Cuckold Stories with Beth

It’s really cool that I get to hear about my callers’ sex lives when they call and confess to the dirty deeds that make their worlds turn. I hear it all, but I get a huge kick out of all the different cuckold stories I get to hear. It’s funny – you think you understand a fetish after you read about it, even after you try it, but you have no idea until you get to hear about it from many other people. It turns out that even cuckolding can be as different from cuck to cuck as the size of the chastity cages some of them wear on their puny little dicks!

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Let me share with you two of the best cuckold stories I’ve heard so far. First, I have a longtime caller who has been living the cuckold life with his wife for many years. He has consistently had his little dick in a chastity cage for about 6 years, and as a result, that dick has shrunk to micropenis status! His wife has a regular stud, and they have signed a breeding contract, as well as a contract of ownership. That bull owns the cuck’s wife’s pussy, plain and simple, and she has already had two children by him! And the cuck hubby serves everyone – his wife, the stud, and the stud’s wife. He cleans up cum, cleans house, and fluffs the bull’s cock. And once every few months they let him out of his cage so he can jerk off feverishly for about 20 minutes, only to be locked up again. How’s that for cuck life?

Then, most recently, I had a caller who was a newlywed – he and his wife had only been married a day. Where was she? Across the state line, having a threesome with two bulls, while her brand new hubby was at home, eagerly awaiting her return the next day….used and full of cum, and ready for him to fuck her again, and then clean her up and take care of her. He told me she had fucked a completely different guy the night before the wedding, and teased him about being full of another man’s cum while they danced their wedding dance. The kicker? They had yet to consummate their marriage – he was waiting for her to be filled with loads of cum from other men. Their whole courtship had been like this too – sometimes he watched, and sometimes he waited at home, but this one was different because she was ovulating, so they were hoping she would come home impregnated. Another of the best cuckold stories I’ve heard yet to date!

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Remy

I love being a size queen phone sex slut so much that I should wear a big diamond encrusted tiara just to let everyone know that I don’t fuck around with tiny cock. It would save me so much effort, if I am being honest. I get so pissed off when I spend time with a guy, getting all horny and ready to go, only to find out that he is sporting a miniature prick. See, I am a Cougar always on the prowl and I get downright pissy if that cock isn’t at least a thick 9 inches.

size queen phone sex

I often get salty enough that I do some serious shit talking just to punish you for wasting my time. Hell, I have made grown men cry on several occasions. But isn’t that what a true Queen does when she is displeased? Off with his head and all that shit. But when it comes to those big cocks that is another story altogether. For those guys rocking a big bulge in their pants, I am as sweet as pie! I always do what I have to do to ride a big cock whenever and wherever I can. I don’t know how women fuck even an average size cock. I get so bored and pissed off just thinking about it. Those massive units have totally opened my world, and my pussy, up so much that I can’t go back to regular sized peen anymore. I have learned to deep throat those monster cocks and hell, I let them do anything they want to me. I never thought I would let a big johnson in my ass, but I have found myself begging for it more than once.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Arabella

Arabella here, boys! I need your help! I need to find something to cure my boredom. I need to find something fun, interesting and new to do.How can you help, you ask? Well I have wanted to have some fun with cuckold phone sex. That’s right! My husband is supposed to be home from deployment for a while soon, and I want to show him how worthless his cock is to me. I mean, come on. He left me here alone with our daughter for so long, did he really think I wouldn’t find something better? We will just have to show him exactly what it means to leave me alone like this. I would love seeing his face when he first sees his sweet, innocent wife fucking another man right in front of him.

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I won’t be nice about it, either. I will certainly be sure to tell him exactly how much better your big huge cock feels, and how he could never MEASURE up *giggles*. I would make sure he knew his fucking place. What would his place be, you ask? Sitting in our room, and watching while I have fun, and tell him how much he sucks at fulfilling my needs. I will also make sure he knows that he will never be able to. Ever. His puny tic tac is just not enough. I need a real mans thick meaty cock, not his itty bitty thing, especially because he has no clue what to do with it. That’s right. I am not afraid to tell him like it is. He can deal with it, or not. I have make sure I get what I need, too.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Frankie

I am so excited to be able to talk about one of my favorite subjects, cuckold phone sex! One of the reasons I LOVE this subject is because I like to have you watch me as I get fucked by a big black monster cock!! I have this need to humiliate you because of your pathetically small dick that would never be able to satisfy a woman. I want you to compare your cock to that big monster cock and see that your cock is just as small as my little pinkie finger. You will sit in a chair at the foot of the bed watching me as I am getting fucked by that big black monster cock and NO you will NOT be touching yourself I will put a chastity on your pathetic little dick!

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So in this cuckold phone sex fantasy your pathetic little clitty will be made fun of unmercifully! You are like my pathetic little husband and are to be made to watch me get fucked. There is just something about that that gets your little dick all hard. Knowing that your wife or girlfriend’s pussy is going to get stretched out all out and filled up! That’s right, filled up with cock and that cream pie that you are going to lick out.

That’s what I make my ex-husband do is eat out my cream pie after a night of watching my pussy get so fucked. Yet he keeps cumming back for more and sometimes begs me to call on one of my boy toys to come over so he can watch! That’s what you little dick guys are for anyways to use like that! You know it too because you know your cock is so pathetic that it warrants a good cuckold phone sex time!

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Size Queen Phone Sex with Beth

Ha! So I had a guy call the other day and posture about the size of his cock. He said it was probably too big to get down my throat. Sure, I believe him. Not. Why? Because I’m a size queen through and through, and I already know I can handle a huge cock. Don’t believe me? That’s ok – you can just call me for some size queen phone sex and I can prove it to you.

size queen phone sex

I started out big – my first boyfriend had the fattest cock I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with. No, it wasn’t super long, but man did it have girth! So when you start out learning how to please a cock like that, it’s only a natural progression to becoming a size queen, unless you’re one of those whiny little bitches who is intimidated by a really big dick. If you are, that’s ok – just send him to me! I’ll take him on!

They say it’s not the size of the dick, but how you use it. I call bullshit on that! A guy with a small pecker came up with that shit! For size queens like me, there is no going back. Yes, that means I go for BBC whenever I can, but the color of the cock isn’t as important as the size. I want to feel that dick inside of me, stretching my pussy out, and banging hard into my cervix. I want to struggle to get my mouth around it because I know when that happens, it’s going to feel soooo good inside of me, pussy or ass – you pick. Call me for size queen phone sex and we can talk about all the sensations that come with having a huge cock shoved into every hole I’ve got. I want to be stuffed with big cock until there’s no room left for another inch, until I feel like I’m going to be split in half! Oh fuck, yeah – that’s the good stuff in life!!!

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Ruth

You’re such a fucking hunk of a man, sweetheart, and my limpdick hubby just… well I haven’t called him a “man” since before the last time he tried to feed me the pathetic little piece of meat he’s packing. He kinda proved my point with that little stunt. He knows I need a real fucking stallion of a man with a potent tool to give me the kind of wet and sloppy cunt filling I deserve and that ain’t him and his. But that man is you and you’ve got a rock hard cock for me and some cuckold phone sex, yeah?

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I knew it the first time you delivered a package to my high-rise while the girlie-man wasn’t home. That muscle-hugging shirt and those tight delivery-uniform shorts told me exactly what I needed to know about you, sweetheart, and I made sure that you knew that short yellow sundress was the only thing I was wearing. Easy enough to bend my ass over for your viewing pleasure putting down that big box behind me in the hall, yeah? Seeing my ass bare under that cute little hem is what did it, yeah sweetheart? What made you shove me onto my knees and slam that fucking door shut behind you, yeah?

I didn’t care, I needed some hot cuckold fucking from the rock hard schlong I could see in your shorts right there on the floor my limpdick hubby would be coming home to later. You didn’t barely have to tell me nothing for me to be pulling that thick piece of meat out and burying it in my fucking throat, did you sweetheart? Could you tell how fucking hungry I was for it?

But I think what made it even fucking hotter, sweetheart, was when you flipped me over and made my ass jiggle pounding my red hot cunt so fucking hard bareback right there on the floor. When you asked if I was on birth control and I told you no and begged you to cum inside my fertile hot womb and impregnate me, you almost couldn’t fucking believe how hot the cuckold phone sex delivery you signed up for got, could you, sweetheart?

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Suzanne

Why are you here for cuckold phone sex? Have you started to wonder what your wife is up to when she says she’s going out with her girlfriends and doesn’t come home until the next day? You believed her at first when she told you she was just with friends, but now you’re not so sure of that, are you? You’re starting to suspect that she’s been sleeping with other men.

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What made you start suspecting that she’s been with other men? Was it the time recently that she came home and sat right on your face first thing in the morning? You know she’s not normally so horny that early in the morning and she rarely ever initiates anything sexual with you. You thought that maybe she just missed you, but when you stuck your tongue inside her, you noticed that she was kind of stretched out. And you noticed that she tasted kind of weird – really salty. And you’ve never known her to be that wet before. That’s when you figured it out, wasn’t it? You knew that she’d been fucking another man who had a dick WAY bigger than yours. And you knew that she was sitting on your face and feeding his cum to you straight from her pussy.

How do you feel about being a cuckold phone sex husband? Do you need to talk to someone about your feelings? Maybe you’re turned on by it and you didn’t expect that. I’ve been a cuck wife for years and I can help you understand those weird feelings you are having. All you need to do is give me a call. I’m here for you. I can help you accept everything and even start to love it.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Suzanne

I’m sure that if you have followed my cuckold phone sex journey, then you know that there are times when I’m being fucked by my lover that I just don’t want my husband anywhere near me. He can listen in the next room, but I don’t want him watching. I want to be able to enjoy myself fully. But when he gets to get in on the action, it’s really a lot of fun.

cuckold phone sex

Letting him in on the action does NOT mean that he gets to try to fuck me. I say try because there’s no way he is big enough to ever get it inside me. He couldn’t fuck me even if I said I would give him a chance to. No, letting him in on the action means that he’s going to get to crawl over to me and lick my pussy to get it wet for the BBC that will be pleasing me in ways that he never could.

Once he gets me nice and wet, I tell him to make his way over to my lover – on his knees, of course. I tell him to wrap his lips around that big fat black dick and get it hard for me. He knows better than to say no. Even if he’s not in the mood to suck cock, he never says no to me. If he does, there will be some serious hell to pay and he knows that. So he crawls over like a good boy and sucks that giant cock until it’s good and hard for me. Of course, most of the time he wants to keep sucking, but if he did that, then I wouldn’t get fucked. So, it’s a no from me on that.

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Impregnation Phone Sex with Suzanne

I often have impregnation phone sex fantasies about my black boyfriend Steve knocking me up. I never fuck my husband (well, just on his birthday), but there’s no way I want to make a baby with him. I want to be knocked up by a real man. I don’t want to give birth to a child that might have the same problem – a small dick. Sometimes when I masturbate, I just think about my husband watching Steve fuck me while I’m ovulating and shooting his hot fucking creampie deep inside me. I usually let my husband lick the creampie out of me, but not if I’m trying to get pregnant. I’ll just hold my legs in the air in a position where the cum won’t leak out. I want it inside me for a long time so I can increase the chances of me getting pregnant. And then when Steve gets hard again, he will fuck me again to increase the odds.

impregnation phone sex

My husband obviously isn’t black (if he was, of course he’d have a big dick), so it turns me on to think about how embarrassed and humiliated he will be when the kid is born and obviously isn’t his. People are finally going to know what a slut for BBC his wife is. If people ask, of course I won’t deny it. I’m totally not ashamed of being a whore for black cock. I need it pretty much on a daily basis and if I get pregnant, I get pregnant. Mmm and I can’t wait to see how big and sensitive my tits get while I’m pregnant. And I’ve heard that pregnant women are super horny, so I may need Steve to move in with us so he can fuck me anytime I need him to.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Slut Wife Darcy

I’m interested in cheating wife cuckold phone sex. As most of you know, I’m an insatiable slutty wife, always interested in brand new dick. I was stepping into the shower to clean the chlorine off my body after an afternoon dip in the pool when I hear the doorbell chime. My robe was nowhere in sight, so I wrapped one of my husband’s towels around me so I could hurry down the stairs and answer the door. It was a sexy young delivery boy with a bouquet of gerbera daisies, (my favorite). I guess my usually useless cuckold phone sex husband remembered our anniversary after all. I couldn’t help but wonder if the delivery boy could become apart of my present, too.

cuckold phone sex

Since I was only in a towel, I couldn’t safely use my arms without my towel giving this hot young stud the view of his life. Not that I would’ve minded giving him a flash of my nude breasts and juicy pussy. But I used the opportunity to get him inside the house. I had him set the flowers on the table and then asked if he wouldn’t mind reading the card to me. I was delighted he obliged. The card read: “For the most beautiful woman in the world. I love you.” I yawned at the thought of my cuckold phone sex hubby’s boring card and then I started eyeing the delivery boy up and down. I dropped my towel and started walking towards him. I pressed my tits up against his chest and started unzipping his pants. When I felt how huge his cock really was I smiled and slid down his body to my knees. Locking eyes with him, I started swirling my tongue around the tip before sucking more of it into my mouth. My hands slid up his thighs and around to his firm ass. I dug my nails in and pulled him deeper into my throat.

I smiled when I noticed the card my cuckold phone sex husband was still in this other man’s hand. When I came up for air, I asked if he wanted to have more fun with me. Of course, the answer was yes. I led him up to my bedroom and helped him undress completely. Taking special care to hold the card my husband sent in my hand the whole time. I told this sexy young stud that he better rail on me harder than he ever has before. And oh my god, he was good. He pounded my greedy cunt just how I needed and I came so, so much.

Now, this is cuckold phone sex so I made sure to keep that pussy card my husband sent me close by. I asked this delivery boy for one more favor. “You’re going to have to pull out and nut all over this card for me.” I placed the card in between my tits to give him some more motivation. He shot the biggest load that soaked through the card and all over my tits.

I left the card on my husband’s pillow as a thank you for the wonderful anniversary gift.

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