cuckold fantasies

cuckold fantasies

I love cock, and more specifically I love big satisfying cock. Guess what honey? Your hot wife does too. She’s much rather get pleasure from a big hard raging cock than a semi flaccid noodle. That’s why you’ve been thinking about cuckold fantasies lately isn’t it? You can tell she’s thinking about something else when you’re making love. Her eyes are closed and she has to help herself to orgasm while you’re inside of her. It was bound to happen eventually. All of her girlfriends are telling her about their sexual encounters and she doesn’t have much to share.

You might be wondering what you can do about this recent dilemma. Well, for one, you can let her know that you understand her cuckold fantasies. You can tell her about how you have them too. Then you can accept that it means she’ll be getting satisfied by other men. Would you like to talk about these new cuckold fantasies with a woman who gets it? I’ve been with men who were wonderful in some ways, but as lovers not so much. I bet I have a good idea how your wife is feeling. You can tell me anything and everything about how it makes you feel to think about your wife getting fucked by someone other than you.



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