Cuckold Fantasies with Ruth

Let me tell you sweetheart, I fucking love it when some perv calls me up with his favorite cuckold fantasies! There is nothing that gets me fucking wetter and hornier than hearing how some of you perverts want to pound my hot red cunt right in front of my limpdick hubby.

cuckold fantasies

One of my favorite freaks with cuckold fantasies is my hubby’s employee, David. He knows I come in especially early for my lunches with his boss just for him. When he comes in to drop off some papers I’m waiting in the big chair, legs spread wide open so he can see right up my fucking skirt to my red hot cunt. I don’t even fucking wear any panties, not even a fucking thong when I know I’m going to see David! I want to make sure he can see how smooth it is, all fucking waxed except for the sweet little triangle I keep trimmed right above my slit!

David doesn’t ever care that we’re in my limpdick hubby’s office. He even leaves the door wide fucking open so everyone can see and hear what comes next! And let me tell you, sweetheart, usually by the time I’ve even fucking noticed any of it or that my hubby has come in, I’m down on my knees with my tits out and my lips wrapped around David’s huge throbbing cock! That’s how much I fucking love this freak’s cuckold fantasies!

But don’t think it slows down there, sweetheart… The best cuckold fantasies make sure to humiliate my limpdick hubby in the worst ways, and David has some of the best! We make my mister get on his knees and serve his own subordinate right there in his own office and holy fuck, sweetheart, does it get me right the fuck off! We make him do more, too, but you’re gonna have to call me to find out just what else the little bitch will do when he gets a good cuckolding!

So what are you fucking waiting for? Call me and let’s make all your cuckold fantasies cum to fucking life!

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