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So if you’re packing the heat I need for a delicious pounding, call me up and I’ll let you know just how wet I am for your huge, fat cock. If you’re a lesser man with a small cock, I’ll most certainly be disinterested in letting you fuck me. So you’ll have to find other ways to entertain me. I suppose I could laugh at you and humiliate your little lipstick sized dick with some small penis humiliation size queen phone sex.

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You’re such a fucking hunk of a man, sweetheart, and my limpdick hubby just… well I haven’t called him a “man” since before the last time he tried to feed me the pathetic little piece of meat he’s packing. He kinda proved my point with that little stunt. He knows I need a real fucking stallion of a man with a potent tool to give me the kind of wet and sloppy cunt filling I deserve and that ain’t him and his. But that man is you and you’ve got a rock hard cock for me and some cuckold phone sex, yeah?

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I knew it the first time you delivered a package to my high-rise while the girlie-man wasn’t home. That muscle-hugging shirt and those tight delivery-uniform shorts told me exactly what I needed to know about you, sweetheart, and I made sure that you knew that short yellow sundress was the only thing I was wearing. Easy enough to bend my ass over for your viewing pleasure putting down that big box behind me in the hall, yeah? Seeing my ass bare under that cute little hem is what did it, yeah sweetheart? What made you shove me onto my knees and slam that fucking door shut behind you, yeah?

I didn’t care, I needed some hot cuckold fucking from the rock hard schlong I could see in your shorts right there on the floor my limpdick hubby would be coming home to later. You didn’t barely have to tell me nothing for me to be pulling that thick piece of meat out and burying it in my fucking throat, did you sweetheart? Could you tell how fucking hungry I was for it?

But I think what made it even fucking hotter, sweetheart, was when you flipped me over and made my ass jiggle pounding my red hot cunt so fucking hard bareback right there on the floor. When you asked if I was on birth control and I told you no and begged you to cum inside my fertile hot womb and impregnate me, you almost couldn’t fucking believe how hot the cuckold phone sex delivery you signed up for got, could you, sweetheart?

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Hello Boy’s, My name is Giselle and I can guarantee you right off the bat that I am not your average phone sex slut. I am a nasty kinky girl who loves to fuck and my favorite dirty call to do is cream pie phone sex. I love to have a good pussy pounding and then save all of the hot sticky load for you to clean up. That is very sexy to me I get very wet just thinking of turning you into my little sissy bitch while I sit on your face grinding my cunt in your mouth letting the cum slowly drip out. Sometimes I even like to let you watch while I get my Punishment from a huge juicy cock. Just so that I can see the look on your face when you see how dripping wet I get when my pussy finally gets a real cock!

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Do you like cream pie phone sex? Cause I would love to do a face sitting session where I make you lick it all up like a good boy. Sometimes I even feel kinky enough to make you lick my cunt juices off his hard dick and the next thing you know you’re my favorite little cock sucking sissy. In my eyes, sex is meant to be dirty and nasty so when I’m fucking I do whatever I want. I mean no holds barred actual no taboos no limits what so ever anything goes as long as you willing to clean the loads out of all my holes. Nothing turns me on more than a cum filled time on a hot cream pie phone sex call.

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When I am not too busy laughing at and tearing into a poor guy on a small penis humiliation phone sex call, I wonder how they can live with their horrible deformity on a daily basis. It has to be such a burden to pretend to be a normal guy for the world, when you know deep down inside that you are anything but normal. I bet when you meet a hot girl that you want to “fuck” — or whatever fucking is to a tiny dicked bitch — you know that no matter how charming you are, how much money you spend on her, that as soon as you pull out that sad excuse for a dick, she is going to bail. And she will do one of two things. She will either laugh at you or get mad at you for wasting her time.

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Which is worse? I know that I would probably do both. I would be furious that you tricked me into letting you get to see me naked or something and I would probably lash into you with insults and barbs meant to destroy any confidence that you have left. After I get that out of my system, I might actually see the humor of the situation. And think about the fucked up life you must lead. Plus, chicks love to look at tiny things, it makes us laugh. Tiny things are usually so cute, except when it comes to cock of course. But to see a wee prick hanging off of a regular size guy is exceptionally funny. Unfuckable, but so funny to witness first hand. So yeah, I love small penis humiliation phone sex. Call me and let’s see if you can stand some humiliation from a mean bitch like me.

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Why are you here for cuckold phone sex? Have you started to wonder what your wife is up to when she says she’s going out with her girlfriends and doesn’t come home until the next day? You believed her at first when she told you she was just with friends, but now you’re not so sure of that, are you? You’re starting to suspect that she’s been sleeping with other men.

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What made you start suspecting that she’s been with other men? Was it the time recently that she came home and sat right on your face first thing in the morning? You know she’s not normally so horny that early in the morning and she rarely ever initiates anything sexual with you. You thought that maybe she just missed you, but when you stuck your tongue inside her, you noticed that she was kind of stretched out. And you noticed that she tasted kind of weird – really salty. And you’ve never known her to be that wet before. That’s when you figured it out, wasn’t it? You knew that she’d been fucking another man who had a dick WAY bigger than yours. And you knew that she was sitting on your face and feeding his cum to you straight from her pussy.

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Awww do you have an itty bitty dick? You poor thing, not, haha! I like to use small penis humiliation phone sex on little dick boys like you after all you deserve it. You are not good for anything you are so pathetic with your little dick. You know what you are, don’t you? A great big LOSER, you can’t even fuck a woman with that little thing. It takes only two fingers to jack off that little dick of yours too.

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The thing I love about you little dick boys is you know your place with a woman and that place is watching me while I get fucked by a real man with a real big dick! Not only do you get the pleasure of watching me get fucked but you also would suck on their dicks to get them ready for my pussy! I know what you like to do too, you like to get under me while I am getting fucked and lick my pussy while that dick slides in and out of my pussy having your tongue touch those dicks as you are licking me. During this small penis humiliation phone sex fantasy you are all to happy to do as I wish from sucking on those dicks to get them hard for me to licking their balls as they are fucking me.

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Hey there, you needle dick fucks, are you ready for some serious small penis humiliation phone sex? I know life must be very difficult for you trying to pretend that you are a real guy. It must be so exhausting impersonating a fully functioning man day in and day out when you really know how worthless and pathetic you truly are. It really is a burden, right? But the good news here is that you don’t have to pretend with me. I know your secret shame and I am about to put you on blast. I will tell you exactly what your place in this world is — at my feet.

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If the word were really fair, bitch “men” like you would have to wear their cock measurement on a bracelet or something so that hot women won’t waste their time with you. I can’t tell you what a disappointment it is to spend time with a guy only to find out that he isn’t packing. It pisses me off and I always let them hear about it. I do not hold back either. The time I spent getting to this point, I could have been riding a giant cock. So yeah, I am going to be salty and you are going to feel my wrath. Women who act like your cock pleases them aren’t doing you a favor. They just make you think that you are normal and deserve to cum. That isn’t the case and you should know it by now. The only thing you can do to better your position as a man with a small penis is to have money. I don’t care if you have to work two jobs or turn tricks, but do whatever it takes to buy me things and make me happy so that at least you can spend time with a sexy woman you never have the smallest hope to ever fuck. Do you think you can handle a small penis humiliation phone sex call with me?

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I’m sure that if you have followed my cuckold phone sex journey, then you know that there are times when I’m being fucked by my lover that I just don’t want my husband anywhere near me. He can listen in the next room, but I don’t want him watching. I want to be able to enjoy myself fully. But when he gets to get in on the action, it’s really a lot of fun.

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Letting him in on the action does NOT mean that he gets to try to fuck me. I say try because there’s no way he is big enough to ever get it inside me. He couldn’t fuck me even if I said I would give him a chance to. No, letting him in on the action means that he’s going to get to crawl over to me and lick my pussy to get it wet for the BBC that will be pleasing me in ways that he never could.

Once he gets me nice and wet, I tell him to make his way over to my lover – on his knees, of course. I tell him to wrap his lips around that big fat black dick and get it hard for me. He knows better than to say no. Even if he’s not in the mood to suck cock, he never says no to me. If he does, there will be some serious hell to pay and he knows that. So he crawls over like a good boy and sucks that giant cock until it’s good and hard for me. Of course, most of the time he wants to keep sucking, but if he did that, then I wouldn’t get fucked. So, it’s a no from me on that.

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I often have impregnation phone sex fantasies about my black boyfriend Steve knocking me up. I never fuck my husband (well, just on his birthday), but there’s no way I want to make a baby with him. I want to be knocked up by a real man. I don’t want to give birth to a child that might have the same problem – a small dick. Sometimes when I masturbate, I just think about my husband watching Steve fuck me while I’m ovulating and shooting his hot fucking creampie deep inside me. I usually let my husband lick the creampie out of me, but not if I’m trying to get pregnant. I’ll just hold my legs in the air in a position where the cum won’t leak out. I want it inside me for a long time so I can increase the chances of me getting pregnant. And then when Steve gets hard again, he will fuck me again to increase the odds.

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My husband obviously isn’t black (if he was, of course he’d have a big dick), so it turns me on to think about how embarrassed and humiliated he will be when the kid is born and obviously isn’t his. People are finally going to know what a slut for BBC his wife is. If people ask, of course I won’t deny it. I’m totally not ashamed of being a whore for black cock. I need it pretty much on a daily basis and if I get pregnant, I get pregnant. Mmm and I can’t wait to see how big and sensitive my tits get while I’m pregnant. And I’ve heard that pregnant women are super horny, so I may need Steve to move in with us so he can fuck me anytime I need him to.

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I love big dicks and I cannot lie. I love big black cocks, to be more specific. Size queen phone sex is just something that came naturally to me because of this. The first time I had a guy call me and tell me that he could tell by just looking at me that I loved big dick, my pussy got instantly wet. I just knew that he had a big black cock he wanted to give to me. He told me it was 10 inches and really thick and that there have been many women who couldn’t even take the whole thing. I told him to not worry because I would NOT have that problem.

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I’ve been taking black cocks in my white cunt for as long as I can remember. I think I started when I was 18 and went away to college. There were so many different kinds of men and trust me, I tried them all. But it just so happens that black ones are my absolute favorite. Just watching them slide in and out of my white pussy is more than I can take and it always gets me super fucking wet. And I cum SO quickly when I start watching… I’m pretty thankful for multiple orgasms. Mmm.

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