Taboo Phone Sex with Zoey

Taboo: Something that is viewed as forbidden by society’s standards and therefore is rarely talked about openly. Some are less taboo than they were in the past and some are more than ever taboo. And while most have to do with sex, some taboos have to do with food, and others beliefs and all of them will bring a conversation to a dead stop if you bring them up because these are all things most people do not what to talk about. But that is not how I am. I lust after the taboo, the things better left unsaid. I speak my mind all the time. I enjoy taboo phone sex calls very much. Baby, I guarantee you have never met a woman like me EVER!!!!

Taboo Phone Sex

I don’t judge your taboo phone sex wants and desires. I am really into some kinky stuff not just on the phone. I always thought no one wanted to talk or got horny over the stuff I did. So I kept my dark, kinky, and sometimes twisted sex fantasies to myself. But then I found out that some people are as fucked up as me. That changed my world forever!

So what’s your taboo fantasy? What thoughts are inside that head of yours? What is the filthy kink that gets you rock hard in the middle of the day but doesn’t dare tell a soul? Let me the soul you tell. Expect me to embrace it and run with it. Let’s have a roleplay where I bring the fantasy to life in vivid color. So vivid and real that it makes us both cum.

Do you want to have sex with someone close to you? Maybe it is someone that is unattainable but wants to fuck all night long or at work. Maybe you already have and reliving those moments makes you pitch a tent every time you hear their name. Let me that person for you. I want to get off with you and touch shaved pussy while you tell me all about it. You can even call me their name while you stroke your cock and I will answer 🙂

I’m sure by this point I don’t have to convince you to call me for the taboo phone sex call of your dreams, do I? I welcome all fetish and taboo kinks. I relish them. I have no inhibitions, no limits, and if it turns me on I am gonna run away with it. I’ll be honest most kinky shit gets my pussy wet and aching to be touched.

So don’t waste any more time call and ask for me by name of course. Call me at 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Zoey for taboo phone sex.

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Voyeur Phone Sex with Sabrina

I have been sitting in my office all day trying to get to you baby. Sitting here thinking of your big cock. You have me grinning and do not even know what my mind is thinking when it comes to you and voyeur phone sex fantasies. Funny how a person’s obsessions can derail a life. I have been spying on my neighbor since I saw him naked and his big cock hung down to his knee. My nipples instantly became rock hard and I took a big sigh. Since that night I am always looking to see what he does and he does not like curtains.

My bedroom glass walls are tinted and even though he thinks his trees block my view, it does not.

Voyeur Phone Sex

He has been masturbating every night and I hate missing my shows. The drive home has made me so wet that I purchased a remote control clit vibrator and use it every day on my way home. Yes, I have been caught and all the men do is smile but this cum is for you and only you. I get home right before he does so I shower to get this pussy smell I have. That salty, sweet smell that tells you I am ready to fuck without telling you I need you to fuck me. I lather up and clean my smooth body. Every curve left untouched and yes, as I lay in that tub I spread my legs and let that faucet run onto my clit, water masturbating with thoughts of your big cock.

Tonight was different. He was not in his bedroom and I was not finished enjoying myself.

I disrobed and rubbed my body with oil and lotions making my skin nice and smooth, soft to the touch. My aroma, intoxicating. As I walked to bed I could feel my pussy engorge, nipples harden, and my mouth water. I wanted my naughty neighbor with the big cock to stretch me. Spreading my legs and pinching my nipples then a knock at my window, it was him. I unlocked the door and he looked at me and lifted me without hesitation. I straddled him. His firm grip would leave bruises on my ass, back and cheeks. He sucked on my tits and then stuck his tongue down my throat. His erect cock punched my stomach and I grinned with delight.

Enchanted by his big cock, I sat on my bed and opened my mouth, and began to suckle on the head.

Sucking his sweet jizz out of his cum hole. This maneuver made him moan. I took as much as I could in my mouth and then he grabbed my hair and stopped me from sucking his phallus and looked at me and said, “baby, you are going to make me cum.” I smiled and I slithered up my bed, he spread my legs wider and dove his tongue all the way inside my wet snatch. I squirted and my cum poured out, body trembling, and then he… baby tell me how it ends or tell me what you think.

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Suzanne

The other night I was hanging out with my friend at a bar, and she was talking about how dissatisfied she is with her husband’s dick. She hadn’t ever talked about it before, so I didn’t believe her until she showed me. OMG. All I could think of was how much fun it would be to get that guy on the phone for a cuckold phone sex call. His dick was easily one of the smallest I’ve seen and trust me when I say that I’ve seen a lot of tiny dicks. I started laughing so hard that I almost fell off the barstool I was sitting on. Just imagine how much fun it would be if YOU were the guy with the small cock and you called me. There would be lots of laughter, lots of humiliation, and no pussy for you. But you probably don’t even want pussy anymore anyway, do you?

cuckold phone sexWhat you are best suited for is cock sucking. And not just any cocks – you need to be on your knees sucking big black cocks to get them ready for me. Never done it? That’s okay. I would teach you everything you need to know about sucking dick. I know you’ve thought about doing it, and I know that it excites the fuck out of you. You’ve jerked that tiny cock thinking about big black cock a lot. Do not even try to freaking deny it, shrimpy. And don’t even try to resist getting on the phone and calling me for cuckold phone sex. It’s a good deal for both of us – I get to laugh at your itty bitty weenie and you get to touch your little tiny cock while I tell you how inferior it is. Just dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask to talk to Suzanne.

Panty Boy Phone Sex with Sierra

I knew one of my favorite panty boy phone sex thieves would be in for the time of his life. When I walked into my bedroom that is when I caught him and said “There you again! But now you’re in my favorite purple panties? Not to mention you took them out of the dirty clothes hamper as well!” He stood there looking horny as ever and said “But mommy you know I just can’t help myself when it comes to feeling your soft panties rub against my cock.”

Panty Boy Phone Sex

I understand that having an undie addiction is hard to beat, but the punishment must always be a consequence when it comes to sticking ones hand down in the goodie basket.

So there I stood dressed in my super mini skirt that showed off my sexy endless legs that are so soft you just want to touch, kiss, and worship them for as long as you possibly can. I also had on my favorite sexy spaghetti string top that leaves absolutely nothing to the panty boy phone sex imagination. I mean these big 34 D tits were ready to pop out and make themselves be seen. Sometimes I have to ask myself “Why even bother? I may as well go around walking with only my sexy satin and lace bra’s on!” I do like leaving something to the imagination though.

I looked at him as I lifted up my skirt and said “just look at these soft satin panties, I’ve been masturbating my smooth creamy pussy with them all day just wondering the next time I was going to walk in and catch you in my bedroom again.” If he didn’t have a stiff boner yet that was dripping pre-cum, he certainly was by now. I stood there doing a striptease just for him and by the time I got down to my panties, I took them off and handed them to him so he could sniff and smell them.

I walked over to my closet and grabbed my favorite big fat toy which was a strap-on. I bent his kinky ass over and said “get ready to be my bitch okay?”

He looked back at me and said “I just love being your bitch mommy. I just love it when you walk in and catch me either sniffing, jerking off, or wearing your panties. But what I really love is the punishment that comes after that.” I grabbed my lube and rubbed it all over my toy. Then I took the tip of the head and started to slowly push it in his slutty ass. The deeper it went the more he moaned. I started smacking his ass and saying “this is what you get for being a naughty panty thief! You like your panty boy phone sex punishment don’t you?”

I started grinding my strap on deep in his hole. His moans got so intense that I knew it wouldn’t be long until that huge load of cum was blasting all over the place.

He looked back at me and said “Can I please cum  for you right now? With all of my filthy talk that was going on, I said “Yes you may cum but you know the rule! When you’re ready to blow you have to soak my panties with it.” He came so fucking hard and made that feeling last so long I thought he was going to send himself straight into a hypnotic spell. I can’t honestly think of any other way I would have wanted my afternoon to go. Walking in catching him was the best way indeed.

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Lactation Phone Sex with Beth

I know if you’re into lactation phone sex, you can’t help but take a look at my delicious boobs. The nipples are sore right now – they’re just aching for a little attention, in fact. My breasts are swollen and need relief. They’re getting ready – I’m ovulating and my breasts are waiting for the signal to tell them to make lots of milk. I need a real boob man like you who doesn’t play around with just any tits. If you want them full of milk, then you’re the guy I want to talk to, because I want them full of milk too.

Lactation Phone Sex

I admit it’s a huge turn-on to think about them being bigger than ever and full of milk, stretched to their capacity and beyond – I can imagine the way they’ll feel when they are weighed down completely. If you call for lactation phone sex we can talk about how many ways we can make sure they don’t leak through my blouse – I’m sure together we can come up with a solution or two. Breasts like these need proper care. If they are swollen to the max, they might need someone to rub lotion on them to soothe the ache from them stretching like two over-inflated balloons. I’m sure they’ll still get stretch marks, and that’s ok – when you like breasts that hold milk, you like the stretch marks too, right? It’s all a part of the beauty that impregnation brings out in a woman’s body.

A woman’s curves are hot, and there’s nothing hotter than the curves that occur when a woman’s body is doing what it was made to do. Let the belly swell, and definitely let those big, beautiful boobs fill up with milk! Call me at 1 888 474 6769 and let’s talk lactation phone sex. I want to hear how hungry you really are for these milky melons!!

Foot Fetish Phone Sex with Remy

Do you like my pretty feet? It’s ok you can stare. You’re not the first man I’ve encountered who has a foot fetish phone sex kink. I bet your imagination is just running wild thinking of all the things you would love to do to them. Why do you think I put so much effort into taking care of them? I like my feet to look good too, but when a man appreciates what I do to keep my feet soft and smooth, that’s a whole other thing. I don’t just get pedicures to spoil myself. Partly, sure. But mostly because I love how my pretty feet look wrapped around a cock!

Foot Fetish Phone Sex

Can’t you just picture it right now? I bet your cock is just throbbing, isn’t it? It feels good when I cradle your dick between my smooth, silky arches doesn’t it? How about when I smush your balls under my toes, curling them and gripping them, and massaging them? Go ahead, take my heels off. Touch them. Smell them. Rub your hands all over them, suck on my toes, kiss the tops of my feet…enjoy them my foot fetish phone sex freak. Then lay down on the floor so I can press them down on your face, step on your face, and make you beg me to jerk your dick with my sexy feet. Poor baby, you want to cum on my feet so bad. I’ll let you, but then you have to clean them up. And I don’t mean with a towel…you have to lick them clean! At least you’ll get to have them in your mouth again. Besides, a true foot fetish phone sex perv would be begging to lick my feet clean just to have another reason to touch and taste them.

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Cougar Phone Sex with Sierra

Cougar phone sex has such an appetizing variety of limitless fantasies. I just love it when I can be so slutty, dirty, and kinky to make you so hard that you can’t help but start stroking your cock. But at the same time be experienced and mature enough to know exactly how to make give you exactly what you are looking for. It reminds me of a man who told me how much he loves the thought of a woman who loves to get fucked. He said he loves taking his hard cock and sliding it in a sloppy gushy pussy that’s filled with cum. I can only imagine how that feels when it’s wrapped around a long hard shaft. 
Cougar Phone Sex
The more he talked the more turned on I got. I told him I was taking off my revealing sexy spaghetti string dress to reveal my big 34 D breasts. I described my sexy striptease all the way down to my soft satin panties. By the time I was totally naked he was pumping his shaft and masturbating. He told me he wanted to crawl on top of me and pump me so good that he blows his cum in my cougar phone sex pussy. He also said he wanted to suck, lick and roll his tongue around my hard nipples. He even said it made his cock want to cum harder if I had been a slut and got fucked by another man who filled my pussy up. 
I told him I love being a cum collector for horny men. I also told him the thought of being so dirty makes my kinky pussy dripping wet. I was laying back in my chair fingering my juicy cunt as he told me he was jacking his dick for me. He told me he was thinking about how fucking good the insides of my pussy must feel. It wasn’t long as he sat there masturbating before he was ready to cum. Just when I thought he had surprised me with how kinky he was, he told me that he wanted to crawl between my sexy long legs and not only suck up all of his cum but all the other men as well! He wanted to hold it in his mouth and cum swap with this cougar phone sex slut. 
My nipples are so hard right now thinking about all of the dirty talk that we shared together. My pussy is drenching and ready to gush all over my bed. If you are just as kinky and dirty as he was would you like to sink your dick in my filthy pussy? Do you want to slide it in my mouth and down to my ass as well? Maybe after you take it out of my ass you may want me back on my knees so I can clean all the cum off of your cock. If you want a woman who loves sex and has no limits then give this cougar phone sex slut a call. My arms and legs are open and ready. 

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Cuckold Phone Sex with Remy

I need a guy with a big thick cock to help me shame my hubby on cuckold phone sex calls. Do you think you’re the man for the job? Your part is very easy. Just show up with that beautiful dick for me to suck and lick and fuck right in front of my pathetic husband. I’m going to trick him into thinking I am about to fuck him so I can convince him to let me strap him down to the bed naked. Then I’ll open the door and in you walk with your huge throbbing cock and balls ready to help me make him a cuckold phone sex slave. Hubby will be propped up on pillows so he doesn’t miss a single thing you’re doing to me. Throw your best most hardcore fuck at me. I want you to fuck every hole, have me gagging on that dick, and then slam it in my ass and finally my cunt. Fill my holes with rich thick creamy spunk until I’m overflowing!


Then I’m going to squat right over his face and let it all drip into his mouth. He might try to fight it but it won’t work. I’ll just pinch his nose closed, then he’ll have to keep his mouth open and be forced to guzzle down all of your cum leaking from my ass and cunt. I can only imagine how hard he’s going to punish fuck me when I finally let him up. But see…I love it when he unleashes all of his rage on me with a good hard vengeful pounding! Maybe you can be the phone sex cuckold and stick around to watch this time. You might enjoy watching him take his anger out on me for making him a cuckold phone sex bitch with you. Who knows, we could end up having a threesome!

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Slutty Wife Phone Sex with Zoey

Every year a bunch of my female friends from high school and I get together for breakfast at the horse track. With everything going on this has been the first time in well over a year we even have seen each other. We gossip and chit-chat. We talk about their men and their jobs. Who not having sex and who cheating on who. It’s a good time with all of them and we are all in different walks of life. We did make a waiter trip with someone’s breakfast. Glad he caught it! He must have been shocked that Dottie asked if I was still having slutty wife phone sex. Poor boy…

Slutty Wife Phone Sex

And my answer is why of course I am. Sure I’m over 50 now but I sure don’t look it. Could be the Italian and native American in me. Could be that I take good care of my body. Could be the weed I smoke on the weekends. Or could it be all the amazing sex I have had in my lifetime? I guess whatever you want to believe is OK with me.

I love to talk and be a flirt but I do like to get down and dirty and do things that would make some of these ladies blush. Everyone but Crystal she’s more of a slut than I am. I mean we’re all bad girls we all went to catholic high school need I say more?

These women love hearing about my kinky calls. I enjoy hearing their sex stories too. We do compare threesomes, sex toys, talk about men with small cocks that have tried to get in our panties or lack thereof. I bet you would love to be a fly on the wall for these early summer morning breakfasts.

I bet you would be the guy listening at a table next to ours. You would enjoy hearing about phone sex, our wet pussies, and how that guy came all over my titties in the pool hall a few weeks back. You could even stroke your cock under the fancy cloth table cloth while you listened. Would you wipe that cum on your cloth napkin? Would you deny yourself to cum and wait till you got home and pound your wife while thinking of me? It could be me you know I am a slutty wife that would be happy to do some downright naughty stuff in public.

I would love to get fingered and then fucked behind a horse barn. I could just suck you off while you tell me what a dirty slut I am. I would even kiss my friends all goodbye with the smell of your cock on my breath. Think they would notice? I could just tell them all 🙂 what are friends for right?

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Taboo Phone Sex with Marley

I simply love taboo phone sex. You may have some deliciously erotic fantasy you really have an ache for. Maybe you truly desire someone very close to you. Well, don’t worry darling cause I am more than happy to help with that or any fantasy. As the town slut, every dick is special to me, but anything kinky gets my pussy soaking wet. I’d love the feel of your hard member thrusting in and out of me furiously, making me go insane with lust. As one who knows, I know you want me to be that girl, what I want is to be here for you. You know the one that really gets you hard. So give it all to me, my muffin is needy and ready for all of it. So tell me your forbidden fantasy, knowing, there is no limit to what I will do for a totally filled clam.

Taboo Phone Sex

As you can see taboo phone sex is my true desire. I know it may shock some, but don’t be afraid to let loose on me. I love a truly good fucking, and like a good slut, I’ll take it all, and no taboo is forbidden. Make me feel your dick shoot deep inside me, I know it’s a true desire of mine, I am not on birth control, and the thought of something so forbidden, just makes me orgasm explosively. my quim is hungry and it not nice to not feed it, you want to feed it don’t you? Do you want me to be your dirty whore? Maybe the town slut? Or perhaps a girl just begging you for a wild ending. Let me know what you truly want, and I’ll be your everything. Rub me the right way, and I’ll gush all over your thick dick. I am here for your every wild desire.

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