MILF Phone Sex with Suzanne

Are you craving a kinky cuckold MILF phone sex fantasy today? As I told you before, I’ve been having an affair with my stepson’s best friend. He’s 18 years old and has the body of a God. Once I started not keeping my affairs quite so secret, I think my husband was especially intrigued that I was fucking a hot younger stud. He would ask “Which one are you texting?” and every time I’d say “The younger stud” he would get this really excited look on his face. Even though he’d been watching me fuck my black lover, I knew he wasn’t totally satisfied with that. I knew that he wanted to watch me fuck my hot younger lover.

MILF phone sex

To be honest, I wasn’t satisfied either… and I wasn’t going to be satisfied with him just watching anymore. I wanted my husband to be there when I fucked my studly younger lover and I wanted him to do more than watch. I wanted him to eat the hot creampie out of my fucked pussy. I could just imagine his wide eyes when looking at hot cum dripping out of me. Yeah, that needed to happen ASAP. So I invited my boy toy over and told him about the plans I had for my husband. He was just as excited as I was!

So we did our thing and he fucked this hot cuckold MILF phone sex slut so hard… I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to walk the next day. After he was done with me, I was laying spread eagle on the bed and I motioned for him to crawl up between my legs. He did, and then asked me what I wanted. I told him that I wanted him to lick all the cum from my pussy. He protested at first and said there was absolutely no way he would ever do that. I just grabbed his head and gently pulled it toward me and he stuck his tongue out and did exactly what I told him to.

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Suzanne

If there’s anything I love, it’s big black cock. I guess you could say that I’ve always been a size queen phone sex slut. Even before I started fucking black guys, I knew that inferior white cock wasn’t going to be good enough for me. It just didn’t fill me up the way I needed to be filled up. I think every woman, if she were honest with herself, is a size queen. Honestly, what’s to love about skinny, short white cock? Sure, every now and then there may be a huge unicorn white cock, but it truly is rare.

size queen phone sex

And you know, a lot of guys are size queens, too. Not alpha males, of course. But there are a lot of cock sucking men who love getting fucked by big black cocks, too. I love talking to those guys. It’s so much fun to swap stories about how much we both love BBC’s and how we could never go for anything less than a perfect chocolate dick. Nothing else will ever do and we know that.

One of my favorite things ever is sharing big black cock with my husband. He didn’t love it at first, but now he’s on board with it. He even begs me for it. I never thought that would happen, but it makes me really happy. Happy that he is also a size queen AND happy because sometimes I like to deny him and make him beg for it even more than he already does. Sometimes I even get awesome presents out of it when he’s trying to talk me into letting him have blac cock.

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Cuckold Phone Sex Mistress Phoebe

Ah, yes , welcome to your one and only cuckold phone sex Mistress. My cuckold knows his place and follow’s my strict rules. To begin with me you will do anything and everything exactly as I tell you to and you always address me as yes mistress.

cuckold phone sex Mistress

He stands in the corner and observes , Ready at my command to assist in all stages of fucking that is the only time I allow my cuckold to stroke his tiny little cock. Sometimes I allow him to lick my pussy to get me ready other times I order him to be my little cock sucker and get my men ready for me as a cuckold mistress I prey on the old, the younger and the naïve nobody is safe as your cuckold mistress the more I humiliate you the more your tiny cock will twitch and drools .I am cuckold phone sex mistress who specializes in men who wanna serve me who are are in phone sex fantasies. I can take you in any direction your cock desires. From cock sucking, cum eating, cream pie eating, little dick humiliation and so much more! I offer a discreet, non judgmental atmosphere when you call me for a session. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and confess all your secrets, desires and cum fetish cravings call your cuckold phone sex mistress today!

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Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Remy

So, let me guess — you have a tiny pathetic cock, right? And I supposed you need a good dose of small penis humiliation phone sex too. Now you know that I only fuck real bonafide men with big swinging cock. That, of course, leaves you out of that equation. While the real men are out fucking fine sexy women like me, you are sitting at home 2 finger tugging that little guy wishing you were packing heat like those guys in porn. I bet you love watching those hung cocks flopping around sliding into a wet ready willing and dripping wet cunt, then her reaction is so much more than anyone has ever been with you. You wish you made women react like that?

small penis humiliation phone sex

By now, you must know that size is all that matters. Women like me, demand big fat cocks and we won’t ever settle for less. But don’t be sad guy, you and I can still be friends. You know how every woman has a special guy friend? Well, you could be my tiny penis having buddy that I hang out with. Wow, that would be so much fun for me. Say I have a hot date with a monster cock and I want to dress like a whore for him, I would use you as a model and I see that tiny useless oversized clit get hard I would know I am good to go. Yeah, you will be living in the friend zone due to your deformity. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have some action. Sometimes my pussy gets too sore to keep fucking, and you can be the perfect fluffer for me. Yeah, you better start chewing some gum and get that jaw of yours ready for some serious cock sucking. So call me for small penis humiliation phone sex and we can talk about all sorts of ways you can help me out.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Carla

So it’s always been your fantasy to see your wife getting fucked by another man. You call me for cuckold phone sex because you know that I have been cucking my husband for 30 years now. Damn right, 30 fucking years of fucking men other than my husband. Of course he knows. He didn’t at first and he thought about leaving me after he found out I cheated. But when his little pathetic dick got hard just talking about me with other men, I knew he would never leave. I was right. I’m always right ~ wink ~

cuckold phone sex

You can tell me the truth, it’s not just any cock you want to see fuck your girlfriend is it? I know it’s a BBC that you fantasize about. One has to wonder if it’s more about you than her? It’s not, trust me on that. Start thinking about her pleasure and the likelihood of her finding a real man to fuck her goes up exponentially. When you’re watching porn together and fucking around, tell me how wet her pussy gets when you watch some big black guy pounding some white guy’s wife. Once she gets a feel of your little dick it will finally click that she needs something bigger and better.

I always tell guys “be careful what you wish for”. Sure you can tell me your cuckold fantasies and how bad you want to watch her with another man, but when reality hits and she likes him better than you …. Don’t laugh, it happens. Can you blame her for leaving your sissy white dick for a real man with a real cock? You better do a damned good job convincing her that you don’t ever need to fuck her again if you want her stay. Better yet, offer up some cash and your marital bed to her big black stud.

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BBC Phone Sex with Suzanne

Holy shit, I love big black cocks. It was only natural that I would fall in love with BBC phone sex.  There’s nothing that gets my cunt wet more than seeing a giant chocolate dick coming toward me. I love getting down on my knees to worship it and get it fucking rock hard with my tongue and my mouth. I love it when they grab the back of my head and push my mouth down until that black dick is balls deep down my throat.That gets me so fucking wet and I almost always end up fingering my pussy while I’m sucking that BBC.

BBC phone sex

Once I get that big black cock hard, I can’t stand it for long and I need it inside my pussy. I need it balls deep inside me as soon as possible. I don’t want to be fucked gently by black cock. I need it hard and deep. Does it hurt a little bit? Yeah, a little. Butdo I care? Absolutely not. I like it when it hurts a little bit…or a lot. Andboy do those hung black men love shoving their cocks as deep inside me as they can get them. Oh, and when they shoot a hot load inside me, it is absolutely heavenly. Fuck yeah.

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Impregnation Phone Sex with Suzanne

I love impregnation phone sex. I mean, the thought of another man knocking me up while my husband watches is just so exciting. And I only fuck big black cock, so when I give birth, people are pretty much going to know that it isn’t my husband’s baby. Why would I want to pass on inferior genes to a child? That’s right, I wouldn’t. I don’t care if people know the baby I give birth to doesn’t belong to my husband. If he were a real man in the bedroom he wouldn’t have to worry about things like this. But since he isn’t, then he’s just going to have to deal with it.

impregnation phone sex

But seriously, the thought of him watching another man shoot a load inside me with the intent of getting me pregnant is one of the hottest things in the world. I just love thinking about it and asking him if he thinks that this is the time when my lover will get me pregnant with the load coming out of his big black cock. It makes me cum so hard when he stammers and doesn’t really even know what to say.

Also, the thought of him watching my stomach and my breasts grow when I’m with another man’s child just really gets me hot, too. And I know that pregnant women are always horny, so I know I will be fucking my baby daddy the entire time I’m pregnant. Day and night. I think we will most definitely have to move him in with us so I can have his dick anytime I need it.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Suzanne

I think it’s been well established that I love cuckold phone sex and that I don’t just talk about it on the phone. I live the cuckold lifestyle for real and I love talking to guys about it. It’s fun to talk about how my husband’s pathetic cock just doesn’t do it for me and I have to have other dicks in order to be pleased.

cuckold phone sex

Do you have a tiny dick, too, and you want to tell me about how worthless you are? I would LOVE that. Sure, I could and probably will tell you how you aren’t good enough for a woman like me, but I really get off on hearing you tell me in your own words how you are a pathetic loser. It gets me so excited. I like hearing you start out with a fairly confident voice and then the more you talk and tell me about what a loser you are, the more your voice cracks. Ah, that makes me happy. I like breaking guys like you who think you’re real men when you call and then by the time I am done with you, you know that you aren’t. You never were and you never will be a real man. You can’t make your dick grow. It’s done growing and it looks like it never got started.

Just give me a call right now for cuckold phone sex so that we can talk about how worthless you are. You can try to pretend like small dicks can please a woman just as much as a big one, but we all know that that is a lie. All I’m going to do is tell you about REAL dicks and what they do for me that yours can’t. Dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Suzanne.

Impregnation Phone Sex with Suzanne

I don’t want children, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have hot impregnation phone sex fantasies. I think about how hot it would be for my black lover to knock me up while my pathetic husband watches. See, I’d know I was carrying my lovers baby because I NEVER let my husband fuck me anymore. But I do want my husband to be a part of the whole process in these fantasies. I want him to watch me get knocked up. I want him to watch my stomach grow. I want him to see my titties get bigger and not be allowed to touch them (he’s never allowed to unless he’s licking another man’s cum off of them).

impregnation phone sex

I think it would be so hot to fuck while I’m pregnant. I know that women who are knocked up get are super horny all the time and knowing that makes me excited. It means that I could torture my husband with my fucking of other men even more than I already do! Of course, once I’m pregnant, my lover will have to move in with us. He will sleep with me in the master bedroom. My husband already sleeps in the guest room, so it won’t be an issue. Not that it would have been, anyway. That way, if I wake up horny in the middle of the night, he will be right there when I need his big black cock. I can just spread my legs, get my needs met, and then fall back to sleep.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Remy

Some people might think that since I made my husband into my cuckold phone sex bitch that I’m not happily married. But that is so very wrong. It IS the reason we are so happily married. I like making him my cucky slave because I’m a horny MILF who needs to be fucked all the time and my man can’t keep up. Not for lack of trying. He gives it his best effort, but it is so laughable. But if I could have a cock, or several in me all the time I would.

cuckold phone sex

Plus I’m into more freaky stuff than he is. My honey is a bit too vanilla. He loves me enough to understand I have needs he will just never meet. But he is a very good cuckold phone sex slave. It’s taken me years to train him right. At first, he was reluctant. I mean to be fair most husbands don’t want another man fucking their hot sexy wife. It makes them feel less than manly. But I showed him how it works in his favor to let me fuck as many men as I want, plus he gets to watch and he learned quickly how much it turned him on to see me pleased and pounded in front of him. And he has become a really good cock sucker too. He’s so good at keeping my lover’s dicks rock hard for me so they can slam me in any hole they want. He’s even had a dick up the ass a few times…and loves it now! So see, I do love my sweet hubby. It’s not his fault he can’t keep up with my insatiable appetite. But he is willing to do anything to keep me happy and believe me, this cuckold phone sex wife is very, very happy!

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