Small Penis Humiliation with Beth

I’m a free agent, so I get to slut around all I want, right? So the other day a guy hit me up on a hook up app, making all sorts of promises, telling me how good he could make me feel. I told him I didn’t believe him, and that he was going to have to send me a nude pic of himself with his dick fully erect, of course. He did what I asked – most men do – and I nearly spit my coffee out when I saw his photo. I couldn’t believe he would even think he could satisfy me, much less think he had bragging rights! One look at his photo and my reply to him was that the only satisfaction I could possibly get would be in giving him the small penis humiliation he deserves!

small penis humiliation

Funny thing, he told me he had expected that response from me. I suppose he’s had a lifetime of small penis humiliation, considering how his little willy was maybe the size of my thumb – and that’s being generous. Poor little thing – it can’t be very useful to anyone, not even him. I can’t imagine a teeny pecker like that would even enjoy a good stroking – there’s nothing to stroke. Nope – the only use a dick like that has is to make guys with average sized dicks feel like kings in the locker room, and you can be sure I told him that. I also told him that I was a size queen and a femdom, and that if he wanted to play with me with a dick like that, he was going to have to do it my way, and that he’d better be prepared to receive a whole shit ton of small penis humiliation, plus my huge strap-on.

That’s just the way it goes when you’re a guy who’s lacking in size and you want to play with Miss Beth. Call 1 888 474 6769 for your dose of small penis humiliation!!

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Humiliation Phone Sex with Remy

Did you just try to hit on me? Seriously? Do you really think that a sexy, beautiful woman like me would give a pathetic excuse for a man like you the time of day? Not unless it was on a humiliation phone sex call! Let me put it to you like this. I only consider being with a man who has a fully loaded credit card and a huge cock. Do you have either of those? Because just looking at your cheap clothes I am sure you barely have twenty bucks on your card. And it doesn’t look like you’re wielding a decent sized cock in those old man pants let alone a huge one.

humiliation phone sex

I have guys falling at my feet all the time. Why would I give a loser like you a second glance? I tell you what. I’ll let you buy me a drink, if you call me later and let me berate and shame you on humiliation phone sex. I’ll even let you send me pics of your sorry tiny penis so that I can laugh at you during our humiliation phone sex call. Tell the truth. How much money do you really have on your card? Do you even have enough to buy me a drink. Or pay for your own? I bet you thought you could use your pathetic poor me act on me and I would be the one buying the drinks. Fat chance. I don’t do the needy man thing. But I do love bashing and degrading you on humiliation phone sex. It’s the best way for me to release tension and unleash all of my anger. Besides you do know that you are the poster boy for humiliation phone sex right? How could you not? So come on, take your medicine like the whiny pussy bitch that you are and call me. I’m on fire and ready to cut you down to size!

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Impregnation Phone Sex with Suzanne

I love impregnation phone sex. I mean, the thought of another man knocking me up while my husband watches is just so exciting. And I only fuck big black cock, so when I give birth, people are pretty much going to know that it isn’t my husband’s baby. Why would I want to pass on inferior genes to a child? That’s right, I wouldn’t. I don’t care if people know the baby I give birth to doesn’t belong to my husband. If he were a real man in the bedroom he wouldn’t have to worry about things like this. But since he isn’t, then he’s just going to have to deal with it.

impregnation phone sex

But seriously, the thought of him watching another man shoot a load inside me with the intent of getting me pregnant is one of the hottest things in the world. I just love thinking about it and asking him if he thinks that this is the time when my lover will get me pregnant with the load coming out of his big black cock. It makes me cum so hard when he stammers and doesn’t really even know what to say.

Also, the thought of him watching my stomach and my breasts grow when I’m with another man’s child just really gets me hot, too. And I know that pregnant women are always horny, so I know I will be fucking my baby daddy the entire time I’m pregnant. Day and night. I think we will most definitely have to move him in with us so I can have his dick anytime I need it.

Do you have an impregnation phone sex fantasy similar to mine? Even if your fantasy is different, call me anyway. I would love to hear it. Dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Suzanne.


Cuckold Phone Sex with Suzanne

I think it’s been well established that I love cuckold phone sex and that I don’t just talk about it on the phone. I live the cuckold lifestyle for real and I love talking to guys about it. It’s fun to talk about how my husband’s pathetic cock just doesn’t do it for me and I have to have other dicks in order to be pleased.

cuckold phone sex

Do you have a tiny dick, too, and you want to tell me about how worthless you are? I would LOVE that. Sure, I could and probably will tell you how you aren’t good enough for a woman like me, but I really get off on hearing you tell me in your own words how you are a pathetic loser. It gets me so excited. I like hearing you start out with a fairly confident voice and then the more you talk and tell me about what a loser you are, the more your voice cracks. Ah, that makes me happy. I like breaking guys like you who think you’re real men when you call and then by the time I am done with you, you know that you aren’t. You never were and you never will be a real man. You can’t make your dick grow. It’s done growing and it looks like it never got started.

Just give me a call right now for cuckold phone sex so that we can talk about how worthless you are. You can try to pretend like small dicks can please a woman just as much as a big one, but we all know that that is a lie. All I’m going to do is tell you about REAL dicks and what they do for me that yours can’t. Dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Suzanne.

Size Queen Phone Sex with Suzanne

Christmas is coming soon and you know what I’d love more than anything? A bunch of size queen phone sex calls from YOU. It’s so much fun to talk about our mutual love of big black cock. There really isn’t anything better in the world than a huge black cock, don’t you agree?

size queen phone sex

Do you want me to tell you the story of the first time I had a big black cock buried inside my white cunt? I’d be more than happy to relive that experience while I talk to you. I love telling people about it. It always gets me excited just as much as it does guys like you who call me to hear about it. Chances are, I’ll be touching myself right along with you.

But what I love even more than telling you about my first time with BBC is hearing about YOUR first time. I want to hear what first got you interested in BBC and how you decided to just go for it and give in to your desires. I know very well that the first time you get the thought of a juicy black cock in your head, it won’t go away until you just bend over and take it the way you want to.

Or maybe you haven’t taken the plunge yet and you need a woman who has been there to help talk you into doing the one thing you are dying to do. I’ll help you find that extra little bit of courage that you need. By the time you’re done talking to me, you’ll be ready to go out and become the size queen phone sex slut you were meant to be.

Call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Suzanne so we can talk all about size queen phone sex.

Humiliation Phone Sex with Remy

Are you a glutton for humiliation phone sex? I am not surprised by that. Some men just crave the degradation that you can only get from a sexy bitch like me. You are so pathetic you actually get hard when I mean to you. And I can be such a vicious chick and you love every horrible thing that comes out of my mouth and all the punishments I make you endure. Tell me, how does it feel when you are made to have sex with your hand and I’m taking a real man’s dick? How painful is it when you see me checking my phone and answering a text with a huge smile on my face and then to see me later walk out the door with my “special” bag on my shoulder? You know some lucky big dicked guy is going to be so satisfied tonight. And you also know that when I come back that you will be cleaning up and comforting my sore and well fucked pussy.

humiliation phone sex

And while you do your humiliating task, I will go into deep and graphic detail about the monster man cock I had stretching me out and pumping me for hours. You know that it is only Alpha males only for this beauty. Beta bitches like you are meant for clean up duty, housework and giving me all your money. But you love this humiliation and I am more than thrilled to give it to you. It is kinda funny when you call me your girlfriend in front of your buddies so you can pretend to be a big man. If they only knew of all the ways I emasculate you. It does make me laugh to think about it and makes our humiliation phone sex calls even more fun!

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Impregnation Phone Sex with Suzanne

I don’t want children, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have hot impregnation phone sex fantasies. I think about how hot it would be for my black lover to knock me up while my pathetic husband watches. See, I’d know I was carrying my lovers baby because I NEVER let my husband fuck me anymore. But I do want my husband to be a part of the whole process in these fantasies. I want him to watch me get knocked up. I want him to watch my stomach grow. I want him to see my titties get bigger and not be allowed to touch them (he’s never allowed to unless he’s licking another man’s cum off of them).

impregnation phone sex

I think it would be so hot to fuck while I’m pregnant. I know that women who are knocked up get are super horny all the time and knowing that makes me excited. It means that I could torture my husband with my fucking of other men even more than I already do! Of course, once I’m pregnant, my lover will have to move in with us. He will sleep with me in the master bedroom. My husband already sleeps in the guest room, so it won’t be an issue. Not that it would have been, anyway. That way, if I wake up horny in the middle of the night, he will be right there when I need his big black cock. I can just spread my legs, get my needs met, and then fall back to sleep.

Do you want to hear more about what my hot impregnation phone sex fantasies would entail? I would be more than happy to tell you all about them. All you have to do is give me a call. Just get your phone right now and dial 1 888 474

Cuckold Phone Sex with Remy

Some people might think that since I made my husband into my cuckold phone sex bitch that I’m not happily married. But that is so very wrong. It IS the reason we are so happily married. I like making him my cucky slave because I’m a horny MILF who needs to be fucked all the time and my man can’t keep up. Not for lack of trying. He gives it his best effort, but it is so laughable. But if I could have a cock, or several in me all the time I would.

cuckold phone sex

Plus I’m into more freaky stuff than he is. My honey is a bit too vanilla. He loves me enough to understand I have needs he will just never meet. But he is a very good cuckold phone sex slave. It’s taken me years to train him right. At first, he was reluctant. I mean to be fair most husbands don’t want another man fucking their hot sexy wife. It makes them feel less than manly. But I showed him how it works in his favor to let me fuck as many men as I want, plus he gets to watch and he learned quickly how much it turned him on to see me pleased and pounded in front of him. And he has become a really good cock sucker too. He’s so good at keeping my lover’s dicks rock hard for me so they can slam me in any hole they want. He’s even had a dick up the ass a few times…and loves it now! So see, I do love my sweet hubby. It’s not his fault he can’t keep up with my insatiable appetite. But he is willing to do anything to keep me happy and believe me, this cuckold phone sex wife is very, very happy!

Call Remy for cuckold phone sex at 1 888 474 6769

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Size Queen Phone Sex Slut Suzanne

I think you all know by now that I am a size queen phone sex slut. I simply cannot help it. From the first moment I felt a giant black dick inside me, I knew I was ruined forever. I remember thinking that nothing else would ever be good enough and I was right. I haven’t had any inferior white cocks since that day and I don’t plan to ever have another one inside me. I don’t ever sleep with my worthless cuckold husband. I used to do it on his birthday, but I got tired of even pretending to want to fuck him. Now all he gets is to watch my black lovers and me fucking. He loves seeing me all stretched out. Sometimes he even gets to lick the cum out of my gaping pussy if he’s been a really good boy. Sometimes I just torture him and make him listen from outside the door.

size queen phone sex

But back to the topic at hand – big dicks. I know that a lot of you want to become size queen phone sex sluts just like me. You dream about and drool over big black cocks and you want to get your mouth on one. You may even want one to slide balls deep inside your asshole. That’s what I want you to call and tell me about. I want to hear what got your fascination with big dicks started. I want to hear exactly what you want them to do to you. Whether you want your face or your asshole fucked, it doesn’t matter. Just knowing that you want a black cock filling one of your holes is exciting.

Call me right now for size queen phone sex and tell me all of your kinky fantasies. Tell me how you want to worship big cocks. Dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Suzanne.

BBC Phone Sex with Ruth

Alright, sweethearts, it’s time to tell you what really gets Red Hot Ruth’s red hot cunt going, yeah? Or can you give it a guess? Here’s a few hints: I get all sorts of juicy for things that are huge, I mean really fucking gigantic, and the darker the better, yeah? Have you got it yet, sweetheart? I bet you love those huge chocolate dicks almost as much as I do and are ready to call me for some BBC phone sex right now, aren’t you?

BBC phone sex

There’s something about the big veiny black dicks that makes me go absolutely wild, like an animal! And if there’s two or three or oh my fucking god even more to go to town on, forget about it, sweetheart, this bitch is down on her knees! It’s like I’m in fucking heaven at that point, yeah? I don’t care who sees me at that point- my limpdick hubby could walk in while all my sloppy wet holes are filled with giant noir fuckpoles and I wouldn’t fucking stop, no fucking way! Fuck, I’d probably cum right then and there smiling at hubby around the BBC stuffed down my throat. He’d probably see me squirting and his lil limpdick wouldn’t be able to help it but cum in his pants too, seeing those massive powerful erections plowing my ass and my cunt! I think I even saw his mouth watering to take a turn swallowing some of that gorgeous black penis and lick up their cum from my fucking wrecked cunt.

There’s all sorts of fun we can have during BBC phone sex, isn’t there, sweetheart? I know I’m getting all fucking worked up just thinking about what you’ve got in mind when you call me. So let’s do it. 1-888-474-6769, ask for Ruth, and let’s get this BBC party started, yeah?

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