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I’m in the mood for a hot phone sex fantasy with a sexy horny man. Could that be you? What would really get your dick rock hard? Maybe your neighbor’s slutty wife next door that you always see out by the pool in those sexy tight fitting jeans that shows off my tight ass? And those tight fitting tops that show off my huge tits? Men just love my melons. They always think of sliding their big fat cocks between them when I’m on my knees. Thinking about tit fuck phone sex makes my pussy dripping wet for you. Then I think about being the perfect cock sucking slut for you. I want to suck and slurp up and down your huge rod and take it in so far I gag on it. I just love being the slut you think about when you are fucking your wife. Maybe you get a massive hard on for MILF phone sex. I know you want to sink your tool deep in my fuck holes. I bet you blow your load when you see me walking around half naked. Do you want to blow your load in my married pussy? Or maybe you want me to suck you off until you blow all over my tits or down my throat.

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GFE phone sex

I love being a phone sex operator and I love being the dirty and nasty girl of your wet dreams. However, I also love connecting with my callers on every level.  Do you need someone to talk to who will listen to you and support you? I can do that for you. I want to be the one you call when you just want to connect, laugh or even cry with someone.  That’s what GFE phone sex lovers are for.

Sometimes life can be difficult and sharing your thoughts with someone can help ease the burdens and stress of every day life. Let me take some of that stress away for you. Let me rub your shoulders and get you a drink.   This sexy GFE phone sex MILF wants to share everything with you.

I can’t wait to hear your voice.


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Oh, you poor loser.  You were born with a 2 inch nub where a dick was supposed to be!  That’s why you’re calling me up all the time for small penis humiliation phone sex.  You know that’s all you’ll ever get from me… don’t think you’ll ever get that thing near my perfect pussy.  You might get lucky one day and get to lick the cum out of my pussy after I’m fucked by a big black cock, but that’s about it.  But you’re gonna have to earn that.  I don’t let just anyone lick me.  Wanna hear more about it?  Call me now for small penis humiliation phone sex!

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With me you’re always the boss.  I really do like being told what to do during our submissive phone sex call.  Oh hell, you’re right.  I even like being made to do whatever you want me to.  Force me down to my knees.  Pull my hair to force me to look up at you while you shove that big hard cock right in my mouth.  I’ll suck it hard and deep.  As your cock grows bigger and harder in my mouth I know you’re wanting to fuck me.

I’ll beg you to fuck me.  I want it any way you give it to me.  Put me on all fours and thrust that throbbing hard cock deep in my dripping wet pussy while I moan and plead for you to fuck me harder.  I know you want my ass too.  Oh yes, I want you to fuck my ass nice and deep.  I’ll get more excited the harder and rougher you fuck me.

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I see you looking in my window and stroking that hard cock. You are such a little pervert and a freak. I bet if I allow you to come in my room, we could have all kinds of fun. My son isn’t here now, and what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him. I love it when my son’s friends get a hard on for me. I tease them by wearing skimpy clothes and I’m always bending over in front of them. I want them to see that wet spot in my shorts or on my panties. I know you fantasize about how good my lips would feel wrapped around your hard cock. Maybe even how tight my MILF pussy really is. Do you like MILF phone sex? Would you like for me to seduce you, or the other way around?  This pussy is hot and ready for you when you have the time to cum play. All you have to do is call me and hear hot wet this sexy pussy really is.

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I had an interesting and kinky night on the town the other night. I went out with this guy, dressed in my mini skirt and no panties. We went to dinner. He was trying to move up the corporate ladder, so he had something in store for me. He took me to a hotel room where five guys were waiting. All waiting for me. The first guy had me get on my knees and suck his cock.  Then another guy came up under me and started fucking me. It felts so good, but that wasn’t all they had planned. One guy started fucking my ass. So far, I was full of three cocks and loving every bit of it. Then I grabbed two cocks by my hands and started jacking them off. The date just stood there jacking off. Everyone came, even me. Needless to say, he got the promotion.  You wanna hear all the details?  It would make one hell of a kinky phone sex call!

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Sometimes I just can’t help my self.  I love some freaky phone sex but having a little mystery in person is nice too.  So yesterday I decided to go running on the beach and then go for a swim.  I love how I can watch while the men look at my big titties bouncing up and down in my shirt and see my ass in the bikini bottoms I love to sport.  I ran past a very nice looking older man and his dog and turned to see as he watched me job past.  Before I knew I hit a sea shell and tripped into the water.  He immediately came back and picked me up from the new waves washing my skin.  He took me up to his house and layed me down on the patio chair.  After icing down my ankle he introduced himself and I had no idea what I was in for with him!

We talked for a while and then he leaned in to kiss me, my pussy immediately got so wet that I didn’t even try to fight it.  When he pulled out the straps to tie me down I just let him and enjoyed it:)  Tied into an “X” my arms were wide and my legs were spread.  He dove into my pussy right off and bit my clit a little hard, telling me to relax and let him do what he wanted.  I would have to either way!  It felt good being outside and knowing that somebody was probably watching but not being able to stop it.  Having him take complete control of my body, my little snatch and even my ass as he stretched my pussy out felt so amazing.  He fucked my cunt and then my tiny little tail pipe so hard that shook when I came and went limp.  After he was finished fucking, sucking and cumming in me he took me home and lay-ed me down.  It was hours later before I checked my email and saw pics of me and him out side, with him fucking the hell out of me.  “I knew somebody was watching” I thought and hit reply on the email… the next message that came back said “come to your front door, I want you…” a smile came across my lips and I did as instructed.  You want to know the rest of my phone sex fantasy?

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Why go with a girl when you can have a woman? Mature phone sex with an older woman, who specializes in mature phone sex fantasies. Mature as in MILF phone sex, best friends mom, teacher student, and all those taboo things I can’t talk about here! There is a large list of fantasies, and these are just some examples to get you started. Did any of them get your cock hard and throbbing? Don’t be shy, as having a son of my own and a husband, I have learned a lot about what men need and want — especially their sexual needs 😉

I can take charge and show you what an older woman wants from a man, or you can just use me as your personal phone sex slut — whatever strikes your mood. Mature phone sex with me is an orgasmic experience and mutually satisfying… we will both get off, and look forward to repeating it again soon.

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My new cheating wife phone sex partner is so perfect for me in every way. First and foremost, his cock is HUGE! Mmmm, just thinking about him is making my panties super moist. I LOVE a big dick. I will NOT fucking little dick losers. No exceptions!! Except a really RICH little dick loser. :p When my husband went to sleep my big dick lover called me to stretch my little cunt. I took all 9 inches like a champ. My tiny pussy squirted cum all night for my midnight fuck. When I was dripping wet all over he slide his massive cock into my sexy pink little butt hole. I love getting my ass banged really hard. His 9 inch dick slide straight into my blond hairy asshole with ease. After, I squirted again, I cleaned off his delicious, dirty cock. I love ass to mouth. My cheating wife phone sex partner knows how much of a horny slut I am. My husband has no clue.

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Laying on my bed, very slowly rubbing my stocking feet together…… I just love having a pantyhose fetish phone sex call. Just the way the nylons feel as I am pulling them up my legs. Thinking about that special shimmer they give off as they get you off!! There’s nothing sexier to me than a woman standing in front of you in just pantyhose and heels…. Now I understand that some of you—and you know who you are, would rather be wearing my panties and pantyhose! I love doing sissy phone sex, there’s something so naughty as I dress you up and make you my little bitch.  I’m here for all of those pantyhose, panty, and dress up calls! I love dressing up and feeling my foot slowly going up your leg and teasing you. I also enjoy those calls when you get to be my little sissy enjoying the feel of my strap on phone sex adventure!!

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