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I need a guy with a big thick hard cock to help me shame my hubby on cuckold phone sex. Do you think you’re the man for the job? Your part is very easy. Just show up with that beautiful dick for me to suck and lick and fuck right in front of my husband. I’m going to trick him into thinking I am about to fuck him so I can convince him to let me strap him down to the bed naked. Then I’ll open the door and in you walk with your huge throbbing cock and balls. Hubby will be propped up on pillows so he doesn’t miss a single thing you’re doing to me. I want you to fuck every hole, have me gagging on your dick, and then ram it in my ass and finally my cunt.

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Fill my holes with thick creamy spunk until I’m overflowing! Then I’m going to squat right over his face and let it all drip into his mouth. He might try to fight it but I’ll hold his nose closed so he will have to open his mouth to breathe, and then I’ll force him to guzzle down all of your cum leaking from my ass and cunt. I can only imagine how hard he’s going to punish fuck me later for making him my cuckold phone sex bitch when I finally untie him. But see…I love it when he unleashes all of his anger onto me with a good hard vengeful pounding! Judging by the way he slams his dick in me with such force makes me think he actually gets turned on by being my cuckold phone sex slave.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Remy

You know, I use to be such a sweet housewife. It’s my hubby’s fault that I’ve become such a heartless cuckold phone sex slut. I always try to please him and do special things for him. Like waking him up by sliding his dick in my mouth, or bringing him lunch to work and fucking him in his office. But lately, he never has time for me. And well, I won’t beg anyone to fuck me! Especially my husband! Why should I? Look at these tits, this body, this firm round ass!! I’ve got men begging to lick my body up and down. So, I stopped trying to be a devoted wife. I mean come on, isn’t it the hottest fantasy to watch another man pound your woman’s pussy right in front of you?

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Well one day, hubby came home to a shocking sight. I had a gorgeous 9-inch cock buried in my cunt when he walked in. He was livid! But hey, if he fucked me now and then, he wouldn’t come home to me taking another man’s dick! So see, it’s really his fault that I’ve become such a dirty whore. And now not only does he come home to find me getting mercilessly fucked by one dick or another, but I force him to be my cuckold phone sex bitch and watch me get fucked the way I like it. To tell the truth I think he’s starting to really enjoy being a cuckold phone sex slave. Why else would he get such a boner every time he’s walked in on his wife being such a ruthless whore? And I’ve noticed he doesn’t put up much of a fight anymore when I make him suck my lover’s dick. I’m starting to suspect my husband has had a secret fetish for cuckold phone sex all along and he just never told me. Guess it just worked out for both of us then!
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Cuckold Phone Sex with Carla

I do love my husband, but his little 4″ dick just doesn’t do it for me anymore. Okay, not anymore, ever. It never did anything for me. I love big black cock and that’s why cuckold phone sex is perfect for me! Are you a little dick loser with a useless weenie like my husband? Does your wife go out with her “girlfriends”? I have bad (or good, depending on how you look at it) news for you. She’s not out with her friends. She’s out getting her pussy plowed by a BBC. She needs to get satisfaction somewhere, and you already know that she’s not getting it from you. There’s no way you could please her with that poor excuse for a dick.

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You’re sitting there and you’re having mixed feelings about this whole thing. Your first reaction was anger. Then you felt hurt. And then something strange started to happen. Your pathetic penis started to get really hard. Then you started picturing your wife on her back with her legs in the air and her pussy being all stretched out by that big black cock. And you’re thinking about how happy you are that someone can actually please her. You might even be thinking about how hot it’s going to be when he shoots his hot black creampie deep inside her wet pussy! What’s that? You’re even curious about what it would be like to be her dirty clean up boy, aren’t you? Do you want to lick that creampie right out of her gaping pussy?

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You do know what all of that means don’t you, you tiny dick loser? It means that you’re the perfect “man” to call me for cuckold phone sex! I’ll be waiting for you to tell you what a loser you are. I might even tell you what else your slut wife might be doing!

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Hot BBC Phone Sex with Remy

Just how far does your BBC phone sex fantasy go? Do you just want to watch your girl get pounded by one big black cock or several at the same time? That is good stuff, right? What about when she sucks that black dick…you want to join in don’t you? I love sharing a huge black cock with my man. At first, he would sit back and watch me get deep-dicked while he jerked or he’d fuck my mouth and spray his cum all over my face. That’s as far as his BBC phone sex fetish went at the time. But then I finally got him to admit that he wanted to suck that black schlong too!

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So I started letting him share a dick with me and taught him how to suck it deep in his throat like a good cock sucking bitch.  Now my baby is 100% involved whenever I bring home a black stud to fuck. Sometimes he is the first to get to his knees and start sucking that dark meat down before I even get a chance. But hey, I don’t mind because after he gets that black cock big and hard, he pushes it in my cunt and lets me get pounded so good I squirt everywhere. I’ve almost got him to the point where he will take a black dick up the ass. I can’t wait until he finally gives in! I know he wants it, he’s just too scared to admit all of his BBC phone sex desires to me right now…but I’ll get him there. Before you know it we’ll be having a huge BBC phone sex orgy and we’ll both be getting used up like cum whores!

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Gypsy

Oh honey, I just simply can’t stand being locked up anymore!! I mean, a girl HAS to go shopping or something every once in a while, right? I know the last thing I need is another pair of shoes but trying them on is so much fun – and you can’t do that online! These days, with my old, wrinkled hubby around the house all the time, conducting business from his computer in the next room, I’m really feeling antsy. What I need is some really good cuckold phone sex, because that man in the next room is driving me crazy, so I’d really love to return the favor!

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Mmmmmmmm…I can just taste it! That thick, tasty black cock sliding past my lips, causing the juices in my mouth and my pussy to flow, all while old man puny pecker watches and fondles himself. He likes to sit back and let everyone do the work anyway – that’s why he’s got the big desk in the big office. In the bedroom, however, he needs someone else to do the fucking, because no matter how big his desk and office are, his dick just doesn’t cut it for this spoiled size queen. The only bulge in hubby’s pants that is big enough to satisfy me is the pocket that holds his wallet, but he’s being stingy right now. He won’t let me go on a shopping spree unless I do something to excite him. Oh sure, I could pull out the old tricks and give him some erotic dancing, but where does that lead for me? I’m tired, sweaty, and unsatisfied. Cuckold phone sex is much better – you call me and tell me how you’re going to fuck me good and hard while my hubby watches, and maybe if he’s near I’ll let him listen.

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BBC Phone Sex with Remy

I’ll never forget the first big black cock I ever sucked. It was a life-changing moment and it is forever imprinted in my memory. It was right at that moment that I knew I was going to be a BBC phone sex whore for life! I dragged my tongue up and down that veiny, hard, massive black dick and savored the sweetest pre-cum I’ve ever tasted. I was instantly addicted. It took a few tries at it but I finally got all 10 inches in my mouth and down my throat. It is amazing how quickly you can adapt when you really put your heart into something. I’ve always been really good at sucking dick, but it’s a whole new experience having your mouth stretched wide open over a huge, thick black cock! And those balls! OMG! I could barely breathe once those giant black balls filled my mouth as I rolled them around over my tongue and sucked them.

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All I could think about was I wanted him as hard as I could possibly get him so he could tear up my pussy! And boy did he! How could I not become a full-on BBC phone sex whore after having such a ginormous black dick in my mouth and in my cunt? Every time I start craving a black dick again I always remember that first time that turned me into the BBC phone sex whore that I am today. And then I go on the hunt for another big black dick to fuck my mouth and pussy and ass, filling me with loads and loads of his creamy jizz. Admit it, you’re imaging a long, hard black cock sliding into this BBC phone sex whore’s mouth right now, aren’t you? So am I!! Call me and I will tell you everything about my adventures.

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Phone Sex Fantasies with Cora

There are so many phone sex fantasies out there that we can discuss when you call a woman like me. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with how many things turn me on because it’s so hard to pick one at any given time. So I thought that maybe I would tell you about a couple of fantasies I really like talking about so you can pick one and then give me a call.

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I love it when I get calls from BBC lovers. Yup, big black cock is really fun. We can talk about how much I love black cock or we could talk about how much YOU love black cock. I can’t blame you. I mean, it’s one of the most delicious things ever. It would be fun to hear how you got into it and about how it was the first time you actually had it in your mouth or in your ass.

If that’s not your thing, maybe small penis humiliation is. I know you’re ashamed of your tiny cock and you absolutely should be. That thing is repulsive and you shouldn’t ever subject a woman to that little thing. It’s useless to me and pretty much any other woman out there.

Do you have any impregnation fantasies? You could throw me down and fuck the shit out of me. Then you could shoot a hot load deep inside me and fill my stomach with a baby. The thought of getting knocked up by you is really making my pussy really wet right now.

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Black Cock White Wife Phone Sex with Lauren

I’m a lucky lady, there’s no denying that. I’ve got a husband who makes sure that I’m taken care of in all the ways that really matter. His white dick was fine when we first got together, but he knew that I wouldn’t be satisfied with it for long. That’s why I’m so thankful for my big, black boy-toy that fills my pussy whenever I want it! Every bored housewife who’s married to a whatever white man needs to have a go-to black man to rail them when she needs a real fucking. Hearing men admit that they even enjoy their wives getting railed by big, black cock is why I love black cock white wife phone sex!

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I’ve heard stories about groups of couples that party together solely for the purpose of getting their wives all hooked up with a big black alpha. That’s seriously goals! Conscious, willing cuckolding is the future! I know that all I want is my pussy getting pumped by a delicious, thick black cock and if my husband was making sure that I got the best of the best I’d never have to fuck him again! (Not that I ever really do anymore.)

One of my favorite things about black cock white wife phone sex is hearing how so many of the white husbands have learned that they like servicing that cock before it pleases their wives. It gives them a new appreciation for why their wives need that big, black cock so badly! It teaches them how inferior their seed is and they learn why they should never subject a woman to fucking them ever again.

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BBC Phone Sex with Cora

I’m here to tell all of you wimpy little white dicked losers once again that you are not good enough. In no way, shape, or form do you even come close to meeting my standards. I know that turns you on and that’s why you are about to call me for BBC phone sex. You know you can’t make my pussy happy so you have accepted your fate as a cock sucking fluffer and you’re going to tell me all about how you’d love to get my black lover hard for me so he can fuck me like only a real man can.

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I also want to hear about the first time you sucked a big black cock. Did you seek it out on your own or did your Mistress tell you to get down on your knees and worship it? Were you appalled by it at first? I kind of hope you were. I guess that’s just the Mistress in me talking. I sometimes like it when losers like you are hesitant and put up a little bit of a struggle. That just makes it more sweet when you finally give in and do what you are told to do. That’s the ONLY way you will ever make my pussy wet. And really, it isn’t even you. It’s just the fact that I have so much power over you. It’s very intoxicating to put losers just like you in your place.

Are you ready to call me now for BBC phone sex? I want to hear how much you love BBC and how small your pathetic little cock is. I want to make sure you know you have never and will never be enough for any woman. So call me at 1 888 474 6769 and make sure you ask to talk to Cora.

Creampie Phone Sex with Sadie

There are some men that leave creampies in women’s pussies and some that clean those creampies up. It’s just how it goes. Which one are you? Are you a juicy stud that gets to pound pussy and leave it filled with hot sticky jizz? Do you have a wife or girlfriend in title only that fucks real men while you sit there like a chump beating your pathetic meat? Yeah, you’re one or the other. I get really into creampie phone sex. Whether it’s talking to the hottie with a full load of come for my pussy or if it’s talking to the cuckie loser that has to clean up the real man’s mess. Everyone has their place. Do you know where yours is? Maybe you’re curious about cuckolding and don’t know if you’re the bull or the bitch. I’ll help you sort it out though, don’t worry about it.creampie Phone Sex

I’ve been into having come loads in my pussy for as long as I’ve been fucking. Everyone pushes safe sex and condoms and they did it when I was younger too. Do you know who said fuck all of that? I said fuck all of that. I want to feel the dick and I want it to spurt hot come inside of me. It wasn’t long after that when I had my first clean up cuck boy eat my come filled pussy. Then I put his sissy ass in panties and made him take my strap on too. You can imagine where we went from there. How about you though? Are you a strapon loving panty wearing creampie phone sex lover? Oh, you probably are a panty-boy cuck. If it’s the only way that you get to eat premium pussy it’s what you do to make it happen.




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