Small Cock Humiliation with Sybil

The other day my good friend, Tamera, and I really gave it to this guy we know with small cock humiliation. Tamera is ten years younger than I am — she celebrated her 25th birthday only last month — but we’re really close. We’re drawn together partly because we have similar fetishes. She’s got blonde hair and is real slim,  with itty bitty titties, and she wears fishnet stockings even more often than I do and we go to the same beauty salon to get manicures and pedicures. She’s got a husband and he likes the fact that she’s a hot wife, just like I’m a hot wife, who isn’t afraid to get it on with other guys. He’s not a truck driver like mine and is over at his place evenings — sometimes watching Tamera have at it with a handsome guy! She doesn’t stay home full-time but only has a part-time job in a grocery store. Like me, she’s more into having fun that pursuing a “career” or whatever.

Small Cock Humiliation

The guy who visited us is a middle-aged man and — would you believe this? — he still wets the bed! Gus has peed in his bed all his life just like a baby. Of course, that kind of suits him since he has a really baby-sized dick. I mean, it’s two inches hard! I am not exaggerating, this guy has a dick like an innie belly button. When he jacks off, it’s the weirdest sight because instead of going up and down on it like a guy with a regular sized dick, Gus rubs that little thing between his thumb and forefinger! After Gus got here, Tamera and I took turns being mean to him because he knows he deserves it. Each of us spanked him and called him names like “bedwetter” and “sissy fool loser” and “tiny pricked loser.” I took some photographs of his reddened ass. I plan to look at them when I’m diddling myself. God, how I LOVE small cock humiliation!
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Spanking Phone Sex with Sybil

All you guys who’ve been cheating on the ladies in your lives — you know who you are — you love the variety and you even like the sneaking around but you know damn well you’re doing wrong and you know you deserve to be punished. I’m just the one to give you what you have coming in spanking phone sex. You tell Sybil all about how you’ve been getting that side action that you weren’t supposed to do and I’ll let you know the punishment you deserve. I just love spanking calls where I tell you about how I’m going to make you bend over and expose that naked ass of yours to my paddle. I’ll wield my paddle and make you ass cheeks jump and bounce apart and compress together and sting and then burn as it bounces and reddens and gets all warm and toasty.
Spanking Phone Sex
I get so hot thinking about you cheaters and how you love spanking phone sex too. Tell me that you know you deserve it and you know I’m the lady to give it to you, really give it to you bare bottomed. I want to know that I’m doing a good deed for your wife or girlfriend too, because I want to hear you say you’ll think before you cheat again because I’m always hear to let you have it. I don’t accept excuses because of how horny you are, guys, I know you could have been good to the woman in your life. Through my good hard long spankings, I will imprint the feeling of what happens when you are bad. Guys, you can learn to be decent husbands through enough sessions of getting your asses well punished. There’s nothing like strictly applied wood to make you control your wood! After I finish spanking your oh-so-deserving asses, I will go over your butts and knead and squeeze hunks of your ass cheeks to bring out all of the sensation. I’m already diddling myself just thinking about you two-timers and how you need spanking phone sex.
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Black Cock White Wife Phone Sex with Lauren

Mmmm, the magnificent Big Black Cock. I’ve loved getting fucked by them since long before I got married. I had multiple friends ask me why when the time came I had chosen to marry a White man. Why did I even bother accepting a proposal from a man who can’t satisfy me with his little dick? Well, the honest truth is that my husband does not expect me to be faithful. In fact, he actively encouraged me to fuck around on him from the day we got together! His only request was that I fuck Black men. Some of my friends were shocked. But, the men that call me for black cock white wife phone sex never are.

Black Cock White Wife Phone Sex

You see, having a white husband who is an enthusiastic cuck is a holy blessing that all women should get to experience. White cucks are great life partners. They make lots of money to support our lifestyles, they want us to be sexually satisfied, and they’re good dads for the Black baby boys that we’re inevitably going to get knocked up with! They know perfectly well that their little white dicks are wholly inferior to the superior BBC and are ready to do their duty to prolong the Black race.

I knew I’d found the man I was going to marry when he asked me my opinion of what I was hearing on Black Cock White Wife phone sex calls. There was no chance that I was going to keep my pussy off of BBC for the rest of my life and knowing that the man I chose as a life partner wasn’t going to try to stop me was at the top of my wishlist. Women need more marriage material men who are roaring to kneel before the superior Big Black Cock! And my darling husband is the cream of that crop.

So, why are you ready to be the loyal cuck to a beautiful White woman? Do you fully acknowledge everything that it takes to embrace your inferiority? Let me hear it during our next black cock white wife phone sex call! 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Lauren

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex with Remy

Small penis humiliation phone sex really brings out the wicked creative side of me. I remember back in the day, I was such a sweet girl. I never had a bad word to say to anyone. But life is funny and as I got older I realized that nice girls finish last and sometimes not at all. Bitches get what they want. So now, small penis humiliation phone sex calls are very natural for me. I remember the first time I saw a really small penis. I was legit stunned. Yet, I wanted to be that nice well mannered girl that i was raised to be, but seriously– fuck that! I was torn, do I laugh hysterically or really tear into this faux guy for wasting my time? So obviously, I ended up doing both, of course. It was hysterical to look at and think how much effort this guy puts into presenting himself to be a real man.

Small Penis Humiliation Phone Sex

He clearly, is not, so that is why he has to put up a big front so that people will think he is normal. I mean, fuck normal. He wasn’t even average. And who wants to be average any way? Once that facade is shattered, I can really destroy what remains of that shell of a fake ass man. Honestly, I don’t really think of it as me being mean. It is time someone told these small dicked time wasters, the way the real world works. I am just telling him the truth that he fiercely needs to hear. Women do these men no benefits when they pretend that he can satisfy anyone with a tiny thing like that. Come on, be sensible and take your small penis humiliation phone sex call medicine and call me at 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Remy.

Taboo Roleplay Phone Sex with Zoey

Well, hello there !! How do you feel about taboo roleplay phone sex? You see I adore roleplays both in person and on the phone. Everyone has their thoughts on what exactly is taboo. I would love to hear what you think is taboo. I bet we can come up with some wild ideas between us, don’t you?  One roleplay I think about and get very wet thinking about is the role of the sexy best friend. You know exactly who I am talking about don’t you. You love watching her when she comes over to the house, Why not wait until I have a few frozen drinks on your back porch large at night. I’m a fun and sexy drunk. Hair a mess, dancing and singing along with the music from the radio. You start making me stronger drinks each time you go in to make more rounds. I can hold my liquor but the more I drink I take off more and more clothing.
Taboo Roleplay Phone Sex
You figure here’s your chance to get the blowjob of your dreams and ask for help while my bestie is falling asleep on the deck. Here’s your chance with me in only my white cotton panties and half-unbuttoned dress shirt. But you’re not getting your cock sucked buddy, not one bit. My drunk self takes control and tells you that you’re going to fuck me on the edge of the kitchen table and cum in me. My crazy and wild self even grabs your cock and helps slide it into the pussy you have always wanted but it was too taboo to act on it.

How about a medical taboo roleplay is that more your speed?  You are a very dignified and high regarded physician. Your orthopedic practice books out months for appointments. You deal with mostly pain management. You see many preferential dancers, foot models, CEOs, gymnasts, and even some fellow doctors.75% of the people who see you are women and most of them are young women.  Your days are filled with both surgery and exams. However, you have perfected an ultraviolet massage for your patients that is done in the office and makes your feet feel like a million dollars.
Truth be told while yes you are a really good doctor your ultra massage is the best part of your days. Your special treatment, your taboo treatment we act out in a wild taboon roleplay. While I wear special goggles to shield my eyes from the light. It’s shielding me from the fact that you are stroking your cock. The cure is not the light but the load of cum that you shoot all over the arches of my feet. I trust in you that it will make my feet feel so much better. Time will tell. But I know you feel better, don’t you?
What kind of taboo roleplay phone sex fun can you think of? What gets you rock hard and ready to play with me? Call me at 1 888 8 FREAKY and ask for Zoey.
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FemDom Phone Sex with MILF Carla

Sometimes you just need a busty femdom phone sex mommy to teach you how to behave, and I’m just the woman for the job. I’ve been teaching younger men discipline for a long time and I’m quite good at shaping them into obedient men. It seems like that’s something you are interested in, or you wouldn’t be here. This is exactly what you are desperately in need of. Of course you know that deep down you need me to teach you how to be a good boy. You might just need some stern words, a lecture, and some corner time to make you behave yourself. I can surely put you in your place with a proper tongue lashing. You’ll hang up the phone and it’s quite possible that you will be in tears.

femdom phone sex

But if that’s not enough for you and you need more, I’m more than willing to provide you with physical discipline. Sometimes just a spanking works and I have various ways to make that happen. I can give you an open-handed OTK spanking as you lie bare-assed over my knee. I have to say that doing that is one of my favorite things in the world. To be able to feel your flesh against my hand and the way it stings is so satisfying. I know that if my hand stings, your ass is going to be stinging even more. If that doesn’t work, then I’ll have to take other more painful measures. Thick rulers, paddles, or even riding crops – all of that is possible and then some. I also an quite the expert on old fashioned canings too.

When it comes to FemDom phone sex, I am just the woman you need to put you in your place.

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Smoking Fetish Phone Sex with Lauren

When I was younger, I would watch classic movies with my family. My sister and I always fawned over the sexy guys in leather jackets that were always casually smoking cigarette after cigarette. No wonder the guys I’ve been eager to fuck are the ones who I’ve hung out with on our smoke breaks! I started smoking just to have an excuse to watch them smoke and it turns out that they were admiring me with a cigarette propped between my lips as well. And, boy, it was nice to be watched. I guess that’s what made me so interested in smoking fetish phone sex!

Smoking Fetish Phone Sex

When smoking was more popular and before people were so damn concerned about how unhealthy it is, you could always pick out the rebels, bitches, and sluts from any crowd as they huddled together lighting up each others’ cigarettes. (I bet you can guess what I label I qualified for!) Now you’ve got to find out if they’re smoking a cigarette or a joint first. Of course, I’m not going to turn down a joint if you were to offer, but we both know that the classic cigarette is where it’s at. The smooth rolled paper, the perfect glowing tip, the slow swirls of smoke as I take a drag and savor the feel of the smoke in my lungs…and unlike a joint, I can’t just smoke one.

I should have known I’d end up being a whore for smoking fetish phone sex eventually. The first time a guy asked me to light up and share a cigarette with him while I was riding his cock was heavenly. I nearly came just from him asking! And then he held the cigarette up to my lips and lit it up for me while I took the first drag and kept bouncing…it was so fucking hot. It was like all of my wild teenage fantasies that I had while watching classic movies had come full circle.

Now I can’t help but wonder how you came to develop this hunger for smoking fetish phone sex. I can’t wait to light one up with you while you tell me!

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MILF Phone Sex with Charlie

M-I-L-F. Four letters that say “She looks a mom but she’s still fucking Hot!!!!” OK, that’s not exactly what the acronym spells, but that’s what it means, right? I get called that a lot. It’s no wonder I love getting MILF phone sex calls. It’s in my top 3 favorite role plays. During MILF calls I tend to touch myself and cum right along with you!! Sometimes I draw from my own personal MILF sexcapades when you gentlemen call me. Those are some of my best calls!!! Sex in my 40’s is better now than when I was in my 20’s or 30’s! You might be thinking “Come on Charlie. Really?” Yes, REALLY! Here’s why. When you’re a MILF, most of the guys that want to fuck you are around the ages of 21-30. OK, there are some men over 30 that I put into that category, (love MILF’s) and I talk to a lot of them when they call me for MILF phone sex. But it’s not quite the same. The difference is I know you know what I’m talking about. LOL. I call those younger men my ever-ready bunny boys. Haha.

MILF Phone Sex

They just keep going..and going with almost no recovery time necessary. They love talking to me about fucking me, licking me, sucking me, eating me, and making me cum for hours!! MILF phone sex is both incredibly satisfying and incredibly exhausting. Poor me, right? Hey, no complaints guys. I cant think of a better way to get my body drenched in sweat, yours and mine! When we talk on those erotic MILF calls. I like to think about you also covering my entire body with your thick white cum. Yes, I’m a dirty slut MILF and YOU love it!!

How bout some MILF role play with you as my 22-year-old stepson’s friend?? My 25-year-old pool boy? Or a hunky guy I meet at the gym. I’m always ready to create a nasty fetish MILF call with you. Even better….let’s watch porn on our call! Maybe Pick one that has a gorgeous MILF wife devouring and getting rammed with some BBC or BBC/Cuckold. Let’s let our imagination run wild together on the phone. I’d love to be your MILF bitch and do exactly as I’m told or I’d really love to be your MILF Dominatrix and make you suffer for me, Obey Me and do anything and everything I tell you to do. Do you understand me? Of course you fucking do! Haha!

Take out those credit cards boys! You know the next step. Give me a call for MILF phone sex at 1 888 474 6769. I’m waiting! Ask for Charlie!

Size Queen Phone Sex with Remy

Hell yes, I am a size queen phone sex slut.  I have never bothered to hide it.  Seriously, do I look like the kind of chick who will settle for anything less than exactly what I want?  Come on now, you know that I always get what I think I deserve.  And what I think I deserve is a big fat throbbing cock in my mouth or quivering and creamy pussy. Just because I think I deserve it doesn’t mean that I won’t go out of my way to earn it.  I get all dressed up and go on a cock hunt, only shooting for the biggest and best out dicks there. I have no problem going up to a sexy guy and asking him what he is packing. I sure don’t want to waste my time with someone with a tiny peen.  That makes me so angry!
Size Queen Phone Sex
If it is big enough, then we are good to go.  I will worship that cock with everything I have because I always want them to return for more.  Hell, he can even bring his well-hung friends to join in and it will be a serious party.  Some women would be scandalized by my whorish behavior, but I could care less.  If they only knew how good it felt to be double-teamed by massive dong, they would be lining up to do what I am doing as well. Seriously, it is life-changing to get a cock deep inside my pussy where no other cock has been before.  Those poor nerve endings are so excited to finally get some action!  It is like a whole new ball game, no pun intended.  So you should consider what it really means to be a size queen phone sex slut like me.  I would love to share my stories with you.  Call me at 1 888 474 6769 for some hot wet fun.

Small Cock Humiliation with Zoey

There used to be a song in the 90s about small cock humiliation. Who knew so many men would end up enjoying being called names. I have seen many many cocks. I have been even sent more cock pictures than I have seen in person. I have said many times what the fuck is that thing? Just like the song! I don’t want no short dick man is how the song/ rap goes. I don’t want that either. Do you really think when I spread my legs nice and wide I want something small like yours not I sure do not.

Small Cock Humiliation

The humiliation you feel inside when I laugh at your hard cock is sometimes more than you can take. You love it, your little thing gets rock hard at my giggles and jokes. Something inside you is turned on by a grown woman amused at the sight of your little winkie. You can see it in my eyes, you hear it in my voice and relish in it,

Do you have a dickie doo? Do you know when your belly hangs out more than your dickie does? That always gets laughs from me and my friends when we are out at the bar. Maybe you would enjoy me telling them about your tiny little gadget. Just last week I was telling them all about the guy who showed me his cock at a concert I went to a few weeks ago, Like either you were so fat that your body swallowed your cock or it’s so little that I could only see the head of your cock. Kind of like a hiding turtle. LOL, it amused us for the whole night.

Face the fact your cock could not please anyone. You know I know it and I may tell my friends at the bar, the pool hall, or maybe post it all over the place. Maybe I could make some meme of your little twinkie and it will be shared far and wide. I take that back a twinkie would satisfy me more. It even has a burst of cream for me to enjoy too LOL

Ready to be called names and have some cock humiliation from a hot older woman such as myself. Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Zoey

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