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Hi guys, I'm Evie and I just broke up with my boy friend of 3 years. It took alot for me to tell him how unhappy I was. How I NEED the physical release that a only a screaming orgasm can give. I am too much of sexual being to go without any more. Don't get me wrong... I got laid about once a month and my collection of vibrators has served me well these last 3 years but that just don't cut it anymore. I crave the feeling of a hot, hard cock pounding my tight pink pussy.

I'm hoping to find a few guys who have an over the top libido, horny guy with hard cocks who love to fuck and fuck and fuck. I know I don't want to be tied down to one guy again. I have decided to date a few randy guys who understand that our relationship is be purely a sexual one. Like the song says “ someone to thrill me and then go away”. I do need lovers who won't drive me crazy.

I have so many lost orgasms, unfulfilled fantasies, kinks and fetishes I've not yet experiment with...I've no time to waste in lining up those hot and horny guys to play with. I already know I get off on all kinds of taboo role plays... I'm into anal,oral, rough sex , forced as well as sissys, panty boys and subs. There's nothing off limits for me. If you're horny and have a cock that gets hard I wanna play with you. I'm available, wet and ready... call me.

  AIM: BadGirlEvie4U
Yahoo: BadGirlEvie

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