I caught my husband cheating; what am I to do? What he doesn’t know won’t kill him. It’s time for some revenge! My name is Vivian. I am a 25 year old wife and mother who is done playing nice. I’m not the little Angel that he married! I’m a dirty filthy cheating wife, now, and I’m ready for anything. If he can’t appreciate this tight, firm body of mine, well then baby it’s first cum first serve!

I don’t mind if you call me a MILF, a cougar or even a whore. I won’t sit at home all day bored, when my guilt ridden husband does his job and takes the baby, leaving me some personal time to take a warm bath and treat myself. I am young and I am free to explore all of my wildest fantasies, and yours! Do you want to help me be naughty? Explore all of the areas that go unexplored. Fulfill my deepest desires, by telling me what you want to do to me. Do you like roleplay, do you want to submit to my demands? Should I tell you what a dirty boy you are, too?

I have no shame, not anymore! Release me from my cage, let me be wild and tell you all of my dirtiest secrets. I spend my alone time dreaming about meeting someone like you who isn’t afraid to ask or demand. I think about how I’ll satisfy your juicy cock with my mouth or my warm, pink pussy. Since I can’t physically feel your sexy body pressed against mine, hearing you talk, moan, groan and pleased in my ear will do. Just thinking about your heavy breathing is making me smile and flow with wetness. Are you ready to give me a call? I’ll be here, waiting for you, and we won’t be interrupted.

Talk soon, kisses!

Horny Desperate Housewives