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Have you been a bad boy in class today? Yeah you….the sexy one sitting in the back, texting and chatting with the girl next beside you when you think I did not notice?? Guess what honey, I saw you and you have one hour of detention after the rest of the class leaves……the 3:30 bell rings, and you must remain seated. Just wait until Teacher Kirsten gets out the paddle and other toys I keep under lock and key, inside of my desk. Go turn out the light and lock the door, while I erase the chalkboard. Oops, I dropped some chalk! Gasp! Did you take a little sneak peek at my lacy black thong under my short skirt?? Hmmm….I think you deserve to be punished for that.
Since you are such a hot stud, I think I will let you off easy and just make you lick my hot, wet pussy for a little while. Before we get too far into our teacher/pupil phone sex fantasies, go pull the window shades down as I unbutton my black silk blouse, then remove my matching lace bra, but work your way down slowly. Don’t go too fast or I will use this paddle on your rock hard behind. See…this is what happens to hot, horny boys when they do give me their full attention. Call me if you are hot for teacher and want to find out what else I will do to you 😉

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MILF phone sex

MILF phone sex is totally new to me, sorta. I’m such a young step-mom some men don’t consider me as a MILF. Listen up jerks. I’m a married woman, with several step children. I am a MOM you would like to fuck! I’m a MILF, baby and I enjoy being one. Maybe one day you can grow some balls and fuck a freak like me. When my husband is sleeping, or after I fuck him to sleep, I like to sneak away and spend time with my midnight fuckers. The ones that know how to please a women with there cocks. For the ones that cannot, I’ll take what’s in there bank account. Then maybe they can fuck me with my really big TOY!

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My husband cannot keep up with my sex drive, I need a real man who can keep up with my sexual desires and is willing to explore.  We can both enjoy cheating wife phone sex, as your big hard cock makes me cum over and over again. Tease me with your tongue as it flicks against my clit, make me beg you to pound my wet sweet pussy with your throbbing hard cock. And just when you’re about to blow your load, I will slide it deep down my throat, tasting your cum. I’ll be a good little slut in a cheating wife phone sex call. Show me how a real man is supposed to feel like deep inside my pink pussy.

I just love getting kinky fetish phone sex calls, I love being a dirty little slut and making your cock hard for me.  The kinkier the better, my mind can wonder into places you can only dream about.  Don’t be afraid to call me for all your phone sex fantasies.

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I know what it is you want and I know what it is that gets your lil dick rock hard. You know you can’t satisfy me with that lil clitty in your hand, so I need to get fucked by a real man.  You got jealous at first but then, when you saw how satisfied I was to be getting fucked properly, you started fantasizing about me with my studs.  You want to know what I sound like when I’m cumming, don’t you my little cuckold phone sex slut?

Call me so you can help me get dressed for my date. You can sit in the corner while I’m out getting pounded by huge cock and when I get home, you can lick the cum out of me. Can you taste who I was with tonight? Are you wishing you could listen at the foot of the bed or even watch. I’ll think of ways to include you.

You don’t deserve a hot woman like me, but I’ll keep you around as long as you know your place, my lil cuck. You want cuckold phone sex and you want it now. Call Sensual Shelly now. Let’s have some fun.

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Dirty Deanna & porn star Paul meet in the chat room we sneak off to our favorite porn site. Deanna picks a movie of her choice. We both start the same movie and start our mutual masturbation phone sex call. With my vibrator in hand I play with my wet pussy as Paul strokes his hard cock. As we follow along with the move playing the porn star part. Its like a visual of what we are doing.. So thanks to Paul & the sexy hot miss T. We put a new twist to phone sex.. Thanks for the multiple orgasms we are sharing. The oil was a very hot touch as she sat in it on the glass table with a clear butt plug in. I’ll see u in the movies.

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Hey losers!  I know you’re a loser because you ended up here looking for cuckold phone sex!  That means you have a TINY dick and can’t please a woman.  That’s why every woman you’ve ever been with has cheated on you with REAL men… men with huge dicks that filled them up and pleased them in ways you never could.  But don’t worry… I’ll try not to laugh at you too much.   Actually, that’s a lie.  I will laugh until you cry and I’ll laugh some more.  So while your wife is out with another man, call me for cuckold phone sex and then everyone will be having fun!!

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D loves when he gets a hot idea for me and calls for roleplay phone sex to live it out.  He likes that I’m married and my hubby is so much older than me.  He likes to meet up in risky places so we just almost get caught.  I know, right?  That does make it even hotter doesn’t it?

Well, we were at a fundraiser and I was so bored.  I looked around the room and saw D.  He’s not supposed to be here.  It made me so mad I marched over and confronted him.  He took me by my elbow and led me into the coatcheck room.  I turned to bitch at him when he kissed me filling my mouth with his tongue.  Instantly, I was no longer mad and was so horny all I wanted was his cock.

He pressed me into the wall, kissing me.  He pulled my skirt up, sliding my thong to the side and felt how wet my pussy was already.  He took his cock out and shoved hard and deep in my wet pussy.  He was fucking me so hard and fast right there up against the wall until we both came.

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phone sex Mistress

I love my slaves so much, how they want to please me and shower me with gifts!  Your phone sex Mistress Crissy should never have to wait so get down on your knees and praise me.  If your really good I might just let you sniff my panties or serve my friends at a my day pool parties like my number one slave.  It was really warm this last Saturday and I have some friends over.  Girls were in the pool while my phone sex slave cooked out, served in an apron and a thong.  I could see my neighbors looking out their windows and it looked like the guy next door was really getting off on watching us.  By this time we were all topless and starting to fool around when I saw him pull his cock out I got out of the water into a lawn chair and told one of my friends to come over so we could tease him but it when I looked up again it turned out he was looking at my slave.  You want to hear more or be one of my slaves?

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Fantasy Phone Sex

You know what I love about this warm weather? The fact that there is a group of  half naked young guys that play basketball every evening  right down the street from my house! Those young hard bodies glistening with sweat and how their muscles ripple with every move. I admit it makes my panties a bit wet when I watch them. Every now and then the ball will get loose and roll down into my yard and I’ve been known to pick it up for them and flirt just a touch, all while wearing a see thru t shirt with no bra, and a pair of cut off shorts. I can feel their eyes roaming all over my body and I feel my pussy tingle down deep. Last night I asked one of them if he would like to make a little money and come mow the grass for me.. before I got the words out of my mouth he was nodding his head and staring hard. Looks like I might have myself a little summer fling! I overheard him on his phone talking about the hot milf that lives up the street to his buddies. I bet I can find some work for them too! Would you like to be part of my yard crew? Fantasy Phone Sex can get you on board!

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ass worship phone sex

Yes, I’m Matilda and I am bending over for you. My hot ass needs to be worshiped. Come on get to licking, ass licker. Slide your wet tongue over my hot, plump ass cheeks. Mm mm, yummy isn’t it? Spank my ass too, I love getting my ass slapped and spanked until it is blush red. Pain is pleasure in my book baby. Beg me to sit my tiny thong covered, asshole on your face. You are so lucky I’m small and petite, because full weight face-sitting is how I like to crush you.  Ass worship phone sex would be much better if we had an audience. Maybe, I will invite my other sex deprived, hot ass MILF phone sex friends to watch our show. If your good at eating my ass maybe they can join our fun. Come show me how good of an ass licker you are.

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