Cuckold Stories with Phoebe

When it comes to phone calls, and my favorite subjects you and I could discuss, cuckold stories never get boring. I know you are not used to seeing my pretty face around here, but get used to it because once we connect on the phone, you will see it each and every time you think about how you could never satisfy a woman, not with that excuse for a penis. So there you sit, clit stick in hand and phone in the other, completely humiliated, and so close to coming with each thrust of that real cock. Are you ready to write your very own cuckold story?

cuckold stories

Of course, cuckold stories can vary within a certain specific fetish. Not all of them focus on the lack of adequacy of the male partner. Some cuckold stories encompass the need of a man seeing the woman he loves, being used like a common whore. I love hearing all about how genuinely beautiful your wife is as she takes on multiple cocks, dripping with so many loads of cum, glowing with complete sexual satisfaction. You just cannot wait to clean the whore up with your tongue, and have the most intense orgasm together. It makes me wonder why even this scenario, the man cannot take responsibility to bring his partner to a sexual peak. Always has to leave that up to a bull, a big fat cock on another man.

True cuckold stories are not without sacrifice. Willing to give up self respect, stepping aside to let another be “head of household”, watching another impregnate your wife, sleep in your bed, raising another man’s child, etc. How far does your cuckold story go? Why don’t you take a moment and call me. Let’s write another page in my cuckold stories today.

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