Phone Sex with Sybil
Hi, I'm Sybil, your fetish phone sex queen.  I am married but my husband is an over the road truck driver and I am home alone most nights and so lonely.  I do this for fun to keep me satisfied.  I'm so horny and need to get off over and over with my vibrator all day. Phone Sex is the perfect outlet for my insatiable sex drive. 
I am 35 and I stay at home - the way it should be.  I love to be taken care of and I sure do run this household and my husband.  I get what I want when I want it and I will make you cave to my every whim and suggestion.  I love to humiliate you small dick fuckers and you diaper wearing babys.  And don't even get me started on you sissy fuckers!  I will dominate you and make you MY bitch and force you to take my 10 inch black strap on even when you beg me not to.  I have a grown son - yeah I started early - and all his friends want to fuck me so I wear sexy clothes every day in case they stop by just to tease them.
I am a smoker with long natural fingernails.  I love my mani/pedi day at the salon and love to tell my girlfriends all about you losers that call me.  We laugh all afternoon about you.
Think you can handle this phone sex MILF?  Call me and I will blow you away.  You will call me over and over again just for me to use and abuse you.  If you are looking for a young yes girl then keep looking.  If you want a WOMAN that will leave you begging for more then you have found her.  Scared?  You should be.  Call me and let me rock your world!
  AIM: SinfulSybil4U
Yahoo: sinfulslutsybil

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