BBC Phone Sex Black On Blonde with Jasmine

BBC phone sex

Hello, my sweet perverts! I am Jasmine and I adore BBC phone sex! When I hear the term black on blonde I feel it was made just for me. Look at my rocking bod, pale skin, and flaxen hair. Lets not forget about these massive tits and big booty, either! My body was made for a good sweaty pounding. The kind of pounding that only a big black cock can give and I can take a lickin and keep on ticking too! I look incredibly hot with juicy dark meat sliding in and out of my pretty pink pussy. If you want to watch me cream all over that brown shaft you can. I would let you because I am a kinky sweetheart who loves being a naughty exhibitionist.

Interracial fantasies are so arousing, arent they? Would you like to watch this blonde get plowed on a BBC phone sex fantasy call? You might be kinky and a voyeur. Or you could be a horny cuckold who wants to roleplay the part of my white hubby? I just love lots of attention and sweaty steamy sex. This busty blonde is multi-orgasmic and I cant get enough of horny men in my bed! I have room for you too so climb on in. Just dont get between me and my brown skinned stud because I have a bad case of jungle fever, ok? I plan to get a  big puddle of baby gravy in my pussy and who knows maybe I will get pregnant! Wouldnt that be hot too?

I just love BBC phone sex because I never have to worry about whether or not I will orgasm my brains out! Give me that big gooey load of baby batter and I will purr like a sex kitten! Lets have kinky interracial fantasy play together and make each other cum like crazy. I am not against sharing if you have a craving for interracial cock curious fun, either! Would you like to suck it after he has fucked my sweet, tight, pussy? Let me know and we can get this big black cock fantasy started. Dial 1 888 474 6769 and ask for your sensual flower, Jasmine.

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MILF Amazon Fetish Phone Sex Mistress Dahlia

MILF Amazon Fetish Phone Sex

Hello, fella’s. Yes, you. I am your MILF Amazon, Dahlia. What makes me a phone sex amazon? I am glad you asked. This classy, sensual, mistress stands at 5 foot 10 inches tall in her stocking feet. In these 6 inch fetish high heels I am so tall that you would have no choice, but, to look up at me. As a side note, I wait for the day a man taller than me, when I am in my sexy heels, calls. In the meantime, you may kneel and look waaaay up these long, luscious, legs of mine. Do you know what my expectations are? I expect you to worship me. Let me spell it out for you. I want you, my sensual slave, to worship my pumps, my sexy size 10 feet, my stocking encased legs, and my lovely arse.

See when it comes to amazon fetish phone sex fantasy I feel that worshipping me is key.

I like being put on a pedestal, I make no bones about that. Erotic domination just happens to be one of my specialties. Being a tall woman who is sexually aggressive and, sometimes, playfully smug, I can make you hard as marble and as obedient as they come, or is that cum? Well, you having an orgasm is debatable, isnt it? Why should I let you cum when you havent, even remotely, made me cum? You earn your climax in my world.

I flaunt being tall and I love wearing heels. No shyness here about my height. If men cant handle me then thats their insecurity. I am looking for gentleman who can use their fingers, mouth, and whole face to make this MILF feel glorious. I want you to be in awe of my amazon body! I want to watch you kiss my high heels like a good boy. I need to see you peel that shoe off and suck on my pretty toes and lick my lovely soles! I love fetish play!

I want you to follow the seams in my stockings, all the way up to nirvana! When you get there be sure to stick that face right between my arse cheeks! This mistress expects ass worship, and you better be prepared to be engaged in anal worship for the long haul. If you are an especially good slave I might even sit on your face and when I do I wont just hover there. This classy fantasy femdom will sit right down and ride your face like there is no tommorow!

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