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I love when you call me and tell me about all the phone sex roleplays that you like! I want to be the object of your desire and I can be anyone you want me to be. I had a caller tell me that I reminded him of his someone he really shouldn’t be fantasizing about!! He loved the idea of me walking in on him while he was jerking off and he even blew his load all over my leg. *oops!*

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A lot of women just like talking about cuckold phone sex, but I live it every day.  I’ve been married for about 2 years and my husband is pretty worthless in the bedroom.  His dick is non existent!  But that’s okay because I have several lovers and they take good care of me.  Now and then I even let my husband join in… he LOOOVES sucking big black cock.  And he loves when he gets to lick the black creampie right out of my pussy.  You’re turned on just hearing about that, aren’t you?  Get your phone and call me for cuckold phone sex!!

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Do you like a certain nurse at the Dr.’s office you go too? I bet she is hot. She probably makes your cock hard every time you see her. Well, I love nurse roleplay phone sex and tempting my patients for some extracurricular activities. Seeing them in those hospital exam gowns makes my pussy wet thinking about what could be under there. Coming into the room and teasing you with my sexy cleavage and aromatic scent of perfume. Let me get your vitals and take your blood pressure and temperature. Sliding my hand under your gown and gently squeezing on that cock to get your blood pressure. I’m sorry my hands are cold, but they will warm up soon, just like me. Putting on gloves and having you lay back and put your feet in the stirrups to take your temperature. Feeling my finger slide right inside your asshole. It looks like you are very healthy and are clear for some extra activities. But I want to get a good look at your cock to make sure it is okay. Slipping my head under the gown and getting a taste of those balls, I hear a slight moan from you. Sliding your cock deep inside my mouth I get a louder response from you. Once your pressure is up I will climb on top and let you take my temperature and feel how hot I am. So, if your in the need of some medical phone sex attention give me a call.

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Ever been placed under hypnosis? That feeling of being lifted up to the clouds and floating along is so soothing and comforting. But the feeling of erotic hypnosis phone sex is even more pleasurable. Call me and I will relax your body into a state of ecstasy and I will turn you into whatever you want to be. Maybe it is a panty boy lover, lesbian, sissy or cuckold? Regardless, I will manipulate your mind into believing anything you want, not only that, but I will join you in helping your fantasy come true.  Maxwell Maltz has nothing on this hot, cybernetics freak, housewife 😉

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2 girl phone sex is the most fun a girl, another girl and a guy can have 😉 This week we had a “hump day” pool party at the pleasure palace on Wednesday.  It was such a good time.  Everybody came in a 1970’s outfit and we had an old school “key party.”  Nice way to break up the week with several of our friends.  Everybody put their keys into a large bowl, I mixed them up and to make it a bit more of a surprise we added a twist.  The bowl was filled with an alcoholic punch and everybody was blindfolded like bobbing for apples.  As the hostess I went first to demonstrate and picked the set of keys I had wanted for such a long time.  I got the set that belonged to my man pet’s BOSS, Julian.  He is such a hottie I could almost not contain my excitement!!  A huge smile swept across his face and I knew it was going to be a passion filled evening, it got even better when my pet “bobbed” for his set of keys and drew mine.  I got two cocks that I loved that night and it was amazing!  My pet got to watch first, while i cucked him and then jumped in and played.  My favorite part was when Julian was giving it to my pet doggie style and I was under him spread wide to have is cock fill my pussy.  Want to know how the rest of the night went or “bob” for your own keys?

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