BBC Phone Sex with Patty

Hey guys. I love cock, as most of you know, but what you don’t know is I love BBC much more then I love white cock.  BBC phone sex is the best and it makes me so horny and my panties so wet.  The thought of a huge 12 inch or larger cock sliding it’s head right in between my legs makes me tingle inside.  My pussy is full of cream just thinking about it!!

BBC phone sex

I have this boyfriend, and well his ding-a-ling sometimes just isn’t enough for me at all.  He knows this, just as well as you know it.  The white cock has no comparison to the big black cock.  He gets me prepared for the BBC phone sex all the time.  Isn’t it just so sweet of him to do that for me?  I’m sure you want to know how he prepares me this way you can prepare me as well.  First, he finds me the biggest blackest cock for the night.  He calls him up, and tells him that I need a good hard fucking.  The guy comes over with his huge black cock dangling between his legs.  I make my boyfriend rip his pants off and get on his knees like a good bitch.  Thats huge cock is not fitting inside me unless its lubed up.  What better way to lube that cock up then with my boyfriends saliva. Watching that big black cock work in and out of my mans mouth gets me so wet and creamy.  I love seeing him gag and choke on it.  Then, he comes over to me and eats my ass out.  That’s right, he gets his tongue way up there in my ass hole and gets it nice and wet.  Then, he steps, or should I say crawls away and allows the real man to fuck me.  He bends me over, slaps my ass, throws one legs in the air and within 3 seconds he is thrusting his huge big black cock deep inside my creamy white pussy.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Sadie

Do you love cuckold phone sex as much as I do? That would be a tough bet to make without knowing how much I love the fetish of cuckolding. Everything about it makes me hot. I get turned on with cheating wife and girlfriend fantasies. When I hear about women sleeping around on their husbands with men that are bigger, younger, older, more successful or superior in some way to their partners I get aroused. It’s sexy when it’s just cheating but when it’s actual cuckolding? It’s majorly sexy. I get off on seeing the man jacking off while his hot wife is taking a huge cock right in front of him. The way a cuckold gets aroused watching his woman be satisfied in ways that he can’t satisfy her is damn hot. It brings out my voyeuristic side for sure. I really  like to see it all go down.
cuckold phone sex
Do you want to fuck me in front of my husband? I am always looking for studs that want to do that. My wet pussy is on the lookout for hot and hung men that want to fuck. I’ll take a threesome too. If you want to fuck me with one of your friends, well hell yeah I’m down. Two men might be able to give my pussy what it needs. I’ll drain both of you to the point of no return. I’m so horny lately and it makes my husband happy to see me getting what I want. He’s so supportive of my needs. I love having cuckold phone sex with men while he sits in the other room, unable to fuck me. He watches men fuck me too, it’s the sexiest thing. I keep him happy and he keeps me happy and then strange cock keeps me happy.

Cougar Phone Sex with Sadie


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Hello, My name is Sadie. Are you in the mood for some cougar phone sex?  I have a hard time keeping my hands to myself when I’m tempted with hot younger men. luckily for me my dear husband is absolutely alright with this quality. That is to say, he’s actually encouraging of it. He can’t get his useless cock hard to fuck me. I’m not being unkind, he has a condition and can’t get the dick up at all. That was why I get on the line and have cougar phone sex. I’ve developed a taste for the younger touch, and I am a full-on cougar. If we combine my sky-high sex drive and your hot young lust together we will both be very happy. In real life, I am quite picky about the studs that I fuck. They have to know how to be a freak.

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Sadie will take care of your every need


On cougar phone sex calls I hear these stories about their girlfriends being uptight about their sexuality. I find it kind of odd because even when I was their age I was a certified kinky bitch. In fact, most everyone I spent time with was open-minded and sexually open. If a younger man is as sexually inquisitive as I was at that age it’s a cougar’s dream come true. Any stud can put my legs up and nail me senseless, and I love being fucked hard. A dirty boy will do that and so much more. How far would you go with an older woman if she never puts on the breaks? Where are your limits of what you would do with me if given the chance? I hope that you’re as naughty as I am. I hope that you find it difficult to stop the dark side of sexy.




Cuckold Phone Sex with Zoey

As many of you know I live a real-life cuckold lifestyle. I am a mature sexy trophy wife that loves my current hubby is a cuckold. He loves watching me in person fuck other men but when he’s away which he is a lot of the time he likes me video call him so he can watch his wife get banged by my flavor of the week. I guess I’m kind of a real-life cuckold phone sex expert because I live the lifestyle every day.
cuckold phone sex
Wouldn’t you love to watch your wife lay fully naked on the bed you both share each night and spread her legs wide. You love seeing her lay there rubbing her clit in a hard circle motion while enjoying her own touch. But then as you watch her video call from your office you see a man come into the room and you know fully what’s about to happen. Nothing you can do from the office but watch and enjoy what you are about to see.
I find that some cuckolds like to suck cock for me before he fucks me. A few have loved to be present and stroke there cocks while I’m getting fucked. Now I have enjoyed in real life a lot of cream pie play. But here’s the thing not only has my husband ate my cream pie. I had a threesome with my hubby and a girl that is in the league with us. Nothing but a  sexual relationship and that works for all parties.  This woman loves my cream pie. So here is how sex with us normally works the foreplay goes back and forth between all of us and some times she will eat my pussy.  He always fucks her first and me last, don’t know why exactly that’s the way it always has been for the last three years we have been having sex together.
Now the first time she ever ate my creamy pussy hubby had got up out of bed and she got right between my legs and started touching my sticky pussy and then started eating that fresh cream pie. I never ever ever had a girl eat me like that before. It was wild and very hot. She does it almost every time we have sex together she says she loves the taste of both of us together.
No matter what turns you on cock sucking, fluffing, cum eating, cream pie eating of just the whole sexual appeal of it all. I would love to help make it all come true for you on a cuckold phone sex call with me. No restrictions no judgment at all what are you waiting for call the cuckold phone sex queen.
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Cuckold Phone Sex with Carla

You never thought it would happen to you. You get home after work to see a strange car parked in your driveway and when you walk in the house, you hear noises upstairs. Your cuckold phone sex fantasies have come true when you walk into your bedroom and see your hot white wife getting banged by a BBC. And not just any BBC either. He looks young, hard to believe he’s just 21, but that dick of his, oh my, that big black beautiful cock fucking your, what you thought to be, frigid wife.
cuckold phone sex
Let’s face the facts, you’re a cuckold because your dick is just too fucking small. Or your wife is like me and knows that one man isn’t enough to satisfy her. I’ve cuckolded my husband in real life for over 30 years now. He’s not much interested in sex, but I sure the hell am! I take lovers young and old and I have lust for BBC. We all know how superior that Mandingo dick is, we can always measure if you don’t believe me. Sit right there in the corner and be grateful she is letting you watch. It’s common for a lot of cheating wives to get their extra marital cock in private. You better be willing to do anything to get her to let you watch.
Anything? Learn that your job will soon be the clean up duty. It doesn’t mean only cream pie – it’s your place to wash the sheets and prepare your wife’s bed for her and her lover. If you do a good job maybe she’ll let you sleep on the floor next to them. Your wife’s freshly fucked pussy is your favorite dessert and you know what an honor it is to taste his cum from her pussy. That also comes with a price, his BBC needs your mouth to clean her pussy from his cock. I always tell guys into cuckold phone sex fantasies to be careful what you wish for. My husband hasn’t had my pussy in over 20 years!
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Cuckold Phone Sex with Cora

You would think that humiliating losers during cuckold phone sex would be my favorite part of cuckold fantasies, but it isn’t. As much fun as that is, being fucked by big black cocks over and over is the thing I love most. Don’t get me wrong – making fun of all you losers and telling you how you aren’t good enough for me does get my pussy wet. But what sends me over the edge is having a throbbing black dick pounding me deep and hard.

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Admit it – you also love the fact that I’m getting hammered by a fat black cock. You love watching as that piece of chocolate meat slides in and out of me. You get so turned on when you see how my pussy is all stretched out around that big cock. Why on earth knowing that you’re not man enough to fuck me turns you on is a mystery, but I’m glad that it does. That means I can tell you time and time again how worthless you are while I’m getting my pretty brains fucked out by a big juicy dick.

You know, before that big black cock starts fucking me, I want you to stand up next to him and compare cocks. It’s going to be a huge (or should I say tiny?) embarrassment for you but since we both get off on you being humiliated, I think it’s going to work out very well for all parties involved. I might even degrade you so much that you start crying. That would be the ultimate orgasm inducer for me. I mean, it’s the only way you will ever make me cum, so we might as well go for it.

Call me right now for cuckold phone sex. My name is Cora and my number is 1 888 474 6769.

Cuckold Phone Sex with Suzanne

You can’t tear yourself away from the thought of being cuckolded can you? It’s beating down the door to your deepest fantasies. That’s why you call for cuckold phone sex. I never knew how many men liked to have wives that would sleep around. They don’t sleep around on their husbands, they sleep around with their husbands. She has been limited to your cock since the words I do came out of her mouth. It’s not that your cock is particularly small, it’s not that your lips and tongue don’t pull orgasms out of her body. Contrary to popular belief it isn’t the shade of flesh that you have hanging between your legs that causes her to ache for more.
cuckold phone sex
When you call a MILF for some advice and cuckold phone sex conversation you can rest easy knowing that you’re getting a sensual kinky woman that knows what your dirty mind is after. You guys might have a lot in common, but it’s good to inform your woman of your particular wants from your cuckold phone sex call. We can cover any area of the fetish that excites you. Do you secretly want some small penis humiliation? Are you a man that wants to crawl into her panties and pull them up over a swollen cock?
I’m an experienced phone Goddess and I will take you to the kinky and luscious fantasies that you want to role play or discuss. It’s an anything goes arrangement where we don’t stop until we are thoroughly satisfied.
Your level of interaction with the bull is up for negotiation as well. If you want to fluff but feel the embarrassment holding you back, even in role play all you need to do is let me know. I can be quite persuasive about cock sucking when I’m with a bull and a cuckie. I hope to hear from you soon.
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BBC Phone Sex with Alanna

There is nothing that I love more than having a cuckold watch as I get pounded by a big black cock during BBC phone sex.
BBC phone sex
Let’s say we go out to a bar to dance and we are surrounded by beautiful. muscular black guys. Immediately, one asks me to dance and of course, I say yes. You watch as he rubs his hands all over my body and my hands rub his cock through his jeans. I begin to rub my ass against his zipper and before I know it, he is hard as a rock. He turns me around, kisses me and asks me if I want to get out of there and go somewhere more private. I tell him I would love to, but I have to bring the loser that I came with. I tell him how I want him to show you what a REAL man’s cock looks like. He figures out that you are a cuckold and agrees that it would be good to show you the proper way to fuck a woman. We got back to his place and we quickly begin to undress. He rips off my shirt and bra and throws me on the bed. I tell you to take off your shirt and get on your knees. He stands in front of you and I unzip his pants in front of your face. I pull out his cock and it is huge, 10 inches and thick. I tell you to open your mouth while holding his dick in my hands. I tell you to be a good cuckold and get him ready for me.  You open your sissy mouth and devour his huge BBC. You start at his head and lick his shaft up and down. You suck and lick all over his balls, putting them in your mouth one at a time and then together. You love the taste of pre-cum as it oozes from his big black cock.
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Cuckold Phone Sex with Cora

The more that you protest and struggle with your fantasies about having your hot wife turn into a cuckold phone sex wife the more clear it is to everyone around what a cuck you actually are. Men who are wishy washy about how they feel about their wife’s new sex life without him are ridiculous. You know why she’s doing it and either you have the capacity to stop it or you whine like a victim about how she wants a bigger cock than what you have to offer. Your cock gets curiously stiff when you think about her having her sweet married pussy split open by someone other than you. In a perfect world you would be able to provide her with a satisfying orgasm. Since that isn’t the case she is entitled to a sex life that makes her pussy feel the way that she wants I to feel. That pleasure will come at the expense of her altering your wedding vows to make up for your lack of penis.

cuckold phone sex

It excites you, doesn’t it? You are insanely aroused when you think about your beloved spread out and inviting a huge cock into her body while you sit on the side lines and touch yourself at how beautiful she looks taking a proper fucking. You and your pitiful cock are an embarrassment to the definition of manhood and you damn well know it. If you were in fact a real man your cock wouldn’t be hard as steel when you think about her cheating on you. You dick wouldn’t need relief through cuckold phone sex, now would it? You know that no matter who you had tried to date or marry that you’d end up in the same exact cuckie relationship that you find yourself in right now. You’re lucky that she even wants to have you involved.

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Black Cock White Wife Phone Sex with Remy

Luckily for me, it turns out that my hubby has developed a super kinky black cock white wife phone sex fetish. Honestly, it didn’t just happen overnight. It took him some time to get used to the idea and then he finally embraced it. Now he’s such a good cuckold and so very understanding about my need for more cock–quantity and quality– than he can give me.

black cock white wife fantasies

He absolutely loves it when he gets to watch me take a pounding right in front of him….he gets ten times more excited when I’m getting rammed hard by a huge black cock. I had no idea he had such an intense black cock white wife phone sex fetish! Not that I’m complaining, not at all. This means I can have ALL the black dicks I want!! He even said that he wants to be allowed to suck their black dicks to get them hard for me, and to lick them clean after I get filled with their huge loads of spunk. He just loves the taste of my pussy mixed with their loads deep inside of me. He got so excited telling me this he begged to fuck me, but of course, I denied him. Instead, I sent him out to find me a random black lover to bring home so he could be my loyal cucky again. This time I let him live out his black cock white wife phone sex fetish and let him suck that big black dick.

I have to say I couldn’t ask for a more perfect marriage…and we both get to satisfy our black cock white wife fetish any time we wish! All you have to do is call me at 1-888-474-6769 to get the dose of naughtiness that you need. Ask for Remy!

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