hot cuckold stories

cuckold stories

Don’t you just love to hear cuckold stories?  I have so many of them.  One of my favorites happened a few years ago.  The Super Bowl was approaching, so my husband made a bet he thought he could cover.  He lost, and he could not come up with the money.  So he offered my cock sucking services to the guy he owed the money to.  Well, I was just supposed to blow the guy.  And I do my part to help out, I was going to suck that dick.  I mean, what is a blow job
anyway, at least the ones I was used to giving?  It only takes me all of one minute to suck my husband off.  So the big day comes, the guy showed up, took of his clothes and damn — cock hanging damn near to his knee!  Once I saw that monster dick, I knew I was going to suck AND fuck it. I was working that dick over in no time, my husband kept reminding me, hey you just have to suck it.  I laughed (with cock in my mouth) and kept right on sucking it.  After he came all over my face, his cock was still hard so I got on top of it and rode it for what felt like hours.  My husband just watched, silently jerking off.  Now he had a cuckold stories to tell too.

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