morning. Sounding so embarrassed saying “Mistress Sierra I love thick and meaty fat black cock. Does that make me a bitchboi and maybe something even more?”

humiliation phone sex

I just knew when I walked in catching you watching BBC cock sucking porn that something more degrading was going on. Your pathetic dick drips pre cum when you are degraded and forced to be pushed down on your knees to take an 8 inch pole. But what really gets your little dick hard is confessing how much you fucking love it! I bet you would love it even more if I humiliate you in front of all of my female friends. With a mind like mine there is just no telling what may happen. This mistress will train you to be the perfect big black dick bitchboi. I would not be surprised if you stroked your dick to thinking you were not only a pathetic dick sucking bitch but a faggot too! Don’t try to deny how much you loved getting your tight ass cherry popped. Feeling that thick lead tease, torment and then force that beautiful black dick deep inside. You, crying out like a pathetic fucking bitchboi. Only a big black stud knows how to give it to a pussyboi like yourself. And with a seductive cock teasing dominate Mistress like myself knows exactly what to do to muffle your screams from getting it deeper and deeper. Look into my dirty hamper cock slut and grab a pair of my panties to shove in your fucking mouth. Take that superior black dick in both of your holes. I’ll remove the creamy panties from my smooth pink pussy and wrap them around your six inch dick. I’ll stroke your pounding cock to the edge of blowing and have you begging like the humiliation phone sex stroker boy that you really are. I will have you on your knees begging this sexy blond Mistress to take all of his cum like the slut that you are…I will be your teacher and you will be my student. And before you know it you will be taking a HUGE 12 inch pole in your slutty holes. So stop stroking and give this sexy mistress a call.

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Kinky Cuckold Phone Sex with Suzanne

When I first met my now husband and before I became a kinky cuckold phone sex slut, I was already being fucked regularly by my favorite bull, Steve. I wasn’t about to give that up, so I told him that I would love to keep dating him but he had to be okay with me taking big black cocks in my cunt whenever I felt the need to. It old him that I’d keep it as discreet as I possibly could and he agreed and the rest is history.

cuckold phone sex

I kept fucking Steve and it wasn’t long before my husband asked me if he could watch. I said no at first because he hadn’t put in enough time to be able to be there for something that special. But I made sure to have him take pictures of me in sexy poses to send to Steve. I made him watch me masturbate to pics of that big black cock instead of fucking his pathetic little dick. I told him that even a picture of a big black cock was worlds better than having to endure having that tiny thing try to fuck me.

When the day finally came that I let my husband watch me fuck Steve, I was so freaking excited. I told him that he needed to buy me new lingerie and heels, and he did. When he came home from work, we were already on the couch making out. He sat down in the chair across from us and was mesmerized by what was going on. I made him come over and undress me and tell me how excited he was that another man was going to put his cock inside me.

Do you want to know what happened after that? You know you do. And I’d be more than happy to tell you all the dirty details. All you have to do is call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Suzanne for kinky cuckold phone sex.

Cuckold Phone Sex Stories with Suzanne

As you probably already know, I love big black cocks. But it wasn’t always like this for me. I had no idea how amazing it was until my husband and I started down a cuckold phone sex lifestyle path. He told me that he was okay with me fucking BBC as long as I could make sure nobody found out. I agreed to that, of course. I would have been crazy to turn down that kind of arrangement.

cuckold phone sex

The first black cock I ever had was the best friend of my then 18 year old step-son. He’d been eyeing me for a while and I knew it would be easy to seduce him. I was right – it was. As much as I loved his giant black cock, he was 18 and still had a few things to learn. I wanted to be fucked by a man who knew what he was doing.

I went online and signed up for a website to meet men for sex. I put my wants and desires out there and it didn’t take long before I got an e-mail from this smoking hot black man. The first time I saw his dick, I just dropped down to my knees and started sucking. I couldn’t resist. And then when he was nice and hard, he told me to stand up and bend over. I wasn’t going to tell him no! I did as he said and no sooner than I was bent over, he pushed that big black cock all the way inside me. He stretched my cunt out SO much and I knew I would never be satisfied with white cock again. That was just the beginning of my love affair with big black cock. That’s where it started but it has evolved into me loving cuckold phone sex.

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Cuckold Fantasies with Beth

So you’ve got a useless little dick – so what? That doesn’t meant we can’t work with it. Well, maybe we can’t work with that teeny weeny, but I think we can work with the situation. Maybe instead you need to call me and dive into some nasty cuckold fantasies. Fantasies where we change your role in the bedroom, turn you into the cum cleaner, the pussy pleaser, and the voyeur in the corner. You’re going to have that mini dick fitted and put into a steel chastity cage, and I will keep the key. Then you will sit quietly and watch while I get plowed by a hugely hung bull daddy stud, feeling pain every time your little dicky tries to get hard. Then, when he cums all those hot quarts inside of me, you get to clean up all of that superior jizz that drips out. You are what you eat, therefore you get to eat the cream pie, cream puff.

cuckold fantasies

The fun doesn’t just end there when playing with cuckold fantasies. My big bull daddy stud is going to show you up close and personal exactly how a well-hung man can satisfy a horny, ravenous woman like me. I want you on your back, on the bed, face between my legs while bull daddy takes me from behind. I want you to watch closely, see how much a huge cock like that stretches me out and drives me completely insane. If you’re a good little cuck, I might let you lick my pussy juices off his hard cock and big balls as they slide in and out. Of course I want you there to catch his delicious, creamy cum as it drips out of my pussy and onto your face. The cleanup job is always yours, so make sure you do it well and maybe I’ll let you out of that cage to milk you when you’re done. But only if you’re good and clean up every drop!!

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Beth

Oh my goodness! Look at that cute little wee winky! Is it smiling at me? I don’t know, but I’m definitely laughing at it! It’s so fucking adorable and small! That’s not a penis – that’s more like a sweet little clit! You poor thing, having to get through this life with such an itsy bitsy teeny weeny. Do you hear “Is it in yet?” whenever you’re trying to fuck a woman? Do you even get the opportunity to put that little tinker toy anywhere inside a woman? Or do they just laugh when they see what you’ve got hiding in your pants like a scared little mouse? If that sounds like your pathetic life, then you need to call Beth for some small penis humiliation phone sex today!

small penis humiliation phone sex

Some guys have dicks so huge they look like a baby’s arm, but what you’ve got there looks more like my little pinky finger. I don’t think it went into puberty with you when you were a teenager – that little dicky got left back in school because of its lack of development. I bet you hid in the locker room and looked sideways at what the other guys had growing, feeling inadequate next to them. Did you ever waste money on pills to make it grow? What about those cock pumps? I bet you eventually gave up though, which is why you’re here, looking for small penis humiliation phone sex. Because you know it’s the natural order of things – without guys like you, the average guys would feel small, wouldn’t they? See – that little micro dick of yours does serve a purpose, doesn’t it? Well, it also gives me something to make fun of when I’m feeling cruel and craving a chance for some small penis humiliation phone sex, so that little thing does have its use, despite its insignificant size. Simply, it exists to amuse.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Alanna

My new phone lover took me by surprise when he requested one of my most sultry kinks. He’s always wanted to watch me get fucked by a big black bull who would in return stretch my pussy out so far that my lover would never be able to fit inside of me again. The thought of cuckold phone sex makes my mouth water.

cuckold phone sex

I went to a bbc event one night where it was a meet and greet with all the guys who were known for packing cocks bigger than nine inches long. When I walked into the event I was hand and hand with my lover. He cried like a little sissy the entire way there but I didn’t care. I smacked him and told him to deal with it. We were greeted by Jon who was known for having one of the prettiest cocks alive. Standing there before him, I just imagined how well his curved pole could hit my gspot without any trouble in cuckold phone sex.

At this point, my lover had went to use the rest room so that left me alone with Jon. He showed me around and said if I ever had any questions to ask. I immediately asked him if he wouldn’t mind if I test drove his cock. He grinned at me and grabbed my hand leading me to a dark part of the building. He lifted up my skirt, exposing my bare pussy. Playing with my clit with his fingers, I let out some moans letting him know I was ready for the main course. He pushed me back onto the futon and parted my legs and dove right in. A few seconds later I could hear my lover calling out my name but I didn’t respond. I was too busy getting banged when he walked on us and gasped in cuckold phone sex. I made him sit there and watch so he could see how a real man fucked a woman.

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Black Cock White Wife Fantasies with Cora

Craving a little roleplay? I would love to be your perfect wife who will take care of all your needs. I’ll cook, clean, and make sure everything is in order so you don’t have to worry about much else. Of course I’ll have my needs taken care of as well as I have daily trysts while you’re at work in black cock white wife fantasies.

black cock white wife fantasies

Ever since you started working on that big account at work, I’ve been lonely and my tight pussy has been purring for some attention. Your cock never really did much for me, but I tried to look past that. When we got a new neighbor, it was easier for me to look past your small comings especially since he was packing everything I needed in his tall muscular build. When you would go to work, I would head over to his place and squat on his cock giving into my needs while you thought I was doing my wifely duties. Instead I was giving into my black cock white wife fantasies.

One day you came home early and didn’t see me at home so you began looking outside in the garden for me. Once you got to the flower patch you looked to your right because you heard moaning and saw me jumping up and down on our neighbor. You couldn’t utter a word because you were in shock standing there as I fucked another man. After watching me for several minutes, you walked closer to the window. You tried being quiet but I heard footsteps and immediately looked over at you but that didn’t stop me. I rode him even harder knowing you were watching while we fulfilled our black cock white wife fantasies. When we both exploded, I looked you right in your eyes as his nut mixed with my sweet juices. My breath was taken away by his sex while you walked away in tears.

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BBC Phone Sex Slut Suzanne

Let’s just say that my 4th of July was full of fireworks, and not the kind in the sky. I’ll tell you some of the details here, but if you want to know the really good stuff that happened, you’ll have to call me for BBC phone sex.

BBC phone sex

I decided that I wanted to have a BBQ. My husband did all of the shopping for it and he thought he was going to get to do the grilling too, but I told him that a manly man should do it, so my boyfriend Steve got to do it. I didn’t invite anyone other than Steve and a bunch of his friends over. I was totally in the mood for being gang banged by a bunch of big black cocks, so he rounded up his friends who had the biggest dicks and were the best fucks and brought them over.

My husband was pouting a little big, so I made him go inside. I guess he was pissy with me because I let another man take over his grill. He doesn’t get upset when big black cocks plow into me, but he got mad about his fucking meat. Go figure haha. But his acting like a fucking diva pissed me off, so I decided that he just wouldn’t get to watch me get fucked. He really missed out on something awesome, because let me tell you, 5 big black cocks and a hot woman like me can put on one hell of a show. Who needs actual fireworks when you can have something like that?!

Do you want to hear about what actually happened when I got fucked all afternoon and evening by those big black cocks? Just call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Suzanne for BBC phone sex and I will tell you all the dirty details!

Cuckold Phone Sex Therapy with Carla

You read that right, I specialize in lifestyle cuckold phone sex therapy. What makes me an expert on this topic? I have been living life as a Cuckoldress to my cuckold husband for over 20 years now. It started simply as me being a cheating wife. Sex with my husband was never good, he has a small, a very small dick on top of it. I married young and for money. At the beginning it was a lot of sneaking around and lying, both things I hate. When my husband found out and confronted me, it was not an easy time for us. By this time I really did love him, and I know he was still head over heels in love with me. Divorce wasn’t an option and neither was neglecting my sexual needs.

cuckold phone sex therapy

This is my real life, not fantasy. At first we played together. He jerked off watching me with lover(s). Cream pie, fluffing, panties, strapons, and more were all part of our kinky cuckold sex life for a few years. Nowadays he’s content to just hear about my sexual adventures and that’s okay with me. But I will caution all you men who have fantasies about seeing your wife with other men, be careful what you wish for! I haven’t touched my husband’s cock in years. Why should I bother when I have real man cock to satisfy me? The same could become truth for you too, especially if your wife’s lover is bigger and better than you.

You say you already think she has a lover? Does she come home after a night with the girls and make you down on her? Notice how different she tastes next time. She’s probably more aggressive with you too. Taking her pleasure and leaving you with nothing but blue balls. Oh maybe she’ll jerk you off or let you rub your dick on her ass, but now she’s making you lick up your mess after. You can sense the changes and as much as it excites you, it makes you nervous too.

When you’re ready to face the reality of your new life, call me for cuckold phone sex therapy. Ask for Carla – 1888-474-6769


Kinky BBC Phone Sex with Suzanne

I don’t think it’s a secret that I love BBC phone sex. But sometimes I need more than just a black cock – I need to get kinky. One thing that I find super kinky is to have a gang bang with a bunch of big black cocks. I mean, three to four of them is way better than one, right? Right.

BBC phone sex

I love having my boyfriend Steve rent a hotel room for the weekend and bring a bunch of his friends over. It’s like a revolving door of big black cocks. And my shrimp dick husband does NOT get to come along for these adventures. Nope, he has to stay home and just wonder what I’m doing. It’s so funny. He always tries to call and text when I’m away for the weekend, but I never answer him. I know he’s just hoping that I will respond to him with a picture or video, but I never do. No, these times are just for me and my lover and his friends. I mean, he was nice enough to get a bunch of guys together to fuck me, so the least I can do is make sure I give them ALL of my attention.

Do you want to hear about how much I love those BBC phone sex adventures? I would LOVE to tell you. Maybe you have a big black cock of your own. Or maybe you’re a loser like my husband and you want to hear a story about something you would NEVER get to participate in. I’m looking forward to telling you how unworthy you are! And let’s be honest – you’re VERY unworthy.

Just grab your phone and call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Suzanne for BBC phone sex. You’ll hang up feeling inferior, yet satisfied. Are you ready?

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