Small Cock Humiliation with Sybil

The other day my good friend, Tamera, and I really gave it to this guy we know with small cock humiliation. Tamera is ten years younger than I am — she celebrated her 25th birthday only last month — but we’re really close. We’re drawn together partly because we have similar fetishes. She’s got blonde hair and is real slim,  with itty bitty titties, and she wears fishnet stockings even more often than I do and we go to the same beauty salon to get manicures and pedicures. She’s got a husband and he likes the fact that she’s a hot wife, just like I’m a hot wife, who isn’t afraid to get it on with other guys. He’s not a truck driver like mine and is over at his place evenings — sometimes watching Tamera have at it with a handsome guy! She doesn’t stay home full-time but only has a part-time job in a grocery store. Like me, she’s more into having fun that pursuing a “career” or whatever.

Small Cock Humiliation

The guy who visited us is a middle-aged man and — would you believe this? — he still wets the bed! Gus has peed in his bed all his life just like a baby. Of course, that kind of suits him since he has a really baby-sized dick. I mean, it’s two inches hard! I am not exaggerating, this guy has a dick like an innie belly button. When he jacks off, it’s the weirdest sight because instead of going up and down on it like a guy with a regular sized dick, Gus rubs that little thing between his thumb and forefinger! After Gus got here, Tamera and I took turns being mean to him because he knows he deserves it. Each of us spanked him and called him names like “bedwetter” and “sissy fool loser” and “tiny pricked loser.” I took some photographs of his reddened ass. I plan to look at them when I’m diddling myself. God, how I LOVE small cock humiliation!
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Black Cock White Wife Phone Sex with Lauren

Mmmm, the magnificent Big Black Cock. I’ve loved getting fucked by them since long before I got married. I had multiple friends ask me why when the time came I had chosen to marry a White man. Why did I even bother accepting a proposal from a man who can’t satisfy me with his little dick? Well, the honest truth is that my husband does not expect me to be faithful. In fact, he actively encouraged me to fuck around on him from the day we got together! His only request was that I fuck Black men. Some of my friends were shocked. But, the men that call me for black cock white wife phone sex never are.

Black Cock White Wife Phone Sex

You see, having a white husband who is an enthusiastic cuck is a holy blessing that all women should get to experience. White cucks are great life partners. They make lots of money to support our lifestyles, they want us to be sexually satisfied, and they’re good dads for the Black baby boys that we’re inevitably going to get knocked up with! They know perfectly well that their little white dicks are wholly inferior to the superior BBC and are ready to do their duty to prolong the Black race.

I knew I’d found the man I was going to marry when he asked me my opinion of what I was hearing on Black Cock White Wife phone sex calls. There was no chance that I was going to keep my pussy off of BBC for the rest of my life and knowing that the man I chose as a life partner wasn’t going to try to stop me was at the top of my wishlist. Women need more marriage material men who are roaring to kneel before the superior Big Black Cock! And my darling husband is the cream of that crop.

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Remy

Small penis humiliation phone sex really brings out the wicked creative side of me. I remember back in the day, I was such a sweet girl. I never had a bad word to say to anyone. But life is funny and as I got older I realized that nice girls finish last and sometimes not at all. Bitches get what they want. So now, small penis humiliation phone sex calls are very natural for me. I remember the first time I saw a really small penis. I was legit stunned. Yet, I wanted to be that nice well mannered girl that i was raised to be, but seriously– fuck that! I was torn, do I laugh hysterically or really tear into this faux guy for wasting my time? So obviously, I ended up doing both, of course. It was hysterical to look at and think how much effort this guy puts into presenting himself to be a real man.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

He clearly, is not, so that is why he has to put up a big front so that people will think he is normal. I mean, fuck normal. He wasn’t even average. And who wants to be average any way? Once that facade is shattered, I can really destroy what remains of that shell of a fake ass man. Honestly, I don’t really think of it as me being mean. It is time someone told these small dicked time wasters, the way the real world works. I am just telling him the truth that he fiercely needs to hear. Women do these men no benefits when they pretend that he can satisfy anyone with a tiny thing like that. Come on, be sensible and take your small penis humiliation phone sex call medicine and call me at 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Remy.

Small Cock Humiliation with Zoey

There used to be a song in the 90s about small cock humiliation. Who knew so many men would end up enjoying being called names. I have seen many many cocks. I have been even sent more cock pictures than I have seen in person. I have said many times what the fuck is that thing? Just like the song! I don’t want no short dick man is how the song/ rap goes. I don’t want that either. Do you really think when I spread my legs nice and wide I want something small like yours not I sure do not.

Small Cock Humiliation

The humiliation you feel inside when I laugh at your hard cock is sometimes more than you can take. You love it, your little thing gets rock hard at my giggles and jokes. Something inside you is turned on by a grown woman amused at the sight of your little winkie. You can see it in my eyes, you hear it in my voice and relish in it,

Do you have a dickie doo? Do you know when your belly hangs out more than your dickie does? That always gets laughs from me and my friends when we are out at the bar. Maybe you would enjoy me telling them about your tiny little gadget. Just last week I was telling them all about the guy who showed me his cock at a concert I went to a few weeks ago, Like either you were so fat that your body swallowed your cock or it’s so little that I could only see the head of your cock. Kind of like a hiding turtle. LOL, it amused us for the whole night.

Face the fact your cock could not please anyone. You know I know it and I may tell my friends at the bar, the pool hall, or maybe post it all over the place. Maybe I could make some meme of your little twinkie and it will be shared far and wide. I take that back a twinkie would satisfy me more. It even has a burst of cream for me to enjoy too LOL

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Remy

You know with the Olympics coming up it has got me to thinking, there should be some other, quite frankly, more fun events that women like me could compete in. You know something like a small penis humiliation phone sex competition — I am crazy good at destroying men who are phallically challenged. I am saying, I am a gold medal contender at just wrecking a so-called man and putting him in his more rightful place down under my feet. I used to feel kinda guilty about making a man cry while I take his inventory and find him lacking. But now, I don’t feel one iota of regret about it, actually, I think I am doing a service to everyone. I am helping my fellow women by correcting the “size doesn’t matter” ridiculousness. Who the fuck started that anyway? What a load of shit!

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

Of fucking course size matters! It is all that matters in this world! Men who have baby peens need to understand that and adapt to a new way of life — you can’t please a woman unless you have a fat wallet. Men with tiny dicks need to make sure they have the money needed to attract and keep a woman like me on your arm. I can pretend that you are really a man, but we both know the truth. You damn sure aren’t going to fuck me, but you can give me money and buy me gifts. I might even let you watch when real men with horse cock come around to fuck me properly. Trust me, it will really open your eyes to the way a woman responds when she is getting some thick cock. You want a front-row seat for that type of small penis humiliation phone sex, don’t you?

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Suzanne

The other night I was hanging out with my friend at a bar, and she was talking about how dissatisfied she is with her husband’s dick. She hadn’t ever talked about it before, so I didn’t believe her until she showed me. OMG. All I could think of was how much fun it would be to get that guy on the phone for a cuckold phone sex call. His dick was easily one of the smallest I’ve seen and trust me when I say that I’ve seen a lot of tiny dicks. I started laughing so hard that I almost fell off the barstool I was sitting on. Just imagine how much fun it would be if YOU were the guy with the small cock and you called me. There would be lots of laughter, lots of humiliation, and no pussy for you. But you probably don’t even want pussy anymore anyway, do you?

cuckold phone sexWhat you are best suited for is cock sucking. And not just any cocks – you need to be on your knees sucking big black cocks to get them ready for me. Never done it? That’s okay. I would teach you everything you need to know about sucking dick. I know you’ve thought about doing it, and I know that it excites the fuck out of you. You’ve jerked that tiny cock thinking about big black cock a lot. Do not even try to freaking deny it, shrimpy. And don’t even try to resist getting on the phone and calling me for cuckold phone sex. It’s a good deal for both of us – I get to laugh at your itty bitty weenie and you get to touch your little tiny cock while I tell you how inferior it is. Just dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Suzanne.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Remy

I need a guy with a big thick cock to help me shame my hubby on cuckold phone sex calls. Do you think you’re the man for the job? Your part is very easy. Just show up with that beautiful dick for me to suck and lick and fuck right in front of my pathetic husband. I’m going to trick him into thinking I am about to fuck him so I can convince him to let me strap him down to the bed naked. Then I’ll open the door and in you walk with your huge throbbing cock and balls ready to help me make him a cuckold phone sex slave. Hubby will be propped up on pillows so he doesn’t miss a single thing you’re doing to me. Throw your best most hardcore fuck at me. I want you to fuck every hole, have me gagging on that dick, and then slam it in my ass and finally my cunt. Fill my holes with rich thick creamy spunk until I’m overflowing!


Then I’m going to squat right over his face and let it all drip into his mouth. He might try to fight it but it won’t work. I’ll just pinch his nose closed, then he’ll have to keep his mouth open and be forced to guzzle down all of your cum leaking from my ass and cunt. I can only imagine how hard he’s going to punish fuck me when I finally let him up. But see…I love it when he unleashes all of his rage on me with a good hard vengeful pounding! Maybe you can be the phone sex cuckold and stick around to watch this time. You might enjoy watching him take his anger out on me for making him a cuckold phone sex bitch with you. Who knows, we could end up having a threesome!

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Giselle

So I guess you have been wondering how a hot sexy goddess like me gets stuck with such a loser with a tiny cock? simply because it makes my life much easier especially during cuckold phone sex. It turns me on looking into my husband’s eyes while he listens to the sound a guy makes when my warm moist tongue is wrapped around his cock like a newly baked hot dog bun. That jealous look when he sees the size of those huge cock especially the big black ones. I always tell him not to worry because I will always ensure that I make those cock cum as hard as possible the question is, will you be able to handle it? Will you be able to fuck me like the slut I am while my husband sits and watch pathetically like the wimp he is with that shameless dick. I would love to see your hard cock covered in my saliva.

Cuckold Phone Sex

I just find myself in a mood where I want to get really wild and freaky in cuckold phone sex where my inner beast will be revealed and my husband will see me for the kinky whore I really am. I want him to get lost in the moment where your eyes will be focused in mine as I buried that hard, long, monster cock to the back of my throat while the veins in my neck stretch out inch by inch to show him the full length of your big supersize cock as you ripped my throat apart.

How would you love to get wet and wild with a slutty goddess that is addicted to cuckold phone sex? I love to see a big strong wet cock.A blow job is my specialty but not just any blow job I mean wet, saggy, nasty, throat throbbing, mouth grinding, eye pulping, hair pulling, sack gagging, blow jobs but what really makes it fun is the look on my husband’s face as I swallow inch by inch and cum dripping down my cheeks. I rather when it is wet and messy, you can take along as many friends as you want this throat is wide and deep enough to hold at least three monster cock not to mention my tight pretty pussy and my delicious ass. This slut would be delighted to get all her available holes gangbang with big, long, strong, muscular cocks, and guess what? I love mushroom heads yummy!! I would enjoy being filled with cum and having my wimp of a husband do what he does best and that’s eating all your cum from my sex-recked body. It would be so adventurous while fulfilling your deepest fantasies Infront of my husband by being your personal cum slut.

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Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex with Remy

I know it must be tough to have a legit disability like being born with a tiny wee cock. Do you really think crying about your tiny dick on small cock humiliation phone sex is going to get sympathy from me? Get serious, bitch. That shit is right in my wheelhouse. It only pisses me off to hear you whimpering and sniveling in my ear. I don’t want to listen to you whining about your pathetic micropenis. It’s not my problem you’ve got a defective small dick. And don’t even think I want to hear you jerking that minuscule pinky prick either. I doubt it’s much bigger than my clit.

Small Cock Humiliation Phone Sex

Here’s what you will get when you call me for small cock humiliation phone sex. I’ll instruct you to stuff that little worm in a cock cage. Hopefully, we can find a cage small enough. And if you don’t have one of those then get a rubber band to tie up those shriveled nuts and bind that puny nub. You will not be using it anyway. In fact, you might as well get it cut off and turn it into the pussy you were meant to have. I’m going to enjoy making you my femdom sissy and dressing you up like the sissy bitch that you are supposed to be. Then I’ll invite all the guys in my neighborhood to come and ruin that nasty boy pussy. Bend over and grab those ankles. I’ve got a monster strap-on to start the fuck party off! And you can forget about any lube you no dick loser! Come on sissy, give me a call. I’m really looking forward to taking my frustrations out on your sorry ass on small cock humiliation phone sex. But do your crying on your own time!!

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BBC Phone Sex with Remy

Let me tell you a story –the nail-biting tale of how I became the dirty BBC phone sex slut that I turned out to be. In all the time that I have been married, my hubby has never really satisfied me. I know he tried, but he was just not capable. His flesh was weak but his spirit was willing. But I found out early on that the thing that truly makes me squirt is a huge black cock!! I know that most people think that I should feel ashamed for being a cheating BBC phone sex whore, but I don’t. Not even one tiny bit! I love slurping and sucking down a monster black dick. I need to feel it sliding down my throat as I guzzle all that thick gooey cum! And nothing stretches or fills my cunt better than a long thick throbbing black dick ramming me over and over as I whimper and moan.

BBC Phone Sex

When my lover is done using my pussy I beg him to pound my ass until he drains his cock in me again. I legit become a cum dumpster and love every second of it. The only thing that makes all this even hotter, is making hubby jealous by forcing him to be a cuckold and watch me take every inch of one or more delicious enormous black cocks. I know it’s mean, but I really get off on being a heartless BBC phone sex wife. Tell the truth…you’d love to watch me get all my holes pounded and filled by a gang of black dicks. Give me a call and tell me how you want them to use up this slutty BBC phone sex tramp. I truly have no limits or restrictions and I can be the very whore of your dreams.

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