Phone Sex with Vivian

Nice of you to check me out, lovely.
I am known as the Vivian. I’m a 23-year-old vixen who doesn’t get much action between my college courses and an exhausted boring marriage. When I’m not giving nor getting any attention to class or that wimp, I tend to do anything for an exhilarating thrill. I am always looking for new experiences and will go to extreme measures in order to grasp one, even if that means sneakily using my beautiful body for some excitement.  If you want to submit to me, let me baby you, dress you up in pantyhose, or have a little role play then just ring me and let me know your preference. Don’t be shy about anything at all with me, darling. To be honest there is nothing off limits with me as I do admire a good challenge of keeping someone hard and juicy ;) Taboos are no fun anyway.

You see, what my lacking husband (if I can even call him that) doesn’t know is that I’m a very kinky girl. He says that my dark side and libido is a little bit too much, but I have no shame of my desires to be fulfilled, and I will please my craving any way I can- with or without his help. Wouldn’t you be willing to do so as well? I’m very sure you would- which is why you should definitely call me for a good time. I’ll satisfy your juicy cock with my mouth or my warm, pink pussy. Anything you want to do, I will make it happen right now or later tonight. Since I can’t physically feel your sexy body pressed against mine, hearing you talk, moan, groan and pleased in my ear will do. Just thinking about your heavy breathing is making me smile and flow with wetness. Don’t you want to cum taste it? Yummy! Let my wild imagination turn into your ultimate satisfaction, baby.
-- Yours Truly,


  AIM: VixenVivian4u
Yahoo: VixenVivian4u