Phone Sex Fantasies with Regina

Playing out your phone sex fantasies with me is an event you don’t want to miss out on. I’m a good listener and plus I have a yearning to learn more about the many themes of various categories of phone sex. With the more phone sex calls I receive, the more enlightened I am and I feel like I’m teleporting myself inside the caller’s mind and into his world. In our moment of a select number of minutes, you tell me your fantasy. A kinky boy like you definitely has at least one fantasy which you daydream of from time to time. What could it be or maybe I should ask what they all are? For someone that curious to be here in this corner of the internet and to make the opportunity to read my words, your mind is inundated with countless fantasies.

Phone Sex Fantasies

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Just last night when I was in bed, my belly stuffed from eating so much, watching Hallmark and Lifetime Christmas movies and sipping on egg nog, I had this vivid fantasy of having a food fight with my husband. We barely got halfway through eating when the food fight commenced. He threw an apple pie in my face. I was stunned for a few seconds. I retaliated by rubbing cranberry sauce in his face. It was on then, like Donkey Kong! Hehe. Collards, potato salad, string bean casserole, candied yams, dressing, macaroni and cheese, cakes, and any other type of traditional Thanksgiving foods you can think of flung at each other. The different textures of food on our skin highly aroused us. We fucked right on the dining room chairs and table. Sploshing sex fantasies maybe one of the less popular phone sex fantasies but I find them as erotic just the same.

Your phone sex fantasies should be told. Why keep them locked away inside of you? BDSM, BBC, panty boy or etc? Let’s relish in them together. Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Regina.

Impregnation Phone Sex with Sybil

I like impregnation phone sex because there is something especially thrilling about talking about a guy getting me pregnant. I know a lot of men like impregnation phone sex because the idea of getting a woman pregnant is such a power trip for a man. He puts his dick in and her body gets pushed out of shape with new life, her belly goes from flat to round like a planet as the life grows, and her tits get bigger as they fill with milk to nourish the newcomer. Isn’t making babies why sex evolved in the first place? So it makes sense that guys get turned on at the thought of making a woman pregnant. I want a man to tell me that he wants me to get pregnant, he wants me to have his baby, he wants me to put his little bit of forever out into the universe. There is something wonderful, just beautiful when I tell a guy I’m going to let his sperm hit my egg and fertilize it. Men, don’t you just love the idea of making love with a woman for an hour and having the consequences last forever? You’re making love with me and you’re making a baby inside of me. What could be more exciting?

Phone Sex

A lot of guys who like impregnation phone sex want to be assured that I can get pregnant. Since I’m only 35, menopause should be quite a ways away! I CAN get pregnant, fellows. They also want to hear me say, and say it confidently: “I want your baby, man. I want you to get me pregnant. I want to bring new life into the world for you.” They want to hear me say things like: “Get me pregnant, please get me pregnant, please let me be the mother of your child. It will be such an honor to walk around with my belly big with your baby.”

Sybil – 1 888 474 6769

Cross Dressing Phone Sex with Sybil

I’ve always been fascinated by how thin the line can be between what looks like a man and what looks like a woman. This may explain why I dig cross dressing phone sex so much. I just love the idea of a man, whether effeminate or ruggedly masculine, taking on the things that make him appear female. I love to talk about a man taking off his shirt and masculine slacks, his undershirt and boxers or briefs, in order to put on women’s lingerie. The more feminine the lingerie he puts on himself, the better I like it. Few things compare to seeing a man putting on a pair of panties, especially silky or satiny panties, and a nice frilly bra on his chest. I especially like talking about putting the man in undies that are of pastel colors and I tend to want to see him in either lavender or pink because lavender represents gayness in men and pink represents the femininity of girls and women. Then I like to discuss the fellow putting on a pretty dress or a pretty blouse and pretty skirt. Again, I enjoy cross dressing phone sex best when we discuss his wearing clothes that are wonderfully feminine like materials of velvet, satin, silk, or chiffon and colors like sunshine yellow, the blue of a clear sky, or the old reliable lavender and pink.

Phone Sex

Of course, the job is not done with just clothing! We have to talk about the man putting on makeup on his face — or me putting the makeup on his face. We must go pretty heavy on the foundation to hide any sign of a five o’clock shadow. Then we put rouge or blush on his cheeks. I like to put a very bright lipstick on a man when cross-dressing him. I usually want baby pink lipstick or scarlet red lipstick or neon sign bright orange lipstick. Then we talk about his putting on eye shadows and maybe false eyelashes but always some mascara. Finally, we must powder his face and there he is — or rather, there he is as a newly born SHE! Jewelry is also good to complete the cross dressing look and I like the idea of his wearing pretty necklaces, often pearls, as well as rings and bracelets and earrings. Call me so we can have a hot time talking about your cross dressing!

Sybil – 1 888 474 6769

Ass Worship Phone Sex with Sybil

I guess it was inevitable that I would get a special thrill out of ass worship phone sex. When I was a younger, I was ultra self-conscious about the fact that my butt stuck out so much! Of course, a butt on any female sticks out more than it does on the average male but the fact is that mine sticks out a little more than most. That contributed to my having lower back pain which in turn contributed to my grinding my hips a lot which in turn means that I am super conscious of the “swing in my backyard.” Although I didn’t like having a lot of junk in the trunk when I was growing up and thought it made me look fat even when the scale told me my weight was just right, I found out when the guys starting hanging around that men prefer a big butt. As Sir Mix-A-Lot sings “Baby Got Back,” I sure as hell got back!

Phone Sex

Nowadays, I actually expect men to appreciate this big juicy rear end which is why I love it when I do ass worship phone sex. I like to hear men tell me how pretty my ass is and how much it gets them horny and how they want to stroke their cocks looking at pictures of my ass and talking with me about my ass. I want to hear guys tell me they want to kiss my ass, every inch of it, just cover my ass with kisses because they love it and then put their faces between my ass cheeks and lick my asshole while I’m masturbating, grinding my hips side to side as they lovingly tongue my asshole. I want to hear them say they know their faces belong between my ass cheeks and they know an ass like mine deserves to be worshipped.

Sybil – 1 888 474 6769

MILF Phone Sex with Regina

The first time I was referred to as a MILF it caught me off guard. I heard of the name before and knew what it stands for. However, I was shocked to be called that by a older fellow member of my community. Up until that point, older middle aged women at least 40 years old and up was the image and definition of a MILF in my head. I’m 35 years old and I carry the MILF badge with pride. MILF stands for a mother I would like to fuck. Am I a mother you would like to fuck? I’m hoping you claim so because this MILF pussy over here needs to get serviced. My loving husband works and travels a lot so it gets lonely as I lay in my bed at night at times. In case you didn’t know, I’m Regina, a mother of two, your next MILF phone sex mistress.

MILF Phone Sex

I don’t give a damn how old you are. Younger, around my age, or older. It makes no difference to me. Cocks of all ages feel good as long as the man that’s attached to the cock knows what to do. A self assured lady as me commands to be pleasured the right way for multiple hours. I love the younger bulls. They worship me. A hot, dark skinned black woman with tits, a small waist and an ass like mine are magnets to the juniors. Men a little older aren’t as eager to hit it and quit it. I need you in my life to get this pussy whenever you like. Stamina makes you a godsend. More my speed. I mean my time and my vagina are my money and both will not be wasted on a fucking useless dud. MILF phone sex entanglements await.

Black and juicy pussy hooks you, straight fucking addictive. Study me and reach deep down to detect my MILF phone sex chakras. Astonishingly intoxicating. Watch me shake my ass and pop my pussy. Give me that cock now! Your ivory skin up against my Ebony skin look like a masterpiece. Then there is the older, seasoned men who are enough to be my father. You have been there and already done that so no beating around the bush. Older, mature men are pussy licking fiends. You love licking good tasty, squirt in your pussy and I have no choice but to love letting you do it.

Fantasizing about being with a hot mom is fine and all but let’s test it out for real. This MILF phone sex queen needs you to dial 1-888-474-6769 and ask for Regina.

Cougar Phone Sex with Sybil

Younger guys in the neighborhood have always looked at yours truly as a “hot mama” type. I keep it legal — I’ve actually checked ID before permitting so much as a kiss — but a fresh 18-year-old is just fine with me. Once I see that he’s not jailbait, we really go to town with it and I get to feel that fresh tightly muscled 18 year old boy just turning into a man sort of physique. This is one of the reasons I so enjoy cougar phone sex. I love talking about the younger men I’ve had and the younger men that I haven’t had yet but that I know want me. Having more than ten years on these guys means I get a chance to show them the ropes. My favorites are the ones who did NOT get sexual experience in high school with their girlfriends because I get break in a virgin. I knew this one guy, he was a college student from another country, and he used to say, “Sybil, can we practice kissing so I will know how to kiss when I am ready to have a wife?” I told him, “You bet we can.” We started really slowly, just a lot of putting lips together and tongues on teeth before we started necking and feeling and the whole trip of letting nature take its course.

Phone Sex

There’s a younger man who just moved into this neighborhood and he looks a lot like Justin Bieber when that actor was just starting out. I know that he is in fact twenty years old but he is so fresh and soft looking, such a sweet younger twink. He still calls me by my last name and it kind of reminds me of that classic old movie called “The Graduate” with Dustin Hoffman. I have not done anything with him yet but I would love to talk about the things I know we will do in a cougar phone sex session. I remember that Dustin Hoffman’s character called older cougar Anne Bancroft’s character “Mrs. Robinson” even after the two of them had been fucking! Sometimes I actually fantasize that I’m getting it on with this younger twink and he calls me by my last name as he squeezes and kisses my tits!

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Domination Phone Sex with Sierra

I have so many submissive domination phone sex males that I enjoy speaking with. I recently spoke with one who talked about cuckolding. I recently he suspected his wife of cheating. He also talked about how much he fantasizes about creampies and wished that he could lick other mens cum from her smooth pussy. I could tell how turned on he was by his intense moans and the tone of his voice. He went on to share that not only does she cheat but he also has a guy that he gets together with to suck his dick. He also shared that he loves watching porn with men who suck and fuck each other. I can honestly say that he loves dick more than pussy. Sometimes guys will ask me if that means they are gay. In fact, not only him but other men have confessed that they have to think about sucking and fucking a hard dick just to keep them hard when they are having sex with their girlfriends or wives.

Domination Phone Sex

I just love kinky and horny men. So much that I start masturbating when I hear how horny they are. Believe me my pussy gets very wet from knowing how horny a man is. There’s another submissive I’m thinking about right now who loves getting on his knees to suck as many dicks as he possibly can. He’s an awesome fucking cock sucking slut. I just recently spoke to him and decided to take him to a theatre that is dedicated to submissive males getting their mouths and asses stuffed with hard dicks. He just loves domination phone sex too. Imagine being in a place that offers a theatre, private porn booth, and glory hole section where you can just get on your knees and get ready to submit.

It brings me to another who said “Sierra I’m ready to find a BBC. That’s what sissy faggot white boys like me do.” He was dressed in his pink skirt, low-cut top, pink cum fuck me pumps, and pink panties with ruffles and a pouch for his hard fucking clit. His lover has a big ass ten-inch cock. I remember one of the first times I spoke with him. He was dressed in a satin robe with pantyhose. He was checking out the groundsman just wishing he could get on his knees and suck that chocolaty cock. I told him to stand in the window so he could be seen by then. Needless to say, he did just that. He has come a long way since the first few times I’ve spoken with him.

I take pride in all that I do for you. It’s not a job to me. I don’t ever treat it that way. It’s a turn-on and a passion and an escape. I can find myself creamy and ready to hear the fantasies that you want to share with me. I could write a novel about all of the endless fantasies that I love hearing from submissive males on the phone. I have another who loves to steal his MILF panties. He sniffs, licks, and wears them as he parades around the house in her lingerie as well. I just love hearing about how much he wants to be caught and punished. He wants to be bent over and have his slutty ass stuffed with a big fat strap-on.

I just love luring men in who can’t get enough domination phone sex with my provocative clothing that shows off my very long legs and big breasts. I know how much you love my sexy seductive gestures and sexy voice that makes your dick rise to the occasion. I’ll envision running my hands all over your back, chest, and down your stomach. When I get between your legs I’ll stop right there and wrap my smooth hand around your cock and start stroking it so good you will find yourself sharing all of your secret fantasies with me. I won’t stop either. Not until you are ready and maybe even begging me to cum.

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Fetish Phone Sex with Regina

When I think of the phrase, ‘fetish phone sex’, the most common topics I think of first are cheating husbands or wives, naughty school girl, black girl fetish having white men, small penis boys, sissy panty boys and cuckold husbands. I do empathize for all of these. I mean it’s so fun to cheat, knowing that you are not supposed to. The act of adultery is considered immoral but it’s considered a common fantasy and phone sex is a discreet and safe haven for people who fantasize and desire to cheat. Also for me, I used to wear a school uniform for a few years. In college, quite a few of my college professors were hot silver foxes. For a good fetish phone sex roleplay to re-imagine my barely legal/youngerFetish Phone Sex adult years, I really adore the callers who tell me they are my professor and I’m their slacker, promiscuous, student. Extra credit anyone?


You know what a Ebony horny desperate housewife such as me really deserves? White men who are slaves for beautiful black women like me. I want them to adore me so they damn sure better make me I’m happy so I get everything from them that I need. Their goddess mistress will be fulfilled by all of the money, gifts, vacations, and cars she wants and needs. I allow you to make me a fetish, your fetish for own sick and twisted needs. You love fetishizing women like me so you need to come on and allow both you and I to get our obsessive dose of fetish phone sex. Worship the ground that I walk on! Kiss the bottom of my shoes after every step that I take. You submissive white boys who feel you have something to prove to the collective of black girls and women, keep on giving and I will proudly receive.

Any phone sex is fetish phone sex. Small weiner boys, panty boys, & the cuck hubbies, keep calling to put me in your world. All the fetishists, let’s venture into your kink. I’m here, antsy, desiring to understand your mind. Call 1-888-474-6769 and ask for moi, Regina.

ABDL Phone Sex with Sybil

I have a real thing about adult babies and the diaper lifestyle. I just love ABDL phone sex because I love talking with someone who likes being treated like a baby, coddled and cuddled like a baby really brings out my maternal instincts. Only, unlike a real baby, the adult babies allow me to combine my maternal instincts and my sexual desires. I believe many people are into ABDL because, after all, we all start out as babies! No matter your station in life, you were once a helpless infant that needed someone to take care of you. It is natural that some people want to return to that state of helplessness and having a loving mommy take good care of them. They want that cuddling, that mommy loving, that sense of her as the most important person in the world who is showing the world to the baby and, at the same time, protecting the baby from any dangers in the world.

ABDL Phone Sex

ABDL phone sex is fun because I like to talk about holding and cuddling and protecting. I like talking about feeding a hungry adult baby with my nipple or with a baby bottle and formula. Mother’s milk tastes to sweet! It tastes so good even as it fills an empty belly! I’ve found that even talking about changing my big baby’s diaper can be sensuous because there is a sensuality in opening up the diaper and cleaning the pee or poop off the big baby and then rubbing ointment or lotion on the baby’s bottom. Finally we wind it all up with my sprinkling a fresh smelling powder on the big baby’s bottom as I retire the baby to being clean and smelling nice. Adult babies like to stroke their cocks as I tell them how much I enjoy cuddling them and coddling them and taking good care of them as any good and responsible mommy should. I know they can cum powerfully as I describe taking care of them and loving them. Call me, ABDL people!

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Mature Phone Sex with Denise

I think I am addicted to kinky mature phone sex. I literally play with my starburst pink pussy all day and listen to countless hornballs cum for me. I’m dominant by nature and I know I would never have this much fun at another job. Honestly, I could be a stripper of even a downright hoe in Las Vegas or something. But, my past makes me perfect for this kind of work. For example, I remember seducing my friends dad when I was younger. He gave in on my first try too. Later on, I would lure in guys that had hot sporty caregivers. This way, when I finished draining my boy toy I could sink my chocolate lips into his pops right after. Sometimes their wives would even join in on the taboo indiscretions of their partner. Now that I’m a big girl, I simply cuck my hubby and make every other man my sissy slut. Having pervs worship me and superior mulatto pussy my whole life has made my ego tremendous. My entire adult life I have been a whore and, clearly, a horny barely legal slut before that. HAHA!

Mature Phone Sex

I feel like I was destined to be a phone sex slut after I got done whoring around town. After about 10 years or so, a real hoe has to put the pussy to rest for a spell. If not, that old loose ran through cunt won’t make any money. While letting my overused ass and coochie rest, I found a phone sex job and never looked back at turning tricks! My brain pussy keeps my pay piggies in line and my phone ringing. the pervs and I have never been happy! All the stories I have about sucking and fucking my way through life should be shared. Don’t you agree?

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Horny Desperate Housewives