Strap on Phone Sex

Some men.. much like you have a certain craving that makes them feel shameful..but so incredibly horny at the same time. They need a phone sex mommy like myself to teach them, to help them understand this desire. Are you one of the many that masturbates hard to the thought of strap on phone sex? I bet you are. Mommy Audra  knows that there are many of you out there that want to be pegged. I also find that many of  my  strap on phone sex callers also tend to have a very very small penis. Not all of them do , but about 90%. They crave a touch of small penis humiliation along with their strap on phone sex. Cum and confess to  Mommy Audra your phone sex fantasy and see what kind of phone sex roleplay we can enjoy! Dial 1-888-47-HORNY

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dirty phone sex

Dirty phone sex, what a hot topic for a phone sex call!  What flavor of dirty are you in the mood for?  How about some naughty with that dirty ? Or perhaps a  little kinky mixed in with your dirty phone sex would be more to your liking ?

What ever your taste, fetish or fantasy may be,
Make hot dirty fun with Evie part of your recipe.
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mutual masturbation phone sex

Are you looking for someone to watch your favorite porno with you?  Wish your girlfriend was into porn as much as you?  Call Ania for some hot mutual masturbation phone sex!  MMmmm… I love to watch porn with you.  Knowing we are watching the same dirty girls get their fuck on while we pleasure ourselves together.  You’re stroking your throbbing cock while I rub my hot wet pussy for you.  I just love hearing you breathe harder in my ear as you stroke it faster getting more excited as we watch our nasty movie together.  The best thing about mutual masturbation phone sex is that we are getting off together baby while watching those naughty fuck films your girlfriend said you aren’t allowed to watch!  So go ahead keep buying them I won’t tell.  Cum watch them with me!

So pick up that phone and call your favorite mutual masturbation phone sex slut Ania 1-888-474-6769.

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size queen phone sex

I’m not shy about admitting that I am a Size Queen.  I suffered with an inadequate sex life for too many years not realizing that most of the reason was because of his small little dick.  It wasn’t until I had my second lover that I truly learned what I had been missing – a cock large enough to stretch my hot pussy and thick enough to rub right up against my g-spot.  I had never in my life experienced orgasms, multiple on top of multiple orgasms that I knew I’d be taking lovers for the rest of my life!

Whatever woman tells you size doesn’t matter is either kidding herself or trying to make you feel better.  When it comes to cock, bigger is always better for this woman.  I get a lot of guys asking about what makes me so good at size queen phone sex and I tell them it’s because I truly am.  Not even for a mercy fuck will I let an inadequate dick inside my hot pussy, if you don’t measure up, give it up, it’s not going to happen no matter how much you beg.  For those of you men out there who are well endowed and above average in size, I’m going to be the hottest, the wettest and the nastiest fuck you have ever experienced.

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strap on phone sex

Ever had the desire to have a nice,big cock in your mouth?  Wanting to take it in deep throat and then in your ass, stretching out your sweet man pussy?  You know you want to try it and just never had the nerve before this horny housewife caught your attention.  I know you’re fingering your ass while you are stroking your cock and it is just not enough anymore.  You need to call me for strap on phone sex.  You want to have a sweet voice and sexy tongue telling you how good you look with your legs in the air, spread wide open and taking in one of my many strap-on cocks.  I want you to make your cock harder before you shoot your load all over your chest while I pound your pussy and watching your nipples shake while I nail you hard.  Get ready for me and my strap-on cock you’re my little slut so bring that sweet ass to Crissy so we can play.

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taboo phone sex

Hi guys, my name is Mimi and I am ready for some taboo phone sex. Tell me all of your naughtiest desires. I want you to spill all of your wildest secrets to me. Yes, I can keep a secret. Lets cum together in perfect unity. I am turned on knowing that you trust me so much. We can roleplay, or you can just call me to confess. Remember, Mimi knows best baby so call me now.

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body worship phone sex

I get calls all the time from men who want to worship my ass, my feet, my legs, or my fantastic tits. When they want to worship all of me, it means they are into body worship phone sex. I work out a lot and my body is amazing so I can see why they might enjoy getting off on any of my body parts.  They imagine peeling away the layers of my work clothes…sliding me out of my tight skirt so they can hold their nose in my ass and grab my perfect ass cheeks..(with my permission of course). One man enjoys licking and sniffing my pretty, business casual pumps and he begs me to tie my stockings around his cock like a leash. Oh so you are also into feet? You have a foot fetish that I can indulge as well. Let me help you cum using only my feet. Once you cum on them, I’ll make you lick them clean and I know you will love absolutely every minute my feet are in your face.

Body worship phone sex is a great way to worship and adore me and I enjoy all of the erotic attention. How are you going to worship your Shelly today? Call me and let’s get you off nice and hard.

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cuckold phone sex

Cuckold phone sex is one of my all time favorites. I know you love your wife. It’s because you love her that you want to see her be sexually satisfied. I think that’s sweet !  We all know it takes a man with the right equipment so to speak, to satisfy a woman.  Especially a fine woman like your wife. Admitting to yourself at least that you just don’t have what it takes is the first step in achieving your goal of getting your wife off. The fact that it wont be your cock actually doing the satisfying is of little consequence.

I truly enjoy cuckold phone sex because I love listening to a man who loves his wife so much that he will stop at nothing to make sure her sexual thirst is quenched and quenched by the best.

For the best in cuckold phone sex call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for me, Evie.

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Cougar Phone Sex

Hello, all you BIG young cocks. Mmmm, this is Frankie and I am your cougar phone sex vixen. I LOVE that big fat dick! If you are young and full of cum then you need to call Ms. Frankie, baby. I will make your big college age cock feel real good. This cougar  doesn’t make any bones about being a size queen. I love em large while I am in charge. I will seduce you with this fine experienced body and fantastic, hungry pussy. I can turn those cum fill balls inside out. *Wink*

Now I know you are all feeling really sorry for my ex. Well, dont be. He had a tiny dick that just didnt satisfy me. Making him my cuckold phone sex hubby was the right thing to do. Plus, he loved watching me get off with some real fat cock pumping my hot pussy. Making him my little cuck has made our relationship, as divorcee’s, much more interesting. Who knew he would love to watch his wife cheat on him. I wish I had known way back then. I would have turned him into my cuckold at that time.

Oh well, live and learn right? The one thing I do know, as I get older, that being a cougar is fucking awesome. I feel like a young girl again. I party, go clubbing and hook up with the hottest, horniest young guys. Then I invite my cuckold over and let him watch. Sometimes I even let him participate. *wink*. If you are looking for the complete cougar phone sex package then give me a ring-a-ding. I will already be wet and ready to pounce. *RAWR*

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AB/DL phone sex

There is something so comforting about being put in a warm soft diaper and something so deliciously humiliating when I make you wet and mess that diaper.  I love to nurture and coddle you on our adult baby phone sex call and let you know just what kind of naughty boy you are.  I also know that many of you are diaper lovers and have no desire to be my baby, and that’s okay too.  I am experienced with AB/DL phone sex and in real life!

If you have been longing for phone sex Mommy to make you her AB/DL then look no further, because you’ve found me!  I understand all aspects of your fetish and your desires and I’ll even come up with ideas that you probably have never thought of.  Don’t be afraid to share with me all your naughty secrets and private thoughts, I do not judge but only embrace your kinky thoughts.

For AB/DL phone sex, call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Carla today!

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