Cuckold Phone Sex with Zoey

I fully admit that I am an older, dirty almost filthy woman! I have lived the cuckold lifestyle for ten years now with my third husband.  He loves and encourages me to fuck other men and couples while he is away at work also when he’s home. When I told him I was having cuckold phone sex in our bedroom he gave me a tilt of his baseball hat as a sign of his approval. But enough about my marriage let’s talk about you and me. Cuckolding in the urban dictionary says A man who willing encourages his wife or another half to sleep with others because it pleases him. Does it make you rock hard just thinking about me sleeping with someone else?
Cuckold Phone Sex
Do you want to pick who I sleep with? Your boss makes comments dirty comments after I leave your job? Your best friend who you tell everything to wants to fuck me in my ass. God knows his old hag won’t let him touch her. Or you could seek out some young guy online to come over and please me. I prefer you to sit on the bed next to us and stroke your cock so I can watch while getting fucked.  Watch them cum in me and then you better clean me up. I love to hear the amusement in your voice and watching you stroking it. I love knowing that me getting my wet pussy pounded by someone other than you gets you off and makes you cum.
Or are you a man that prefers to be humiliated, called names, and made to do demeaning things by me and my lover?  I could make you stroke my young lover for me to get him ready for my goddess-like pussy. I could make you take his cock and put it inside of me and then make you sit and watch.  I can be a dirty old lady in control if that’s so your desire. Cuckold phone sex is second nature to me. I truly enjoy being the object of lust and cum.  I enjoy being fucked and being watched. So I do love cuckold roleplay too. I can make any fantasy you have come vividly real.
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Big Tits Phone Sex with MILF Darcy

I couldn’t hide my big natural breasts if I wanted to. I’m guessing you wouldn’t want me to hide my luscious bust either. I want to have some passionate big tits phone sex with you so that you may enjoy all that an ample bosom has to offer. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could bury your face in them? Licking and sucking until your cock was so stiff and erect that you needed to be inside me? Don’t worry, baby – I want you deep inside my pussy too. When you’re sucking and nibbling my nipples, I get so turned on I feel like I might go crazy. But you like that too, don’t you? I know you love how wet it makes my MILF pussy to give me all that sweet suction right where I want it most – on my stiff nipples.

Big Tits Phone Sex

You can fully enjoy my breasts during big tits phone sex anytime. I love the feeling of my nipple popping out of your wet mouth. Get lost in my deep soft cleavage and let me know when you need to come up for air. I’ll stroke your neck while I encourage you to keep sucking my erect nipples. Once your cock is aching to be inside me and dripping with delicious pre-cum I’ll climb on top of you and slip your dick inside my aching cunt. My big tits phone sex breasts will be hanging right by your face. They’re just bouncing in front of your eyes. Enchanting aren’t they?

I would love to discuss how much you love big tits phone sex and women with juicy natural breasts with you. Confess to me your deepest darkest fantasies and I will share mine. I just know we’re going to have so much fun with my hot tits bouncing in your face. You’ll never be able to imagine fucking without them! *kisses*

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Cougar Phone Sex with Darcy

Do you crave an experienced and uninhibited woman? Well sugar, then I think cougar phone sex is exactly what you – and your cock need. I would be very happy to take care of both you and your strapping younger cock. I’m wet just thinking about it. I desire younger men because they can usually keep up with my unquenchable thirst. Even the energetic boys in the neighborhood are welcome to come over and use my pool if you know what I mean. Having the ability to have multiple orgasms means I like to have sex quite often – breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I imagine you have what it takes to take care of lunch and dinner. Mmmm… or are you more of a dessert kind of boy? Oh, I love the sweet taste of fresh cock. I can definitely work with that.

Cougar Phone Sex

Come over to my place and I’ll teach you a thing or two about cougar phone sex. I’ll explore your firm younger body and find out what drives you crazy. I’m also going to show you exactly how to please me. It’s important for you to learn all that you can from our time together. Your future girlfriends will be so pleased with your bedroom skills. I’ll let you do whatever your cock desires if you do the same for my cunt. Tell me what your fantasies are and we’ll explore them together. I’ll even introduce you to some new ones that you’re fresh mind hasn’t even come across yet. I bet now you’re wondering if I will entertain your secret fantasy. You know, the dark one that you feel slightly shameful about. The answer is yes. You never have to be ashamed with an experienced and open-minded woman like me. Besides, my pussy gets incredibly wet at the thought of exploring very taboo topics. Even those fantasies that are too taboo to list here are on the table when we are on the phone together. I have my own favorite scenarios that I’m just itching to play out with a lad like you.

With an older cougar phone sex woman, you don’t have to worry about the games that come along with insecure girls your age. I’ll take the reins and rock your world – and I’ll be quite delighted to do so. I certainly won’t mind if you tell your hot friends about what happens over at Miss Darcy’s house. In fact, I encourage you to tell as many as your hot and horny friends as possible! You tell them anything you like, and also tell them they are welcome to stop by any time. When my husband is away my door is always open. I’ll even let you sleep on his side of the bed…. *kisses*

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Pain Slut Phone Sex with Beki

I just got so hot on a pain slut phone sex call a minute ago!! We talked about me giving him the blowjob of his life while he gripped my hair and shoved me down in it even harder!! It was so hot… wow. Then, I licked the precum from his cock, and practically drank all of his juices. Mmmm…I told him I couldn’t wait for his gigantic dick any longer! I wanted him to rip me open! But he said, no. He said wait, baby… go back up to the headboard and start rubbing your hot kitty! And so I did!! I used some spit, and really got it going, ya know?? But I have a VERY tight pussy, and he wanted me to stretch myself out a bit.

Pain Slut Phone Sex

All I ever usually do by myself is 2 fingers!! And wow, my pussy loves that, but 3 has always felt like too much! But he sweet-talked me, and I went from 1 finger to 2 to 3 super quickly and he had me fucking myself so hard!! My kitty was really purring at this point, and just aching and throbbing for his cock to go inside me! I was looking up at him with my big doe eyes, just asking for his monster cock to penetrate me!!

Well, I had stretched my pussy a bit by this point, so I just begged for him… mmmm… so he put the tip in and I moaned!! It felt so good.. his body against my body. He asked me if I wanted him to go slow or fast? I asked him, do you maybe think.. do you wanna just shove it in?! Like full force, all at once, baby?? He let out a yelp of satisfaction and I knew he liked what he was hearing! Pain is such a turn on, and that’s why I LOVE pain slut phone sex!

So, he thrust his huge cock into my hairy pussy and I gasped for air! It hurts! Ow!! Oooh… oh wow, god it hurts so good! Yes, mmm just tear me apart! He pulled my hair and fucked me down so hard. My body was shaking, but with satisfaction pulsing through my trembling self.

Ahhhh, I’m such a phone sex pain slut!! I looked up at him and he came in me immediately! I said YES, mmm, smack my ass! Cum in me, baby! I want your cum in all my holes!! Then he spewed his delicious marshmallow goodness all over himself and me. I looked up at him and I asked him if I could pretty please clean him up? He told me to suck that dick clean and I did just that! he was good to go…

If you want a pain slut who loves being pushed around and dicked down, call me! More times than not, I’m waiting at home to get off with you big men while my hubby isn’t home!

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Sissy Baby Phone Sex with Gypsy

I love all kinds of adult baby diaper lover calls, but my favorite kind is sissy baby phone sex. I mean, I can’t help but love pretty things, and there’s so much joy in showing big babies like you how you deserve to be treated, so sissy baby phone sex is the best kind!! I love that we can talk about all the pretty outfits we are going to dress you in – after, of course, we clean up that messy diaper you have there! I mean, honey, I can smell that thing a mile away!! PHEW!!!

Sissy Baby Phone Sex

Now don’t you worry – it’s ok, sweetie. I’m here to take good care of you. I mean, someone has to do the dirty work, right? Clearly, it isn’t going to be you. A big baby like you isn’t able to take care of that messy diaper or feeding times, but to make up for the work I have to do to take care of you, the least you could do is let me dress you in something pretty! We can find you the most adorable little sissy baby dresses, cute little mary jane shoes, bonnets of all colors to match your dresses, and we can’t forget tights – we don’t want your little sissy baby legs getting cold. You’d better practice your curtsy for me too – those mary janes may get a little slippery, so put down that sippy cup first! That’s why I’m here for you – sissy baby phone sex is all about taking care of your needs and making sure you’re extra pretty while we do it.

So will you be my new little baby doll? I’m dying to dress you up and take you out to show you off. You might need a nap when we’ve finished, but that’s ok – that sissy baby phone sex call will have you sleeping like a baby!!

Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Gypsy. You can have your favorite dolly with you if you’re nervous!

Hot BBC Phone Sex with Remy

I bet when your cock gets hard, it is usually because you think of me getting railed by a massive ebony dick. But if you are being honest, you don’t just like to watch this BBC phone sex whore get fucked by a huge black dick, you want to play too! You want to get right up there with a front-row seat. Does it make you jealous to see me get to suck that big black dick, making the veins pop and the head swell up? You want him to drip his pre-cum on your tongue, don’t you? Well, then you should get down on your knees and be a BBC phone sex whore with me! I’ll suck his black balls while you slide his head in your mouth and milk out that pre-cum.

BBC Phone Sex

Just don’t forget to share! Don’t you bogart that good cock or I will have to fight you for it. I want you to stick your tongue in my mouth and let me suck his juices off your tongue. Usually, you sit and jerk while I let a black dick pump my cunt and fill me with loads of spooge, but this time I think you will be the BBC phone sex whore getting fucked! Scream loud for me baby. When he forces that big black cock deep inside you, pounding your prostate the way he slams my g-spot, you’ll see why I love black dicks so much. Not that I don’t love your dick too. But a black cock is so much bigger and thicker and nothing fucks me better or makes me cum harder. Once you have your first black dick you won’t be able to get enough either. Then you’ll understand why I’m the BBC phone sex whore that I am…and you’ll be one too!

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MILF Phone Sex with Darcy

I’m proud that all the neighborhood boys are nearly tripping over their dicks to come by and visit. And I’m even prouder they consider me a MILF. You know what that means don’t you? There’s always some helpful “good boy” reason these neighborhood boys are stopping by, like: “Do you need me to trim your hedges Miss Darcy?” or “I’m bringing in your packages” and occasionally “I’m just looking for your son.” They’re all so helpful. Helpful and hormonal. That’s alright though, I still love having MILF phone sex with all manner of good boys…. and even bad boys, too.

MILF Phone Sex

In fact, the best way to help your favorite neighborhood cougar out is to come over wearing your swim trunks, or basketball shorts…. ask to use my pool. Never call me ma’am and always call me Miss. I do like other taboo titles, as well. I’m not shy, I know I want your stiff younger cock, and I know I want to rock your world. That is, I want your sexual experience with me to be so memorable, I want you jerking off thinking of that kinky MILF phone sex babe next door when you’re an old man. I want you tell stories of that hot blonde woman with the dangerous curves for days to all your friends. I want to be immortalized as the hottest scene in your spank bank forever.

How could you forget that one time that you went over to help Miss Darcy and she helped you more than you ever thought possible in return. She stripped you out of your navy blue shorts, exposed you to porn, and made your toes curl. It’ll be the first time a woman has ever used her tongue that way on you…. you’ll never forget me.

So come get you some hot MILF phone sex action. There’s no need to be shy because I’m as wild a woman as they come. It’s time to bring all your MILF fantasies to life. *kiss* Dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Miss Darcy!

Cheating Wife Phone Sex with Beki

So, I’m sitting all alone at home, right? My body is kept perfect, and so is my house! But do I get the attention from my husband after his long day of work? No! It’s super, super aggravating! I can’t stand it! Like… I deserve way more attention. Don’t tell anybody but I have a HUGE secret! I… kind of started having sex with other men! I just act like I’m going out and getting my hair or nails done, but instead I’m getting some BBC! That’s why I’m so good at cheating wife phone sex! The worst part is he doesn’t even question me when I get home. I’m literally still pumping hot from this misters giant, chocolate dick, but my husband has NO CLUE… ugh.

cheating wife phone sex

Honestly, it just makes me want to do it even more! I love cheating on him, ooohh it makes me so hot! Maybe he does know, and gets off on it in secret? Mmm, that’d be hot.. I wonder if he ever hears me getting off with other men during cheating wife phone sex? Or, maybe if I rock the bed against my wall (we sleep apart) so hard that he hears me fucking myself with my 8 in dildo while I’m thinking of your cock in me. That’s probably what his cuck subconscious wants!

I just sit at home all day, talking to men who make my panties drop at their beck and call (literally)! My bed is soaked so much that I even wash my sheets every single day. My husband doesn’t even make my panties wet nowadays! Cheating just feels so wrong, but so right, that I don’t even feel bad really… it’s such a rush. I get so hot because I get to hear men tell me what they would do to me, how they want me to take their cock, and live in a perfect fantasy of mind blowing sex! It makes me feel so wanted when I have cheating wife phone sex!

So cum be one of the guys my husband is jealous of! Call 1-888-474-6769, and ask for Beki!


Sissy Training Phone Sex with Christina

Psst…wanna know a secret? I am a sissy trainer. I am an expert at sissy training phone sex. I allow you a safe space to explore your feminine side. I love to watch a horny sissy humiliate herself in front of me. It gives me such a rush to watch you obey me. And you’ll do anything I tell you to because you know we have the same goal – feminization. I’ve achieved this level of control over you, my little slut, by teaching you the deliciousness of humiliation. When you are with me, you leave your power at the door and let in the girly girl you yearn to be.

Sissy Training Phone Sex

I want to show you some videos of total sluts like you mesmerized by very large cocks. You will feel so ashamed of your little clitty-penis, and that will feel so very good. I know you are a horny little girl, and I want to watch as you put on a pair of satin panties. Then you will ask me to pull down those panties and take a look at your adorable fuckhole. Together, you and I will stretch out that little hole so that it will one day be worthy of the biggest cock you’ve ever seen. It won’t hurt much – well, maybe a bit at first!

Fantasy can and will become your reality during our times together. You will learn to achieve many orgasms without having to masturbate. You will look so cute wearing a midriff top and tight shorts, just a dirty little sissy girl. I’ll show you how to be a good submissive slut and enjoy having cum splashed all over your body whenever you wish.

This is making you horny, you little slut. I am waiting to start your training. You’ll find your true sissy self with me. Yummm…I just happen to have a juicy dildo in your size. Contact me and let’s decide what to do with that sissy clit. I will bring you to the ultimate heights in sissy training phone sex!

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Taboo Phone Sex with Beth

Holy fuck, has life been nuts lately?!?! Well, life is a serious fucking roller coaster, and one thing is for sure, but I have had a LOT of super taboo phone sex calls lately!! I’m sure you want to know all about them, don’t you? Well, the problem is, because they’ve been so taboo, I’m not actually allowed to tell you about them here, in writing. No, but if you call me and tell me you want to talk taboo, maybe you’ll find something to talk about I haven’t heard lately. Maybe not.

taboo phone sex

I bet there’s something you’ve been keeping locked up in that skull of yours, only letting it bounce around when you’re alone with your favorite lube and your cock in your hand. I bet there’s something so taboo that stands your dick so at attention that the stiffness hurts, but that’s so taboo that you can’t tell the very person you regularly fuck with that hard cock. Is this true? Then you need to pick that damned phone up, call any of our numbers, and ask for Beth. Then, when I answer, no need to ask me if taboo phone sex is ok with me – I assure you it is. And the more of those taboo doors you open, the more you’ll find that I’m standing there behind them, waiting for you so I can walk with you through your darkest taboo phone sex fantasies.

Remember, fantasies are fantasies. Even though they may always stay fantasies, the beauty of a fantasy is that you can take it literally ANYWHERE. So, the real question is, when you want to have a really hot taboo phone sex call, how far are you willing to take your imagination? Call 1 888 474 6769 and ask for Beth, and I guarantee I’m there for the whole, twisted ride with you!!!

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